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At Empire Beads, our promise of "everybead for everybody" means that we have the beads to fulfi~1 the artist in you; to help bring your unique designs to life, If you can dream it, we can bead it.
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Welcome to i5511e of 12

Beads etc.."

marking a full two years since the megaztne first wentnto production!

I was rummaging through some paperwork (he other day and came across a copy of a press release. It was from early 2005 and we sent It out before issue one hit the shelves. It talked about how Australian jewellery designers are ready to 'came out of (he closet' after years of hibernation! While that's quite a funny way to put It, it did get me thinking about 0311 the significant changes over the last two years At the time of the press release, there were beaders, designers and bead sellers allover the country, but we hardly knew each other! It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to know that today, things are different. We are proud that Beads src.. serves 1IS a meeting point for members or Australia's beading community, and that it. gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and provides a medium for showcasing their work. One of myfavourite sections of the magazine is the Art Challenge. It is wonderful each month to see real joys IS getting great how our regular designers respond to different challenge topics, but one otthe looking pieces from people who've never sent In anything before. Another great edventage of having ajewellery design magazine based in Australia is that it serves as 11great contact nst for bead stores. suppliers and teachers our recent Designer of the Year cornpetitlon. aCl05S the country, was highlighted by the success of The resu It ot thts stronger and more ln-touch beading community

We received hundreds of first·class entries and were able to

showcase the talent that is on offer in this country. The entries were displayed in our magazine, on our website and at three Stitches 11. Craft shows around the country. However, the best thing for rre about tbe last two veers is the many wonderful 'hove made some lasting friendships. After (his issue my role with Beads etc .. will change somewhat, The editorial functions will De managed by Fiona Murray, who is an experienced and talented editor, beader and designer. I will stay involved in a technical co pa city, as well as in a supportive and collaboratlve rol e. I.look forward to continui ng my friendships within Creative Living Media Iformer.!y Pride Publishing) and:within the bead industry. Enjoy this lssue of Bead5 etc ... and thank you for being a part of Australia's beading cornrnunltv, Happy reading and happy beading people I have met while putting these magazines and shows together. I have been so impressed by the """y of talent and

Please note that as of 23rd April 2001, Pride Publishing Pty LId changed ils Creative Livil1g Media Pty Ltd

name to


.(1) ••••


c ..CONTENTS REGULAR FEATURES Message from the Editor Art Challenge Fire & Ice ---------------------------------------------------3 Vintage Wire Set Chandra Crowther PROJ.. nr indeed. this guide will allow )'Llll to instantly recognise the. 4 bKad. we are confident that the casy-ro-undersmnd insttucticns and step-by-step photographs w~ll provide you with ample understanding.4 6 Textured Ring Donna Fox 20 26 30 40 Art Challenger of the Year Readers' Choice Competition Designer Profile Alison Casey Chintz Floral Necklace 12 37 57 Wendy Bergamin Scarlet Picot Bracelet JanineAmy Urban Essence Bracelet Alison Casey Designer Profile Carmel Lennon Green Guys Yvonne Woods 46 50 60 66 Beader's Digest The Appeal of Amber 70 76 83 84 87 89 90 97 Chain and Bead Belt GemmaFarr Reader Survey Reader Com petitions Bead Basics Book Reviews What's New Stockists Next Issue Triple String Knotted Stone Necklace Carmel Lennon Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant Caroline Fung In ClUJ' opinion" alltbe projects ill this and future issues of Beads ezc .then by simply fnllcwing tbc.ECTS 1. make all informed decision to step outside.Jnsrrucuons yon ere VCi'Y likely [0 achieve success. Some of you may need more practloe than others. bu.we have provided a handy reference to the level or difficulty on each project. To even further ensure your SLlCCeSs. ~'>Oyou can choose ro undertake the projects that snlt your skills.s ~j. and it measure of palLCI1CC. your skill level. arc do-able. ... Graded from one bead to five. If ynu have the passion and desire. skill level required. We cannot guarantee success due to f£iC10fS beyond (lUI conrrcl. .

Ben Sutton. Forever Amber."" ••• . Spotlight Front Cover: Alison Casey btads '1.

ROBYN' MCLEAN· Horsham Vic Ice FaIry Ring This pretry ring was made by wiri ng beads to YVONNE WOOD· Polar Ice Huntfield Heights SA a purchased ring base. This issue we challenged designers of jewellery and beads and invited them to send in their work.The Art Challenge is a place where bead artists can showcase their designs. Robyn saysthe colours of the beads reflect the colour of icebergs. the challenge: FIRE & ICE WINNER KIM GRIFFITH· Morayfield Qld Handmade lampwork bead." ••• . LENA VINSON· Beverly Hills NSW Lena randomly threaded pearls and gemstone chips on three separate lengths of crochet chain. 6 beeds <1.

WENDY LOUGHMAN Ice Cold Heart • Benalla Vic wendy found the effect of the AB crystals gave images of both fire haze and frosty icicles. We love the way the light catches the reds and yellows in the centrepiece and how it reflects in the crystal bugle beads. btads ·tt. JULIE-ANN Aftermath TWIGG· Nhill Vic MICHELLE FURNER Hot Ice ·Upper Caboolture Qld Julie-Ann writes. ••• 7 . JENN AUSTIN· Blizzard Mowbray Tas TANYA MENZIES." This is Michelle's first attempt at entering the Art Challenge. "This piece reminds me of the bush when it is burning. Bursting from Within Illabo NSW jenn manipulated wire. glass and acrylic beads then added a beautiful focal bead that she collected long ago to make this stunning piece.

30 gauge wire with gemstones and circular REBECCA SOLVEIG GILLIS· Frosty Cold Byzantine weave chain maille is combined with stunning lampwork beads by Kimmyg resort where this to represent the opulent drink is enjoyed Scott creek SA Flame Kissed HALL' Box Hili Vic Rebecca imagined the flames of a campfire slowing melting the over-hanging icicles. so she was Inspired to create for the 'fire' side of the challenge. . SUE .DODD· Brendale Qld for about 12 Sue has been 'fire-twirling' something months. "This challenge lit the spark of inspiration that was needed to use these fiery pendant beads.. involved French knitting with Her methods Peyote stitch. She used polymer clay. LINDA VAIANA The Heat of Australia • Balgowan SA Linda has not been beading for very long. as she lives in the Yorke Peninsula which is a very remote part of Australia. pearls.KATHY LUCAS Icy Blue oCoonabarabr"n NSW." 8 beads ~I. glass beads. REBECCA YOANlIIIDIS • Mount Gambier SA Rebecca says.." . She says most of the beads for this project were purchased online. crystals and gold foil Inclusions to make this striking piece.

We're glad 'I. On a scorcl. however.mg-hot summer's day Lynne says there IS nothing more pleasant than a swirl of lime or lemon juiCe In a glass of melting ice. 9 . Gardens NSW RIA SOMMELING Fire and Ice ° Deer Park Vic LYNNE CORBETT Citrus on the Rocks ° Goonellabah NSW Ria had actually made her piece named Fire and Ice even before the challenge was set.sura NSW btads . chalcedony. VERA DINIC ° Indooroopilly lee Queen Old ANGIE CHRISTAKIS ° Horsham Vic Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Angie says she usually 'chickens out' and does not enter the Challenges.(to .. so it was only natural that she send it in .and we are glad she did. freshwater pearls.. this time there was no talking herself out of It.SIlIIIMONS • New ta nbror Bead soup Wilma started with crystals and white seed beads for 'ice' and kept adding beads until she found 'fire'. with "miles" of fine sterling silver wire to captur« the splendour MELISSA PLAYER ° t. mystic topaz and of a Nordic Glacial Waterfall Natalia has woven together moonstone frozen waterfall. AMANDA Desert Roc:k PEREIRA <rerrancra NSW Amanda's bracelet reflects the hot colours of the desert. Although newfound you entered! she is new to beading her passion is wire work.WILMA . NATALIA BONDARENKO ° Clarendon SA iolite.

"Each flame was individually peyote stitched together then wired together. Made with wire work and threading MICHELLE PLUCKE • EastKurrajOngNSW Reykjavik Cuff Inspired by a Silver piece in a magazine." . NIKKI WOLTER· Success WA Nikki's piece celebrates the juxtaposition between warmth of tire and the cold crisp clearness of ice.KEL HARRIS· Gin Gin Qld Genesis Garden Kel writes. "From fiery volcano and icy glacier our beautltul world evolved. Michelle deciced that a splash of colour would add her extra element to the design. emerging from her frozen state as if to free herself from the cold..." TRACEY MCILVEEN· Morayfield Qld Tracey writes. . Bathurst NSW The red and gold meeting with the silver- Carol based her pendant on the devastating SUE MIDDLETON· Dancing Flames Emu Plains NSW white beads reminds her of lava meeting snow in Iceland. CAROL DOBSON· bushfires of last summer." ANGELA SCHERINI • wangeratta Vic Angela's handmade goddess bead rises from the fires and sparkles. 10 beads ~I.

. VISit www. You Will also have the chance to win a yearly subscriptio com au for btads(tG ••• 11 . silver beads for icy cold ocean waters.. .SHAN HERBERT' Ice Blue Ocean Depths Earlwood NSW Shan used blue fibres and shells for the ocean floor.strtcnesandcratt es for the chance to ore mtor shared With reade s Australia Wide and around the world. year SUbsCrl[ltlDn to Beads . to Beads etc anon: All you have to do IScreate an Item follOWing the gUidelines and send It to us by the stated deadl magazine If you are chosen as the overall winner of the challenge. and charms and a focal piece representing life in the deep for this impressive piece. LAURA BILL' Laura couldn't WembleyWA jadln -Ice Queen of Narnia resist making her very own BECCIE REYNOLDS 'Terrigal NSW Beeeie used delicas and buttons in this well-constructed imaginative brick stitch cuff and peyote and 'Ice Queen Tiara'.

Over the past twelve month, we have received some amazing pieces of jewellery the nation's top designers! from


Every issue it gets harder and harder to choose a winner, but now we hand it over to you ... These are the Art Challenge topics for this year's issues of Beads etc. ..


Issue Seven Stars of Bollywood Issue Eight Country Garden Issue Nine Over the .Rainbow Issue Eleven Castaway Issue Twelve Fire and Ice
We want you to pick the best piece from each issue: they can all be viewed ani ine. The most voted for piece overall will be crowned the winner! We will profile the ArtChallenger of the Year.showcase their work and invite them to create a project for you to make at home. This is a fantastic opportunity up-and-cornlng designer to get some nationwide publicity! for an


plaited lampwork beads. Simply by


register online at and vote. Voting closes at however,

Maria Dao of MDSIGNS has kindly donated this beautiful necklace, which features handmade towin Maria's stunning necklace,

To enter this competition. midnight


voting for your Art Challenger of the Year. you will go into the draw

on 15 October 2007. Voting is open worldwide;

only Australian residents are eligible to win the necklace.

12 beads ,."....


Eg. $¥10 $¥60

$1.50 $3.50




CHIPS $1.50



0.45 & 0.38 TI










This elegant set has been designed by Threadwork Artist of the Year, Chandra Crowther. She has combined antique style findings, Czech glass, crystals and a dab of glue to create a stylish set.

c Round-nose pliers



c Chain-nose pliers

(1) Clue the cabochon on the centre of the vintage connector, bottom one diamante in the centre top hole and two above the centre


c c 1, 7 into 1 vintage copper

hole. Allow it to dry.

(2) Thread the ISmm drop and a 3mm bead on

filigree connector
lOmm amethyst

a head

pin and make a plain loop above

or other chain

the last bead (see Bead Basics page 841.

o 3 glue-on jet d.amantes a , c 80em (32in) belcher medium fine-link copper

a 4mm

black glass bead on a head

pin and make a plain loop above the bead. Prepare another in the same way" (3) Thread one 4mm bl-cone, one metal spacer and

31, 'Imm faceted round or oval

black Czech glass beads
3, Gmm bi-cone tanzanite


a lOmm

drop on


eye pin and


make a plain loop above the bead, Make another ln the same way, (4) To make glass bead s.

