Blog terms

Blog- a slang term that evolved from “web log” Embed- adding a video, widget or button from another source to a blog Post- an entry made to a blog’s home page, holds “dynamic” information, meaning that it is updated frequently Page- created in addition to the home page, holds “static” information that does change Gadget/widget- a feature that can be added to the sidebar, header or footer of the blog: available from host site (gadget) or by searching the web (widget) Button- a picture that connects to a link when clicked Layout- how gadgets are added and arranged Template- how the blog’s font, background, and overall design is changed

Blog Safety
 Get signed permission slips from all guardians. Don’t use any pictures, video, student work, or student written posts without parent permission.  Add a liability clause to the footer of your layout.
“Winnwood Elementary, Mrs. Roberts and the North Kansas City School District cannot control the content of non-district, linked websites. Parents should familiarize themselves with these resources and supervise their students whenever they are on the Internet.”

 Select privacy settings that make your blog hidden from directories and search engines.  Be mindful of using student names. Avoid using full names or pointing out particular names in student work, pictures and videos.  When using YouTube to add video, make your own recordings private and add HTML code to remove the related videos that normally appear at the end.

Blog Permission slip Teacher: Blog URL: Student:
This year I will be using a classroom blog. The blog will function like a newsletter, informing you of school events, homework assignments, and classroom learning. I’d also like to share pictures and videos of the class with you and other students’ families. Videos will be added to the blog through YouTube, but will be kept private on that site so that it only may be viewed from our blog. The blog will also be hidden from search engines, but you may share the URL with the family and friends you trust to view the site. Before I may add any photographs or videos of our class, I ask your permission as follows: “I am the adult participant or the legal parent or guardian of the child participant named above. I hereby give permission for the participant to be photographed and videotaped for the purpose of being added to this teacher’s classroom blog. I understand, agree and give permission that these photographs and videos will be accessible to the families of other students’ in class, employees of the school and district, and other trusted individuals.”

Guardian name (printed): _________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________

Types of Posts
 Homework assignment- students are asked to leave a comment  Student written  Reading comprehension- use videos from You Tube  Spelling Words  Book orders  Wordless Wednesday- pictures of the day’s events  Class videos  Learning targets

Types of Pages

Subject areas or units Homework- assignments or tips Daily schedule Parent involvement- volunteer jobs, wishlists  Links to games    

Other Features (gadget or widget)
          Pages tab header Email subscription Search Blog archive HTML/Java script- This is how to embed a widget and create a button Calendar Clock Slideshow Video Polls- take a class vote Translate- Could be used in a foreign language class.

Blog Inspiration
Each of these link collections is sorted by grade level.
What is the content of the posts? What gadgets or features do you notice? Who is posting? Teacher/student/both? Who is the intended audience?

Blog Title




Blog Planning
 What type of information will you share through your blog?  How often will you post? Will you have standard content that will be posted regularly?  What features would you like your blog to have? Pages (static information): Posts (dynamic information):


Initial Set-up
Settings- Remember to click the orange “Save settings” button in the top right before leaving each section  Basic- Privacy o Select “No” to hide your blog from Blogger listings and search engines  Posts and Comments o Comment location  Embedded comments work better for young children.  Hiding comments would mean that only you will be able to view them, either by logging in or having them sent to you via email. o Who can comment? Select “Anyone.” This option still requires the commenter to leave a name, but without having to have a certain type of account. o Comment Moderation allows you to review comments before they appear on the blog. o Word verification- Used to block spam messages. It requires commenters to type a nonsense word before submitting a comment.  Mobile and Email o Posting using email- I’ve found this feature useful for adding pictures. For example, if a parent sends me photos from a school event, I can just forward them to this posting email rather than saving and uploading.

