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Share Sansar Samachar of 29th July, 2012

Share Sansar Samachar of 29th July, 2012

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Complete news of nepalese capital market
Complete news of nepalese capital market

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Published by: sharesansar on Jul 29, 2012
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29th July, Sunday. Vol-2.

Many of the biggest and most farreaching investments we make in our lives are investments that have little or nothing to do with money. . - Daniel Quinn

Top Headlines:  Sebon officials inspect ICRA- Nepal’s office. ICRA likely to get operating license in 10 days. ICRA- Nepal will start issuing credit ratings once it gets the green signal from Securities Board of Nepal- Deepak Kafle, MD, ICRA- Nepal. (Source: Republica)  Brokers have implemented giving loan against Share Purchase Receipt. Investors have to deposit only 30% on buying. (Source: Nagarik Daily)  Investment Year over before it began. (Source: Republica)  Gurkha Development Bank promoters agree on investing in Right Share. (Source: Karobar Daily)  Budget and Monetary Policy both did not touch Share Market at all. Rs. 460 million transactions seen in Nepal last week. (Source: Karobar Daily)  Govt speeds up process for Nepal Telecom strategic partner. The Govt has decided to divest at least 26% of the NT’s share to a foreign partner. (Source: Republica)  Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to take Nepal Telecom (NT) royalty refusal issue to board. The state-owned telecom utility owes Rs 3.27 billion in royalty to the government. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Organic veggies from East find good market in Kolkata. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  President to sit on poll ordinances. Legal eagles at odds. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Koirala picks chiefs for 42 departments in Congress. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Uprety: November polls not possible with ordinances alone. (Source: Republica)  Govt tears down encroachment on Teku- Kuleshwor-Balkhu road. Kathmandu valley town development body says Gafultar- Buddhanilkantha road next target. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Jeep plunges into Kurung rivulet killing 14. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  Many Ex- PLAs say the party they fought for not worth joining now. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  11 mini hydro projects in Dhading damaged after incessant rainfall triggered landslide and flood. Around 2,000 households without electricity, Rs 2.3 million needed for repairs. (Source: The Himalayan Times)

As of 11th Shrawan, 2069 Index NEPSE Sensitive Float Sen. Float NEPSE Sub-Indices Banking Dev. Bank Hydropower Finance Insurance Others Current Points Change %Change

401.54 103.76 31.23 28.27

-3.48 -0.97 -0.246 -0.269
Current Points Change

-0.85 % -0.924 % -0.78 % -0.94 %

371.58 -4.94 252.8 705.61 509.4 610.95 -0.87 4.04 0.36 -4.7

-1.312 % -0.343 % 0.576 % -0.336 % 0.071 % -0.7635 %

262.49 -0.88

Market Summary
Total Turnover Rs: Total Traded Shares Total Transactions Total Scrip’s Traded

55,155,815 236,767 1265 85

Total Market Capitalization Rs: 379,426.55 Millions

Floated Market Capitalization Rs:

72,823.09 Millions


International Business:  India’s Shopping Mall lose bustle as economy cools. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Bernanke, Geithner response to Libor scandal rings hollow. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Reliance may invest $2 billion in aerospace, telecom. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  IMF sees deeper Spanish recession in 2012, 2013. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Riot hit Maruti says Q1 profit dives 23%. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) General News:  Will go on fasting if not publish AGM notice within a week of time warns National Hydropower Company (NHPC) shareholders. (Source: Arthik National Daily)  Profit is not only our sole motive excerpts Jyoti Prakash Pandey, CEO, Nepal Investment Bank Limited. (Source: Arthik National Daily)  Nepal Bank Limited and Prabhu Money Transfer signed a MoU for remittance service from now on. (Source: Republica)  Bishal Cement begings operations. Bishal Cement has the capacity of producing 300 tons of OPC and 400 tons of PPC brand cement every day. (Source: Republica)  Rs 10 billion investment is on offing in Medical Colleges all over Nepal. (Source: Karobar Daily)  Khimti Hydropower Project power purchase agreement (PPA) is back with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) officially writing to the project on the amendment of the PPA rate. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Govt injects billions in PEs. Gives Rs 10.25 billion in 2010/11. (Source: The Himalayan Times) IPO News:  Rising Development Bank Limited is going to distribute 6,00,000 units IPO share certificates to its allottees from today. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan)  Khandbari Development Bank Limited has published an offer letter to issue 1,50,000 units IPO share to the general public from 24th to 29th Shrawan, 2069. (Source: Annapurna Post) AGM:  Civic Development Bank Limited has announced its Special general meeting going to be held on 29th Shrawan, 2069. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan)

Current and Upcoming Right Share:
Nepal Express Finance Limited

Source: www.negosida.com.np As of 12th Shrawan, 2069
Open Date
17th Shrawan, 2069

Close Date
19th Bhadra, 2069


Issue Manager
NCM Merchant Banking Limited

Cost of capital also depends upon the marketability of the security. For low marketable security investors require a higher rate of return. This excess return is called a risk premium. Cost of capital and risk are positively correlated. If security is not readily marketable when the investor wants to sell and price varies significantly, an investor will require a relatively high rate of return. If a security is readily marketable and its price is reasonably stable, the investor will require a lower rate of return and company’s cost of capital will be lower.


Unaudited financial highlights as of 4th quarter of last fiscal year 2068/69:
Company Paid Up (Rs. In millions) Reserve (Rs. In millions) Net Profit/Loss (Rs. In millions) Operating Profit/Loss (Rs. In millions) NPL to total Loan (%) EPS (Rs.) PE Ratio (times) Net Worth Per Share Per Share total Asset Value (Rs.) Liquidity Ratio (%) Source Global IME Bank Ltd. 2184.81 592.51 353.05 455.61 1.54 16.16 9.9 126.91 1425.26 32.44 Karobar Daily Professional Bikas Bank Ltd. 100 8.68 6.45 10.14 0.2 6.45 11.63 107.67 411.6 64.77 Karobar Daily Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd. 200 142.94 73.21 115.04 0.83 36.61 7.46 171.47 1675.89 36.6 Karobar Daily

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