The Collected Annals of the

Journal of the Fortean Research Center
Volume 1 No. 1 through Volume 6 No. 2

Edited by the Rev. Dr. Raymond W. Boeche, Th.D

The Collected Annals of the

of the

Fortean Research Center

The Collected Annals of the

of the

Fortean Research Center
Volume 1 No. 1 through Volume 6 No.1 plus Special Issue: Psi-Induced Spontaneous Combustion

Edited by Rev. Dr. Raymond W. Boeche

It’s my pleasure to present in this volume, the complete collection of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. As the founder and former director of the Fortean Research Center, I have been active in the investigation of unexplained phenomena since 1965. My first really memorable inquiry occurred in 1968, when I had the privilege of interviewing Herbert Schirmer, then Chief of Police in Ashland Nebraska, after his widely-reported encounter with a landed craft and its occupants on December 3rd, 1967. Over the years I have also served as the Nebraska State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, on the Borad of Advisors of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, and in various capacities with numerous other organizations around the world. In 1982, I established the Fortean Research Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was joined almost immediately by my friend and colleague Scott Colborn in directing the research efforts of this group. Despite its humble beginnings and sometimes sporadic production intervals, the Journal attempted to address the issues and topics of the day: UFO-related government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the Majestic-12 con troversy, the alien abduction phenomenon, ghosts and hauntings, animal mutilations, psi phenomena, and all matters cryptozoological and Fortean. It was always our hope to serve as a reliable source of information — of data — and let the reader exercise critical-thinking skills in order to draw their own conclusions. During the life of the Fortean Research Center, I was accorded the privilege of being retained by the University of Nebraska as a consultant to organize, and present research papers at two major international conferences on the unexplained in 1982 and 1983; to have numerous articles published, as well as a collection of my writings, An Anthology of the Unexplained. Scott and I were also fortunate to be two of the initial investigators of the 1980 Bentwaters (UK) UFO incident. Although recognized for my extensive work in the areas of animal mutilations, out-of-place animal sightings, Bigfoot reports, the Men-in-Black phenomenon, and occult religions and philosophies, my ability to devote adequate time to the operation of the Center was drastically curtailed when I began graduate studies in theology, and was then called to establish a church plant. Scott Colborn and the late Dale Bacon then were able to masterfully lead the

Fortean Research Center into a period of steady growth and influence among the research community. This volume reproduces the entire corpus of the Journal. The type has been enhanced to increase legibility; where possible, photos originally reproduced xerographically have been scanned from the originals and replaced. Issues which originally appeared in a 7 x 8.5 inch format have been enlarged to fit an 8.5 x 11 inch page. With these exceptions, these are direct facsimiles of the original issues. No attempt at indexing topics has been made. Having recently retired from a 30-year career as a graphic artist and book designer, the last 19 years of which were spent with the University of Nebraska Press, I feel a need to begin to compile some of my research materials into a usable form, and make them available to others, whatever small value they may hold. This is my first, but hopefully not last, offering to the Fortean research community. My thanks and appreciation to the many friends and colleagues who have helped, encouraged, inspired, and supported my interests over the years: Scott Colborn, Jerome Clark, Loren Coleman, Linda Moulton Howe, Jenny Randles, Nick Redfern, Timothy Good, Thomas Adams, and dozens of others; I’d also like to pay tribute to that ever-lengthening list of friends whose presence is greatly missed: Allen and Mimi Hynek, Ivan Sanderson, John Keel. Richard Hall, Budd Hopkins, Bernard Huevelmans, Leonard Stringfield, Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, Jim and Coral Lorenzen, Lucius Farish, Roger Gieseking, and Dale Bacon. And many thanks to Theo Paijmans, whose encouragement to get on with this project has finally borne fruit. As my current work as a pastor allows, I hope to bring more material together into a usable format, and present that to you, with my compliments. Raymond Boeche holds a B.A. from Peru State College in art, a Th.M. degree from St. Mark’s School of Divinity, and a Th.D from St. Paul Theological College. Ordained in the Reformed Episcopal Church, Rev. Dr. Boeche served as Rector of Celebration Anglican Church in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1994 through 2005, and currently serves as pastor for adult education at Christ Lutheran Church (LCMS), Lincoln, Nebraska (

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? — Galatians 4:16

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APRIL, 1986

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§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ § The Journal of the Fortean Research Center is published quar§ terly by the Fortean Research § Ce~ter, a non-profit corpor§ auon. TABLE OF CONTENTS LETTER OF INTRODUCTION
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§ _____________________ § § FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER § P.O. Box 94627 § LINCOLN , NE 68509 § / § DIRECTOR: Ray W. Boeche I § ASSOC. DIRECTOR: Scott Colborn

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§ SECRETARY: Bonnie Summerlin § TREASURER: Nancy Boeche § ASSOC. DIRECTOR, BUSINESS : § David White §ASSOC. DIRECTOR, ANCILLARY ACT.: § Clyde Adams
§ § ______________________ § § The purpose of the Fortean Re§ search Center is to investigate

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§ all aspects of unexplained phen§ omena, including UFOs , crypto§ zoological mysteries, out-of§ place animal sightings, geolog§ ical and archaeological an§ omalies, psychic phenomena, and § all other areas of study which § may provide data useful to the § resolution of these perplexing § mysteries. Our other prime § purpose is to serve as a source § of accurate, reliable inform§ ation for the public at large. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

This, the first iss u e of the Journal of t h e Fortean Research Center was put together i n considerable haste. It was our intention to make the first issue twice this size, or sixteen pages in length. Due to time considerations, this was simply impossible. We will remain a quarterly for a while, in order to ease the constraints on time placed on our staff. However,we do hope to publish no less than 64 pages per year, and our goal is twice that amount. We hope you appreciate ou r efforts, and help us to grow bigger, a nd better. Thank you •

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Membership in the Fortean Research Center is $15.00 per year. Membership fees include a su bscriptio n to this Jour nal , discou n ts on special publications of the Ce nt er , and reduced fees to conferences sponsored by the Fortean Researc h Center . Please contact us at the address listed on the masthead. And remember, in order to carry on investigations and research into the unexplained, we need your help . Thank you.

I hold a B. Scott Colborn and myself have produced an hour-long weekly radio show on Lincoln's KZOM-FM. Boeche . This. and hopefully to inspire others to the same type of dedication. I have invested 30 to 40 hours of my time per week to investigation of unexplained phenomena for the last six years. and 1 hope you share a desire to help us accomplish this • . Whatever the answers to the many mysteries that confront us. it is imperative that money for production costs be available. we hope to resume the series of conferences on the unexplained which were sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We will be exploring many avenues to raise the necessary funds. I mention this only to indicate my dedication to these efforts. in 1982 and 1983. I feel. which you now have. In order to maintain the high quality of speakers which we were able to present previously. our quarterly Journal. again. and hope to achieve this by late summer. 1986. I believe we will be able to expand mankind's knowledge of his world immeasurably. an important consideration is financing. I have been actively involved in researching UFOs. we hope to be able to syndicate our program nationally. and work with many other organizations worldwide . We are currently seeking our tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. People just like you and I are confronted with the unexplained every day-I feel it is important to determine what these individuals are experiencing. outof-place animal sightings. degree in Art and Education from Peru State College . For those of you unfamiliar with my work. In forming a non-profit entity to conduct research into phenomena. and invested thousands of dollars of my own money into these investigations. We are now in a position to begin seeking grants from various foundations for this purpose. Many of our readers will be aware that since October. one of our primary purposes is public education regarding these mysteries. the Fortean Research Center was incorporated in Lincoln. I currently serve as Nebraska State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. and many other unexplained events for the last 20 years. and am currently employed as a graphic artist by one of the 20 largest printing companies in the United States. they are sure to prove vital tO humanity's view of 1Lself and the universe which surrounds it. I hope you share this curiosity. In addition to the work on our radio programming . a brief i~troduction is in order.A. and through this.. Ray W. To do this. and our basic research efforts. I also serve on the Board of Advisors for an organization known as Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) which has been at the forefront of efforts to force the release of government-held documents on UFOs. With our non-profit status.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL WELCOME TO THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER On February 12. has been invaluable in educating the listening audience in various aspects of the unexplained. Nebraska. Director . and we will keep you posted on our progress.. animal mutilations. 'monster' reports. 1984. as a non-profit entity for the purpose of exploring all aspects of unexplained phenomena.

They were shaped and placed on his face almost like horse's eyes. about 3 blocks away from his home. Hanks and his family were returning home from an outing. and passed directly overhead. and available to serious researchers. and seemed to overlap in folds. because of his request for anonymity . Hanks watched. almost demonic. The skin on his face was like tan leather. After recovering. and hovering maybe 15 feet above the ground. while Hanks readied some equipment he needed at work. On a beautiful autumn afternoon in 1956. but a human-like form. . Hanks realized that it was not a kite. he noticed what he at first thought was a kite . and gone into t he house. and almost fell to the street below. Interestingly. As he watched. As this object fluttered to within about a block of his position. in his pickup truck . blue in color . As the thing came closer. the kite drew closer.I had a good look at his face-he was only about 25 feet away . He described them as like polished aluminum. and Hanks assumed that it had gotten away from whoever was flying it. As the creature passed overhead. As he was going about this. as Hanks watched the creature approaching closer. It was very wrinkled.'' "It's eyes were very large. The under side of the wings each had 4 or 5 colored lights about four inches in diameter-the lights closest to his body on either side glowed blue. which he described as "very frightening. and finally a red light out toward . The name of the witness is on file." As. and found he couldn't. The family had unloaded their car. he tried to move. then a yellow. aildnine feet tall. We will refer to the gentleman as Mr. Hanks. with a grid-like appearance on the top side. then an orange. with wings. the creature wobbled. Hanks was able to see the creature's face. the creature flew toward Hanks. He was between ei'ght. Hanks was able to observe the wings of the thing. and watery.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 3 WINGED WONDER OVER FALLS CITY? A fascinating account of a "winged weirdie" was given to me several months ago by the witness to the event. He was experiencing some sort of paralysis .

from tip to tip. they are available as the entire set. and disappeared behind a group of trees about 2 blocks away. c~ncerning their interests in UFOs. for our cost of photocopying. He became. "I still don't understand it. please let us know as soon as possible. all opened up. Evidently this served as a suitable catharsis. The Defense Intelligence Agency has been very reluctant in the past to release their UFO-related information. Hopefully. and three feet wide at the t ip. which seemed to have a breast plate of some sort with dials on it. FOIA requests to some 18 various agencies have been submitted to try and obtain all possible information on this project. He said that the entire event lasted somewhere between eight and ten minutes. Also mentioned in four of the documents is PROJECT MOON DUST. according to Hanks. As he watched. for the next 23 years. Although many of the documents are virtually unreadable. • •• coot. All 139 pages (8t x 14") are available for a total cost of $23. He indicated that the wings appeared to be about two feet wide next to the creature's body. he heard a sound like air hissing from what he thought was the rear of the wing. t here are dozens of truly fascinating reports. each wing tip ." DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DOCUMENTS RELEASED On December 18. Hanks was able to overcome this obsession by forcing himself to write out the story. he was continually bothered by nightmares in which this creature would reappear. including one which deals with the Peruvian Air Force ' s sc~ambling of fighters to pursue UFOs on two different occasions. If you would like a set of these important documents. a project which the reports imply is UFO related.. As mentioned earlier. and worked constantly so I wouldn't have time to think about it. t he Fortean Research Center received 139 pages of previously unreleased documents from t he Defense Intelligence Agency. the creature moved off into the distance.WINGED WONDER. but his hands. Hanks was able to move again. Hanks said that. because Hanks concluded by saying. but i t doesn't matter any more. looked more like white dove's wings. He seemed to touch and move these dials. we will be able to report more fully on PROJECT MOON DUST in the next issue of the Journal . in his own words. if that's what they were." Finally. and postage. and then destroy it. After t he creature was out of sight. According to Hanks. and what relationship it has to the government ' s interest in UFO incidents.50." Hanks went on to say that as the creature passed overhead. and we feel very fortunate to have received this body of documents. "It was fastened to him by a shoulder harness. we are continuing our efforts to try and discover exactly what PROJECT MOON DUST is. For those interested in copies of these documents. "a workaholic-! wouldn't sleep any more than I absolutely had to. This release of documents was in response to a Freedom of Information Act request which had been sent some ni ne months ea~lier. over a period of three years. When asked how the wing was attached. The wing was at least fifteen feet l ong . 1985. .

and wandered off. Having no other choice. The young lady began to complain that she was hearing strange noises outside of the car.MAN? We are currently trying to track down further verification of sightings of a bipedal humanoid creature which has been dubbed 'Mil~ Man'. and further corroboration. who had returned. Thinking at first it was his brother. and shaking it back and forth. near the banks of the Missouri River. on the brother's return. a young Nebraska City. about six feet across. WHERE'S STEVE MCQUEEN WHEN YOU NEED HIM? Here's another previously unpublished reportwhich is long overdue for entrance into Fortean literature. Maurice left the car. After a good deal of proddingt Maurice was finally persuaded that she was serious.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL WHAT'S A MILO. namely. and seemed to have no awareness of his presence. Maurice was able to see what he desccibed as "an ' amoeba-shaped blob. and then pulling itself along in that direction. Sometime during the night he was awakened by the car being violently shaken · around~. After watching the 'blob' for about 2 minutes. We'll have more on this as we uncover it. and we are currently following further leads to try and establish additional sightings. it had moved six to eight feet closer to the car. it concerns the sighting of (what else?) a "blob". and after 1istening. moving along the ground. 1985. and was told that several farmers in the area had also seen this creature. Describing the night as a very bright. moved towards the rear of the vehicle. I would be very interested in hearing . which was standing near the rear of the car. and had dubbed it Milo Man. Reports of this rather strangely named creature have been surfacing infrequently for about six months. moonlit evening. he related his experience. and seeing nothing initially. The next morning. Not knowing what else to do. Later examination of the site showed a sort of trail which had apparently been pushed clear of small sticks. Due to the highly unusual nature of this event. only to find his brother was away. and about 18 inches thick. The above outlined event occurred in late September. Maurice indicated that the purplish-pink 'thing' had no discernible odor. and the house locked. pebbles. a milo field. I am unable even to speculate as to a normal explanation for the event." He indicated the 1 blolt' would move much as an amoeba. As the more astute among you may have guessedby the title. He observed a much-larger-than-human form. Maurice Colbert. he sat up and looked out the back window. by extending a gelatinous pseudopod. or rather flowing into itself. and his girlfriend were parked along a 'lover's lane' area north of Nebraska City. Nebraska man. he decided to sleep in the back seat of his car. In September of 1969. he hid on the floor of the car until this large hair-covered figure tired of its car shaking. 5 The most coherent and credible account to date involves a young man who had driven to his brother's rural Lincoln. where the sounds became louder.realized that there were some strange 'slurping' noises coming from outside. Nebraska home to spend the night. The alleged creature has gained its name from the locale where the witnesses believe it lives. and other debris as the creature flowed along the ground.

February 20. Crowned by a still-erupting lava cone. for all of you who have always wanted a flying saucer.such as an asteroid impacting the Earth . The beacon fell while the plane was landing at Jacksonville (Fla. 37.000 foo t ceiling. NE Journal. the aircraft is 12 feet in diameter. which began 240 million years ago. but submerged after 1908. Louis county.) A blue fireball as bright as the moon streaked across the nighttime sky and exploded above southwestern British Columbia and northern Washington state. 1986 issue of Research and Development magazine. a Vancouver.that wiped out more than 40 percent of tbe land and lake animals of that time. but flight tests are planned for the near future. Bernice. and again in 1908. You've got to tell them the dog did it. on February 4. The fossils represent life in the boundary between the Triassic period. NE Journal. February 7. $10 million dollar effort headed by NASA-Langley. but didn't know where to go to buy one. and about 50 feet high.) A new island is being born in the Pacific Ocean near Iwo Jima. Boeing Vertol. has a 12. 1986. The scientists said the new findings point to a catastrophic extinction right at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary . (Lincoln. and the Jurassic.) Naval Air Station. B. and a top speed of 140 mph. 1986) Scientists have made the largest fossil find in North America . which began 200 miliion years ago. The hood of a woman's car was damaged when a 30-pound crash beacon from an Air Force C-5 Galaxy cargo plane fell on it. was accused of shooting John Schlereth March 16. Most of the 'work thus far has been analytical and ground test R & D. January 22. January 29. the new island is already 2. and Bell Helicopters) is under way to drastically reduce noise produced by rotary-wing aircraft. 1986. (Lincoln. (Lincoln. A joint effort between NASA and most major helicopter manufacturers (including McDonnell Douglas. February 6.000 bone pieces of animals 200 million years old at a site in Nova Scotia. Lawrence Freukes. 1986.310 feet long. testified that her husband had told Schlereth: "I'm in a lot of trouble. 6 from any other researcherswho may be aware of similar incidents. from the January. the first volcanic addition to the region in 78 years. NE Star. Louis County Circuit Court that the gun discharged when his large poodle caught its paw in the trigger and knocked the gun to the floor.) And finally. The program is a five-year. C. But six feet across? All comments on this one are welcome. uncovering more than 100.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL STEVE MCQUEEN. and is called the National Rotorcraft Noise Reduction program (NRNR). New islands had been seen near Iwo Jima in 1905. The suspect had testified in St. 1982 at Freukes' home. FORTEAN NEWS FLASHES TheMissouri Court of Appeals didn't buy the story of a man who said his wife's lover was shot in the stomach by his shotgun-wielding poodle." (Omaha World-Herald. NE Star. of north St.. 1986. (Lincoln. Freukes' wife. a company called Starcraft Indusry has just what you need. The military has agreed to pay for repairs to the car. . •• • coot. 1986) An item of interest for all of you who follow phantom helicopter sightings. Call Starcraft at (801) 363-6612. Called the Starcraft 1. 990 feet wide. Sikorsky. The only possibility I am aware of would be the appearance of a _giant slime mold. astronomer said.

and helping " support them both financially and in spirit. 78155 FORTEAN TIMES 96 Mansfield Road London NW3 2HX.O. would be greatly appreciated. Texas. 0 . Connecticut 06238 The Fortean Research Center is happy to carry listings of other related publications and organizations in exchange for similar listings or in exchange for copies of said publications.O. Box 1094 Paris. and your help in joining these organizations.O.0. Box 2213 Scotia. NEBRASKA 68509 • A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA . Box 218 Coventry. FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P . UK WA3 6PQ CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P. Box 220 Plumerville. They are all doing the best they can with the resources available to them.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealing with the unexplained. Box 43518 Richmond Heights Ohio 44143 UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE Route 1. Texas 75460 NORTHERN UFO NEWS 8 Whitethroat Walk Birchwood. UK ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin. BOX 9 4 6 2 7 LINCOLN. NY 12302 THE GATE P. Warrington Cheshire. Arkansas 72127 PROJECT STIGMA P.


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u1c1 11na Cltolte. . lte wes I eonsullant to tile Air F01ce o• UFO. .. leu lrocn otiMr WGtde. _. He wu an eot.. noc pr~ a 't'llual ttaeltlllf network of IJidr OWII Md ukad Hrnck't l . He died S. Hytoet.Uifon IInce IW when the Air ~·cwcc btaan lluplna recorda.....t ol ~ "' head Pr.. Allen H1nek the Ghemical comP... Mau." He added.. " I wouldn't report II unleu l had •ttiiO!Itra. Bui e• en II he had. we lftUII 11111fy ourscl"'• br uudyrn1 UFO repons. ht added. .... then the mott t<lucope. .. 1M lnttnallltary rhtlty lhet .. Ill the ialroduct. . he J&id.or ph~ and astr01101117 IC llit 1917 boo~.. . Air fDfcc and ill 191) UtAblillled the Ccnte. nuta... 4. AriL.·crsi.... ....l\ bctn borne vu•~'* ~untvun tnchh.. NU professor and international expert on UFOs By Kenan Heise J. From 19)6 to 1941.c. Aoktd In 191011 he had per1011al ly .. wlto Ut<d fiy ..... Hla aloo led 1o 1M nr.. Tloin11 far ~yol\d our irna1i11atioft may be pouobk Ia tloe meont loac .k Clptr&Uonln . he supervised technical ~ pona ill aPOiied phy....&n. People would prob .. to ArtlooiNo Jut .87 BURT A. Mcu.loivenlty.S._ F10111 19$6 to 1960... Air Force ln\'18&1pUon of llllldtt141l1M flltlll olljtc." he wrote: " We bow 10 little about ""' . . . . SIJJII wnu.terc of tlw tlllnt kind" lo ctc. Allen Hynek Dies. ably lhink I'd been lfiYDIYtd rn llllt 101on11t hnally !JOt 1o me.. atound lhe world wlto • .t man. Aid WtdnudaJ throucll a spohrman thor he h•d uud l h rellrtd North · wutrrn Unl•ereoty prolusor u a technical od•ller on the picture and had uen utt ~•m in a cemro role.. Urnok rr1111intd a 100<1 friend o•tl'the 7tan. ~~. Hr~~«lr ltd the irl•c•tllaUon 1111tll 1961.f«helfl u ~·a ta4lo o1ana1a btl"" quidr... " The UFO lhport. b111 after Wkina .to undtrtah the tra<:ltlltl of Alll<rican utcllltn 7et 1o be laundood..~ •as born loxf AIIM H1·nek in C hicaao on May 1 1 1910.. n huh· tutioe's Astrophysics ~""'DIY ia Clllftllridte.. o1 the hundred• ol J.. in his book and frcq~nt ltcturrs. Scrvica ror Mr. . he •u . He had IIOC been aetJve n«ntly bceauac of IIIOIIf health. Wis.. She did not •Iabonte on the Mture ollllall'-.. . He did ruearch for lO yean 011 UFO._.... lbe u. " dose cncollottn of the third lUnd" 10 dcsCJilx contiCI wi~ lOft· identified ob.." he said i11 a 1917 speech . "Reports by ~oplc oRen make misoakcl lloout what we obscr-... he aiJO Icc· lured II Ha.. lit lto. Oll lave from Ohio Sttte..annr. n . Mr.... elerc and the ocMIItJIIc -unll7 ftw not lakirll of " ' one olthe litltcrmetO. 87 l'dlrwry... ~ . 11 Jollns Ho. " Tile UFO Eap«ritll«. ~· eJudlna tbal ..... C'OIM4 .... Uf'O l:ltpaitnec. died II Me-rial Hoeplul . Hynek l!lrttd hit ln.-. FrOfl\ 1946 to 1~.nttaatto11 by cbutlalna both the ''koolr•" who ull • n coniUied 1 * .. the 80 -lnch · 11>7-l · lnch utellilr thoi~Nrktd the bellfll\ll\1 ol the U...._h.nday ia Scoc114ale Me~M­ nlll Hospitlll.. co1ned the phrue..-c thin 80" ol the . . 1M.. ._ ...AIIw!Hyn. HJnelo ha4 -•ad 1111 Ccnw ftw Uf'O Studla r... he went to l'lortlt · ll<CIIcrll u chauman of the aatronomy dtpartme11L He al10 wu drrcctOf olthe i)Qrbr>m Obse. UtUe·llnowo AlncrkaA· So•lct co- J. wu rhe oltwo Miuiurppt fhhcrmea wlto saod they load bce11 take• aboard 1 spac~ip. " I thouaht this wu 1 cock ·and·bll11 story. \llli.. that Ole letllatni"' 30" re .dChlkJICn J. he •as in Wilharm BAy..l7 to lade. ol Scoc· IJdale.. four '""' Stoll .• Mr. a"d hclpe4 .... ol the lnYalllallono he told CMICIIKttd Into Rptwla ol ct'UIUret from~ planota lhet IUppelladl)'had Yloitad . IN MEMORIAM J.. Dluaraln1. the Eartlt. • Nooh•ul<rn ptok»olf \V1Ih•m ll1nconobt. He aiJO maintained a UFO hot llnc at 11oc Cuter ror UFO St11dics. AJkft Hynek .... . When 1M So•let Union artlitad Sputnik I 11ft Oct.i~· 0( olicll ~inas..." 7ur... cl " Hn cnlhuJ•um (or J f»c ifu t' PI>'"''"' httt was \....«...FORTEAN RESEARCHJOURNAL 1.." ht distintuoslte4 1 "dose tneooo"lu olthe lint Uad" as t sittltilla ola UFO. howe•tt.• H711«k ftrol Uled the St11" He wu also dlrectOt or t. A convi11cina cue. built 111 1881 on the h a111• 1011 campus wn h what ...>old '"ftll liC-It C. a UF'O.k hti "'"''"'· Men· am: a \Jrauthtcr. -what tltepeically. Hynek aald thai ht had not. II711C1t'o erewo wen able 1o rep111 acanlc llthl· Ill lila ltU book.. ..S. . dcmonsuated ltc "as not a pure tltepeic 011 callatct· rcmoal vuiration•. lriloulri to Ole UniiM &tat• be · com~. He was head ol the optoctl uttllitc tr1ctin1 Plot""'· While there. Md not 1M lint NUon In .nM4 ldftllllt ctto....-iate and profa· ... ."!ition of the Stell•• olmU\j)helt. will be pn•atc.. 1loe Air f'oru. AriL • . ... toltthtr Project Blue looll... 111. 1110..IL A -'1.. net..Unlfo. Stnen Spklber1. Sc:oU.. . the lllll'onoclooft' •Ito looll on wllathe dtac:oibri u 1 apr••llna colltetlon ol "koob.. •henornena .l..... From 19J2 1o 1911.. he Wll UIOCiaiC chrector ol the Smi4hwn.•· tory. 4illl·• ·llnp and cuttltla• when he aarceollo head 1 U.. Hynelt few 11111\Y yean ~ lishcd the l11tcmationAI UFO Rc· potter..u.U .. H.. Mo•$> l0<l >nd P•ul iUtd tiw· l(l...ll. earthlin1a. From 1942 to 1946... ift· elude• phys1ul contact whit 1 UFO Of II\ IIKII heiflt.n In 1M late 11115'01 lo head ~Ilion MOOIIWitth." &t Mr. •.....poOJCd as ""' ate on our tiny va"taae point. • . -~ouo~.ltc McMilin Observatory there a kllow of the Yuka ~""'"Ill' J . 75.. In 1960. ole4 . Oocaao i11 1911 and a doctorate i" lhcJC fidds fr0111 the U ol C..n· ~ u . 1151._ Soriel ~·-· .ord Un1venil. I ~ H7nck Nft'lad lo quldiJ .cloH ctiCOW\t.. Led AF Investigation of UFOs roue ART. Splclbtrl uld. ..... . " ll11 spccoahy in asoronomy was C OfiWICIIOII IIIII the ~hoot n«:Jc. •lolc• wu 11 Norlh · wester• for I Z years 1111111 he mo"Cd it to Scoctsdale ill 19U.S u t•llne pro- '""'· Hynek bte&me 1n obvloue Thut uro Sllhlll\ll that had llftn lfkkllna irlto the l'ti. ol Eqolorcr I. . hJa doMnrl of traeltlna NUorw arounc1 and •oaual olf!o~ of 1M tU17 U ltiNte'o \JIIrd .. lluftdq.... ol the llllr4 tlnd" lo dHcrlbe ... Mk' o dramatiC words 111 tm urhc lllle ol h•s 120 · m•lhoo !1I1ft.. . the untcr' e admlnlalralln director.Uie. . .· dudtd lllat liMN wu no evlde~c 1o ftiPporl the watence ol a117 ol thc 1117f!triouo objoclc. lnttl1\lliotlal UFO cap«rt ud Noflhwutcr• University proftUOt' emenun ol uuonomy ... ... Allen Hynek._.miM l\lfii)OHd toni-'AtJane Willi . 111 outcrowth rqMifl.. he wu an irurructor and auislant profnsot ol physks and ntrOIIomy at Ohto Stale Uni•enny. Rook..J a mockrn lltrCHtOmial t ti<KOfK 10 that "udcnu could llud) l>clt and ftOI h·J \f 10 (~cc anfctsutr tr•w to do rcK"Jrch. _ MI-ll of..cltMida with ~llcrlctrcclrlal tr.. as a c011sultlftt (Of the U. 1957. . aot UFO. but h•" pntnl of "K'• 91...... a secret ~­ "''"" of UFO In his 1974 book..r f01 UFO Studies. Ill 19J' From 19)1 to 19).... I believe hitn.en... The lhlfd ...._ I."<i•cd • b6chel0f 01 SCJencc do:arct 1n ph\110 alid .ud uro ailhllna• · . Hynrk founded h• UFO lludlcl center. Alltn H711ft.. bcArdt. "DIY tronomr (rom the Uno•enlty of nvl•• " At lint..wdy. ..OIHnbuliOR • U ht\ .. roelot btllft to be rqoorU4.. OM oltltc S«<IId hnd rtfcmd to • totlltint within SUO fee• •-•• lei\ belo1n<l physical traen.

just so know one else gets the blame. and his enormous contributions to mankind's store of knowledge. we will be able to bring you this information in the next issue. Slowly . and his children. And by the way. Until next time. As many of you are aware. Let us know your thoughts on whatever aspect of the unexplained interests you most. I hope you will enjoy the articles contained in this issue. I would like to provide an open invitation to all readers of the Journal to submit manuscripts to be considered for publication in the Journal. Next issue. and indeed all aspects of research into the unexplained will sorely miss this great mind. but surely. and let me know how you like our effort so far. J. Allen Hynek. the truth will come out. take care. The DIA indicated that they were waiting for final release of some documents by one branch of their organization. This issue of the Journal is dedicated to Dr. Our condolences and heartfelt sympathy go to his wife Mimi.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL J A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR It is good to be back with the second issue of our Journal. With any luck. Hynek. all articles are written by myself. All the best. The field of Ufology. and get you up to date on what's currently available in the field of the unexplained . I feel we have something which should be of interest to everyone. we will try to bring you a section of pertinent book reviews. and I will miss a friend. we received word from the Defense Intelligence Agency that more documents on PROJECT MOON DUST may be released to us in a short time. Wish us luck. Boeche LATE INFORMATION As we were completing work on this issue. and we will try only to improve with each subsequent effort. founder of the Center for UFO Studies died on April 27. Our organization hopes that you enjoyed the premier issue. unless otherwise by-lined. \~~ Ray W. Dr. and we will keep you updated on our progress.

This entity was described as about four feet in height. She did. but he had returned home. if she were willing to pursue it. (apparently an unexpected turn of events to the entities) and they were unable to pick him up then. she had experienced appears outside her them. they had to make up time. and. she is given the well. w were described as ho identical. and that they shouldn't take chances and endanger themselves. and a skilled hypnotist.known medical exam described by others (sampling of skin tissue. However. etc. blood. agree to explore this recurring dream throught the use of regressive hypnosis. "very far back in the files". we discovered. in facL. Joan had almost no prior knowledge of the UFO subject. ' On April 11 . The abduction of an individua~. was assisted by 5 other similar beings.urring dream since childhood. The story which unfolded was for the most part very similar to that of other abductees. Clamps emerge from the table. metallic table. An extremely intelligent and engaging woman. was October 7. This being then begins the examination. the subordinates were quite worried about being caught. a man who was out driving in his automobile. she indicated t hat she w able to discern what he was telling his apparent as subordinates. 1984 . and they hadn't intended to choose her . but slightly smaller. a nd that's why Joan was chosen. The leader then indicated to the others not to be concerned. The entity who escorted her from the bedroom . who Joan had originally met. I made a decision to explore this dream with Joan. hair. She was awakened in her bedroom by a figure standing outside her window. This. we may have a new twist to add to the old story. was the only one who communicated with her. holding her . and over the next few days. that it was too obvious a location with too many people nearby . 1955. The leader told them apparently quite sternly that plans had changed. when Joan was 12 years old. that he had done this many times before. and subsequently her bedroom. or individuals. was uninterested in it.) and is returned to her home. In l984. and subsequently performed the examination. According to Joan's testimony under hypnosis . and attempts to coax her to come with arose during a casual conversation . dressed in a white tight-fitting suit. however. who asked her to come with him. The leader then indicated to Joan that they had intended to examine someone else. This is where the totally new dimension enters. However. This entity conducts Joan to a "craft" which is resting on t he ground in a large vacant lot next to her home. a psychologi cal social worker . The leader.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL YOU MAY BE ON FILE Abduction cases are rapidly becoming standard fare in Ufology. After entering. someone bedroom window. quoting now. The hypnosis was performed by Stacey Vornbrock. Joan was hypnotically regressed to the point in time when the dream had first occurred. In this dream. but the c hange in plans necessitated it. and the subsequent ''medical examinati on" which have been 1related countless times are familiar to most researchers. Joan having been instructed t o lie on a smooth. mentioned that a rer. This subject Nebraska woman we will call simply "Joan". a Lincoln. He then indicated to Joan that she was. Joan (whose full name is on file and available to qualified researchers with her permission) holds a position of some authoritywith a state governmental agency . than the "leader" .

the men in black. JOAN: ENTITY: JOAN: ENTITY: JOAN: ENTITY : JOAN: ENTITY: J: E: J: E: J: E: J: E: J: I want to talk. gloves. One other startling fact emerged at the end of the adbuction experience. the examination which follows is quite similar to that related by many others. throughout this examination. What do they look l ike? They ' re your people (J oan the described a mental picture of men dressed comin black clothing-suits. sungl asses . much as if she were watching herself and this entity car ry on a conversation . Who are you? An explorer . Hopkins had found that (as chronicled in his book Hissing Time) many of the abd uctees he has worked with have had jultiple experiences-first as a child. You mean the priests? No.AN lU:. or by some deliberative process which we could not begin to fathom? This appears to add an entirely new dimension to the entire abduction question. which could conceivably tie in w ith Budd Hopkin's work on abductions. which she said was the way the entity communicated this description to her) E: J: E: . Here is the transcription of that conversation. without going into great detail. About what? What went on? Nothing. Again.1-UN. and then agai n later as an adult. The following information is so coincidentally strange. Like who? Like your Christopher Columbus. 5 However. word for word. the leader appar:ently had to reassure the others that it was quite alright for this to be going on. is it not conceivable that the individuals abducted 11ay indeed be "on file"-genetically . that I was quite literally shocked when it came out during the session . An explorer of what? An explorer of all. hats. and she wouldn't remember the event in the m orning. and made mention severa l times again of Joan being "back in the files". Joan was describing being back in her room. wrists. no. overcoats. We asked Joan to recall this conversation exactly. Should I be afraidG Not of us. by random chance.'li::.SEARCH jUUltNAL ankles. What men in black? You don't have to be afraid. and head immobile. and the leader was reassuring her t hat she was laright. Making the great assumption that what all of these people have experienced is exactly what they have described. This presents a novel idea. Who should I be afraid of? The men i n black .

in which she is shown a man walking in the woods with his dog. Also . not like the man in Maine. Who will know? No one-they aren't watching you. Later t. but we watch. What will they do? You like animals. you are too far back in our files. Are you going to help us? No. J: E: J: E: J: E: I've only told you this much because you are a child. You are safe. she witnesses the men in black clothing come to his home. placing a gun in his mouth. Can you keep me safe? No.FORTEAN RESEARCHJOURNAL J: E: J: What do they do? They scare people . when we are gone. we can do nothing more. Like J. What if I tell you that they killed someone's dog because he saw some explorers. harass~ent 6 E: J: E: J: E: J: E: J. Just know they are bad. and question the man about what he had seen. causing the loss of his job. J: E: What else? You're afraid-! don't want to tell you any more because I don't want you to be afraid. kill his dog. and curious. She is then made aware of these men in black calling the man's work place. I am well aware of the doubts expressed by many researchers a s to the validity . when he stumbles on a landed UFO.hat same night. Like ghosts? No. like bad people scare others . What will they do? They don't want people to know we explorers won't hurt them. asked upon awakening from the hypnotic state was men in black?" She literally had no concept existed. Don't be afraid 1 As I mentioned earlier. discrediting him. Yes. and pulling the trigger. Edgar Hoover and the FBI? No. goodbye. I was the first question whic h Joan "Have you ever heard of these that a term such as this even shocked to hear this portion of the session . we're just explorers. J: *Joan then goes on to describe a "mental motion picture" . Who should I tell? You won't remember. Joan is shown the man back in his home. E: J: E: After suffering further from friends and family. The men in black won't know.

here is an abduction case which raises a good many questions-man y of whic h are rather uncomfortable to face. So. however. since these two controversial topics are woven together in this instance. that it is either an overactive imagination. what is the intrusive factor which "tickles" the psyche into constructing this event. 7 I am al s o aware of thehighly skeptical attitude taken by many researchers toward the question of the notorious men in black. we will never be able to make any headway toward understanding these problems . I believe a great many of these people experienced something exceedi ngly strange. or plays for publicity. Aphrodite Clamar have shown that the psychological profiles of many abduction victims show no abnormalities. However. but suggest that they have suffered a psychological trauma-like an abduction. At any rate. tha t the whole abduction question is one for serious consideration. or MIB reports. and for approximately the last 3 years. Of that there can be no doubt . you must realize that we still have no firm. no hoaxes. People in great numbers ~ having these experiences. the cases which have lain s ilent until . delusions. just a good many genuinely frightened people who have no idea why they experienced what they did. and especially any information on cases which might have similar aspects . both abductions. and MIB events. . way back in rour files. I cannot accept at this time. What is the causal factor? I quite honestly don't know. As a matter of fact. • • AND EVERYTHING IS PROBABLE. Let me make some comments relative to this. with much effort I have been able to ferret them out. I feel . book-length work on this subject. Let me know what you have. then what is triggering it? Budd Hopkins and Dr. Your input is greatly desired.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL of abduct i on cases as a whole. We don't know the cause. At this point in time. if the cause is psychological. and greatly appreciated. Is it a psychological phenomenon? If so. concrete proof of what the causal factor in these events might be . it was quite uncomfortable to make the decision to publish this report. and which took place s ubstantially as they clai m it did . THE STRANGEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE IS THE MIND WHICH CANNOT ACCEPT THE CONCEPT THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Before criticizing this attitude however. they had better be able to explain the many legitimate cases of MIB activity. or a memory of the birth trauma. or the oft-touted "birth-trauma" memor i es. with the available facts. And before anyone attempts to dismiss these events as being hoaxes. and I doubt highly that they are allthe products of the imagination. The same can be said of MlB experiences. I am also certain that the question of the MIB phenomenon is not one to be taken lightly. unless we can look at all of the evidence with unbiased eyes. No plays for publicity. In short. we can see only the effect-the descriptions of these events as given to us by the percipients. I would greatly appreciate any comments on this rather unique case. l have been collecting as much substantiated information as possible for a serious. I have a great interest i n this aspect of Ufology.

Stories have circulated for years about strange events which have allegedly occurred at this location.FORTEAN RES~AKLH JUUKNAL THE ULTIMATE SCARECROW by llUe &coo 8 In early April. as exposure and natural decay processes left little more than the shell of the bird. . each told the same story. Sadistic pranksters? Possibly. I collected one of the specimens and examined it to try and find any apparent cause of death. which was then tied to a stick and thrown into the trees until it caught on a branch and remained in place. About twenty feet further inward and to the north were the second and third birds. is known locally as the home of two legends. it was quite intact. Because of this. hanging exactly the way it had been described . A narrow path led through the woods to the clearing. near th~ corner of Superior and 44th streets. I was told of an unusual ''collection" of dead birdshanging from trees in an area on the north edge of Lincoln. but the remoteness of the spot would prevent the pranksters from enjoying their laugh. All three witnesses attested to the presence of a seventh bird. Speculation as to why they were present presents many possibilities. 1986. and D. The story initially came from M.upside down. neither S.'s motorcycle (a car simply can't make due to the inaccesability of the area). I've come to learn that numbers can be significant. The birds were still present.L. in that there is nothing present to keep other birds away from. On April 22nd. when they stumbled onto the bizarre scene. and the sixth one was strewn about on the ground. It is simply one of those spots which every town has-a 'spooky place' to go on a slow night . and the three witnesses had each confirmed seven carcasses. the ground was dry enough to enter the area on S. He and two others had been out looking for old collectible bottles on t. They stated that the area where the birds hung surrounded a natural clearing. however. A fifth was directly across the clearing. the other concerns itself with an individual called the 'Pig Man'. and in fact.he site of the farm (no buildings remain standing). or myself could find this one. S. string and attached stick still intact. One suggestion offered was that they had been placed there to frighten away other crows. Also. rain making the entire area a virtual swamp. Nebraska.T.T. Approximately forty or fifty feet down this path was the first bird. and the remoteness of the site made a rather macabre scene. Weather conditions prevented access to the area for several days. No bullet wounds were found.T. The other two witnesses. One is known as the story of 'Bloody Mary'. the number of birds observed sounded significant. located on the south side of the clearing. In my dealings with events such as these. This was fruitless. for the length of time the bird had been exposed. The fourth lay on the ground.crows . This makes little sense.dangling by strings from the trees. an obvious victim of predators. This area. of dead birds . Further discussion with the witnesses deepened my curiosity. This is not particularly odd when one considers the way in which they had been placed into the trees. and the large number of animals which would have access to this area. feet tied together with string. (all names on file with the Fortean Research Center) a friend of mine.D. the report was met with curiosity and skepticism.

it causes me to wo~der. Asiatic tradition regards the crow a~1 a symbol of the sun and is still seen as an important omenwhen they appear at c:ertain times.fORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Cultists? If one considers the evidence . here are two photos taken of the birds as they were found hanging in the branches of the trees. a relative to the ravE!n. that is. Crows are as closel}• related to European witchcraft as cats. 'holy' or 'sacred' ground. Even the Bible makes numerous references to crows and ravens being of divine importance. in numerology the number of mystery. possibly regarded by our speculated Clltlt as being of significance. seven. It will probably never be knc•wn if the birds were used for some type of ceremony or someone's idea of a sick jjoke. the numbE!r of birds. it remains just nother one of those strange E!vents that makes us wonder. have been associated with occultism since time immemorial. Crows. and perfE!Ction. knowledge. . Though difficult to reproduce well. The birds are indicated by white arrows. With the available facts. Native American~1 regarded the crow as the messenger of the Great Spirit.a natural clearing.

as held at Los Alamos laboratories to discuss the pheno•ena of the green firebulls. they have some attachment to it. This was :Ln response to a Freedom of Information request which had been submitted to this agency in February.regarding incidents which occured in 1980. including Dr. and Dr. with of course the exception of the G•!rman's V-1 and V-2 rockets. The docut~ents go into quite a bi1t of depth concerning sightings of green fireballs over this area. and after endless discussion concerning the observations which had been made by various personnel. l am attempting to uncover any further information about this through some contacts I have who are avid aviation historians. Br1tdbury. please do. Chief of Secur:Lty for Los Alamos possibly connected with it?" Dr. which I have seen mentioned in any official f1tshion. A transcript of this meeting was released. or he may have been referr:lng to a project which has given rise to all of the "UFOs are Nazi secret weaJpons from their secret base in Antarctica" tripe which surfaces occasionall~r. !heir original response was merely a suggestion that the Department of Defense would be a ''more appropriate agency conceming UFOs. This phenomenon has been known as "green fireballs". deal with a phenomenon which was quite active in the la1te 1940s over Los Alamos. LaPaz may have been referrin8 to something quite different than it would seem. 1949. and the rt!St." h~td the so-called stations in space . On February 16. Fred Reines. In attendance at this meeting were many members of the military co~nunity. some 175 pages. Dr. "Well. and thl! 11any attempts to explain them away as boliddes. which totally disregarded my request for UFO related information generated or held by DOE.. Sidney Newburger. and some of the finest scientific minds of the day. I would be most grateful for the information. particularly Dr. the agency processed my request. 1986. For those interested. E. "Were the Germans experimenting in any phase that . a meeting . and the way in which the facts of th1! observations did not square with what was known about the science of meteo1ritics. nteteors. but if any of the reade1rs know anything about this.. I received a Ji>ackage of 34 documents related to UFOs from the Department of Energy. and eventually released the abovl! mentioned 34 items.•••• might This is the first mention of any pre-World War II space experiments. Dr. If you can provide any clarification. The items released include a few related to the Kirltland Air Force Base documents. but one reference in the docUntents is quite curious. FBI agents. or ju8t poor •>bservations of common natural phenomena. the entire set of documents may be obtained for our cost of photocopying and postage. by Bending a check or money order to the Fortean Research Center for the amount of $18.00 .FORTEAN RESEARCHJUURNAL DEPAR1MENT OF ENERGY RELEASES UFO DOCUMENTS 10 On April 29. · Dr. LaPaz made mention of information ~hich had been generated by scientists in Europe who ~ere concerned with the study of meteoritics." After appealing this response. N. LaPaz replied. The green fireball phenomenon is fascinating in itself. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz. Edward Teller. then Director of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. LaPaz's reference to the "so-called stations in space".

The two women contacted Beetem once Monday morning. but Beetem grew suspicious and cal led the Nebraska Department of Social Services. and they plunged over the c li f f. Geoghegan's fa ll was cushioned by an old. Coincidentally (?) on April 24. The caller wanted to know when they were going to air the interviews he had done with students at Clinton Elementary school here in Lincoln. Heidi Geoghegan and her boyfriend were str-olling along a cliff at lighthouse Point when a speeding car struck them. If so. and that the landlord of another O'Neill woman had been contacted by impersonators. but it pours. / ''The baffling thing about this is the lack of a motive. It never rains. Beetem said both women "looked official". FORTEAN NEWS FLASHES Santa Cruz. described as black. We had taken a great number of questions from listeners. and police had no leads as to their identity . and told him they would be contacting other friends and relatives. Baffled. let us know.FORTEAN RESEARCH jOURNAL MAY I SEE SOME IDENTIFICATION? ll On April24. They went so. with a medium build and wearing dark clothing. The women did not return to the apartment. two women posing as employees of the Child Protective Service attempted to take away the 1 year old daughter of Lincoln mother Kim Beetem . a nd as they walked towards the basement door. 11 said Tom Casady of the Lincoln Police Department. he told the caller he had done no such interviews. and police were unable to locate him. a man who claimed to be a utility meter reader gained entrance to the home of a 38 year old Lincoln woman. Nebraska authorities were dealing with the same type of situation. Ca lifornia police said a pregnant woman knoc ked over a 20-foot cliff by a speeding car. broken couch on the rocks . Scott Colborn and I were doing a morning radio show on KLIN radio. Holt County Sheriff's Deputy Alan Rowse said that one family had been approached by impersonators. About two weeks prior to these incidents. and had been discussing the impersonatioo stories with the show's hosts. and then chased him from the house while brandishing a kitchen knife. They phoned Beetem on Tuesday to tell her they were coming to remove the child. all claiming to be from various Social Service agencies. 1986. about 3:10pm. escaped . the man grabbed her. when a call came in for one of the show's co-hosts. here in Lincoln. The woman let the man in without checking for identification. the 21st. and then returned later in the day to "inspect" her apartment. carrying writing pads. The woman kicked the man i n the groin. O'Neill. who advised her to notify the police. far as to phone Beetem's boyfriend at work. and a tape recorder. The man. and was interviewing children there. On April 21.was saved by a "one-i n-a-million lucky break" when she landed on a junked couch. He was rather surprised to learn that someone claiming to be him had appeared at the school the day before. Perhaps some of the readers are aware of other incidents of impersonation during this general period of time .