1, 15mm through-drilled black Czech drop c 4, 4mm tanzanite c c crystals bi-corie crystals hi-cone

a daisy,

cut an 18cm length of

5, size 8 (3mm) tanzanite of seed beads 2, tOmm through-drtlled

24"gauge wire and thread on six 4mm black Bend the wire so the beads are in the centre of the wire then hold the wire together with your thumb and forefinger


Czech drops

2, 4=

antique coppermetal



3, 5cm (2in) black nickel head pins

close to the beads as possible and twist the beads around two or three times to form a ring, Twist the beads, not the wire, to get a neater and tighter look. Bend one of the wire ends back across the ring and thread one 3mm bead, one 6mm bi-cone and another 3mm bead Position the wire centrally, ensuring there are three beads on each side of the wi.re. Secure the end firmly by looping it around

c c.

16, 5cm (2m) black nicke; eye pins
black nickel jump rings copper jump ring 1, 8nun antique

o 3, 4=

4, 4mm antique copper jump rings
copper clasp

c Antique

24-gauge (.64m.m)black artistic wire

c E-6000 glue or equivalent

14 beads




Open a 4mmjump ring (see Bead Basics page 84) and thread three loose short chain ends. Attach a 4mm glass bead with eye pin to the end of the other five. (5) Put each of the remaining 11. 6cm (2l> in) lengths then cut the remaining length of chain in half.0) the wire between the beads on the opposite side of the ring. close the jump rings. Thread it through the end link of one 6cm length of chain then close the loop. When you are happy with the drape. Pull the wire tightly and firmly then make a wrapped loop on each side of the daisy (see Bead Basics page 84). (S) Make the centre dangle by connecting the large d rap to the bottom loop of a daisy component and a 4mm beaded: eye pin to . see how they drape: you will probably have to remove a link or two from the top and middle chains to get the drape right. 6cm (2J-1inllengths of chain and a 4mm glass bead head pin to the end of each longer length of chain in the same way. (6) Cut the chain into six. Make two more daisies in the same way. Slightly open the loop on one of the 4mm glass bead eye pins. Hold up both sides by the rings to beads and two 4mm crystals on an eye pin and make a plain loop above each bead. Attach beaded eye pins on the remaining five connector holes in the same way. Prepare the other three short chains in the same way. 4mm glass (7) Slightly open the free loop on one of the 4mm glass bead eye pins attached to a short chain and thread it on one of the six free holes on the top of the vintage connector then close the loop.

@ earring in the loop on one end be sure to attach an earring finding ® (10) The necklace can be adjusted accordingly from a choker to a matinee ring to the clasp ring on length by moving the clasp and jump ring. Thread a metal spacer then a 3mm bead on the wire at the other end of the daisy before making a wrapped loop. 4mm spacer drops antique beads copper metal crystals black 2. 2. Connect a 4mmJump and place it along the chain in the desired position then attach the 8mmjump in a corresponding give a fini. a daisy.lie ••• 17 . Open a 4mmJump thread the remaining the bottom c ring and c c c (9) To add the components and complete G 2. artistic wire e c 1 pair black daco continental clasp earring findings METHOD (1) Follow step 4 of the necklace to make a daisy. a 4mm br-cons crystal eye pin. begin With the jump ring atthe top of the chains then attach a 10mm drop eye pin. not the end with the bead attached. Repeat this on the other side of the necklace. Slightly open the loop then attach it to the wrapped loop below the daisy and close the loop.rilled loop of the eye pin and on hole of the vintage connector it then close the j u m p ring. Scm (2in) black nickel head pins 24-gauge (. another 4mm glass bead eye pin and finally the end link of one longer length of chain.64mm) black. but while making a wrapped before closing the loop.6= bi-cone or round tanzamte crystals 2. ® one side of the necldace. 4mm faceted round or oval black Czech glass beads the top loop. Prepare a matching sameway.hed position. bt:ads ·". a glass bead eye pin. 3mm jet hi-cone Czech 2. 10mm through-d. the chain on the other side of the necklace The beads atthe ends of the chain will look no matter what length. Thread a 10mm drop on a head pin and make a plain loop above the bead.EARRINGS MATERIALS 12.

Mother of Peart Pendants.au 18 beads 'f"C . Seml-prec ous chips ond beads. . Threaos.au email: nlCky@dotedeslgn. FOils. Fresh Water Pearls. Findings. NSW 2154 P: 9659-41 00 F: 9659-4400 infa@austcraft. Wires.com.dotedeslgn. Tools 1/40 Carlingtan Rd..com. Castle Hill. S\tjorO\l5kl beads.au Wholesale showroom open: 9am-~pm Monday 10 Frrday Mail order service ph: 0754352185 web: WIIVW.. Sterling. & Gloss beads.cam.Plastic beads SeqUinS.

the creative craft & decorator show! 20 years as Australia's Original & Best Creative Day Out! Inspiration Plus in 2007 SYDNEY Rosehill Racecourse Celebrating Courtesy of Jungle Jewels Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 August MELBOURNE Caulfield Racecourse Wednesday 5 to Sunday 9 September 10am to 5pm daily the creative you 1'00's of Craft Retailers ALL your favourite crafts New Products to Buy Workshops Demonstrations Speci. iding ue with your mobile afldj<Ofe-mail address vou are agreeillg 10 be comecrec via sms . ABN 47 000 146 921 E-mail' "by and post to The Stitches DC... ! Incorporating If you would . 2067 _ State Phone Mobile" pro .and/or e-mail {eg8fding this event Visit www.au or call the show hotline on 1800 770 222 . Locked Bag 1777. Chatswocd Postoode _ _ a_Rnd Extiibition:s.. NSW.al Guests And more .....com.Iike further simply fill out your details Nom" Address Suburb _ _ _ information regarding The Stitches & Craft Shows in your state.stitchesandcraft.. & Craft Show.

or kiln making the paper a little wider than the ring band you are making. pin '" Burnishing " " " Silver polishmg Rubber texture RING. e Stamless steel brush " Craft knife or blade tool cloth mat 800.for example. itcannot around a wooden be placed directly Wet and Dry Sandpaper 1200 and 2000 grit Small PVC tubmg/rolling Wax balm or olive oil Wooden ring mandrel I!< " " " Plaattc nng gauge @ onto the wood as It may stick and this could cause your ring to break when trying to remove itfrom the mandrel. (2) Place a piece of paper around this area. Do not tape the paper to the mandrel.. have your work surface prepared by coating it with anne layer of olive oil or an organic hand (4) Arrange two stacks of five playing cards either side of the oiled texture mat. texture mats or other things you need close by. but if you want to take it further. The clay will be formed ring mandrel.BASE (1) Use a ring gauge to determine your ring size then Increase this size by two full sizes to allow for the shrinkage of the clay . if your finger size is 7 you will make the ring to size 9.This is a fantastic project that teaches you how to make a textured ring. as you want to be able to slip the paper and ring off the mandrel easily once it has dried. gas stove MATERIALS " 16gm Metal Clay o Metal Clay Paste " Ii) Two-part Epoxy Resin Pigment to colour resin PREPARATION Before opening the packet of Metal Clay. Cover the paper with sticky tape. (3) Roil a coil of clay using a coil roller orthe palm of your hands. Place the ring the gauge on the ring mandrel to determine Paper " Sticky tape " " " " Pencil Toothpick or match plastic working area on the mandrel. Place the ring gauge over the paper and mark the paper. hot pot. Two small disposable measuring cups Torch. Have all the tools. Place the clay coil in the middle of the 20 btads 'fEG . The cards will determine how thick the clay will be. Rub some oil or balm onto your hands as wetl. . try pouring coloured resin into the ring's centre for beautiful results! DESIGNER DONNA FOX TOOLS " 00 Paintbrush Playing cards balm..


. . Once the ring has dried leave it on the mandrel and use 800 grit then 1200 grit sandpaper to sand the outside of the ring Remove it from the mandrel. piece. which can sometimes happen during drying. Apply gentle pressure to again ensure good surface contact. or tissue blade.-'"'" the join is no longer visible. The Join is the weakest po. brush and polish the ring as desired. CD a small amountof both pieces of the r. as stretched clay will cause cracking of the ring. When fuing sllver clay rings they tend 10 warp with the shrinkage of the product. both pieces should be completely refined.ng then place a small ball of clay over the join in the ring band for the ring top to sit on. Fire using your preferred method and to the manufacturer's instructions. If necessary. do not handle the clay any more at this stage as this again will cause stretching and cracking or possibly breaking of the ring... You CaD. Take care not to stretch the clay. When all of the pieces are sanded and dried assemble them using metal clay paste.two stacks of cards then. sand the area where the top was attached. 4 . arrange two piece To make the smooth stacks of four playing cards either side of the working area while the textured is rolled on the oiled texture mat using two 22 brads 'fOG .nt of the ring so take care that any lines are completely filled with paste. The inside join of the ring Will need to be lightly sanded and reinforced with paste. cut settnern aside to dry... Once dry. The end of the clay needs to be cut at an angle and overlapapprox 3mm.. This prevents the piece from curling and distorting. Finally. dry and then sand. stacks of three playing cards. a scalpel arouno the template. using the cards as a rest for the PVC roller.€ 'fresh' clay. (6) Gently place the clay around the mandrel by turning the mandrel and carefully placing the clay on it... Go around the edges of the piece and fill any gaps or spaces between the top and bottom with paste. Once the ring has be-en fired. allow this to dry and then sand it. The cards will prevent the clay being rolled too thinly or unevenly. Rollover PI'ace the template using either the clay using the PVC roller with firm pressure. Belore manipulating your coils into a shape.. Choose a ring pellet the size you want your finished ring to be. ring mandrel. lightly" brush them over with water as this will lessen the chance of oracking the coils finishing with 2000 grit. Place the pellet on the kiln shelf and sit the ring around the pellet.. place it in a cup of water to dissolve the pellet. Remoisten the top of the textured the back side of the smooth cut-out piece and piece. RING TOP (7) Use the remaining textured clay to roll out two pieces of clay for the n ng top. rollout the clay u51ng firm pressure. Cut the end of the clay at an angle and blend the first 2mm of clay down onto the mandrel. use ring pellets to ensure your rings fire round and do not shrink too much. ------..------. carefully sand the pieces starting with 1200 grit sandpaper and II you are using coils in your design try to us. rea pply paste.. The pellets are intended for one firing only. Set this aside to dry. This may need to be repeated a few times until (9) Once dry.. In order to get good surface contact carefully place a weight of some sort on top of the piece. a nd sit this on the textured (5) Place the end of the textured strip on the piece. Add (a) To join the top of the ring to the base... Set the piece aside to dry. Add a generous layer of paste to the back of the top side. over the clay and. make one and one smooth.. Place dried and paste to paste between the overlap areas and apply gentle pressure to ensure good contact between the two surfaces.

Once the two parts are mixed the resin starts to cure so you need to start working with it straightaway. and wear any recommended protection. Pigments are available in and opaque. Add a very small amount of pigment your toothpick in the pigment transparent so the texture shows through the resin for greater effect. iResin needs warmth to cure so do not do this in a cool environment. such as gloves or a respirator mask.t""" ••• 23 . This project uses (12) usinga toothpick. There is a whole range of resins avallabie and each has different working properties suitable for a wide range of applications. ® done by volume not weight. When working carefully warnings with resin you should safety read the manufacturer's the use of a kiln: it IS referred to as cold enamel. slowly begin to fill the 10 in the recess area in the top of the ring. resin and pigment thoroughtv as incorrect mixing can cause by dipping and mixing it the resin mix to not cure (harden). as the mixing ratio is into the resin.CD RESIN Resin allows you to add colour to your fired piece without sometimes following with resin. The is a very basic overview of working (11) Mix the hardener. and is suitable for a small project. This project uses two-part with a colourant clear epoxy resin added. (10) The two parts are hardener and resin. btads . Some resins will be hard to touch within hours but are not fully cured for possibly more than 24 hours. and the ratio is one part harde ner to two parts resin with a small amount transparent of pigment for colour. Adding it slowly helps to eliminate chance of air bubbles. instructions Check the manufacturer's for working and curing times.

