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Rabbi Weinberger on Tisha Bav Day-5770

Rabbi Weinberger on Tisha Bav Day-5770

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Published by: Elly Storch on Jul 29, 2012
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Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770

Rabbi Weinberger- Intro to kina # 11

After the expulsion at Gush Gatif a question arose as to whether there should a day be set aside for that tzarah? This Kina begins quoting a pasuk from ‫דברי הימים‬ ‫דברי הימים ב פרק לה‬ ‫)כה( ויקונן ירמיהו על יאשיהו ויאמרו כל השרים והשרות בקינותיהם על יאשיהו עד היום ויתנום‬ :‫לחק על ישראל והנם כתובים על הקינות‬ ‫ ירמיהו‬lamented ‫ יאשיהו‬saying all the songs and lamentations on ‫ יאשיהו‬till this day. It will be a ‫.לחק על ישראל‬ What's the halacha, chok that the pasuk refers to ? ‫רש"י דברי הימים ב פרק לה‬ ‫ויתנם לחוק - כשמזדמן להם שום צער ובכיה שהם מקוננים ובוכים על המאורע הם מזכירים‬ ‫זה הצער עמו דוגמא בתשעה באב שמזכירים קינות על ההרוגים בגזירות שאירעו בימינו כן‬ ‫יבכיון על מות יאשיהו דוגמא )שופטים י"א( ותהי חק בישראל וגומר )שם( לתנות לבת יפתח‬ :‫הגלעדי ארבעה ימים בשנה‬ ‫ רש"י‬says when there is a ‫ צער‬or calamity and there is a need to cry its always to be said in context of ‫ ירמיהו‬lamenting of ‫ .יאשיהו‬The crying will always in the misgeret of kinos. Rashi explains for example on tisha b’av when we cry for the tzar in our time, the crusades, we insert it into the Kinos. . R moshe in the 4th chelek and Rav Soloveotchik say we never create a new date of suffering. If something comes up we say it on Tisha b’av in context of the other kinos. Last year spoke about gush katif and how our land is in the hands of the goyyim, ‫נחלתינו‬ ‫ .נהפכה לזרים‬This year we will focus on another element. There are Jews hurting other Jews. This is the root cause of the gezeira. There are terrible events in e'y. Came out ugly inyanim between ashkenazim and sefardin etc. Gezeira that other Jews should sit in jail. There are Jews in Gilo tearing down the eiruv. There are Jews calling themselves skinheads who are destroying Shuls. Many Jews hurting Jews. ‫ ,נחלתינו נהפכה לזרים‬yes that is true but those decisions were made by Jews. (Hashem should forgive them) we see this in many places. Need to understand. Our fears in galus. ‫ישעיהו פרק מט‬ :‫יד( ותאמר ציון עזבני יקוק ואדני שכחני‬ :‫)טו( התשכח אשה עולה מרחם בן בטנה גם אלה תשכחנה ואנכי לא אשכחך‬ Tzion says hashem abandoned me and forgotten. The Navi responds can the mother forget the nursing child,even if such a thing can happen, Hashem says I could never forget. Yonason Eibeshutz quotes a gemara ‫תלמוד בבלי מסכת ברכות דף ז עמוד ב‬ ‫מזמור לדוד בברחו מפני אבשלום בנו, מזמור לדוד? קינה לדוד מיבעי ליה! אמר רבי שמעון בן‬ ‫אבישלום: משל למה הדבר דומה? - לאדם שיצא עליו שטר חוב, קודם שפרעו היה עצב, לאחר‬

Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770 ‫שפרעו שמח - אף כן דוד, כיון שאמר לו הקדוש ברוך הוא +שמואל ב' י"ב+ הנני מקים עליך‬ ‫רעה מביתך - היה עצב, אמר: שמא עבד או ממזר הוא דלא חייס עלי. כיון דחזא דאבשלום הוא‬ .‫שמח, משום הכי אמר מזמור‬ Dovid Hamelech says ‫ מזמור לדוד‬when running form Avshalaom his son. The gemara asks ‫ מזמור לדוד‬should say ‫ ?קינה לדוד‬The Gemara answers Dovid remembered the Navi tellong him that I am going to raise an evil within your home. Dovid was nervous who it was going to be? Thought it would be a worker or a mamzer who wouldn’t have pity on him. When he saw that it was his son he was happy because stam bra mirachem al hav. The Belsky Brothere had a farm in Europe. They gave parnassa to goyim. When the Germans came the slave told the Germans everything. An eved a mamzer have no compassion. But when Dovid saw that it was Avshalom there could be rachmanus. What kind of rachmanus did Avshalom have? The order was shoot to kill. R Eibeshutz says there are two types of puraniyos/ punsihments. 1st is through hasgacha pratis. when Hashem loves a person and the person sins than Hashem will do a specific surgery with hasgacha pratis to cut away whatever doesn't belong, much like a doctor resmoves a tumor 2. With siluk hashgacha. Sometimes Hashem simply turns away. This is not cleansing. The malach hamaves is given reshus. How do we knowthe difference as to whtehr our punishments are wit hashgacha pratis or with siluk hashchina? The berditchever rebbe announced seder night you think I have 4 kashas I have a million kashas. Lets begin with why did the Jew down the street die etc? He asked on all the tzaros in the town. Then said I don't need answers I just need to feel that everything is lmancha that it brings us closer to you Then I have no kahsas. How do we know if the yisurin is cleansing of the hashgacha variety or the siluk haschina where we are given over to nature. R Eibeshutz has a rule; if the yisurin are derech hateva, natural with statistical predictably it is a bad sign that its siluk hashchina, but if the suffering is bizarre, strange and out of control (nurse once asked "what is going on with your people?) than its a siman muvhak that its a punishment out of love in hasgacha pratis. So now he explains Dovid Hamelech. His whole life he was worried that the uprising was going to be bderech hateva. There would be a slave or mamzer who would rebel. That would only be because of siluk haschina. But when Dovid Hamelech saw it was his own son, he sang mizmor ldavid bc this is a strategy that is so strange because normal sons have pity on dad. Therefore it must be bderech hashgacha pratis. Stam bra mirachem al abba. Here Avshalom is making such a strange rebellion. Yes it’s terrible but Dovid sang while running mizmor ldovid because the kom alai, rose up against him, is his own son. If it so unusual than it must be hasgacha pratis. Stam bra rachmana al aviv and even so his son wanted to kill him. This is so bizarre must be there to clean Dovid. . ‫ ותאמר ציון עזבני יקוק ואדני שכחני‬Clal Yisroels fear is that is siluk hashchina. The galus is left to nature. ‫ ואדני שכחני‬That's what we were afraid of. ‫התשכח אשה עולה מרחם בן‬ ‫ בטנה גם אלה תשכחנה ואנכי לא אשכחך‬Hashem told tzion making a mistake. All the yisurin are taking place the way a mother looks out for her nursing child. The whole

Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770 holocaust was not bderech hateva. The flotilla was a tzarah but not normal. We ask how the world can say these things. In mishpacha magazine woman works with some pacifist named vered (amnesty group). They asked what you do if the enemy puts themselves in a building with woman and children. Her response was you can't do anything. She said even during the war. No sechel hayshar. That’s the Navis response to Tzion. Its not bderech hateva that a mother should forget a child. ‫ .ואנכי לא אשכחך‬It’s not forgetting, rather hashgacha. So if we see in our time crazy things; Jews putting Jews in jail, (There was a jew on the flotilla) Jews driving out jews from their home. That's a chok al yisroel. What's a chok? In Halacha its law we cant understand so too an event is a chok that we look at all events that it so strange. The asara harugei hamlchus and other kinos are sick. The opposite of how it’s supposed to be. Why? ‫ .ויתנום לחק‬We don't understand. But that tells us its hashgacha pratis. Hashem loves us. Rebbe read apoem written after after the expulsion of gush katif. Tzir kisufim. In Hebrew its called Toch emunei am segula and in English called soldier lecha dodi (elchonon ehrlich) Aish kodesh says there are chukim and mishpatin in the world of suffering. The suffering is now a suffering of chok. Intor to Kina # 26 Al chesron banim. The missing children. In this weeks bina magazine there was mashal written about a mother whose house was empty. Occasionally the children and grandchildren would come back. The inyon of the empty nest . Az bhaloch Yirmiyah ‫על קברי אבות‬ This kina is based on the medrash raba in eicha. ‫איכה רבה )וילנא( פתיחתות‬ ,‫אמר הקב"ה לירמיה אני דומה היום לאדם שהיה לו בן יחידי ועשה לו חופה ומת בתוך חופתו‬ ‫ואין לך כאב לא עלי ולא על בני, לך וקרא לאברהם ליצחק וליעקב ומשה מקבריהם שהם יודעים‬ ‫לבכות‬