What an April Fool's joke to play on s:omeone! (Lincoln. Police beat up by the part. Nebraska JOURNAL. a psychologist Bit the state-operated Lincoln Regional Center was suspended April 30." (Lincoln April 4. Egypt suburb .al speculate the chopping was done by fi s hermmen who caught them in their nets.the wrong one. Surgeons rem oved the 12-inch long object on April 1. 1986. (London.L. said in magistrate's court that he became angry after his do•g Jade misbehaved. in connec. Confirmation concerning reentry of s pace junk is being awaited at this time (June 27 . The infant. and realized something was wrong when she saw a crowd of the street below. Nebraska JOURNAL. and a handful of shells in order to commit suicide. climbed onto a couch. (Lincoln. It was br01ken apart. . Sgt. A fact-finding committee of five clergymen from the Coptic. April 2. April 6. 1986) W.tion with the alleged exorcism of a patient in the mentally disorderd sex offend1 program. (New York TIMES. He was so unnerved by his narrow escape that he couldn't try again. April 14. . April 4. May 12.since the apparition of the Virgin Mary was first reported above the church's: domes on March 25. then crawled out the window onto the sleeve of an airconditioner. The baby 1 s. He loaded a single shell into the chamber and pulled the trigger . TIMES. Nebraska STAR. whose mother was sewing in another room. of an apple tree that was 8 to 10 feet tall. with their heads e and flippers chopped off. awake and alert when rescue workers arr·ived and loaded him into the ambulance. 1986) A despondent Lincoln man stole a double-barrel shotgun. Some of th1 turtles were mutilated. Anderson indicated that she felt er she had done nothing improper. Spears was in stable condition. Stuart Smale of Bristol. (Lincoln. June 3. June 5. Tom Watson sa1id the couch s he landed on was "pre tty well waves. England. Orthodox Church has also reported seeing the Virgin Mary. and that this could be an appropriate fo r m of treatment . On one occasion. fall was broken by a limb.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL below.a small church in a northern Cairo. (Lincoln. looked out the window. 1986). 1986) A man admitted in court Thursday that he bit his dog in the ear after it made a mess in his house. and trailing a tail of sparks of considerable size. The baby's mother went to find him. but she landed on the c ushioned i t 1 s one of those one-in-a-million luc ky breaks. 1986) The Fortean Research Center received dozens of calls concerning a huge fireball seen in the night sky over eastern Nebraska about 11:00 pm on June 24. the apparition was seen despite a power failure which left the entire area in darkness. 1986) About 20 dead sea turtles have watshed ashore along the Gulf Coast. 1986) Thousands of pilgrims have flocke:d to the Church of St. The court barred Smale from keeping the dog for the next year and ordered him to pay $33 in court costs. The apparition ts s seen in a period ranging from a few seconds to up to 20 minutes in durati on. I guess Nebraska STAR. (Li ncoln. Nebraska STAR.. Offici. very bright. Police arres1 ted him later for burglary . 1986) A baby plunged 17 stories from a New York City window ledge. All of the witnesses described it as being very large. 1986) Carole Anderson. said wildlife offic ials in Houston. Demiana . but survived after his fall was broken by an apple tree. The newspaper WATAN~ said the reports on these appearances of the Virgin Mary indicated a mysteriou1 light floods the area. Nebraska ~IOURNAL. Spears was working on the ground at a construction site when a threequarter i nch drill bit fell 40 feet and imbedded in his skull. about six i nc hes in diameter.

one can neither prove nor disprove its accuracy. who allegedly had confirmation of it through military sources. and left the comment to anyone present. sought a private .ARCH JOURNAL AND GUESS WHAT ELSE HAPPENED AT BENTWATERS? 13 In December. and were told by these aliens that the craft was not "one of theirs": that is. This individual had as received the story from another leading figure in the field. The c lear implication in this story government was afraid of what may have been discovered by CNN Bentwaters landing. Anot her story making the rounds concerns t he Cable News Network broadcast. Any further information on any of the stories would be most appreciated. MJ-12 i n turn. high-ranking personnel allegedly made con tact with a group in the goverrwent known as HJ-12 (HJ-12 is a code name for a s upposedly top-secret government research group dealing with UFOs-the name has appeared in several un-authenticated documents sent anonymously to various researchers). 1985. and the entire incident was witnessed by a great many Air Force personnel. a •e. a U. it is fantastic. "UFO: The Bentwaters Incidents''. because of their positions. 1985 I received a reply from the NSC which stated that " . I have encountered a great number of rumors regarding the case. in fact. been working overtime.FOKI t. the government's real reason for refusing to disclose information on this case is their desire for the existence of these red-skinned entities to remain secret. However. aired in January. The i ncident did occur. another whole series of rumors have developed as to why the government wants to keep their existence a secret. a UFO allegedly landed at RAF Bentwaters. seeking any documents generated by this visit. 1985. After contac t was made with the tower. John Douglas. be privy to this sort of information. with fangs and tails. Many of these stories have allegedly had as their source reputable individuals who would. As the story goes. H watched the e s tudio w ith no belng that the concerni ng the tapes. The first rumor we will consider came to my attention on in May of 1985 when it w passed along to me by another prominent researcher. j ust outside the back gate of RAF Bentwaters.." . Air force instal la tion i~ Great Britain . detailed information continues . Since this is a rumor that could be tracked down. to say the least. As the story goes. spindly creatures so often reported in the literature. Contact was supposedly made by the base commander and the occupants of this craft. our government's "friendly aliens" indicated they would send help to deal with these other beings. are said to have somehow contacted a group of aliens which they have previously communicated with. The inevitable rumor mill has. the 'typical' large-headed.S. On September 20. and the search for more factual . According to this story. As one of the leading researcher s i n t his quest. 1980. Col.AN K~t. Consequently. Naturally.• we found no records meeting your description. took copious notes. gray skinned. The UFO which is said to have landed in Rendelsham Forest. so the story has it. These particular entities were described as being red-skinned. is supposed to have made contact with the air traffic control tower at the base. I wrote a Freedom of Information request to the NSC on Hay 7. grotesque in appearance . As with any rumor. indicating to the personnel there that it was in some kind of mechanical distress. pre-broadcast vieving of the series. I can only present the stories for your evaluation.ber of the National Security Council. It then landed.

but one which stretches credibility to it's furthest limits. or just an odd coincidence? My opinion favors the latter. long time UFO researcher and "gossip colu11nist" James Moseley. to top it all off. Reagan departed from his prepared to remarks to say. The reason for this joint effort? Star Wars was an attempt to develop an effective defense against UFOs. Or so I thought until the following appeared: Fallston. reported that a "usually reliable source in another planet outside in the universe." had stated that the President's Star Wars defense program was being developed jointly by both the U. so another member of our staff knew the people down at CNN.President Reagan revealed Wednesday that his discussions. And. An interesting idea to say the least. "I'm an Air Force officer. generally speaking. unfortunately. you should see it'. I advise the President on various ways in which technology affects national security.C.'' "A friend of mine saw it [the CNN broadcast]. but believe me. but one cannot dismiss the possibility out of hand. the response many people will have is that Col. The last major rumor I'll discuss concerns a link between the Bentwaters landing and the arms race. "I couldn't help but say to him. Let's all keep plugging away to try and get "the facts. just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species fr. He told nie that." but the extraterrestrial. he viewed it as a courtesy which CNN granted him. it is better to be disappointed by a mundane explanation than to base your statements on completely unfounded fantasy. is however. technology. Too many people neglect to put this effort forth. In the April 20. and so I went down there and viewed it. he appeared quite s urprised that his viewing of the tape had been so grossly misconstrued." (Lincoln. Douglas was not being honest about his role in the affair. Maryland. something which we simply have to deal with in an investigation of this nature." . 1985 issue of SAUCER SMEAR. just the Eacts.~. 1985. because he had not seen the segments when originally broadcast. This is the frustating part of research into matters of this nature. As I stated earlier. At this point I have no reason to doubt his word. The time and effort to do this. and my area of expertise is. Life would be much simpler all the way 'round if we could only get all the facts anytime we wanted them. it is extremely foolish to dismiss even the wildest rumors without attempting to check them. Douglas by telephone on December 9. 1985) Things get curioser and curioser. Is this a partial confirmation of the story from SAUCER SHEAR. and that he did not understand why the whole thing had been so blown out of proportion. In an address to students at Fallston High School . 'fhere are many additional rumors concerning the Bentwaters case which have s urfaced .o sed of. However. JUUKNAL Not satisfied with this response. (AP). and I believe I can say with some certainty that they will go on rearing their ugly heads far into the future. this effort was sparked by the incident at Bentwaters. enormous. It pays to go to the source whenever possible. Of course. He also stressed that it was not an official visit. but because of his position.S.FORTEAN I:U:. l spoke directly with Col. This is. December 5. and the Soviet Union. 'Gee. with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev touched not only on "Star Wars. and said.KCH." Douglas stressed that he had seen it after the original broadcast date. Ma'am. D. and feel that this story can be disp.tA. Nebraska STAR.

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1981 Air Force memo concerning the Bentwaters incident. A list of all available sets of documents from the Fortean Research Center will be found at the end of th'is issue. UNSUBSTANTIATED memo from the British Ministry of Defence concerning the Bentwaters incident. 3. A July 15. 1. ing and killing of a UFO occupant at McGuire Air Force Base. there is the distinct possibility that they do contain a germ of truth. and now. . The four unsubstantiated documents are clearly indicated as such in the Table of Contents. UNSUBSTANTIATED letter and report concerning the alleged shoot. New Jersey. and 2) they show the danger of how easily one can be sucked into a campaign of disinformation. Your comments and questions on this important subject of government cover-up of UFO information are invited. One must never let the will to believe out-distance the need for solid evidence.FOR'IEAN RESEARCH)OURNAL 2 Due to the overwhelming interest expressed in your letters. Pleas~ let us know how you feel. 1947 FBI memorandum with a handwritten note from J. 1980 Air Force memo concerning an Air Force UFO project ~alled Project Aquarius . 1969 Air Force memo recommending the disbanding of Project Blue Book. Septemb~r 10.. and consequently.1) they may prove to be wholly or partially legitimate. January 18. New Mexico. and four which have been supplied to various researchers from anonymous sources. and giving clear indication that Blue Book was ~ the only AF QFO investigation. and other alleged contacts. we would like to present you with a special issue of the Journal . 7. and containing mention of a possible crashed UFO held by the Army. UNSUBSTANTIATED Air Force memo concerning a UFO landing a _ d attack n on Air Force personnel at Elsworth AFB. I hope you enjoy this issue. January 13. concerning the landing of UFOs in high-security nuclear weapons storage areas. five of which are fully substantiated as authentic. Edgar Hoover. Documents obtained by the Fortean Research Center through the Freedom of Information Act are made available to members of the Center for only the cost of reproduction and postage . 1980 Air Force report from Kirtland Air Force Base. here's a brief description of the documents. be shown to be partially or wholly accurate. UNSUBSTANTIATED November 7. whether or not our elected officials are serving our best interests . at some future date. concocted by persons devoted entirely to UFO-related documents released by the United States government. I have chosen nine different documents. 1978. 1961 Air Force memo concerning Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly-2 other government projects concerned with UFOs. I must stress again that I am not presenting these as bona fide records of actual events. and may. discussing FBI involvement in UFO investigations. We feel that it is everyone's right to know what their government is doing. 4. South Dakota. 8. November 3. October 20. 2. 9. I am presenting them for two reasons . 5. 6 . While the last four documents cannot be substantiated as authentic. and most welcome.

1t l"ulcl 10 1n~o \htst 1n¥tltl~U~s. ~ - ~ l woa14 rt':o~uncJ ttat •• ad\'S.~c• lleaed c'...d t:av• bet.•t!:.~ the Ar:rt tt-11. 1947 Memorandum ."\ pnt*a.:.51-4. ~~ Eureau do•• n~•.olt t.. ? initials uncertain} case the A rmy grabbed it & would not Jet us have i t for cursory examination " In this July. b•ll• .hi t·c by C01Af 1:\~ ~•c inftaU...l sc s repone~ rou. Lo J... f.a!J: o: L!.-.'ut a :r••~ b-:. For instance in the {La.. His handwritten comment at the bottom states: -a- .:...OQ\ 9 ~- . Sw.r...s •• (C1y4e 1'ol...c. "I would do it. Edgar Hoover comments on assisting the military with their investigation ofUFOs. ~·~i••. 15.i'. ~• 'uva\1 •out~ ecc~!sh anyt..... t ~ !1 not. it tt!. ~.-. but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to discs recovered.&.n« qot.lltMru(VD tor v. \ t.

· .lc.. :..... tl•e rcs~o::sibili 'ty -.:.j o"' s.....c .r~c. . ...:~.. .:.h ..."'· "'n -..::. . ...-. \:)....!j!frz. ~ _.. the :t._"" ..:a ~.~t:c:-. To . .... ''r~:.. . .9-~ ~teh ~).. ~.~c:.'-i.!"~ .J Cir.~:!::::'~~ c\·:a.O:J 't!\~ i.•• ____ ...!.tncl or t!:c ~:~l.... ""'""'"" .!C::._~ ...-....-:~ v_--:).P· 1 J\.r.... •... A..~il~=!.. ""' " .~ t.::c C...:ld b~ . ~ 1 -':-..f'"V _. .r Fe:-cc C~le ~:> p~ov!C...:.'co. :.en-: ::cic!lti !'ic :..~ as .c.. ?. " C. I\...~ ~ UFO i~·... .!-::.=!~c}... b. ..~ -•• ..:~ cu.: -. "'• .. ..uti)· o: UFO~ in t~:e p:::.t ::..of &ativ~ e~~~bili~J ~c :o~ /~r ar. =~:. jc~•..--.: ~~=· c..c:. ~· --~--·1-..iO:l~ I .:·!... t~c :... ::co ~ a. t..A.(..··~ ~:o1=-•6 c:" :c!. -· --.:o·.m.. Colo:-...~r un ":!le ~·ol.~it!. . .:. 0:•'"'• _ .c .: :. ~&..!f1c-~.:·.. ··-··. .U':i:o:-:: :»C.._. # .. " .C.....:. C..".· o~ Cni~::l".. \.~.""" ~~""-~._c .-::! k:i!tie r.l Jjt:\i!. # \.df'c/ JIM..t t.tic:~ . ...... ' .: ·c....:\! 13ool{ c.... .._ . :l..).rc:-:::<ltic:: ~=­ aiV3r.. ~~it J~·~~!.·. ~2:'..__ -·· -~~~~~ --~-""""' . ~...~c v~etl:cr U:Os e.:. . ..:i:-c: t. •f ... . !':::~ ~·.-::1· ··~...c--...~ S.ol ~ :.·. ."" v --\.... :--. ~:: J\i:.: !.~:'U~~:......!....c-~ -1 C.---.!'"!. .... . ~.. 1•c••-1 1 •r --.1. ~--··c. ."~Oi:r:. .. ...c.:" ?roj~et z. ..:. t.!l ( Ufv:) . • .·e~-::!.:": ..or.ose a thrc<lt to the sccu:ity of the Unite~ s~~~~.. Cc~do!'l a...-! U~C~n:::..~.~... __ .C.:~ = Cc·nc ~1-:... .. ~..:lt t!:e cc:-:. .'.!t~ :o:lciuc:t...'-. s!~o. .J In 19$6 the Air Po:-ce cr. ~ i vc:-~i :........~O!"C~ Rc:--..~l:.....C~ !:OCt C~::::::l~C.o ~·:.. 0..•• r "'··e ·~ -" --~· ~· ...=:. ..c.Ol:..:·(A·l!.C~~\!:::1 of' :::c::~~c~~ r:-~d i:a 'tiu~::c vic·....~iC:1 e~-17... . .-:: 0'1 \::liC..~c!l..i:1!1 C~j~c ..r..v .. 2l !'c=... .~ c~ :_ ·:c~ ~·!. .. .::. ~. :·::...... C"'·.. '' 4· ..-. ._. ...{f}... • wel l . \!2~.OC . Sci•':! :-:.. c ·:...• • -C~......... . J".:. c~ \. \:. "~ .!':CJ ~:...l .. ~=-~-~a.c:.:· i:: ~ft-~ cx... o.::-:../ .=. . Ztfnci~ :... ZC.c~:.~ J.-~ -....tiGn For :. e~ ~t. "~\ -..:.:·• t.rib... .l~O' 1:l:ich coulc co:l".•"'..i ~hill tr.. t~. ...... . ....~C tl.. . ..r~h co~:l~~c.i.. . _____ · r·· . ~: .·o ~his invc:o~i£. :..("' ..:t.:it.~lccl ..~0 a::vc:.. ..·d 1..·: . • ~n .­ ?o=cc ~Y~~~s co~~~d ~~ ec~~i~cc ?:~Jec~ =~~~ ....r::.:::..:~ ~~=-cc... Blue objective:.:.ific o..... " " 1.. :1c.e:1·~1 c~~c~usion c: ir.~.• 52181 vc l J..-. 41 .\. ~s ~ scic!lti!'ic co~sult::. c"'"o--....i~ F:>~ce h~s h~ Iioo~ 1 ..c. n ..__ __ "-_.4l~~!. :c~!>~tic....i:._. ""•-""' -""'··-. fl:. ..?orcc h:-.....•.....\!ci in Pro. ...l.ti!"icd fly:'....t......ob/a/..e::..!:-: :--e:~c:::.. ~ n\':-h l•... .""T''"· .c i:.. _ r.~:-s !':c. .detc~inc vhcthcr.t~ it . .~ ~·!.-----------------------· --·· oojeCt. ~. l>roer<o:: has -. UFCs .t.:..... :.~<i.-.~!...y .._ .ti.~~.:c t!-~n .ic!"l ~:. "'..:~COX !::c:. n... :~:cl.:..:t c.. ~ ..:_c 1 t.........iC::~-:.._ ...n inciep~nC.....stn>.. ~ :.. :.. t .. -~ c .c\:.!:...c:!. .il:i..-) • 'J....:l::'.... ..::c~~<i b:r Dr. /R?/' J>f.<lti vc r.c:-vcd...~i~u::...-•.:1) o~"":·:...e.... lt. J ~~..:~:l~J ..:..q-••......:~h (!ttc..~.c~:l~:~~~ ..:... ?:_-::.. ~'UC ~~ol: re:po:--:i::s Thi: · rct~:l~~!..... -···J c. ··"" .. ?~c~ !:: :-ec::o:tce "tO this :-e~....:.. :..\!.~=·~~~ c. ·.C-·•··f'&&o.i nt_' o:· t~c!":..~ ·..: :.-:..c::.:.t~r.~:'l -. .C. A . .::..cncll..::opcy I • ...~vc:.~c :-::---..!..~--:.h ic S-..i.: !"G\!r.· in ~ o~Jec:~..!.<...\ re• .'.:1 ~~~ l. tl:enty :.n t~i:. to scico..eSCC!"Ch CO:'lt~::te~ to h~ve t~e c.qcc of Scie:l". ....._ ~) \ "" !J'~n~rt:::c:1t o~ Dc:f~!ll:C ~0:' th~!.. ~~·~c 'n ··-~ "··... .1r:~ !~:.t.. ... .•.!..~cQ.ti=:.:.:. To cctcr:::. ....A-nci of ~~t.t.~·.o'ic ?._.:<hi:.:-:.:.c Scicnt..e .~--- .J) p:-oc:cc~\1:'1!~ :-c~ !'!'OjC~':. . : Thl: {:\::.. ~C.: ~ 0 1 r.:-s t:.:-~ u :it.--J • - O ...::~e f~c:..:~ri...\.. ~o \:1-::...:..~:..... ..(! t. ... • \Cnti t'ic :~ :·.:~C... l....jc:•.uc scier.c.r 1:1 "~ in-:~:"c~~ o~ ~c~c:-.... I · ·l·~Jor C.: d!!~!..t... • -~o.l ~.

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A. authori...:..ap~ility bai:s a: addit1o~l tuty. T'ne ll27t.5 ~~ ~d :. ~.-:cat..~ed to J..t o£ t~& 203T.!: !orrac..~p :pc-1-i_c:_y_s_h_o_u_l_d_b_e_t_~-e iden'tifi~~~­ : to AFC!N-lt c! previ~4&ly ~~lified intellt:~~=e t&z: f•r=~~"\el !creA e~st for ra~~=u to t~e 'I fro: cvers~ assi~ts for ~••ig~~t ~ne p~~v1~ed n~t OQlr for t~• intell!.eaca t•~ ~ualilied Li~-utata.:&tic..~ of e>.e. perJCr.~>!~cred...c !Q C\lti&S d1rec:tl. fu~:e ~te::2:~al fe-r e~l~)T~t c~c~ld be c::-c. •nd the 203X: 11 let¢r:in~ a~le to p~~fo~ t~e a:•f! cut!.. r•.houU ~..s e!!a:~~vely t. abou\t be siven aueb tr~inica aod eod1tienal cuty to n~~al at&ff d~ty ~lo.1. pro~le::' that voul~ be eneouater&t 1a i:yl~eottaz rueh c&at.7a:>f e:)et on the job. ~ither frcz pc~ocr~t ~~·1•~.:c usi~n:::1eat of eu<b r•rsonnel by i:'eea aru! usc. ~ a~..::: csdn5t t~~ 2C.lSS b~>c:~: &rcUD4 are n:r-. &r&ntet. .r--cu:-~. las::•r ~~z:-ee.lijW .~~c e · tu:: upa~il!. a :z:. c!uty ~ours until a cic:i• larlr ~~•11!1•~ replac:~t 1• !c:~e=~•t or £11i£~ed..:ld pre~le:::.:~r.~.dit1cc! ?Usoa.AZ:?le. Poasiblc •oluti~a• to the current and for~est • -"r.enee te~:$.!esuista..?C!!:-1.'"Y 1& fc. 1. 1f 4 204~ v•::. 'rc t.r..lci be . Lot1t\:de ear ~..!.n 702 ~ut!.slly .tt..~iu.s.. •.r~orce tr•ia!a~~ ~nd •••isar. but for f:-ui:ful pu~:e:i=~ zt &::?loy~nt of L.lly t:-ue t!\&t 203'• vith l.ty. aDd aA !uttll!geece te&: ~ualif!ad 2~~X: is !cr~4St cv~il~le.rrent e. Tea such r~r~o~cl could be r~lly en~ effectively ~t!l1zed cur!:g p~e~ in~elli~e_~e t1r.ut~ori~ed in :.. a.~e of eorreapoo~cc:a betv&e:l t!le losi"' ccn::::.FSC ~~D?awer CFacea alloeated ADd ecvea o£ t ~&aa cpaces are !ill•' w1tb aitbcr noo·r~a•t~/Dloc country Lin_-utata or vltD aoa• 1atellt.::ac! on & llel~cti\•e ~~s!. to 1'&rfc:rc 204 eutie. It is ••nu:.-ed L:u! a:ol.~t &S to intelli. c:ocl~ vi~ the Qualified !utall!s~=• tea= p4r•:nnel nov assigned to the be ret~1Qec! beyond bd.':'Cnt-1. i. th!~ is ~l~~ trua of 2C3'• bei:i ~le to p.• of the i~diYi~~l'• c4~&~ilities. To ~.:ut vitbin . to 1nelu~· af.:-:~. .!:. or ~r ce£~s o! g e. Air Di&C:UISicu to tnia ro!nt hac ~~&red :~e : in~elli~e~• team and t~eir 4eYalor~~:.o:•~t ia the Lock o! ll27tb Ua~!st J.and e~d J..:el c:urreetly acaf.a for &ui. .~~: &ssi..t p~~eet!:e ~d ~articc cicsi~ns.s: per..o~al V&C4:1cies.:. o· vhieb tb& c.. Fo:.r cor:. . cu~cr. . s~c:h au:h~r~:ec! ovcra~•s ware previeullY..iut J.u or closely alliec! to their /JSC'a.1.~:.d feroe~at s~orta'e could be ~.'1. a~sis~e= to t~• or. tecc c.!CI::-1..h hu ooly ~· e\ve Ltasuist J. cocp\etic~ o:~er !I c~cion:.% vbo v~l~at~cr !or c~r~hc~ tr~iw~ag.:cn. · .:f~r= iotelli~~~e& ~~~&ni=a­ Hc.l:: v~c:y r.!"tqu1.cnts ~n ac aut~ori:~d C''C~ese b~s11.ra. (3) 1127th c..Jt't~•r establish t~e vrolue of the u~1que !cr~& ~r~11ttr re~:-~s~::ed by ~e 1~ta111tan:e ta~~. I "'!"-~ .ui~ed....FSC ~"\pO'Ver \':. (2) ~risc=~nt to tba ll27th of intell1te~c• ta&m ~ualified Li~ista Tc:u~!D$ fr~ ove~sees or .e ~re: (l) ! qu.

1~ t.e" is : e:ta')lisb. beyond -~r. ~ould be s1v e: auc:h tr~!. .•crt to ~iot..r ~tdUce:.l t. ·--~ act 1 f--1 ~ .atiou 'to~rc ' ot qu... c. of 'c.-.&1 .. .C ..'lou • pc·ucsse(~i the 're:-.u: .p !ni: · !e=··u:s. · · .~ud juat1f1.cnt ·auisO::~..s.-:~. 1127~ .r::c:lt·~ ·. !or ·~ir!·(.~ ·or ·~·d~~.C.ed.di.Vith e.f .PC!!i•1 Fr·e :t!.aia& ace. •• - • - . · to ioclu~e air~o~a traio!as.i??Ort &nd 'oj.· • • 4 Atch ·.' · 1a~1vi. uut11 · du't).~c:il ·c:z:· ~e . .. ..:-ly q:.' ia c!evelo.:!clitt. cu:-rant :-a.~ ..=:ut ia ..:otu for f!va · ~illte4 ~o~~~•er:..: ·. cele. _ou. ·the .e:::?loy::~mt.'%'\.. ~:::p~=!~'lCe"te. "+.he %t .' to~ l.loyoC:ot.~11:y.~~~~tie:l .:·IJ?'.:. quaUfia4 Lta~i&tt re:urciQ& to t. (3) · ·-.~ t::) tl-.j~·~ ~·.ucst !or :o. •• ~ _1:--:l~cr.:. . · : .::-1c:e-. cut... ..du the c4pabU1ty 1u "~r&·· · atre=stb .. .-.=.h• .rcti. A~t.:: tcr (4) ·: m:li:tr~~y '"ut l.d !err· t.ell!&~• tc.rti=c e::. . ':'i'c:rat!_o~l c:o:1tio~ !~r-~. ·23 :~:a ·s7 .~ ~·~: • • .oll• T":!e ' t 'C:::' aS'culcS lie &t-~diecS to ':be' '.oa. fer.r<i< iuirC:::=.. - ' • 0 • • • .. .. intdligeuc• .af! c!ut7 ...!&l1£iad .. ~~~t : ~&~s~·:.:r .....• c:&pAbility for pucettc& aod "a. .zed ~i~a.e..Jt.l~tr.adu str~tb of .ci!~on. • .~c~l4 prep~·~: Cc! ' '~tt t."·.d be t"e~uei:ed b7 A:Cilr'-U ii···~d.. 6 '. · · · ~ · · . •..&l supplt.e::e . t~ -"~:?.F~Ih-tt ·r.:ci..~:~tu ~ .~c! pcrJot:._ b!s .it!:I: O:O.~ aul~. _ Ccu ~.C.. : replO:cC:::ut:a ~e. r.~~-t of sccl1'pes~:nel'·~["du:t c'et:\:.4:.:tbori::ed' ~.of~~~\:'·c:l~ ·ut:!Uicd).: !uic:alir qU&ti ff..a ATCD!I 1 ~· .~rcui~ a~j)reprhta cb•--els.-. ~t • .· ttr...!.o "::..~·!·?U·~lr ~lH!el t~:cll!.~orua tr&iuia..tiqu~t· for ·c:t~~lis!-:~ilt'of :.· i'o .n~· ~• icv~t-:i:~tc.:r:lw hai arscu U$C ·~uUs.i'CDi iotal.~·e ':n.! ·.".:tts.L!~=:c••.ce'rpt~· 1147 CC? 1 ~ 60. ..· fc:.!'.~t · tii ·V!et r-.::.. ~ ~.c:tive b!-s'ti cf &u : tu:m .:\d curri!:Zl!ly 4S11p:led to AFCrt.::. . ~uty to a.e4 ..Vent' o!.u ~ .J ---- y · · .t~ oG a eoua4 ll~i~ ~f....-1. tr&i~·a. Q.Ur · £:~~=· \"'1et . ·mi: cv~t:u-'i···c.: . _ .fied. i...ii cswt'ubi~s 1ot!ct1ul' :". tea: utili:&t!.:ic.e-ci1 n:.1 :.. . 4 l!u 51:· !.~=~ . -te.l .ii ~d i.c:::it .tc..a t. tt-. . ..?. the _p-~~i~d ~.:c .e .rc:-.. e:i.~ ?.p~raor::le\ acquia1tiou 1. : . - . &nc! eo · i:lt. 4 ...i=.:c:= C'\.~oulcf\o· i. · ~r f:-re~t t-~des'~· ·JJ"SC' :n4 · cra~c .·~Hd eurrcat cd ccutir:.e (2) : . . _. • ... C\~. l.:1'. . pc:::-~o~-.x.zx· !-...~~stgTc.o a... er 1tr• .~' c . intetli's C. .st "!o: · ~t\..niq au~ ••..h.. ·2•.arat!c.::ut:S \•tne · t:~ · ~.irdsci=p1. '!-! ).·_·~~ip~LQO..»~ the cap4~i1tty • ·· Aen~ .:r.~ri. :..p ·.. · ·s~:Nlcl Se ~tc=n.S 'tha~ . .. ... ~~.= !ntcll!~:en:a Cl).·· n..ool-ii'd..oyceot~ · 17 ~. .)-::.!~eas i(. Mc!S:. iuitia.~ ·. c. ...=/tuia ::31.i2 '==rlor.te·c feo· t. ~?~c:cs: i:l'V.:rt...1n~cllt~. · · · · · . ... Latit\:~e £bou1.c::xoteg.d C!:itl.cirat~. vot~otiar !or further tr~1nia:.::!.. .... . for · ~e follo\tias: • ou ' . _..· · ==t 4 · h e.=tth t.:: :. to !~c=ti!Y. · · o! .l:.:.!:Ccj:~~~ I .t· vno : :c.e.o~l et.r::.::I::ICc!iAte ~~CCA ·QC- ~!~wst6ic ·· · · . 14tu &. ~.~t tJsi.

.. :4-7516 .ic. ~t after driVing cl:. At C!R)f'O)Qrnately 23SOVs.tigate..13 AFOSI Det 1700 I \.. a helic:c:pter .>ri~t l1~t i. t:10...d uw.. 5anetime lat~r .3 Sep 801 All. a a heli'='Opter..:i.e:i fran Nor1:h to Scuth owr the Coyote Canya'l area of the~t of Def.ndia 5«:ur1 ty. Arfflf tnt at&eeci the d:lje::t he ~ ~.. 2.NC) AfB.. They advised that a patrol wu .ut en the Coyote Canya\ access road a\ a rc:utine build.\l'er'S ( nop o3fld go)..-t ~ the sane . Aa he ~roa::hel:l the cbject en t«X~C armed with a ~.S in R•trict.cture he abMrwd a bri~t li~t near ttw gra.Ci\t spMd ard cilsappNlr . 4..s not a helic:q:~ter . ~~~ere later interviewed separately by SCI..j\t . II 1 . Area ~r .ture.n:i beh1n:S the stnr.yan vea . ... RIST ard Ntfl Nm-tCloiY D.... (~ wishes his nsne nee: be divulged tor fear ot harassment) . ttwy felt· ·• heliccpter· oculdn 't have r. wl~ ~ duty in 0\arlie Sector. The Security Polic~dts'ltified as : SSGT S1'EPHEN f'EM:NZ .R:E and all three n!lated the sane staeanent. tflt. 'the three first tho...rlg check of an al.. 1 8 ~ .. .. cn <1Jty inSlde the ~ ~ Stong~~ Area ai~tl!1 an l.. a Sandia securi ty ~rd . ...ever 1 after c:bse~'i.ngll ot Lhidlntifi.lc1:s frequent building c::hecka cn two alanDII!d s~ in the area.s. He atttq)teci to radio for a ~k ~ patrol but his raaio IIGlld not ICiric . he waa driving E..uigw::S to lGOe SPS 1 IW'B.. scua: adviMd cn U Aug 80.. 'the ll~~ tr.:!vised that en 9 Aug eo. three other secur1 ty polic. 3 .4\t the c:Oje::t .!~t to!rded in the Coyote Car...r~ <~erial hlane.hree c::CaervC a vwy l. a. ~ C:entral S!cur1 ty Ccntrol ( CSC) 1. ttw d:lject tocX ()ff in a vwtlal dirctia\ at a tu~ rate of speed .. :.. FRAZim . Sanaia Security.i t1cn .. c:n 2 Sept 80. u. 1he l. Eaat Side of Mln:zano . scua: related cn 8 Aug ao. AIC 1 -wt'I'IN W.S Aerial Ll. hclo."l the ~ ~racimatel y 3 mila Ncrth.. caxi.nldtntifi ed U~t in the air that travel. He also cnserved an d:lje:t he first the s.erfonnerl su:h skill~ . three witnessed the li~t take off ard leave prccee::ling atrai~t \.. Aa he approached the stn. the t.:tv in the area ard cul.t ~ cn KAF'B.1) at a hl.. ~. c:n 11 Pu.S Teg ~· K.fb'th Eaat of their J)C:. . 'the~ loiU a former heli~ter ~c in tn. he ~a I"CU1i disk lhlped d:lj«:t .er.g.irtla'd AFB * ..webd with great speed and stoppej su1denly in the sky Otlftr Coyote Canya1 . RUSS CllrriS..~I:.•.rwide Mlw\ZIIIO. n!lated the follClWlng : At ~tely CXl2av's... JUR1't. R•tricteci · te.alre.. ~ ~ ty Pol. CO'ltacted s.AJ"mC structure .i Sigthi.

tiC. . ttw Kirtland P\.... . tt.-s li!amed no aerial test.. but did ni::lt 1-. Sln11& IAboratcri•.. ~es llltao util u. Mrial ~ O.larQ ~ a object l.t ~ anci 1 t ..lblic Informatiat office advisa:t the patrolman thlt lSAF no lCJ'1glllr tnve. 5 .por't it \nUl just rece'ltly for !. P~ r.i~ ~aerial c:Cjct l. AFOSI OUt 17 . • ~ Ned..._ 6. Q'l 8 Sept 80 . ot harasst8lt..n1.. 8 .n:lia s.a are c~ in the ca. \IIUn:R cO'\tactfd all tt.:i the te. =a "C~ canya1 is put of • 1~ . Q'l ll Aug 80.mln to the AFOSI Oist 17.Cribed by the first t:.d a'l • 7.- . · Q'l 10 k11J 80.«e c. . 1'h8 formm-ly patrolled by Sln:lia security. .. Belm an1 ~~..t:i~ ax:h ~ 1.nyaa.:urity that anot:twr Security G. . \!lUTER learned fran s.. 1he two alarmed struc1:Ur'el lcx:ate:i within the area cart:aina HQ CR 44 material .ap:J"W ~. Det. C'\'U. .tya\ . obJect taka ott.t rwva UMd by 1 the Mr Force W. USN baM. ~~~tao later reter'T'fd thl state Pat:rolmlw\ s.:IY1. nwy did nee .r Agrcy ani t:he ~ of D'lerW.y gran:i • t-..S An CCJra8d ~.. thlly c:x:c:\.. u.ts ant c:adu:te:i ..-d ~ Mli..s the~ to llllke a report ~ h1s CW'1 ~.portC ~~to ~~ Kirtl.. ~ .tric:t«l t. lU::l-..Jat..y a'Uy c:cnb:t bu:Uci1ng c:hldca t:hiiD naw • r-...•a beta I .... · · · 9 . .rol..-¥1 near an &l~ atru:tur'e ~ ~ the fus~ ~ of ALQ..ha"'M . n.:ra.. I9Un ttw objet lanMd in Cc:rj'ote c:.

Beta/gamma readings of 0.. two USAF security police patrolmen saw unusual lights outs1de the back gate at RAF Woodbridge .1 milliroentgens were recorded w1th peak readi gs in the three depressions and near the center of the triangle forme by the depressions.:: 1 ik·e . The object itself had a pulsi g red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath.2 -fijz. The object w~s hovering or on legs . it maneuve ed through the trees and disappeared.-1n· the sky.. green and blue lights.Uc~~ES ~~ I. A nearby tree had moderate (.iy an ·hour later· near the ··back gate. witnessed the activities 1n paragraphs . they called for permission to go outside the gate to invest~gate. · As the patrolmen approac~ed the object.cts a'nd ·:then!"'" diS. The next ~ay.:. The following night (29 Dec 80) ·the area was checked for radiati . The objects mqved apid1y in sharp angular movements and displayed red. including the undersigned. USAF Deputy Base Commander . two objects to the north and one to th south.went.~bjects were notic~d . approximately two to thr meters across the base and approximately two meters rby farm . object was -briefly·s1ghtid -apptoximat.OS-. The object to the south was vis1b1 for two or three ho4rs and beamed down a stream of light from time to time.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FOR MtAOOUAITIIS ltlf C0to41A1 'UHUif CAOUf' C AfiJ »0 HfW YOn tm6 ~~~ 10 AUH Or. three depress ions 1 1/2" deep an 7" in diameter were found whe re the object had been sighted o~ the gro nd . Lt Col. Thinking an aircraft might have ~rashed or been forced down.. The objects to the north re ained in the sky for an hour or more. The on-rluty flight chief responded and allowed th ee 'atrolmen t~ proceed on foot . Early in the morning of 27 Dec 80 (approxirnat ly 0300L). The individuals reported seeing a trange glowing object in the forest. It ·111umi ated the entire forest with a white light. tht·~~~ ·~:·t:~_r-. ap~e~red : ·· Immediately thereafter.on -a . -. 2. \ 3.~7) readings on th' side of the tree toward the depressions..ate.white -o~je. The object was described as bei~g talic in appearance and triangular in shape. It noved about and pulsed. later in the night a red sun-like light was se~~ ~~rough-the trees . all of whlch _ were about 100 off the horizon. -··· ~renzy. Nu~nerous indtvi· duals. They then turned to full circles. -At one point it appeared to throw off alowing ~ par-ticles -and then broke into five separ.. co Unexplained lights 13 Jan 81 101 RAF/CC 1. the objects to the north appeared to be elliptical through an 8-12 powe lens . 1nto a . The. At this time the animals .

LanC. OSI aaid the craft vaa not damaged but landed deliberatel). £s you kn~v. Loadoa SWIA »11 Tclephoae (Direct Dia1liD&) Ol-118-- • • (Switcbboerd) Ol•lll 9000 Dear' • . PnoauUOniL%7 plan for ia not conaidered. tl) be autbor1v. a 4efenoe i811ue in viev of the overt peaceful nature of the oontaot.nter- a and a . Tape recordings were -. Conditione on the night were JDiaty.n accent. OSI baa completed a report on the landing of Bentva~er~ ~~ a craft of unknovn oriGin craved by several entitiea near BAF the night of December 29/10 1980.eraiOD of insliah.0).de on wbioh the entitiea are heard electronicall~ to apeak in an ayntheaise4 . . Interestingly. but no helmeta. Similar trana•hdcma 1Dteroepte4 l975. with a strong irresularl~ Amerioa. giving the app~oe that the en ti tios were boverlD« above srouncl leql.Flag A) Accord~ng by ISA eince to OSI.u part of _a ae'l"iea of vilita to SAC :t-ae• in USA and Europe. but 1nvaet1ptiona by IE8 are continued on intor• tion at • locd level invol ~ is strongly recommended.16 ~ MINISTRY OF DEFENCI! MaiD Buildiq.(See attached. . wore what appeared to be nylon-coated pressure wita. aeporta that cratt ••• repaired b)' US aervicemen or vas taken on to the b&ae are not oontirmed by OSI. Deapite original reporta {J'lap B . WbitdlllJ. OSI report• that the entitiea vere appr0%imately li metres tall. entitle• bad olav-like h&n4a with three digit• and an opposable thuJDb.

'f=ASE 01 BENNtwl 'i'z lS S£JNC M:l'll"J"CR.: l.lS .S~ P~L. F'OJNtJ: A.Al'lVE ..AAP'HY A&v~ COl. J Nn:R£ST IN niAT PMT.Ji..A.. ~t? 514..C"f. a at·· USAF' STIU.ASSJF'ICATICN <:A CCNCl.:P. O£P:ICT1NC CYl.AA SMAPE:o UNIOENTlFl£0 A£RIAL.Js:TS 08S£RVEO F'Cft SS~ .~~ EU:lNF'ELD lElliOO OJ 0 NOT REVEAL VLSI 81. fPJI. AANGES... . RE~T!NG CE:l'ff'FR. SENS l Tl Vl TV_ OF CASE..lN"'"tLC.0C.•.PCTEO AND R£L.!.ji..ATED F'OlJpilNC : (S/WIN'T'EL) ~~fi!CUJSI~. NO KNCWt. USAF' .0 SY NASA INS. ' . OEP. ~ --· ~~£~~!~f~}2. CO':CI.t F'O.17 .£.1VE S.L..~Az..USJCl'i.J. 'F Ol.OAEJ) 08JE:CT fw'OVTNC lN F"RCNT d'f' STILL.S .T AND C£00£TIC su AVEY . FVl\IR£ CVlOE:NCt: B£ F'CRWAAD~ 1'0 lliD-1 'THRU AF'OSit rvo€ .LCY IWtJ A. l 1HE OFF'lClAl.U: OF' AlACRAFT.) ZNY . [ ro ~~hla§iE>. FOA~l ONL-Y ... ~ YN.i1~.VOSI CI'I!-Y .. ~A .S JWO Wl'T1t FU:STJU CTE:D . N£CATIYE.lCVlAit_SIOi'TlNC .06.£ClTlMATE SIGITINCS ~cx. J. S l Z£ OJFT. ~AUS£ OF' 1M£ SJZ£ . ~0 RtQJtST ALL. ~i. .M../>1.l 71 I lO% NOV 80 ..-~. ~!JJSI c. It-m:Wc.WiO£JmF'JED c:iBJE..cAust or .:?:.JLD 8£ OR.'TO'( 1'\El Nf'ELD' l£"ni00 ~ .0 . I~Tl&l RECAAOINC :HQ CR L-4) ~ F"'U••GJII'~ .. AC. SPECTRCIII.. : c.STIU._1'0 !1£ SASJC: PRISJ-1 fP£AnJR.t.£Ee~~-~~ ~ 292~~ -Ct.i'H£ t.. Fl u.TEA£0 • ~ . RCCX'VI LU: ~ K(foas:P.. IS PROVIDED: Cp. ~to ' ~JG!NAi..SIZ& OF' F'nD OBJECTS .~~ 'l..O.IN F'J 1..f -~.JECT we> F'VR'THER CL.USl~ Ca.:~ rnro 7b02 AlNri:t.-rc:-·· .ATE.L.CRET \ll ll')i NO Ole~ 1 1AJ"j_QII OJTSIOE: OFJ='lCIAL.. Cc:::NSISTENT Wl'TM F'lELO O£Pni NIO CONSlSTtHT WJnf. CL. AFB ~jiVOf: .Ool J NC R. ·. __ ..N: I NCONCUJSJ VE .t.TRii.ERDn". R£QJ£ST 1H£Y 1!£ ni~ClC.Sl:f'l£'0 TOP S£. ~1. R£1.£VEN .-tiQ AFcJSJ 30LI. 0£P'Tli NJAL.O'lG£R Pv!L. .· MlL~. ~ . r::AN.ATl~/T&ST . WJTH@W11. :!f.iN£. "Y ei ..NO I.. 08J£CT. NlCATlVE i "l :· . (CJ"'IT!Nt.tY.n:RS .SU.tcrTIMATE. .EJJoBJECTs IN ·n£-nLI-4. NECATJVE 13: O£P:ICT. F'lU. I ---~ CT f' ·-::.::uLD PERF~ .J . 'F'o..'.t' -~ 7602 AINTOCl_If .I NC.lC OlSCLOSUR£ .R£...'-~ -~Al!t~.R VAJ. N£CATJV'£ OE:P~CTJNG l.~~~ ...S t-€N'rl~ IN Y a.CAUSE OF A CHJWC£a:' PUSt.OB. Fl tJot ~£0 dJJECT TO BE . FIL/>1 ~TO ' 8£ \INA.. · CSJECT COVTA. ~ flL. F'VC. REF' YOUR R£~ST F'01 TEC~ICAl.s n H IU TAAY OEPAA'Tl-'Z:NTS W ni .-t : .. -OWEVER I !f. .'TS WSU:.ED OBJECT 'ro !E! W. ••.Oi COVER IS WO.o .~ ....TIVF.VoiJrVAI/.WAS NC1T Cc:::NSlSTENT WI'tli Sl.NAL.£Cl T.IVM£! OF 8/'IM Fli.T!!R£0.tUS .0CC£SS TO " I'U ~!:~J.r.d:r PeA~ Of' 'a!JEXT . C St~iNTE:Lif'SA f ~ Sl. APPROPRl A1'E c.iNSA ...AND APPAACrl" SP£E00F' OB.ASSISTANCE.7602 A.JN15 ". S£CCM)S ...!£ST F'OR ~ . CCNCUJSJ<::t.JE TO RE:Ce ! ~ J1SSISTIINC:£ rn011 lNOI VI OUAL. ~ECAUS!: o.lES.INCER SHAP£:0 UNIOENTlFJ£0 A£RIAL...f! · C~T.l£0 A£RIAL.ICl.1Z& OF' Fl%£0 Os.c FT B&L.£.lMA'Jl: NE. C1D'I£n ~· ~~O. •J ~ ( .Y 0£8Rl E:FEO liT ReclllM JNn:.icTfNc C·SA AIRCAAFT ~ APPROACH AND S~C UNIO£NTIF'IED A&Pt l AI. us· CDAS..lPflftiii}~ ~r~· oe) tc. A .z:.. CiB:fu:1" ''TO• a£~ SAOCER SHAPin.IiAS HrTE:REST lH ALL UFO SlOHTINCS OvER USAF INSTAU.JO-Il.JR 1'44SSAG£.. ~~BY MQ.Y lNVESTlGAT£S" 1.. 08J£CT.TS OF' PAOJ£CT AOJAR.RESULTS.ANALYSIS a. .I> ar · UNALn:.£.CATlVE OF' UI'11DENTJ F.. OF PHOTO...NdJ 'M:_ . ci SI&tnN : . r.EFT ~Tl a.Of'\.AT.Y ACTIVE JN UFO R£S£ARCH.J!CT JH 1. Stvbw_.1NC lM£CUi. APPROX/f'\A j'£: DI ~ 3 1 F£I:T.ENC£ D-VNNEL.l'TifLN lSlM'-1 D.': Fl:1. U .TE:Rm.) TI-lt. INCHES OF' 81101 FILM: O£P:ICT1NC llPPNt~T COI.M ~LJ. CAI4'.0o1ar AJ GHT Pa\TJ ~ OF F J LM. ~ BY NASA .A u.4 lNCONCUJSIV'£ I i· NECATJV£ /2. . F' l LM F'CIJNO TO B£ ~A.£ !"AAXl NCS Qll ..Jwl FOVNO TO S~ I. tC.AL.E.£S.J.AiofN.• :.. 'CCV£/W'wi£N1 POL. ~ A£F' YCUR MC1.. ·~ •.~ · 'JNS I ~lA O'i •. SUBJECT NtCATIY£5/F'li. N01:>F:P'TH' . . or- OSJECT WAS NOT C0'15lS'T'ENT Wlni R£1. ~~i.:. t.. 3'..o-t COVERT CovtA.YSlS · A.!NO TO 8£ UW-TER£0. ·. !"!.J£CT IN s.c>< OF. S£ PROVlOEO .AS.ESUL.EVEAl.PT .t...·~j ·~-. dSJ£CT lN UPPER t..

a ' S<!cu::itT Cootrol.ot 6. .... _~rq ..r--ILLl!_)S. ..• . ~ ~ -~~8.... ..." •· "?• ·. ...4') .•••h .-9 h...J~t:Wi3... . ... ~·~ P.. ·•· •• ..... .. ( flrtu•t 'l •I ....\ ICUt:T : . Su~rd. 68-3. 2147bu. ._••• .nd TeiJorted _ tha..'tTD '· · ~-:t:Nd 1 ititn ... ...: ·~..... . . . A~C PllllllP~ ... ·{) ·1UH tC . ••••I _ _ .. :sn · ..Go&••• . Li!O. . • • ....Z!"... :~:> -' ··• · "'""" .at Liu St\T ~1.71 _ ~ ...ld oceea U?&nd~ to ~ COY~ WACO:f pu reqaest of CAn _ STCDS. • '•• .~::.. _Se~uri~pt~l v... ~ .:t1iL ~...... •... .a... .$~•· •••••"•":.. .~l ·44 iiSS ·.... -. .... ·... .t ....~sc. the a1tuat1o1 ...•• ...\I~)'U ct•ra•tl·.. ...J.ll8 l'J.· · t. ~ti-_1i' ·662...t7 CC. -r1 u.. •O._. A•• aeuu ••. .. .. ~~tb : l. .._..u~· "' .. .._.. ._.. ·~· ! ~ I• 1 t4•.t.... 1:~'7D• '!: c.... 305-68-75" ..• •·....• ..F~• ..1 ... . .. ~.) .. · l~ .. n ......... · ..... .:. ssst... .~ .......l • .. : ·~·•.~•4 .t'..~.:t••··' ... ( J • tt t Uiolle...· · :~·•2icd ' 16 ~0.t~.'B.. ...~~:: c.t .u 1D1tut~ ~7 \iSC Au1d Base .... ..unce .l~··'·'·'·· :_AlC .p..... . . ''~~! • ..... . ~~~~lotte...-~:.i!l~iu~ll. •...-."':'.l8 :. ~b:' · .. !:T.{) . . Aif? J~CJS & AlC IUi:I% vere· dis'!Wt~ed~ ..~!.. A~ ..s-1 ~~ uiSt. u:a7 .t '· ... tcl~ph~ned . - .. telepbooe-d VSC aad reported aa OZ atai"D· a'ctl:vatioa L-9 2Dd tb. .t" f...:-~ -~ ·t~~~f\·t ~ ···.4 ..~sc.~~ .....l .. 'i t 1l: il\!::::!.r...... ...a 9 (68th ~ Ana) s ·· · ·... ..: U · ~" t:_ jff•"':••"'"U'o -•· . 2~~9hrs •••'·..... .. '.l :4••u• •ttr.. E'U 213 5hr~ .CM •••• • • • . •• -..\F(IIac~~P.. ........... .~aer• ~ • ••. 1 1n: Secud~y Co~~ro_l _ 1 ~ 'ir~~:ic'lt\!m~('SU:'O~~ Vi~u4ioit)')c'O'vDu~~>¥"coH(~ ·VlounoK) · •_ t ti Lia.. • ....J --:~.~L••<~•ul ..!'.. \ JtlL&tlO lO •! >CI.~rov· 7~_: ··fj~-···· ~ A..'. AlC AlC llll::U-9~91.