. (il For further information Dr a kit of this project see the stockists list on pOige90.@ (13) Place the ring on the mandrel and leave it on a fiat surface to harden. 'UM§MBI AS the resin begins to cure. 24 brads ~I. . so keep an eye on it for the first 30 minutes. Heat will remove the bubbles.." . air bubbles will sometimes appear on the surface of the resin. such as in the photographed pendant. pan on low heat. Do not use a hair dryer as itcan blow the resin out of position. or place a reading lamp over the piece as it will give off sufficient heat to help the curing process. Try using a heat tool or placing the piece on a heated surface like a warming tray or electric frying VARIATION Resin can 'be used to decorate any recess in metal clay.

15 April Melbourne Bead & Gem Shovv 17.missing •• • IS YOU Perth Bead & Gem Shovv 29 March .8 July Syd ney Bead & GeITl Shovv 11 .20 May Brisbane Bead & GelTl Shovv 5 .14-October 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 vvvvvv_beadandgernshovv_corn_au .1 April Adelaide Bead & Gem Shovv 12.

Prepare the remaining five lentils in the same way to make a total of six beaded eye pins. Attach a 15·link section of chain to the loop at the opposite end of the beaded eye pin in the same way. cut the curved link chain into two 1. Continue joining the 1S-link chains and the 'A' eye pins in the same way untll ali six sections of 1S·link chain have been attached. then another pink crystal onto an eye pin and make a plain loop at the end above the last bead (see Bead Basics page 841. a lentil bead. one round bead and another olive crystal onto an eye pin then make a plain loop at the end above the last bead (see Bead BasIcs page 841. 'A' eye pin. (4) Make the round bead chain by cutting the belcher chain into two 4cm or 15 link lengths and four 12 em or 43 link lengths. Slightly open one end loop of an 'A' beaded eye pin and thread a three-link section of chain onto it then close the loop. 4mm bronze jump rings o 1 bronze split ring or heavy jump ring of chain to the end loop of the last attached METHOD {1} Thread a pink crystal. Chain. (3) To prepare the lentil bead chain. Slightly open one end loop of an 'B' beaded eye pin. 6mm pink crystals to match the lentil beads e 14. These will be called group'S'.The key to this gorgeous necklace is the use of beautiful handmadelampwork beads. 6rnrn olive crystals to match the round beads e 3cm bronze. floral toggle clasp "' 60cm (24in) of 5mm bronze curved link chain e 60cm (24in) of 3rnrn bronze belcher chain " 14. 10-12mm round floral beads o 19. These will be called group 'A'. Thread a lS·link section of chain onto it then close the loop.Scm or three link lengths and six Bcm or ts lmk lengths. 5cm (Zin)bronze eye pins c 5. Open a loop on the end of another 'A' eye pin. 26 brads 'fEe ••• . Complete attaching the lentil bead chain by three-link section the remaining MATERIALS (j) 8. Prepare the remaining seven lentils In the same way to make a total of eight beaded eye pins. crystals and a decorative toggle complete the lovely design. attach it to the opposite end of the 1S· link chain then close the loop. 22mm floral lentil or 'orb' shaped beads '" 6. 5cm (2in) bronze head pins e 4. DESIGNER WENDY BERGAMIN TOOLS " 2 pair of flat-nose or chain-nose pliers " Round-nose pliers e Cutters WireWork (21 Thread one olive crystal.



For lampwork beads or further information about this project see the stockists list on page 91.

28 beads
~EG ...

Fire Agate 6mm $16,00 special $10.00 and Bmm $18.00 special $11.00

Agate 10mm $30.00 special $16.00 and 12mm $40.00 special $22,00

Attach a 43·link section of chain to the loop at the opposite end ofthe beaded eye pin in the same way. Opena loop on the end of another '8' eye pin: attach it to the opposite end of the 43·link chain then close the loop. Continue Joining the 43·link chains and the '8' eye pins in the same way until all four sections of 43·llnk chain have been attached. Complete the round bead chain by attaching the remaining 15· link section of chain to the end IODpof the last attached 'B' eye pin. (5) Thread a pink crystal onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop above the bead [see Bead Basics page 84). Prepare the remaining two pink and two olive crystals in the same way, (6) Prepare the centre dangle by slightly opening one end loop of the rernarrung 'A' eye pin and thread one pink crystal pin, an end loop of the remaining onto it then close the loop. (7) Open the loop at the opposite end of the 'B' eye pin and thread one olive crystal pin, one pink crystal pin, and one olive crystal pin then close the loop. (8) open two jump rings (see Bead Basics page 84) and thread them through one end link of the lentil bead chain, one end link loop of the toggle of the round bead chain and the connector bar then close the jump rings, (9) Attach the opposite at the backofthe the connection ends of the chain to the connector loop 'B' eye pin and another pink crystal


fiower toggle clasp using two jump rings in the stronger.

same way. using two jump rings to connect the chains makes Thread the end loop on the 'A' eye pin at the top of the centre dangle onto the heavy jump ring or split ring then attach this onto the bottom of the toggle clasp so it hangs centrally,@


PO Box 1172 Toowong 4066, OLD Ph: 0410399445
Email: ozsales@ebeadsdirect.com.au



This delicate bracelet teaches a beginner twin (or double) needle thread work technique. It uses an easy figure·S design that won't take too long to master.

" Two beading needles " Pliers

Thread Work

" 54,4=
" Beading

bi-cone crystal
seed beads thread

Working with needle A. thread one crystal and four seed beads. Take the needle back through the first (of the four) seed beads to form a picotthen thread another crystal. Passneedle A through the last added seed bead on B needle so the threads will cross.
(l) Add two seed beads onto needle A and

'" 148 size 8 (3=)

One collette
One crimp


e Jump ring or extension chain
'" Parrot clasp

one seed bead on needle B then pass the

Twin-needle work can be a bit loose unless you pull your thread tension firmly as you go. (1) Thread a beading needle on each end of

K8€ping the beading flat on a table and taking your time while you work helps to stop the threads getting confused

needle through the second seed bead on needle A.
(4) Thread one crystal and one seed bead on

a zrn (2J.<yd)length of beading thread. These needles will be referred to as needles A and B. Anchor the parrot clasp atthe centre of the thread then pass both needles through one seed bead. *Thread two seed beads on needle A and one seed bead on needle Bthen pass needle Bthrough the second seed bead added on needle A. This will give a criss-cross or figure-8 motion with the thread.
(2) Thread one crystal and one seed bead on

needle A.

needle B. 30 bt·ads ~E" •••


'.c . (5) Add two seed beads onto needle A and one seed bead on needle B then pass the needle through direction... Open the Jump ring (see Bead Ba'>lC5 page 84) or the last link on the extension chain and attach It to the loop on the collette. the last added seed bead on needle A so the threads For further infonnation or a kit of this project see the stockists list on page 90. Pass needle B through will cross.~ •••• '!II '" 09'. Thread the crimp over both threads then slide it close to the knots. Thread the collette over both threads and knot the thread to anchor it. thread one crystal and four seed beads then take the needle back through the first (of the four) seed beads to form a picot then thread another crystal. 80th needles are through 32 brads ~I. . Trim thread and close the second seed bead on in same needle A. ~ 1 •••• :: :' M~ •• ~' ..@ pliers squash the crimp securely.. * 'Repeat from * in step 1 to * in seep 4 until you have a total of 18 picots altogether lor your desired length). Using chain-nose collette with the pller..~ .'j 1I working with needles..

. ~ ~ .au Mail order catalogue available ...'' '- www. NSW 2151 www. ' .com.beadspider. ~ .au Czech glass beads.. North Rocks. gemstones. ".. books Phone 029873 3080 PO Box 4937..com..· . """'0 . designer kits.. pme silver clay.. sterling silver..beadspider. antique repro beads.

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p{aminrJ3eads Handmade lampwork beads and jewellery reamed Janette Nethercctt ' .""••• 35 ..Beauty is in the eye of the beadholder..com "'~ See you at the Brisbane .ot just www. 0266476434 • Czech Glass • Lampwork • Swarovski • Fire Polished • Karen Silver L!'.flaminbe·ads.notjustbeadz. Bead and Gem Show 5 to 8 July Booth 33 oea www.ou btads ..com.

. .com.best-kept secret is out! • Email: spellmaker@spelimaker. 114 Currie Street Nambour Old 4560 36 beads 'fEe .au Shop: Carolans Arcade..

on. • r.When she's not teaching beading classes. she's working on her piec. ••• 37 . family and customers.~5e bt:ads<t...PROFILE ~'501\ There are not enough hours in the day for ALISON CASEY. Recently she won the Professional category of our Designer of the Year Competiti.es for friends.

" says Alison. "I Immediately Such a smorgasbord and 'fine-tuning' with wire remembers began to of inspiration!" her skills.. .. approached techniques come true!" me to ask if I was interested in the store." explains or a palette of exactly to her quite by the extent oftheir Jewellery designing.All jewellery to the craft designers have their own story about how they were led For Alison Casey that story began around seven years It all started from there.. "I might be Inspired by a colour combination. and Alison has now been teaching professionally in the beading tndustrv tor just over two years." Alison says her designs aren't always completed original plans. "'Who needs rules?' in teaching some of my "Are you kidding? Work in a bead store?' It was like all my dreams 38 brads . as she tried her hand at a broad range of crafts. "Imparting students are delighted ago.. "My designs almost always tend to morph into something different from my original concept. Alison's true passion is creativity and help her take the first step towards a finished piece. new skills to eager and "I love teaching. like many in the industry. Alison creative minds is a constant source of pleasure. but freely admits that's part of the fun. After years of experimenting was encouraged bead store. It's fantastic when by the projects they've made and surprised ability. "One night I stumbled on the internet." says Anson. with blurring the boundaries of age-old crafts into However." says Alison." experiment across the idea of crocheting Alison. "When [create [often Alison.lie . to take her passion further by the owner of her local the store owner "After seeing some of the work I was producing. beads or findings I have collected. Jewellery making techniques." She says any number of things can stir her start off with a concept in mind. driven by her 'urge to create'.

semi-precious remarks Alison." "Mv skills have become more polished over the years." Alison says she tries to allow her designs to explore the possibilities beyond the boundaries with many different of the familiar.. inspiration "I love crystal. she experiments larnpwork. at the hardware storer"@ . Also.I say. There is such a diverse range of exciting ideas rumbling that 1will probably never have the time to explore them all fully. who doesn't?" interesting fibre. the list goes on. wire.. The most exciting discoveries are made when you venture off the beaten track!" By allowing her imagination keep creating and discoverirg to roam. "I also enJOY . For this reason" kinds of materials. I can even find and unusual metal beads and findings. which I find tends to enhance my style. through my brain "I find that my style is evolving from month to month. pearls. Alison says she is able to fresh ideas. my taste in beads and materials has matured.