Hashem compares himself to a person who has an only child whose son died during the chasuna. Hashem says to Yirmiyah "can u feel my pain" go to the patriarchs because they know how to cry. Go to Moshe (a rebbe) so he should intercede for a lonely parent. A theme in Navi is to arise the crying of the avos and imahos. There is an inyon to visit the graves and there is a bechina of tfila by mearas machpeila. There and Kever Rachel are more powerful than any other place in the world. ‫ -ודמעתה על לחיה‬tears on her cheek

Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770 ‫איכה רבה )וילנא( פרשה א‬ ‫מעשה באשה אחת שהיתה בשכונתו של רבן גמליאל והיה לה בן תשחורת ומת והיתה בוכה‬ ‫עליו בלילה, והיה רבן גמליאל שומע את קולה, והיה נזכר חורבן בית המקדש, והיה בוכה עמה‬ .‫עד שנשרו ריסי עיניו, וכיון שהרגישו בו תלמידיו עמדו ופנו אותה משכונתו‬ The Medrash says astory of a woman who lived in the neighborhood of ‫ רבן גמליאל‬whose only son died. She cried over him at night. (R shach had a daughter who died a young woman and he always kept a pic of her, when people didn't see him he was a father who wept over his child) bacho sivkeh blayla. The voice carried and ‫ רבן גמליאל‬heard it which reminded him of the churban. And he cried with her until his eye lashes fell out. When the students caught onto this they moved ‫ רבן גמליאל‬to a new neighborhood. Who can comprehend such pain of a mother who lost a child. (Mentioned sima again.) These tears of a mother awakened in ‫ רבן גמליאל‬the destruction of the temple. Any struggle or tragedy that we have is all rooted in the siluk hashchina of the churban. That is simple pshat. But if you look deeper on this trail of tears. The tears reaches another mother. ‫בכל צרתם‬ ‫ .לו צר‬When we have pain God shares in the pain. The Shechina is compared to a mother. The primary tears of tisha B’av is to cry for the pain of the Shchina (ikur yesod shoresh vavoda #9 I think) . I had a child and now because of his sins the child suffers greatly. (Ramak) The ????rebbe says Lo ira ra doesn’t bother me. I am not scared of pain but I cry bc ki ata imadi, you are with me. Why should my mother (the shchina) suffer? Not afraid of goyyim just feel bad for shechina. The Sridei Aish. Even by the churban he didn't think that everybody was so upset over the destruction of the temple. The practical Jews who lived outside of Jerusalem weren't that upset as far as the bayis was concerned. I.e if a guy who lived in beershaba no longer has to make the shlep to Jerusalem would he feel tha bad?. Unless you were a baal nefesh the you didn't think so much about it. But the baale nefesh felt the tragedy. Then the sride aish says the beis mikdash was the home of the Jewish people. Now they are homeless. That was the headquarters. The chelek alokei mmaal shows us the only place that is our home is the Beis Hamkdash What is so special about that place, the home? What is the main attraction of the home? Sridei aish says the mother. There is nothing more comforting than the child going to the mom. She is the shoresh of the neshama. She is where we come from. Secular knowledge supports this. Rabbi Weinberger spoke about the chasunas made in dp camps after the war. No shadchanus, dating process. Molly was set to marry Chaim Moshe (the first wedding) sept 29th 1945. R Mordecha glatstein will be mk. The bride starts to cry " I want my mother" everybody wanted their mother. Everybody starts to cry. ( The woman who told the story

Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770 married the rabbi, tzina welman) The mother is the focal point of the house. Without the mother in your life you are torn away from the root of you existence. And the mother without their children are infinitely more torrn away than their children. That is the story of the churban. We have no where to turn. We were all under one roof. Galus is missing the warmth like when we had a shechina in the beis hamikdash. We must have a sensitive feeling for that. The Shechina is saying can't be happy when the kids arent here. R Gamliel is crying when the widow misses her children because he understands the pain of the shechina, Kina # 33 This Kina is about the horrible gzerah in 1096 when the crusades went up to Jerusalem. 600000 of them went for the purpose of taking back the city from the Musims. Along the way they had fun which destroyed 1000s of communities, and raped woman on the way to give glory to their god. lovesh mikama urah vkuma. Clothes himself in vengeance (god) urah vkumah. R menachem the mikonen is begging Hashem to get up harim shiflei kuma, rise up for the downtrodden. Yadin gviyos rikma. And do justice for the corpses. Ushchina kama al mikoma. And Hashem will be in his proper place. We are asking the god of vengeance to avenge the death of the corpses. We are witnesses to history to a new chapter of anti-semitisim. Used to be that our enemies would kill us and they would take pride. Romans had a parade, ark of Titus. No need to cover it up because there is nothing to be ashamed of. Our generation has seen a new strategy. Not fashionable to commit genocide. Now we have holocaust denial. It began with Germans who tried to hide camps. They used to build monuments. Today need ways around it. Called Zionists or Israelis. Not Jews. New way to kill us is holocaust denial. In the haazinu says ‫דברים פרק לב פסוק מג‬