...u •• I I ! .!.il:Nl'. .t'1led to a A uprith:: posit! cr..c •...albo&H the tyo iacS!vidn&t.ll . • b:-1ght .tt~ 'at· JD~HS. 1 .....o:~re~s~~a'a &low!~ ~Teen «Detaliic:'u. .. .. lidlt S:ic..::rCt•t. c••'' ltl • ..arto2d: I. ..-..& to l co:-:-rnrun fR!lH 11'::1! : 1o of .:. .!.. .:rca of the light to icvut!&:~t•_• ..:· ••:: 1'.u.: a' 1UU: l "1: 1 of ·1 .top..thtclr...T...ic. ~ both ·r~:t:.tou urivd.. •1~e (Ol20hn. ...:ruc!er~:·r~tu:aOci · to the ~.~~rd~ . . I' ('r:lere !.e to st. IP((U\..&:e::u' hcdailri ... · : la:!!e~utdy ·~~k co\•er ud ..y:"· (0UIU$·1o4o0 . (C~artro . · •• · ' : •. ~ ·· ·• • · .ItA a! bolck to tbe vt:bl. . . ~ifl.. oae iatrudt:r )1\ tbe beck ..". • • ':" .. l• • ·: 4 ...' :~ .. .c!e a uucer sha?ed o~jc:ct 4i(•pro~ itMtctl!' ~O' .er~ud · tile l!fnt Kiss ed .IliS obse:-nrC:-~oo 1at-. .l.· .. ~t..---. '.~ . 1 If : . .r~.!~•.. . st~uc~ u::d·~ ..rnt-.U~ .:ader e "•u :lni1lo...... . z. objeci ftitted • &louia~ "'eenic:h U..J~:n~ uapooded . ' s.. .l~:f:i ta !AE:i:E.ln~urc!cra fei~. ' .: vr .drei•ed Ia tb• -.'... .: ' iO: ' ••· r~.t ·' I ---- ~·.. however...s~ ...."1~!-· ~ i.&..oaitloo L · a ad '..· ~t11e o~ tcct' ! cli•t-e:d "ertiu lly up10arda &nd c!up..:u~.\T v ::hicle . •: 1 .rouocis frcia ' hta· K. •• .. .. ·..• •• •'·I • ' •" · ~ !. IU 14\.cd : .·"~ t.. .. •• .~ ~-: ftt~~t~ 1 .... .rou&b tho 'ee1r fen:e lice' L-9.·.. . 'vau. Fore: e) ~ltri'l.. a... R. a • .. ••oc•J..9 ..htease . • • • • ' r r...he ~oued~·. .flu!a of _. ! .• ..-~-. · ' ..ulte~ ·of H. •...'.... · ... ~: " .. u .f • • .. t.ed and fiud tvo .. .. tf · '...eaa~e~~..'. ..g • h~~Mt \iith visor. • · •· t ' • .turn ndlo_!!~·. . . hcNC\'er. ..· --...• bd.cod ~£.hll'S !nll~ed the ~o .• •.. ..". 41 I - nrte ••ac .. ·.. . • • • • .rhc·icf •cd 'fcr.. &0~ ... · -~.. ..... .. ·IK~llit . LS:... .~alktaa t. I ' • .. .. f~··~b of li.• • ...vec. .. U:!i'fo~.. .·· --·. S:..~-~10-:.~sla-• te:-ra:ies ~· weapoo acd c. !et u~ ~ uc:t:.. ...·· u .ndi.. . ¥• •••· ·~\ a . ·•· ·: .:cl tne !a! vehicle to ~~c ·~ cbe c~ o! :be :!to !ence liaa..:ar feace \ lln.. -·-·· · ---· · -·----~·-·· · --~-.C o8nohd .~.eda c:iada~ fro~ tla · \o:Uheli!d.'. a. ~(... (2132t!ra) at Site ~L-9...•ns.. .20' .lf-~6. .. BAE!l: dated bh M-16 rifle &t the iat-r~et' •ad ordered hia · 1 to!e ~(~~)Ul ·~~ c!l~ppeneG • ...i. ~E!:E·~ ..o .:. 'Vhicb·... . • .£ p-:o~u:! eJ to the sc.~~ ·Jeter . . . r~~.. ·~ ._____ _ ...•.:io=:~ .ausiq •~cond •ad th1:-o dc!:l"ee 'buru• to · RA~' S haDd. TI'l - . ..._. I • l ··--.. . -.. ou·.. rear !eace Hoe of L-9 .. t·.. .lS '!K.:.c.~ 1 !. I. 11.c.~ · 1~:: ...~/.:lt)' r~~~~~cir:er : -~~t• ·~u~• c. dlbOuat.. .. · • ~ -· •<• .. .ol!oro and wearia.e ! · .ureC: ou:-' t~~:· l:.nt . .. . .~edhtely ~hdlensed i the individUAl. .JEJ\'UliS thea cet~JXaed · to the ra.:--' "· 2..n-...11C. .• r •.s :a ac:.".t.. ' 16 !:~v 77 • the fotl04o01~~..~atrol. . .... ... •• .Oetd$ troc tbe r~ar of tLe fe~ce' l!ae L-9...! •r . ... JC.. . ..•~ ~he d~uaHOQ ·to....U t1~~~!"ss tc l:~=.o ic.:.:::cbd th~·c::-cst of the hiH... ll\Ea a:ld daed objecc at ·ItAEn ~e~ ·~t-t. • · · r • .' ar. ' I ~i I I I.. ~ ~o:. .t a:'\d :~r'!d ~~:~ . app-:"o:ti~t. were for111ed ~ · · At 2340hu . I . but ... · T'ne · 1~tTuder turaed towa::ds.~ U•c•• " . J.~l' ..~: .. JESi:::t-'S · took C.. et tl. ...~d .1. site et 2230~r• •• rn. ':'!••••• I .~ ~ \ !!... ."·•n•~..: I . .:dv~c! · . .. .J~ ci.. • ·.~··.. ~!. . h~lA!i~:.-.•• ...·.~ .~~b. J'::.. ..".tT~•. . . ~...ti_ . 'aG e MJiutc:unee e J:o~~:unc~ ~l:e · ~! scila c~o wt. .· --···. rad... .~..h::.. ..T.=.~oaeu l~t·•oc! ... . .... . . JEl~nS ata7<td vith _ the S..?.:\.. · .._ .Jed ~t\c· oetulcc.. be obuNed an !oC:~vi~U. u•cc •• . .. •·••t ... to t.d oD~e~:e. t.& tofor~t~~~ w•! le. ' 'b....:·fucel! to_sto] : J£1\~S ai. .~• .:rn•! one butl•t ct~ck oae•te~:-uder 1: ·the .y J•~CLS .\t' ~~. ..::ll bill ~t>t>roldgatel7 !0 r•rds wb1nd L-!') .' • • ! • . .:u' :lfle. • ..: .~1(!\~·. the iadividual refUAed to ~top aad ke~t .:de:c_'. .:.... •••• .{u d!••ete:.-..Ov. •• 1• '"'•• .cc Cadr.J CC&. ••• ~ •• • •••• ....·. · · II·F ·~_( _orriy. .INS.'.· • . · At tbla tt. . 1:• to u -.) en~ too\:.. ._ ----· .' O:u:'" th• ·:iabi.. : .....J ~ tll~ai : co ind. ... ..tnic~ .::.. . :..::llOlg ·'vc~~i ully \ • . .. u~<. f ' r oe:::t.e· IA~ obae~ed ...tbe .na 1u. -- . .\0~ CiJ?!':.·. 1 1 I c. Ooe ..:! .. cl> J• •I '"• 4. • . .As ..


round..Art ~ialed. The tine ran into tba voocU tovar~ CNZO renceliaa &Dd they vanted to loot tor it.-TMCNT 0. the rear of the bue re<luasti..S. u I cotU4 cet 1Ato ti'Ouble.re4 ti. !f O'aa neniq . shaped. t. n. That wu the lut I saw ot it.ICI SQU£010 .~ ~-~· R.... Forc1. n. t)1z ~ vaa pu.d then ~t it into a biuer Ntal container.nd it here bec :ause the7 =n.lf A state tl"'cper th.eJ. uul rt. vith no detaia.r v&Dted acc:eu to tl".· enti•h..%1( anutanee an4 perllli..rai1ht up and joined vitb ele••n other• hitb ill the •lcJ• Th1a we all sav l)ut didn't lcncv the details at the tim.' then wttre a QW!t:)er ot oro ticbti. Ru T"adio coa. Do Not disclose ft1 na=.. Tt : oro Coatact an.a eat.nicm vu m ott.D4 one rou :U into tt'·• object tllbo're.. at tJ» ti•• M.-C:I TM SIC:UIITY '0\. appeved a thine.Ut •· ~~. vh1ctl thea hCTered ~•r ftit cazo.ftC onr it. ~11:2:!1~~ . II'AC:A'I A. loac ar:D.. It l'.nc thia but I can't take ~~'~1 chance•. IA J IIN&l"7 ot 1.. ).AS be co. Dil Arw:t c. There vu a bacl stench tro!ll it too. a '"~1 a.urs\dnc this INS other ttatt.epo.:.. I aa a 1ee\U"it7 pollee~ and vu Oft ~tine ~atrol.ded it in the fhM and took in tbl air. That vu it.tonaation . I wu dispatched ~ the troo. l)1x !'!P• 1 •ere I'WU1ic ~ 1. !rrfvar. no report rude an4 ve were all told not to h~..nd I ~ain don't vant to hlce IZfT chances • . a. and OSOOh:rs.tbtiOA to OU· r Rd.978. • tor not s~crn.~!'!. . Be detcrt~ 1t u ~&l. t&ll.. State Pollee. Pltue rep~ to the &bOYe addnu &nd 1111 parent• vill !ontard it to • or I vtll be haN alnad7. tat head.a. or .. I will be cett1DC 0\lt ot ttl• &1. I aa interuted in .t tro~~t hit ..lliq but it wun't canat. d\aZ"iDc the ti• trua of O)OOhn. brow. I vu stat.iou at Mcaui:'e A13.D the direction of ~rown~n!le..M 1A the area O'ftr the &11' tideS aAcS in. object tlwn n. 2.e4 to the Yer'f baclc ot the air t1el4 us. ar.lh and 1')(\ one vu allowed n.UMCIICO .0.r torce in about tvo 1110ntha.. They crated it 1n a vooden ~ox. 'H tound th8 boq ot the thioa near the runvar.:e rope4 ott the area and 13 OSI c&~~W out and toQt OYer.x trainif\! area. THI AUt ... Don't . It vaa all ot a audden hu.a :oww&~ area vhich l.rwcted vith a lwavil7 veocl• ed ana vhich 11 part ot the a low ~ obJect.Uor all !'llail clo.J. to the area. St thit ti~ ~•••ral patrols vere 1DYolYea. -. Re intormect • that a Ft.ear the ana..thi.s• tor lequast ot Intonatioa 1a ?.ncS went. That dq. !iP panicked mcS t1.aci apparentlr cllabe4 the tence w dild vhile ruMina.J. ~ ~ ~-. ~ • :~!\·..i~:a &rL':\onia s:r. a tea:s tzooa \iriaht-Patterson· U'8 car• 1r.O I•• . ~ l&tt.21 DC~A.rau..r•d Cat• IS at.. and clovinc vith a blueiah cr••l!l color..d IAil Str1cct1•l4 1.tdon to to aq about u. sprqed so. Tbe7 l~t. nothine !"lOre said.ct st.. . At that t1• in tront ot hU police• 1! you nud help.J..e voul... and slender boq.Jd Cal into tbe thine.. anrth..-.ald.

. recoverv F13 •••c ......Af'A. to • OtS ! C o ~i..i· lnaet!ve ~unwev 4'5 )(A F'9 • s .. . .. •• .M•...••..• 1"" ( ~·'' Ja~ ~... . . th ~p~ . ... Soee 1al t .. t l•ttY•tt' J ... .. • • · 01'• ••1 tt 'utj~i~hr1'n!if~e'id'.. . ..AFB control tower .. State Police Wr1el'lu town Sa r""S c k1 .•••• '•c........ .........•...: ... ..... )( ~ ~ N ... • •< • Uoo l l flte ... ..:• •l~o•• tSt.... 4n un1dent1tled be1ns .... .. -~ COIIW\.... . rs . .... ff ... • .... It " · .0 ~ '1 - t•4a•• •• I IT•clv<l• h en •• ' · ....... 11 l f t i tw l ••• .... .... e~uou 1169/ 70 ro•w ' 1111..• ..49d tnat. .: ": I 2... ·· ... La ndon '"" 0 I $1'0$ i TI 00........... . •• .. \ :t l' • ·• '·O• :.....A1: R · •r• oocrted 1111 •• Upon further 1nvest16&t1on...... ~.... ..~. ?f..J..•.. ·' ' ~ I .. SPS . t!'l..t .:...M.. . o•r •ct• ·s o• ...•• ell (..AFB at above l oee Uon. ••••• l"..It (' ••• .A. A!='v~r 8rowll \ 00 1~ ~ •• ..... t ••• • • • • • • •• • '· .... ...' . .. E-3 .••••• J . ... .9-78 _.. o-....LAIJT ll'OU ... ellet ........... ...""'·'· ·· tO•• ~.. 1 "tT.7 "''' ..... .. • • • • • • ' . .. T ••"•n I . ' ....... ... . W· 1i1 ' J . X . Il l I H I e ft I 4 ••• • ••••• . .....' .... .-.......• .. • • •• · •"•" · • ••• ~ttecA • • ••••••• • l. ......Oa T •••n•c .~ ... J . ce l .~ ..•• ' ··~ al •••••••..'"l•ot • tlr•'•••••• . ••••••••I I On the a().864 .. Also. ..... ••• o.F3 c• U•tc•CC • • ••• ..... . ~¥ • • .. I(ISON S I( LaTCO TO ... ·••J X ··-' .. •••J . "" 1/ll-2... .. .. ••11•1•• ' · • " • U fi GAI Ct I f [J ·· ~ · ta•• &... ... • •• ••• . .... • • • •'• • ~ • •• I I ' ~ C.. . •• ... • L ' '-•· • • ........ } J • . .. .. . .1 ~· f'\1 - U'B q• t •• 111 . t . 18 Jan .o•.......•'. _.. ~ en... ... E-1 S1tS . •• • • 1 • • • • e~ •• ... body ot unknown or1! 1n released Jne t he ... .-_..•. Of INC rO rN T/C ~LAINT . ..•.. •• 7 .. .a-· ~ · · ·' . ..... . • • ••••• f 1•<1••• . 11 llh& . ( er ••••I••• • •• '· w• tc• •• • •wC e(l ..1t w~s reoort.... (] c..... .. •• ••••••' ' • lr E •· •rc:•• .. I'.b.... ... •( T t QIII ... . - ( /fttet l . .had been shot bv llx and aame enured .... [J • •• ••• • • • • • . " ' ~ · C. 09864 h i' ~" J .. ~r 1 ~... awt • cct I J ..••• •• el ..:~4 · • l• t •· -:..r o-c. .... rx ~ ..••. ..... . . . Col.. ••t•J . foi. ..... D1x 1nt tallt Uon. ~ ••• ••' '' •• r 1•••••••1 ••••• ••••' '' ' •• •• •••••••• 1 .. . . .. re w•:oe re pJrts ot UFO 11@ h t1!'l!S over t he bate and an 1nc~dent 1n orosreas 0~ : !~ · Ft.. ...... 0315nrs . . ··-....ander l fuo tl r ) t'ro11 • •c ~ o s w• c s l t . ••••• N. ~~. ear• ot t ea11D1atr1 c Wr1!ht-Jtat Aand....(. ... cc.01 . .H'~ N J • _"-'t h c~ E IM •J L r IM I ) . l! F1 • "'·'"I .9· 78 lt OVI Illi . ..J. ~~ 1Ntt0£RT/COM..... .. 'h••• •I rtll l ltfttArl ltt l t r ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ~t••• J . J • ••• . (] . . .o • • ••• f MP•• ~ w..:) ve 1ate and t! 11e 1t reoorted to th!l ott1ce t hat. • • •• •• _.t h ~PS ..

..... . . . .... . .. .W' "' ')esk !ersts nt .......... ....... ............. . ~ : ......... ·-""' CCIU.. RtCOVtf'T te•s not1 1 td :"t I o............-..... ...... . •..· . ..... I....Tt• IIMITIAL ~ - .......... ....... .. .. . . ...... ··. ....... Ste further a :...... . P'lt.. t U9• USAr r~und Oft :lUI" 1nttsllaUon. e14e ..... •••• .. "'....... ........4 ' ' th C... .... .... I • Uta''' '"" .... ' ' ' •• . ..... . ..... .... - ......4e4) •••••• tc. •••••• ··~· ..... .. 1569' 1 tor •ore 1nt~r•n uon... ~·····...... ....... 4•4•••••• •••• -········ .n l •l ' ' " " " " .......' " ' ................ ... . •• ... I nvtt t1ss th)n Qend1~... . ._. . . ICTICII •M•JviiCIA' ~ .......Jnntl have bttn not1 t1ec!.. ' u•un '"'"'" . ...... ~ ~""UOU' I IIPOIT 01 OISCtP\IItlf 'C'TIOI TUU......... ...•....... '""&I ''"''"'' (~5~\') Further 1nYtStl8St1:1n revealed th! t thtrt vat SOli I k1nd ot body Area W'\S co !'do ned ott 1nd EC"P ................ nr. .... .. .............. n....." .•'.... S nd cUn10 l)trsonnel adv1sed and d1sostcht~ sccor'd 1natv... .. .) nd t rta • All ntctnary pt!'s. .. ..... ......a ................. ... el th ' " ' " ' ' ••••••• ...... .

140 stx 14" pages. phone numbers .the-scenes thinking of t he FBI. Approx. simply specify which set of documents is desired. To order..50 §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Please be aware that we make these sets of documents available to interested parties as a service only. the greater the chance of something else coming to light . 200 8txll" pages . Nebraska 68506 Telephone: 402-483-7284 .$23. 400+ 8txl4" pages . excised at tbe request of the individual involved. this is all we have . We are trying to obtain more information. Complete. government documents obtained through the Freedo~ of Infor mation Act are available for our cost of xerographic reproduction and first class postage. The prices quoted cover our costs of copying and postage. of course the more sets of eyes that look at them.50 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DOCUMENTS: 139 pages of previously unreleased documents concerning the DI A's involvement with the UFO prob l em. and enclose the appropriate amount (US funds only) by check or money order.ents. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ THE WAY HOME RECORDS & BOOKS ''Offering a collection of records. 235 8txll" pages . and. Some very good information . with only some names.50 FBI DOCUMENTS: Received in response to a request for documents relating to FBI surveillance of UFO investigators and research groups. tho ugh some of it is difficult to read.00 PROJECT MOON DUST DOCUMENTS: Documen t s relating to what would appear to be an effort by the government to recover any downed UFOs. We simply feel that everyone should have access to these documents .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL DOCUMENTSETS AVAILABLE FROM FORTEAN RESEARCR CENTER The following sets of U. but give a good idea of the behind . THE BENTWATERS INCIDENT: Complete working file on the 1980 alleged UFO landing at a US Air Force base in England. tapes & books for the New Age Consciousness" Mail & Phone orders Welcome 4203 South 48th Street Lincoln . Approx.$21. including four documents which refer to PROJECT MOON DUST.A very interesting set of docum.S . usually within 2 weeks from receipt of your order. Documents deal marginally with this . 50 8txll" pages . Many of these are virtually unreadable. and may be all we ever will get. but there are literally dozens of fascinating reports here. The only way to break the government ' s wall of silence is to give enough people sledgehammers .$38.$9. The documents will be shipped to you as soon as possible. etc.$24 . 50 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DOCUMENTS: Documents dealing with primarily the "g r een fire-ball" phenomenorr which was rampant over Los Alamos in th e late 1940's. but as of now .

Suite 247 .. War rington Cheshire.N TIMES 96 Mansfield Road London NW3 2HX. Box 220 Plumerville. and helping to support them both financially and in spir it. U.O. in exchange for similar listings. Box 1094 Paris. ARCfURUS BOOK S~VICE P.O. will be greatly appreciated. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin.O. or in exchange for copies of listed publications. Box 2134 Wilton. OH 44143 UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE Route l . New York 12866 UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL P. Moore 4219 W Olive St.O. Box 46404 Seattle. Box 2213 Scotia . They are all doing the best they can with the resources available to them.O. Connecticut 06238 LAKE CHAMPLAIN PHENOMENA INVESTIGATIO N P. CA 91505 COMPUTER UFO NEWSLETIER Via Matteotti 85 I-22072 Cermenate (CO) Italy §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The Fortean Research Center is happy to carry listings of other related publications and organizations. TX 78155 FORTEA. NY 12302 THE GATE P. NEBRASKA 68509 gggggggog g goooo g ogggoogggegogggggoogg g gpp ANON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEX?LAINED PHENOMENA 00000000000000000000 . BOX 94627 LI NCOLN . Burbank. K.K .FORTEAN RESEARCH jOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other or ganizations dealing with the unexplained. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P .O. and your help in joining these organizat ions . Texas 75460 NORTHERN uFO NEWS 8 Whitethroat Walk Birchwood. Box 218 Coventry . WA3 6PQ CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P. Washington 98146 FAIR WITNFSS PROJECf William L. O. Arkansas 72127 PROJECf STIGMA/CRUX P. U. BOX 43518 Richmond Heights.


§ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §§ § § § TABLE OF CONTENTS PROJECT MOON DUST CASE FILE. . psychic phenomena. and all other areas of study which may provide data useful to the resolution of these perplexing mysteries. If i nter ested . Please contact us at the address listed on the masthead. we need your help .O. Thank you for your s uppor t. Boeche ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Scott Colborn SECRETARY Bonnie Adams TREASURER Nancy Boeche ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR. The purpose of the Fortean Research Center is to investigate all aspects of unexplained phenomena. NE 68509 USA DIRECTOR Ray W. M embership categories for more substantial donations to our work are also available . BUSINESS David White ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR ANCILLARY ACTIVITIES Clyde Adams § § § § .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ~§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§~ ~ ~ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. in order to carry on investigations and research into t he unexplained. a non-pr ofit corporation. reliable information for the public at large. geological and archeological anomalies. W also e serve as a source of accurate . §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The Journal of the Fortean Research Center is published quarterly by the Fortean Research Center. including all government documents released to date on this case. out-of-place animal sight1ngs. and and all pertinent correspondence regardthe Freedom of Information Act requests which secured release of the material. Membership fees include a subscription to this Journal.00 per year. Remember . cryptozoological mysteries. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. § ~ Membership in the Fortean Research Center is $15. including UFOs. discounts on special publications of the Center. please contact us for mor e information. and reduced fees to conferences sponsored by the Fortean Research Center.

Believe me. it saves a lot of ~ookkeeping headaches for a fledgling publication like ours. Again. and our many overseas subscribers will continue to receive the Journal by air mail as long as our financial situati~n will allow. and because of the 80-plus letters we received.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL We are back again. your subscription will expire . Boeche Director. and several other gems . we are featuring another special issue 1 this one dealing with a government project known as PROJECT MOON DUST . and most of the correspondence between myself and the various government agencies regarding PROJECT MOON DUST . See page 15. and its areas of concern seem to encompass not only the retrieval of crashed space debris. or as it is designated. " c". thank you one and all for the overwhelming support which you have given us. Beginning with next year's first issue. Note also . We run our subscriptions per calendar year . for this statement. we will drop the UFO subject (unless the government comes clean in the meantime) and move on into other areas of Fortean phenomena. the . Next issue will ~nclude a complete history of Bigfoot (or bipedal humanoids as I prefer to call them) sightings in Nebraska . If anyone has any addional information they would like to share on this. 00 per year. Fortean Research Center . that the correspondence indicates that the project is still active. The response to our last issue. We hope to have you all return as subscribers . Because of this interest. What was that the government said about no longer having an interest in UFOs? At any rate. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year. and we hope to have you back again next year for even more voyages into the unexplained. but also the retrieval of crashed UFOs. Please be aware that with this issue. dealing with UFO-related documents was truly staggering. rather than for four consecutive issues spanning more than one year. I am including in this issue the entire file of documents.information is now yours. paragraph number two. Also of great interest to me was the correspondence regarding these documents. It is nice to know the publication is appreciated. and so are the many kind letters of support we have received. Ray W. • Subscription rates will remain the same. in which the CIA and the Air Force Intelligence Service strongly imply that PROJECT MOON DUST is indeed concerned with UFOs . The project itself. with our final issue of 1986 . $15 . please let us know.your support is greatly appreciated.

and any and all other pertinent information concerning an operation known as PROJECT MOON DUST. Sincerely. BOX 94627 LIN COL~. briefings. 1986 REQUEST SENT TO: CIA. intelligence reports. These should be sufficient to enable a professional employee of the agency to locate the record with a reasonable amount of effort.Nebraska Au~ciation for the Study of the Unexplained" DIRECfOR: RAY W. NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL. field reports. or PROJECT MOON DUST. I hereby request the following information.S. I will anticipate your response within 10 days as the law stipulates. Enclosed for your benefit are several documents released by the Defense Intelligence Agency which refer to PROJECT MOON DUST. whichever is earlier. fortean Research Center Board of Advisors. minutes of ·meetings. DEPT. The time frame for my the inception date of through and inclusive of PROJECT MOON DUST. DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Gentlemen: Under the terms of the U. reports. committee reports. orders. debriefings. or the discontinuance whichever is later. NE 68SOCl . As a member of a chartered. BOECHE ANALYSIS & EVALUATION: ROGER GIESEKING January 2. Ray W. CAUS ENC: 4 DIA Documents Copies to: Senator J. James Exon Senator Edward Zorinsky Senator Barry Goldwater . Thank you for your time and attention. I assume that any and all search and reproduction fees incurred in response to my request will be waived.FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. request is as follows: 1 January 1960. One copy each of any and all memoranda. Boeche Director. AIR FORCE. of December 31. Freedom of Information Act. 1985. OF DEFENSE. non-profit public servic~ organizatio~..O.

Virginia. JO "AN 1986 Mr. CAUS PO Box 94627 Lincoln. 22060. They will process your request and reply directly to you. We shall reply to you on our findings no later t han 22 January 1986. ANNE W. We are also tasking two office:Jwithin the Headquarters (AF Plans and Operations and AF Intelligence) . Ft. CO 80914 and the Foreign Technology Division (HQ FTD/DADF). Fortean Research Center Board of Advisors. Ohio 45433. We have forwarded your request to: the Air Force Intelligence Service (HQ AFIS/DADF).DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES A I R FORCE WASHINGTON . TURNER HQ USAF Freedom of Information Manager 86-028 . Boeche Director. Boeche Please refer to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated 2 January 1986.. Peterson AF&. Wright-Patterson AFB. . the AF Space Command (AFSPACECOM/DADF).C. Ray W. Sincerely --- ~~ ----. NE 68509 Dear Mr. D. Belvoir.

' 14 JAN 1986 Ray w.17 January 1953. which your enclosures indicate to be a DIA project . We understand that the Air Force turned its records on this subject over to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). and that much of the later CIA-originated reports concern sightings as reported in the foreign news media.20SOS 8 I . Boeche Fortean Research Center P. Boeche: This is further to our letter of 9 January 1986 regarding your 2 January 1986 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information "'n a "Project Moon Dust" on the subject of UFOs. since the time of the Robertson Report. the Report of the Scientific Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects. at the . nor has there been an organized effort to study or collect intelligence on UFOs since the 1950s. Box 94627 Lincoln. We also must advise you that. The report was released by the Air Force Office of Public Information on 9 April 1958 . The panel was concerned only with any aspect of the UFO phenomena which might prove to present a potential threat to the United States national security. O. established to investigate and evaluate reports of UFOs. and most of the material deals with matters related to the report by the Scientific Advisory Panel. the Agency has released to numerous previous requesters 819 pages of UFO-related documents under t·he Freedom of Information Act. had the primary responsibility for the investigation of all reports of UFO sightings. there have been sporadic instances of correspondence dealing with the subject. As of this date. although. The CIA's role was in connection with a Scientific Advisory Panel .Cc:ntrallntdligencC "fFFCY ~OC. The panel later issued a report of its findings. and we occasionally receive various kinds of unsolicited reports of sightings of objects in the UFO category. These documents are not indexed. was terminated in 1969 . called Project Bluebook. also known as the Robertson Report. where they are available for inspection and purchase. At that time. NE -68509 Dear Mr. (F86-0009). We should advise you that most of the reports dealing with the UFO sightings considered by the Panel originated with other government agencies such as the Air Force. The Air Force investigation. There is currently no CIA program to actively collect information on UFOs. the Air Force. There is no organized Central Intelligence Agency effort to do research in connection with the UFO phenomena. specifically the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

time this released material was first located. the cost is ten cents per page for reproduction charges.. many of the copies available in our microfiche archives are of poor quality. If you want copies of these documents. in response to inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act. Sincerely. Strickland Information and Privacy Coordinator ·-- ..-· . Therefore. made payable to the Treasurer of the United States. We await your early response concerning your interest in the previously released documents. Please send us your check or money order for $81.~ Lee S. and cite our number FSS-1418 to insure proper credit to your account. We also wish to point out that the originating agency controls the release of any documents under the FOIA.90. ~ I •- ___. if the CIA had located any material concerning "Project Moon Dust" in response to previous FOIA requests.· . as a consequence. such material would have been referred back to DIA for their determination as to release. many of the original documents had already been destroyed in accordance with routine records destruction schedules and. .

Fortean Research Center Board of Advisors.$vhJ~ FREDA FAINE Freedom of Information Act Manager . Boeche Director. The Air Force Intelligence Service does not collect or maintain files on UFO data. CAUS PO Box 94627 Li nco 1n NE 68509 Dear Mr Boeche 14 January 1986 Your request dated 2 Jan 86. These records are located at the National Archives in Washington. requesting access to all records on Project Moon Dust.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADOUAIIlEAS AlA FORCE INTElliGENCE SERVICE FORT BELVOIR. was forwarded to this office from HQ USAF/DADF. . VIRGINIA 22060·5711 Mr Ray W. The o1d Air Force files on aeri a1 phenomena were incorporated 1nto Project Blue Book several years ago.

. NE 68509 Dear Mr Boeche Please refer to your Freedom of Information Ac t (FOIA) request dated 2 Jan 86. OHIO <45<433 17 Jan 86 Mr Ray W. Your request has been returned to HQ USAF/DADF for action and direct reply to you.SCJ WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE. LAWRENCE. USAF Chief. Records Management Branch Administration Division ~--4 . Fortean Research Center PO Box 94627 Lincoln.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY DIVISION (A. Boeche Director. HQ FTD is no longer the OPR for this project. JR. Sincerely DELMAR H. TSgt.

NE 68509 Dear Mr. Boeche Director. 1 Atch Document . Mr. Fortean Research Center Board of Adyisors. Ray W. as stated ~ru~·~ 1 HQ USAF Freedom of Information Manager Sincerely 86-028 . Attached is the only record we located in this headquarters pertaining to PROJECT MOON DUST. CAUS PO Box 94627 Lincoln.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITEO STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON . Boeche 2 1 JAN 1986 Please refer to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated 2 January 1986 and our letter to you dated 10 January 1986.C . O . The blacked out portions cover other subjects and are not relevant to your request.

. .A ' ' . .~. · ~· .: '~...r... .~.. !t:' -.. . .... \ . ·~ .\: . (. .tt . .. ... ff\(' P' ' . li ~ · ~--·i'ftt ran fro. • .' ·....' I . I ( ' MOON Dl7J'l'-· hplel\ \ill .~~. . : ....... . ~ . ... -I ·' I ..... -: .•••. ... f · • ~.• · . . . ~r So\• f • ·~ -. . .... • . .· ·~-~~ ~ ~ · .. ..! t·· and -. ~~~ .. __ ___.. . . .. . ... ...p&w·n.... ... •tee. . . ' . . .. " : ~. .. :.. feU lote w~!a) .'.... .u.. .~ . ~' or r I". . .. . _ _ -~. •.. ..~. . .. • . ~!r t:. '· . '.

as they were ~ longer the office of primary responsibility for the project. Turner: Thank you 2 January you would regarding for your help in locating records pursuant to my 1986 FOIA request concerning Project Moon Dust. Wh. Fortean Research Center Board of Advisors. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. however. 1986 Ms. Thank you very much. I have. however. CAUS 6opies to: Senator J. Is the project still active? 3) HQ Foreign Technology Division indicates they are no longer the office of primary responsibility for the project. heard from HQ Space Command. Sincerely.C.S Freedom of Ilformation Act.ived respopaes from Air Force Intelligence Service at Ft. one or two further questions this project. 20330 Dear Ms. and from HQ Foreign Technology Division at WrightPatterson AFB. Belvoir. Boeche agency is currently the OPR for the project. you indicated that you had forwarded my request to these agencies. and when did it transfer from HQ FTD? 4) What w•s the date ·of inception for Project Moon Dust? I am asking for this information under the terms of the U. Can you tell me when HQ Space Command will reep6od? 2) In the response I received from HQ FTD at Wright-Patterson AFB. Per your letter of 10 January 1986. D. They seemed to imply that the project was still active. I have not. Anne Turner Department of the Air Force Washington. they indicated that they no longer had records concerning Project Moon Dust. 1) I have rec.January 27. Ray W. James Exon Senate Armed Services Committee Senator Barry Goldwater . If be so kind.

. 1) Air Force Space Command mailed their reply to you on 27 January. please insure you are requesting records. 3) Department of State is the OPR for this project and always has been. 2) The Moon Oust project is no longer active within the Air Force . This is in response to your letter dated 27 January 1986. D . Our answers follow the same order of the numbered items in your letter. 4) The date of inception is unknown but believed to be in the early 1960s. T ER Q USAF Freedom of Information Manager . J~ 860113 . when writing under the Freedom of Information Act. Boeche Fortean! Research Center P 0 Box 94627 Lincoln NE 68509 Dear Mr . Boeche 14 f E. Although the Freedom of Information Act was designed for requesting specific records.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASH I NGTON. In the future. 20330-5025 Mr.b 1986 . we have tried to be helpful in this instance.C. Ray w. perhaps the Public Affairs office could help you with any future qu tions you may have . and not answering questions.imcerely~ ANNE W. FTD was OPR for Air Force.

Sincerely ?.• We have no records responsive to your request. and any and all other pertinent information concerning an operation known as PROJECT MOON DUST. 1985.OAAOO 10914·5001 2 7 JAN 1 986 Mr. briefings. committee reports. Ray Boeche Fortean Research Center PO Box 94627 Lincoln NE 68509 Dear Mr. debriefings. Boeche This replies to your January 2.DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS AlA FORCE SPACE COMMAND PETERSON AIR FORCE BASI. The Pentagon for •one copy each of any and all memoranda. Records Management Division Directorate of Administration . intelligence reports. minutes of meetings. COl. reports.THOMPSON . Chief. orders. . P. 4-Y~~~--F. Fee for this service 1s waived. Freedom of Information Act {FOIA) request to the Department of the Air Force. field reports.

Director Office of Information Policy and Security Review Br~6- Mr. Sincerely.F86-49 NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL WA~TON. Nebraska 6850~ . Boeche: This is in response to your letter of January 2. The National Security Council Staff has searched the files of the National Security Council and found no records responsive to your request. 20506 March 4. D. requesting. Boeche Director Fortean Research Center P. Box 94627 Lincoln. 1986 Dear Mr.O. information in the files of the National Security Council relating to "Project Moon Dust" as described in that letter. 1986.C. Ray W. unde~ provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

.-.. . . :·. · :tt!" . .. .ot.·.~- ·. .· · -~~ ·.. ·..-::.:..:::.. . and UFO.::. ~~---·.. .rL. .ebz. .... J. OOUA"T'C"I UtotiTC:D S'T""n-1 '-'" PO•ct "''AStottHGTON U .. ..~--.·.~~ · • ~ ~.... .c.~-_~:~.··: ~~...·.~~~:iL :..:_ :. ~i.:~::....rcn:-u A1Clti·~· 11\ 111"'1\J\ ._... .......-..._ ..~--..O/Co1oad ~na (t1) • AFCD\ "tot d Ut..·.. v111 habe t... . ..-... .D$ witbtD t'"be 'autbc-rtr.. . ~---... :. •'· . ..~~~:~i~<:. . .· : . . ···~ -·: - "':' "'' . ..:~d lcuu vitl::hi the mut t u ~n~s. • ··.-\ · :·.· -~::•. ~ ." ~: ·:~· ..: ·: . ••• . ~.l"i'H1. • .._:~..·..· ....:-.&: ~•ve p~ce:i~ ~u~ funttloDI to SU?port of sue~ Air 7~rce frt·Jer:u u Y.--~-~~:~ : -.RTME~'T or THt . _ ' . etc •• h&& re~uce~ tht O~~er of !Dtellfz~oee t~~ ~~&ll!icd r~ra~encl 'btlO¥ a do1E:N:: re~utre:eat.::."l"CD: &D~ IJCit:-u co t.. }D ~dd1t10D t.IJ"CIW•U.~... .. . : ···· ~. .. terscnDtl : · ~._·.._"'···-· ....:::: ~--·'~. ./ .:.:~.-.... ___ ..!·-~.C.. .'-~...:::=:--=-':. ..._ :...---.. D.:::_..-~....... :. .. .._.~ ~:· • · ~· • • • _..r---~~-.·.. _ .· ~ 'Z:.FC'/}..~:..:.: .:~~{~. .-. ·:. . ·~ ~·: ~~·..C.: ·<:· !:~ -..:·. . ._ ...• • . . :.::.····.·.·.-~ct of the · atdUseDct taa::t c&p~bll1t...~~!..:.. • .: 4··.~ _._ ...:....___.-~·.:<:..:.__ ~ ~-.... · t._.-_-. ~luenr.._~_ . tiu (se~ bet1~t1o1U).:·..·~"'"" .. '~-. ..~ -~ ....-.. an~ otber J.of J...::..·... l •. .--_...'ttl.1R ro Ht... .. . ::-:-..·~n! dh:!~!5'h. ....~-... .""\.. -·-~::! -: ...-.. ~~: . :· : ~.:..:.i~::~~.-.· ' : ...:..:~:. red...J.:....·:· · ...~~..:·. -·.....n:-.·..o their St&ff ~ty asii~Dtit iatellt£1-DCe te..U-. ....._~~~~~- . : ..-.el! peuoD. y~ ...~.:-...:: ' ~ .:..::...:. ............. ......"..•.··· --. : ._. :·~· ~ ~ .. :_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .---~--~~----·---. : _-_::_~~__.::J.._..:... .d pu-so:cel attrlt!oa.. - .. ____.::..~--~-~..~: ·~: :..1.~... t ~ ~ f"':"""' .:..... • •· 7«nc... aoc! ~r'·. . •• ..... :..~ .~_~:-.....!JJtU~ 0!\ 'tEt r~OJu:M: ------~--~-------------------------- ..a t~tD tc rcuraa ~~ trenc! ca:-rut tum\!~...· • • ...1\ · PAC'l"'ts !. . ~1r~et~! ~ut~~ r~ct1oD prcJ~t• vbScb require latelli&cace t&MC cpcratl~~l e£?abt11• .. ' '7'*---' DI:.... ~ _ _ .:-=. ~br::ru!ll l'CS.:..= ·: .. l.·. _.. 3.-.:: ·:.·:· ·_... .=el •ctlc.: -~--. . :..~... · -~ .. • .:. ..: .ooD6utt.....'t~"···:..... .•~.. -.....: -· ·~··:· • • • • · . .. ..Jl. .~ • ..:._.------~------.. • 0 • • • • ----..---.eoct '2'u: 7~uoDDe1 J...-... •.·~·· •••• • • • r .~~~-.~.. .. • • · ··~...L~:~i.:. .

s deli. t !es 1 L::!d th~tr ~!.tely 1~ h~~r• o! t:-~i:-:1~~ pc: t~:tb fer !~tell1&~:-:. ~nd technical photo.s.nterut.: 1. _ a •• De!1nit1C'C. ~ vould be a.gc~ee !.~1tat1oo a!lc!.t.c:noel qualified to levelop 1otell1~eoee 1nforu. ·..'...c:-ctic·::' S~c t l c:. Tech l:&..?'Cn:-u (l127th USJ..~.usaiLD end/or Eloc: country la~suages to ~nslish.lo':-lc. Eir~·N":'\ t o'.>ec!iticu.p 1ctellis~nce info~. Intel11¥cne& &A .perztio~s.u££ ~ut!~s.oel CC"l.oon ~~at: As a spae1Eli:ed as~ect of 1t5 cv~~-ell ~teriel er.>hz..". f.:. ICGL ~4. c. 2S April 1961. ~~ioentified !ly~~ Ob~ec:te (L~O): R~d~uarte~s CS~~ ~&I e&tablis~et & rr~."'e t•:-::.S. ..:· lc~· .ntc:-:.. .lyds of foreisu c. Blue FlT: OperAtiC'o Slue Fly hu been estAblished to fae! l i tate e::.o:.cti:-:1 ~espCtcdb11. Y. 11&bil1ty rat~er t~~a an •'•et to au:eetaful cccc:pl1ah~~ot of the r1ss1ou.p=ent !or repid re?o:-ti~' cf intellizenee in!c~tion. . Fer~ or.·c=l· tc.<'\.-.-Uoa through field e::. c. Az-p.~equ3t& becksround tea~ s•. a. :ria!ng ~uch tc.n: Pe:-.at1oo throush interro~aticn and tr~nilatioo fro= P.uo:rters OS!.da on tbe l'.c of great tecll....a::.. .s estc. ~~c-er :nd ce}ivar ~~~Ce~~et fc~ei~ SpG:e Vebieles .aUfled pcnCin. Fe~ru~ry 1960..:.1=: ~~J*e~ vithin the United States. ~~d in use of field c:c~nieetic:os e~f.a\H..el vho C:&D d~·elc.s:-&J:·hy. /J'CIN SOP !or 5h. S:1e~ ·t :. c: lL! s :-c<.:difi:zotien (cr ir.r -.tell!:.r~in~J l'Nsre!.!~.:~:e e! (\:.7lc:y~ -."~ ntn& 1 eel uJu r~'YI 1cal t: •:. 0 4... vi~ e::.!e~ of AFCU:-lt-mJ.~-:e t:Ot"t:&l A?CI!~-1! at 1!! c ~. u~S"-JiSt: Fe~son..~ro~u~.:o t 11 in atd!tic~ to th<::i~ n:~-'tl ..: r. lcli~e~te1 collt:ticn re.. 0 &. .:c t~~ e::. .:e f ly c.. CL 0 perscnnel ean pcrfo~ effectively o~ly ~1tb of trainin& and exper1e~ce.:1 :u:. ~~: c.r: ce~:~ 11 t !r. !n. Qualified to direct i~tel• in 0 c!a1ns &eeesa to !>". Eebd~uLrt~r• ~SAF (AFCI~ =~i~~i:a lnt•lllte~:e t~ es a !-u'":letion of /. providis for 11~7t~ f•rtic:ipet i on. l~~e~~3tely c.let or other !te::. Intellitence tc:zm chief.J' hz..Fr!> c:£ !-L.:u·tic~Fatc:s in ~. ·· nieal intelH. ll&ence t~~ ay.>Ushed £'reject l-~:-oo ~~tt tO loezte. in e>~loitatien of e~tey p~r~~el ~l ~t~iel.r Field -"c! !vt ct u Cro~p).cn~c :rr.c. the c:. 1!c~' • f•t!t J.u.s b.-!:. DlSCC. ~ t t~r-. Z0~-2 del!neates ll27tb ecllc. n~£4c..nel ia such auf. · .ct t!c C'.. g. t.ate:-iel..?Ccsibil1tia. b.SSlOit: 6.plc-itatioo rrosra!t. .1 tie•. t:.r~~ for icvest1gat1on of reliably re?Orted ~identi­ fiel !1. etc • . t u .

~!j!!_! .. ~e intell1sa~ce te~ coocc?t ~as ori&iually rlcveloped vlth1u .ssien cf the 1006th J..~eti~.:-t:.:!es!.:::::. c. tbe ...Jul 57) • to provid~ r~c..Z.e ll27th US/...~IN. :==-.?~il!ty ~~ p:-oviccci fer (Dept of J.ility evaileblt to J. the 201 ~?2ces of t~e ~~02~ AISS v~re t:-ans• /.atiou that vcuid ccu:ri~ute ~ ~be e~r defense of the conti n~tAl US. : ---. 3 Jon Crb£ni~ati~n ~-~ ~isfion of 5).ntelli~.:~·:iiHty has bee~ c.'!li:ing the 4602d ~ir l.-:s p~ __ :!!? . 0 b..nt!nue to ~aict~ic a C£?~b1lit] to cup~rt COK!....!st r.tic-n of the 1006th to tr. its !'u!::!>C:q-. thrc-:.:~~ capa~ili._.:e:lt dcsi~r.c:!lc: Sc:vi.. t~e Air ~fe:1u Ccrr::::. to incl~~e a ~e:• to &uure a tum fuaet1cnal cepe.. oo\o-nc:d C!)e.-d Crde:. har~·.s &rt eo=?r1Jed of ~hree ~en ea~h.:." of current !.nc:\Ce ' of the intellicenee :e~ cnr:::~ilit)' over t~e :ieee i~~et1¥•tion of the 46~2d Al$S h~s bte:= rC"ssi~le 1£r&el>• becaute ~~e:-a of 6e orisir-. or k~~~~ Scvi~t/Lloc ~erc&~~ee vehicles. .c:nt of AFCIN intelligcoca tez. l~ J.tJlAtiOD zt..-.n~ !lue Ht~ly :elect z.-4.1p (J....tiCID (!JX: te:.:}' "pe..bil1ty despite c£suelt1ee · ~b1ch ~y be 1ncu~ed tu e:pl~y:cat.:-e ci!. .nc.t c1U.:cUCJC c~r!.D/NO:'J.·e projec:te all 1c-1ch·e a potential for ~lc)~ent of q~alified field ~ntelli~enc:e pe•s~~el oo £ quick teQctioo :£sis to rcccver or p~rfcr: !itld e.te111~e:'lc:e reports is the O:li)' ~uc.... T"!:!e ~.:.DC).t.if~l.D/i\u:S.rcn: rolicy 4-tr 205-13.o ~e p:-csE:tt t!~~...b the eont!~­ ge~ey t~~t ArC~ vould cc.b colle. ptipcr.a...?lc1t~tioo of un1deDt1!1ed fly!ng e~jeets. but "·H.h the r.per.IS~) 1 'lt'i tb • ~uti:-~ t:iu !on of c:~ loi tin.:. to cor~nicate ~od pr'C'vide i::. All &re c~rbo~e ~~•lifted. 118¢:.~ 3 T'lie e'lai-ctt.otel11gence. a.:~:. In~ell1&•nce te::.ty is curren:ly pr!!:..e:c.. .rc:!'!-·. ~eepcns sys:~s.r rielc! Aetiv1:1~ Cro:. &epa eeace-~i:lg Soviet/Bloc t~c~r.n:! {J>.:'!~ !-.:""~. #-'!"W~ _ f. end ~ ~P•" for inte!.es&s:ry in viC\. The~e three p e e.-.-:.&rdless o! loca:ion.1cec t.&..:.::.~.::1ntc.:~c!rc~ {..e::lce te~ capability to &ain :-ll?id c:cc:css • re:...:-ily ~~ued to the CO!iJ.ce S~t..FC!t\ 1~ July 1S57 (Sq CC":d Coc. t~if CZ. rltc! S .!:1e~ 4S02ci f. ... icr pe~cettoe A!'Cn~ !-u!l:tt~ns. ~ad is in!or. a t~b C4~. rro~ tbe 1~4 spaces that ~~IF e llocst~t to t~e l0~5tb AISS..&.eticn CCJ:-&:.olotical capobilitiec. .?:::.lJ> in the \lcr ti:le pe:op le 1 pz..46. Tne 1n.. f~ur ~~· period .. e.· Ucns • .:P Ltr 1 dtd 16 Jul !9."'I<!. d.:::_... P~eet~e ~lo)~~ot of AFCIR iotelli&cnce teao capA~111ty is pr~vi~ed for in L70 ia\·est!gatioo (Ara 200-2) ~d 1n su?port of Air Foree Syst~ Cc~ (AYSC) Fo•eiGD T~cbnolo~y Division (FrJ) ?rojeetr l-ic.Ot<.~1~t.4602d Air lot~lli&eece Service S~~adroc).ss ~on (A te~s · 2 end 3).?ril ·1~60).:t!.~=.D dr c5e!e:ae ciuioa (Atcb 1)."\d t:-:.<?.ou t."1:::. ceti~~ted C~d C~cral Orlcr ~9.. sub J: H!.:-.Uf'C".lly ::.. ~on~· ~ve.. ~! ~ ~as elloc~tet! z::.:-rle..·Crac·~~l re~~ine~ "'·ith tha Q:. ltarti~e e:>?loyc.:. 2 J~l 57.r..ed!'c::...e:r.the c.:-. to recC\·er or perfo~ fi~ld e)~loitaticn..lise::. Croas•tratniug 1a prcvilcd ebcb teac cc. As a: fe-:r~ to hr u' ac ·~~ . E.:. ~d / or rc~id~~l eo~on~te of sucb e~u!pwent.ISS) 1 &.~er 1a the skills of t~e ether .DC Dircetor e>f !ntelHbexe "·•s charged ·in lS~3 'k'itb fer this !unc."" .