8mm grey nugget beads e e shaped a 20cm (Sin) tail bead. weave the ribbon up and down each consecutive chain stitch until it is 'snaked' through o 4. chain lengths and rings directly onto the spool of wire using a random pattern and ensuring the rings and chain are distributed evenly arnongst the other beads. Continue crocheting the spool. (4) Cut an SOcm i32in) length of organza ribbon. fold the wire over the neck of the crochet hook and twist two or three times to create a small loop with which to begin the crochet. using the cutters. 10rnm nickel rings C 20cm (8in) fine black nickel chain METHOD {ll Cut the nickel rhaln into five varying lengths of 4cm (1 Min) or less.. through the full length of the work. 6mm round hematite c 7. Each stitch will capture a new bead or element within it. DESIGNER ALISON CASEY TOOLS '" 4= @ Wire Crochet crochet hook (2) Leaving a wire tail of 20<:m. 15mm black. Smm-wide organza I!' Q ribbon (see diagrams). Wire cutters SClssors Matches e " MATERIALS c 1 black nickel ball bracelet " Spool of 24-gauge ('64mmJ black artistic wire (3) Working directly from the spool of wire. wrap it around the ribbon and the ball bracelet eight times working toward the clasp of the 40 beads . Professional Designer of the Year."E" ••• . 6mm clear Dr smoke 12.5m (1% vd). using the 20cm (8in) wire tail on that same end. Remove the the loop then pull it 10. 20mm nickel rings c 4. Hold one tail end of the ribbon against the end of your ball bracelet then. (5) The ball bracelet provides the spine of the cuff. trim from the last crocheted roridels and one bead or element into each chain stitch until there are no beads left on 5.5= round nickel beads 5.Capture the stormy hues of winter fashion to create this metropolitan bracelet by the winner of the Beads etc . hematite daggers smoke hook from the work and pass the tail end just trimmed firmly to knot. 4mm round nickel beads beads o 5.. slide one bead at a time up to your crochet hook and make one chain stitch " 1. Starting at one end of the crocheted chain and leaving a Scm (2in) tail of ribbon. Commence by threadrig the assorted beads. Ensure the head of [he hook can pass freely through the created loop.


slide to sit the coil snugly against the bracelet closure."E.. Wrap the crochet rope around the ball' bracelet until you have exhausted the rope and reached the second closure of the bracelet..long the raw edge of the uobon.bracelet. Secure the end once again by holding the ribbon againstthe and wrapping bracelet eight times with the wire tail toward the bracelet clasp. If necessary. 42 brads .e (I For further infonnation or a kit of this project see the stockists list on page 90. Trim any excess ribbon and wire tails (6) Cut six 7cm (3in) lengths of organza ribbon then distribute the circumference them evenly around of the bracelet. threading each individual single knot length through secure it. a wire crochet loop on the bracelet and tying a [0 Cut the edges of ribbon on the diagonal and gently sear the ends by running a flame lightly a.. This will' form a nice tight coil that secu res the crochet and the ribbon to the ball bracelet. .

't. A Designer Discount program offers selected goods up to 50% OFF retail. ••• 43 .au Phone: 08 9187 1888 Fax: 08 9187 1888 PO Box 99 Wickham WA 6720 btads '1. Visit our online store for convenient shopping with easy shopping cart and check out. Email Yvonne:info@crystalflair.You can leom to make your very own GORGEOUS Art Glass Beadsl Shop onlinewiJt1 Brisbane's Friendliest Local & Interna1ional Tutors Beginner thru Professional Level WOrKShOps & Courses.com. No minimum order! Become a Crystal Flair member for free and receive 5% OFF all retail orders.

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ozbeads.com.au www.daylightcompany. Use the lamp with its three unique accessories: . The ideal light source for craners who want to work in more comfort liner details of tabric. yarn and buttons • a chart holder for patterns ariel d.."ce Oaylight~rn""es or call 07 3283 3092 bt:ads(to ••• 45 ..com Ll:\1 ~1038 Quilt and craft in OaylighfM comfort Natural Daylight" is the perfect light source for your eyes.. the advantages Table Top 01 Daylight" Lamp (A21038) light with all the flexible features you need for you. 1.beadsindeed. an organising tray for needles.au email: sharon@beadsindeed.II~lAJt)SENDFlEn LAMPWORK BEAD SUPPLIES • MOREnl IOZBEADSI & VETROFOND MATERIALS LAMPWORK GLASS RODS • TOOLS • GENUINE & BOOKS BEADS • IMPORTED GLASS BEADS SHARON GRIFFITHS 105 UNLEY ROAD UNLEY SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5061 PH: 0882725518 On line shop at www.com. what a d ltfer. crafts. free working space Extend the arm to keep maximum for your fabric or other material 2. of your local stockist.esigns •• magnifying lens for close. 'il reduces eye slrain and makes close work and reading so much easier.com dovllqht" S. For details visit www. Our new unique Ultimate combines adlustable.up work 3 Remove the accessories to transform the lamp into a styliSh piece of furniture Daylight" has a full range of expert lamps for all types 01 crafts. for hours I011 ger and need to see the ccicurs and needles.

METHOD (1) 'Make a round base bead with a footprint colour of approximately colour rod.nnesends many pieces that are very quirky into our Art Challenges. 46 btads 'flio . and that you understand all safety issues associated with glass bead making and have a safe work area with a fire extinguisher handy. make a stringer 2-3mm stringer wide. DESIGNER YVONNE WOODS TOOLS " " Lampworking torch with appropriate fuel Protective m bead " eyewear steel mandrel release or kiln dipped Lampwork PREPARATION Clean all glass rods with white vinegar or warm water then dry. 8mm wide using the base e 1 rod Effetre white e 1 rod of base bead Note: This project assumes you have a basic knowledge of making round beads and stringer. So.Yvo. in this project you'll learn how to make a fantastic tree-froggy bead.. . Using the while rod. using the black rod make e Stainless Vermiculite a 1 mm wide then using the pea green MATERIALS e 1 rod Etfetre pea green " 1 rod Effetre black rod make a stringer 2-3mm wide.. and our readers have been asking how she creates them.


. (6l Applying the fingers and toes is a swish (3) To make the head. but the V shape will face the opposite direction.(2) Heat the end of the pea green rod to make a gather the size YOLIwould like the frog body to be then swipe it onto the bead from right to lefr. (5l The arms are applied to the upper end of the body in the same way as the legs. Ribbit' Finally. Make sure they are securely attached to the top of the head then cool slightly. dot the eyes with the black stringer for pupils and @ be then swipe forming side of the body. (4) To apply the legs. making sure to melt them together. melt the end of the pea green stringer and touch it down onto the backside of the body. melt in. melt another gather onto the end of your pea green rod the size you would like the head that onto the right-hand a frog body and head. (7) Make the eyes by briefly heating the top of (he head and applying dots of molten white stringer. 00 For lampwork beads or further information about this project see the stockists list on page 90. using the stringer [0 of pea green stringer three times on the end of each v shaped leg and arm. Repeat on the other side of the body. Remember while you are concentrating on making the frog you must to keep it at keep heating the bead allover an even temperature. to draw a sideways V shape.

Enamel Charms.. Resln Beads.luvBEAD. Tools. Wire. Rndings.1tl~.tampwork.. Sliders. Crystals. Jig. 49 . Swarovski.om. Pliers. and much more! PO Box 283 Osborne Park WA 60'17 inro@luvbeacJ.aU WW'o v. SOftfte:<. Tiara Frames. luvbead. Castings. Books.r.au Czech Glass. free Projects..com. DIY Kits. Pewter.COlDJltl your online bead shop New 1:0 lu"BEA D Check them out at Birthstone Flip-Flops!! www..com..au btads(tG . Chain.

The clasp can hook to the jump ring between the chain or to the jump ring vvit'h the bead hanging off Attach the last link of each chain to the outside loops of the stamping jump ring.22= x 15= clear faceted plastic oval beads 2.4 mrnjump ring (see Bead Basics page 841 then attach it to the end link of a s. 5cm (2m) silver plated " " " 26.60m (7% yd) silver plated @ In the 12. using a 4mm silver plated silver plated parrot 1. (2) Slightly open the loop of an eye pin.Get into style with this groovy lightweight belt by using threeinto-one plated stamping connectors combined with silver chain and a fun assortment of beads. 4mm x 10mm light spotted brown glass drops 5. 15mrn silver plated This belt is a size 8-10.the chain breaks it up a little and hangs down the leg. Make a plain loop above the last bead and attach an eye pin before closing the loop as before. 4mm round rings 2. Attach a second length of belcher chain to the other side of the stamping same way. Thread one dark brown plastic bead onto the eye pin. DESIGNER GEMMAFARR TOOLS " " " 1 pair round-nose 2 pairs flat-nose 1 pair cutters pliers pliers WireWork METHOD MATERIALS " " e " 10. 3 W1N silver plated " 23. trim 12.in) length of belcher chain and the end loop on one of the starnplngs.scm 1270 in) lengths of belcher chain. attaching an eye pin before closing the loop [see Bead Basics page 84). 5cm (2in) silver plated '" 1. Using two pairs of fiat-nose pliers. Thread five glass drops onto the eye pin. (3) Place a brown plastic bead onto the eye pin then make a plain loop above the bead. attaching stamping itto the middle loop of another before closing the loop. and make a plain loop above the bead. s. as before. and attach it [0 45. 70m (3yd) silver plated chain small belcher chain starnpinqs eye pins head pin jump jump clasp thick w 6. 13mm irregular plastic beads dark brown (1) Using the cutters. 50 beads ~""••• . For a larger size add extra sections of the belt or extend the length of the chain. 10mm round rings the middle loop of [he stamping then close the loop. The beads are not designed to go all the way around the body . open a.scm (2y.


attaching another clear plastk oval and stamping.(4) Slightly open the loop of an eye pin. (zy. o a total of six beaded chain sections are made and JOin them Place a brown plastic bead onto a headpin. in) length of chain to attachlng an eye pin before closing the loop. attaching stamping itto the middle loop of another before closing the loop. using a 4mm each of the oi. make a plain loop above the bead then attach a lOmm jump ring to it and the last link on the shorter section of the chain. Th read a brown plastic bead onto the eye pin. then repeat step 4. attach it to the middle loop of the stamping then close the loop. Attach the last link of each chain to the outside loops of the stamping Jump ring as before.. . (5) Attach ~ S. Thread one clear plastic oval bead onto the eye pin then make a plain loop above the bead (see Bead Basics page 841. attach it to (8) open a 4mm jump jump ring the loop on the parrot clasp and close the Open another 4mmjump centre loop on the stamping end of the belt. as before. Place five glass drops onto the eye pin then make a plain loop above the bead. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until connected (or more If required). make a plain loop above the last bead.. attaching the top centre loop of another stamping before closing the loop. Thread five glass drops onto the eye pin. attach it on the other to the one on the parrot clasp and the top 52 beads 'fil" . ring.Scm Slightly open the loop of an eye pin. and attach it to the top centre loop of the stamping from the previous step then close the loop. attaching an eye pin before closing the loop (see Bead Basics page 841. and make a plain loop above the last bead. (6) Cut one Scm (2inllength (9inllengrh together ofthickchain using a 10mmjump and one 22cm ring.@ ring. (7) Open the last link of the longer section of chain and attach it to the top centre loop on the stamping on one end of the belt.tsrde loops of the stamping last added in step 4.

['" .colII. Resin and Mixed Media dewellery Pressed Glass Beads 041 2678g92 Mobile email: illfo@eclectiGstudio.SA Metal Clay. Polymer 0414651258 Mobile & Pam Annesley .NSW • CzechFire-Polished TRADE ONLY WIDE RANGE + HIGH QUALITY & Bmail~info@silveralchem:y. Sculpture. Air Porcelain 0424500168 .WA Polymer and Metal Clay Jewellery & BooK Art 0427424702 Mobile ell'laikpo.au Sera Pinwill .com. 53 .n-et.au Use Moody .au FREE CATALOGUE AUSTRALIA WIDE www.!@iinet.com info@beadandcryslal.html Alternatively Telephone Or contact contact Jennifer Tattam .E'IIu Melanie Dilday .VIC Dry.NSWIQLD Polymer and Metal Clay Jewellery and Functional Art 0438976314 email: Mobile Mixed Media madbeader@westnet...au/gallery/instructors. Metal Clay.Senior Art Clay Silver lrstructor in your area 02 6259 7237 one of our Train1ng Instructors Lara LeReveur Polymer.ACT Polymer and Air Dry Clay Original Art Doll.NSW Polymer Clay & Mixed Media Wearable Art Mobile 0425279331 Polymer.com. Makins and Premo Sculpey? Details of the CONTEMPORARY CLAY INSTRUCTORS PROGRAM and profiles 01 our Training Instructors can be found at http://www. Mobile Art Dolls Lex SorrenUno .au • Swarovski Crystal• Components & Beads •. Flndlngs & Tools 5J6 Fullarton Rd. Netherby 5062 Ph: (08) 8179 0788 Fax: (08) 81791884 emai!:fabulousfrippist@fmgirl./Paverpol Sculpture Telephone 02 62901376 email:gus[ox@actewagl.using PMC.CONTEMPORARY CLAY INSTRUCTORS PROGRAM Would you like to run your own Contemporary Clay Workshops for Adults or Children ..ne1.com.metalclal.com.au me acay WINW pa metalcla bet·ads '1.beadandcrystal.com.au Roz Eb8lhard-Swan .

