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Places of Power (About Energy Medicine Healing Reiki Meditation Chakras Mind Body Aura Chakra Alternative Spiritual Holistic Health Healer)

Places of Power (About Energy Medicine Healing Reiki Meditation Chakras Mind Body Aura Chakra Alternative Spiritual Holistic Health Healer)


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Published by: blue_july2000 on Jan 12, 2009
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Places of power are especially active during different kinds of cataclysms, which
represented the danger for the development of the human race. One of the first
times when places of power included themselves during a cataclysm was 109000
years ago in India. It was when devastating earthquakes substantially damaged
human dwellings in a diameter of hundreds of kilometers, and killed thousands of
people, which was a very high number for those times. This devastation was
reduced to minimum near Benares, and the earthquake was absolutely harmless,
so the human community around the place of power was saved.”

“The next big cataclysm occurred about 72000 years ago, when a big comet
passed by the Earth, causing huge tidal waves which destroyed everything on
their way. The devastation was the biggest in the south of India, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. This cataclysm took away hundreds of
thousands of lives, but the priests of three places of power that were near the
coast were informed on time and took all of the people to the hills far enough and
protected from the tidal wave. ‘

“34000 years ago, strong earthquakes and volcano eruptions occurred on the
northern coast of South America, Central America and Yucatan peninsula. They
also took their toll in lives, but the grounds of four places of power, one of which
was in South America, one in Central and two in Yucatan, were completely
steady and saved the lives of all the inhabitants around them. In this way the
development of those civilizations went undisturbed.”

“About 12000 years ago Atlantis sank. During one night, the entire continent went
underwater, as a consequence of plate movements. The wave that hit the African
coastal region, southern parts of Spain, Portugal and England destroyed
everything ahead of it. The inhabitants of London lived around the place of power
where Westminster Abbey now lies. They were saved from the destruction by the
piece of information about the tidal wave given to one enlightened person. They
had time to move to a place, which was not within reach of the tidal wave. What
happened to the places of power on Atlantis? There were two places of power
there, and both informed the priests about the oncoming disaster. As it was
impossible to organize any kind of evacuation of the people that could be safe



and that would cover all the people, due to the poor quality of ships then, only
most of the priests, and members of the royal families tried to reach the African
soil. Because the ships were overcrowded and because of the bad weather two
thirds of the ships sank. Almost all means of water transport were used in the
attempt. Most people of Atlantis that reached Africa had enough time to run away
from the shore and save themselves from the oncoming wave.”

“In the recent history of human civilization the flood that happened 7000 years
ago was, of course the biggest catastrophe. At that time a couple of places of
power have timely warned and thus saved cores of human civilizations all around
the globe. The most important was the salvage of the core of Sumerian culture in
Mesopotamia, the most developed and the most populated country of the time.”

“Since then, the Earth has not been devastated by cataclysms of big proportions,
but there have been powerful earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, draughts,
long cold periods. Places of power have to a great extent been of assistance in
saving the people and the achievements of civilizations of the time,
corresponding the dangers they were facing.”

“Places of power have been given the role of the guardian and protector of the
human civilization and they have been doing it ever since; they will also continue
doing it in the future. They shall prevent disasters by protecting the territory
around the places of power, and they shall inform others of dangers and
oncoming cataclysms through priests who live or shall be living at certain places
of power. Since most people now live far away from the places of power, and
priests do not live in many of them, it will be the enlightened or highly developed
persons who shall be capable of warning people of dangers. Information on
these shall be transmitted through persons who have visited the places of

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