The old saying, "Drugs ruin your life.

" Follow that line, Take a stance, You won't catch me. I'm sobering up, You're still hiding the records, While my slate is being wiped clean. From the past, To the present. Been with far too many foes, And friends that come and go. Walked through roads, Highways, taking in the scenes around me. Passers by sending me dirty looks. I combat with a stoic face, continue walking through places. With a pen in my hand, I've written these words, Recorded in a form hard to understand, With stanzas unlike the norm. With rhythm with no sense of rhyme, I take full control of my emotions in these lines. I've been hurt, used, But I still come back fighting. I'm coming clean, You're still losing the game. Ignoring reality as the substance kicks you where it counts, You've lost the path where you were once found. Oh, tell me how it helps you. It cast a spell, alters your emotions, The only factor in your favor is The shortening shelf-live of your pathetic life. Pray tell, Attract the tales from the officials. I'll be laughin' my way all the way to success. I'm wildfire, incinerate anything in my path.

They say I'm filled with nobility, Exalting moral excellence. But tales have told me, You're a peasant with no meaning, No fame. See you when you escape from your institution. You'll be reduced to the size of atoms, When the guns fire you way. Better let live, Behave and stay. I'm forever the most ferocious.

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