IT IS NOT FASHIONABLE Do we really have freedom of speech?

Christ as the only way we are told not to preach, It is not fashionable to stand on Biblical truth, Children in schools are taught Darwin as truth. It is not fashionable to preach against pre-marital sex, Children in early teens are taught how to have safe sex, It is not fashionable to say homosexuality is wrong, Society have been told this is just the way they have been born. Now God loves the gay community of that there is no doubt, And He wants us as Christians to witness to them what true love is about, Sanctity of human life does not cover foetus’s being aborted, And yet that little foetus in his mother’s womb by God has been formed. It is not fashionable to show support for Israel, People all over the world hate God’s people Israel, But we as the people of God are called to uphold them in prayer, And to stand with them, letting them know that we care. It is not fashionable to discipline children, I did not suffer from getting the odd spanking, It is not fashionable to go to church on Sunday, Yet Jesus wants us to live for Him every day. It is not fashionable to stand out from the crowd, Most people find it easier to just go along with the crowd, But here we are the called out people of God uncompromising, On Christ the solid rock and in His strength we are standing. The full gospel message we will proclaim, Declaring to the world the power of His Name, And we will see people choosing God over the fashionable way, Lives changed by Jesus Christ as we witness and pray. So I for one will buck the fashionable trend, For God my Saviour did send, To die for the whole world of men, I give praise to my Lord for my sins are forgiven.

Irene McGough©2012

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