Presented by Group C1 Anjum Attar Bidisha Bose Chetan Kale Malav Kansara Pranay Jain Praveen Joseph Siddharth Chandarana

7 Billion 66. .About L’Oreal • • • • • 2010 Sales of 19.000 Employees 23 Brands Across 130 Countries 38 Factories producing 5.7 Billion Units.

Beauty Product Verticals for L’Oreal • • • • • Hair Color Hair Care Skin Care Color Cosmetics Frangrances Product groups for L’Oreal • The body Shop • The Dermatology • Cosmetics .

targeted men • Rebranding week brands (Maybelline) • Innovative approach in Pull strategy(Latin AmericaSaloons) • Celebrity Endorsers • Inviting new Marketing talent through conducting competition. entered value segment • 1999.Marketing strategies • 1996. Through Acquisition of Maybellie. • Constructive feedback from customers(Garnier Fruitics) • Social media approach .

• Even Global Products can be made local with right marketing plan. .Take aways • Global Brands need to be designed for local market. • Rebranding in a right way can change the game • Marketing sstrategy hould change according to the region. • Believe in innovation and thinking Local • Globally the market vary and so does the price segments.

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