The Zodiac is not Ascendant Set

ZODIAC VS ASCENDANT SET It seems that the zodiac and ascendant set have been taken too lightly by the mountebank in the marketplace, even by the thief in the temple. Namely, not only someone equated the zodiac with the ascendant set (sic!), but also proclaimed oneself astrologer. OM HRIM HAMSAH From that epoch, the proliferation of astrologers hit the planet. Thus, in the new world we find a dozen of people who claim to be astrologers. As clearly not even the Navajo hardly qualify, there is no astrologer per continent. It would seem than a lightweight form of superstition has been mistaken for astrology, possibly in viral transposition from smoggy European cities of the Hansa.

REAL SKIES VS FABRICATED IMAGERY Nowadays, through the American continent, we can sometimes find even more than 10 people per country (sic!) who claim to be astrologers! With the zodiacal offset approaching 7 signs for wintertime nativities, one may ask oneself what are those people about? For sure, not the real sky at all. Your natal sky was in the hands of people who never took a glance at the sky. They simply assumed that the Sun always rises at east! ON NUMBERS The number of zodiacal stations is not 13 at all: it is 22. The number of ascendants is of course not 13 but 16 for the current epoch. As all clears up in the real skies, one is welcome to take a peek.
OFFSET OF THE ASCENDANT SETS What are the dangers? If you don't mind having a wrong organ cut out from time to time as prelude to divorce and bankruptcy, then you'd have no objection towards zodiacal and transcendental offsets. If all this is too complicated for you; then forget it – it's worth the liver.

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