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BBT 10 Exam

1. Create a folder in your U: called Exam. ( /5)

2. Storyboard the following slideshow (One slide per activity) ( /15)

a. Title Slide - Edit pic of self using photo editor (found in O:>Partner>BBT
10) ( /20)
Show evidence of:
i. Crop your head
ii. Remove background after cropping and add it to one of the Family
Guy characters in the Family Guy picture (found in the same
iii. Use your name as the title and BBT Exam as subtitle

b. Slide 2 (adding a YouTube video to PPT without linking it): ( /20)

i. Add slide title
ii. Add one video related to computers that is less than 60 seconds
long and appropriate for school.
iii. Go to the Adding a YouTube Video to PowerPoint section at the
end of this page for assistance.

c. Slide 3 (Create a house with the following specifications): ( /20)

i. Use Sketchup
ii. 30’ x 40’ area
iii. 8’ high walls
iv. 8’ roof on top of walls + 1’ overhang (eave) on all sides
v. At least 4 windows (2 – 4’ x 3’, 2- 8’x5’)
vi. 2 doors (Glass Patio door 6’ x 7’ + Wooden door 3’ x 7’)
vii. Show dimensions of:
1. two different wall lengths
2. one wall height
3. roof height
4. both doors (height + width)
5. one of each window style (height + width)
viii. Finish exterior (brick walls, asphalt shingles, glass windows)
ix. Export as a .jpg and insert into slide 5

Slideshow should include: ( /20)

 Slide transitions on all slides
 Animation on graphics only (no text)
 Common background design
 Common text styles
Adding a YouTube Video to PowerPoint

1. Go to

2. Put in the url for your chosen youtube video (must be less than 1 minute long)
in the URL box on the Vixy page.

3. Under “Converts to”, choose AVI for Windows

4. Press start.

5. When prompted, save the file in your Exam folder.

6. Go back to Powerpoint.

7. Click insert > movies and sounds > movie from file

8. Find your downloaded video and insert it.