‫הרנינו גוים עמו כי דם עבדיו יקום ונקם ישיב לצריו וכפר אדמתו עמו: פ‬
Rejoice the nations with our nation. ‫דעת זקנים מבעלי התוספות‬ ‫אז ישבחו האומות לישראל שהם עמו של הקב"ה ויאמרו אשרי העם שככה לו שהקב"ה נפרע‬ ‫מצריה' כדמפרש ואזיל כי דם עבדיו יקום ונקם ישיב לצריו שישפך דמם כמו ששפכו דמם של‬ ‫ישראל וזש"ה ידין בגוים מלא גויות שעתיד הקב"ה שיאמר לאומות למה שפכתם דמן של‬ ‫ישראל והם ירצו לכפור שלא עשו כך והקב"ה מראה להם מלבושיו שהוא מלא גויות פי' גופי‬ ‫הקדושים ולא יוכלו לכפור ואז ידין לכל אחד כדין שעשה לישראל וזהו שייסד הפייט התאזר‬ ‫:בקדושים וכן בעקידה אל דמי לדמי גם בפורפירא מלא גויות‬

Why are the Goyim rejoicing? They praise the Jewish people when it’s clear we are the chosen people. They say we are fortunate as a nation who has Hashem as their god. On that day at the end of time Hashem (tv show called get smart, max vs cahos. They had a

Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav day 770 villain who was huge. Max went over to him gave him many punches and the guy does nothing, then says hope u didn't take anything personally) will reveal. They will say hope you weren't offended etc. then the pasuk conues" Ki dam nakom...." He will avenge the blood of the Jews. Hashem will spill their blood like they spilled our blood. That's the pasuk in Tehilim " ‫ , " ידין בגוים מלא גויות‬Hashem judges the nations of their countries filled with dead Jews. In the future Hashem will say to the goyyim who want to rejoice with the Jews “Why did u spill the blood of the Jewish people” Tosfos say they will deny they ever did killed a Jew Rabbi weinberg remembers when Eichman was on trial. They will attempt to deny. Tosfos say Hashem will show them they are ‫ ,מלא גויות‬filled with corpses. The Kina says Hashem will judge the goyim their clothing that they are ‫ .מלא גויות‬The justice is the robe, the rikma that Hashem is wearing is embroidered with dead Jews with the prints of the goyim. Each one of the goyim will be judged by what they did to the Jews. This week in Australia and old Nazi got off the hook. Hashem wears the murdered Jew on his garment. We grew up seeing Jewish bodies. What Eisenhower was when he went to Buchenwald. Bulldozers pushing bones, we look at pictures but it’s hard to see the person. Can't see the tzura of a head that wore a shel rosh. Just a pile of bones. Chazal brough down from tosfos ‫ .ידין בגוים מלא גויות‬They will try to deny. The Nazis were on the run. But before they left the Nazis burned the bodies. They tried to cover up. Beginning of denial. " ‫ .ידין בגוים מלא גויות‬Hashem will lovesh nikama. In our kina says efes damim, hacked to pieces. Dragged and left stripped naked. Oylallah li. bikeish aker, rak laakor uliaker ¸The unworthy nations attempted to uproot us and leave us barren. The kina is talking about Christians. Aker is alluding to yeshka. They sought to eradicate and not leave over a single bone. The lying christian conspired to uproot and hide and not leave a bone till the morning. So lovesh nekama. We ask Hashem to put on that coat. Yadin gvios rikma. Judge with the copses worn and woven on the coat. What is woven? This is Hashems coat (chamutz megadim). For each corpse that is woven into the elegant garment. This is the answer to the holocaust deniers, the crusaders. And only then when Hashem takes revenge then it will be schina kama al mekoma (end of kina) ‫ונקתי‬ ‫ .דמם לא נקתי וה' שוכן בציון‬We should merit that day of the nekama on the goyim for the shechina will take place

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