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)ent of £uch pe. c:ct:J?let!.~1Ht.Jlly . wad £S5iEDr.i• q~~lif~e~ rcplae~t i• ferecast or • ssi&ned. cu::y !ours until a s1t:..~e of eorrespcndcoo:e t}. 'bu1: !or f:-uit~l c:o~:::::. u.c. ll27th l~rly Qu~l1fied intellisen:e te&: p~:e:nnel nov ~ssigned to tbe be re:::inec! beyond their nor-...<.ally qu.the s~af! Guties rE:.e.~Ot tO intelligeoce te~:$.lrther est£b11sb t~e vdue.ea. dt!'\er fr~ p~~~cr~l ~~~la~~e of the 1n~1v!. '!c £ lE:s::e.aee::i:-.P~policy sho:Jld be the iden"t!. To f-.tuis·ra . f.:c us!..r c~lO)T~c: shc~ld be c~~~!~cred. intclli&c:nce c. · Ten such perc.n eutie...?CI!:-ll.:.FSC.c~: &round are ~r-. t.s e!!e~t~vely ""i. ahoulG ee &iVeD SUCh tr~in1D6 ~Dd &5Si~n:.X GS~inst tb~ 2~1~ v~~cy true t'!'lat 2v3's vith /~SS l:..cru:u:ies..&r--cit:-u:. .:! ZI e::.r. ~:..o true of 203 1 s bc:. (2) ~!~i&c=~ot to tbe ll27th o£ int~llife~ce te~ qualified t.i..!lc! on a t:elaetive b~s!c • th!.a• He-n 702 C:ut!. cle. A stl' .in. ot!ler ZI sz:ti.·.e los!. (3) eot:l~ . LDd pcnen.~i. int ell i. •nd the 203XA h letcn::.z:-e~.t~. S~ch auth~r~:ed over~e~s ~~re ~rev{Ou£1Y. ..cie..:ld s:ould be £ut!lor!:eo in t.!slly Gble to perfcn:-: 204 vitbic .e:1ee tea=$ frco ove:-£eec or .yc:-J f:!lC!! CD the A. to 1neluce &ir~orce tr•io!o~.. a !'crce c.n::cnts GO LC autbori:~d cvcrese busia.d~l 1 a c:~?cbilitlcs.. .!.tly aui~ed to A. o£ the u::~ique J. t:cir fu~~e ~tt:~:!.r Gt. Letitl:de l:Zl' be :-cqui<ad L.~t ~ eoditienal OU~ tO n~~zl 8t&ff d~ty e=rrlO)~eot • .Q of e>. to pe:fc·n..& c!irectly in or closel:or alUe~ to their /.difi~c! . cu~cnt p~~cet!=~ ~c ~~tioe ~~~sio~..n.QS\:ists rr. Jos!ible eoluticna to the current ~ad forecast shortese •re: (1) E.ot:llcl could bt!.hed cur:bg pe.. •.Jd fin::ble::-. It ia ~er.• ·---------- ---··- ~- to AFC~-lt c!· previously ~~~lified intellig~n:e te~ per:~e.:ra. T'ne 1127th h~' only ~· elve Ltn~i't ~rsc ~~n?owcr cpaccs alloeeted end tevca o£ t~E~e craees ere ftlie' v1tb either no~-r~ssien/Dloe country Lin_~lata or with aon1ntc111gence t~ac ~ualified L1nfu1ata.c:..>enoncel currer.er41ly develo?r~!..fSC ~"\p.nd efhcth•ely ut!.! J. 1._--y is fc.c...J"'"i"t-~ &l)d A:cn..:Z:?le...e !. o· '1o1h1cb tbt C\:rrent LDd ~er~:at chortage could be r. o£ the 203T. ~-. a:si&~e~ ~o t~~ org~i:aticn ~nd p:ovided n~t only for tbe intellt~ence t u : upr.en:. (' .e:-. rt:::-~(:Sl... bat\1&~ or by c~ns of an e:-:d.rfcr.nd c:1d J. autbori:~ticn for cssi~--~~t t:houlcS he &r~nteG.tne-1 a~le to pc. vit!'l the 1ntell1~~~e teec ca~~bility bei:g ac addit1o~l ~uty.~ur::l!.rsonoel by ~:-ec!e anc! J.?Cnl·ll vbo vel~Dt~cr !or furthc~ tr~i~iog. A proble::: that voul~ be encouoteret in 1:yl~ent1oi ~eh e1ti~n:~~t it tht lccL of ll27tb Uo!'Jist J.S cl!.. D15cu•sicn to tnis'roint hac ~~er~d tbe .~ility.e.::ted 'by t:le 1~tell~£eo:e tu.-:-:.etu.s. s . if n 204~ v~a:..YSC's.Ce · · · tir.:..>loy::eot · of Uc.ficaticn .3.. -u.rver \·. &od an !utell!t~cee tc&: qualified 20lX: is fcr~est ev~il~le.s !.al !c."\el !cr~­ eLst £or re~=n to tbe ZI fro~ overseas assi~ts for ~ssi6~~t A8Ur.F\:t:\-U: !or~s: per~otmel vs.

7 • . is • se· .-crat!o~l c6:». • . .t .~~ ~cer~. .C:z.:. • # ~ (3) r.··~~i?! duty ... .-p prc. : 0 • • 0 ..· · · ·· ·.rpt.E p'·'i. ..~ i:lc:"c 'tei:::i . .·the .s ·~:!.. . Ccn L~.:~Hl!ty.-1~~-t of s~· pcisc-onef'·~ sdn~t ~·e~l c.o~l Gt. bts .Jrtb~i: .-----.:ic.r-..· r~i:\::-:i ·t. _ Lutbori:ei ~v. 0 0 ..adre 5trtngtb of the ' intelligtoe~ · fro: ..~tcll~se~e t_~ · ~ualified.:es i(.' 11Z7 CCP 1~60 . 'riet .e .d a..o· tl-.i.y .:t:·13 . . incHviduil Jus"t1fi~tior. .· i'o .ct :::·. _ ·.c. of I.. .'Ot' ! 2 • .!e · ~races · ill 'V<>rlo.xr~ tbe eapA~i11. ~ • • • ~ • • ....rl~i:'.iitit~~e· •houl.tro1 for .zi !r~ e".. Cr ltr• .z:.~ t.. . q :n:!.~~z:o •· .. o. e . ._.Vl..Cw~t63. '2u1eilir qud1f1ed pe~5oc:u~l c~rr~:·ly ~ss1~ed to U'Crn-U !or further trGinin:..~-!c~. ·c&:. · • 4 Ateb 1~ t>:cc:.r"-i.fCI3 f . ' 0 .tb e. "" . 0 ic:v~li. ::~uicia. .~~ !cr ·.-il · · ·'tea: . <.. Lln~i&~a returuin. · 4 l·~u 57:· 4:.:ld be· i:Qcdiotely i. - • • • • .acb­ =~nt 4 · it ~ eu':Tent :-e~uest for ::..:11n the c·~pabillty in "cadre" at.t{ !. .ed · ~o..s !or: Ue .c.. .:ing: · ... .~ot in the · ev"e!lt. .<..d s~Tt:lt thrcuzb a??:'cpriate cbe.. ~e fc~~eest ' or ~ci~~d . .. li"SC :s.& l.nd .! ..r?Ort Ll:ld 'o?eratic. . iu·.- .al ~upple.~lisued ·th. . to c.~cr.the of· ~l"~~Z:t ·.ded.g an~ as c&.._ ..-.cac=co5-.. C~:l ':'::ylor.aah of p~reor. A~t.:ped~"lce"te.·~Hd current ~d eent_.:u:ltr.""rlzed e. ~ 0 • .r f~c~t vc~c:ies in J..~s. ' . o£ '!:Dr. . ~~d&'fOC=lt on . l..!r.d.. ~ ~ r~:~ ~~o volunteer ·au!gO::~~- &.:s~ins. 0 - -· • ' ..: f-. • . .·· .·ci 'be· i-equ~:ed by .=els.~ r. ~-t'ell!. lAter £dditioo. t7 · ~:Nld ~lc=~. ZI cv~nu. :- .n ·s7 · ~.on.. s... .. e. . 0 • • - 'In · • .:is i £cr ~::uth \•i. b~· · JScni-l.-a . •.4th those : pe'uesse(Qj the 're~rn. . "' ·' .M: ~ c...c~... .eed .L:t~ . (4) 'Hin:..fCI!.ct!ve b~s·t~ e£ .:f?!~ cmd J. o. e . replnc~nta (~) .!._bli~id ~.r=~t:b · J.~ :rct\:i-nee..· ..:s·i:J~e• 'i:n...a··. . • . .i :· sp&ees~ • ' ..... !nt:d~~~..£ale.t.:.. :·t.ISC ' :nd UT.C ·estc:.ut:Hi:"cd ~he ~ic£.s '-~icb 'c z:i' be ~f!ec:t!v:c:ly .g to t~e. - - .:a rscc.elli&e!lCe te.~nts~ ·· ..cticc.. .in~clli~·c:·=e . . ll27tb .!. -~unf~..~Loycent~ .. .FCD\ iotel t!.:::e \.:lel acctUilltion.irborue ttdnins ~uctu for five qu&lif!.. • - • • - ~ • : • • - - - . of . .Cy ltr.n. ..:n. • to . .!s.!-o. . ~~t~ticu beyoud 'nor=al duty to~r£ ol ~ualified iutelll&Cllee te~ ·. ~·cu:a c£pab.ACn01~ r..::'Cm"-~ey liiY I.1:. • : t~ !c~ti!x' to~ /~9rr...~·ilf be • .7 ..'!>Htbbg 1o::!ct1e4l .. -'--__.::ccr..i11ty for pucetf. .ui::ili=~·t!. .d far· th.-·~ ·rrcvi?uG l1 ~~li!ied i:~cll!eence :~ ?~~o~~~l · fer~. )\J~':!J ~loyoent.G.tbc' ·..':~· ..l~le · ·in c:!evelo.o c. ~ould be sive. p'c.. one..eau~t for eetz~U&h~:lt of 01 J. (1).!::~ and i.p{r:..:Lint. G-. e re<iu1r. :...t~ on a eound t.. . ' t'~· &!lou'ld lie' et'to:d1cd .'aho~l4"cn.. ..I .e such trlli. u n tU r.?loy·=~~t.":-...nts'~· . i£ is : e!:tc.. .l · n:W -ia'&t:.:be.= ~..nit:. I:.: e!l... · to inelu~e air~orne traiuios. 8 . .. • . ~uty to .ce aoc! uarti.follo~..r:. c!c!. :.i:i 1V!ot tk.· and outg-crcnt to ' illt.. • • • •• ..i hc-Je-_ ~!l.r ·L":t::. u..ila:-ly q~~lified .

absent administrative and classtflcat1on data.DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON. freedom of Information Act. D.C. 20301-6111 U-4 . The remaining four documents are attached hereto. 1nformat1on properly classified under the cr1teria provided by Execut i ve Order 12356.O. 20340-3299 Stncerely. Routt ne ly deleted adm1 n1strat1 ve and class 1f1 cation data that is unrelated to the substance of your request is not forwarded. an tnittal decision to withhold a record or part thereof. 11 Upon review. it has been determined that port1ons of one of the documents are properly class1f1ed and are not releasable. are attached hereto . The properly classified portions withheld are exempt from release pursuant to 5 U.207/RTS-lMr. 552 <bHl>. D.S.C. you may do so by referring to case #0015-86 and addressing your appeal to: Director Defense Intelligence Agency ATTN: RTS-1 (FOIA> Washington.S. NE 68509 Dear Mr. Boeche fortean Research Center P. There are no reasonably segregable portions of thh exempt material. Therein you requested all 1nformat1on concerning an operation Known as PROJECT MOON OUST. Should you wish to exercise 'th1s right'. You are advised that a requester may appeal. w1th1n 45 days.C . freedom of Information Ac~t· Subsection {~)(1> applies to ~ . ~~~~ 5 Enclosures a/s GORDON NEGUS Executive Director . absent administrative and class1ficat1on data. All substantive portions of two other documents are properly class1f1ed and are not releasable. 22 JUL 1986 Th1s responds to your request under the freedom of Information Act dated 2 January 1986. Box 94627 Lincoln. Ray H. 552 <b><l>. The properly classified portions w1thheld are exempt from release pursuant to 5 U. All reasonably segregable portions of the document.C ." A total of seven documents were foood which are responsive to your request . Boeche: • .

. ....o... c..ACo. ..-. DHI D' IN... . 110. sue JccT...r•o...~t ~· dJ iTtJ . ... see paragraph below) was copied as: tl. ·~ P"~""'D'"' COMMENT: Object may be a part !rom either a Russian space vehicle or a Russian aircraft rlown rrom Guinea... - 2. . .. .! •U .. tt:.. . o• Ill .... r ...·•<l•l+o-J '\ l•t r . .a ... OaiGIIIATO. ~ ( . '"" .. l .~.-ue . L P~•c•••oo•uo. . 6 351 0133 73 a. . 7 Oct 73 1 1&.... 2. ... t. ~ • .. .. ~.. Lettering stenciled on upper halt of sphere (near smaller hole. "'"' -~..... ... (' ._ ... _ . .. ... \ •o. CMaTrUeUT ION a• O• l • t •ATOIIilh 411' USCINCEtffi w/Enel l AmEmb Conokry w/Enel 1 USDAO Moscow w/Encl 1 ''· ---·••Ot•• .OIIMATIOII: 7 OctOber 1973 Abidjan. . . ''~ "J . . : Possible Moon Dust (U) 8 November 1973 o• O'AGli' 4 •....-r. . ... _ ...• ••te _. tt ~ ' •• '•l' .. ! ' --·r-----:.. =. . .•... ...• • w• "· ••· ~•... • JO.. co"'""'"' IVORY COAST •· •t•o•• "IJ"U"' •· o•u o• ••~o•~: 10.··· .•. 2 l (U) Photos Al thru A4 2 (U) N~gat1ves to enel Enels -=·~ L. . o: t C• . .. . • . ._... ...: .. .

-r .. nolo or ba:1: at 1tr equetor a:1d r:r:-tru r ic·... . . ..:·~~"!-1 : r :-· . j·t:i.. . G1o~f' i · &... " ~~!~:f ~ ~~~::. .----------' I I ~~-------------------•bout _6_------------~~ ~ " BK 78 A 7306 OB 0 A / < .. ~ . • ··~:t. .. " ... ld there are ll:lreadat-le &a~: 1ro lt~ • c . ..·-·· ' a '<''•• ••'tt • '•"' .t: 0 '· . ' ' •· · · · -. .. !L.:~rr .: ·:r. • t. Letterin~. ( ... ' .:. · -: • «:>.._.. .. a nd 7..e rf (c . • ---.. - !': a· ... is u:treme1y faint a.J (~: . 1t could have been backward "N ° thereby t r anditeratin£: &! E...!. • v / '> PPAZZ OAT V1 VPA 5 250A BEC 37JfKr 89 r l " A V1 TK --8Jq8 0 1..·-l·.t'r ...COIITIMUATIOM SMUT •cooou 1000 ••ca 2 0 11 0 0 ' '""' " 6 851 0133 73 or 4 '""'"" USDAO.7306 RRA220ATI *RAB250A AI TK ov VES 374KG 89G *Although RO cop.iet first letter in line four a1 ~v~ .. .......~·~-: . ( .:· i~:~ ....... ~Y'mc·t. ... Ab idjan. ~·:."''~l1a~ I. Ivory Coast r------.. ...

. and weighs less than 10 pounds (estimated). 4 ""•II Ivory Coast Inside the top pole there i£ an irregular shaped hold of less than t inch.. was seen by Ivor1an nat1 onals fall t came from a very high flying is GMT ) on 7 October. DD ·:. ~ . ·~ I . inside the lower pole there is a much larger irregular hole of more than t inch · (perhaps as much as linch) ... although irregular 1n shape. ters northeast or ect exists that obJect space a because there 1s no evidence or reentry burns except at s). . Except at poles and from two to four inches aurround.·:._ f .. • • ... Sphere is hollow..1ng them.. Thickness of sphere as aeen at lower pole is about 3/16th or an ineh.. the paint is faded but not burned or aeortehed. Holes.J • . are clean without melted metal . (. ... empty. .. . .. • I ~ • PI t "" "' ~ ! I ' ' "' I . I t could be a fuel tank or other part from an aircraft flying from the n~ghboring country of Guinea Russian aircraft are known to be based there and the political relationship between Ivory Coast and Guinea is not warm at this time.. Abidjan.• ' ~ '• ~ • • I ' • • ... l39G c. 6 851 0133 73 or CONTINUATION '"UT ••n 3 ••o•uto• USDAO."l"O"t NO. . .

.. ~! - lCTtON ':I AI :J! 5 fR :~:~:J.. ·... .._. l'~ :.. •C~~I~G ~IGHT '•·~ .i r • s c ..) C • • • .iilu 41iC" •J ~~1t.. I.l • ~I!f .l •AS~t~~TC~ •'s~:~GT~~ • ..: ' •C ~·~.J(l4) .l) •E~.-4! s I~ :~... J....111(:. ISCAO ~ ~.. .._. • !~P125 s~t·!e~~4~: . 14USCt:'iw JSS~ ~ ~ S~A~A/~SC!~~E~~ :T : • .. ..~0~ ~USTI . .~ 0 ! Q 3 u 1 ~ 's_..J a - . s s E . !•IT'Z!~L•. .u 1 Eu iHC t • 3i • ~. ~~.o~ :s~. •!~Sa ..' i . :~r :: ~ . . I s• ! T z~ ._:u • ~ ""~..~IA. t .:.. "' c E j g:~a . : J~~oc~·s ~ F : .Fn ~ u E~CT/~50&0 OTT&~l C&~AO& ~ L EM"~~/ . L ~ XI 0 6 ~9J · .s" • .. n ~• ... .. ~~..4' • • • • l5~1:SaC1~' OJSfl3) . s ~ E1\.. S~! . ~.. r .A.C::.: u •• 0 ' • . .."~!) • : ! a ·•s~t~G·:~ ~c ~o~s~ •!S~I~GTC~ ~E:s~•'E ~~tT~ OC - 'S! •AS~'~ )C ~!LE<!l JE ~~n~Eeu ·~•31 z-. .. . \•.:~r ~ca ~ua ~~18 3.. ... -t~S ~~C.J s sIf • ~.lf.{~2) J3t~~CC SE:~fF~~7) :OI&Cl5) ~c :~: ~~s~:~~.._y EEEEE zz.. .OC•tiCCF/A~/~~·2 i-. . · "• •J • l • ..&" CEitTfll IZC2C!EC5~7 ~uE<eJCS J . J ~~ ~"A'S!TJ25t~l~l125t~482/d~d:J~T0~~2~1~47 ~2et63~ ~ 2~1~1~l ~ S D aO J•~ 78 ~EQ~ s~tTZE~LANO •c wvE~JCS. ....~ 1v1~t ~'o ~~~Cf :F ~C~~t~tTlU~I 7A~l2~ ~1110C•11CCFI. ~~G JT' i•l559Z ..-F . s z! I 1a c E v ~ n ~ o 1 rJ ~ .~~~Etr .~·....$. -••E :. .· .. GT ~ N 'C JC . . . .:.l :~ :~FOI ii~PI 78~!25 J~~t2'5 • 7~~~~8 •! . sc~r~i ~-:~L ~~. s r.J""' ~ ~ ~ ~ .

_l..PO~~ NAOlt'taCTl\'IT~ ..A"-C PROTEC.. ~fl~l ~•~E e!£• ~EA~ILf f~~~Ailtft. !•!i! OETER~l~[O •%L~ ~01 AFrECT t~lTZER~&~D~ D~1P£~1Nf$ 0~ PRECAUTlC~ARV "E•Suaf~ ~awE RE~~ PUb.l~lT• •lTkl~ S~ITZ A~t OUTI10[ ~•IB5 IO~O!~S.I.~v P~f~AREC •lT" ~ADlO••tTlVE E~lSSlONS.._ 2' ~O U R~ a OH't OfilfE lJ\ $AfhT1S A..[N Uft 1r flT~fk CES. 'O~ A0l0ACT1VJT• 4~E~T~ RAOlC ANC T\" llAllON$.._ USE ~~ IWJ.c U~C~liSlfJl ~ i•2e~ ~~t~• ~'! 1~FC 11·~'~'w'· AhC COM'aaEI fO OaT£ J~ u5 PAff~i. · ~ ·~'a'' (lff~IIVt CO~fllGf f~ROJG~ l•ll! ~f•S "fvlA I£E~ '1Vf~ fC 6DV1ff Slft~~l'f «05~0~ i~4. tG~~fhf' ~~0~ G£•••~ l10~!C . f~f l•lS$ QUU ff K'~l~S~f S6..'f~O. HET•OR« ~~L ~ 8f E~TlRtL• AUTD~ATlC. 5•111 .TENI •H..flfAIC~ SPftf• ~ IJT.N~ •!.G( CLI'TU ·~ .. t'l l!P 6TAT:O~S ~7TM~'UF~b~ED~Xll•£ CUl~~£~~ •~l:~ •w P ouE Tt TMlS AtCJUt~T. . •e•s1 •~s N~T REGISTER l~· lNC~EAI£ Jh ~lDlOACTl l~lT~ ArTE~ ~CCIDfNl.Tb.(V£~6 ~VI~RY lP •1NuT£S.IUT' WlL~ tttC'T If Offf.1CAL tONfT-~tTlO~ 0' f~E •t•:~oJ>..l"&~: . ACCO-Cl~G TC lS D%~ M' "0~1. PA[. l~TER~a!IO~l~ Oh ~UCLtA~ 6lC ~ ~lT!.EI5A. A~lR~$ ' ' tTJ~TlON! A~f AC1:vATEr A~C COM~lSSIO .. '~AT~~· PODSlb~E ~FALL•O ~ T~ •~T~O u ..TI~E CPl7~AL.ltl~ itl~DA~•... T~E 1•115 AR~ ...~ EQuJP~Ef\r IH AGA%NS~ tOM~E~~s• PO~lCE DEPT l~FOA"f~ 'RfSS ABOUT T~f ~~~Ol ~ •ACTlvf A L ER~ $V$'["$ PRESENT~~ l. "~ ~O L L.L. S••lTlEWL.O'E~ATlO~A~.-· •!Gt 2 tc.-.. fF'ftT ~ •01~~6 ~~4 a[LllJYE~~ I~AL~ CO~'AREC TO A · -UC~lA~ TEt.afQ~Et~t:£! -of ·~li.f' Trul ~ 5A. 1f ~•t ~tPOif£ C •• ucr jf\ 0' ~A~E [NE~''• $6TE~LlTE~ s ~ -~'1£5 ~fA~' •iS lh._ !Vf~~ OF ~A~%0•ACT%VE O&NGl•.IOfNT Of #EOERAL CO~~lSSlUJ\ ·Ot..L•I. DETErT A~ J~CREASE 1~ RAOIOA:. .E ~h T 1L &ov:ETi -£~£liE tEC~NO~S. 0~ 'C fORCE ~ACA~ $lATl 0 h~ OwT OF CRbll. ..E" Jt.~T o:cu~ 1~ £kE•._ ~APERI J IIST Ih tASf' ll~'~lL. IOJ"C~a ~~-•~ 1!. ·IUll.~ ..~E.lSM£[' 1. T~E~ '~~ C~NhE:TtO TC ' COMPuTE~ AT CEhTRA~ ALER~ ITATlO~ l~ ZW R!Ck. D OT-.:i E~~~~ ~ U~ !"0 ~ . Nl~' TC.E. .DEPARTMENt OF DEFE?\S£ AITC•£"0fi'1Aff . T•C j~fR~ !TATJO~! H: P~~.AYEitE. OtttC& -. IH: CCHwT&!..~ C • FA5A~~!. ANNDTES u' UNCLASilf"lEIJ 1!111IIP .ifji!'f.•!ho&i!i. Sll I'ATlDN~ &a~ P-t6ENT~. ·~T~ 0 Jy~ "tS~ ~•w:~SK! . A~ O Rf. IMEL. I~ L•&E~!~G 11lUAl10~ A •ftC"' ACT1V1T• I'TATfr 'hUl AI Of' A~C 1PI.Z. fRC)~ 1•1•& JuSTICE •ouLr. •"IC~ ~A5 fA.~I-~££$EC AG~[["£~f~ T~AT i1PE~I~E~T$ Of f•%5 ~~~0 I~O• A •o££~ ti&Rfw'~P OF ·~~'~ L!fE• •NO COP~.AR l:Vf. J•ISS ITAllONS e. l.

.' Industr ial Re search Repart.a! . • · •.allographie 2. NZ }:Wstey of Foreign Affairs ~.. ....urers identification m&rking:.hia c ase are indic:atiw of origin. 1 cy Ota..... of Scie• . ... . --·-·-··'----... DSlR Rer ort on Four •:etal S. The !~r 11pheres are o! modern titanium. ~IIlKINs:>N ..... .... • r __..3'... Report. Conclusio.. ........li_HAS NOT ....---..i ..-..l. . a.... ~· . 19 Jun 72 •~ ~~~~~uuo. ~c.. .. • • .y no conclusive r:roof o! ~r~f• ..·~·. ~ 0 O to Qc( ~­ c:--- .-.. ..... UNCU SSIFIEi> .. . .CF4C ~o "'· --...... ~here is re&ll. ..ont.ment..._. Tji--') . and arparent. ~Ue t.... ...---.. The titt.... ".NZ Der. Rerort provides detailed visual.s.... of a space nhicle . .O.... -~"'*''DJI: .. I I . . 4&') .... llf6CI debris markings in t... ... ...... . ..... on ~pace Debris e...ay 1972 irl the vacinity o! Ashburton.... OP ~ ACIIl ~.. ... lh iii4..n orisin.. ... .ac• Wellington... t o ):il"Ove liability for property damage or personal injury under exiati.. ...h 11J:here lii&S similar ~o the three larger srheres covered by the report.t1 c.based alloys and o! high quality fabrication...---. •:arldngs on the spheres a r·pear to be lll&l'lufa et..------. The design suggests they 'litre gas press. and r:FA rersoMel throUGhout t he past...... ~.100K IIC •-111: DUSI'" ..... it would be difficult.... ----..... .. _ . • _.ment........._ ....__ . vessels formizlg part... 1......... ........._ . one or u~ou• .. o! Scientific and Industrial Researeh analysis of the first four of f ive metal sphere s found between ) AJ:ril 1972 and 12 Y.. JIB. several . . ...~ 11011111. .-General. ('· 1~~ · ·~ _ UUL K..... ~ ~net......·-.... chemical and analysis o! the f01Jr 11pheres... CG2:p:rss As r:<>inted out in the DSIR report and discussed with DSIR.... International Space Agreemellt..•o• ..._.---..rheres of Unkno~n Oriein Fo~nd in Ule South lsla~ of Ne~o· Zealarxl. .. New Zealand.-.. 23 June 1972 l !.... ltUtiOOUCa) ~ I"" -::--:r Encl l Enclosure 1. _ . j. A fiOij B IIIIUKi l l JWle 1972 1&.g I /....a•oo. ...nn• -.....hs of investigation... for'4rds a copy of the Mew Zealand De~rt...UA'IOII: IIIIUIIC:I --=........ Ollle iM ATOit -~2'-- 14 .---... _. AUTMO or Russian or East.... . ....JSAF A CTING ~ _ DE~lSE ATTACHE ....

.. ~.. ---·--<:: 'J ...'it I ACTION DIAl Olltft . II CANAOA CCA)/UIIR CU-) I Ill lilt 71 ~~~~T 1~1~1 N le COUNTRY I ~E. n.·~ i .. VlCltJ•L713 filii . • ·.13 U . • • • • • • (ID6) • CJ~I tl•) OJI (13) .IECT NUMIE•I 0/ITf or t . 11Ulll0 •• ... CU) • •• s. :)Aff 0. AIDtiiACll) IOlA(ll) C"C WAIHlNITOH DC CIA' WAIHINITON OC CND WAIH!NGTD~ DC CIA WAIHINDTON OC CI A I!CSTATf WAIHINITON DC WHlTE HOUil WASHINGTON DC .~..- . 'ILfU) • INY CCCCt o··ll21liZ JAN 71 '" UIDAOIOTTAMA TO UIA •41HOC JMMlDI4T! Dl TRA~IIT12SIIliZIIS112SZ/IIIIIITO~I21111• M~EHOTA 11117 1152111 UIOAOIOTTAWA 11317 R£C'D DS·4B ... ..ORT ... .·r-:i co •• le NUMIERI TIT~ll MOON DUIT/MCRNING ... 'RO. rr~'(•.lA lfAI~ DC . .. -rL"O'-~ a 1 !ltD liS /~ c.3 0 JAIJ '78 CITll UIDAO Ill JAN 71 '~· OC•liCC'I TMII ..



NSE _. t•l''OI &tarr llt"-'~1 Ultll VJC!CIIIL TSU MUL. WAIH!NGTON DC CND WASHINGTON DC CIA WAIHINGTDN OC t t ' Nil WUH OC '11..1 lltCTtON fl D' f2 UIOAO/W[LLINQTO N IIlii DtA .AT A'& 'D~ TOANOf AOCOM 'OR J•lr I!CITATE . JNit &NO~ ~ THU U t("" lUI !!J l (U) COUNTitYt Nf~ liALANO (Nl) 1: (U) ltl'D•T NUM8l~t I 118 1118 71 I. (U) TtTL!I (U) 'ltDJICT MOON OUIT .! 1 lfl lliU c .OR OT•S tN'D Ot••f 1111 AI~ !NTlL I' ralt tNCDI 'TO W~IGHT•.11117 '• (U) DATI ANO 'LACI D' ACQI 11111' • WlLLfNGTON.. (U) DATI 0' JN. (U) 'ltOJ!CT Nltt NA I. .0..CI') / • • • • • • (til) IOiAI(IS) IIDtA(tt) NHtC CMC CC •atHINGTON DC CIA.. (U) ltf..DEPARTMENT OF ll[Ff. J31NHCC I!CO!.OIMATtDNI t• OCT • S NOV 11 I• (U) DATI 0' ltl'OitTI . Nt!NC!t Cllt D•T31••t711 (CONTINUING) 1 1 (U) AllliiMtNTJ IDUitCI A JN'O I ~ ~ c: .f2oi:L.T tYUW lEtT It D' 53551 !35!7 ACTION DIAl OJITR J)(14) J5(~2) .



Documents deal marginally with this. including four documents which refer to PROJECT MOON DUST.A very interesting set of docum. 400+ 8!xl4" pages . Approx. 235 8hl1" pages . The only way to break the government's wall of silence is to give enough people sledgehammers. Nebraska 68506 Telephone: 402-483-7284 . Many of these are virtually unreadable. and enclose the appropriate amount (US funds only) by check or money order.50 FBI DOCUMENTS: Received in response to a request for documents relating to FBI surveillance of UFO investigators and research groups. To order.00 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DOCUMENTS: 139 pages of previously unreleased documents concerning the DIA's involvement with the UFO problem. 140 8!x 14" pages . Complete. etc. tapes & books for the New Age Consciousness" Mail & Phone orders Welcome 4203 South 48th Street Lincoln. the greater the chance of something else coming to light. The· documents will be shipped to you as soon as possible. excised at the request of the individual involved.$23.FORTRAN RESEARCH JOURNAL DOCUMENTSETS AVAILABLE FROM FORTEAN RESEARCH CENT~R The following sets of U. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ THE WAY HOME RECORDS & BOOKS ''Offering a collection of records. government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are available for our cost of xerographic reproduction and first class postage. _though some of it is difficult to read. with only some names. phone numbers.50 §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Please be aware that we make these sets of documents available to interested parties as a service only. 200 8!xl1" pages . usually within 2 weeks from receipt of your order.e nts. of course the more sets of eyes that look at them. and.$21. We simply feel that everyone should have access to these documents. The prices quoted cover our costs of copying and postage. THE BENTWATERS INCIDENT: Complete working file on the 1980 alleged UFO landing at a US Air Force base in England. Some very good information.$24. but there are literally dozens of fascinating reports here..S.50 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DOCUMENTS: Documents dealing with primarily the "green fire-ball" phenomenon which was rampant over Los Alamos in the late 1940's. but give a good idea of the behind-the-scenes thinking of the FBI.$38. simply specify which set of documents is desired.

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Our book review section shows two good reasons for this. and only time will tell if we can obtain information of significance. is explained in our chronological history of bipedal humanoid sightings. Linda is one of the leading investigators of these events. I would like to ask that you please keep us in mind when making plans for charitable contributions. Linda Howe. Littleton. ----- All the best. to be distributed among several target groups. it was described as bipedal. unless. and let us know what you think about our efforts. If these pan out. and we are grateful for her contribution to this issue. has contributed an update on animal mutilations. We are also in the procews of writing a series of surveys on the unexplained.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL - 3 A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR We meet again. as I mentioned then. Hopefully. thanks for your continued support. She will be happy to provide anyone interested with complete details. Director . See ~he October 31. Colorado 80122. 3208 East Fremont Drive. 1968 entry in the above mentioned article for the particulars. Her address is: Linda Moulton Howe. if you are wondering. I apparently committed a grave error in my last note to you. you will be among the first to know. we can only hope that forty years of coverup by the United States government with regard to this subject will be enough. Currently in the works are two cases involving the alleged crash of a UFO. Until next time. Several new and promising areas of exploration have recently been opened through the Freedom of Information Act. We can only make it with your help . we will have full details in the Journal as soon as possible. Boeche. If we do. expand our investigations into areas which we simply couldn't afford to research. I would highly recommend obtaining a copy. with recovery by the government. And. with what I hope you'll find an interesting collection of Forteana. regarding our coverage of UFO material. by the time the next issue is out. we will have a ruling by the Internal Revenue Service regarding our tax-exempt status. 1 only meant we would not be devoting full issues to the subject for a while. As we complete work on this and obtain the results we· will let you in on the attitudes we discover. Ray W. Videotape copies of her documentary are available directly from her. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors. Please don't worry. 1987 being the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the modern UFO age. the producer of the excellent documentary A Strange Harvest. The illustration on the front cover. Although the creature is not humanoid. and if you are at all interested in this subject. and bring you bigger and better reports on our work. our investigation of UFOs will continue to be chronicled in these pages. We hope to resume our series of conferences on the unexplained. and something substantial can be learned. When I stated that we would drop the subject. the government comes clean. 1987 promises to be an exciting year for the investigation of the unexplained.

please let us know. The creature was seen by Miss Craig near the roadside.reports over a period of several years concerned sightings of a monkeylike creature frequenting the area near Exeter. It then walked off the highway into a ditch where it was shot by one of the drivers. Many of these reports were collected by the author in the mid-1960s. a number of tracks were also found. He ran in a panic back to his grandmother's house. when some of the reporters were already well into their eighties. when he saw what appeared to be a large. Carol Craig. The creature was described as about six feet tall. nor one of the truck drivers. white creature with black hands and face.An animal of unknown species. reports from this area have occurred since the mid-1800s. It walked exclusively on its hind le~s. but. Built in an area where coal mining prevailed for some time in the mid-1800s. November 24 . walking on its hind legs was struck and killed by a truck near Falls City. of Ravenna. October 31 . However. However. Livestock and wildlife in the area were reported to "go crazy'' at times. many older residents in the area have given verbal reports over the years that stories concerning some type of large two-legged monster have been prevalent since their childhood. 18. 1950s . because of the variety of some of the types of creatures described by witnesses. 1959. it raised up and looked directly at him. Several area residents had discovered footprints in the area (approximately 16" long. If any readers are aware of any incidents which may have been omitted. 14. The state Game and Parks Commission was also unable to determine its identity. and was injured when it darted in front of the truck. a body resembling that of a bear. One 11 year old boy was grabbed by the creature and thrown into a ditch.Reports had been received daily by the Nebraska City Police Department concerning a monster seen near Minersville.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL lt. and 5-7"across the ball of the foot). she observed a creature identical in appearance to the one seen earlier. neither the game warden. in the southeastern corner of the state. with the exception of entities described directly in relationship to UFO landings. When he started toward the creature. Later that afternoon. A tradition of strange events surrounds this particular area. I prefer to term these creatures bipedal humanoids . We have tried to be as definitive as possible. It seems prudent to make this distinction. As mentioned earlier. with neither party knowing of the other's sighting. . we are not infallible.Billy Hauschild. and still continue sporadically. with a wolf-like face. alas. and some ten days later. the town no longer exists. Miss Craig recanted her testimony under what appeared to be pressure from her parents. The creature was not reported again. The following listing is comprehensive to date. could identify it. One girl driving through the area had the trunk of her car caved in by the creature. was in a car with several friends. 1895 and earlier ._ __ EIPEDAL HUMANOIDS IN NEBRASKA: A CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS This report concerns itself with what are commonly known as Bigfoot sightings. and walking upright.While no published reports exist (to our knowledge) many stories abound concerning a town called Minersville. While bearing a superficial resemblance to a raccoon. 1968. December 13 . 1968. and as they were about to drive over a bridge in the same vicinity as the first sighting. who was also a trapper. was hunting on his grandmother's farm east of town. The reports were made independently of each other. We will be concerned with the reports of all of these types of creatures.

authorities variously tried to explain it as a bear. and then crouched on the ground. and refused to return to the area. upright animal. simply to avoid having to go back and harvest it.Several . They estimated the creature as being between 8 and 9 feet tall. The tracks appeared to have been made by some type of two-legged creature. He turned his crop over to the owner of the land. They watched as a hairy creature broke into the open. ran for his truck. he turned to greet him. it was occassionally seen to move on all fours. reported to authorities that he had observed a coal-black. hair covered form. when they heard brush crashing in a thicket of trees about 100 feet from the house. Authorities were unable to locate any trace of the creature. 1975. The thing was reportedly jumping about a foot off the ground. Generally described as being about six feet tall. a mountain lion. in a side-stepping manner. . and about three feet wide across the chest. It then stood.Four sisters. and gave his description of the creature as 3!-S feet in heighth. 1973. 6!-7 feet in heighth. completely hair covere~ standing between two houses. 1973. into a field close at hand. man-like creat~re seen in the area for about a week. and disappeared into the distance. Gering residents had been hunting for a large hairy. September 11 . and saw a large. The creature turned and walked away. none of which are native to the area. looking toward the field. December 9 -Two twenty-three year old men were walking home about 10:00 pm in southeast Lincoln. Creature was described as 6 to 8 feet in heighth. Oakland residents reported seeing a large. and measuring about seven by seven inches. No firm traces were ever found. and putting its hand on top of the fence. As he stood facing ·st. by two Madison County appraisers. aged 13 to 18. 1972. driving about five miles north of Nebraska City. A York city police officer saw the creature September 9. vaulted it without breaking stride. October 9 . Most observers described a creature about 8 feet in heighth. August . April 27 . June 13 -A trucker. and making hideous screaming. Although the trucker was unable to see the creature's head.Several individuals near Fort Calhoun reported sighting a large brown. The tracks measured 8! inches long and 5 inches wide. Most often described as walking upright. He screamed. Washington County Sheriff Bert Spanton went to the area and found tracks he described as five-toed. and estimated to weigh over 1000 pounds. 1974. where it broke into a run. when they saw a large man-like form. 1974 August -Throughout the month of August. he did notice four sharp teeth. he saw a man-like shadow approaching his. and an elk. which was stretched out in front of him . this being judged by their spacing.A farmer (name on file) who had rented some land near Minersville was checking his crop near sunset. hair covered creature. about a foot in heighth jumping up and down on the highway.FORTEANRESEARCHJOURNAL 5 1969. were outside their farm home near Crete. screeching sounds.Reports circulated around York for about a week concerning a large hairy creature seen by many area residents. September 26.A set oftracks of an unknown animal were found near Battle Creek. appeared to look at them and moved quickly. 1973. furry creature. 1975. November 30 . and they watched as it came to a six-foot high privacy fence. Thinking it was the man from whom he was leasing the land.

or their tracks. Woman was sitting on back porch near dusk when the birds and animals suddenly grew silent. and they can provide further information which may reverse our decision on a particular incident. unless otherwise noted. Well. We would like the reader to be aware that when reports are made in this Journal. in the ensuing year. concerning something called Milo Man. about 300 yards away. they stopped the car. December 11. Readers may remember the mention in our first issue. She was facing southwest. The accounts listed above have been thoroughly investigated. If a case is brought to the reader's attention. 1982. If we can successfully separate the wheat from the chaff. She then noticed a figure silhoutted against the sky. While driving along the highway.A man and his fiance were returning to Utica from a friend's wedding. with the appearance of a human from the waist up. and observed it again through the back window of the automobile.On a farm south of Lincoln. they observed a creature described as being about six feet tall. we are that much closer to a final answer in any question concerning the unexplained. turned around. She was able to collect hair samples from the fence. which left the largest to smallest no definitive answers. After passing the creature. and their credibility is above reproach. She was adamant that there was plenty of light still in the sky. and attempted to turn these over to the Game and Parks Commission. run across the road toward a brush pile. Both described it as looking like depictions of Pan. 1980. 300+ pound animal which ran in front of him at 26 and Fairfield streets. and disappear. but were unable to find any further trace of the animal. and 7! inches from toe. area residents reported sightings of a creature about three-toed tracks 15 inches long. and that the creature simply vanished. at about 1:00am.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 1976. As the creature grew closer. and saw her horses acting in a disturbed fashion. 1986. July 5 . . we have been unable to collect any further sighting corroboration. please feel free to contact us. crossed the farmyard about thirty feet away from her. and self-luminous glowing yellow eyes. Authorities who examined the tracks could offer Police seemed satisfied that no hoax had occurred. and your assistance in doing this will be greatly appreciated. August . we do not feel justified in including those events in this catalogue. This figure began to run through her pasture toward her position. but they refused to investigate. but appearing to be "goat-like" from the waist down.Macy 8 feet tall. looked like an ape. her dogs knocked her down in their frantic attempt to get into the bouse. Some forty other incidents which were explained as being simple misidentifications of animals. have been discarded.Lincoln police investigated a complaint from a motorcycle driver who had to "dump" his vehicle to avoid hitting a 7-foot tall. The frightened cyclist described the creature as having long. so for the time being. Neither individual drinks. Police investigated. they have been thoroughly investigated. or simply an imagination working overtime. dark hair. and smelled like a creek. and exist as the true anomalous residue which cannot be explained. June 13-20 . It was described as having long hair. We hope to provide the public with the most accurate information we can. She watched as the creature broke through the wire fence.

of Jeanerette. The scene was a little different for three fisher men at Black Hawk Creek near Waterloo. "We have some ideas." A cavern in the dry lake bed is large enough to "bur y a bus in" . showed some teeth. has been terrorizing women at Sonepat in the northern Indian state of Haryana for the past few weeks. All attempts by police to catch the animal have failed . 1986) Geologists will have to do some digging to determine what happened to Cedar Lake. "It gives you t he willies when you look at it. 1986) A frustated. August 13. 1986) A 14 year old Nebraska boy playing at Arnolds Park in northwest Iowa stumbled across an alligator skull on Monday. M~ke long. police said. How the elephant got the re remains a myster y. "We had no missing elephant reports.inch body part with a fingernail prompted a supermarket to pull cans of Juanita brand menudo . The arcs are about 1 . 1987) Five people have been charged in the death of an eight year old girl who authorities said was strangled during an exorcism intended to cure her of Down's syndrome. 30. but they're just ideas. (The Lincoln (NE) Star. That's m ore than three times the diameter of the Milky Way. were fishing in the creek when they spotted what appeared to be an alligator.Herald. November 11." (Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star . Officials speculated that the an~mal may have died on a ship and been thrown overboard .a Mexican stew made with tripe . said Dale Phenis. ater drained a 75-acre manmade lake that vanished in early November . lovesick ape. Todd Kramer. one of the 600 stockholders who own the lake. "We need an inspection trench to really see what happened.from its shelves. NE. The discovery of the 2. Curtis Marti of Lincoln. January 11. Iowa.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 7 FORTEAN NEWS FLASHES Marine patrol officers have towed to sea the decomposed body of an elephant found in a canal near the Florida Keys town of Marathon. (The Lincoln (NE) Star January 8. Abell . January 6. curving through galaxy clusters Abell 370. (The Lincoln (NE) Star. apparently seeking a mate. unearthed the alligator skull while playi ng in the sand. and went back under the water. 1987) Astronomers have discovered the largest structures ever seen in the universe: mysterious glowing blue arcs that may be bands of new stars arching through distant clusters of galaxies. November 18. Dennis Rokusek of Waterloo and Rokusek's brother-in-law." Phenis said . Ny said the 6-foot critter opened its mouth . None are known to live in the area. Officials say the skull is in excellent condition ." said Marine Patrol Capt. (Omaha (NE) World. 9 million trillion miles l ong." said Cec il Bearden. Jeff Ny of Waterloo said he and two others. 1986) A man discovered an object identified by a pathologist as part of a human fi nger in his plate of a canned Mexican stew after his family had already consumed some of the food for dinner. The w through a l ong crevice in the lake bed Friday night and traveled about a quarter mile underground before coming out the side of a hill. state senior water resources engineer. The beast regularly pursues women through the main street of the town. (The Lincoln (NE) Star. 2218 and 2244-02 . 1987) A jury ordered two Transcendental Meditation organizations to pay nearly . Louisi ana repeatedly squeezed Takietha Phillips neck "to remove the demons from the chi ld's body and make her normal. the United News of India news agency reported. August 7. (The Lincoln (NE) Star. Judge Richard Haik said Gloria Walker Porter Evans. and has sunk its teeth into at least two • dozen women so far. The arcs are 19 billion trillion miles from earth.

and police were checking to see if he was the one who had stomped on at least eight other women's feet. (The Lincoln Star February 12. (Lincoln (NE) Journal. 1987) A tall slender man . veterinarian Dennie Bassham tried to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun but failed. delivering a 9-pound.000 to a man who contended the movement falsely promised he could learn to fly. said Tallahassee police investigator Cheryl Weigand. January 14. in Bo~lder. Moses then used a shotgun loaded with buckshot to kill the tiger. When the tiger charged. 1987) A colorful streak of light flashed across the night sky from eastern New York to Hassachussetts. and with the same doctor. Meanwhile. (Lincol~ (NE) Journal. 1987) For the second time in a l i ttle over two years. photographs of three children and three white-robed men dismembering two goats were included in a Virginia state police affidavit seeking a search warrant for two farms linked to the Finders . and we kept our headlights on him the whole time and blew our horns at him when he looked like he was getting restless. a Boulder police spokesman. wearing boots was arrested in New Orleans when he tried to kick a woman. however. February 12. (Llincoln (NE) Journal February 27." M cClure delivered an 8-pound. at the same hospital. Police had no suspects." and three others showing children playing with goat fetuses . Authorities did not know where the tiger came from. according to Space Command officials at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. 1987) Tallahassee." said David Grimm. another captioned "Ben finds Henrietta's womb. D. (Lincoln (NE) Journal. C. Colorado two people had been injured by 5-inch darts shot through a blowgun on the University of Colorado campus. were found guilty of fraud and negligence in federal court. also at Mesa Lutheran. The photo album had been seized in an earlier search of Finders property in Washington. The World Plan Executive Council-United States and the Maharishi International University of Fairfield. (Lincoln (NE) Star February 10. The animal. "He seemed nervous and scared. 1984. "It's almost embarrassing. Mesa Lutheran Hospital. Tuesday at. On November 7. Gerald Moses of the state patrol. February 10. which weighed between 250 and 400 pounds was shot about two hours after it was first spotted by Georgia State Patrol officer Mike Reese. 1987) A Bengal tiger was shot and killed on Interstate 75 as it charged law enforcement officers who had hoped to tranquilize it. Authorities speculated that the object was either a fireball or a piece of space debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere. The reports described an orange light with a green tail that zipped southward about 8:45pm February 26 .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 8 $138. Among the pictures were those of a crying child looking at a decapitiated goat. 15-ounce son. The light lasted three or four seconds. Florida police were working with the FBI to locate the parents of rour boys and two girls age 2 to 7. "While it may have the fingerprints of a prank. Benjamin David. Christi. Forty-five minutes later. Dr. Craig Seal performed a Caesarean section on Carol Killian. we did it again. 1' Gail McClure said Wednesday. 13-ounce daughter." said Sgt. No satellite's had been targeted as due to break up. Iowa. found in a park with two men thought to be members of a cult known as the Finders. 1987) . I don't imagine having a steel dart in your side makes you feel it's much of a prank. two sisters have delivered babies on the same day. Meanwhile. But Yeah. puzzling sky watchers and making telephones light up at police and TV stations. and more than one showed signs of sexual abuse. Reese said the tiger darted in front of a truck. then crouched in a ditch. McClure and Killian both gave birth to daughters within an hour of each other at the same hospital. In Mesa Arizona. The children were dirty and insect bitten.

Following this." . Usually an ear. the rectum was "cored out". The nose. beginning at the lower eyelid. Beginning in 1975. Often. Usually the udder and/or teats of a female animal were cut away . Sheriffs in Logan and Elbert counties in Colorado were investigating as many as three mutilations a day. Lou Girodo had been working in the District attorney's office for severl years. In spite of these extensive wounds. A yearling bull seen alive by its owner the evening of August 24 was found dead and mutilated the next morning. and the tongue were removed. Colorado. triangular section of missing tissue which included the genitals and rectum. which extended to the rectum. and linked UFOs with the horse's strange death. and had been the chief investigator of animal mutilations during the period of 19751979. and extending onto the forhead. It has been twenty years since the Snippy case. mutilations were reported in the Great Lakes area. along with Trinidad mayor. straight cut had been made from one side of the rib cage to the other. One eye was missing. That story went worldwide. 1 have seen seven mutilated animals. 1986. In September.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 9 STRANGE HARVEST: ANMAL MllfiLATION UPDATE Linda Moulton Howe Mysterious animal mutilations go back to at least 1967 and the famous "Snippy'' the horse case. " •• • who is doing this now is very possibly creatures not of this planet. Then something caused a dramatic shift of these events to the midwestern and western United States. but the bodies were carved in strange ways . In almost every case . Colorado. Lou Girodo of the Trinidad District Attorney's office visited the site. one half of the face was stripped so cleanly. Lou and I had sat across from each other late one night in his office with a camera running. and in Pennsylvania •. The Trinidad Sheriff's office sent Deputy Mike Bailey to take photos and make a report. Ron Sanders. From the ends of this cut. an eye. two more strainght cuts had been made. intensive harvest of animal parts began in the 1970's. including a horse that looked as i f it could get up and walk away . he startled me by saying. 1986. upper and lower lips had been removed in a clean cut that made a 360° circle about four inches back from the tip of the cQw's nose. Many of the eyes had a neat. dead for only minutes or hours. The "cookie cutter" appearance of many of the cuts. When I asked him who he thought was behind the mutilations. when law enforcement agencies were trying to cope with investigat ions of many mutilation cases each month.even though it had been killed and mutilated three weeks earlier. leaving about a 4inch by 6 inch hole. This was one of the first signals to ranchers and law enforcement officers that something bizarre was happening. The result was a large. and about ten years since the unexplained. on either side. and the penis and/or scrotum of male animals were removed. The strange harvest continues: 1986 August 25 . A long. The tongue had been cut out from deep inside the throat. the exposed bones appeared sun-bleached. Snippy was the Apaloosa mare found stripped of flesh from the neck up in the sand dune valleys near Alamosa. A STRANGE HARVEST in 1979 for the CBS affiliete in Denver. and the lack of blood are quite unnatural. I first met Lou when I was producing the documentary film . round patch of hide about three inches in diameter removed . near Trinidad. Dr. there wasn't any blood at the scene. 1 drove to Trinidad to talk with Girodo and Sanders. In the early '70's. Many of these animals were still warm to the touch.

