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SEO Creds - Msncpl July 2012

SEO Creds - Msncpl July 2012

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Published by: Mindstar Netcorp Nelson Fernandes on Jul 30, 2012
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The best way to increasing your website objectives of branding, website traffic or business conversions

How Websites & eBusinesses benefit from SEO/

4 out of every 5 Internet users say they use a Search Engine daily. #1 way people say they find new websites online is through Search Engines.  The  That . Search is the second most popular activity online only next to email.

to 85% of all users discover online and offline brands/services via search engine queries. 80-90% of Internet users rely on search engines to find websites.  Up  55% . of all e-commerce transactions originated from a search listing.

Eg.  .moneysupermarket. Because as the Searcher searches indepth for his queries i. he tries long tail keywords. he converts from a Searcher into a Buyer. SEO helps in promoting the Brand. From our previous slides. we know that SEO traffic is the best way to attract quality & business converting traffic to your website. Good ranked websites for popular keywords are known to be recalled favourably by Consumers later.e.com have the most favourable recall for personal loans as compared to leading banks. Cheap personal loans listings in UK helped the Comparison Website www.

00 – Re. 20 per Click in PPC & Banner Advertising.00 per visitor i. Cost per Click in SEO as compared to Rs.  . 2. SEO helps in increasing website traffic in the most cheapest manner. 1. 10 – Rs.e. Visitors can be attracted for as low as Re. Search Engine works 24x7 and hence increasing the brand exposure of your Brand in a non-stop manner.

Our SEO Credentials from our bouquet of Online Marketing services .

MindStar NetCorp Pvt. is a 10 year old Online Marketing firm in India who evolve & provide effective eSolutions for their Client’s websites & . Ltd.

in for over 100 prime General Insurance keywords and achieved over 65 PAGE ONE rankings for Car Insurance. Two Wheeler Insurance etc. for a very competitive domain.in for over 150 prime Real Estate keywords.reliancegeneral.co. Reliance Property Solutions : Currently optimising www. The portal has over 12000 content pages.  Reliance General Insurance : Optimised www. Travel Insurance. Client has given testimonials for the work achieved by us.co. .reliancepropertysolutions.

Credit Cards etc. for Rank ONE on Google etc. While employed . etc. Home Loans.icicilombard.com for “health insurance”. ”car insurance”.com for Car Loans.000 health related popular keywords like “blood cancer”.apollolife. for Page ONE Ranks . While Employed at Mediaturf as Head of Search ICICI Bank : Optimised www. “Pneumonia” etc. Personal Loans.Apollo Hospitals : Optimised www. ”student travel insurance” etc. for over 2 years.000 per day. Increased SEO traffic to 10.ICICI Lombard General Insurance : Optimised www. ”travel insurance”. 95%   .icicibank.com for over 23. While Employed as Ecommerce Head .

000 page ONE rankings respectively in Google and all the other leading Search Engines.com have been listed for more than 10. “Our own websites Mysterindia. This achievement has also been published by the Bombay Times supplement in the year 2005. “ .com & EZHomeremedies.They say the true mark of an SEO Expert is the work he does for his own websites.000 & 5.

SEO brought about more than 6000 visitors everyday to the Mysterindia.com website SEO Traffic used to contribute Rs.com website. 30 lakhs per month to Reliance General Insurance SEO brought more than 10.000 visitors everyday to the Apollolife. SEO Traffic brings in about Rs. 40 lakhs    .

Ramani Meenakshisundaram Asst.  Good work. . Seemant Shukla National Business Manager Bancassurance. Travel & Direct Sales – Reliance General Insurance. Vice President Technology – Reliance General Insurance. Sudip Banerjee .  "Real nice!! Appreciate this. Nelson”  Mr.  “Good Job.60% Page ONE Rankings"  Mr.”  Mr. “Happy to note that we are now listed on the first page for the key word Travel Insurance.

 Nelson – Our Principal Consultant has also worked as Manager – Search Marketing for Mediaturf Pvt. business loans etc. Travel Insurance.icicilombard. he was also heading the Search Marketing for ICICI Lombard General Insurance until August 2008 wherein he achieved PAGE ONE Rank ONE listings in Google for www. home loans. personal loans.  . Health Insurance.com for Car Insurance. in 2006 – an leading Online agency wherein he did the SEO for the ICICI Bank website and got it ranked for PAGE ONE for credit cards. Two Wheeler Insurance etc. Ltd. Home Insurance. Later. car loans.

Page One Rankings for our clients .





 Our Other Clients include  LondonParistrain.com – a leading website for the EuroRail train passes  A leading Blood Glucose Monitoring device brand in the world – outsourced project  KelvaBeachResort.com – 25 Top .com – 50Top Rankings for the website in 6 months time  PinkandWhiteConsulting.

com Hand Phone : 98198 78597 / 0091-02225917454 .com Email – nelson@mindstarnetcorp.R. Nelson Fernandes Principal – www.mindstarnetcorp.

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