St. James Vocational – Technical School Inc.

Parochial Compound, Poblacion, Plaridel Bulacan

First Year – First Semester
Monthly Exam

I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Liberality Hospitality Service Hospitality Spirit Pineapple Front of the house Back of the House/ Heart of the House 8. Moment of truth 9. Guest 10. Great wall of China 11. Tourism 12. Ecotourism 13. Pre-industrial Revolution 14. Train 15. Germany 16. Railway Ages 17. Cars 18. Air-plane 19. Cruise Ship 20. Travel Agent/agency II. 1. true 2. false 3. true 4. false 5. false 6. true 7. true 8. false 9. false 10. true 11. false 12. true 13. true 14. true 15. false

1-4. work vacation attend meetings/conference visit friends, relatives, a place.

other answers: health, enlightenment, education, beauty, nature, and wonder park, religion, indulgence, sports, festivals, shopping, fun of trip, gaming, adventure, Heritage, attractions, ecotourism.

5-8. chef, cook, manager, marketing director, business owner, event manager, wedding planner, front-desk clerk, front-desk manager, concierge, bellboy, valet parker, house keeper, tour operator, tourist guide, tour operator, caterer, server, buzzers, etc… 9-12. great wall of china, Olympic games on Greece, Roman’s travel…, pilgrims to Rome/Holy land, marco polo, England’s horse-drawn coaches, resorts and casino’s in Monaco, cruising began 1840’s, rail travel by 1800’s, auto travel by early 1900’s, air travel by late 1900’s, 1970’s ecotourism and sustainable tourism, 1980’s cruising popularized, 2000 decline of tourism due to terrorism and health concerns. 13-15. - Arrange Transportation - preparing individual itineraries - Arrange Accommodations - handling and advising

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