. storage & beadinq supplies. Pewter . Polymer Clay supplies..beadworx.ct us at: Ph: 07 3844 5722 Fax: 07 3844 7999 .. Accesories $7.com.... Feathers ..cm .com.au 54 brads 'tUG .. Brass * Crystals * Findings * Motifs .au email sales@beadtrimmingcraft.com.au Trade enquiries welcome www. d hone for current addresS an p 488 11lulie 0414 255 number or ca Fire Mountain Gems & Beads monthly orderinq service.. It's simply a great way to buy all the beads you ever want.. Visit our showroom at: 39 Merivale St South Brisbane 4101 Conta. 1000's Beads ...beadtrimmingcraft.com. Beading Supplies at prices you can afford . Pearls . Tools * Wires . Ojime hand carved wood beads.! See website for details.. Jewellery * Books * Semi Precious . findings. Unicorne handmade glass beads. Threads . phone: 029894 5178 facsimile: 02 9894 8533 email: infolilbeadworx.au h up will be relocating Bcad T .BEADWORX Find your dsslqn inspiration Bead&Button project books.70 for full mail order catalogue! Or shop online at www.

au Tel 02 9984 1133 Emailobh@tpg_C<lm.3~m-4_30pm Cnr Prince 8. jewellery tools & craft books. !ll o (j) PJ IT CD Q_ ::r o c (j) CD o o :3 !ll c.sabujewellery. Monthly competitions & free gift on all orders over $100.au btads n'" ••• 55 .30pm Saturday 9-4_00pm Shop 3172 May ROod ~ IT You create it! 2.com ~ BANJOS BEAD HOUSE Retail and Wholesale Classes and Parties Be inspired by our large range of Swarovski Pendants and Filigrees Swarovski® Griffin Maria George Bejeweller@ Downunder Trollbeads NEW! Xuron Tools DEE WHY Tu"s·Fri 1O-4.com. Specialists in glass beads Czech beads freshwater pearls crystals metal beads shell beads gemstones lampwork beads bead kits & designer bead jewellery projects We stock a large range 01jewellery findings. NTH PARRAMATTA Mon-F ri 10am-5 30p rn Saturd"y g. finding kits.Sabu Jewellery for all your beading needs .. Mary Street near Red :Rooster Narraweena Tel 02 9630 6377 Emsil info@t:>anjosbeadhoose.. Retail & wholesale trade enquiries welcome www.

..1 Jul Mel: 26 .BEADGLASS.beoo gloss" bead glass· becd g ass" bead glcss Bead Glass FOR BEADERS AND Aurum Australia S<!IJU-pn!crufl~gem.___ ~ D> ~ --' TEL 02 43791302 FAX 02432. ....AU INFO@BEADGLASS..COM. ~ 8 c.~ g o.28 Oct Adel: B . "UelrrarW!)t!Wt.._ ..'J/.MORETTI GLASS ~ 25 TOOLS' g Q 2 "- _..COM.. bsoo glass· oocd g'Os.49376 WWW. g '" IT !!Cnl'ol now /01'2007 Beadmakinf} . g '" ff -----_ ..rU{R hf!{IIl!.I\1:PWORK EQUIPMENT KILNS • BOOKS ~ §_ ~ EFFETRE .11 Nov E . Q Q ~ Cla:Me:J! Bead & Gem Show Bris: 5 . :0 o ff BEAD MAKERS ~ ~> .. beod glass 56 bt'ads <lie ..29 Jul Bris: 24 . .s...~ 2 DESIGNER ~ MAJOR SPONSORS OF THE o:Q g ~ OF THE YEAR AWARDS ~ IT ~ o ~ ~ CZECH BEADS LA.AU '" ff g g becc glcss ..'n Fmlllll{.8 July Syd:11-14Oct Craft & Quilt fair Syd: 27 Jun ..

100 ••• 57 . simply has to be seen to be believed. particularly her array of antique Czech glass beads. Carmel's collection.A selfprocl'aimed 'bower bird'.If you think your jewellery collection is starting to look intense. you should talk to CARMEL LENNON. btads 1.

Inspiration can strike Carmel at any moment. "and make mobiles and chokers.. While she was working seasonal work. I think I absorbed some patience. I always redo it. she found she would have periods of free time." says Carmel." in the animation Like many of tcday's designers. "She helped me understand work. . Inanimate as they are. and Carmel spent many hours of her early childhood watching her work." of doing something that doesn't quite design will right. It was a most time-consuming beads to make sure she can take advantage of it." says Carmel. Of course. Then I found myself repairing vintage "I love deconstructing industry. "I can be inspired by many influences." her "In the sixties. so that it works. "I collect all that I can. and she owns enough that bring out However. "I would mess around with seed beads." . which I still do today. Carmel fell into jewellery designing almost by chance. she does admit that it's often the beads themselves her creativity." carmel firmly believes that creating a wonderful the importance own passion.. they all have a story about where they came from and who fashioned them. However. Her aunt worked as a seamstrcs making evening wear. there is more than a decent chance that Carmel's real love for designing runs in the family. sewed seed beads and sequins onto job." remembers costume jewellery. evening wear was a sparkly affair. samples of her aunt's work still take pride of Auntie Kath. other people's work and making it new again. then sort and resort the beads into small dishes. "and my Auntie Kath intricately her creations. as it is Carmel says she owes a lot to her aunt in terms of finding place in Carmel's collection "While watching says Carmel. If I ever design something 58 bt'ads ~I." Carmel. In a way I feel like I talk to them.

which. but also what its hole is like. She says adornment is up by putting a mix will really work and the feeling is indescribable.. Some bead holes have Jagged edges. butthere sources. Hawver. "in that case a small bead needs to be placed next to it to protect the thread. Anyway. Generally I don't are always exceptions to the "but I can find this tedious." says Carmel. as though they are matched to people. Also.'tG ••• 59 ." Carmel says one of the best things about Jewellery making I'>how important anything pieces can be to different but frivolous." says carmel."@ bt:ads1. She says it is the times she freely experiments that often lead to her best creations.. As far as choosing her beads goes." as my mediocre pieces make my brilliant ones look even better. Carmel's 'luck' with taking risks is backed up by years of experience. She specialises in knots and has been perfecting them for thirty years. with the large bead at the centre and the smallest ones near the clasp. "that is. I'll just end up with a dud." says Carmel. a drab large bead can be frocked bright seed or small seed on either side. I like to dream of combining. Putti ng a knot between the beads gives pieces a real elegance. "I li keto think that great pieces wait for their own special person to wear them ." I don't mind. explains Carmel. pearls.often involve a degree of risk. "I like to do graduated necklaces. that' 5 just my way of looking at it. that I have made. so I'll then create something wild. but at other times an odd rule. Carmel says that quality is 'There are some pieces of jewellery completed. people. "My bread and butter work is restringing try to mix beads that others wouldn't "Sometimes important. once have their own voice. She says this not only refers to whatthe bead looks like." "Placing a knot on either side of the small bead will ensure it is not damaged. "The beads I use come from all different mix the stone with the glass.

(2) Tie a single knot (see page 64) at the centre points then tighten the knots uSing the fiat-nose pliers. the simplest way is to build the strings of beads SO various beads can be chosen to fit the spaces left by smaller beads on another string. lcm (%in) pisces French wire (also known as bouillon or gimp) 1 three-strand and chain. the middle string up to the centre of the thread then crossing the ends over to make a loop at each end. 2m (79in) lengths of polyester beading thread 120 to 140 various sized semiprecious gemstone beads 18. or heaviest beads are at the centre and are clasp with hook METHOD (1) Prepare three strings of double thread by knotting folding them at the centre. strings to use as detachable Although the method of mekinq this necklace is traditional. 60 beads 'fl. Do this by each string in half. DESIGNER CARMEL LENNON TOOLS Flat-nose pliers Scissors Clear nail varnish I Knotting (4) When constructing simultaneously a triple-stringed necklace. tcoselverrange into three lines. As it evolves you TTIny wish to chenqe the placement of the strings. This stone necklace is graduated strung first. Thread a large stone onto the centre of one of the strings and make a double knot close to the bead (see page 64). (5) Referring to the photo adjacent. Here. The inner string should now measure about 31cm (12Y4in). 10em (4in) lengths of 32.c ••• . this piece is quite freeform. This will not present a problem as the three lengths of thread have been purposely made extra long to allow for your arnstic expression. making double knots after each bead.5rnrn) seed beads 6. bringing the ends balanced appearance.-gauge beading wire 3. Add more beads to the outer strings to increase their length to ensure the necklace has a so [he largest the gemstones MATERIALS 6. knotted necklace with fantastic gemstones. she demonstrates how to make a three-strand. the strong that originally began as the inner strIng might end up as the outer strong. size 5 (4.This is the latest project in our knotting series with carmel Lennon. for example. Thread another bead and make another double knot close to the new bead. continue to add beads to all three strings. (3) Trim the knots leaving short tails then fold the pieces of beading wire in half and hook one through the end loops of all three needles.



These measurements may vary. with clasp attached. Leaving some space between the three beads for knots. Wait five minutes for the nail varnish to dry. as it depends how well the three (7) Thread through the next bead and make a single knot as before. Take the thread through the three-strand the last seed bead added. on a flat working surface to of the outer ensure correct placement and inner strings then proceed to attach them to the clasp in the same way as the middle string. (6) To end off the necklace and fasten it to the clasp. before tightening It off. make a single knot after the last bead added. (j bt:adsttc ••• 63 . However. Lay the middle string. attach the middle string first. then trim off the excess thread but without cutti ng too close to the knot. Thread through the third and final bead then make a single knot. the middle hole of clasp then go back through knot and pull the thread com pletely through. dab a generous amount of clear nail varnish on the strt ngs fit together as a whole. Thread three seed beads and a piece of French wire at each end of the middle string.about 36cm (14X in) and the outer string about 40cm (15%in).

wrap end cord around light index flnqcr.com.A.children's Christmas beading and an exhibition of members' work. Hd60U/1'J. Pull cord gently so the knot can be guided up to the bead. Web: www. G. B.. so to reflect what we are about.au Email :i nio@beadsocietycomau Write: P. Before you tighten the know. F.. Dates for this year are November 16~18 at C. Split double cord and pull to tighten knot further. Box 382. Contact us for an entry form by. D. E.O. .•. Wind cord around left index finger twice. Don't forget the Bead Challenge is now •• open for entries which will be displayed and judged during the expo. place a blunt needle in the knot. There will be a greater variety of traders and workshops . Our 4th year will be bigger and better than ever. Abbotsford. Make illl overhead knot by laking the end over and around itself and through the loop formed.£ BEAD EXP For the last 3 years the Bead Society of Victoria has run the Bead Symposium Fair. Pull cord out while still holding other end down and knot will form close to bead. it will now be known as the cord OVeI bead with left ~IJgeI.beadsociety. To make a double knot pull the cord through both loops. The cost to enter including pack of beads is $25. Firmly hold down Melbourne Bead Expo. the Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin. The image below shows the set of beads to base your creations on. Vic 3067 64 brads e I.

