BAKING SODA CURE CANCER Can baking soda cure cancer? Is a cure for cancer found?

What are the cancer cau ses? Are there any medical research studies or alternative natural therapies for treatment of cancer? How can sodium bicarbonate influence tumors? Dr. Tullio Si moncini (Italy) uses baking soda as a cure or treatment of cancer tumors. These are the topics discussed in this video. Russian and Ukrainian doctors found the medical cancer cure: no conspiracy and no gimmicks. This video does not include 3D animation yet. Medical research suggests that cancer is based and caused by low oxygen levels i n cells or tissue hypoxia. Of course, there are other factors like smoking that can lead to lung cancer, heredity that increases chances of breast cancer or pro state cancer or blood cancer, diet that can lead to throat or stomach or colon c ancers and so forth. These factors are also important in understanding cancer ca uses and search for cure for cancer. However, body oxygenation is the key factor Note that I am talking about body ox ygenation since it is not just tumors, but the whole body hypoxia is required fo r appearance of cancer cells. Hence, cancer sure requires normal body oxygenatio n. How could baking soda or sodium bicarbonate influence body and tumor oxygenation ? It releases CO2 or carbon dioxide. CO2 is dilator of blood vessels or vasodila tor. It is also crucial for release of oxygen in cells due to the Bohr effect. M ore information about cancer research, cancer causes, and natural alternative th erapies for cancer cure: . These are the key factors that increase oxygen transport to cancer cells in case when Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Italy) injects baking soda solution into the artery leading to the tumor. Therefore, baking soda cancer treatment therapy works due to increased CO2 levels in the blood that increase oxygen delivery to the cancer cells. Cancer patients breathe much more than both norms. Furthermore, respiratory rate (breathing frequency) of cancer patients, as many studies have found, is an ind ependent predictor of their mortality. Overbreathing or hyperventilation in peop le with cancer causes low CO2 levels in the arterial blood and reduces oxygen le vels in their bodies and tumors. Other natural alternative treatment therapies are based on increased body oxygen ation due to breathing retraining techniques, such as the Oxygen Remedy, Buteyko method, Frolov breathing device, and some other techniques that can be used for cancer cure. Find more about them since they are much more effective in treatme nt of cancer than foods and diets. What about diets and foods to cure cancers? You can eat tons of supplements, vit amin B17 and super-foods, drink canisters of herbal drinks, have hundreds of col onic irrigation procedures, and practice yoga for many hours every day, but if y our body oxygen level remains the same, you will suffer from the same symptoms a nd require the same dosage of medication. Experience of hundreds of people using the Buteyko breathing therapy suggests th at cancer tumors naturally disappear, if one gets more than 40 seconds for the b ody oxygen test 24/7.

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