In 1986. Phyl.. Utah.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 10 Talking with Lou seven years later. Three weeks later. South Dakota saw a light over the Badlands "change colors from all red to all green to all white. and Ogallala. " The rectum was also cleanly removed." . New Mexico. It was. by neighbors of the mutilated animl's owner. In March. and lip. the light "came back on and t ook off. he found an 8-year-old cow dead and mutilated . leaving a four-inch wide hole. 1986." H had seen the cow alive at 7 pm on June 6.." There was a red light on top and a greenish haze around the center of it ." he said. The cow was found in a grassy pasture with no tracks around her.lis said she could not hear any sound associated with the light. Mike Heathershaw was born and raised on his ranch at the northern edge of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Chimayo. "I've seen a lot of dead animals eaten by buzzards and coyotes. the only blood visible on the animal consisted of two odd tracks. however. Oja Sarco and Chimayo. two teenagers driving home around 8 pm saw a ''silent light hovering over their house. he said. As soon as the police left. "No. He said that unexplained red lights had been seen three nights before this most recent mutilation. he hadn't changed his mind. Guntersville. Tommy LaDeaux said he saw the "biggest light I've ever seen" moving along the ground. On March 8. "but not with these characteristics. Concerning the mutilated bull. "like with a knife . a short distance down the nose. That same week. South Dakota that had a mix of several UFO reports and a mutilation . Pine Ridge Judge Nancy Perez saw a light sit down in her yard and called police who came and saw nothing. Alabama. South Dakota. there were also mutilation reports from escalante." Sarah Gerald and Dino Rino each drew a fu. Mayor Dr. and found her mutilated carcass twelve hours later. at 7 am. "I didn't even think it (the mutilation phenomenon) was true until I seen it. David Brewer with the Pine Ridge Bureau of Indian Affairs. he knew he was looking at cuts made with a sharp instrument. Phyllis Clifford of Porcupine. They chew and eat more.·y circular object with two red lights and one blue light in a triangular pattern." said Heathershaw. New Mexico. reported sighting red and green lights dropping down into a village west of Pine Ridge. When Oja Sarco rancher Orlando Sanchez found his six-year:-old Black Angus cow missing her udder." As a matter of fact. She had given birth to a calf two days before on March 6 . Sanders said as a medically trained professional (he is a dentist). No blood whatsoever. to show Lou Girodo what they had seen. He estimated the diameter of the light to be 300 feet." Heathershaw never found the dead cow's two-day-old calf. "crying" from the eyes. At Slim Butte.. The whole udder had been cut out cleanly. rectum. I asked Heathershaw if he had seen any other mutilations on his ranch before. "I laughed at them before. Texas. on September 18. left eyeball. June 7' 1986. But this has nothing to do with coyotes. from bloodless cuts. the town of Scepic. several miles west of Pine Ridge. 1985 My 1985 files contain only a handful of cases from ranchlands as diverse as Corpus Christi.

Humans carry 23 pairs of chromosomes which contain all hereditary factors. WHO? WHY? My files get much thicker as we g? back to 1984 and the years before. in invasion from within? Why was there such intense "harvesting" activity between 1975 and 1980? It has steadily dropped off. She had been alive the day before." Lessert said. nothing jagged. By May. In February 1984. but not disappeared. This is one of the few cases shere the rancher reported "a little bolld on the hide." said Dr. Cows have 30 pair. "It seemed like they were scared by something. Dr. what kind of biological robots are they makin? Are they secretly among us . more was happening in South Dakota. James Womack at Texas A & H University is perhaps pertinent. the work of Dr. In the context of that speculation." said Martinez. was attacked by mutilators. Just smooth cuts . Further. on a very remote pasture 15 miles north of Pine Ridge. which formed one large hole with intestines extruding. what are they doing with them? One speculation is the harvest of DNA to create biological robots. " Lessert's cow had a three-week-old calf that would stand about 300 yards away from its dead mother and bawl .it refused to approach any closer. Whatever is taken irii'liil"hat~nd ~er~ni~ . but more on the ground. Womack. If the EBEs are using cow parts because the DNA is close to that of humans.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL While all this was going on in South Dakota. In Ogallala. Rancher Tony Martinez found her udder had been cut out in a circle and so had her rectum. "Some very sharp knife was used to cut these wounds. a five-year-old Hereford cow in Chimayo. almost a circle or oval that sagged away from the belly. The association of mutilations with unidentified flying objects is strong and dramatic in many cases. Colorado: "Those big orange balls of light was always associated with the mutilations. it was reported from Texas Tech University that cow's blood can be used as an emergency blood transfusion substitute because the hemoglobin so closely matches human blood." A little further outside that cut. The other cows in the pasture were spooked. New Mexico. These unexpected and recently discovered similarities about cows and humans might offer some clues about the mutilation5. that big chunks of cattle chromosomes are identical to large sections of human chromosomes." If extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) are harvesting odd parts from our animals. Did something special happen in the cosmos then? Or was the harvesting in anticipation of some alien need? From the human point of view. Womack reported in the national journal Genetic Maps. it's a one-way trade route." The rectum was taken with a "very neat cut". As Deputy Sheriff Bill Waugh said in Elbert County. ''We must have more in common than previously believed. rancher Eldon Lessert found his six-yearold Black Angus cow dead with the "udder completely removed very smoothly in one cut. the hide had half a dozen very small holes "punched out -sort of in a line.

Neither the owner nor the police who investigated had secured the opinion of a veterinarian to determine the cause of death. It was stated that the killing was likely associated with a satanic cult in the area. They say that what they found gave no evidence of a cult killing. NEBRASKA. when they could easily have shot them in the head. The end of the tail was sharply cut off. In this case. a 700 pound cow was found dead. Director of the Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (6 Oak Hill Avenue. The police had assumed that the large holes indicated that the cows were probably shot before the mutilations occurred. the carcass appeared to have been drained of all blood. One cow was found with both ears cut off. they indicated that they were unfamiliar with the classic mutes. (Not to mention the fact that an 8 inch diameter hole would seem to indicate an extremely large caliber weapon-a bazooka for instance/RWB) When we interviewed the police. All of the teats were missing from the udder. and are now unsure of their opinions. We question why someone would go to the trouble of shooting these large animals in the chest. yet no evidence was ever forthcoming to prove this point. NOVEMBER 1976 . neither the land owner. 1986 in a rural area near the city of Uniontown in Fayette County. Coincidentally (or is it?) this case occurred in a very active 'window' area where at least two famous UFO and Bigfoot incidents have occurred. 11 cows were found dead in an unusual manner within a one-week period in mid-June of 1985. PA 15601) comes this update on animal mutilations in Pennsylvania: 12 "A classic cattle mutilation case occurred on November 3. Another multiple cattle mutilation case which occurred in the same general area as the previous incident was uncovered while investigating the first situation. Greensburg.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL From Stan Gordon. Pennsylvania. by it's owner. In some cases the tail was removed. there was also no sign of blood in the field where the animal was found. The left ear was removed along with a small section of skin from the head area. Once again. The actual mutilation wounds varied from animal to animal. These types of cases are very rarely reported in this section of the country. It was learned that on a large farm near Perryopolis. nor the police attempted to follow up with a medical opinion.FRANKLIN COUNTY. MUTILATION . Common to all of the killings was the fact that a hole about 8 inches in diameter was found in the chest area of each carcass.

• ··. After undergoing a complete course of neurological tests. This is typical of many such cases.).. The consciously remembered events began for him in December of 1985. has written a compelling story of his own abduction by the occupants of a UFO. it was clear that no pathological cause (brain tumor.95) by Whitley Strieber. epelepsy. January saw the release of COMMUNION (Morrow Books. etc. ' A TRUE STORY BY - WHITLEY STRIEBER Co-<Jut hor of W. The only viable explanation remaining was that the events were real. Subsequent investigation through hypnotic regression indicated. The Hunger.Y. His courage in revealing .\ Y If the first few months are any indication. 1987 would seem to be a bumper year for UFO-related books. Strieber is obviously risking a great deal by publishing this book. and completely sane. Strieber. $17. Psychological testing revealed a very normal individual.. His reputation and credibility as a serious writer could suffer greatly. the author of such well-known novels as Warday. ~ft. that he may have undergone a series of abductions beginning in childhood. . in good mental health. There is also evidence that his wife and son may have been abducted as well. however.\1~ D.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 13 BOOK REVIEWS COMMUNION ~~. N. and Nature's End. Wolfen. was responsible . His initial reaction to theses memories was to suspect his sanity. .

On t he night of June 30. What you ultimately decide may surprise you. and can attest to his credibility and ability as an investigator. ate supper. Examine the evidence . What he hears from them is. Hopefully. INTRUDERS: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods (Random House. this phenomenon represents an important area of study. Regardless of the causal agent. Kathie Davis would experience something so terrifying. In the Copley Woods case Hopkins enlisted the skills of chemists. against a purely psychological delusion. 95) is Kathie's story. and I believe. hear their stories. says Hopkins. Kathie Davis arrived home around 7:15 pm. fear and confusion experienced by abduction victims and Hopkins' meticulous. asking only that we not prejudge. But the evidence is overwhelming. Kathie was subjected to in-depth psychological tests. they may grasp the need to study these events further. he still finds it hard to believe. While COMMUNION will focus public attention on the abduction phenomena. I have known Budd for several years. Her story is corroborated by neighbors . "I can't believe this is happening to me. if not the most important book ever written on the UFO phenomena. convincingly. and put her two young boys to bed . Before the night was over. the evidence for the reality of these events is overwhelming.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL this story. medical practitioners. Impossible? That's what Budd Hopkins initially thought too.most convincingly . argues compellingly. the thousands who are reading this book will gain an appreciation of the reality of these events. It was the beginning of what seemed to be an ordinary evening. and his obvious need to make the public aware of the reality of these events are commendable. And she spent many painful. and will also see the danger in dismissing these claims out-of-hand. the real meat is to be found elsewhere. psychologists and other specialists.the full story of what actually happened. In INTRUDERS. interviews ." No matter what you think. As I write this. friends. emotional hours under hypnosis reliving a series of abductions that had taken place over the course of her lifetime. so hundreds of other abduction victims who have had no contact with each other and who come from every walk of life in every part of the country. family and . Whether these events are the result of actual intervention by extraterrestrials. 1983. More importantly. $17 . Even after investigating more than 125 cases over the past 12 years. that it would be months before she remembered . radiologists. intelligent investigations. Hundreds of these cases have been thoroughly investigated by competent researchers and thousands more are yet to be uncovered.) Having worked with several abduction victims myself. I am acutely aware of the psychological trauma they suffer. or some heretofore unrecognized psychological aberration. I am convinced that Budd H opkins has produced one of . . the author of Missing Time leads us through rational. and "lie detection" in the form of voice stress analysis administered by a professional in the field. COMMUNION is number two on the New York Times Bestseller List. and the social stigma attached to their claims. (I might also state that the physical evidence in the form of scars borne by many of the abductees.a story that constitutes one of the most thoroughly researched and documented cases of UFO abduction on record and suggests an astounding explanation behind this phenomenon: human beings are being abducted by aliens for what author Budd Hopkins feels is an ongoing series of genetic experiments.and only under hypnosis . What comes across most vividly in INTRUDERS is the sense of shame. compassionate search for the truth . for example.

The only way to break the governaent's wall of silence is to give enough people sledgehaaaers. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ THE WAY HOHE RECORDS & BOO[S "Offering a collection of records. and. 50 etxll" pages . Complete.$23. Many of these are virtually unreadable.$21.50 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DOCUMENTS: Docu•ents dealing with primarily the "green fire-ball" phenoaenon which was rampant over Los Alamos in the late 1940's.$24.$38. tapes & books for the New Age Consciousness'' Hail & Phone orders Welcome 4203 South 48th Street Lincoln. but give a good idea of the behind-the-scenes thinking of the FBI. THE BENTWATERS INCIDENT: Complete working file on the 1980 alleged UFO landing at a US Air Force base in England. We siaply feel that everyone should have access to these docuaents. and enclose the appropriate amount (US funds only) by check or coney order.S9 . but there are literally dozens of fascinating reports here. the greater the chance of some. Approx. though some of it is difficult to read.hing else coming to light . with only some names. We are trying to obtain aore inforaation. government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are available for our cost of xerographic reproduction and first class postage. 400+ 8!xl4" pages . including four documents which refer to PROJECT MOON DUST . 200 Stxll" pages . The documents will be shipped to you as soon as possible. of course the aore sets of eyes that look at thea. simply specify which set of docume~ts is desired.. Some very good inforaation. usually within 2 weeks from receipt of your order.50 §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Please be aware that we aake these sets of documents available to interested parties as a service only. 235 8lxll" pages . The prices quoted cover our costs of copying and postage . but as of now.50 FBI DOCUMENTS: Received in response to a request for docu~ents relating to FBI surveillance of UFO investigators and t·esearch groups. excised at the request of the individual involved. and aay be all we ever will get.00 PROJECT MOON DUST DOCUMENTS: Docuaents relating to what wculd appear to be an effort by the govern•ent to recover any downed UFOs. Approx. phone numbers. Docuaents deal •arginally with this. 140 etxl4" pages .5C DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DOCUMENTS: 139 pages of previously unreleased docuaents concerning the DIA's involveaent with the UFO problem. To order. etc. this is all we have. Nebraska 68506 Telephone: 402-'483-7284 . A very interesting set of docuaents.FORTEAN RESEARCHJOURNAL DOCUMENT SETS AVAILABLE FROM FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER The following sets of U.S.

. and helping to support them both financially and In spirit. Boa 205 Oak Lawn. Boa 43518 Richmond Helghta. England WF17 OPY UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL P. Suite 247 Burbank.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealing with the unuplalned. UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE Route 1. Artlana. Connecticut 01231 COMPUTER UFO NEWSLETTER VIa Mat1eottl 15 1-22072 Cermenate (CO) Italy LAKE CHAMPLAIN PHEHOMEHA INVESTIGATION P.K. Washington 91148 GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY P. CA 90035 FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtown• Road Seguin. WA3 6PQ FAIR WITNESS PROJECT WilHam L. NY 12302 r'ROJECT STIGMA/CRUX P.. Box 2213 Scotia. BOX 94627 LINCOLN.O. Texaa 75460 THE GATE P. llllnolsl0025-1115 FORTEAN TIMES 96 Manafleld Road London NW3 2HX. 72127 ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. NEBRASKA 68509 A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA . llllnola 10454. will be greatly appreciated.O.O. They are aU doing the best they can with the resources available to them. Box 2134 Wilton. New York 128H YORKSHIRE UFO SOCIETY 106 Lady Ann Road Soothlll.O. TX 78155 INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES 1955 John's Drive Glenview. Slovenlja Yugoslavia CALIFORNIA UFO Suite 355 Los Angeles.O. Box 218 Corentry. Box 46404 Seattle. Warrington Cheahlre.0205 ODYSSEY/ BULLETIN Moskrlceva 2 61000 Ljubljana. CA 91505 CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P. Batley Weat Yorkshire. and your help In joining theae organizations. Box 220 Plumerville.O. Moore 4219 W. Box 1094 Parta. OH 44143 NORTHERN UFO NEWS 8 Whltethroat Walk Birchwood.O. Olive St.O. U.K. U.


out-of-place animal sightmgs. we need your help. Boeche ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Scott Colborn A Special Report SECRETARY Dale Bacon on TREASURER Nancy Boeche ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR. and aft other areas of study which may provide data useful to the resolution of these perplexing mysteries. The Journal of the Fortean Reaearch Center is published quarterly by the Fortean Research Center. Please contact us at the address listed on the masthead. Membership categories for more substantial donations to our work are also available. NE 68509 USA DIRECTOR Ray TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY w. Remember. a non-profit corporation.00 per year. and reduced fees to conferences sponsored by the Fortean Research Center. . reliable informa tion for the public at large. please contact us for more information. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. psychic phenomena. including UFOs. in order to carry on investigations and research into the unexplained. d iscount s on special publications of the Center. Membership fees include a subscription to this Jou rnal. If interested . The purpose of the Fortean Research Center is to investigate all aspects of unexplained phenomena. BUSINESS Da11id White ASSO~IATE DIRECTOR ANCILLARY ACTIVITIES OPERATION MAJESTIC 12 Clyde Adams Membership in t he Fortean Research Center Is $15. We serve as a source of accurate. geological and archeological anomalies. cryptozoologica/ mysteries.O.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. Thank you f or your support.

Director . The days of arm-chair pontifWe need cooperative. hard work will tell us if they are authentic. Clark Clifford. All the best. ing. in an attempt to discover more. Only time and The second set of documents consist of a more complete. uncensored version of one of the documents in Two of the documents are rather hard to read.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR This issue of the Journal is dedicated solely to information released by researcher William L. others to seriously consider their criticisms . one of Harry Truman's most trusted colleagues has stated that he does not recall ever having been made aware of matters discussed in these documents. My own attempts to obtain a verification or denial of these documents continues. they should first · be willing to dig in and actually do the research needed to speak with authority on any given issue . dedicated individuals to seek a solution to the UFO enigma. thinkicators and pompous hobbyists are past. we will continue to probe Ray W. Boeche. of their standard "canned" responses. so a more legible copy vas typed and follows each hard-to-read page However. Far too many people who like If they wish to call themselves researthers are always ready to offer a definitive rebuttal to anything they do not discover themselves. Moore. While the Fortean Research Center is not in a position to authenticate ££endorse this material. this is a remarkable group of documents. The first set of· documents in this issue were released by Bill Moore through his publication FOCUS. The White House Press Secretary's Office refuses to The Department of the Air Force has another Former Presidential adviser comment on the documents. in the text. the first group. we feel that it is quite important that this material is studied and evaluated before being judged. All in all.

and through them. It first appeared in the April 30. currently underway which. any assistance which can be provided us in further researching this material will be most appreciated. .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL WHAT DOES OUR GOVERNMENT KNOW ABOUT UFOs? A Research Update by William L. presently reached a delicate juncture and no further specifics can be provided at this time. This information is being shared with the UFO community. No. with the public at large. The information contained in the following pages corroborates information provided us verbally during meetings with these contacts. Telephone (818) 506-8365. of FO£US. can be provided at this time. 7. Once again. Assurances have been given that additional information can be made to us over the next several months . Rec~nfly - a number of rumors have circulated within the UFO community to the effect that At this time it is only possible to confirm that a careful effort is This project has some sort of major release of information on UFOs is imminent and that I am intimately involved with it. Moore Publications and Research. which is already in hand and currently under study. 1987 issue. through aggressive means. If for some reason our major effort should not prove successful. it remains nonetheless our intention to make available a lesser but still highly significant amount of information. Meanwhile. ultimately. certain information has been made available which appears to pertain directly to our Among this is both hard and filmed copies of documentation. Moore Over the past 6! years. Suite 247. Burbank. 4219 West Olive Street. California 91505. no further specifics Editor's Note: The following material is provided courtesy of William L. the monthly newsletter of the Fair-Witness Project. I and ultimately several close associates have succeeded in establishing a cooperative relationship with a number of well-placed contacts within the American intelligence community. government's continuing involvement with the UFO phenomenon. Inc . in anticipation that the resulting controversy will prove useful in further verifying the authenticity of its contents and last in the hope that it will assist in setting the stage for additional information to come. several videotaped interviews and a number of useful leads which have enabled us to independently uncover additional supporting information. Vol. As a result. could bring about the release of additional information through a major news media source in the near future. if successful. II.

C/}'.t • . ~\At T'."mtw.IIl'fi!TG S~a :tr.J-12 Special Studies P!ojocrt ROSBM etm. PO~~ GZ.Mm~!ORA.BR Sp~13l w A:J s1•t3Dt the Pres1c!er.

. • TOP SECRET •••••••••••••• . compartmentalized information essential to the national security ot the United States. BRIEPlKG DOOUM!XTt OPERATION ~~ J !STIO 12 PREPARED POR PRESIDENT-ELECT DWlGHT D.. 1952 WARNING~ This ia a TOP SroJU~'l' ... TQp:~~Gf(~~: I f\1 AJ IC EYES ONLY •••••••••••••• T'5 2.EYES ONLY <10C t. !ISENHOWER: (EYES ONLY) 18 NOVEMBER.~. 0 EYES ONLY COPY 2!!] OP Qll.l111ent con tAininP.0 .. level.......EX F1'1 PT (F.) FYFS ONI Y . Re pr oduction EYES ONLY ACCESS to the mate~al here i n Cl@ara nee is strictly limited to thoee poeeeeeing Majeatic-12 in any form or the tAkinR or wr i tt~n or m6ehen1cA11y trAns cr1hed noteg is etr1ct1y r or b td rt e n .

upon recommendation by Dr. Sidney w. Souers Mr. HILLENKOETTER (MJ-1) on~v. Jerome Hunsaker Mr. Hoyt s. Vandenber~ Dr. Vannevar Bush Seey. Hlllenkoetter Dr.. This document has been prepared a• a preliminqry brieti~ It should be rep. Nathan 7. 1949. upon l ~hich date Gen. • TOP SECRET • ONLY CO ONE OF O PY flE. Gordon Gray Dr.nated ~a tollowez Adm. Porrestal• Gen. VllnneYar Bush and Secretary James Porras tal. Walter B. NOT!. (See Attachnlent ·A~. Roscoe H. • • • • • • OPERATION MAJESTlC-12 1a a TOP SECRET Research and Development/ Intelli~enoe operation responsible directly and only to the President ot the United States. • ••••••••••••• EYES ONLY T52-EXD1P1' (E) no:! . DonAld Menzel Gen. Oparationa ot the project are carried out under control ot the Majeatic-12 (Majic-12) Group which ~ established by special classified executive order ot Praaidant Truman on 24 September.Yt. Monta~e Dr. 1952 .:. DOCUMENT PREPARED 18 NOVEMBER.~. Detlev Bronk Dr.. Smith waa dea1~ted as permanent replRcement. 1947. Qf'JJ_ Y •••••••••••••• EYES ou. ROSCOE H. BRIE'PIHG OPPICml: AlJI!. Robert M.. Berkner The daath ot Secretary Porrestal on 22 May.Rrded as introductory to s full operations brieti~ intendftd to follow.) Members ot the Majeatic-12 Group were desip. James V. Lloyd v. ~ TOP SE CRET I fVi AJ IC ~. ~~R -- SUBJECT: OPERATIO ~AJESTIC-12 PRELIMIJARY BRIEFING N PRESIDENT-ELECT EISENHOWER. c reated a v~oancy which remained untilled until O Au~uat.. Twining Gen. 1950.

..aeure .ONLY ..' • In a~ite ot these efforts...the course of thie operation. A. and news reporters were ~iven the effective cov-. 1q47. a eeoret o peration waa begun to a.p.. it was the firet to ~1n widespr@ad attention in t he ~ublic media • . . (See AttRchment "B"... Public reaction bordered on near hyeteria at times • . These reports resulted in independent efforts by several d1!!erent elements ot the militar. d1ao~shaped aircraft travelin~ in formation at a hi~h rate of a'Deed... .. ' ... Hundreds of reports ot .. Theee had !allen to earth about two miles eaet ot the wreckn~e ' site.lthou... • •...chly or841ble military and civilian sources.r to ascertain the nature and purpose ot theae objeota 1n the interests ot national defense.. 1947......... • .... • • • EYES ONLY .. ) The wrecka$te of the oraft waa also removed to several different locations.. aerial reconnaissance diecovered that tour small human-11ke beings had apparently .. A number of w1tneeaea were 1nterv1ewe~ and there were several unsueceestul attempts to utilize airorntt in ettorts to pursue report~d d1aoe in tli~ht.__ TOP SECRET I MAJ 1C •••••••••••••• • TOP SECRET • •••••••••••••• '!"5 2-EXEMPT (E) EYES ONLY oo3 ... EYES ONLY COPY ONE OP Q!!!. recovery o~ the wreokaRe o~ this obje~t for scientific study • .· • ...Y£S.lf-3 TOP SECRr_T I • TOP SECRET • ~. little ot substance was learned about the objeata until a local rancher reported that one bad crashed in a remote ref{ion or New Mexico located approximatelY seventy-~ive milee northweet ot Roswell Army Air Baea {now Walker lield) • ....r story that the object had been 11 miaguided weather research balloon • On 07 July. sightin~e ot similar objects foll'owed. ~radators and ax~osure to the eletllents durinR the approximatelY one week time period which had elapsed before their discovery• A epeeial aoientitio team took charge ot removi ng · thf'se bodies tor study.) Civilian and military wttn~saes in the &rft& were debriefed. All four were dead and badly decomposed due to action by ... (See Attachment "C".. a o ivili~n pilot ~lying ov@r ~ he c ascade Mountains in the State ot Washington observed nine !lyinY.... Many ot theee came fro'!ll hi.. ..h ·thia waa not the ~1rst known s1~ht1ng ·ot auch objecta. On 24 June...~AJIC £. Durin• . •3ecte4 from the cratt at aome point be~oro it ex~loded.

{Sel! AttRc hment ' 1 ?' 1' .a.nizahle -lec tronic compont'!ntc .Y TOP SECRET I rv'l AJ IC FVFS Oi\11 Y •••••••••••••• • TOP SECRET • T5 2-F. consider it more likely th~t we are dealing with bcinr. ) It is a sa umed that the propulaton unit was completely destroyed hy the @Xplosion which caused the craeh • were found 1n the wreckage. ) BqWllly unaueeeeat'ul hswe been errorta to determine the method ot propulsion or the nature or method or trAnamt~sion ot the power source involved.ble proviaionin~. Dr.nt from thoae observerl or nostulated 1n homo-~n.. -- A covert analytical etfort organized by Gen.nat1on can be a~reed upon.i.. Mare wae and re~ains a possibility. Research along these lines hlle been complicated by the complete absenc e o f irienti fiable w1np.TOP SECRET I M AJ 'C EYES Of~L Y . ...f EYES ONLY COPY ONE OP ONE.... or other conventional Met~orts of ~ropUlston and r. RYES ONI.. (See Attachment "D". ) A a 1.. Ruen Since it 1a virtually certain that these craft do not originate in ~v country on earth... Numerous exam~les o! what appear to be a form o f wri tinY.nd evolutionary processes responsible tor their deve~opment hAA n~pn. Dr...a..1cal Ent1tifte"• or "El'lEs". conaiderable a~eeulation has centered around what their point of origin mi~ht be And no\rt th~ p. Bronk. he adopted as tbe etandard tftrm of reterence !or these crP.. 1947) that the aieo waa most likely a short ran8e reconnaissance crRft.. 1q47) thBt altnour. remRi ned largely unsucc essful.s from another eolar system entirely. Jete. Men:el.uid~nce.X EMPT ( E) 004 . . Twining and actin~ on t he direct orders ot the President... although eome scientists. the biol o~ieBl a.rently be~n quite ditferP. resulted in a preliminary conoensus (19 September. ~ronk'e team hns sug~ested the term "Bxtra-terreetr11ll here.piens. This concluoion waa baaed for the moat part on the oratt•a size And the apparent lack of any identiti. v~cuum tubes...a 1 propellers..nte was arranged by Dr... as well as a total lack of met~l11c w1r1nr.. • 1'0P SECRET • ~t• P~ • ~ saott i> ••• /1.. most notA bly Dr.. It \rt&a the tentative conoluaion of this ~oup (30 November. (See Attachment "B11 .. E!torts to dec1phnr these have .m1lar analysis ot the t'our dead ocoupa..turel!l until such ti~e aa a more detinitive des1p.h these cr~aturee are human-like in appearance. or s i milAr recoP.

.h chRnnele. th~ir p~rtorm~nce ch~rActerietics anrt their purJ')OA~ ltui to the und~rt~k1np.main complet~ly unknown. a lo~ trajectory throuRh the Atmoaphere. tacili~ at Sandia. known AB Air Force ProJect ~cemher.. probably of eimilar or1?-tn. JL Y • 't'OP SECRET • .. Such material ao could be rocovered was transported to the A.E.h the autumn ot this y~ar has oa~sed eoneid~rAble concern that new developments . u.1 Tndio Guerrero Rrea of the 1exae .. New Mexico.ncy plAn MJ-1~49-04P/78 (Top Secr@t . At thP..eot • SICN in ne~d for as much addittonal 1nformRtion ~ poReihle About th~ee cr~ft. with liaaon Dl6inta1ned throU8h the Alr ?orce otftcer who ia head o~ the pro.Mexican boder ~!tP. for etudy. that thP.. same time.. cont1nvP. (See . •••••••••••••• T52-EX:ltll'T {E) our» . The oper4tion ie currently bein~ conducted under the code name BLUE BOOK.S ONLY ()(J[) •••••••••••••• COPY O OP OnE.s. a a i~iticant upsur~e in the surve1ll3nce activity ot these craft beginning in May nnd continuin~ throuP. 1q5o. · Implications f o r the National Security are ot continuing importance in that the motivee ~nd ultimate intentions ot thee• visitors rP. ~ta well ae the obvious in te rn ationJ~l and tttchnolo~iCAl coneiderl\tions and the ultimate need to avoid A public panic at all costa... on 06 December.) .A~S TOP SECRE T I ~11 AJ IC EYES OI.ttachment "G".r followtnp..mRY be imminent.. what remained ot the object had been almoat totally 1no1nerate4.C. Me... SIGN evobed into Project GRUDGE in December. 1m~ote~ the ~arth at hiRh opeed in the F. In addition.~ee Only) should he hel~ in continued read1neee ahould the need to m~ke a puhlic announcement present i teel!. In order to preserve security. By the time a aearch team arrived.a . It ia for theee reAsons. NE -- A 1q47.jcstic-12 Group remains of the un~nimous opinion that imposition of the strictest security prec~utione ~hould continue ~ ithout i nterruption into the new ~dmini~L ra tion. EYF. liaaon b~t~een SIGN and Mnjeatic-12 wae limited to two 1nd1virluals within the tntelli--enc e Division or Air Mat~r1el Command whose role ~as to pane alon~ oftrtain type8 of information throur. a aecond object. 1q4a...

... .. Part A. ( 1'S-MAJIO/EO) ErBS TOP SE~H~~1·=t'. 30 JUN '52... •A.. -- F..... • 'I'OP SECRET • COPY ONE OF OME ....TOP ·~ EYES ONLY (. '.•••• Speoial ClA... •ATTACHMENT "~"••••••••Operation MaJestic-12 Status Report #1.... .~ACHMt!tT · . ~Q · NOV 1 47... M~ps and Photographs Polio (Extraetiona }.Rjes tic-12 Preliminary · {m-MAJIO/BO} Analytical ~eport. ( 'lS-MAJIO/EO) *ATTACHMENT "H" •••••• • • operati~n MaJ~st1o-12 .t .•.. 'l'{ 1'-J J ooG . 19 SEP '47.... ('l'S-MAJI0/!0} .. (TS/EO) ~. ~o *ATTACHMENT ' ~c• • ... ___ . • · I ..-._J I f/1 AJ IC ._ "-'" . ...~AJIC ONLY EYES O~JL Y •••••••••••••• T52-EXn... (TS-MAJIC/EO) •ATTACHMENT •p• •••. .. •ATTACl!MENT "E" •••••••• Operation MaJeatic-12 Blue Team Report #5.. ~ajeetic-12 Stat~s 31 JAN '48 .. . f \ ~ ~ /9-6 Ey'cc..OpfiJrRtion M. 0. Report ffl.. _...1X' (E) nnn .. 1--I"' n · ·-.... Part B.•••• Operktion · Report H2 .asitied Executive Order #092447.. ( 'lS-MA. ''D" .. ( TS-MAJIC/EO) •AtTACHMENT "G• •••••••• Operation Majeatic-12 Contin~ency Plan MJ-l949-04P/78: 31 JAN '49.JIO/EO) Status '80V '47..••••Operation-MAjestie-12 ....NUMERATION OP ATTACHMENTS~ •A'l'TACHMENT "A." ••.

~ ON LY .TOP SECRET EYE S ON LY . you are hereby authorized to proceed with all due this matter shall be MaJestic Twelve. ') } TOP SECRE1 E . Dear 3ecretary Forreatala As per our recent conversation on this matter.AS~INGTO"f ~ () I September 24. speed and caution upon your undertaking.. Bush and the Director of Central Intelligence . Dr. re~erred to only as Operation Hereafter Tt continues to be~ feeling that any future considerations relative to the ultimate disposition of this matter should rest solely with the Office of the President following appropriate diocuoc iono with yourself. MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OP DEFENSF.~ l .) THE WHITE HOUSE W. 1947..

per EO Pl1Sb. Contact T-2P. D . June ~4. I"J ~- HANOI F Ott 'gp'$T . NH? 5. regardless of who re~uests info. ~/MJ12 Executive Briefing {~emo} Yesterday R2 requested briefinq on Project ~A~. KEND-? can as·sist to some extent.the matter. In particular.CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON. 20505 ·. he wanted updated info from rJ'l advised that that -info was not avail ab l e t o P2. rlr !?' :1 5_'fiS . a a l ~on't allow Af to evaluate !DENT info. They may open up a little too much. and see if he can assume custody of .C . Appar en t ly. I I . HhitP House reauestP~ info bkecauhse off 1 1 C?n 't seefm to ma e t ose oo s rea 1 1z 1nfo 1s not ava1 1 a~ 1 e or any dissemination.

• ~J JCCTt .


.-.. ·: .on c:on::. . .. __. ·. ·..o..:» ' \...e\1 il'\ ~hi .rown only t..~~c.MAf"}u~. v~ .at..l". A.·_ :· z .!~ ~ n lor-:. 1:.... .e lx<)t . ··.....s..o...• ~ . .i~: . M i~ :. c. !<o ' .~ "·~'1 ~:'~· · to frr..."l ::-..

TOP SECRET CLASSI FICATION AND RELEASE I NSTRUCTI ONS (TS/ORCON) The information contained in this document is classified TOP SECRET with ORCON. No other government agency. phot ographs. Only M. No notes. or audio recordings may be made of this briefing. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ?????????? = ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12. (Only the originator may release the information). to include the militar y has access to the information contained in this br iefing. This document will be destroyed after the briefing.J-12 bas access to Project Aquarius.

~ .Mclcgtc::ol • =-efJ!c....~.rac»cf· to . . ·.. ~I ':. .?cc< ~cls c lcs~...:. : .....e<:. ......:..:~m..· ..~:Ji~!!ilS~~ ..: . tec. -:•n l .tl : ~.. .t t.~.. • r.ll fv>'ll.i · ..i . ~J... : : .el ' qe. .'tnt.o .i.·1111 ..~.:-. ...p.c:c(.: :. ..j~..... ·~ ~::: •.J f ro":! - ~ . :~ <=ro.:o -..l~lr~~""'J:.:~... .. •' .·~:::~~~... ~l <!~r.~ ...· ... •. .~':ia' . ....~ TI1Q ·.'""'..l~ ti'On-.:.t.J.r..i. ..o.t TOP SECRET I -·J:.:.....

and Contacts with Extraterrestrial Life Forms. by order of President Eisenhower. technological. medical. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ?????????? = ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . The Project was originally established in 1953. the Project's name was changed from Project Gleem to Project Aquarius.TOP SECRET PROJECT AQUA R IUS (TS/ORCON) (PROWORD: DANCE) Contains 16 volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Identified Alien Crafts (lAC). (TS/ORCON) The proceeding briefing is an historical account of the United States Government's investigation of Aerial Phenomenas. The Project was funded by CI A confidential funds (non-appropriated). Recovered Alien Aircrafts. 1969 after Project Blue Book closed. and contacts with Alien life forms. under control of NSC and MJ12. This orderly file of collected information has been used to advanced the United States Space Program. and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings. In 1966. The Project was originally classified SECRET but was upgraded to its present classification in Dec. The purpose of Project Aquarius was to collect all scientific.

. ..• . ' ............... .. .. . !: -l((Ufl~( ....

The surviving Alien was male and called itself "EBE". The Alien was thoroughly interrogated by military intelligence personnel at a base in New Mexico. The craft was recovered by the military. an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in the desert of New Mexico. In 1947. when he died to an unexplained illness. During the time period EBE was alive. approximately 40 light years from Earth. The Aliens were found to be creatures not related to human beings (Atch 1). Air Force Technical Intelligence Center of the then Army Air Forces became concerned and ordered an inquiry. One Alien of extrater restrial origin survived the crash.TOP SECRET EXECUTIVE BRIEFING (TS/ORCON) In June 1947. I n late 1949. This was the beginning of the United States involvement with the UFO investigations. a civilian pilot flying over the Cascade mountains of Washington State observed nine flying discs (later referred to as UFOs). he provided valuable information regarding space technology. four Alien (non.homo-sapiens) bodies were recovered in the wreckage. It was learned the Alien came from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system. EBE lived until June 18. and exobiological matters. origins of the Universe. The Alien's language was translated by means of picture graphs. The Commander. another Alien aircraft crashed in the United States and was recovered partially intact by the military.1952. Further data is contained in Atch 2. (TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL .

.i St~t~s· .. :r~volv!ng lfOs ¥1~ C~£'1'"4ine ·.~g .t b~<tl· :i• · (~.1o<it 'ani..t:ea u. ty of ~-· ~ .. : .r:....... •.J tO?!! ()~ n.... incia~~ts ~~ ~~~~d un~~ the :.. ·)-~ .• • • .~oa..: '·"."'~'> tlw n.- to - : .~ SK\.srln~ on t.. .~UI" j •· "! ·.-.r .. '• . ..~~~.. 0~ ·~p~~ t~hnll. • cr l :"'Ci !..t fvtur-~ 'spd~~ :p...o:.· '·"'\•t ' " .. ' · i"' thv \Cec) ot ust~~· ~~: · .. ~... .~"1:~". .-~ -· -' ......:my l..~."?r....N.-ogr:.r. ~ initiat~tC by or-dQr or ?1"9sident (i~~ .i-i~Y:cir :·...·.· r~t~on ·~ as ev-:J1u.

Most reports were made by reliable military and Defense Department civilian . or natural astronomical objects.Personnel. and finally Blue Book. In 1953. In 1947. Project Gleem. the newly created Air Force initiated a program to investigate incidents involving UFOs.TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) The recovery of Alien aircrafts led the United States on an extensive investigation program to determine whether these Aliens posed a direct threat to our national security. was a parallel reporting system for UFO sightings and incidents. Project Gleem was initiated by order of President Eisenhower. not all UFO sightings or incidents were reported under the Air Force program. Sign. Ninety percent of the estimated 12. The program was operated under three different code names: Grudge.000 reports analyzed by the Air Force were considered hoaxes. The original mission of the Air Force program was to collect and analyze all reported sightings or incidents involving UFOs and determine whether the information could be interrupted as having any bearing on the security of the United States. Reports collected under Project Aquarius were considered actual sightings of Alien aircrafts or contacts with Alien life forms. Some information was evaluated with the idea of using the gained data to advance our own space technology and future space programs. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ?????????? =ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . However. The other 10 percent were considered legitimate Alien sightings and/or incidents. which became Project Aquarius in 1966. explained aerial phenomena's. who believed the UFOs presented a threat to the national security of the United States.

... ~· ..~0!~ ~~~). . ... .~..\11~• tn or ~~ thfr fGf . t"tiuo~ ...lJ ~.: : ....~.\ t~ f Ut"101S UOf'• fWt'ld .-t~o T1w •i("(~ft w•s ~" . . '· t.... . .. t .~ :ltored i n • t op 2oc:o~tt-y ~ . •l~. .l'1u ... ~~~':fl(.u.Jr t...c "l e~v-....t''""UV . '• ~ .... ...ov· .t.u qol~¥'t of Ut. c . _ . ou. " . Or\ • thrau~IOYt t~ 1¥~~ by our b~st ~iro~r•c• ~eiont~Jtt •. ._ 4} .ft.~. .. ~~4'"~~~ ... .7 . ~d~1t'tsts..)n~OI'Wd :.11rcr-lf e wr~t so co•pltx""· th. .rt ~. . ta-. TI'IQ .-~ •~. ..ucwhcin~ by thw . ...d ~>v unt tCJd St4~u ~c•onun. .lt.

The aircraft was apparently abandoned by the Aliens for some unexpl ained reason. A detailed description and further information regarding the aircraft is explained in Atch 3. However. the operating instrumentations of the aircraft were so complex that our scientists could not interrupt their operation. The aircraft was considered a technological marvel by United States scientists. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ?????????? =ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . The aircraft was in excellent flying condition. since no Alien life forms were found in or around the aircraft.TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) In 1958. The United States gained a large volume of technological data from the recovered Alien aircraft. The aircraft was stor ed in a top security area and analyzed throughout the years by our best aerospace scientists. the United States recovered a third Alien aircraft from the desert of Utah.

. ltt11t ltt~crt·~t.. "qr lfJtJ • 1t.~ . 1{1( f.-l. .tt rII l ( VI.1 't 61 . ..._ 1Mit4'Jf 1rdtlf"l• 11. .... v.'(.('(/) ~"• ( otlflt . •1 " " ' ·""" '"f' t \.f . .11 c 1 U :-...... "Ill !Iolllj r:•U IJriJ t . .. ''''" J'. !. }~~~.'"• •t• 1 "'\'' 't· of 1 ~... . 10of\ ')O)· j .. 'J t n "' I ·•' j ...." ' 1........>J. ' "·t'J a.o•t' ollt.... l '.....J ~~~~~ :Jt ""''~.lLII) J~o~< l-.l .. u...

MJ12 decided that officially. the Air Force should end their investigation of UFOs. the public was beginning to believe that UFOs were real. It was also established that the Aliens' presence did not directly threaten the security of the Unit ed States. Secondly.feeling could lead to nationwide panic. were initiated during the era of Project Blue Book. the United States had established communication with the Aliens. This decision was arrived at during the (????) meeting (Atch 4) in 1966. The United States felt relatively sure the Aliens' exploration of Earth was non.aggressive and non. The reason was twofold. The NSC felt this public . The study concluded that sufficient data did not exist that would indicate UFOs threatened the security of the United States. The final conclusion satisfied the government and allowed the Air Force to officially step out of the UFO investigating business. Therefore. MJ12 decided that an independent scientific study of the UFO phenomena would be needed to satisfy public curiosity. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL .hostile. at the request of the Air Force and CI A. First.TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) Several independent scientific investigations. I t was felt that public awareness of these projects would have jeopardized the future space program of the United States. The United States was involv ed in several sensitive projects during this time period.

.<J .]. ~ " r . .....Jri. }~~l ..·... !. . fr~ CIAt~C~ ~ M.. . ".. . :r."M~tAl .ut orfi~ht:t. 111th !T~Wft to .v... ..'. ·. ( OI'lt i 'l\llltJ • t1 ~fl~~O~C:~ ·~ttan Uf~$• OWfl~~~)f ~.<I:'W ~\. • ' .r'<.:. . or~o C)ff t<:'i.. .i ~J..··"-. l(. tly:' .o {OI\t'n~4 the_ lniiQ'JU~ti~.t A~~r ..· .«~. of . ..1"..ttltl•-r... ?V ~ lJ !for tJf~..J. 14()~q... .:••(...w .."' ~. • ...... •.m e: ~. . .''l~ . ..t·..·.... l)t. . . II!J 1·\l't}niJS ~ lnc..r-o~o~I~IJI' • 1~ ruSQn!t'lg htlthflll t111o1 ~i~Htt'l .·:Ji. .: . tc~. ' ·. .lt 1Jt' · ~·.t.. - · •l'kl ..Jt &o~l ~.t•·~J•t'a . f 41. ~ .... t.. wov i iJ C)l.wll• .~.·. :···.tn. cc'oli\J. ~~ tiMt v o.. :w . . ~ . ~ .. . ~ ~ p. .. ..·..thtU .itJetr•t:\ ltl\U"lo '. ~-. ~... . ~ . ...I ·. ..c? . .th 4f r . V. f•\ l. -: . i f'~ :)·. . !)~ •l l u~MJ.h<: l~j tdd :.a:j~ .\).JJ..)t"~ t. 4\Jw'ltJ· . •Jne.•A I !r. t tJ r'w4i:.. .r ~ . .... . '..t. . . ..t\ ~~. ~tf't .d~.\t.h ' · ~··· .

TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) When the Air Force officially cl osed Project Blue 'Book in Dec. The Alien's interest in our nuclear weapons can onl y be attributed t o the future threat of a nuclear war on Earth. M 12 feels conJ fident the Aliens are on an exploration of our solar sys tem for peaceful purposes. I n order to continue the investigation of UFO sightings and i n cidents in secrecy. 1969. The NSC felt investigations of UFO s ightings and incidents had to continue in secrecy without any public knowledge. investigators from CIA/DCD and MJ12 were assigned t o military and othe-r governmental agencies with orders to investigate all legitimate UFO/IAC si ghtings and incidents. Project Aquarius continued operation under control of NSC/ MJ12. Many reported military sightings and incidents occur over nuclear weapons bases. These agents are presently operating at various l ocations throughout the the United States and Canada. These agents are collecting reports of UFO/I AC sightings and incidents occurring on or near sensitive governmental inst allations. Obviously (for operational security reasons) this could not be allowed. eventually some uncleared and unbriefed Air Force or Defense Department civil ian officials would obtain the facts behind P roject Aquarius. The reasoning behind the decision was this: I f the Air Force cont inued its investigation of UFOs. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . However. NOTE: Aliens have been extremely interested in our nuclear weapons and nuclear research. The Air Force have initiated measures to insure the security of the nuclear weapons from Alien theft or destructi on. All reports a r e filtered either directly or indirectly to MJ12. we must continue to observe and track the Aliens' movements until it is de= termined that the Aliens' future plans contain no threat to our national security or the civilization of Earth.

v~ ~ U i~rviV~~ for thr~@ yedrS unu~r S~Crv<y.' • ..:'.~:~~~~~ .ng /:.- .1:10 in ort!Or to ..... ·' jnes fer..jr ~~~ ~oror~~ion weul~ bO abtdinQd uy ~itS... Shu~ Uook~~~:._ ~· : c~':. L :..:·.<· . for fP. ' V)on.v~.~~n ~uidl I .. I 1 \ ."'. '~··· ~ncludln9 Project. .. ~l. ~ ~ ~ •. ' ". t.:!'.Qflld.:~t 1JOVern~f\to)1 ...~nt~ ~-t... ccn<Jit1~ the publit fer ' .-\ni~: t'Ci pol iC~ilS .~t'l$ c~t.!:..

Atch 5 of this briefing contains certain guidelines for future public releases. including Project Blue Book. There was other information obtained from EBE that was deemed sensitive and not releasable to the public. which pertains to tracing the Aliens' first visitation of Earth back some 5. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . MJ3 has developed a plan that will allow release of Project Aquarius. This information was on~y vague and the exact identity or background information on this homo-sapien was not obtained. if this information was released to the public. it would cause a worldwide religious panic.TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) Most governmental documents pertaining to UFO sightings. can not be released to the public for fear the information would be obtained by SHIS.000 years. incidents and governmental policies. Project Aquarius Volume IX.000 years ago his ancestors planted a human creature on Earth to assist the inhabitants of Earth in developing a civilization. Volumes I thru III. Notably. the fact that an Alien was captured alive and survived for three years. have been released to the public under FOIA or under various other release programs. MJ12 felt the remaining documents and information (not related to Project Aquarius) relating to technological facts regarding Aliens' medical matters. Undoubtfully. The release program calls for a gradual release of information over a period of time in order to condition the public for future disclosures. EBE reported that 2.

...... .:.~·.?d ( N)r!l 1. . o( ... •• ~' ...'~...-.l~v•l .(• : .----..cht'ooloqy i!cvelop5.....~~ .~. .. ..ur- tP.:.'..'~: : ... ~l"l.' •• :- ~· ..-' . .-------- ---. .'.. o .\ ..:..Jl ~~t (Ate~ ~) ~ it ~s nol. (:>'.... ~::. ~acr~~a~ th~ large vol ume of sctentif ic lnf~~atl an th•~ fi~~:~::~~~~~~~ !j. .xivancl!ment.~. ...qy • Js ""'"Y thovsands ... to a.:. of years 4head Clf UnHiK1 ~ht~' .I ~ ~e ::. .·~ .1t 111t .n~ U let\S• Th\s . . :~ -.•_:~~'<If....·-~\ ·:. 1n t~ l~?b r.l . I sp!K•... ..

it was estimated the Aliens' technology was many thousands of years ahead of United States technology. This advancement of United States technology may take many hundred of years. [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . we cannot understand the large volume of scientific information the United States bas already gained from the Aliens.TOP SECRET (TS/ORCON) In the 1976 MJ3 report (Atch. 6). Our scientists speculate that until our technology develops to a level equal to the Aliens.

