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November 8, San Francisco, USA

Unofficial Results – pending all drug tests.

Professional Men
Gold Philip Ricardo, Jr., USA
Silver Warren Clampit, Australia
Bronze Moses Ajala, USA
4th place Marcus Dungen, USA
5th place Nhon Ly, USA
6th place Trevor Dawson, USA
7th place Michael Ferencsik
8th place Craig Toth
9th place Marco Pagnanelli
10th place Ace Baldwin
11th place Reginald Figgs
12th place Tyler Alexander

Junior Men
Gold Aaron Cooper, Australia
Silver Anton Golemanov, Bulgaria
Bronze Yovko Tihov, Bulgaria
4th place Marc Petzke, Australia
5th place Caesar Salas, USA

Masters Men Short (40 49 yrs)

Gold Marcus Dungen, USA
Silver Jerry Yeung, Tahiti
Bronze Nhon Ly, USA
4th place Nikollaq Muco, Albania
5th place Bob Patterson, USA
6th place Reginald Figgs, USA
7th place Paul Anderton, Australia
8th place Eric Lipton, USA

Masters Men Tall (40 49 yrs)

Gold Roger Waters, Great Britain
Silver Doug Bueckert, Canada
Bronze Peka Bennefield, USA
4th place Michael Ferencsik, USA
5th place Augie Cowan, USA
Grand Masters Men Short (50 59 yrs)
Gold George Fuller, USA
Silver Harry Haureliuk, Australia
Bronze Steve Rovella, USA

Grand Masters Men Tall (50 59 yrs)

Gold Sammy Sisk, USA
Silver Doug Holmberg,USA
Bronze Patrick Bagwell, USA
4th place Ian Nordahl, Australia
5th place Jase Dawson, Canada
6th place James Ingebretsen, USA

Ultra Masters Men (60 69 yrs)

Gold Harry Haureliuk, Australia
Silver Ian Nordahl, Australia
Bronze Paul Devine, USA
4th place Wayne Lloy, Canada
5th place Richard Seguin, Canada

Super Ultra Masters Men (70 yrs and over)

Gold Karl Marshall, USA
Silver Bill Cunningham, USA
Bronze Fred Hefter, USA

Mens Masters Overall SAMMY SISK, USA

Open Men Short (under 5'7")

Gold Thomas Anderson, USA
Silver Marcus Dungen, USA
Bronze Nhon Ly, USA
4th place Anton Golemanov, Bulgaria
5th place Nikollaq Muco, Albania
6th place Reginald Figgs, USA
7th place Yovko Tihov, Bulgaria
8th place Phillip Dell, USA

Open Men Medium (5'7" 5'9" )

Gold Trevor Huni, Australia
Silver Trevor Dawson, USA
Bronze Tyler Alexander, USA
4th place Peka Bennefield, USA
5th place Bob Patterson, USA
6th place Ace Baldwin, USA
7th place Eric Lipton, USA
Open Men Medium Tall (5'9" 5'11" )
Gold Tim Martin, Australia
Silver Sammy Sisk, USA
Bronze Michael Ferencsik, USA
4th place Anthony Macaraeg, USA
5th place Caesar Salas, USA

Open Men Tall (over 5' 11")

Gold Rodger Waters, Great Britain
Silver Chad Martin, USA
Bronze Darvin Hinkle, USA
4th place Douglas Bueckert, Canada
5th place Steve Faatau, Australia
6th place Mo Hayes, USA
7th place Marc Duperron, Canada
8th place Doug Holmberg, USA
9th place Augie Cowan, USA
10th place Patrick Bagwell, USA
11th place Shawn Shelley, USA
12th place Kenneth Williams, USA


Masters Women (40 49 yrs)

Gold Darlene Garber, USA
Silver Jane Douglas, Canada
Bronze Geri Reimer, Canada
4th place Patti Humble, Canada
5th place Silvia Duvall, USA
6th place Noemi Rodriguez, Philippines

Grand Masters Women (50 59 yrs)

Gold Shirley Anne Stretton, USA
Silver Teri Palakiko, USA
Bronze Nikki Demers, Canada
4th place Karen Lawes, Canada
5th place Catherine Lawler, USA

Women's Masters Overall DARLENE GARBER, USA

Open Women Short (5'2" and under)

Gold Tamiko Shibata, USA
Silver Darlene Garber, USA
Bronze Shirley Anne Stretton, USA
4th place Jane Douglas, Canada
5th place Virginia Coffman, USA
6th place Christine Zadel, Australia
7th place Ona Rich, USA

