Is Mexico on its way for an acting President?

By Alejandro Colon Mexican elections are based on vote manipulation as you can see trough its histo ry, the recent chapter on this comes with Presidential elections that were made this year. What is happening right now, lead us to a situation were Judicial Power must qua lify if the winner of the election to be eligible to occupy the charge of Presid ent of the Mexican United States or assign an acting one, based on irregularitie s presented by left wing parties. Even though PRI officials deny the charge. [1] , Left parties had been acused el ections fraud for decades in Mexico because Lopez Obrador isnâ t the only one allegin g voter manipulation. Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos says he also receive d reports of electoral fraud.[13]Prior to the recount, the student-led YoSoy132 movement announced that it would not recognise the election results because of t he widespread irregularities. [2] and Electoral officials met with leftist candi date Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's party after he raised concerns of vote-buying . Obrador's loss to President Felipe Calderon in 2006 sparked massive protests a mid fraud allegations.[7]. However electoral judges said they will not be pressured by peoples manifestatio ns same way they did on Presidential elections 2006. How is all this going to end? we will have to wait to the deadline: september 5t h 2012, to know who will rule the lives of the mexican the next six years. Even though there is and maybe there will be a legal backup, in the minds of the people the word fraud would be sounding. [1] [2] [5] [6] [7] on?videoId=236290385 [13] eceived_reports [14] [15]

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