. .)II~ ~~~... .! ....:.-.. · ·~~•·U ly ·-·' '1 • • • •• ·.._.•.... ..· ...-'l .-' :· .it ive c~~{c:AIU6niS~:i!H:Vl .·'! • . ..... .. .·. -·· Th t s Project n~e<Hc. ·•J on tne AI >lin's o1 r l e e...>s t?Stclh\ i!:heo pd. -.: l''i.·v: ...url.. ~..... :Jni t~<.! '\tilt~. .- ... '• . .._.... . :. nl'\ 1o11ttt ~• .::~""' •.. tl'l."l· Ut\) Aliet'IS · This Pl"ojec./····: v...t:clt..f?~ .~ · t · ·.·.t ... ·wht~n 1r1 ' '· P'l"'zr.

when in 1959. Its mission was to establish communication with Aliens. Its mission was to test fly a recovered alien aixcraft. (OPR: USAF /NSA/CIA/MJ12) (TS/ORCON) PROJECT POUNCE: (PROWORD: DIXIE) Originally established in 1968. The contact lasted for approximately three hours. Its mission was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. On April25. This project is continuing at an Air Force base in New Mexico. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SNOWBIRD: (PROWORDt CETUS) Originally established in 1972.'rOP SECRET SUB PROJECTS UNDER PROJECT AQUARIUS (TS/ORCON) PROJECT BANDO: (PROWORD: RISK) Originally established in 1949. Based on the Alien •s language given to us by EBE. a USAF intelligence officer met two Aliens at a prearranged location in the desert of New Mexico. PROJECT POUNCE continues. 1964. (OPR: NASA/USAF) [TRUE COPY] [RE-TYPED BY RWB 6/20/87] ??????????=ILLEGIBLE MATERIAL . Its mission was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving Alien creature and the recovered Alien bodies. the Air Force officer managed to exchange basic information with the two Aliens (Atch 7). the United States established primitive communications with the Aliens. This Project medically examined EBE and provided United States medical researchers with certain answers to the evolution theory. Became a separate project in 1976. This project is continuing in Nevada. This Project met with positive success. (OPR: CIA) (Terminated in 1974) (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SIGMA: (PROWORD: MIDNI GHT) Originally established as part of Project Gleem in 1954. (OPR: MJ12/NSA).

..t) . C.<- - I .

tapes & books for the New Age Consciousness" Hail & Phone orders Welcome 4203 South 48th Street Lincoln. with only some names. To order. and •ay be all we ever will get . THE BENTWATERS INCIDENT: Complete vorking file on the 1980 alleged UFO landing at a US Air Force base in Enaland. Complete. We si•ply feel that everyone should have access to these docu•ents. and.$21.. 235 Stxll" pages .fORTEAN RESEARCH jOURNAL DOCUMENT SETS AVAILABLE FROM FORTEAN RESEAR CH CENTER The following sets of U. but give a good idea of the behind-the-scenes thinking of the FBI.S . Documents deal marginally with this. includ ing four documents which refer to PROJECT MOON DUST . simply specify which set of docua. though some of it is difficult to read. but there are literally dozens of fascinating reports here. of course the more sets of eyes that look at them. Some very good information . 140 8lxl4" pages .50 FBI DOCUMENTS: Recei ved in response to a request for docu~ents relating to FBI surveillance of UFO investigators and research groups.83-7284 . The documents will be shipped to you as soon as possible. government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are available for our cost of xerographic reproduction and first class postage.$24. Approx. The only way to break the govern•ent's wall of silence is to give enough people sledgeha•mers.$23. etc. We are trying to obtain aore infor•ation.hing else coming to light. phone numbers.5 C DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY DOCUMENTS: 139 pages of previously unreleased docu•ents concerning the DIA's involveaent with the UFO proble•. Many of these are virtually unreadable.00 PROJECT MOON DUST DOCUMENTS: Documents relating to what wculd appear to be an effort by the governaent to r e cover any downed UFOs . A very interesting set of documents . this is all we have. The prices quoted cover our costs of copying and postage . 400+ 8ixl4" pages . excised at the request of the individual involved.$38.50 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DOCUMENTS: Documents dealing with primarily the "green fire-ball" phenoaenon which was rampant over Los Alamos in the late 1940's. Nebraska 68S06 Telephone: 402-J. the greater the chance of some. Approx. 200 8txll" pages . but as of now. 50 S!xll" pages . and enclose the appropriate amount (US funds only) by check or money order.e nts is desired. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ THE WAY HOME RECORDS & BOOlS "Offering a collection of records. usually vithin 2 weeks from receipt of your order.50 §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Please be aware that we •ake these sets of documents available to interested parties as a service only.$9.

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memorandum from Robert Cutler (Special Assistant to the President) to General Nathan Twining regarding a 111eeting of the MJ-12 group .n ter for UFO Studies (CUFOS) al leged ~ecret says the question of whether government UFO documents are real is still open.' 'forgery. Dr. executive memorandum from Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. London Observer. The documents assert that in September 1947 President Truman directed that an Operation Majestic-Twelve (''MJ-12"). 2 o f the Journal to study the ~MJ. The J. No.'FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL VERDICT STILL OPEN ON MJ-12 *See V olume II. Allen Hynek Ce.' and 'deception' are not only premature. 1947. who has led the investigation of the three t docun~nts in question: A September 24. .s. and ABC-TV's popular "Night L1 ne" program. be establ fshed to study the remains of a crashed UFO and its four dead occupants . despite a debunking organization's recent charge that the papers are fraudulent . • A November 18. Washington Post. The documents have been widely publicized in the U and \'lorld media. Charges of 'hoax.12 documents in deatil." says William L. briefing paper for President-Elect Eisenhower reporting that the United States government possesses the remains of two crashed UFOs. Moore. . 1952 . 1954. but unscientific and emotional. The Committee for the Scientific Investi gation of Cl aims of the Paranonmal {CSICOP) has "failed to raise a single issue Which cannot be explained by further examination of the evidence. i ncluding the New York Times. Vannevar Bush. under the leadership of his scfenti fie advisor. and • A July 14.

in July 1947 and that information about the crash was immediately and effectively covered up by the Air force . New Brunswick. New M exico. Secret registration number . and other sources--that a strange vehicle crashed near Roswell. Friedman of Fredericton. "None of these arguments hold water upon careful examination. has reviewed only a small fraction of the evidence available and has spoken with exactly none of the many witnesses _ the 1947 UFO crash.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL A team of independent researchers. and certainly would have been handled by Cutler's staff in response to any request by Eisenhower. That Cutler was no exception is borne out by the discovery of one other unsigned memorandum from him in the files of the Library of Congress. to According to Klass. nuclear physicist Stanton T. whi ch i s an onionskin carbon copy of an original. 1980). author of The Roswell Incident (Grqsset &Dunlap. ''did not come into use until more than a decade later.. and TV producer/director Jaime Shandera of los Angeles. is "phony" for the foll owing reasons: (1) The memo is unsigned. ·." a tenn which. Unsigned memoranda--especi ally carbons--are common among government documents of this era. who. Canada. and thus could not have written it . The memo is unsigned because Cutler was not there to sfgn it." {S) The typeface of the document is not the same as that on other Cutler memoranda obtained by Klass. This memo is only a notification of a slight change in plans for a classified briefing on the "HJ-12 Special Studies the fonn of interviews with over 100 informants (31 of them first-hand witnesses). (6) The onionskin paper does not bear the "characteristic Eagle watermark" that Klass claims is found on "all government onionskin paper. according to Klass. this one classifi:ed "Top Secret Security Information" and bearing a 1953 date . (4) It carries the classification "Top Secret Restricted Security Information.ts. (3) It does not bear a· Top. government documents. 1987. drawing on the work of aviation journalist and UFO debunker Philip J. however. he left s instructions to his staff to keep material moving out of hi s in-basket. " According to Moore. On August 20. his research indi cates that the Cutler memo randum . As a memorandum found in the Eisenhower Memorial Library atte. Moore points out.· (2) It is a "typed original. C SICOP released a press statement. Klas s. (2) Klass's statement that the memo is a "typed original" and not a carbon is based solely on the fact ·that 1mpress i ons of the typewriter keys can be seen on the reverse sfde of the document.consisting of Moore." and not a carbon at all . Cutler was out of the country at the time the memo was written. Th1s 1s a normal ." The facts are these: ** (1) Cutler was indeed out of the country at the time. state that there 1s overwhelming evidence-.

(4) The memo does carry a two-line classification caveat that reads "Top Secret Re~tricted" on the first line. is not a part of the caveat on the Cutler-Twining n. centers on the unusual use of the word "Restricted . 1947.the word "Information. following "Top Secret. so far the evidence presented on caveats remains insufficient to resolve the matter. . in a September 23. This letter says that the caveat "Top Secret Restricted Information" did not come into use at the National Security Council until the Nixon Administration.1-12" letter. One of these contains language very similar to the memo in question (see attachments). therefore. "Restricted" (as opposed to "Top Secret Restricted"} documents fell in between Unclassified and Confidential on the security scale and should have no bearing on the matter of the Cutler-Twining memo at all. letter about UFOs. 1987. however. As far as Moore. but rather stems from a statement made by the National Archives in a "Reference Report on 14. friedman.. Klass fails to ~ention that the type on the carbon is blue.. some individuals (including apparently. But Klass's allegation that this caveat was "not in use unti 1 more than a decade later" is not based on his research into the matter. In addition.) The issue. however. and "Security Information" on the second line (see attachments). and can be tested by anyone with a manual typewriter. Friedman and Shandera.. (3) The memo does not bear a Top Secret registration number." Close reading of the National Archives' statement on this matter shows that ft ignores two key points: (a) it limits itself to caveats in use at the time ok!Y by the Nation a 1 Security Council (MJ-12. the caveat "Top Secret Restricted Oata 11 had been fn use since 1946 for certain types of information connected with atomic energy . (b) it addresses itself to the alleged non-use of the caveat 11 "Top Secret Restricted Infonnation 11 . One other point to be considered here is the distinct possibility that the word "Restricted" is meant to apply to the distribution of the memo (i.:!mo. Neither do two other Top Secret Cutler memoranda from the same era (one of which is also Cutler to Twining) that were located among Gen~ral Twining's papers on ffle wfth the Library of Congress . Some confusion has occurred because "Restricted" . and Shandera are concerned. thus fueling what should not be a controversy in the first place. Unfortunately." Independent research by Moore. Klass) have confused the two terms. (General Twining. had been a separate classification in itself until it was phased out in 1953. dated July 22. may have had some special caveat of its own). not through the usual channels) rather than to the classification of the data contained therein. had clearly indicated a nuclear connection.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL circumstance with onionskin carbons. shows that the caveat "Top Secret Security Information" (on two 1i nes) was conmonly used throughout the early 1950s.e. and 1s clearly consistent with the sort of reproduction produced by a worn blue carbon . as a "b lac project. not black. and goes on to state that informatlon from the Eisenhower Library "confirms that this particular marking was not used during the Eisenhower A<hinistration.

pronouncements about typefaces that are based on comparison of the Cutler-T\'Iinfng memo to only a few of the many thousands of documents generated by such offi ces are meaningless ." who was then Admiral R. is an authorization by Truman to then-Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to undertake "Operation Majestic 12. This could well be the case with your Majestic 12 group . executive memorandum purportedly written by (and bearing the signature of) President Truman . But Ed Reese of the Military Reference Branch of the National Archives told Moore. Hillenkoetter subsequently went on public record a number of times with statements that the U government . Vannevar Bush an d "the Director of Central Intelligence..H. A print made from the original negative of the briefing document included thi s short memorandum as "Attachment A. 1947. Indeed. The document bears an authentic-appearing Truman signature and is in correct form for such memoranda ." in concert with Or. some of which bore no watermark at all . has stated that the Archives has "only a fraction of the documents from the 1953-54 time period" and that she "know(s) very well that they cannot make the statement that all government documents from that time bear the Eagle watermark . Hillenkoetter. An examination of other declassified Cutler memoranda from the same era shows a variety of type styles. ·"we only have records here that have been retired to us by various government ·agencies.. should tell all it knows about UFOs. (6) The absence of an "Eagle" watermark on the onionskin paper is also not unusual. stamped "Top Secret Eyes Only." ****** Klass interprets remarks by the National Archives and both the Truman and Eisenhower presidential libraries that they were unable to find any identifiable record concerning either "Majestic 12" or "MJ-12 11 as meaning that no such files exist. Moreover.-or that Mr. JoAnn Wlliamson of the National Archives staff in Washingi ton.. Government offices at that time used a number of different types of onionskin..FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL (5) Preliminary examination of the typeface on the Cutler-Twining memo indicates 1t was typed with a manual Remington-Rand typewriter of proper vintage. would contain the name and address of the recipient in the lower left corner. according to Klass. In such a situation.S. 11 Another key document is the already-mentioned September 24 . Klass alleges that this document is a "forgery created by superimposing a fake message on a photocopy of an authentic Truman letter. Klass character-1 zes the document as "counterfeit" because it does not fit the correct format of "an authentic Truman 1etter11 Wh1ch. Such machines were commonly used by government offices of the time. " Klass offers no evidence to support this claim and in fact no such evidence exists at this point ." It shows no sign of any superimposition. O. This short. two-paragraph document.C. Cutler's office prepared correspondence only on Prestige Onionskin when Mr. Cutler ~as away. . No doubt there are a large number of files and records pertaining to the so-called black projects and other highly classified programs that we have never heard of because they are still in custody of whatever office or agency is responsible for them. . James layerzopf of the Eisenhower Library has indicated that "we've found numerous indications of selected material having been pulled from files before we assumed custody of them.

that a cover-up was instigated within 24 hours of that announcement." Indeed. presidential candidate). if not all. who led the original retrieval. scientific director of the J. There is no reason at all why General Eisenhower. especially if. Five individuals involved in the Roswell event. (The documents were sent anonymously to Shandera on 35mm film. would have been considered for membership in such a group. intelligence officers. is not a "letter" but an ex~cut1ve memorandum. he would not have known all the details. New Mexico~ in July 1947. the style and format of which. that alien bodies were found. That judgment cannot be reached on the basis of the data in the document. To suggest that the document is "phony" on this basis. The named members of the Majesti c 12 group were all high-ranking scientists. and that civilians were debriefed and warned to change their stories to conform to official pronouncements . Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies.S. made the following statement about the MJ-12 docurrents: "The Center for UFO . that material was sent to Wright Field in Ohio for analysis. that an unknown object with extraordinary characteristics had crashed outside Roswell. is to engage. despite his many military achievements. In summary. Eisenhower had already made a public announcement (with presidential approval) in June 1947 (prior to the alleged crash/retrieval) that he would assume the presidency of Columbia University around the end of the year. Friedman and Shandera say they have strong additional evidence concerning the authenticity of this memorandum and will publish it at a later date . at the very least. have testified that strange symbols were attached · to portions of the crashed vehicle. and technology experts. he was "denied this request" and that the matter "is still classified above Top Secret. however. according to one expert who claims to have handled virtually all of the unclassified and declassified Executive Orders from that era. Klass clai~ that it describes a 1947 UFO crash in New Mexico as if Eisenhower had never heard of it. as was the case. that an announcement to this effect was made by the government." Mark Rodeghfer. including the Air Force officer . documentation and other legwork.) This effort by Friedman and Moore established. of this materia 1 in the near future.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL The document. Even if Eisenhower had been informed of the crash. A third item the debunkers attempt to explain away is the seven-page "Top Secret Eyes Only" Ei senhower briefing paper to which the Truman document was attached. none of the many questions raised thus far concerning the alleged Eisenhower briefing papers and accompanying documents leads inevitably to the conclusion that they are counterfeits . instead of the basis of any mistaken information in it (of which there is none). "looks absolutely authentic. Moore. on the basis of 1ntetviews with nearly 100 different persons coupled with extensive travel. the primary custody of these materials resided with the Office of the President. Barry Goldwater of Arizona." The senator said he had heard that a plan was undenotay to "release some. in conclusion-jumping . has stated on the record that when he attempted to find out the truth about UFOs. Klass does not mention that the 12 persons named as members of Majestic Twelve all had high-level security clearances and close interlocking of past act1v1ties. These symbols are mentioned in the MJ-12 document . nothing about this document suggests that tt is not authentic--including the date of the memorandum and the typeface used. The CSICOP press release does not mention the detailed investigation conducted well before this document was either received in December 1984 or released. At least one former U senator (and .

~t the In order to avoid co~nication on this subject. it is understood that in the ahsence or contrary ·~rord your conl!urronc9 1n the above arnn$f. We do clafm. Thursday. i t is necessary to security ?recautions and to maintain absolute secr~cy re~arding participation in. It is r~queSt'!d that you enter the '.~.l at the :!leeting.~.'(hite P.e.l FOR G~ERAL T'NINI~IO The Presij~nt ~xpects you to attend the ~traordtn~ry t.!e'!tiniJ of the National Security Council in t.ous9 broun1s via tha Southeast Entrance not later than 0:45 A." ** 1 THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON ~~ ~· July 1).FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Studies has not yet concluded that the documents from Moore and his colleagues are either authentic papers or a clever hoax. on that ~ay. July 16. Th9 . investi9ation of the documents' authenticity. t~ke S9P-Ci~1 Oue to th.. as well ~s the substance of. in fact. ~Jeeting. unbiased.1\nd descend from your car at the South {Diplomatic) ~trance of th! ~nsion.~. /Ls<~c__!~ ROB£RT CUTL~ Spe~1al Assistant to the President . the ~e9tln~. We. and we encourage further investigation of these extraordinary papers. Your car should be discharged and not n tt an:fl'here in the! vicinity or the ~Vhita House..o ents is assUIIIed. lt is advisa~l~ not to 9lan any oth9r enga~ements bsfore 6:~) ~. however. 19$) ~JORANDU'. are currently seeking an independent. at 9:00 A.:!l will be 9Xpblnsrl in datai.>rogra.he Broadc:1s t Room of the Whit9 House. that no evidence {of which we are aware) exists that conclusively proves the documents to be false.'l • . nature of the ~ite The Pr1sidant ~xpects you to lunch with him House at 12:30 P.

government. living room. At one point.A girl raised by farmyard pigs now is being trained by psychologists to abandon her porcine behavior in favor of more human development. and halls of a six-room brick house belonging to William Winston and his wife Minnie . The man told a police officer he had been instructed to call the police by the telepathic messages. NE Journal.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ASSORTED ODDITIES A man with a history of mental illness seized control of a live newscast by pointing a realistic looking toy pistol at TV consumer reporter David Horowitz and demanding he read a statement about the CIA and space creatures. Horowitz and anchors Kirstie Wilde and John Beard were unharmed. The officer suggested that both of them return to the man's home to discuss the situation. was left as an infant with her peasant family's pigs because her deaf mute father and mentally retarded mother were unable to care for her and no one else lived near their isolated home / . Florida. kitchen. " it's an extremely strange situation." Stallman thanked Horowitz for reading the statement and then surrendered the phony weapon.Human blood seeping from the floor in an elderly couple's home has police puzzled . and "possibly the human race itself. Jay Farrand. NE Journal. "I've been on the force 10 years and I've never seen anything like this. Horowit z read the man's statement during a nine minute period in which KNBC broadcast a message asking its viewing audience to stand by. of Tallahassee. Lyle Roberts said. September 9. Gary Stallman.S. August 20. bedroom. 1987) 'TELEPATHIC' CALL LEADS TO ARREST .A 42 year old Lincoln man was arrested this week for possession of narcotics after he claimed he was instructed to call police by telepathic corrununications from his federal probation officer. "Fight Back With David Horowitz. (Omaha. who have been married 44 years. Lt. was booked [or investigation of false imprisonment and disturbing the peace after Wednesday's brief takeover of KNBCTV. NE World-Herald March 19. Horace Walker said a lab test revealed that the blood is human. The blood was found in the bathroom. 1987) GET THE MOP. MOM!. l987) GIRL RAISED BY PIGS . My wife's not bleeding. the man suggested the police officer check the apartment for the telepathic probation officer." Cartwright said." Mrs. Nobody else was here. Xinhua News Agency reported. 77." Homicide Detective Steve Cartwright said there is nothing to indicate any wrongdoing at the home. Stallman used a type of toy that Horowitz has warned parents not to buy for their children on his nationally syndicated consumer show. The Winstons. Winston."(Lincoln. Said Winston: "I'm not bleeding. now l3. Wang Xianfeng. Police Lt. The document Horowitz read was a rambling statement warning of a plot by the CIA and outer space "alien forces" against the U. said police Lt. (Lincoln. 34. the floor was covered with blood. but ·mdicated it is not likely that they will tear up the floors to do so. while the live newscast was blacked out. have lived in the house for 22 years. Police first contacted the man at a street corner after receiving a report of a suspicious person there. Investigators have not found a source for the blood. said that when she stepped out of the bathtub shortly before midnight Tuesday.

people turned out Sunday to meditate power supply.hink(the angel's appearance) has Wednesday. At limes there is a gold(:n halo and U1ere is a while aura all around her. "From what I can gather. The image appears over the regular TV picture. Th e girl has now learn ed t o read s ome 600 Chinese c haracters. August 20. The report did no t say wh e n o r how the ' girl was found. psychologists discovered that wang. In 1983. NE Journal Augus t 2 8. . and do some housework. "She's really beautiful. all rainoow colored. sing c h i ldren's songs.•• ' . (Lincoln. .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL · in nor t heast e rn Liaoning Provin c e. "(The angel) has been wonderful~" she said "She loves children . or doom." Diane Boettcher said "I t. 40.problem.TV peace. a drug counselor turned image appeared. . She said the TV set is. said about 1<. She's real beautiful. he has duplicated ll in his shop for anyone who wants to see il "The only reason I didn't say anything in the house was because there were people praying in rronl of the TV and I didn't know how to break it to them. Friday night. come to the house she shares with her two teen-age daughters to ~e the image.67) "People hJve been really touched by t. was one of sever. (AP) Thousands of people have trekked to a house in this Northern California resort town to see what they claim is an image of an angel appearing on a woman's TV faulty TV. when a bright light came out . Calli. said he saw the television Tuesday and immediately identified the. In fact. espe· d ally when children go up. the o f ficial news servi c e said ." Wilson said But Boettcher is convinced otherwise. had t he intelligen ce of a Jt year old child.000 set's bad capacitor and low. . "She has a large wing span and small ones that nutter when she's happy. <-Angel' on TV'draws crowds She is definitely an angel" Mount Shasta.. She had no con c eption of sex~s and knew neither Chinese characters nor figures. Resear c her s found that the cause was no t any congenital disease but the l opsided psychological development brought about by living w ~ th pigs. "I switche<i on the news to everything to do with harmonic conver· see about the hannonic convergence gence. and watch the sun rise over Mount '1 was silting around watching TV Shasta. owner of Shiloh Electron· lcs in Mount Shasta." Boellcher said. about 50 mDes south of the Oregon border. then 9." . that's all it is." ~ said. c ount f rom one to 100. 1987) Visitors hold jewelry to be blessed or reach out to touch the "angel'' that appeared Friday on the TV screen at Di~ne Boettcher'S home. ( Lin~olu. About 6.s. Police Chief Lou Baldy said an officer who wenlto the house told him it was a MOUNT SHASTA. for mankind." she sail!.il sites around the world that last weekend attracted crowds of people who believed set · in a galactic "harmoilic convergence" But the-pollee chief and a TV repair· that would signal either a ·new age of man say the image is caused by the .000 people have days become brighter and more defined. She has in the last few writer. only three years old. Bob Wilson. . this Boettcher. Nr: Joumal.

please find enclosed the information requested.. .! ~~\ JUL 2 4. I.• ~ •' • .c~: O! lrOf!SfX>IIOII(J() I' • federal Aviation Administration ..>ON AND THE PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF THE UNEXPLAINED. PA 1560i Dear Hr. ·~ • • t I ' . 1987. Stan Gordon Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained 6 Oakhill Avenue Greensburg. j : .&tccf<_. Pittsburgh w Atlanta. The information contained therein is shown on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) forms 1360-33 and 8020-5..ENSBIJRG. 6 OAK HILL AVENUE._ /£!. >. GRF. 1!87 CERTIFIED MAIL .o your letter of June 30 . PENNSYLVANIA 15601. I'll• • 1 • •t . 1987. REQUEST~~ ~~rnomas A. Any further correspondence on this matter must show reference to FOIA Control No.RETURN RECEIPT Mr. . Tne fees for this information have been waived.. f/ . June 25. Sincerely. u ~ ~rtrTI'. FS-87-56.• Gordon: In reply t.ntepretation of the information is subjective in nature and does not represent an FAA conclus ion.__ - . . under the prov1s1ons of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding an incident on Delta Flight 1083. Accardi 2 Enclosures -£.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL AERIAL GOINGS-ON TlUS MATERIAL APPEARS COURTESY OF STAN GORt.

.( DATE OF LAST M(piCAL w. 6.:.d-)---------l A"f' A OA CH ~ • L ~~ I 0111/o".. The main body of the w missile was a white to yellow color and the fins were a beige to > .::::. Attached Field Notes and 1360-33. He describe< the projectile as approxima tely 4 .-~--s-.---+-.600' below them..-llra RHoRrs • Delta Air Lines Flight 1083 en route from Pittsburg.ADo._ 1 QA7 7. OliT IN ATION lTA 0" ATA ~YU ~Yll c ~ . PIC 2. EO t-.A TION ~1 ov 'Q ~. ...:. SEAT OCCV.-::-$T::-:-C-::-O-·•-:-••-u-:-N-IC:-A-:T::-:-O-N-:-(-:::-/'---T. RE"OAT SUBMITTED IV I SCENE INVESTIO:. o1sTI'I1aur1oN z ~ ac I See .ICE. brown color.c~I~L~.. T" n w 0 VFA " . CONT.... E A srE ·: · Fv ' 2.ACILITY • .E_..TS .L::::.I-.!J_E_A_R_E_V__W__ IE X v ~BLIND -----+--~t.~' 11 ~ . "''• A N ' N/ A · NAME N/A ' N/A ~O~A~T~E~0-~-8-IA_T_M_t A_G_E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-t-~~~N~17 _ /'~A~---t-~~~-w~ln/r~A~~~~~------------~ CEATiflc. Co:) 2 .:._ 6.:IE:.R_R.: R. FE Cantrell N/ A N/ A M..c~. NTSB INVESTIGAlO I'I 2.:. T'T T S ..:E~V. it passed below The pilot stated that he took no evas1.LLe_nao C:l ~:ouv1. OFFICE AVN-120 1 AS0-26 0 F1... ANCl (i "" l ...A -------t------·~Nr/~A ~------+-----------------~ N/ A N /A N/ A N/A N/A N/A t :t ~I z ~ ~ 0 . W est Virginia."m AATING$ N/A • -wrx N/ A PR OFICIENCY CHECK DATE AOVTf CHECK DATE SIMU!.le EAf-t.. Delta Flight 1083 was actic~ • .l:. at the time... ~ QNON( ATL 0732 NLA 10...._E_C_O... FAA cooRDINATOR/I NvEST.-1-L. SOURCE OF INFO 7\S0-6 Mi t'l-~nni-h -..ATE NO AND TY...... SIC 3.R...-----------•----~N~/..--."'.~. Reported a missile approached them from head on and passed approximately 500' . VOR (HVOl a~ 31 5 mil~s t-racking in bound to the VOR... _ 1 rn .OLI COMMVNICATION .6 feet long with large fins attached which ran halfway up its length. o US GPO 111111 • n s-. SMOKE NTSP. f Ll0t4T f'LAN/CL lA .:W~------------+--~Iylt--t v ::> z ~ J 1... TYf'l l 0 f f 0 • OS$ ~• IG n T/C . Pa.I£0 N/ A N/A T/7\ ~o~o~.'Tnn~ . ..G .:..:-~nn .-. . 1. N/ A N/A N/A > H0URSTHI $MAI(l/M00[l HOURS LAS'T e ~ cr to o•vs .:_______l~--~~-~-· -j INfAN T SI.'. l'farteiia . Olf'AfnV"I f'OINTIOATliTIMl Indianapolia Center ::: PIT 0605 .~t ty "Homemade" appearance. Alex Gay ~ ~ r..O.. TOA CMECo.. The Captain reported thE m... I said it a?peared to be descending and unpow~red wh~t < .t . to Atlanta Georgia. on the 041° radial of the Charleston..-.ENVI~ONMENT !• 1 INVESTIGA liON YES NO HOBESE :~C.MAKEMOOEL ~~rt-~~~:~~~~~=~~~:~~======~~====~_... NOTIFIED VOIC..S RAFTS VESTS LIG.::~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~u ·~'--------------4-~--~~~--~~--~--~~~~~~----~ 0 J OAlE .rl---..... .. He him..ASTIIOO•vs N/A N/A N/A •r ~ ll/A ll7An r" 'TOTAL HIJUAS ~ U ~ DVTYTIME/IAH~4H. PASSENGERS EQUIPMENT SEATS RESTRAIN rs l. ~.\.N:'':'~~====~====:~:I:Ir~:======:============~ N/A · N/A ~ TOlALHOUF:SI.-rI FU~'fS j .L - FLICHl OFF I CE INVE~liGAliON AlC:O~::.

0.A I JI C A" JII l JI .. DESIGNATOR DALA CAS 298C F"ILED OPERATING CERTIFI · CATE N O . A IRFRAME MAl( f IMODll 101 Al HOV JIS I 2.c::~vH: t· I 1 . TEMF .T YP I A I JI lAill 0 Oc:OMMUl("' D D 0 ( . fL I GHT N O I AVTHORIZE. "'l A JI( .--·l PO!Nl { r. SURFACE CONDI· T ION ·I < C( RVNWAV ...RKS "' . A I R CARRIER OPERAT IN G CERTIFI · CATE NO . ' I 121 ' ' 0.RTS . . /Maljun rrfon~ J < Transport HOURS T ..l NO. 2. B. OTHf" 'Thu r a~a v ' HVO O" V 01 W I I'- C:OO" OI"'A Tl ~ 'Ne a r Char l eatonr e w..S. . 2. . 3. 0 o. TIM( • . RUNWA. 3. 0...J HVO 0 41/31...L fE R RY TEST FLIGHT CREW UJ 0 < 0 0 ~ ct CABIN CFHW I '· ! SU8ST AN rtAl DESTR OYED FIRE AfTER IMPACT PROPERTY DAMAGE UNICNOW~ ct z O .. WIND (\0. FORES T FIRE I'A R ACHU TE A I R SHOW I'ASSE N GER C4RGO I'ASSENGE R /C. ------· A~I\.. PERSON S INV OLV ED PASSENGERS Oves 2 PERSONS l . I ce:. X ' : tJUL 1 3 1987 9 . R(GISlRAliON N O I AIRCRA. " V IA TI O . Georgia 3 0320 2.T IO N • .Y l.. ENGTH Ct!':".. ~. J s.: :... I nc . IA. O . cr C( I.J UJ 1. . 1.JJ' t•.. ~. V ISIBI L ITY RESTRICTI ON ).J . I lA / ltallteJ aNI DutalltN / 041 / 31 -5 MA K(/MODll.t? _. I I 121 '.y\. C( ~.UTHORIZEO OPERATIONS UNDER FAR IPA.. V IS18ILIT" 6 .. SIC' CON · OITION 5 . 0 C( T . SOURCE J . 0 l 1083 UNOE'R fAR • !J MAI N l . w 2.W$•ro / ~· ~ c • O CAl l 00 "' " [ ) .3.S .. ct . T . 0 0 UNCON T ROLL ED S .ARGO M AIL O T HER UNKNOWN I'U8L I C/OTHf:R - z DESCENT APPROACH L"'NDINCi REMARtc: S .mr n oro•'II J UJ . Atlanta Airport Atlanta ..l/M ODll l .:! :..'r._ . > C( :> -. \. /Maljunr n o nlratl •• 2.l NO .l.5 MAII.:. 3.S . TYPE Of F l... V / NG NON [ MINOR PERSONAL BUSI N ESS E. fM•IJ•.O OPERA TI ONS UNDER fA R f P ARTS 26 ). fATAl I NJURY 6 DAMAGE 8..v.O. e.. ----. 6 . M INOR A8 0AR0 I NJUR V I [3No SE RI OUS I NJ U RY . z UJ "' UJ l.. fit RtA. O . REMA.P._ 0 UJ < O· ce Delta Air Li nes ..FT CI. ( "A. /Malfu roc-n orouv. N AMl ANO AODRCSS .: ='~ -r·' r Jl ·:. OC ATI O "' (• E>uPeRSEOES P AEvtou s EDITI O N FAA Form 8020·5 . r-- ~ C OO l ~ . l. 0 1Al liM ( c-4 l.. "' C( S( RIA..XECUT I V E /C:O R I' INS TR UCTION AE R IAL AI'I'LICATION I NDUSTRI A LISPECIA._UMBER 3 FH LD fLEV : . GROUND C R EW I'HASE OF OPERATI ON GROUN D TOTALS 'J AXI T 4 KEOH CLIMB HA N D I C APP ED LEVEL FLIGHT [VACVATION INJURI ES 9 PART NAM E/NO NAM£ CON TR OLLED 6. 4SS C( • (./ ·--- ~ 11. "'LT IMlTER w ct"" 2 . T OT 4 L HOV " ' Boein g 737-232 .) a:: C( NJOSDL A IRWORTH)N tSS C l4SS 0 z . w • 0"" 6/2 5 /87 l Tl""''~' 0635 EDT AIRCRAfT INCIDENT RECORD J .O 1..:.

. s .: f•u... ~~-..HOHl CAll "OV TIHO It I OP Pl .. . .....LY FA A FO.._ ·: ~. . 0 . 1a22 . . ~ ~ ·.... It I COH1 ACT I 0 O" IN C:O. .." ' 1 FAA fonn 1l6D-33 44 .111 FOft!\IIU. CP01 •••• · " '' .__... :~::z-s~V? :?:. l "lCOAOOf HAW I ~ VIIIT 0 CONF£AENC( ~ 0 nU. ·~· . : DAn .... ·. ·-. .f I "I NCI AND LOCA T 10"' 010E8T ' . Tl . .

!7~ -----it~~~~--~ .~ '1:1 -~ -- .- __j)'.. • . -- --~.- --~ .. ---·-- ___-__ ~ ._.~:""""_.. ---· . e • \LJ\l~'\ - R---. 0 . .. :: .-. .. .. ·· --~.---=?\<>~ .rz --. ..~~~~o~'""'\11-v..~-. ~-~w-v.-- 1 -. - -- - - ---+1--+--~.\\ ~ ~.·.\+:.-~~~\J~w ----... · - : \\- _ )o'i:..---. ..-· . v)..?£]~QI:.. .... .-.·· .• ... . .---. • .... -_·. -.. .~-~-~ o._S~~ =-~~ -~ ~~. -- .--..· .-·..· Ql.. :...-·". J-(.. • .. .L~~~~ -::-~~£ . -~ '! --. { •---:ii ..--~+-.-. _ _ .. ·--· - . ...No~~\\\e..\l. __OQ -~ -13~.~~-=-~ -~ .....-..-- ..... . --- - - ---+< - -.B?i~e.-:~ .--.:.. .. ·-- --. .-------ft---1~~\lQ. :. ~ ~'~~~ : . <:::: > ---- _p~~~-~·'"l.~.-..-· .· ·.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL r.---a-.----..-··...~-~__ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ ...:cc:.. •. - _ _____ _ _-_·= -_-z _ -..--.-----n-~~.:: .. • .. .

OJ (J) A 0 0 OJ II BOOKSBOOKSBOOKS (J) A 0 OJ Jenny Randles' latest effort. the book consists of 40 pieces on varying aspects of the UFO phenomenon.95) is another in a long line of admirabl e efforts of this prolific writer. and John Spencer for the British UFO Research Association. very · carefully researched (with the exception of a few minor errors).00) is yet another in this year's crop of good. While some of the flavor of the current European ideas on UFO origins: comes through (the psycho-social viewpoint) the book is excellently balanced in its views . and as is usual with the author's work .. For an excellent ove~view of (J) ~ 0 0 0 0 0 0 OJ (J) A OJ OJ en A =" en 0 0 OJ en A .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 0 0 0 0 0 0 (J) A OJ (J) A . I think that The UFO Conspiracy belongs in the library of every serious researcher. solid research material on UFOs. My own personal opinion of Jenny Randles and her work places her high on the list of truly top-notch researchers. $25. If your local book shop doesn't have it. London. they should . An excellent book. The UFO Conspiracy (Sterling Pub. along with copies of her other fine works. UK. This is probably the most comprehensive and thorough collection of material on the UFO conspiracy worldwide available. Edited by Hilary Evans. New York . $17. UFOs 1947-1987 The 40-Year Search for an Explanation (Fortean Tomes .

Modern Mysteries contains no real surprises as far as any startling new cases.00 foreign INFO Journal Sample copy-$3.1 The International Fortean Organization ··~¢: The Journal of Strange Phenomena Now in its 14th year (INFO) Founded in 1966. described by Fortean Times as "one of the handful of essential journals for Forteans: Membership/Subscription-4 issues $12. Send cheeks in US funds to: Latest issue (48) has 80 packed pages.O. a book well worth having. lf I think we can look forward to many good things f~om Fortean Tomes. VA 22210-0367 USA . All members receive the INFO Journal.this book would be an excellent choice. Send $4 to: Fortean Times 96 Mansfield Road London NW3 2HX INFO Membership Services P. e this volume is any indication. and will without doubt enjoy readiug it again in the future.00 /$16. and. and sponsoring the annual FortFest. I certainly enjoyed reading the book. maintaining research files of anomalous data and a research library. the first Yeti photograph. the fireballs of 1erusalem.00.95) by Janet and Colin Bard is yet another must-have book. Box 367 Arlington. butregardless of these flaws.~l4. as most of us. 1 have always enjoyed the Bord's work. a conference on strange phenomena. and always eagerly await their next volume. The best of luck to all their efforts. I would always like to see more photos. a Japanese encounter case from the nineteenth century.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the current state of UFOlogy. . in my opinion. 1 imagine. the death of William Rufus and much more. bodily renewal in old age. INFO continues the work of Charles Fort by publishing a quarterly journal. articles on images in eyes. · Modern Mysteries of Britain (Grafton Books. Again. including a world roundup of anomalous news. London UK. I . or as an introductory book for someone new to the field. in my opinion.

There was no thunder. or sign of lightning before the killer bolt struck. ravens. NE Journal. NE Journal. however. Illinois farm where hundreds of others appear healthy have baffled swine experts and veterinarians. (Lincoln. & ETC. mainly females and babies.The deaths of 240 hogs at a New Douglas. George M cCormick said. it became clear the problems were more serious. None has been affected so far. according to authorities. Doudney died shortly after 6:00 am. reputed crime figures. An employee of hog farmer Elmer Klenke. 1987) WILDLIFE DEATHS PUZZLE AUTHORITIES . (Lincoln.A man standing in the stern of his new boat near Bossier City. including one who had been in the water preparing to ski.000 DOLPHINS DIE OFF BRAZIL . gulls. and drug smugglers. Russell and three women.S. NE Journal. 1987) COUPLE DIE WITHIN SIX HOUR PERIOD .000 dolphins. manager of the refuge. 1987) 2. one of four friends in the boat with Thomas on Lake Bisteneau east of Bossier City. ''Here I am." Biologist Eliana Simas of Rio de Janeiro told Associated Press. Ron Anglin. Attorneys who worked with or against Thomas. 1987) MYSTERY DEATHS OF 240 HOGS .Nearly 2. his wife followed him in death. 61. New Jersey. NE Journal.An estimated 3 million fish and about 1. accused white-collar criminals. ducks . found the dead animals on January 16. Last week. died of electrocution on Memorial Day. and smelling the way they do. 60 miles east of Reno. egrets.To the bafflement of marine mammal experts across the country. (Lincoln. Graves Thomas. said Dan Russell Jr. May 27. coots. rushed Thomas to shore. an unprecedented number of dead or near-dead bottlenose dolphins have washed up on the Atlantic coastline from New Jersey to Virginia during the past five weeks. February 15. "HERE I AM!" . but he refused to say which one . said Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputy Scott Hodges. whose family includes several judges and lawyers.500 water birds have died in the past two months at the Stillwater Wildlife refuge." Robert Schoelkop£ said Thursday from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine. Louisiana rais~d his hands. They had been living at Tabitha Nursing Home in Lincoln. Thomas' last words were reported by one of the four. he has responded to a record of 47 Strandings along the New Jersey Coast. 1987) MORE DEAD DOLPHINS . They were in a containment building that was used to house 600 swine.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL STRANGE DEATHS. Anglin said the U. July 16. Fish and Wildlife Service is concerned about 30 eagies that feed at the marsh. NE Journal August 8. a 40-year-old Shreveport attorney. died within six hours of each other from natural causes. Klenke . (Lincoln. have died off the northeastern Brazilian coast during the month of April. described him as a firebrand and amaverick but a strong advocate for his often notorious clients including police killers.. (Lincoln. a Lincoln Nebraska couple who had been married almost 56 years. looked skyward and declared. and herons began dropping and the dead fish lined the banks.'' just before a lightning bolt struck him dead. forensic pathologist Dr.Roy and Alvina Doudney. said the deaths were initially attributed to a concentration of salts. "I have been working w~th bottlenose dolphins for 18 years and have never seen them coming ashore in this shape. He was 83. April 22. who have determined only that the animals weren't poisoned. Pelicans. "We have no idea what has caused the mass deaths. lightning. Nevada. By lunchtime. 1n the thirty day period from July 7 to August 7. She was 82.

26. Relatives and friends testified that be had no reason to commit suicide. 1987) . An inquest returned a verdict of suicide. was found dead last August beneath a suspension bridge spanning the River Avon in Bristol. ''That they aren't all dead-that's the thing that's got us wondering. died near Bristol in October of 1986 . The circumstances of his death have never been explained. " But England's Home Secretary Douglas Hurd has ordered police involved in the cases to contact each other. Avtar Singh-Gida. Even if all the cases were suicides. NE Journal. strangling himself. the defense spokesman for the centrist Liberal-Social Democratic party alliance. 24.. involved in a secret defense project. 37. a computer expert with Marconi Defense Systems. 1984) FIFT H DEFENSE SCIENTIST DIES . died in groups of 30 in eight pens scattered throughout the building. "There's about 600 head in there. according to the report. A police report said he apparently tied one end of a rope to a tree. which were kept in 20 pens holding 30 hogs each. into an abandoned cafe in Surrey. and the rest of them were OK . was killed when he drove his car. Gilbert R. 46. a computer expert at a subsidiary of the Br~tish defense contractor Marconi. said John Cartwright. died of carbon monoxide poisoning. disappeared in January of 1986 in northern England while conducting experiments on underwater acoustics. Authorities have labeled the deaths as suicides . The government has rejected opposition demands for an investigation. loaded with gasoline cans. David Sands. NE Journal. a computer design expert." Kl~nke said. a programmer with Marconi Underwater Systems who reportedly was working on Britain's self-guided Stingray missile. They weren't even affected. January 19. Police are still investigating . Ashad Sharif. Richard Pugh.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL said the hogs. a subsidiary of Marconi and part of Britain's giant General Electric Company. In late March. was found dead in his home in Essex in January. A sixth scientist. (Lincoln. The engine was running and the garage door was shut. saying t here was "no evidence of any link (in the deaths) at this stage. "it must raise some question about the pressures under which scientists are working in the defense field. Cartwright said he believed there vere "grounds for concern" and urged police to reinvestigate. Sands had just completed three year's work on a secret air defense radar system for the Royal Air Force at Easams.Police in early April confirmed that Peter Peapell. the other around his neck. Hollis a University of Illinois professor and swine expert. Ltd. H was the fifth scientist to have died under unusual circumstances in the e past eight months. got into his car and drove off. 26. His wife told reporters he was happy and had no reason to commit suicide." Police said Peapell was found february 22 under bis car in his garage. But the fact that not al l of the hogs died stumped him also. (Lincoln. Vimal Dajibhai." The wide distribution of the carcasses ruled out Klenke 's first theory that failure of the building's ventilation system may have accounted for poisoning of the hogs from manure pit gases normally drawn out by fans . April 6. said he also thought vent ilation might have been the cause.

and your help in joining these organizations. Washington 98146 GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY P.O.K. will be greatly appreciated. Box 220 Plumerville.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealing with the ""explained. NEBRASKA 68509 A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA .O. WA3 &PO FAIR WITNESS PROJECTWilliam l. Moore 4219 W.O. Box 2213 Scotia. NY 12302 PROJECT STIGMA/CRUX P.K.O.O. They are all doing the best they can with the resources available to them. Box 43518 Richmond Heights. Connecticut 06238 COMPUTER UFO NEWSLETTER Via MaHeotli 85 1-22072 Cerrnenate (CO) Italy LAKE CHAMPLAIN PHENOMENA INVESTIGATION P. Warrington Cheshire. Slovenija Yugoslavia FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. Box 205 Oak lawn. Arkansas 72127 ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. U.O. Box 2134 Wilton. England WF17 OPY UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL P.O. U. Box 218 Coventry. Box 46404 Seattle. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Road Segulfl. Suite 247 Burbank. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. Box 1094 Paris. Texas 75460 THE GATE P..O. Batley West Yorkshire. Illinois 60025-1615 FORTEAN TIMES 96 Mansfield Road london NW3 2HX. OH 44143 NORTHERN UFO NEWS 8 Whitethroat Walk Birchwood. New York 12866 YORKSHIRE UFO SOCIETY 106 Lady Ann Road Soothill. UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE Route 1. Olive St. Illinois 60454-0205 ODYSSEY /BULLETIN Moskrlceva 2 61000 Ljubljana. TX 78155 INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES 1955 John's Drive Glenview. and helping to support them both financially and In spirit. CA 91505 CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P.


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(Lincoln.he hooked a piranha. owner of North Shore Marina at Harlan County Lake. 1987) . 34 . S R PYTHON IN THE SEWER LINE ." Beins said . Bruce Beins. not the kind in the Tarzan movies. Beins said.Mountain View . said the fish had "teeth like a cow. NE Journal August 8. 1987) PIRANHA CAUGHT IN NEBRASKA LAKE . The snake slithered into view Friday morning as Jose Aguilar. weighed It pounds and was 12 inches long.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 4 WEIRD WATER WONDE. it was clicking its teeth at them. a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission fisheries biologist. NE Star.• . "It wasn't the type of piranha you think about . was flushing out the sewer at a downtown intersection. It was caught using nightcrawlers as bait. 13-foot python found by a public works employee in a sewer line. identified the fish as a non-ferocious variety of piranha.An angler ·who landed a fish that resembled a bluegill with teeth may make the record books . Nebraska brought the fish to the marina because -he didn't know what he'd caught. The piranha. "He said when they landed it. September 10. from rocks off the face of the dam. a tropical fish." The unidentified fisherman from LaVista. (Lincoln. California police lassoed a . The mystery was solved when Monty Madsen." Beins said. a waste water worker.

The knapsack contained his father's shoes. 28. Ohio said. AND DEPARTMENTS on all aspects of strange phenomena by Joseph W.A . The both felt lucky to escape with their. 1987) AUSSIES CAPTURE ALBINO CROCODILE . the Australian Associated Presss reported from Darwin.lives and didn't worry about the money and other gear they lost.. April 20. Scott Parker. (Lincoln. September 19.O.S. Ghosts. Other countries send $18. Falls. Bob Rickard.95.When Tim DeMatteis told his . The victims were attacked when they swam into a feeding frenzy. E-1 P.S.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL NOT THE AVERAGE FISH STORY . John Keel. and other investigators andresearchers of the unexplained.Wildlife rangers have captured a creamcolored crocodile. To receive four Issues send check or money order for $14. Dwight Whalen. Death Rays. Willis. the first-known albino crocodile found in the wild. a couple of candy bars and a wallet containing $225 and credit cards belonging to a friend of Butch. although none seriously. Canada.father about his big catch last week during a trout fishing trip in Ontario. NE Star. Zarzynskl. Mark Chorvlnsky. it was enough to make the average fish story seem credible. (Lincoln. Douglas Chapman. received $100 from Johnson for recovering the wallet. 1987) Don't Miss the Premiere Double Issue of ~lf~~WJ®~ rMJ~®~~orMrn The Controversial Crystal Skulls The Alien Visitors of Charles Fort Lake Monster Hunting Techniques The Abduction Enigma Archeological Oddities Blobs. authorities said.951n U. Box 2246 Rockville. part journal -with fully referenced feature articles. Mogle . of Columbus.. Part magazine. Charles Fort. and much. (Lincoln . NE Star. Paul J. Johnson said he has special plans for the money. I couldn't believe it.. 1987) -BLUEFISH TRY TO EAT SWIMMERS . COLUMNS. much morel 84 Pages of ARTICLES. lost two year~ ago in a boating accident i n the same remote area of the Flint River. Tim. Ken Moak. NE Journal." Butch DeMatteis." he said. funds to: STRANGE MAGAZINE Dept.Hungry migrating bluefish with razorsharp teeth are apparently mistaking swimmers for their 'favorite prey and have bitten at least five people. Michael Shoemaker. "I'm going to have that stuff bronzed and mounted on some kind of plaque. August 21. MD 20852 U. "When he told me what he had found. Tim's father and Ernie Johnson were fishing in the summer of 1985 when their boat capsized before landing on some rocks just short of a 30-foot waterfall. Butch. DeMatteis said he snagged a mosscovered knapsack that his father.