I~~~o.ob: Ph: 03 9687 9949.je. starting in Oct CcrIIa:t us fer an order fcrm cr furtl'ler in1b: Willesee PnxIudions Ftv'Fax: os 94ffi 3700 Email:crMl~.com. Ird. 4 x d'mlle ~ and a ~ instn. so clothes don't end up on the floor. Kingsley WA €O26 M. • Display your hook earrings.paulinedelaney. craft groups and children. necklaces and other jewellery.Jdes: 4 x Tab"fl'lCde wire harg:rs.au FW. • The beads secure spaghetti straps in your wardrobe. bridesmaid and wedding dresses. • The beautiful beaded hangers make great birthday. Classes in NSW. • We have 19 gorgeous colours to mix and match with.d:irn !tm. The hangers are very easy to ma ke and are great for all ages.Ja's and Wk cID::rs CMliiat. 1330{ me h:n.1--larg::l: DIY Kit makes four (4).com www.benjaminscrafts. 0411201266 E: pkdelaney@hotmail.: FQ Box 3025. Central Coost The 13eac1ed. 4 x beed ~ (drxse cwn a:t:urs). Christmas and Mother's Day gifts.oo:. 'Qulito Lampwork Classes Beginners to Advanced Beads available Far purchase in various styles The Beaded Hanger DIY Kit is a pretty and practical craft. • The hangers are also perfect to display ball gowns.au btads(tc ••• 65 .com W: www.

either sterling silver or gold-filled wire may be used.6Smm) round wire 7. 3mm metal beads Non-tarnishing permanently coloured copper wire was used in this project to gille the pendant an antique feel..nose or chain-nose slightly bend the front wires at a point approxi marely 1. r% in) from the rap of the bail. Depending on your choice of gemstone donuts. making sure that the wires lie parallel to each other.. 66 brads 'fEO ••• . until the front and back wires meet. Cutters e Masking tape e Pencil MATERIALS e 1.5cm pliers.Caroline Fung. DESIGNER CAROLINE FUNG TOOLS e Flat-nose or chain-nose pliers " Round-nose pliers @ Wire Wrapping (3) Tape the wires together at and below the bail u. 4mm bi-cone c-rystal beads e 6. (2) using the flat. Wirework Designer ofthe Year.8mm) round wire (O. Bend the wires at their mid point around a pencil to form the bail. demonstrates how to wrap a donut bead to make a pendant with a truly professional result. METHOD (l) Cut the 2o-gauge wire into three equal lengths of 25cm (lOin). 4cm diameter gemstone donut e 75cm 20-gauge " e 8cm 24-gauge (O. the Beads etc .lng masking tape.


(5) Remove the lower masking tape and bend the front wires forward. and make a spiral at the back. trim the wire slightly and coil it into a spiral. one metal bead and another crystal bead then bend the end of the wire towards the back. trim one of the wires to a slightly shorter length before COiling it. 8) Bend all three wires towards the front of the donut.I matching Finally. wrap the front and back wires together at [he base of [he bail... To do this. thread two crystal beads. (7) Separate the three wires at the back by bending them outwards towards the 11 o'clock.@ 68 beeds <E" . on either side of (10) For the remaining three wires. Insert the back wires through the hole of the donut. one metal bead and two crystal beads onto the 1 o'clock wire. (9) Insert the end of the 1 o'clock wire through the hole and wrap it tightly around the edge of the donut. bringing the end to the front and COiling it into a small spiral at approximately Removethe the 2 o'clock position. coil the 11 o'clock and 3 o'clock wires into spirals. Make about six wraps. 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. separating them from the back wires. and insert them through the back wires. Bend the last wire towards the 6 o'clock position. (11) (This photo shows the back of the pendant. (4) using 24·gauge wire. masking tape from the bail. one with a single wire and one with two wires.For further information see the stockists or a kit of this project list on page 90. . use the round. Thread two crystal beads. Starting from the ends of the wires. Flatten the wraps using the chain-nose or flat-nose pliers. or wear the pendant with a leather cord. To vary the size of the spirals. separate the three wires of the bail. thread three metal beads and coil the end into a spiral. and position the bail at the upper edge of the donut (6) Separate the front wires into two lots. sUing a necklace using beads.nose pliers to make a very small plain loop (see Bead Basics page 84) then the rhaln-nose pliers to continue winding the wire around the loop. Trim the ends at the front of the bail. bend one towards the 10 o'clock position. the hole of the donut from the front. Bend one wire towards the 5 o'clock position.

~cked Crystal .beacbibeads.lgold 'filled :specilallst'.au Ph: (02) 4476 4883 We Je~l~~ jWJdte~~ Q. Canberra .com.Japanese Seed Beads .~JarQ.Freshwater Pearls Hematite .(O) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) Gemstone Pearls Beads NSW South Coast Store: Narooma NSW 2546 Silver beads & findings Designer necklaces Silver Jewellery Restringing Jewellery making classes 2/120 Wilgonga St beadsetc Your online SWilI"OV5ki crystal bead end '5terlj'ng silver.Pewter .toots .Vil"ltillj Brass _.au Email: rachaelfubeactuceads.com.Lampwcrk .~e t~J verow369@dodo.Shells: .au 14.India.Cr.Gemsto ne5 .: . Shumock St.stock.Stringing Material .com. We also .62548146 ~It ~~Je1 Weetongero Shopping Centre. Glass .Artist1c Wrre K'its and much more! www.fi bre Optic .

Differentcolours and shades of amber develop. Over the next 20 million years the resin changed. excttmg WHEN WORN AS JEWELLERY. but this is nothing compared to how long it has taken the gem to actually form. would seal these openings and chemically protect the tree from disease and insect attack. amber eventually began to emerge either 'from the earth or. HOW AMBER IS FORMED Amber. but this window to an ancient world. Phaeton's three found In the tombs of Egypt and anCient sisters.and it flew wildly towards the to destroy it. am ber provides a glorious. the Sun God. It is also said to have a calming effect on the wearer and protect women from thyroid problems. Amber has attracted mystical tales of its origin. a phenomenon tnat stn amazes.BEADER'S DIGEST T Amber has fascinated cultures and ci'lllilisationsfor thousands of years. know as the gem amber. Amber also has very mystical properties. COMFORTING WARMTH AGAINST THE SKIN." . teething Amber is used in disorders. After millions of years. had become part of the ocean floor. perhaps covered by earth as the branch or tree fell. However. Amber jewellery sites in Europe. In this issue we take a trip through time to unravel the mysteries of amber. including the intriguing Dominican Blue amber. We've also got some exclusive tips on how to buy and care for your amber jewellery. from the sea. would find a subterranean resting place. Some also believe that amber protects When worn as jewellery. All true ambers have caught the eye of the scientific world. destroyed The Heliades. comforting warmth against the skin. and its light weight means it will add volume but not heaviness to ornate jewellery. ReSin that Dozed from breaks in the bark of ancient trees. from a clear honey-like fluid to the solid we loose deposits of subterranean amber that "Phaeton. son of Hellos. Storms broke TURNING AMBER INTO JEWELLERY The preparation of raw amber for jewellery making has varied over time. is the result of nature working over millions of years. It causes feathers and straw to rise up against gravity.Ovid It's not difficult to understand why. persuaded his father to let him drive his chariot of the SUn across the heavens. Its beauty was soon appreciated jewellerv were created. Amber. would float to the surface and people would collecr it. an organic gem. Maybe Jurassic rings and is given to children to Park wasn't purely fiction: protect rhem from respiratory young ones from kidnapping. Eventually this resm. Its colour and transparency work with light to create beautiful effects. being less dense than salt water. process is not yet fully understood. but more 70 besds 'tEO ••• . more likely. Phaeton lacked the skill to control the charlot. as some of them contain fossil specimens that offer an and items of has been a id religious and cultural carvings the danger. threatening of lightning. AMBER PROVIDES A GLORIOUS. Zeus. by nature (and pclvrnerisanon. over the years. were so grieved at their brother's death that the gods turned them into poplar trees that wept amber tears. seeing Phaeton with a bolt Earth.

BEADER'S DIGEST (3lJuersootch rreesne Amt)tr Cognac Amber .

The heating process is used to clarify or darken amber. Amber cabochons offer a new challenge to the beader to set a softer. so reputable amber dealers will always make it clear when an item is made of pressed amber. when amber was buried in salt or sand in large pots that were then placed in open fires. Polished amber gems of varying sizes can be used for pendants and focal points in necklaces that precision drilling will AMBER IN THE be more efficient. cognac. B"ltic amber is the focus of a sophisticated technologtcalndr. are becoming a favourite with beaders. causing tiny lightre~ecting fractures called 'sun-spargtes' or scales'. which range in size from 5mm to 15mm. It has the added advantage of making amber harder. but arguably more interesting. is not favoured by all amber lovers. brown and cherry colours.porruncan Rough Amber in technique than in process. Copal is resin that has not undergone the chemical changes that time and nature require to produce true amber. Pressed amber can have interesting swirls. Ask questions about 12mm in diameter. Most Baltic amber beads sold today will have been heated to harden them 50 reconstructed amber. butterscotch. greer.. oils (or in some cases autoclaves) have replaced pots of salt Of the commonly available ambers today.strv whereas Dominican and MeXican ambers are still mined In often-hazardous conditions. colours and sizes. selling the latter as Columbian amber or Madagascar amber. Free-size beads. Tumbled beads. while possessing all the physical properties of amber. while beads of pressed amber can fiuoresce in a spectacular fashion under ultraviolet light. as there are several dealers who make no distinction between amber and copal. which are not quite round and catch the light beautifully. although larger sizes can be obtained. The gentle heating of amber has been known since Roman times.. The heating of amber granules under pressure produces pressed or 72 broads 0<1. BEADING STORE Amber is available in many shapes. Calibrated round beads are available from 4mm [0 ]S THIS REALLY AMBER I'M BUYING? We need to give you a word of caution about buying amber. come in honey. . Pressed amber. gem than normally encountered. •. In recent times.

olive oil (or any silicon-based polish) and a soft cloth. There are certain rules that you should follow to keep your amber Jewellery in perfect condition. There If. Never leave your amber in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Clean your amber jewellery with a mild solution water. 6. occasionally of soap and lukewarm cleaners is many fakes to be found.positioned snake) trapped inside it. you find a piece of amber with a well. auction store. TAKING CARE OF YOUR AMBER Unlike other gems. as the oils in your skin help keep amber gems in beautiful Champagne Amber Amber and information supplied by Forever Amber. not minerai.any amber you are thinking are. unfonunately.95). This delicate and gentle stone must be treated with respect. polish amber with turtle wax. .@ possible. of 99 cents (and postage of $49. 3. have a [Q 4. Amber is organic. For a lovely shine. on an online lizard (or price 1. The best thing you can do to take care of your amber jewellery is to wear it as often as condition. with a starting quiet smile yourself and move on. Always apply perfumes and other products before wearing amber jewellery. 2. 5. particularly jewellery on the internet. Contact with household detrimental to amber. of buying.

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robertdoncik. Europe and Japan and his creations Robert is also the inventor are regularly of Faux featured in publications. his work is exhibited in Galleries and Museums around the USA." ••• 75 .com btads 'rt.Connect your work Workshops will be held throughout Australia in October • 1000's of Handmade gloss beads • Metal spacers.MCGUILD THE PMC GUILD Australia/New Zealand IS PHOUDTO ANNOUNCETHE INAUGURAL "VISITING ARTISTTEACHING PROGRAM" ROBERT DANCIK FROM THE USA Robert IS a highly acclaimed MIXed Media. • toggles • • Semi precious • • Gloss beads • Cloisonne beads ReSin Seed Beads By appointment SHOWROOM & WAREHOUSE 24 HARDY 51.com Phone: 03-8300-0208 Fox: 03-8300-0208 Mobile: 0431-836-548 .Mixed Media Forming Meaningful and Lasting Attachments . Jewel'lery Artist Sculptor and Teacher with over 30 years experience. charms.@ P. BRUNSWICK VICTORIA 3056 CONTACT US EMAIL:jamieseeger@yahoo.A beautiful Relaticmship Adventures in the Material World . Bane"TM Robert will be teaching three highly successful workshops Faux Bone™ and PMC . and November 2007 For full details and reservations please visit the guild website WWW pmcglJjld_cQm au www.