o Comment notification email- You may add multiple emails. o Email posts to- This year I plan on having an email sign up sheet and adding parent emails myself, as well as letting them know that they can subscribe online.  Language and Formatting o Time Zone- Check for accuracy o Date Header- Appears before your post o Timestamp format- Appears after your post  Other- Adult Content- Select No Layout  Click add a gadget in the location where you want it to appear (header, sidebar, footer)  Choose a gadget  Rearrange by dragging and dropping Template  Choose your favorite template.  There is a lot of ways to customize the look, but each modification does take time.  Background color  Adjust widths- I adjusted mine to fit the Winnwood Banner  Layout  Advanced- changes all font types, sizes, colors

How To…
Create a page
 Click on Pages in the left sidebar.  Click on New Page.  Click Publish to make the page visible or Save to create a draft.

Add a post
 Click on New Post in the left sidebar.  Right sidebar post settings o Adding labels allows guests to view posts by topic. The interface will save your labels and make it easier to add them to later posts. A link will be added to the footer of the post, which connects to a display of all posts containing that label. o Schedule- This feature allows you to write posts in advance and have them post without having to click publish. For example, I write a post with spelling words every Friday and setting a date and time means I don’t have to log-in on a Friday after school! o If you are setting up a date/time to publish, you still must click Publish! If you click save instead, it will revert to a draft even though you’ve entered a publish date.  Click Publish to make the page visible or Save to create a draft.

Insert a picture
 Click on the small thumbnail of a picture.  Select a photo by uploading, your own blog, Picasa albums (you have an account through your gmail account), from your phone (you will have to do this through Google+), from your webcam (Use the MacBook Air to take quick pictures while writing the post), or from a URL (Right click on the image and click copy image address).  Click on the image and a picture toolbar will appear. Use it to resize and align the image.

Upload video to YouTube
 Go to  Click link to YouTube  Click sign-in, which should automatically sign you in as long as you are signed in to Gmail. If this does not work, use the same username and password as you Gmail account.  Click Upload in the top right.  Change the title of your video. I usually do not take the time to add a description or tags because I keep all videos private.  Change privacy settings to Unlisted. This will allow only people with the link or visiting the blog to view the video, but does not require viewers to have an account or for you to add them to a list.

Embed a YouTube video with no related videos at the end
 Click the director’s slate.  Select a video by uploading, from YouTube (it allows you to search- you do not need the exact video title or URL), your own YouTube videos, from your phone (you will have to do this through Google+), from your webcam (Use the MacBook Air to record your video while writing the post).  In top left, click HTML. Use Find to search for “” Add

&rel=0 to the very end of the link, but still within the quotation Upload and add files using Google Docs

marks. You will need to add this 2 times for each video in the post.  Go to  Click link to Google Docs (Documents)  Click Create on the left sidebar to type a new word document or the image to upload an existing document.  You will be asked basic setting questions. Then select your file.  Review the document and click Share in the top right.  Change sharing settings from Private to Anyone with the link.  Copy the document link.  Open or create the page/post where you want to add the link.  Click the blue word Link. Paste your link and enter the text you want to appear.

HTML code 101
1. When adding code, it is important to put them in the correct order. Think of each piece like a pair of parentheses. It must follow an ABCCBA order. 2. The text you want to be affected by the code goes in the middle. ABC Text CBA. 3. You will notice that all of the closing codes include a backslash. Each code is also surrounded by less than and greater than symbols. 4. I didn't memorize these codes, I googled them! If you ever want to customize text in a way that the Blogger template can't, just search "HTML code to _____".

Creating a button
Let's try it by adding one code at a time to create a button. 1. Go to the layout screen in Blogger. 2. Click add a gadget in the location where you'd like to add a button. 3. Add an HTML/java gadget. 4. Type the text you want to appear. 5. Add one code at a time. Keep adding the beginning and ending of your code strand. A- Centering <center> </center> B- Adding a link <a href="Add you URL here"> </a> C- Changing the font <font size="32" font face="Use Blogger template choices"> </font> D- Text Border<div customize width, style="width:300px;height:50px;border:8px height, color solid blue;"> </div>

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