Liaison ----. 81GIITI!l0 1 JANOAnY 17~_ 1..a.a.a •• Be atatec1 be was telepbonJ. tbe f.'-/5? "''1UU &oclirMat coat:.J'.able to accoUAt for tb. 1967.alaa -~ • rccomme-nd!\tionl DOC' conc1u&iua1 ol tbr FBL lt b the rr•>p«tf ol .t:__ aeJAN 20~7 7V_ _ 1.treet lu ~ut of h1a ~hen be ~as on bia way home froc bl• telev1a1on repair ahop.cb al1&hte4 in tbe .r ~ .i=~/r~ f . ·: "' .::=: -~· I . The a'boTe u bela& furnlabecl tor Jour 1nformat1GG. 5 A v r.. _..i IIC'. ATJ:WGEm. ~ • .C:OO a.1t·Jd~ ) ' UUf ... A check of Bureau 1ndicps ~id not disclose any information wbicb could be 1dent1f1ec eupervis. j: . J~ua.J wearing regular trouser pants ud T-Shirta. · . . 0 {.at he was transported by thla craft for an un~tendned distance and returned to hla polat of t. 4 ..~nc! b b:aD<"C! w )'w..ry ~~I .-.~ -~ . i •••~ spoke ln a cohel'eat aanne. t'_..l '· ' . aD4 4:00 a. clat. . un ~~. E. ·. ~at ha. VJPCJ:-. --.everal iad. f !· adviaecl that be c!es1red to report tb.987.iYlduala who appeared to be a.pprax1D&t&17 one bou:r later • s==r pr •' e ng t: \· ' : .. Chesapeake.tlrlbut. · . . a. rr .T . Be believes that be was taken Sato thia craft wtllcb he recall• aa belll£ made of a &lass like aubsta..t .. 6 . ·. 0 Ft...14r..Q& from hi a wo.nce aad bel~ transparont.Mr. •~~ '~:1(/.la emotional atratn.d be had DOt been ctr1nk1n& &J:X7 1Dtox1canta but b.. At 4:10 a.~ - .J·3E9'-r'..1·· _: .e wu be !lacS obaerve4 a 1arp obloa&-•hApecS object wbJ.e time betveen 8 : 00 p.a.nderslzed creatures slm1lar to .c1 DO recollectic of be1Dg el•nhere htwMn 8:00 p. 4i.JECT .. the 'I ."tY• " ..a.. .r although be appeared to be under cert&.IJ ..U. :• : .I:'DCJ. It was aanoocS by -. were alleaedl.embera of the bWI&Il race. ' •: i' 1 1 Jaau&J7 UlUDENTIFIED 7LTING OB. ~ NOTE: ""l. ) ~ . 1 '11 and fb COOl-1\ tr. ant IIOt ID .L~ cr.· ·-·--· j . Gale 1 .1 belleYea tb. Virclnta.ahbp. ·-:l~.· ~ '1 .ke-oft a. and .-'--~-- c'O 1 .rk. ·~ . . . with RftGf ?)..a..- '.I. 1a.. .SIIQo furoished toforzatioo to night :g~ Special Investigative Division. . . . 18.... DeLoach 1 . i. probabl7 not acre than 4 feet tall._..:. . .

.(}< 1~ n is also rumored these creatures have impersonated armed forces officers and FBI investigators. They are supposed to ride around in black or dark automobiles that either have old licence tags or none at all... . "9th. __ . D. '13115 ! - Federal Bureau of Investigation Penn. Ave.. . Any information you supply can ease the worries or people who feel that the objects unknown they see in the sky may portend the visit of a mysterious visitor. 0 1 /. ) Can you give me any information on such rumors? Or' can you refer me to a source whose facilities can answer my questions? this information will help settle some disturbing questions the readers or my articles. sllenced several investigators who were supposed to have learned some dark secret about extraterrestial craft or mission plans and opened mail.C. __ . made disturbhig~most macabre phone calls. I need more informatlcm.. Personally I am not sure at all whether I can fully accept these rumours as facts. 19806 Dear Sirs. /}. tapped telephones and even taken pictures of several homes where UFO_witnesses lived. NW. 1969 .. TRUE COPY ' May 14.--· -·- ·----'--- (\ 0 I 7 t. Wash.. Several are reported to have attemped to run down witnesses of UFO sigbtings.-. Del City... - There currently are rumors over the grapevine and tn print that suggest men with oriental featur~s wearing dark clothes go around terrorizing people who have had close-up views of UFO's. Okla.

-d. Oklahoma -~1. t .. ..•. -~ ' ·: ~ l '~ 8 q :IE ~ ~~ en fltsrJ U) ) f Enclosures (2) Know Your FBI 99pcts about tbe FBI 1 . · EX-100 • -· o •• r - e ---------- Dear Mr.. C..::-:· "-. D. · . - ~. ~ -~ . ~ ·~ !. . 1989 1 0 .... ·. . •... -4.... Mr. \ " ! l! ~Y3~9f~~~7~ City. . .. Washington..1~ - : .? ~~ . A copy or your communication is being forwarded to the Ol!ice of Special Investlgatloos. -~ our organlutlon.Oklahoma City . .Enclosure ._. Be also asked that I furnlsb you the enclosed publications concerning ·"' :.. Hoover read your letter received on May 19th. . ·:· tzr·:JJ! · It May 21. De~tment of tbe Air Force. Be asked that I advise you that the FBI bas no lnlar· matlcn lt can send to you regarding the rumors you bave bea. to which Its ccntents may be of lnter~st. Attention SAC: Correspondent ls not Identifiable In Buflles..

. .J rl/•J tnclosed for the Bureau are four coJ?l es of an ~ UiH refle cting infornlation provided by Sgt . Waco. --·~-. .' ( : UN1TE.D lrrATl. .. Texas concerning t:he aubject. · furnished to Dallas. -~ · . ._. Interview of Sgt.. ~ United St ates Air Force.- (C) ·-·.-. "J ) . r . .· NCERNING 00 : SAN ANTONIO c.. . .. .o . . ination to the military due to the partieular request made by the subject concerning UFO Cunidentifi flying objects).... proyer dissem .... . .....·~ -.. .. ~: . One copy of LHH ia &lao l>ein& . 0<(_~ Memorandum FBI (62-0) l »4n: J/20/71 •.. ·.. ~.~ · ..·-..... This information is being furnished t:o the Bureau for..)-... Re cruiting Depot. •._. r ' ... was conducted by SA of the FBI in Waco 1 Texas on 1/i/73. .

'Taxas March 20... . kecruitin' Offic~. · .. Mo speeifi~ information eor./. stAted 'that when vas informed that they could provi~e no information 'to him be l~ft his card which contained his name and 'the followin& information: ·-~~~~~~~· · Address : ~ Dal l as 1jxas Phone: .aAL •a:a."' 4 - '• . On March I._.. e o uld !>~jable 'tbo furn~s~.asw• . --~had identi..:..·~ :. "'~ -: ' a • •- a. · {. ~ ·· · · ~ . ·. and dic5 1\0t attet'lpt 'to cbtain . .~ • &Pft} Sergeant advised 'that "the lncUvidual ~itS ~::---· .:AU or ltoYEITICATJo!\ ~ San Antonio.. Profess•onal luil~n~ I!S eo. -~' -:·.C:t" .~-:.: a • Serceant • . Sergeant Sti&liano advised that this information was being furnished 'to ~he proper authorities only lor information purposes &s 'they ~o no~ suspect any unlawful activity.e:ct~~idand inquired regardinr. ar:y information 'the night .e!rnin& 'these photos could be · provided by Sert•ant · ===· .... Statea Air force.:~' 11iC1. _::....T JCE \ .•~ I'TAT£6 l>1:1'41tT~U:ST ()l..DSU·· . This document contains neither recommendations ~or conclusions or ~he FBI..... • ~ :.ed himself as a Captain in the U:lited.~~ ". exas area.·..f ..fl.istributed ouiside your agency. I . Sergeant $ : UniteCS ·· States Air Force.:. --:-::~: .:. I .'J -f5'ii01.1or at 'the •••• th~d& qefiji d .llself as ~~· :e:o:n~t.JIIh cWoncemTing e.II fl:~. . 1973.:: ~ · · ~)"thing other than information frorn 'the newspaper. lhift auf\erv1.hi. also had in his possession at 'the t~~ a lolder carked Top secret which contained pictures of various &ilitary installations.. -· F~aiT.ny un~ ent• ~e ~ 1 y 1 n~ Ow ects o servau An t e aco. it and its contents are mot ~o be 4S. . ..ifonn.:.:.*..~ ·­ not act in any a trance ~anner. .·. !f)-was described as having O::\ an Air Force ~aniform with • c haplain' & badge on 'the ur..... is loane~ ~o your a~ency. Texas. li7J ' .·~ ¥ . .~ ..t is ~he prorerty of the FHI and .. .::. \. advised that a a&n id~ntifyin~ hi.:.

. ~~-~. .·:· :-:-:~:~:~!· ·:.:~:~~.·~ • t.~ Wolfe had reviewed when he was head of the Army's UFO support program in the f. t. .':~:::· · : ~.::~ f"" Analysis and the actual conclusions of the class ic UFO cases shall be reveale· This shall be accoruplis hed by zeroxed docuruents· and photographs that General :c. . Penta90n Vietnam controversy. . t. · ~· :: ..~ ~.ll..~..· .. ~ f-~~ ~!~. but it is concluded here that this is the best course to ~ake because ~~: we feel that the s ecret UFO investigat ions are parallel in nature to the Times:~·. __ . .. ·. _.. ._·::···~ .. ·.• ...['..~·--·r.:\ Junecj· 1972 · . 1972...-·-. These docW11ents are related to.. • f:·...y..lyiruL.l . _. time will te _'f~·:: .. }).-· ·r. ~ .2 AUG 3 1971 f...~ l-...and will be an ostentation of thf.~...J ... top~secret documents Xn approximately seven months or .·.r.....January.. ~~~ t~ · -~ ·· . ··"<:::·_ . . . ~: ./ ltl'.. ..·:·· ·:~ . 't::?v'!Lilt/'uffL"'? c ul"vi·zl~~/ ..:·?:="n::-.=·.~ ... I -...··. ~ ¢ ··· :l..l2 "'\ ''-' ... £% . ~~:i: \~ . • r.. .: ~::!-.. -- --"~- 2.r_ ~-~.. ·.:. .. t t)v~?/-/!t/. r­ 8..· ~-4''':. .s.. .~..C.. certain copies of ?r~ t'~ ~." subject. :t.~ J'(J~ ~-·· ~~t'. Sorry. ~A~ ~ f· . .J A 'I ~· : ...! }~i .· _ _ _ _ _ _ . l.. -·..Q!2..·::. involveruent of th• pentagon in the controversial {. /lc'S/ _ NtJ l 1--(\ l'i 1'/s t #de)' p -.~~ t~..~t ~~~ nrE PENTAGON .--.· .~ r..~n~_?~_n_!i_f~~£'.._. ~~~ ·. .~:~y··r:..:c. .J:..:.·~ . Was hington.. i I I '·· .:--. "' ·... show that not only the u.-·~ ~1- . J et.ll!l fi. ~ .. If we are wr ong in taking this action. -..$· ~· ~·:.·.:C..--~· ::. lo.~t .~:_)..7-~'.{ .. ~ -· . .\ ~.-:~:7:. Air Force was involved in UFO res ear1 but the other m1..1 : ~i [ 1.i ~-'7/t:JJ .. ..... It wi~l ..z. ~~. D.:. f.~~:·:::. ~~ .J · .-.r f.:. ...... -· 'l.2 ~r~ ~:.~~:~:. ·' ( . Pentagon during the Eisenhower years.....·. ~ ~ a ~ ... . .. Dear S1rs: • t~ •:· shall be sent to the New York Tirues as well as· two other newspapers.j~~:s" or '.... .r... : .v . .'F~-~ Sa~c~x.. REC-4 .. tary branches as well.-.~··.) 11 f:. .- ...:~·~= :t:r.:~..

.. ....-::. I ~ . A). WP! • • l ...--~ . ATTN . . 1. -..l i A S .· ... AFTER A . '·... .~:~· ~. . . ~E MAT'f!R i\ND GE'.____ ·· ·-:. ...1. ·....:~i. ·~ ··· ~•. c :.• ~-- .•. - . 1'0 US. ._ ... ~~::'~· "':: SHOULD ..... ~.. .. ~· ·... . · . AS WE DISCUSS~ OFFICE~ EXAMINATION OF ITS CONTENTS DR PERSONALLY LOOlt INTO ADVXSED OS TP.. ·- . 22 "APRXL 1976 .... .. . 1976 147ss· l .\CT£0 US AND RELA~EO THE FOLLOWING INFCRMA'l'ION.. .: . ~!tf.·.· • ._ ..: . .. PER TRE REQUEST IN REFERENCE (B).SEST .. : .... . A/I)DS'T (DR .. ·:. ' .. • ! ~: .. ..""' .A'l' HE WOULD IN RUER...•• •• .· .:. ....• I ·-::12 ! ~OUTI~Z 26 ~RIL . PROG~~ . . . r' :J 1000 r. .... . .· WHICH WAS .· . •. ..:. ... '76 .:. ~ 3. ~· .. ..'•'· .... 1'0 SEE IF HE ~Sii'ER OF ANY OFFICIAL UFO SOME OF 'l'B! IN QUESTIONS P09£0 ..r BAC. .. ~r.... .... ' ~..ENCB (A) DR .. ~CON.. \ .. -....···_ . ""· .SHORT ......::. .. A~'l'El) TO OB-TAIN ANAL'r... IT ~OLD APPEAR ro az· .. ... .w WE CONTACTED THE . . -· • • :-:~..riCAL GU!DANa ON THE tTFO SUBJECT • 2..·~·!'". . . ·: . SiijCE CON'r.·. AND ALSO TO An'EMPT '1'0 B~ ~~CARRIED TO BIS .: IF YOU ADVIS..... OCO/ DCO CASE SUBJECT .. . ~.EO -.. ... ·. .. REFERENCES & ... .

. • • • • • •• .: ~:· flri/1: .. FEELS 'rnA': ~ UP'OlrXS Ol' INOEPENDE:l'r R. KEEP I. oo .. 0 ..) '• "~ ·~ ··:.. ~:.tS: ~ ·: . ~. .·~ .. oo .WHICH. ·-.. . 'J ~ VI'l'~ iiP .!: ......·::· · : ... : •. _. • _.. . :::_. tr: '7.. ••• • • •••• -: • • • • ~ ~ ~ ~tit..·· •• - . • . : .. -----' .. ._ ..RCK.. :.._ • • • • • : . •. · · ·: . . BU'l' AGAIN~ 'l"BIS ::~ NO'l' C't1R:REN'l'LY. ~ --- :- ... • .·.~ . ·: .~'riOtl . . . ... 0: • '· .:t•: ... .. : ..... .·. 0 • - m THIS AREA TO nE. -- ·-!.t . REPORTING CBANNEI.~ MO~-~F ~::~ ~EVELo~~ • . ANY..REA'r PO'l'ENTIAL lot"OOLD BE 0!' .. ."~i: ~~-... • • . INDICA~ A · 'l'B.•£. M~GB'r ... . ' . . ..~ ·. • • • • ··-.. .. ADDITIONAL INi'ORMA'l'ION WE MIGH'r RECEIVZ ~ ~ AS DISS~ . 4. . .z..... ~!~~--f. : ·.'l'HE .. .:tr. . ·~. DEVELOPMENTS APPLI~:'I~NS or tiro .· INTE...• .i~~~ ·~ 0 ~~ ~ ·... • . .• • :.• •" -" . .: ..·~·.. ··..RELA'nD · · • . ' 0 iE'sEA.. FULS 'rRA'r .~.. . . ..:·.::::. ' 0 • ... :... WITH TS% • A=/cb..:a:.P XN • • • P~I~.. o • ··:-~· - .OP.N 'l'OOCH ·.: ·=·]·~ ·:~· : .t=~2~t:(~~~=~:..!--~:: ~. .. • • ·•..ESEAlU:HE-ltS ' · -···· G I 0 - :c~~rr. •. ON· AN OFFICIAL ·BAS .. .. ·. .~· ': .. !..:r~:~i....~~ ~ WOOLO sPECJ:~~~ ~ICA'riO~~ : 0~ FORE~~....· ~:: . • . ' . 0.o . • • • • DR.' . ~ ·-·· · .. c • .. ... • • OR HAS ADVISED OS 'l'2A'r BE WOULD EVALOA'I'Z ANY · . ::· · 0 . .·: 0 .·.. .t~==· PHENOMEml~ . Oa • • • • . -.:: : . 2 . . . ..S . •. t ....BEST APPROACH WOULD BE .. ... A c': r« 'tH ")1 ~!I . INroR. .. \ ·.. ._TO.

......t·l ----------- t4 :_:_r·._... .glaud resaucb": adontbts include sor~e who have beeQ ossociatcd with the Agency · for years and vhose crcUenti4la r....... ..:rl:tl.~111ove thco froCl tbe "'nut" V::lf'iety The att::lched 1'114l t crial ·came to 117 Atta~tion throuRh ~..r------------------~~-/~------------------------·-·----~• !:. . r. . tf not.. o....~-~ """"""• ..s. x· montioned my o~n intere• iD the subject a. be tbe A~~ncy 1!1 Yi•!V e. D~puty . -. material fro11 111cntionecl a p. _ .. t felt mi&ht llkc to ace tho Dater1~1 • .... sources who f~ca ~ny of o~ a~e presently --coodueting .. .. e~c ~ource» and i t·l or if you feel thC!'t'a· ls sUtnc .·_. boJiDS c.... .... -.arsot1al... t~O uur. h::lve aoac lc~lcimnte FI or co~munity intaro~ rotenti.. as uall *~ you1: interegc in the subj•ct.U~:'ltcd. ...:sl-infom... . f . .. (If yo~ need ad.....appenra .. . •• i'.o.. l wouLd be glad tu db9 thls with you.... . . !Oo IO·T•• :. ~l~~sa · f~c: Ccet:t to· dast\·oy tha tmt&... i ' • !:. 'te25' Ia&' ElF": .\t tn: At a recent •cetin! to evnlu~te ·3..oter.. •"... OD&t ~lr...'hd out b)' Dr.'*'.... recall.·~·~:r. .16 t ":" ' '·'-~.. interost in th~ UFO phenomena...tial... ~curca3.':f · ~ · . ii it i '! 5 .. "'•"•. ' I ~<ld......dtti~n.I ·-.. l.... by ~f - or c:o:gunity. to....s. ~ · I •........ ln vietr of thf' t:<pUrti:•c with your ntfic:c... . • •t:...:sl...... S&T...v 1976 ... ...: .•... .. 'the t~ork .. : (\ .s ~•ll ZLS the f~ct tbat DCD h~d been receivin~ UFO related material S~T "'· .... ...} . l'• Jul.. you may .

The scope and importance of Tom Slick's legacy has only belatedly been recognized. strange archeological phenomena. NY 10276 Loren Coleman is conducting extensive and exhaustive research for a scholarly article on the early cryptozoological contributions of Tom Slick and the Slick-Johnson expeditions to the Himalayas and the Pacific Northwest. Keel i s acknowledged as the foremost Investigator Into the unexplained and paranormal. and sea serpents. photographic records and/or technical data on the Slick field searches will be greatly appreciated. Cooper Station. provocative . Disneyland of t he Gods has won kudos from Colin Wilson(~ Outsider. enlightening. ley lines . per such requests. Maine 04103. · Contact: Loren Coleman. and this historic cryptozoological review of his work will be 'the most thorough ever published. Confidentiality also will be fully respected. (Attn: T. and shall not dwell on personality conflicts or misunderstandings. Rumorous. 01 snev ! and of the Gods Is Keel ' s long-awaited add ition to the best selling works The M othma n Proohecjes and The Ei ghth Tow er shedding new light on such alt ernative real it ies as extraterrestr ial visitations. and acknowledged. 1 957~1962. S. Sasquatch. 124 Ocean Avenue. P.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL COMING IN SPRING DISNEYLAND OF THE GODS 1988~-- John A. Mysteries) and m other leadi ng writers and sc ientists any ORDERING INFORMATION: Please w rite to AMOK PR ESS. This major retrospective treatment will be scientific in nature. snallygasters. Keel John A. astral projection. Project) . Portland. Any personal information.O. New York . Box 51. abominable snow· men. archival material.

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our own Ra~Mond W. In the past we have had callers who have spoken about UFO contacts. Leonard Stringfield . and Brad Steiger.3 FM Saturda~ MOrnings at 10:00. ps~chic events. The hosts for the show. Since the Fortean Research Center is all volunteer and non-profit. NE 68583. H~pothesis" EXPLORING UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA The weekl~ radio call-in talk show sponsored b~ the Fortean Research Center and airs on KZUH-FM. Scott Colborn and Dale Bacon. please Make ~our checks out to the Fortean Research Center Phone Fund.3. and individual sessions are priced at flO. or Mone~ order froM the public. the hosts have had a variet~ of guests on the show for live interviews. "The Abduction Experience". 89. Ph. The telephone nuMber for reservations at the hotel or More inforMation is <102>172-3135. Webb. In addition to the live guests.. we have relied on the contributions froM the listener s . These have ranged froM Meditation teachers to MeMbers of secret societies to witches and ps~chics. bring new and expanded inforMation to the world of the M~sterious and unknown each week. We encourage people to listen ea~h Saturda~ Morning ~t lOaM and call ~he station ~t 171-5086 to share with the rest of the listeners soMe of the things which have occured in their lives. The Nebraska Center is located at 33rd and Holdrege Streets. For More inforMation about this event either write to the Fortean Research Center or listen to Exploring Unexplained PhenoMena on KZUM radio. · Florida Photographs".D. Most recentl~ the show brought its second astrologer to the listeners and there are Man~ More areas which can be covered. Ph. and happenings which have taken place in ~our life dealing with an unexplained topic. for the HUFON 1988 UFO S~MposiuM to be held June zq. and Man~ other topics. "UFO Abductions": Bruce s. 25 and 26 at the Nebraska Center. the Unexplained PhenoMena show has conducted telephone call interviews with people like Walt Andrus." Prices have been set at $35 for t~e entire event. These telephone calls cost Mone~. "Public Reaction · to Extraterrestrial Contact" <A surve~ of ps~chologists and ps~chiatrists>. Budd Hopkins. For MOre inforMation. "Anal~sis ot the Gulf Breeze. Universit~ of Nebraska here in lincoln. check. The spe~kers presentl~ scheduled and the titles of their papers are the following: Ke~note s peaker . 89. ghost sightings. lincoln. "The Fall and Rise of the Extraterrestrial H~pothesis": Walter N. Jacobs. is the prograM where ~ou.1 FORnAN RESEARCH JOURNAL UPCOMING EVENTS "Abduction and the ET is the theMe .ts. If ~ou would like to help fra~ the costs of long distance phone calls. "The Gulf Breeze. This is done via what has been coMe to be known as the Fortean Research Center Phone Fund. please contact the center. Walt Andrl. This is a tax exeMpt contribution of cash. "H~nek's last Wish for Ufolog~": JeroMe Clark. David H. Florida Case. "Encounters at Buff ledge: A UFO Case Histor~". Boeche. Marge Christensen. phenoMena. In addition to Just presenting the inforMation to the public. the public. 11accabee. . religious Miracles. have the opportunit~ to speak out about events.D.

Soviet Mountaineer s have agreed to Jain in the search for the Yeti." •{rantz said he was sorr~ to cast doubt on the pi c tures. Wooldridge never positive!~ saw the thi ng Move. which stL•dies s•. His photograph s.FORTEAN RESEARCHJOURNAL BIPEDAL HUMANOID UPDATE HIMALAYAN DEBATED SIGHTING OF YETI IS the 5 Most of the unicorns. A Yeti societ~ has reported!~ been established in Leningrad. shows cragg~ Mountains and a snowfield in which an aMbiguous vague l~ huMan figure is silhouetted." At the ti M e. and its MeMbers plan to hunt the snowMan in usua ll~ inaccessible Mountains on Soviet territor~.. Wooldridge. and an English ph~sicist is offering skeptics what he consider s to be fresh evidence that aboMinable snowMen Ma~. taken froM a distance of 150 ~ards through a wide-angle lens. sasquatch and bigfoot) die hard . griffins. perspective. Now. if we could Just get the Russians to cooperate in solving the UFO M~ster~··· <Lincoln Journal DeceMber 13. who e ncountered what he believed was a ~eti in the HiMala~as last ~ear. doesn't appear to Join the spine at an angle one would f ind in a priMate. "there a re other details that look wrong. 7.000-foot-high HiMala~an trail near India's border with Tibet . Wooldridge strongl~ disagrees. Will the ~eti and sasquatch legend ever be put to rest one wa~ or the other? "The onl'j wa~ to prove their existence is to shoot one of the creatures. Krantz. have proMpted skeptical COMI"'ent e." said •{rantz. "To shoot one Might endanger the survival of a ll of t heM. But the HiMala~an ~eti <and his AMerican cousins. an anthropologist a t Washington State Universit~. for instance. if that's what it is. e x ist . He is Anthon~ B. His Main evidence consiSts of two sets of photogr~phs taken on March 6. Although the photograph is s harp and well exposed. The other. 1987> Societ~ IN A PARAGRAPH • •••• It's of Modest proportions.ven froM self-procl a iMed ~eti believers. Besides. too. he sa id. published in Journal or the International of Cr~ptozoolog~." he said. Krantz sa id." he told a reporter. "Those pictures are definite!~ not of a ~eti.1ch "hidden" creatures as the Lock Ness Monster. "I aM absolutel'j ' convinced that the North AMerican sasquatch exists. or AboMinable SnowMan. was Making a Marathon run between the haMlets of Gangaria and HeMkund in northern India for charit~." B'j his own account. The head. but here's another e xaMple of iMproving East-West relations. in fact. <Lincoln Journal Nov. an aMateur runner. 1986. the figure in question is so distant that an enlargeMent of the iMage reveals little detail. " he said . Wooldridge. "I had never thought Much about ~etis until that da~. sea serpents and other fabulous creatures that once tinged the ever~da~ world with roMantic M~ster~ have succuMbe d to the withering touch of rational inquir~ .·eut actuall~ seeing one of these creatures changes one 's . . Grover s. the real or iMaginar~ creature that has tantalized students of the strange and unknown for decades. sa id. "The best wa'j to protect the ~eti is probabl'j Just to leave hiM alone. on an 11. 1987> . One shows fresh tracks in snow Made b~ enorMous feet with widel~ sp la~ed ·big toes. a soft-spoken ph~sicist eMplo~ ed b~ Manchester's electric power network . He described the sight ing recentl~ a t the annual New York Meeting of the AMerican Alpine Club.

to be held June 21-26th. so we'l l hope to see ~ou there. he will find realistic features of the hoMinoid corresponding also to the anthropological data and his s•Jpposed wa~ of lif e and behavior. No other inforMation was disclosed about the planned search for the aboMinable snowMan. and the official societ~ likel~ is aiMen at keeping the govern~ent inforMed about the efforts of peopl e who search ~or it.s. Dale is the producer of our radio s how . Let Dale know again.of-ki n 1 " Tass sa'i d. <Lincoln Journal J anuar~ 10.that the group led b~ Igor Tatsl sighted the creature during a visit last ~e ar to the Gi ssar range in Soviet Centr al Asi a near the Afghanistan border. i n person or b~ phone. YOU can Make a difference! I a M. and entertaining weekend ! The Fortean Research Center wi ll be hosting a coffee and tea.. Perhaps ~ou have an idee for e show. or subMitting a letter or article for publication. The group is preparing •for another trip and hopes to Make closer contact. a large Manlike creature that has been si ghted at least 100 tiMes . 1988 ) SOVIETS REPORT SEEING ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN Moscow<AF'>-Researcher s froM "iev sa ~ the ~ h ave coMe to within about 35 ~ards of a c reature the~ believe to be an aboMinabl e snowM an in the rugged PaMir Mountains. both in Person and b ~ phone hook-up. "If one anal~ze s the whol e ava ilable inforMation. Fr o M the Center. and in the Fortean Research Center and Journal. the official Tas s news a genc~ said Saturda~. The news a genc~ said anthropologists have associated tho se features and the knot of hair at the back of the ~eti's skull wi th the preh i storic Neanderthal M an. and oversee's the talent and guests that appear. and hopes to hear froM ~01. exciting. and I invit e ~our interest and support in the exciti ng and cha llenging tiMes a head . Nebraska.t. Ministr ~ of Culture will engage itself in the search for Man's sh~ r." Tass said. " The societ~ o f cr~ptozoologists set up under the a egi s •o f the U.R. Tass sa id nuMerous report s collected b~ search e nthusiast Zhanna KofMan of M oscow indi cate the creature. The Fortean Research Center thanks ~ou. FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN OBJECT OF SOVIET RESEARCH Moscow<AP>-A so ciet~ created within the Hinistr~ o f Culture has begun a search for the aboMinable snowMan. The new s agenc~ Tas s reported . CoMe and Join our friends and fellow researchers in MUFON for what proMises t o be an interesting. said to roaM the snow~ expanses of Siberia.. has a protruding f o rehead and e~ebrow s li ke cap pe aks. for hi s work and involveMent in both "Ex ploring Une>:p lained PhenoMena".s. Tass said. . is a favorite legend with supersti~ious Soviets. La st l~. we wish ~ou well! Sincerel~. You ' ll find inforMation elsewhere in the Journal for the necessar~ details . The hair~ beheMoth.e:<t. or Me~be e person in Mind ~ou think would be a good guest. (Lincoln Journal Januar~ 21. M~ profuse thanks to M~ friend and Assistant Director Dale Bacon. in Lincoln. known in Asia as the ~eti.1! I would like to take this opportunit~ to invite one and all to the 1988 Mutual UFO Network S~MposiuM. 1988) DIRECTOR 'S MESSAGE CONTI NUED FROM PAGE 3 Our friends and MeMbers all over the United State s and over seas can Make a big difference b~ siMPl~ clipping articles for us.looking forward to M~ continwed involveMent with the Fortean Research Center.

" she s a~s. 8. NY-The worst thing about bei n g a UFO photographer is it's a full-tiMe job and ~ou don't Make a cent. " Marianne Shenefi eld s aid between bites of the l obster special.d M!:l Music ." Harianne Shenefield said. "Naive. The Shenefields like to UFO watch near a New HaMpshire airport. Dan Shenefield. it's fantastic.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL UFO UPDATE BELIEVERS IN UFO ' S DILIGENT Pine Bush. the~ have stretch knit f a bric~"' She estiMates s he has seen 1. Her Music has been pla~ed on New York radio stations. "The being had a ver~ large head and a rust-color stretch-knit j UMP suit. "What did I know? I thought he was froM the next town.000 UFO 's . "Oh '." she sa id. She holds a part-tiMe word-processing job . 'wait a Minute. 'Oh M~ God. Ever tr'. "H e~ shi ps ! CoMe on shi ps !" she called . She is stud~ing for her Ph. "The ships intentiona ll!:f interfere with the caMera.:leah." she said. He looked like a Chinese gu~ in a sct. Cr!:fstall and her UFO associates.." She Joined several UFO associates for dinner at the Magic Chef here recentl~. she has believed in UFO ' s. know soMe people think this is craZ!:f • "I don't caret'' she sa'. four of theM sat in their cars in the rain for More than an hour .D in the highl~ respected New York Universit~ Music prograM.. There was John White." she said." SKEPTIC CONVINCED "In ' :52. But Cr~stall sa~s that ever~ s ince she saw her first alien in 1971. a postal worker was there. 7 and Nov." ''Nai ve.•' ve got to take it to a custoM lab." ALIEN ENCOUNTER SoMe have suggested that she stick to More traditional photo subJects-Cr~stall won a 1981 contest in the Bergen Record for a photo of the Capitol in Washington. I don ' t iMpose M~ views. tiMe. that ' s a ship. "UFO's cut into M~ wor~." Seve r al da!:fs a week she Makes the 90-Minute drive to this popular UFO sp ot froM her parent's New Jerse!:f hoMe• 7 She gets no cooperation. ' It Might have ~ellow lights-planes don ' t have ~ellow lights. with his wife. Even if soMething looks like an airplane.•ba diving outfit ." said Ellen Cr~stall. " So Man~~ There are a couple of airports near here. "A National Enquirer reporter caMe once. Cr~stall was s itting in her favorite UFO field here." Cr~stall said. "I said. but Cr~stall sa~s it's eas~ to recognize a UFOI "It coMes froM look. what did an~one know?" said Shenefield. I can feel theM. "I've got over 500 pictures of UFO' s -I s pend thousands o n deve l o p i ng-a nd I ge t no f u nding at all. off Searsvill ~oad . It was pouring and she wasn ' t optiMistic. "It's pointless. who a ll hold down jobs during the da!:f. "When ~ou see one. "Yo1. but there was nothing. "I was 11 when I was first abdL•cted b~ aliens. Mari anne.'' said Cr~stal l. ar. "It's ridicu lous. The!:f don't realize the littl e dots surrounde d b!:f black are the UFO' s. "Makes up for all . I'll sa~ .::ls• "If a friend isn't at so Man~. too." she recalled." Cr~stall doesn't have tiMe to waste." Later. a speechwriter for a • Connecticut coMpan ~ who has published 13 books on paranorMal phenoMena and is running a UFO conference at the RaMada Inn in • North Haven Nov.:l to get UFO pictures develop ed at FotoMat? The lab gu~s think· t her e's nothing on the negative and don ' t print it. "He was a skeptic and then UFO's caMe and it blew his Mind.ships don't coMe out in the rain. "It 's ridicL•lous. White stood in the field with his uMbrella and tried for a better view.

" thE~ dispatcher . Police disMiss~d an~ suggestion of a hoax . which wa s first spotted in the OMaha sk~ about 7:20 P•M• Barb Kl i netobe. Arnold Hesser." She was hoMe earl!:h b~ 11Pfh The Stewart Airport fire chief. Fa~e Knowles." he said. she said. The off-dut~ officer said if atMospheric conditions are correct. "B•.. 1988> CLOSE ENCOUNTER ASHES AUSTRALIAN FAMILY'S CAR S~dne~.•t after investigating. sunlight reflecting off Venus can bounce around and change colors." she said with a laugh. <Lincoln Journal Januar~ 18. Klinetobe sai d p a trol trooper s spott~d t h ~ obJec t Moving s outhwest toward Gretna . a Mother of three. The crew of a tuna boat 50 Miles awa~ said the~ were buzzed b~ an unidentified fl~ing object Minutes later and that their voices becoMe unintelligi~le as a result. "The~ fl~ in forMat. "We Just sa~. She declined to naMe the officer but said he is an aMateur astronoMer." Asked about this the nex t da~.. An O"'aha 911 COMMUnications dispatcher said a Man reported seeing what he thought was t"wo planes colliding near 60th and Q streets about 7:20 P•M • Police officers who went to the area saw a bright obJect in the sk~ MOVing southwest. 1987> OHAHA UFO LIVENS UP ' QUIET SUNDAY EVENING ' 0Maha<AP>-A Man reported seeing two airplanes collide i n the night the~ tk~.obJect perked up what had been a quiet Sunda~ evening. " He said forensic scientists . police reported. while other s thought spotted a hot-air balloon or a helicopter. the dispatcher said . " sai d Sgt.. A faMil~ of four said their car was chased b~ an eggcup-shaped obJect along a reMote stretch of outback highwa~. Cr~stall said. has heard the UFO tales.ion for Just that reasor•• " He said the~ put different color lights on their planes to fake people out.e ptical a t first. plucked froM the ground and covered in ash Wednesda~ Morning. we are treating the reports ver~ seriousl~ . " MICHAEL WINERIP-New York TiMes <Lincoln Journal NoveMber 28. of Ceduna Police in the state of South Australia. "The~ told ~ou that? That's the old star~! Apparentl~ he doesn't know what the heck 's going on . Australia<AP> Two groups of people reported near siMultanious encounters with an unidentified fl~ing object and police said Thursda~ the~ were taking the reports serious!~. An officer there said she was notified b~ an off-dut~ officer that the obJect was the ·planet Venus.ville are at it UFO's. "We see theM " he said. · an OMaha dispatcher for the Nebraska State Patrol. "There's a group of pilots froM the airport near here at Stor. All authorities knew b~ the end of the night Sunda~ wa s that the~ had a UFO. said. said the . where the~ lost sight of it about 8 P•M• She said troopers think the obJect Might have been a Nebraska National Guard helicopter on Maneuvers out of CaMP Ashland . The troopers said helic~pters froM the caMp had conducted Maneuvers Saturda~ night. "The~ said it was Just a bright solid white light.8 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the wasted nights. JiM Furnell . "That was the exciteMent of the night. The obJeet caused a flurr~ of radio activit~ as four police officers followed it to the edge of the cit~ tr~ing to identif~ it. 'the bo~s at Stor. "We were a 1 i ttle bit sl<. Another explanation for the obJect caMe froM OMaha police headquarters.ville who like to pretend to . told police that her speech and that of her sons changed during the encounter along the highwa~..

shook it quite violent!~ and forced the car back wi~h such pressure that one of the tires was blown. Police accepted Knowles' account of what happened as she drove with her three sons froM Perth across the desolate Nullabor Plain before dawn on Januar~ 20. At about the saMe tiMe. She told police she saw a ql~wing obJect in her rear window at 2!15 a. who said a UFO chased her car. which would explain the ash and the Knowles' claiM of "the SMell of dead bodies" inside their car • "Carbonous Meteorites give off a sMell. an expert said Thursda~. Morgan said the car could have been hit b~ a large carbonous Meteorite shower. picked it up and tossed it to the ground on a lonel~ outback highwa~. Worried listeners flooded the switchboard at the Alleghen~ Count~ Police Station in North Park Frida~." Morgart said. EXPERT SAYS ' S~dne~. "It apparentl~ picked the car up off the road. A•Jstral ia ( Af•) -Fa~e •<n." He said the crew of a tuna boat could not have known about the Knowles' experience. "While this was happening the faMil~ said their voices were distorted and it was as if the~ were talkirtg in slow Motion." F•. (Lincoln Journal April z. Ma~ have lost control of th~ vehicle during a Meteorite shower. 1988j . WDKA-AM Morning disc Jacke~ John Cigna startled his listeners with the report and offered no explanation or elaboration when he ended his four-hour broadcast." he said. The~ reported a UFO sighting in the Great Australian cbast. There is nothing known that could ph~sicall~ pick up a car and do what apparent!~ happened. If it is large enough. the~ also can give off a sonic booM that could explain the hearing probleMs the~ experienced.owles. .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL would exaMine the black powder~ ash found inside and outside Knowles' car. 1988> 9 WOMAN'S UFO MAY HAVE BEEN METEORITE SHOWER. But his replaceMent." <Lincoln Journal Januar~ 28. hit a bUMP and went into the air. "Either the~ went into fright and went into a spin without realizing or it is an unexplained phenoMenon. Knowles also reported that her voice and those of her children becaMe distorted while the car was airborne and that the encounter with the unidentified fl~ing obJect left their vehicle covered in ash. <Lincoln Journal Januar~ 21. 1988> DISC JOCKEY'S UFO JOKE PROMPTS FLOOD OF CALLS Pittsburgh(AP>-A disc Jacke~'s on-air account of an · unidentified fl~ing object was so convincing that soMe people claiMed the~ witnessed the M~sterious ruMble and flash of light. Doug Hawkes inforMed listeners it had been a Jake.. said Ch•rles Morgan of the S~dne~ Observator~. "But there's no explaination for the car being picked up unless the~ drove off the road. the crew of a Tuna fishing boat about 50 Miles froM where Knowles was told police a bright object buzzed their boat and Made their speech sound slL•rred. Wednesda~ as she was drivinQ through the Nullabor Plain frOM Perth in western Australia.•rnell said.M.

7} or. A voice then told "Hr. at approxiMate!~ 1:00 P•M. The original!~ FLO~IDA UFO CASE following infor~ation was published in the March and April editions of the HUFON UFO JOURNAL. Ed" once More got his caMera and photographed the object. but apparent!~ returned at 3:30 a. At dusk on NoveMber 11. "Hr. "Hr. We are.•re" (p. He broke free of the beaM the diaMeter of which. Ed" was soMehow shown a series of "photographs'! in his !'lind. "Hr. but if these Photos and star~ spark an':! interest froM ~our readership I Ma':! identif~ M':!selfo" The snapshots seeM to show soMe of the Most vivid photographs of a UFO ever recorded to date. 7> described as four feet tail witb a shield covering the head. Silent!~ he went to the French doors of his house <so as to not awaken his sleeping wife> and enco1. he was sparked to get his caMera <a Polaroid-!08 filM>• Back outside he snapped four pictures in quick stJccession. The obJect left. Ed" claiMs he heard a "huMMing sound. Along with the photographs was a letter titled "To WhoM It Ha':! Concern. Ed" then claiMs that as he was about to take a 6th snapshot. happened on DeceMber 17. Ed" <not his real nat\e) observed a glow in the southwest sk~ while at hoMe. Ed" was awakened b~ his dog barking. Ed" that he wo1. Dn his return dutside he took one More shot as the alleged UFO approached hiM.•e beaM. 1987. Another encounter." (p." The contents of the letter wa s s iMPl~: "I wish to reMain anon~Mous. "Hr." (p.ce again a voice was heard and "Hr. It has been suggested b~ at least one proMinent UFO investigator that the entire G~lf Breeze UFO sighting Ma~ be an elaborate hoax. in which the obJect hovered over an area where a plastic butter tub was found . 6> This sound he associated with the blue beat\. > NoveMber 16. we can onl~ speculate as to the true nature of th~ incident. "Hr. Ed" once again claiMed to hear the hUMMing noise followed b~ voices speaking Spanish. ( ed. "At lf:5B P•M• an object with lights caMe down in alMost the saMe trajector~ as the NoveMber 11th experience •" (p. publishing a s~noposis of the HUFON article. "Hr • Ed'' chased the "creat•Jre" b1. ''Hr. including a fear of death.•ntered a "creat1. editor. went back inside and reloaded. on DeceMber 2. he "sudden!~ found hiMself frozen b~l a blue beaM. Ed" then claiMs to have been lifted off the ~alked On road.•ld not be harMe~ <sic>. with photograph. 7) Upon investigation he cl"aiMs to have heard a voice he couldn't l•nderstand.d 1 ike air brakes ••• wooish. "Hr. We at the Fortean Research Center do not take an~ stand as to the authenticit~ of the events. Until Much More investigative work is done b~ researchers into this event. Ed" eMptied thE~ caMera. with photograph. 1987. "Hr. occurred on DeceMber 5. On NoveMber 20. 6) A variety of sensations overtook hiM. At 1:15 P•M• Ed claiMs to have heard "a sour. however. 1987. was onl~ 28 inches on the deck of his porch. Upon investigation. a Man into the Gulf Breeze. 1997. 1987. Ed" claiMs to have been lifted three feet into the air and th"tm uncereMonious!~ dropped back to the street and the object was gone. "Hr. Upon investigation Ed saw and photographed an object hovering 150-200 feet be~ond his back fence.M.•t his leg was "frozen" b~ the blue beaM.M. he claiMs. 1987. At 3:00 a. Florida Sentinel newspaper office a'n d deposited five color Polaroid photographs onto the desk of Duane Cook. and taken upward within the bh.." (p. chest. The next encounter. and 1 ower bod~.1o FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL GULF BREEZE.

there are Many wa~s you can. star~. We at th~ Center ARE interested. NE 68509 ." (p. Be sure to include the source. both old subscribers and new. this tiMe iMMobilizing his legs. and Robert Boyd. Walt Andrus. "Mr. "This case is either an elaborate hoax or one of the Most fantastic UFO cases I have had the privilege of personall~ investigating in the past 30 ~ears. article. You can Make all correspondence. If ~ou coMe across any story. We encourage you to write us a letter. 191-B in Florida when an alleged UFO beaMed a white light at hiM. Ed" tool'-. The purpose of this periodical is to present as Much inforMation as we can dealing with all the various aspects of the worl~ of the unexplained. 21 1 and 2~th. He crawled under his truck and observed five "aliens 11 being deposited on the highway via the blue beaM he had seen at other sightings. and page nuMber of the article. letter or inforMation toS There were More encounters on January 16. the subscriber. are being chec~ed out. too. Or Many letters. 1988. We encourage you to tell a friend to be put on the areas of the unexplained. Eleven other photographs froM different sources have turned up and the~. THE LAST PAGE Hello and welcoMe to the first issue of 1988. Robert Reid. Magazines. We ani~ publish real naMes and places with the written perMission of those involved. Ed" has taken 21 photographs in addition to the videotape. books. Ed" was in a pickup truck on Highway . "Mr • Ed" claiMs to have seen three alleged UFO's low to the ground. So Much research goes undone because of the unwilling. and the uncaring. More photographs. I Just wanted to take a MOMent and wish all of you well. whether article. please send theM to us. Gar~ Watson. MUFON is currently investigating the entire incident. A photograph was taken. There are Man~ sources of inforMation in the world. If we are to ever learn answers. 1987. he took another photograph of the alleged UFO. International Director for MUFON has stated.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 11 containing a light green liquid which bubbled. No questions will be asked if no one is interested. ' partically iMMobilizing his arMS• rClaiMing that he resisted the beaM. "Mr. On DeceMber 23. we need to ask questions. On Januar~ 12. 1987• Ed used a CaMcorder Sony Video 8 Model ceo M8 to secure two Minutes of alleged UFO activity. The investigative teaM consists of Donald Ware. On DeceMber 28. the uniforMed. so please don't fe~l you will be put in the "hot seat" by an~thing you May say. and so on. Have ~au ~ourself been involved in soMe unexplainable e x perience? Write the exerience down and send it to us. BOX 9~627 LINCOLN. If you. or iteM yo~ feel would fit into the areas we cover. <A saMple of this liquid was taken by investigator Robert Boyd of Mobile. would like to help out in soMe wa~. author. got out of his truck and was "hit" by another white beaM of light. Charles Flannigan. Later on in the night the object returned and "Mr. if you wish. 15) THE EDITOR FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. Newspapers. All totaled. AlabaMa on DeceMber 17th to be anal~zed-results pending as of this writing).Q. Under fear of being approached by the "aliens" Ed struggled to his truck and Made a getawa~.

O. U. NEBRASKA 68509 A NON-PROFIT COI=tPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPl. Slovenlja YuQoalevia CALIFORNIA UFO Suite 355 loa Angeles. Box 21 34 Wilton. NY 12302 PROJECT STIGMA/CRUX P. Olive St.O. They are all doing the best they can with the resources available to them. UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE Route 1.AINED PHENOMENA .O.O. CA 91505 CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin.K. Illinois 60025-1615 FORTEAN TIMES 96 Mansfield Road London NW3 2HX.. Suite 247 Burbank. U. New York 12866 YORKSHIRE UFO SOCIETY 106 ledy Ann Road Soolhlll. Washington 98146 GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY P. will be greatly appreciated. Illinois 60454-0205 ODYSSEY / BULLETIN Moskrlceva 2 61000 ljubijl!na. Box 205 Oak lawn. Connecticut 06238 COMPUTER UFO NEWSLETTER Via Malleolll 85 1-22072 Cermenate (CO) Italy LAKE CHAMPLAIN PHENOMENA INVESTIGATION P. and helping to support them both financially and In spirit. Box 46404 Seattle. TX 78155 INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES 1955 John's Drive Glenview. Warrington Cheshire. WA3 6PQ FAIR WITNESS PROJECT William L.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealing with the unexplained. and your help In Joining these organizations. BOX 94627 LINCOLN.O. Box 220 Plumerville. Arkansas 72127 ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. Batley West Yorkshire.O.K. CA 90035 FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. Bolt 2213 Scotia. Box 218 Coventry.O. Texas 75460 THE GATE P.O. England WF17 OPY UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL P. OH 44143 NORTHERN UFO NEWS 8 Whltethroal Walk Birchwood. Box 43518 Richmond Heights. Moore 4219 W. Box 1094 Parts.

~ ll ~ - = = = ~.: \ -== ' ~ iiiiii = :~ ~ (~ = :. lll!l....JOURNAL of the · FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER VOLUME I II N 2 O. J ULY .. iiii:iiiiiii i' i i i i i i i i i i i ~. ..::. ..lllll . J 1 : . 5 0 ~ • .l ~.j l .::.... . t Il l ·~ Abductions and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis ~ i !) ' ~ ' r~ lll'!:iiiii:'l . 1988 $3 .. ~~ : = ~~ (I . .d.:::\1 ·· ~ . ·~ I ··J · l· .I: r t.)~ ~~· .. = = iiiiiiiiiiii == = ~~-~ p. = r. ~ I ~ rJ ~ .

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Dale Bacon SECRETARY TREASURER Lin Bacon ASSOCIATE DIRECTORt BUSINESS David White TABLE OF CONTENTS MESSAGE FROM THE EOITOR. psychic phenomena... . . cryptozoologica/ mysteries...... geological and archeological anomalies... •••••• 25 Membership in the Fortean Research Center is $15. The Journal of the Forfean Research Center is published quarterly by the Fortean Research Center. ••• . including UFOs. ••• . out-of-place animal sightings.. We serve as a source of accurate. •• .. .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. . . Membership fees Include a subscription to this Journal. and all other areas of study which may provide data useful to the resolution of these perplexing mysteries. NE 68509 USA DIRECTOR Scott Colborr. 3 DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE. . Thank you for your support. and reduced fees to conferences sponsored by the Fortean Research Center. . • . • . •• .•• 3 Uf'COHING EVENTS •• .. . discounts on special publications of the Center. . reliable information for the public at large. • . .. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. The purpose of the Fortean Research Center is to investigate all aspects of unexplained phenomena. • . ••• 3 MUTUAL UFO NETWOR~ SYHf'OSIUM f'ROCEEOINGS ••••••••••••••••••••• 1 S~Y HATCH.O.00 per year. a non-profit corporation..