. Stay tuned to see your great ideas put into action in future issues of Beads etc.fill in the survey and send it to Beads etc.. ensu. Just your honest opinions.. outsets all other craft magazines on and your feedback will help Beads etc . Rozelle NSW 2039 by Friday 31 August 2007. remain these pages.ring the anonymity of every respondent's answers. ? SPOil yourself number of options) How often o o o o o Daily More than once a week Every 2 to 4 weeks Less than once a month Less than once every 6 months o _ o How did you discover Print advertisement io advertisement ORad 76 brads <E" .. One person in each state and territory in Australia will be a winner! We know that Beads etc . is Australia's favourite indeed it consistenly isubscribe... Each envelope will be separated from the survey upon arrival. . PO Box 645. at the cutting edge of this craft. .. . how would you rate your skill level? Generally Beginner Intermediate Advanced Professional do you bead? o o o o o o o o o $0(0$25 $26 to $SO $51 to$75 $76 to $99 $100 and over (please specify) _ Why do you bead? (tick the required Personal fulfilment/to BUSiness Gifts Fetes Other (please specify) Beads etc. beading magazine.99). TO go into the draw to win' one copy of Simply Pretty eeaoinq [valued at $20) and Simplystunlling Beaded jewellery(valued at $39. Send US your feedback and you could win' a book pack valued at approximately $60.au. There are no right or wrong answers. . simply photocopy Please take a few minutes to give us your valued opinions: What types (circle of crafts do you practise? number of options) Which number types of beading do you practice? (tick the required of options) the required o o Beading Jewellery making 0 Knitting 0 Crochet 0 Quilting 0 Stamping 0 Card making 0 Paper crafts 0 Scrapbooki ng 0 Dressmaking 0 Other [please specify) For how long have you practised beading? o o o o o Larnowork Thread work Wirework Chain maille Metal clay 0 Stringing 0 Polymer clay 0 Bead crochet/knitting What do you mostly number of options) spend your money on? (tick the required o o Beads Tools 0 Wire 0 Bead-making supplies 0 Patterns/kits 0 Magazines 0 Books 0 Other (please specify) How much do you spend Oil bead supplies each month? o o o o o o o o o Less tha n 6 months 6 months to 2 years 2-5 years 6-9 years 10 years and over speaking.com. please write your full name and contact details on the envelope (there is no need to write your details on the survey).. Reader Survey. 'Competition open to Australian residents only..

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with 1 being the biggest motivatorl? o o o o o o o o o An attractive Craft projects and patterns Useful tips and techniques Interesting articles giveaways with samples and giveaways winner's work showcased and special events Value added onsets/free Competitions Competition Diary of exhibitions Other [please specify) any of the following products in the last Have you purchased o o year? If so.What other magazines do you buy on a regular basis? o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Australian Women's weekly Woman's Day Notebook: Better Homes and Gardens Who Weekly That's Ufe NW Marie Claire Madison Vogue Cosmopolitan Cleo Down Under Quilts Australian Paper Crafts for keeps Creative scrapbookmg Creative Expressions with Jenny Haskins Creative Beading Australian Beader Magazine _ '0 Other [please speCify) What motivates you to buy a magazine magazine cover (number from 1 to 10. which brand/s? _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ Beads Crafting tools sewing machine Fabric stamps Embellishments Children's clothing Children's Homewares Kitchenware/a Car Watches/jewellery Compu~r Camera or video equ ipm ent Printer/scanner Television/home entertainment system ppl books Ch ildre n' s toys o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o tances _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Your op. to which brand/s? o o Beads Crafting [0015.inions are valuable to us and go a long way in assisting us to create Australia's best craft magazines. how old are they? (tick the required number of options) Areyou a member ota craft guild or group? Ifso. Employment Full-time Part-time Casual Homemaker Retired Unemployed o beads :.Are you looking to upgrade any of these products in the next year? If so. Fabric Stamps Em bell ish ments Ch ildren's cloth ing Ch ildren' s books Ch ildre n' s toys Homewares Kitchenwa rei a ppliances Car Watches/jewellery Compu~r Camera or video equ I pm ent Printer/scan ner Television/home entertai n ment system ___ __ o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o sewng mac hi ne _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ ___ _ _ _ Where do you live? What is your age? o New South Wales 0 Victoria 0 Queensland 0 South Australia 0 Western Australia 0 Tasmania 0 Northern Territory o o o o o o o o o o Under 15 15 to 24 25t034 35t044 45t054 551064 65 and over 0 0 New Zealand United States of America United Kingdom Other [please specify) What kind offamily do you have? (tick one only) without children with children a Single/widow/divorced Single/widowed/divorced couple without children Couple with child ren 0 Do you live in a regional or metropolitan a o o o area? o City/metropolitan Regional/country If you have children. which one/sz No Ye5 __ Gender o o o o o o o Female o o o o o o Under 2 years 3 toS years 6 tog years 10 to 15 years 16 to 19 years 20 and over Male Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.¢'tc ••• READER sUY'Jl .

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• cdress your entry to the relevant competition . . simply tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite project is in this issue of the magazine and why.nd send it with your daytime contact phone number and postal address to Beads etc. learn how to make 40 stunning beads entirely out of bsaos: colour Inside you'll To enter simply tell us in 2S words or less your favourite jewellery combination. challenging and original projects' To enter.. Inside you'll find a forest full of colourrul."" . readers the chance to win one of four copies of Lovable Beaded Creatures by AnJa Freese.Reader Competitions -< THE ART OF BEA. btads. COMPET. 83 ..NSW2039 Both competitions close at 5pm on 31 August 2007 and are open to Australian residents only. Rozeille. Post your entry to 'Lovable Beaded creatures competition'.EATURES >- Capricorn Link is giving Beads etc.DED BEADS Capricorn Link is giving B"ads ere. readers the chance to win one of four copies of Ttie Art of Beaded Beads edited by Jean Campbell..ITION DETAILS: To enter either of these competitions .. LOVABLE BEADED CR. . magazine POBox 645. Post your entry to 'The Art of Beaded Beads Competition'..

away from you. [3]Thm the pliers a half turn [41 Close the loop by turning further if necessary turn your hand a half tum away from you. action WIth the two sets PLAIN LOOP OR EYE \ [I] Usmg flat or chain-nose pliers bend the head pin or wire at a right angle about lcm (rjn) from the end.Bead Basics JUMP RINGS Your step-by-step reference to the most commonly used techniques in beading projects.in) from [3] Grasp the end of the wire and roll the wire into a half CIrcle [4[ Continue by rallmg the the bend and cut the wire wire until you have a circle WIth wire cutters.. reverse the previous of pliers.. you and one [3] To close the lump ring. . Grasp the end of the wire and turn it back haifa turn. over the centre of the bead. hold the jump ring either side of the join Or [2] Open the jump nnq by bnnging one pair of pliers towards pair away. [1] Using two pairs of cham-nose flat-nose pliers. [2] Usmg round-nose pliers. grasp the wire agaln and roll the wire to form a circle PLAIN LOOP ON A BEAD [II Bend the head pin or wire at a right angle at the end of the bead [2] Measure Icrn (')'. 84 beeds 'tE •.

if it slides along the wire. 11] Using clear drying craft glue.. TUg the clasp to check the strength of the crimp. [21 Fold and squeeze one side of the crimp end over the leather end using flat-nose pliers..in) from the end. 131 Fold and squeeze the other side of the crimp end over in the same way. then bring the short end of the wue under the phers to form a right angle to the stem.. then wrap the short wile around the stem a few times.. reposition it then flatten It again. feathers or cord inside the crimp end. 13J Reposition the pliers so the bottom Jaw is In the curve.. . [31 For added strength. then using your fingers. [4J Reposition the pliers across the loop and hold It firmly. bring the short end of the wire up and over the top. string a seed bead and another crimp over the wire and tail and flatten the bottom crimp in the same way.WRAPPED LOOP 11J Using tlat or chain-nose pliers bend the head pin or wire at a nght angle about 3cm (1V. then press the cut end close to the wraps WIth chain-nose pliers to neaten It. LEATHER ENDS [. 85 .se chain-nose pliers to flatten the crimp. btadsrto . glue the end of the leather. FLATTENED CRIMP 11J String a crimp bead and a clasp on flexible beading wire then take the wire back through the crimp bead leaving a 2cm (lin) tail [21 U. 121 Use round-nose pliers to grasp the wire at the bend. -{ . [51 Trim the excess wire usmq wne cutters.

Box 70 Palm Beach Qld 4221 \V\\'\\'.l1l~t k Professional Craft and hobby tools made from surgicall grade stainless steel Discounts to Guilds. Stones. 4217 Mobile 0418 182 795 www. Tumbled at the Best Prices. t hl~ro(~ s hOp..com.1. Bundall Qld.(om.•••• . Quality Phone & Fax GOLD COAST 07 5592 0099 Road.au produd »: 86 brads .bbbeads. Associations and Schools Wholesale & Trade Enquiries Welcome at www. to the GENERAL PUBLIC) in the form of Beads (temp strung).O.burfitt.gems@therockshop. etc.au Free postage for orders over $30 Email. Jewellery.net N3j94 Bundall P.Come and see all of Gemstones 10 the Trade Only (we do not sell Pendants.

To help with the projects. beaded beads and.Book Reviews BEAD CROCHET by Bethany Barry Sharpen your crocher skills with this handy book! Inside is e crochet stitch library.1"1'. book addresses the history of crocheting photos of vintage crochet work. This is a fantastic CREATIVE BEADING by Juju Vail beading book. then this is the book for you. You'll learn a wide range of including wire work. bracelets and earrings. Another really great section of the STRINGING STYLE by Jamie Hogsett This is a fantastic book for the beginner beader . It is available from all good bookstores. and each is explained by written Stringing instructions. BEAD KNITTED B.AGS by Julia S. or if you just need to brush up your skills. in particular. BEAD KNITTED BAcs I)\I'D L.At the front is a detailed reference library explaining everything you need to know to get started. Creative Beading is published by Hamlyn and distributed In Australia by Bookwise International. a DVD With 'over the shoulder' video tutorials is Included... Then there are 20 projects.""ul·J"-1I. materials and beads..". It is available from all good bookstores btads(tG ••• 87 . The ten projects are quite elaborate and are very clearly explained with diagrams and graphs. each With step-by-step Instructions techniques thread work.. They are very colourful Instructions beautiful and each is explained with clear with beads and has some and diagrams.~".~IIIJ 1".. and some colour diagrams. with a full colour photo of everything discussed. '. There'sa great tutorial at the front and readers are then shown how to work With patterns. It IS available Style is published by Interweave Press... At the start is a reference guide for tools...:.. tools and basic techniques.Il~ 20 . Bead Knitted Bags is published by Creative Publtshmq International and distnbuted in Australia by Tower Books... such as beads. a bead stitch library and 12 really nice and artful projects..1. Pretl If you've never knitted before. Bead CJQch"t is published by Interweave Press.. It is avail ab Ie from all good bookstores. ... from all good bookstores..\1"·. Once you've honed your skills there are 50 fabulous projects for you to make. The designs include necklaces.

Be Inspired! cJ\AotLvate yoult ClteatLue ellldeauoultg lA.nttt captLuatLlIlg uluos: allld beautLbuQ Plto1ects. FINALIST .

dice will keep you lucky at the casino.corn.by-side magnetism.ccm.eu gemstone focal beads. They are a mere 7cm FOCUS ON THIS You will certainly get noticed wearing one of these stunning come faceted or smooth In (3inllong. Available from Bead Swceet.(1. The black onyx guess. These mini tools for tiny hands will make life easier.What'sNew TEENIE·WEENILE TOOLS Good things come in small packages. Due to their side." ••• 89 . or. call (08) 8387 6566 HIGH ROLLERS Double your fun with these fantastic new gemstone beads. Available [rom Crystal Cascade.beadstrset.au Available [rom Over the Rainbow.ebeadsdirect. visit wwwpolymerclaycom. you can look into THE FULL COLOUR SPECTRUM Create unique and beautiful layered jewellery with these Magneti[ Faceted Oval Beads. for an educated the pretty double crystal bails. They crystal. vtsit www. they will easily and securely cling to each other. onyx and Jasper and range in Size up to 50mm (Z}I in). Available from www.au btads .