Open Women Tall (over 5'2")

Gold Teri Palakiko, USA
Silver Geri Reimer, Canada
Bronze Patti Humble, Canada
4th place Silvia Duvall, USA
5th place Catherine Lawler, USA

Womens Open Overall Champion TAMIKO SHIBATA, USA

Physically Challenged (Standing)

Gold Michael Larry, USA
Silver Andy Harrison, Australia
Bronze Tyson McClanahan, USA
4th place Carlos Font, USA

Physically Challenged (Seated)

Gold Eddie Valenzuela, USA
Silver Ryan Smithson, USA
Bronze Angel Munoz, USA

Mixed Pairs Open

Gold Teri Palakiko & Victor Boodman, USA
Silver Lisa & Steve Rovella, USA
Bronze Jane Hesselgesser & Bill Cunningham, USA

Ms Physique Masters
Gold Karren Flaherty, Australia
Silver Cheryl Callard, Australia

Ms Physique Grand Masters

Gold Vicky Korner, USA
Silver Teri Palakiko, USA
Bronze Noela Laggan, Australia
4th place Shirley Anne Stretton, USA

Ms Physique Open Short

Gold Karren Flaherty, Australia
Silver Cheryl Callard, Australia
Bronze Virginia Coffman, USA
4th place Ona Rich, USA
Ms Physique Open Tall
Gold Lucy Hermans, Australia
Silver Zhenya Vernon, Australia
Bronze Kathryn Villa, Australia
4th place Lisa Allen, Australia
5th place Cara Fullerton, Canada

Ms Physique Overall Champion LUCY HERMANS, AUSTRALIA

Ms Figure Masters
Gold Teresa Nystrom, USA
Silver Dena Weiner, USA
Bronze Sandra Froher, Canada
4th place Missy Sitze, USA
5th place Myrna Breen, USA

Ms Figure Grand Masters

Gold Vicky Korner, USA
Silver Noela Laggan, Australia
Bronze Nancy Sandoval, USA

Ms Figure Open Short

Gold Claire Payken, USA
Silver Virginia Coffman, USA
Bronze Christen Miranda, USA

Ms Figure Open Medium

Gold Laura Bailey, USA
Silver Missy Sitze, USA
Bronze Autumn Holter, USA
4th place Carrie Fosdick, USA

Ms Figure Open Tall

Gold Teresa Nystrom, USA
Silver Sara Heuston, USA
Bronze Zhenya Vernon, Australia
4th place Irina Woomer, USA
5th place Sandra Froher, Canada
6th place Staci Meredith

Ms FIgure Overall Champion LAURA BAILEY, USA

Ms Fitness
Gold Jessica Love, USA
Silver Holly Scott, USA
Bronze Alex Navarro, USA
4th place Jamie Donkin, USA

Sports Fitness Model Women

Gold Jodi Tiahrt, USA
Siver Tee Richards, Australia
Bronze Terri Anne Grey, Australia
4th place Anna Georgieva, Bulgaria
5th place April Caldwell, USA
6th place DeAnna Chamberlin, USA
7th place Sara Gallo, Canada
8th place Alba Avalos, Canada
9th place Daniela Dimova, Bulgaria
10th place Dixie James, USA

Sports Fitness Model Men

Gold Sean Leon Gallon, USA
Siver Bob Patterson, USA
Bronze Rajsen Reddy Penuballi, New Zealand
4th place Karl Petzke, Australia
5th place Glenn Kelly, Australia
6th place Phillip Dell, USA

Bikini Divas
Gold Terri Anne Grey, Australia
Silver April Caldwell, USA
Bronze Anna Georgieva, Bulgaria
4th place Jodi Tiahrt, USA
5th place Tee Richards, Australia
6th place Suzanne Gramas, USA
7th place DeAnna Chamberlin, USA
8th place Autumn Holter, USA

Special Awards
Most Muscular Thomas Andersen, USA
Most Symmetrical Male Anton Golemanov, Bulgaria
Most Symmetrical Female Laura Bailey, USA
Best Poser Men Nhon Ly, USA
Best Poser Women Lucy Hermans, Australia
Best Legs Male Tim Martin, Australia
Best Legs Female Teresa Nystrom, USA
Tim Martin (Australia) Lucy Hermans (Australia)

Amateur Natural Olympia Champions

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