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Daily Life

Daily Life

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The ancient Egyptians were fascinating people. They were not in love with death, but yes with life! They enjoyed their life to the fullest. The ancient Egyptians worked very hard, but had time to enjoy their family, friends, music, parties,

• Close to the Nile • Made of mud bricks • Usually 2-3 storeys high to avoid flooding • Few pieces of furniture • Outdoor kitchens • Upper levels were used as living space • Size and complexity of homes depended on wealth

•Small windows to keep homes cool
•Wealthy people could afford to have houses built of stone

Egyptians houses were built of bricks made from a mixture of mud and straw. The bricks were shaped in wooden frame and were then left to dry in the sun. Most houses only had one or two rooms, but rich people lived in large, luxurious villas.


• Depended on crops • Wheat and barley were used to make beer and bread • Annual flooding of Nile provided fertile soil • Vegetables such as onions, leeks, lettuce, and peas were grown • Wine • They ate beef, pork, mutton, fowl and wild meat • The commoners ate fish as a substitution for meat

The Egyptians did lots of activities in their leisure time. Some examples are:

• Fishing, swimming, and games in river • Noblemen hunted • The wealthy held parties • They had Pets

• Reading • Board games such as Hounds, Jackals, and Senet • Children had toy animals carved out of wood and ivory

• The Egyptians had several types of board games, such as the two shown on the right, but no one is sure how they were played. Children played with balls, spinning tops, dolls and animals made from wood or pottery.

The most popular sports were hunting and fishing. Noblemen hunted water birds and river animals, such as hypos and crocodiles. People also enjoyed wrestling, fencing and energetic games, such as tug-of-war

• In ancient Egypt, children were the heart of the family. If a couple could not have a child, they adopted a child. • Children were taught to be kind and honest, to respect their parents, to help with the family business, and to care for the elder members of their family.

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