1...Stockists 90 beaos .... .

to advanced.au 8tocki~g genuine Swarovsl<i Crvstal.foreveramber. Stringing rneteriels and much more.Beqinnera Shop3/191 Enoggera Wardell 4051 St· Ph.com. Foil beads.com." ••• 91 .. imported Murar o pendente. 1071 33541311 A/H 0407 112717 Southern Highlands of NSW 14 to 16 September 2007 You don 't have to spend alot of monry to have a great time! I I • Australia's Best Tutors· Stimulating Workshops I I : : . Fiona Wright· Helen Godden .amber beads· gems.au Pam Holland .au bt:ads . ph/fax:(07) 34094382 8~~dinll classes avallable.coll1. jewellery RETAIL + WHOLESALE gems@foreveramber.au mads Resin beads. Preebwater pearls. ding tools and beading boards.quiltindulgencefestival. Australian www. qualitjl be. Sue Dennis .com.:-[.contact us on 02 9555 9322 or events@creativelivingmedia. Exciting Quilt Exhibitions· Quilter's Night Out . Tita Leach ORGANISED BY QUILTERS FOR QUILTERS www. Welcome Party· Quilter's Market -Festival Explorer Bus Proudly supported by : : Join our ll1ailing list .

CaM .J6ncuu/(b"S e/' JJ4..00 Classes with Inte.craft-search...ca www...au www.jt: 1. much mote ..com .craft-search.+.. ve range And much. & DVD's Ste..co. .craft-search... Craft Shops Craft Businesses Craft Books Craft Services Craft Guilds Craft Magazines Craft Projects and more! www.$270.craft-search.5pm 41 Princes Hwy.uk WVV'N... chacka:claa.us www... ..com..craft-search. uslnq hothea<l or mioottonhes Fusing and 5]umpiog Classes Dichroic Glass BEADING SUPPLIES Precious Metal Clay Sculpey and huge range of moulds CLASSES AVAILABLEfor all levels with a qualified Precious Metal Clay teacher Studio iter.G @1rrn§~ Introduction to Larnpworklnq One Day Class -i150.vinecreati~ Factory 7 days 9.°Ws</J.000 visits a month I www. Laverton North Mogo NSW 2536 0244743453 Ph. ~~~~d"'~~ ffi:.nz Receives over 400.tal Tools Sheet Class Book.com ..all CRAFT-SEARCH THE INTERNATIONAL CRAFf DIRECTORY II!!ii5 = .Cltit online or come ill 111Id say helJo' www..ling Sdvet Findings tampwork Glass See our ex tens... 03 9315 3807/0418595325 Email: salestsrvinecrearions.00 Two D'lY Wotkshop . 7/32 Wes[side Drive..co.national 'm~ Australian teachers.craft-search.

0299559903 Info@beadiebag$.com. Closed SUIl & Mon .au. ig:naturebeads.Saturday 1Dam ... Your Slgnature .ale enquiries welcome Open: Monday .com.com.00am .30pm www .au s info@signaturebeads.00pm.au Ph: 0350232781 Email: grannys@ncable.Your Style . Stocking a range of basics as well as 'something out of the ordinary' Classes in jewellery making and Precious Metal Clay 9 Bridge Street Penshurst NSW 2222 bijoubeadsdesign@yahoo..00am .com.au - . 1016Iue'..com. Whole..com.au www.bijoubeadsanddesign.1..5. PoinlRoad( Cm East Crescent Stl McMahons P12()60 Sydney NSW -Auslraia Tel: 02 9955 ro02 Fo"..au Tues-Friday 10.00pm Saturday 9. Your Statement .4.

com.stitchnbeadcom.bitsnbeads. au II b dI www.manageorge.VVebslte .com.beadsetcmagazine.slgnaturebeads.gemsandbeads.ebeadsdirect. '.com www.com.au www.au www.au www.com.com.craft.au www.au Bead Glass I" j' ebeadsd I i reet.au www.I www. eom.au www.com.ontheinternetcom.beadhouse.au .

bergaminbeads.au www.com.au buliittmedical www.com.com.burfltt.com.rushcreations.beadthemup.queenslandbeadcompany.websrte www.com.au .beadsetcmagazine.Pauline Delaney Creations v:~k.com Bead Station www.au .JeweJlerymaking. www.reedexpo.au Metal [a~ www.au !7lead7hem Q/p www.com.com.au b ddt Ih www.

Vic58W.lprn Weekdays by copotntrnents Contacts: Mobile: 0434 086 994 Email: angcjs@yahoo.com.thepearlcompany. top drilled.8u Website: WWW.au Phone: (07) 38311332 Fax: 38311556 BR1SB~E ••• SwarrMki & P"ndants Gemston" Bead. Vic 3133 Phone: (03) 9873-2624 Fax: (03) 9873-2642 Email: vicseW@Yahoo. irregular. baroque.com.net. 137-145 Rook. 30% off selected Items @1D:'m. rice. & Shell sooos Much more.AllN: 88 441 343 138 www. com. Wentworthvme NSW 2145 Opening Hours: Saturd ay lOa m .com Victoria Sewing Supply Unit 23. Rd Vermont.)~ we are iocotea at 18 Monash srreer. . keshi. biwa.a~ TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME .3pm Sunday I03Dam .jewellerymaking. & J"wellery Sterling Silver & Findings Freshwater Pearl.com. natural. coin White.au www.au Specialising in: Cultured pearls.com. black. bronze. pink.14mm Round. grey and many more colours Mother of Pearl Shell All shapes and sizes and colours Email'baroquepe'bigpond.comou :High Carbon Steel Bead Station • • • • • • Beads Wholesale Tools Bone Beads Pony Beads Lampwork Beads Jewellery Handbags Made in Taiwan Fantastic Prices Near Regent Train Station 111b Spring Street Reservoir VIC 3073 Phone: 03 9471 1736 Mobile: 0414509079 Email: okiemaria@yahoo. button.. from 2mm .

Swarovski Crystal. Pure Allure Sliders and much more! www.thestrandedbead. friendly help Pearls and Semi Precious.eacling 8upplies Sterling Silver. and SwarovsKi Suppliers beads_tas@hotmail. Tasmania Phone: 0362 7871 77 Email: Easy perking. polymer workShops. books and /ools. Gemstone • Highly competitive policy pricing 57 Hopkins Street Moonah. • Conveniently located in Sydney CBD. Watch Faces. • Over 1000 pearl.com instructo: clay and silver clay. Regular Beads.'The Stranded fJead O. as well as fmdlngs. with trained a great variety of beads Including Crystal. . downstairs from A & E Metal and House of Jewellery. gemstone and crystal products to choose from.com lois of work space.__yali l~Weliery If!. of Silver Clay beadmg on site.

BntTY is OpE-D all residents of Australia except employees and immodtate to associated companies and agencies associated with this promotion.:5559322 Fax: +61 295556188 Website: www.'Beattie Street..inning publisher CREAnVE creative for keeps scrap booking CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS par~~§ Q:ailts COPYRIGHT NOTICE (02) 9555 9322 PUBLISHED BY Creative Living Media Pry The editor reserves the light to include Dr not.net Quilter's '!O!! Free jtesource Inc 1800 676 5543.Jiresk@aUstream.creenveh ..rt SUB-EDITORS Catherine Ettmidge.com. Chance plays no part in determining the winners. Australia PO Box 645. howsvei.1:he entry while in their care. when applicable. their entry and. company who books and pays for the space.co. If you do not wish to receive any inrormanon unrelated to this event. nor do we offer any warranty either expressed or implied. Entrants ale responsible tOTthe cost of delivering Email sQ1. However. Please SGf: privacy note below {Of further information. Bach entry must include the correct answer based on this answer only. The [udqes' decision is·final and c1:0 correspondence will be entered into.of the.. AJI parties you do Involved ere committed to National Privacy Principles. we do not guarantee successful results.lJK New Zealand &. 9.. UVING ( i'v1t-_1 11/\ award-w. r-ceeue NSW creeuve Living Metlia ~~etail utlets) o +61 2 95559322 North America Stonehouse Tolllree18oo Publications 461 1640. marketing and publicity purposes.. includinjj . 98 beads ~I. families of tho ptomotor. names. inqmedia. 01 the advertisements. please make a note on your entry form e 356 Email vallis@n€eillecmft. similar competiticns/products/aervicea or feature the entered Cordon Gotch (n'tlw~age-nts) 'lei +64 9 625 3000 Needlecraft '1\>1 +G4 (retail outlets) 4793 your details may be recorded so lloJ8 can send you information about Irom the promoter/sponsors or carefully vetted third parties. July 2007 EDITOR Germaine Fisher PRODUCTION EDITOR Deborah Sega.~:te . edvertortals -Dr paid! promotions. We. for that competition.:39. the package must include stamps to cover the cast of the return postage. t Bnrrente must aqrce not to permit any other meqoetnc other than Beads etc . Ltd ABN 48 09H B29 348 Pty Ltd under licence 11DmSeqeart Investments ABN 98 821 005 848 All Rights Reserved 14.dectLoJ1. RD:!:eUe NS\o\f 2~. addressee and oilier personal information ol all entrants will be entered into a database.. or delayed mail or for any Email heal:her@lolkart. any submissions or part thereof. Privacy Note: With your permission. Neither the promoters nor sponsors will accept responsibility for lost. Kathy Parker PHOTOG RAPHER North Sullivan STYLIST Georgie DollingPRODUCTION MANAGER Manika Paratore SENIOR DESIGNER Marcella CehOlch COMMERCIAL DESIGNER Ben Bigeni ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Simone Griggs ADVERTISING AND SUBSCRIPTION ENQUIRIES info@cmativ@livingmedia_coill_HU.me. The promoter is C'Ieativ€ Lwmn Media Pry Ltd. Issue 12.llil.. of entry. sponsors. Beads etc . Bntrles Should bemailedto~tJ. Australia Phone: +61 2.do not sell data to list brokers.c/. Creative [Jving Media relies on these warranties when asserting' that the ccpynqht resides with the author. damag€ to or loss 0. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of merit.fl"l.co.au .. 203g Closing dates are on relevant competition 'pages wtthtn the magazine me AI! queries shoujd be directed to Cre-ative Living Media. not want to receive any further markerinq communications... The claims and statements made in the advertisements are not those of the publisher. (02) '8'5055322. maqaztne. ~ The winners will be nonfed by mail. PO Box 645.. 56-palate €r:atry forms must: be used. All information supplied is the responsibility . Creative Living Media PlY Ltd takes no iesponstbntty for the accuracy of the content.ecrmectcompetIUonr. The instructions for the projects have been checked far accuracy and have be€n presented in good faith."fin not exclude you from entry to the competition. how to enter. DISTRIBUTORS Australia Nl'D +61 2 9:353 9911 (newaaqentsl An entry will only be accepted when accompanied. If. www. by the correct entry details printed in Be&ds It you are sending multipl€ entries. For recording purposes.. to publish item within a 24-month period hom the competition erasing date. unless otherwise stated by me entrants.com.eu COM PETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS the instructlons on An entry lnto any cornpetttton i rnpJes full acceptance of all ccndltlon •. Balmain NSW 2041. simply make a note on your entry form... mtsdrreorec Email info@quiltersr€souwE!. This . eec Entries will be judged PO Box 645. The database may be used fer future promotional.oom England & Europe Ltd Auscratt Publications Tel +44 1488 649955.beadsetcmagazine. and: may not be reproduced without permission. Rozelle NSW 2039. 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