College Algebra (MATH 1013) Assignment

Ismail, Jalil Mujib T. (2012-00426-TG-0)

BS IT 1-1 TG


1. What is a set?
“A set is a collection of well defines and distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right. Sets are one of the most fundamental concepts in mathematics.” Source:

Things grouped together, it is a collection.

2. How to describe a set   Listing method o Listing all elements of a set. Rule method o Describing a set based on the properties of its elements.

3. How do you know if the object is inside a set? If the object is defined as ∈ in a certain set.

4. What do you mean by an empty set(a null set)? A null set is a set with no elements in it. A null set is a subset of every set, and also a subset of itself.

5. When are two sets equal? Two sets are considered equal when each of the elements in the first set is also found in the second set.

6. When are two sets disjoint? Two sets are considered disjoint when there is nothing common between two sets thus making their intersections the null or empty set.

     Commutative property Associative property Distributive property Identity property Inverse property 11. Rational numbers(ℚ) o  o Any number that can be represented as a quotient or fraction of two integers. List all the properties on sets. 8. it contains all numbers whether rational or irrational. Describe the different set of numbers. Complement o Parts of the universal set which isn’t found in the given set. When is a set a subset of another set? A set is a subset of another set when all numbers in a certain set is found in the parent set.7. What are the different operations on sets?    Union o Union of sets of two sets are found in the universal set. A proper subset however. Intersection o Only elements present in both sets are written. A real number which is not a rational number(also called imaginary numbers). rather everything that is relevant to the problem you have. is a subset of another set if and only if it is missing at least one number from another set but it doesn’t contain any other number which isn’t included in the first set.  Real numbers (ℝ) o A value that represents a quantity. 9. What is a “universal set”? A universal set is a set that contains everything. Irrational numbers(ℚ’)  . 10.

Natural counting numbers(ℕ) 12. Axiomatic properties of Real numbers (ℝ) Source: http://www. Positive integers that start from 1 to infinity.helpalgebra.htm .  Integers(ℤ) o o A whole

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