However." A craft that can be photographed-indeed.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR UF'COMING EVENTS 3 . highlighting the iMportant aspects of each. . All the transcripts contained in this Journal are taken directl~ froM the Master cassette tapes the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER Made at the S~MPOSiUMt ATTENTION: ALL MEMBERS OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. and other tiMes to have a behavior which appears irrational to us. Please keep in Mind that we do not wish to hold an~ inforMation froM the public.q~~ !t1ttrf1£Jtiotut I 111ufua{ UFQ 11ettvor{ bJmposiuua Jtf88 WelcoMe to the Jul~ issue of the JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. or Dale at 177-3006 i t ~ou plan to attend. it would seeM that when a researcher continues to see a great quantit~ of UFO reports. or "Gee whiz. the ho~e of director Scott Colborn. Manifest. and considering whether or not the saMe unknown obJect has occupants. The aMount of inforMation presented at the s~MposiuM was considered to be. is it a legitiMate photograph or a hoaN?" I concur that an "E :-: traordinar~ phenoMena requires extraordinar~ proof·." to paraphrase l' eMarks b~ Carl Sagan. A ph~sical. However." Please notif~ either Scott at 183-7281.going "great debate" over who has the best photograph.ure-ab le e leMents involved If there are an~ questions pertaining to the inforMation dealt with in this Journal. operational craft s~eMing at tiMes to exhibit intelligent control. periodicals. and UFO researchers in particular.. and papers available for scrutin~. All stateMents and opinions <unless otherwise noted> are those of the individual speakers and do not reflect the viewpoints or opinions of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. A craft which can be seen both b~ ground personnel and pilots fl~ing nearb~i with both ground and ~irborne radar locking on the "target. Man~ of which b~ the Mea r:. instead of Just having a business Meeting. this Journal would iMMediate!~ be turned into a novel. it is apparent that there e ~ds ts an on . For those of ~ou who have been following the JOURNAL know that the International MUTUAL UFO NETWOR~ <MUFON> held the 1988 s~MposiuM in lincoln's own Nebraska Center over the weekend of June 21-26. we will be presenting to ~ou a soMewhat condensed version of the various speakers' lectures. overwhelMing. • • •• August 20 is going to be our nex t Meeting date. In this issue. when one surve~s the wealth of books. The business Meeting will follow iMMediate!~ after eating and at 8pM will be a video presentation of "UFO's Are Real. b~ soMe. please feel free to write to us and we will get an answer to ~ou in a future issue. DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE To Man~ people in general. there is a wi de gap between an unknown obJect seen in our at~osphere. we are going to liven things up with a supper/video Meeting. Bring a pot-luck dish at 7p~ to. If we were to atteMpt to print each speaker verbatiM.

e. and borrowing froM the Movie "Eivtch Cassid~ and the Sundance f~iJi. Turn it around. " and that the~ had planned on abd•-•cting s oMeor. Of particular interest is that she seeMed to ph~sicall~ pass through the walls of her house. she was told telepathicall~ that the~ were "e:·:plorer·s.e els e . That is wh~ it is so interesting. and consider whether the past Ma~ not be the result of the present. and character of the witness is unbleMi5hed. NorMan Mclaren infinite!~ If I find Jean-Pierre AuMont sa~s to Andre Gide. CUMMings e xaMple. She was taken on board the disc-shaped craft which had landed at night next to her house." That which we die for lives as wholl!:t as that which we live for dies.~r · pose of reMinding us that we need to consider the questions poised b~ the interface betw~en the UFO realit~ and our huMan experienc e ••• indeed. ever~one assuMes that the present is the result of the past." "Who are these g u~s and what do the~ want?" Which leads t•s to the occupants of the craft . Agatha Chri s tie . Lots of iteMs in her h~pnotic regression are ver~ siMiliar to other UFO abductions. To paraphrase Rev. or perhaps it is Just a continuing extraordinar~ coincidence or Just plain duMb luck that when these occupants go for a stroll <in a range of areas froM sparse!~ to highl~ populated environs). like the countr~ as seen froM an airplane. It is coMplete!~ uni"portant. The southeast Nebraska area is apparent!~ not iMMune to the interface between the UFO realit~ and the huMan e x perience. and what do the~ want? Me the onl~ realist because he bears to his own realit~. Occupants who have 11 reason to Make contact" with citizens of the Earth. "There are no indiscree~ questionst there a~e onl~ i~discreet ans~ers. after a bit of aerial Maneuvering• Might want to land and get out to stretch their legs <or shall we sa~ appendages>. and also the e x terior of the UFO.. but tha t the per s on ha d t a ken a deMand scientific More iMportant!~ wrong turn driving out of town and had gotten lost. and that the basic i n tegrit~. This case is Much More coMplex and length~ than space perMits. question?" To which Gide replies. I find it More entertaining to watch the scratches. I have done soMe work with a ~oung woMan who grew up in a sMall town in Nebraska and she related to Me initial!~ a re-occuring dreaM of soMeone at her bedrooM window when she was livinQ with her parents. earr~ D~wning. This "soMeone" was revealed under h~pnosis to be an occupant of a UFO . huMan beings are encountered. FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL appraisal.. Occupants of craft who .e. theological consultant to HUFON. honest~. the researcher eventual!~ has to go be~ond the nuts and ~olts of the i s sue and ask questions about the nature of the UFO realit~ and the iMpli c ations for the huMan race. When she asked who the~ were. but I thir•k it serves the · pt. who are these gu~s. She was "in their file~. The past Ma~ be streaMing back froM the now. Frederico Fellini For visionar~ is the witness a filM dull. Alan Walts autoMaticall~ For Picasso once said that painting is a blind Man ' s profession. "Ha~ I ask ~oL• an indiscrt?et." as if to suggest soMe kind of tracking or Monitoring.

The proposal called tor ~utual cooperation and "axiMU" utilization ot our resources. · I ther. David Jacobs.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL s organizations aiMed at achieving the goals he had discussed. and Dan Wright tor signatures of endorseMent. · It outlined division of d~ties for the three organizations and covered the areas -oft 1. and one to H~nek. HUFON was specific as to what the~ could and could not do. 1985. We MUSt be willing to be workers contributing to the field ot st~d~ as a whole. and 6.invited to breakfast the next "orning. CUFOS. J. Wh~ Me? He wanted Me to subMit a propo sa l to the three a~ the Technolo~~ As for responses. H~nek had no intention of cietting involved with inter-organizational politics. CUFOS. and the Fund for UFO Research. a code of ethics for researchers. Institute of on UFOlo~~ : as ~ profession. Establishing a speakers bureau. agreed and the proposal was subMitted Sept. 1. Copies were sent to HUFON. the 1987 s~MPOSiUM was a Joint effort b~ HUFON 'and the Fund tor UFO Research. However. What could be done to ~et the three "aJor UFO organizations. He had called for UFOlogists to unite. 3. 5. such as S~Mposla. however prof~ssionalisM "ust be ou~ top priorit~ at this tiMe• A serious COM"itMent of the stud~ is the basis for the foundation. No action was taken. to set up a code of professional standards. All . Funds tor UFO Research. Richard Hall. He insisted on a private "eeting so he could tell "• soMethin9 iMportant. H~nek beca"e ill. Investigation of cases. In August 1985 in 9everl~. Public inforMation. investi~ators. John Schleuchler. I have decided to violate a confidence and reveal the details of a private "eetin~ I had with Dr. aslt~ ed Paul Cern~. taken to the hospital and was told to relax. We MUSt be trained in proper procedures and protocol. H~ paper at the 1988 s~"posiuM is not a call to reconsider the proposal. HA. HUFON. Budd Hopkins. Richard Haines. He placed the achieve"ent of this goal before an~ personal recognition on his part. Dr. H~nek two-and-a-half ~ears a~o and disclose infor"ation about a proposal which was an out~rowth of that "eating. To close ranks and unite as individuals in a spiritual bond. I drafted a proposal tailored to H~nek's wishes and suMbitted it to hiM for approval . Sponsoring s~Mposia. and writers on the topic. 2. Ra~ Fowler. There Must be a willingness to be a proper contributor to UFOlog~. Har9e Christiansen-P~blic Relations Director for HUFON "H~nek's Last Wish for UFOlog~" In 1981 Dr. CUFOS and the Fund for UFO Research were both vague and evasive and onl~ supportive of the idea. Above all. that a single organization be respon~ible for a speci fi"c area as well as a · Joint effort for specific areas. to e xercise greater Mutual cooperation and less duplication of efforts? To effect a great er utilization of the efforts since both funds and Manpower are li"ited in UFOlog~. Funding research. he wanted us to be pt·ofessionals. In so"e instances. UFO p~blications. I was taken aside and . Allen H~nek · spoke Hass. rather than feeling a need to claiM sole possession of one's cases or territorial guarding of ones . Dr. 30.. He wanted to talk about elevating UFOlog~ to a professional status.

In the earl'.:l responsible .6 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL research. we face another several decades of buffooner'. Vital is the ethics toward the witnesses. Media contacts. a s suMe that "b«~ lief" ir• tJFO 'c. We are Much stronger together than we are alorte.T. ~e'. He even JeroMe Clark-Vice-president Center for UFO Studies "The Fall and Rise of E:-: tratt~r restr i al H'.:l Must becoMe a profession and the start Must be Made soon.:lhoe was convinced earl'.:l. for this strain of thinking in UFblog'. h'.:l processes which ·Might have developed on other planets and were consistent with the E.:! were usuall'. ridicule. it was real and extraterrestrial in origin. Less evidential. the governMent as well as to our colleagues and ourselves to be the best. continue to cause the UFO phenoMena to be held up to ridicule in the e'.:! also perceive the UFO subJect. The'.:lhoe was largel'.:l onl'.:1 thr ot_ tgh Mal<i MUM utilization of our resources can we ever progress in oL•r atteMpt· to understand the phenoMena.:! '. it was unreal and delusionar'.:ling saucers were piloted b'.:le. associated with the UFO sightings. ~e'. and idle prattle about sightings and useless bickering and unproductive coMpetition aMong ~he unprofessional dabblers of UFOlog'.:l to the Media. UFOlog'. HaJ.:l and who becaMe known as UFOlogists. Or. "belief" in visitors froM other planets. is s :mmr':fMOUs with . 1.:l• The'. the public.:lpothesis.:l described as disc or ciQar-shaped obJects.:l and civilian pilots as well as soMe scientists ·and engineers. Both groups agreed that the UFO's were of extraterrestrial origin. UFO's were being tracked on radar confirMing the testiMon'.l '.:l of the e'. and those who believed fl'.:l can. We therefore have a crucial responsibilit'.:l. The wa'. however fantastic. It is iMperative we k e ep i n Mind we are represer. and 2.:l in which the'.:l angelic space brothers and froM this belief created a UFO religious MoveMent.T ' s were visiting us. Until 1961 there were two possible explainations for the UFO ~henoMena. Those who sought to investigate theM scientificall'. there were a nuMber of reports of huManoid beings . Moreover.:l reliable witnesses including Militar'. TeMperature inversions were a poor explaination fo~ fast-Moving Metallic discs observed b'. Most professional representatives as we possibl'. If UFOlogists were unable to prove the existance of UFO's-and probabl'.:! will . These beings looked More like the product of evolutionar'.:l the securing of UFO hardware could ' ve done that for theM-at least the'. were reports and ruMors of an official UFO coverup. which was seeing vehicles-not apparitions. and co 11 eagL•es.:l Meterologist~ and tracked with sate 11 i tes. For unless this happens. acedeMia.:! were Making a case that respected the evidence and its iMplications.:!ears there were two groups of people inte~ested in UFO's. However. but still suggestive.tatives of the UFO s ubJect.:lo The idea that UFO's MiQht be alien visitors grew out of a straight forward interpretation out of the M'.:lpothesi s" of the People who have not follow e d the UFO litet•at•-•rr.:! on that f.:l in which people perceive us is the wa'.:les and parts of the world.:lriad reports which caMe froM seeMingl'.

In 1969. The Most iMportant convert to the paraph~sical was J. there was a s~all band of eccentrics had long been aware that such a pheno~ena was being reported. h~pothes i s with a wild paranoia-driven vision of his own. The dirigible scare had people enthralled for about six "onths. but was forgotted b~ ever~bod~ until Fort revived ~he incidents in his 1919 book "The Book of ~he DaMned". believed he photos and Even less had ~estiMon~ h~pothesis. I suggested we were creating things with our own alleged ps~chokenetic powers.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL evidence in ~he of pilots.evidentuall~. These ~ere the readers of Charles Fort's four books and those were the readers who had gone on to Join the Fortean Societ~ whose periodical "Doubt" chronicled repor~s of strange aerial sightings fro~ Fort's death ~o the Arnold encounte~. New Mex ico crash repor~ed in Frank Scull~'s "Behind ~he Fl~ing Saucers. which was the Aztec.T. These were ~he supposed crashes of UFO's and the recover~ of the reMains of theM and their occl•pants. Vallee COMMented that what would follow had "nothing to do with science" <that quote froM "Passport to M~gernia"\ He went on to agrue that UFO ' s were a part of fair~ folklore and religious visions • In ~he ~id 1960's. "The Uniden~ified. The nex t ~en~ion of ~he airships was in Donald ~ehoe'i 1950 publication "The Fl~ing Saucers are Real". In the earl~ 1960's Lou Farish. not cigar-shaped UFO ' s. In 1965 ·I suggested that con~act claiMs be re-exaMined in light of what we ' re learning about the phenoMena. ~e~hoe reported the giant c igar-shaped vehicles which terrorized · AMerica. not the other wa~ around.cult interpretation to the fl~ing saucer phenoMena. Men-in-black and ~enacing alien entities into a nigh~Mare vision of a huMan race helpless pre~ to forces froM ano~her realit~. What we saw s urprised all of s ed UFO books which argued that well docuMented reports b~ credible observers suggested that E. These stories were · not ~aken seriousl~ because the best known such s~or~. and argued that we were ~anipulating the phenoMena. h~pothesis? Was there re~ll~ a UFO phenoMena? In 1965 and 1966 Jaque Vallee would write two scientificall~. I reMeMbered how shaken I was when I read the accounts. How could an~thing like this be squared with the E. 7 While the 1917 reports took ~ost AMericans b~ surprise. such ~ales pla~ed an . In • book I wro~e in 1971. were shadow~ ruMors of events which were supposed ~o have occured in ~he southwest in ~he late 1910 ' s and earl~ 1950's. Picking up on the folk tradi~ions about "little people" and Modern reports about UFO hu~anoids.i~portant role in the E. Nevertheless. Allen H~nek who Moved closer to the quasi . One that incorporated hideous ~ons~ers." I set aside ~eelian paranoia about Manipulative aliens froM other realities.T.t claiMs . evidential. In the 1970 ' s the AMeri c an UFOlogists had becoMe polarized between the e x traterrestrials and the paraph~sicists.were invaribl~ unverifible. however. visitations were in progress. PredoMinan~l~ were the reports of giant airships of 1896-97." had been e >:posed as a hoax and also because ~he stories . When the~ landed. in fact non .T . the~ contained v er~ huMan pilots who Made e x travagar. . Charles Flood and I e x a~ined the original reports froM the archives. The reports we re of air ships.T. about their inventions and proMised full di sc lo s ures in the ver~ near future. John ~eel ~ook on the E. H~n e k was not . I wrote tha~ Carl Jung's notions of archet~pes of the collecti ve unconsciousness e xplained the s~Mbolic significance of such encounters. not of space ships. poltergeists.

the Jealous nature of the UFO phenoMena. on the other hand. These don't count for credible CE-3 accounts.e ws broadcast begins: The United States governMent toda~ ~eveals since 1917 it has Maintained a Massive c over up conc erning . The apparent Jealous~ of the UFO phenoMena had More to do with the liMitations of the UFOlogist than with the UFO itself. governMent Might have all the answers. We are likel~ to get our wish. The terMs are not s~non~Mous. In addition.fake changes in vegetation at the sight. including non-abduction CE-3's. The new UFOlogists assuMed that because the~ could not prove the realit~ of UFO's. police were at the sight collecting soil saMples and interviewing the witnesses. I'M tal~ing about the contactee phenoMena. The ~ears ahead ' of us are full of proMise and fraught with peril. I 'M not suggesting an~thing sinister or paranoid. Within da~s GEPAN <the French UFO organization> had the soil saMples. As UFO research enters into its fifth decade. At the conclus ion of the inquir~. As well as the release of the HJ-12 docuMents. h~pothesis. Contactees. our picture broader in ever~ wa~. Abductees and contactees are two ver~ different aniMals. the realit~ of UFO's could not be proved. In the late 1970's it was evident that paraph~sical UFOlog~ was going nowhere. Abductee reported e xperiences are entirel~ consistent with the rest of the UFO phenoMonea. I wondered how people would react to the possibilit~ of e xtraterrestrial contact. H~ scenario: "The lead stor~ on a MaJor networks national n. bac~ to the notion that the u.were too great. iMager~. In the wa~e of a CE-Z in a French village. A Stud~" · The histor~ of this stud~ steMs froM reports b~ President Reagan about the idea that an extra-terrestrial Might unite the two nations <US-USSR>. we find ourselves oddl~ back where we began.s. Onl~ this tiMe our evidence is better. our investigation MOre skilled. Within a da~ of the sighting of a disc-shaped Machine observed b~ a local Man.T.a FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL coMplete!~ inclined. but we Ma~ wish we hadn ' t . back to the E. he could not accept the idea of an official UFO coverupi But he did take to Vallee's notion between uro • s and the paranorMal.T. There is such a thing as a subJective visionar~ experience which draws on UFO and E. These aliens inhabit a universe whose origins are in theosoph~ and occult tradition. One or · its central tenants. we soon Ma~ ~now what UFO's are. A draMatic falsification of the Jealous phenoMena h~pothesis too~ place in 1981. He also was convinced that interstellar visitation was iMpossible because the distances . claiM experiences of a ph~sical or ps~chic nature with benevolent or angelic beings froM other planets. lhe French UFO inv~stigators had conducted their own inve~tigation. in fact. was Just plain wrong. GEPAN produc Pd a report whi c h do c uMenl ~ d and iMpossible-to. extraordinar~ Ra~Mond "~ublic eoeche-Researcher Reaction to Alien Contactt w. Host contactees have histories as occult see~ers or teachers. but siMPl~ sa~ing as our understanding of the phenoMena grows we are going to have to confront difficult questions and unsettling realities. Yet for better or worse our long quest is alMost over.

The technolog~ involved. 6. In a rando"' blind stud~ 175 of these scenario respon~e sheets were sent to practicinQ ps~chologists and ps~chiatrists nationwide.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL unidentified fl~ing objects. An authorit~ crisis wou ld occur. Connunication has been ongoing since the nid-19~0 ' s. 35% said that would be the cas e. "ental health care professionals were chosen tor this surve~ . Participants were asked to read the scenario and rate on a scale of 1-strongl~ disagree to ~-strongl~ agree based on how the statenent agreed with probable public response. of . The response was that it probabl~ wou ld not occ L•r . International responses nust also be considered. It was also disclosed that in 1919 another crashed ship was recovered. This alien lived until 1952 during which tifte it was able to coftftunicate a great deal of technological intornation to those individuals who were involved in its stud~. How would the public respond? There has been no s olid evidence to predict how the publio would respond. however. including test flights since that tifte. There could be a threat to the function of the bodil~ po litic. This took place at Hollo"an Air Force Base in New Mexico. and to anticipate and predict possible public reactions. 1. Ba sic socio-political s tructures would collapse. and political reactions. 96 of the 175 responded or roughl~ 19X. both short and long tern. 23% said it would not occur. 1. It atteftpts to isolate specific areas ot concern. 3. The wreckaQe and bodies were transported to what is now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base tor ~tud~. 11X said that would be the case. There are three priftar~ areas of concern with an event of this nature. 17. ser. Because of their intinate da~. in this torn. Religious beliefs would be shattered. societal reactions. This data included intorftation which enabled our governftent to establish electronic coftnunication with other neftber~ ot this race. Peopl es 7.65X said that would not occur. 5. The US has been conductinQ tests on this craft.sP. of Since no specific stud~ ot possible public reaction had e xtraterrestrial contact previous!~ been conducted and the are to above reference studies tine-specific to provide a useful conparison for toda~. Mass panic would occur. In 1961 a full~ operable craft was given to the United States. Air Force intelliQence officers. were recovered in the New Mex ico desert in ~ul~ 1917. Seth of these reports were d a ted b~ the paranoia of the 1950's and have little 9 relevance contact with all t~pes ot individuals and of necessit~ their close relationship and awareness ot the proble"s facing our societ~ toda~. and nisinfornation have been suggested b~ two reports which have been conducted in the past. Individual reaction. but not fe a r. This present stud~ was undertaken. The governftent affir~ed the e x i~tance of these objects and e xplained their origin as inter-planetar~. apparent!~ killed in the crash. People would respond with great interest and curiosit~. to about ~00 ps~chologists and ps~chiatrists across the countr~. is so advanced as to "ake it iftpossible to reproduce at the present tift&• Here now is filft footage released toda~ depicting both the actual craft and the alien occupants. 2. Panic. 29% leaning towards a ~es response. this tifte with one ot its occupants surviving." This scenario was presented. 11X s~id that would happen . the Secretar~ of Defense and the Director of the National Securit~ Agenc~ stated that a crashed UFO and its alien occupants. ftass h~steria. People would respond with a "so what?" attitude. or UFO ' s.

Barr~ H. The long ter"' however. That probabl~ would not occur. Greenwood in their book 'Clear Intent-The GovernMent Coverup of the UFO Experience ' had published for"erl~ secret CIA. In the Midst of ~our bus~ schedule I hope ~ou find ti"e to respond. and trust that ~ou would be willing to be quoted. This could trigger a stock-"arket crash. I a" contacting leaders of se"inaries throughout the US in asking the" to fill out the enclosed questionaire. Yours trul~. Lawrence Fawcett and Barr~ J. Host agreed that it wo•. Agree. Global societal a"it~ would result because hu"anities scientific. The entities would be given god-like status. Have there been an~ for"al studies of the relations between UFO's and Christian theololg~ in ~our se"inar~ classes? For instance. and political aspirations would beco"e obsolete. which I reco""end wholehearted!~. Downing Presented b~ Scott Colborn.1ld increase. Return it to "e in the enclosed SASE . Can ~ou think of an~ negative .•r Dues t ions tor Theological Se"inaries" Barr~'s interest is in theolog~. Financial chaos would result due to the culture shock. intelligent realit~ fro" another world. Courts have blocked the release of hundreds of pages of UFO docuMents in the naMe of national securit~ . Downing ' s surve~ presents findings of a surve~ questionaire sent to 100 Christian theological 3. "Jlul Bible and Fl~ing Saucers". religious. Using the Freedo" of Infor"ation Act. 11. and other govern"ent UFO docu"ents. e. 1. has there ever been· a suggested connection between UFO's and the Biblical doctine of angels? 1. New York. could produce proble"•• se"inaries to deter"ine their openness to the question of UFO's and their awareness of issues raised tor theolog~. Assistant State Director for Nebraska "UFO' s-F o1. In the short ter"' the~ reel we would handle the news rather well. that interface between perhaps the UFO realit~ and theolog~. Downing. social. Do ~ou believe it's possible so"e UFO ' s carr~ an intelligent realit~ fro" another world? 2. The effect on "ankind as a whole would ulti"atel~ be as debilitating as the European effect on Native A"erican cultures. 9. The paper presents an anal~sis of Biblical references of the possible UFO pheno"ena and of theological issues inherent in the data.. FBI. The paper also exa"ines govern"ent secrec~ and its i"plications for UFO research and theolog~ and argues the need for theological se"inaries to consider relig i ous i"plications of UFO's• The · covering letter was as follows: "As author or the book ' The Bible and Fl~ing Saucers' I have a continuing interest in the relation between UFO's and Christian theolog~ . Dr. He's present!~ a pastor at North"inster Presb~terian Church in Inwell. what "ight be so"e consequences tor Christian theolog~? Rev. If ~ou return this to "e' it ' s "~ hope to use the response in a publication I a" preparing. Barr~ H. 10. and an author of quite a good book ~ou "ight have recognized fro" about so"e twent~ ~ears ago. If so"e UFO's do carr~ an. Agree.lofORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ethno-centricis" would increase dra"aticall~.

other-13. other-9. The responses fell into two broad categories. Downing. of course. The reMainder of this article is the closing stateMents Made b~ Rev. (The bulk of the paper presented b~ Rev. there is a risk of contaftination. through the various responses sent to hi" in regards to the surve~. I would sa~ there is MUCh More proof for the existence of UFO's than there is to support Man~ of the 8iblical stories that forM the core of our Christian e:·:perience. Multiple witness abductions experience nearl~ ' all of those. but it is not for quote. The responses to question three (3) were: ~e~-3. no-11. with coMMunication aftong friends and faMil~ MeMbers when the~ are possibl~ h~pnotised. The responses to qltestion two (2) were: There were a few who wrote "no" in answer to this question. in the ' better cases with More than one witness. no-6. We have overwhelMing proof that UFO's do exist. one persons report. space here does not allow for all the pertinent inforMation to be presented. The contaMination can take Man~ forfts. Regretabl~. Downing was based on various data he had put together over a course of "an~ ~ears of research. I do not know that this investi~ation nor where this investigation will lead. at least in Peter Gerstens courtrooM sense . . and Much of his own insight into the various topics. seMinaries need to believe that UFO stories should be investigated and the iMplications of these stories Must be weighed within the context of our faith tradition. no-20. but a co"Munit~ of faith should not need proof that UFO's exist in order to begin an investigation into what UFO stories are about. The responses to question four <1> were: ~es-2. One response was that ~ou are welcoMe to the into. The first was "Little or nothing would change in Christian theol~g~" and "Our theological knowledge would undoubted!~ be challenged and expanded". Walter N. this question received the Most detailed responses. or "not applicable". FaMil~ MeMbers and close friends are usuall~ involved and this inevitabl~ involves coM"unication after the event. but I firMl~ believe we are ~ears behind in beginning our theological Journe~. The responses to question one <1> were: ~es-11. it could be unconscious or conscious!~ borrowed details. it was a Mistake to sa~ in a letter "I trust ~ou would be willing to be quoted".> I believe plent~ of UFO evidence exists. it could be altered MeMories. EO. And. other-3.====================================== consequences for Christian of a governMent polic~ secrec~?" theoloq~ FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL 11 of UFO During the earl~ Months of 1985 1 26 surve~ forMs were returned to Me• In retrospect. there is a kind of a unique situation with UFO abduction cases and first of these is that Most cases represent onl~ . Now. and eMbellishMent of the account. Consultant "Encounter at Case Histor~" Buff Ledge: A UFO <This was a slide presentation) As we all realize. but in general. When I find More seMinar~ leaders asking for More proof about the existance of UFO's I find "~self wondering on what basis the~ affirM the Apostle's Creed? SeMinaries do not need More proof confirMing the existance of UFO's.

anQular "easure"ents. The object halted and i""ediatel~ released three lights. under h~pnosis. and I'" goinQ to call hi" "ichael. It was an isolated area. Therefore. and the cigar-shaped obJect left to beco"e a point of light. The first thing that I think "akes this case that I'" going to be relating toda~ i"portant and unprecedented is that neither individual in this dual-witness encounter co""unicated with the other over a span of ten ~ears between the conclusion of their sighting and the initiation of "~ investigation. Two objects disappeared in opposite directions. These · three obJects put on an aerial displa~ for about five "inutes. The case goes back to 1968. Despite their beinQ apart for ten ~ears with periods of "issing ti"e these two individuals reported. with the third proceeding in the direction of the witnes!.es. All of a sudden. So"eti"es onl~ one in the Qroup of witnesses has been h~pnoticall~ regressed. The second thing that "•~ "aka this unprecedented is that I believe "~ five ~ear investiQation into the single case "akes it the "ost thorough!~ docu"ented sinQle abduction case to date. There are other proble"s with "ultiple-witness episodes. one of the h~pnotised "e"bers of the group "a~ have failed to support the abduction. and seven ca"pers. I'" QoinQ to "ention "ichael's conscience "•"or~ of what happened first. Just a bunch of buildings stand there. "ade "aps. one at a ti"e' fro" below. The~ got closer. and as it swooped down it increased in size and chanQed its shape to a white QlowinQ cigar shape.12 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL and if that wasn't enough I took two and a half "ore ~ears to write a book on this with the sa"e title of this paper. 1968. Qrass~ slope surrounded b~ woodland on three sides and then on another side a bluff 15 feet high overlooking a strip of beach about half-a-"ile long and protruding froM the beach was an L shaped dock that went out for over a hundred feet into the lake. after five ~ears. Both of the" watched this. Ver"ont. Hichael spotted a briQht liQht in the southwestern sk~ 2S-30 deQrees up. and that's where the encounter occured. At first he thouQht it was the planet Venus. at a private su"Mer Qirl's ca"p on Lake ChaMplain north of Burlington. It included a search for additional witnesses and independent sightings in the general area. Hichael said ~he~ see"ed to be do"ed discs. The investiQation included twelve hours of taped h~pnotic interviews. and had one of the pri"ar~ witnesses reenact the case. Just after sunset the experience occured. The na"e of the ca"p was Buff LedQe Ca"p' it no longer exists. One of the witnesses was a 16 ~ear-old bo~ fro" nearb~ Burlington. I was able to find 11 counselors fro" the ca"P fro" 1968. The investiQation included three trips to the site which was in Ver"ont. "ada "easure"ents. At the end of the five "invtes. I had driven 3200 Miles all across New England. an abduction scenario that was shared in both "•Jor and "inor details. no confir"ation of the clai"· In other cases. It also included deter"ining weather conditions and the position of briQht celestial objects for the date and place in question. This investigation included the following thinQs: Separate interviews with both pri"ar~ witnesses as well as so"e potential seconder~ witnesses. The other witness was Janet. "~ investigation had reached into twent~-three states and· the District of ColuMbia. When it was all over. a 19 ~ear-old S"ith student fro" southern New Ha"pshire. The experience took place August 7th. At the site I took photoQraphs. . the three objects went into a horizonal triangle. Venus swooped down in an arch.

but had not conducted e >: ercises. I set up a ti"e and place for a "eeting. As soon as he thought that. the object passed directl~ above hi" • He Ju"ped to tr~ to touch it and a conical light ca"e on. The~ both describe being on board the object. Michael called Plattsburg Air Force Base to find an answer. The r. Under h~pnosis. The ca"p closed a few weeks later and the~ went their separate wa~s. . He descr ibed it as being as big as a s"all house. I found both Susan and Barbera and independent!~ said that the~ recalled the incident. and had returned after the first nuclear explosions. a feeling of soft lights in a dark palce. She was eventual!~ found and talked to. He assured no har"' that the~ had co"e fro" a d i stant planet. Michael described seeing "ore details on this obJect. fearing tr au" a o·n her part. but was rebuffed. or so"ething. The obJect rose and flashed a strobe-like light across the ca"P• Two ca"pers <Susan and Barbera> were attracted to the light. She had re"e"bered the incident. All at once. I "aintain that we recovered original "e"or~ traces. the obJect ca"e out of the water. There i s no sub s t a nti ~ t io ~ of FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL . Hichael clai"ed v ivid recall of hi& experience and responded in great detail. stopped "o"entaril~. Michael said he wondered what it would be like to be inside the obJect .====================================================13 At this point.eot at the scene . The~ described si"ilar account s . the obJect shot verticall~ straight up into the sk~ and disappeared. It "oved ver~ fast toward the dock and stopped 60 feet tro" the end of the dock. It had a white glow all over it which even surrounded the do"• • Hichael could see two entities looking back at hi"• J. The obJect had "oved to within 10 feet of the end of the dock. After a few "inutes. The e x istance of a co"puterized panel was described b~ both witnesses. that their race had "ade earlier visits to Earth. He ~aid it had a revolving( rotating band of spectral light. I told hi" he had to find Janet for confir"ation of ~he stor~. The obJect reappeared and ca"e straight down. lost consciensness. Hichael contacted "e and told the whole stor~. Both told virtual!~ the sa"e stor~ without con~erring with each other and without an~ pro"pting on the p~rt of the h~pnotist. Janet had no knowledge that Hichael had reported an abduction. but not ver~ clearl~. It also pulsated in s~nc with a ver~ co"plicated sound. and being able to recall details in which so"e sort of exa"ination was takirtQ place. He felt weak. she gave si"ilar descriptions described b~ Hichael. Ten ~ears later he went public. but was ver~ careful as to what conversation took place between the two. It then van i shed in a "atter of seconds. There was suddenl~ a telepathic co""unication between one of the ent i ties and Hichael. but neither re"e"bered s eeing Michael or Jar. Over the ~ears Michael sought to repress the CE-3.·e ~·tt da~ he t o ld frj e nds and relatives about the incident. The~ had gotten sightings. She wanted to talk to hi"' but didn ' t know was trozen in a trance-like state. This is one of the "ost pro"ising corroborations of the incident . Other ca"pers ca"e into the a r ea. Both accounts were quite si"ilar. However. The Air Force reported the~ had received UFO reports that night. "echanical noises and alien voices. he had drea"s of being on bo~rd the obJect . but see"ed oblivious of the event. He was unable to talk to Janet about the incident. Janet underwent three. seeing aliens. and plunged into the lake. Hichael had alread~ undergone a h~pnosis session and clai"ed to have been abducted. Janet agreed to be h~pnotised on her next visit to "e • Michael underwent five sessions. 10-50 feet across.

It is virtuall~ a Mini-governMent within the governMent with sole responsibilit~ for ever~thing related to the subJect area.11 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the sightings b~ Susan or Barbera. as well as a third possibfe wi tr. however. deterMine what is going on.. and the governMent caMe in iMMediate!~. what do w~ talk about? The~ coMe in Man~ different shapes and colors. wh~ would soMeone benefit froM this? inforMative The total nuMber of operatives is up to tertt si x of theM being Major. or Moral ethics in the process. I can't authenticate a .I' Shandera-Independent TV Producer "An Update on the HJ-12 DocuMents" I've beeh involved in the HJ-12 investigation for si x · ~ears. but it was for good reason.: ~ ' I •. It still appears to be valid inforMation. with twelve ver~ high level individuals with ver~ high level staffs. So let's see if we can prove that it is what it sa~s it is. Both witnes s es were tested and found to have seen a possible UFO. Was it a hoax. and what is national securit~? FroM the beginning it looks as if the~ did set up a HaJestic-12.. First is that ~ou accept this docuMent for what it is. it exists autonoMous of the president of the United States.·-. In M~ JudgeMent.. I consider M~self to be a skeptic. Michael's life changed drasticall~ after the sighting. We were critized for holding the HJ-12 docuMents so long. We needed to deterMine Man~ of the perspectives of this case. Speculation i s all that e :dsts that the three w~tnesses viewed soMething on the s aMe night. Also. If ~au accept the preMise that the Roswell crash as being real. and begin the exaMination of this Material. Before ~ov release an~ inforMation ~ou need to exaMine the evidence. is there a threat to national securit~. the onl~ responsible thing the governMent could do would be to cover it up. Bill <Hoare> and I are the onl~ ones in contact with the inforMants . but get control of it. Janet. and his career has varied greatl~. or can we disprove it? Short of SOMeone in the governMent coMing forward.. ' ' --- --. It was M~ insistance that we bring in Media personal at a ver~ earl~ stage of the gaMe to confirM as a disinterested third part~ that there was confirMation who we were dealing with was inside the intelligence coMMunit~ and not Just soMeone we ·wanted to sa~ was inside the intelligence COMMUnit~.. of expertise. and that Might be in the works ver~ shortl~.. but neither person can be confirMed to have been abducted . it tells us who else has the saMe Material. continued in her education. pursued a career and has becoMe preoccupied with faMil~ life and has forgotten the UFO incident. We Made the decision to pla~ the rules of the intelligence operatives provided we didn ' t violate an~ Journalistic et~ics.ess-'El a ine. that the HJ-12 docuMents are real. Next ~ou need to set up a preMise. The star~ reported b~ the contact personal was outside M~ range . So when we talk of coverup. the probabilit~ is high that Michael and Janet experienced a real external event of unknown origin.. deterMine who is it going on with. an~ legal ethics. Not coverup in the sense to hide it froM ever~bod~. .. If we believe what we ' re told.. I'M not a MeMber of an~ UFO organization.

What interested Me was the caliber of the individual we were initial!~ dealing with. The bottoM line is can ~ou prove it? That is the whole preMise of our work.• t a lot of things about it . in the 30 or 10 ~ears we' ve been around this field this is the first tiMe we ' ve ever had a case that's of a continuing nature. bl•t I can find o1. Parts of crafts. We have been accused of perpetrating a hoa :< . I look at i t with the critical e~e of a TV news stor~ . I e v entual!~ want to go on the air with the stor~ . We have hear d various Meth~ds with which photographs can soMetiMes be viewed through a Metal tube wh i ch is designed in such a wa~ that ~ou can ' t re-photograph Material through the tube. still photographs. Earl~ on I said wh~ get into arguMents with skeptical people at UFO conferences? We had to accept the poss i blit~ of failure.•t we have nothing to gain b~ this. and the possibilit~ that one of those little bugger s lives here and is under a controlled facilit~. DocuMents are Man~ ti"es treated in such a fashion ~ou can ' t photocop~ theM. The~ broke the news and had a cop~ of Bruce's speech on Honda~ and th~~ released it this past Thursda~. How can I go on the air with this stor~? Obviousl~ we need the evidence. a sort of bedrooM cOMMunit~ for Pensacola and Edwin Air force Base in the area and a lot of retired people live in the area. florida? It ' s up in the Northwest part of the state of florida in the panhandle across the ba~ f r oM Pensacola. We have p ut a disclaiMer in ever~ issue of the HUFON UFO Journal in the past few Months. The witness to the affair and his faMil~ have been ver~ cooperative. The biggest factor that often coMes up is wh~ doesn ' t the governMent tell us? You ' ve got to understand soMething. we ' re dealing with the biggest secret the world has ever known. Bringing in news Media was a beginning . We've Made the disclaiMer that it ' s either the Most iMportant case we've ever worked on or the Most fantast i cll~orchestrated hoax that would challenge Steven Spielberg to reproduc e . It started NoveMber 11th and we have photographs up to Ha~ 1st. . It has probabl~ 2500 residents. That the s~steM was set up so thorough!~ that access to this Material was buried so deep within a lab~rinth that ~ou siMPl~ don ' t walk in a rooM and get the Material and walk out with it . is it a fraud? To this da~ nothing ha s surfaced to prove that it is a hoax or a fraud . It gave us the disinterested third part~. Walt Andrus-Internation al HUFON "The Gulf Breeze Case" <This is a slide Director presentation) To share the Gulf Breeze case with ~ou tonight is ver~ interesting.docuMent. To this da~ we have received not one nickel b~ this. bt. the~ will burn on the Machine. We have ever~thing to lose b~ it. What ~ou can prove is. Where is Gulf Breeze. W e started in Harch and have had an article each Month about this case because what ' s unique about this. e xtensive footage. the news Media in the Pensacola-Gulf Breeze area have Just been outstanding.

38 special and went to the french door. Don is the state director for Florida. The first picture he Made of the object is behind the tree. The obJect hovered two or three MinutP s then t 0ok o ff and caMe right toward hiM• It went over hiM and Ed got a photo of it. He us ed up the last four pictures in his caMera. These photos and the next b~ Ed indicated three objects as opposed to one. Cook was so iMpressed with the pictures that he published three of theM. he debated as to what to do with theM.t6 PORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL On the evening of NoveMber 11th (1987> Ed was sitting in his office and saw a glow in the western sk~t went out to take a look. In his back ~ard he took another photo. This illuMinates paMpa s grass nicel~ in the picture." He took theM an~wa~. experiences. The operator grilled Ed for hours because the answers were surprising. 7th for four hours and were shown all the pictures. The photos caMe out showing soMething. The purpose of the exaMination: To verif~ the authenticit~ of photographs. The night of Dec. The huM awoke hiM and he took pictures with the flash on. The pretest intervie~. a Man caMe over to Ed's house. Ed's wife told hiM it was here. There were to be about four variations of the crafts. He wanted to see what Ed was seeing. It wasn't reported as a UFO. DeceMber 17th there are a series of pictures froM about one a. 1987. went back in and got his Polaroid caMera and started tak i ng pictures . The~ were ver~ siMilar to the objects filMed b~ Ed. No photo was M~de that night . DeceMber 22nd. He had seen nothing. Budd Hopkins had encouraged Ed to take a pol~graph test. When he arrived. ran into the house and put in a fresh pac k.concerning hi~ e xperiences with UFO 's since Nov. personal sightings. and this is the result of the exaMination. The operator thought the equipMent wasn't working. He sta~ed under the eave in the front ~ard. got a picture and heard a voice in his head speaking in Spanish% "Photographs prohibited.M. The~ Met with hiM on Jan. but another person dropped off soMe photos to the Sentinal on the 23rd. fall in t~o separate Multiple charts specific issue e xaMinations: there were no specific ps~ c hological reactions of a deceptive nature noted to an~ of the v i~wed te s t directl~ . got a . but there was soMething. DeceMber 2nd about 3aM• Ed was awakened b~ a huM. and general inforMation supplied b~ Hr. Later he saw the cr aft hover in the field behind his hoMe. He took theM to Duane Cook. about 8:15 PM he heard the huM. he was pulling filM out of the caMera and dropping theM on the drivewa~ and ~hen his wife caM~ in shortl~ thereafter froM the grocer~ store she helped hiM pick up the pictures. You see a lot of spots on the pictures. Ed took another test and passed it as well. Don Ware and Charles Flanagan wanted to talk to Ed because this looked like a fantastic case. He saw an entit~ looking back at hiM• He screaMed and JUMped back. but the Man saw the obje. Ed is alerted to what is going on b~ a huMMing sound. 27th. The light configuration of the craft was different. DeceMber 5th about 5:15aM Ed saw a different t~pe of craft about 20-30 feet above the ground. We don't know if this is Just dust or defects in the filM• After anal~zing the pictures. The investigators gave Ed a special 3-D caMera and the photos taken were developed under special conditions with witnesses and Media. The Man got one and one-half Minutes worth of video filM of the object Moving froM Ed ' s ~ard to another and back again. but ever~thing checked out all right.!t. but was stopped b~ a blue beaM froM the obJect. He agreed and had one done . --. editor of the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. At 3%15 he heard the huM. On about NoveMber 20th. He tried to chase it. then heard a bab~ cr~ing.

" Nothing has happened since Ha~ 1st. because she was a witness to the blue beaM. Bruce Maccabbee-Optical the Gulf Breeze Ph~sicist "Anal~sis of Photosgraphs" <This is a slide presentation) You've heard an overview of these sighting& here. I should like to point out that it ' s iMportant whether it's a hoax or the real thing. A period of tiMe passed and on March 17th Ed took two More photographs. no consistant deceptive responses ~re seen. Bruce Haccabbee devised a stereo caMera using two Polaroids and it was used for future shots. The caMera was set up on the steps of his porch. exactl~ what transpir e d during the blue beaM that she saw and called for help froM he r dad. the area whited-out. In particular we ' re inter ested in the MUltiple photo froM the past. his neighbors how to be bold bald. Walter has said it is the Most iMportant case in recent histor~. Wh~t I will do now is give an update of the report. This one seeMs to be the saMe object questions. A ph~to was taken which shows an obJect quite clearl~. FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Dr.faced li a rs to pu ll off a hoax of this nature. the paper presented in the h~ndbook. Nothing shows on the left caMera. the people have generall~ said the s pace brothers or whate ver. both with the stereo caMera. He awoke an hour and a half later in the sand with buMps on his head . have . March 20th an obJect showed up in the northern sk~. He took the first shot and as he was reaching over to take the second shot. his children. · In previous cases where people have claiMed nuMerous con\acts. Ed agreed to take a cat-scan to look for soMe sort of iMplant which Ma~ have been put into his head. trul~ believes that the photographs and personal sightings he has described are true and f~ctu~l to the best of his abilit~. Budd ' s coMMent was that this Man called Ed would have to be a Mons ter to teach his wife. She siMpl~ sat down a nd told ~udd privatel~. without hes itating for a MoMent.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 General areas of as followed: did ~ou falsif~ inforMation ~ou hav e furnished c onc erning the UFO ' s ~ou have seen? Did ~ou in an~ wa~ falsif~ or lie about the photographs ~ou have presented concerning these UFO ' s? Did ~ou in an~ wa~ falsif~ or lie about the huManoid beings that ~ou saw or an~ other ph~sical evidence that ~ou have pres ented? With the inforMation ~ou have presented as present at this tiMe furnished b~ the e xaMinee. One of the ~hings he did do during that occassion was to take Ed's daughter aside. and inte rviewed her. I don't have tiMe to go over . with or without nuMerous photos . It's different even froM all hoax cases that we know. The onl~ catch was that "You can ' t cut it out. He was unable to do so with all the work being done to back the case. If it's a hoax we are going to learn of a new t~pe. it Ma~ now be gone. Budd Hopkins r eentered the picture and tried to talk to Ed about h~pnotic regression. With the new caMera on Ma~ 1st Ed was out a t Shoreline Park again a nd got a s ho t of the object. It could be that if an iMPlant was present. Opinions: With the inforMation which is available to the e x aMiner at this tiMe it is felt that Hr. questioning observed with the NiMslo <3-D> caMera.

Hoaxer Manages to select the e xact beginning of a local flap for his first pictures and Manages to teMporaril~ eMbed his sighting reports within a tiMe of a local flap . in this case we have a person who claiMs to get contacts which sa~ virtuall~ nothing pertaining to · philosoph~. His faMil~ MeMbers dQn't claiM to have seen an~thing. For e xaMple with that little creature. but I'M asking questions one "ight ask based on the assuMption that it isn't a hoax. I don't know what we're going to learn. Here. He should get an acadeM~ award for showing a Man torMented b~ aliens while being videotaped b~ the editor of a local paper. We don ' t know wh~ . Hoaxer cooperates with investigators while events are going on and even accepts a caMera which is stacked against a hoax. Hoax photos show a non-classical UFO obJect . we're going to learn soMething too. 11th when after taking five photos he claiMs he was zapped b~ a blue beaM that picked hiM up. There were several instances when other people potential!~ could've been witnesses. however. In the past we find the person taking the photos. but he's not bringing his faMil~ into his sightings. Hoaxer is able to pass a double lie detector test given b~ a skeptical pol~grapher. Hoaxer . but one can conJecture ~hat had the craft been successful on Nov. cOMing up with the •tories. of course. Walt Mentioned the ring in the field. But . it ' s Just hiM• This is the wa~ he would want it. · Hoaxer · allows photos to be scrutinized with sophisticated devices . This would be a preMier chance for a hoaxer to claiM ph~sical evidence. What is the nature of the white beaM? Wh~ is it stopped b~ Metal. the iMplication being that he was going to go up into the craft and all of a sudden he is dropped. s via this person.e. If it's not a hoax. In other words. but weren ' t.T . The creature ran back off of Ed ' s porch out into the field and the iMPlication is that the~ wanted Ed to follow the creature and of course. here it is in a bunch of papers. These are characteristics of a paradigM for a new t~pe of hoax. etc . • · denies 1 • accaptable ph~sical evidence. Not onl~ is the hoa xer a great photogr apher. i. coMplex Means of double e xposing techniques. his friends don ' t claiM to have seen an~thing . The obJects were alwa~s over here. as a loner. Wh~t is the nature of the blu~ beaM? We have soMe ver~ interesting photographs of it. He said the ring was over there. We don ' t know what it is. He Ma~ have a faMil~. he did and got zapped b~ a blue beaM. Here it is in a book. His faMil~ and one friend saw obJects at the saMe tiMe Ed did. "r· Ed was different. we have a faMil~ who adMit to having seen these nuMerous obJects. In the first instance on Nov. h~ is a l s o a great actor. etc. Ver~ MiniMal inforMation transfer in this case. COMMunication froM the E. Including abilit~ to fake parallax using a stereo caKera. the~ have to be part of the hoax. That Means that the gu~ is supreMe!~ confident in his abilit~ that he can take a photo or several photos with a caMera he knows virtuall~ nothing about. There are ph~sical effects on the atMosphere or soMething that's glowing. Hoax photographs show a considerable degree of sophistication in terMs of background Matching.ts FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL given Me the true clue and I have written down the true clue what is the philosoph~ that huKanit~ should follow. Wh~ did "the~" tr~ to trick Ed into the open to do soMethin~ to hiM? There were several instances where "the~" were tr~ing to ~et hi~. Was this a failed abduction? This is a tenative h~pothesis on M~ part. but I can't sa~ I ever saw an~thing over the ring. the Metal of the truck? . and such. 11th none of the rest of the stuff would've happened.

I have onl~ had perhaps three reall~ bad experiences through all that tiMe with an~ interviewer or press person where I was dealing with a real bigot. when the~ hear this. eleton t<e~" There are certain kinds of issues that should be brought up that we often don't let ourselves see that we're Making the progress that we're MakinQ. did "the~" get slopp~ with a cloaking devise while tr~inQ to get Ed? What is the nature of the cOMMunication Method which is used b~ "theM"? How is it that people claiM to get coMMUnication right into their head? Did "the~" finall~ get Ed on Ha~ 1. ed. a network I have long wanted to set up which involves Medical and UFO personnel.The St-. > .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Wh~ were there so Man~ other witnesses in the Gulf Breeze area when all these things were Qoing on? And I raise the question. Ps~chiatrists. In Gulf Breeze we have a ps~chologist who is doing h~pnotic regressions and working with abductees in that area. Winston SaleM. So he is now an official resource. It is actuall~ being taken seriousl~ b~ the Most serious aspects of the press. we have a neurologist and a ver~ fine ps~chologist workinQ with investigators there. ps~cologists. <The reMainder of the talk b~ Or. and others who have been extreMel~ interested in this and are willing to help. ver~ slowl~. It has helped to have those three books out together despite the probleMs and I think that we h. . I have Made M~ preliMinar~ reMarks which are to point out that it's an extreMel~ iMportant case whether it's a hoax or a real thinQ. The point being that we are not laughing stocks.. 19 and M~ book all coMing out at once. I think the basic end result was actuall~ helpful to the UFO field despite the probleMs on various sides in that particular conJunction of three books. Washington DC. I know that people felt a little odd about the Bill~ Heier case as its produced that was dealt with in the Gar~ Kinder book and of course there ' s a lot of confusion in the Streiber case in his book. and does this explain the sudden drop of UFO reports in the area? Well. North Carolina. we have a group of ps~chologists down there who are working with the local Budd Hopkins. I want to talk about soMe of the Qood things that have happened in just the past couple of ~ears since our conference in Washington. First of all. I feel we should conQratulate ourselves for all this Mutual work which we've done on the subJect. Since the book caMe out and since all these events have taken place I've been interviewed Man~ tiMes and asked to appear on prograMs. It isn't soMething that people autoMaticall~ Mutter "National Inquirer. We are now setting up. Haccabbee was a slide presentation and anal~sis of the different photographs taken in the Gulf Breeze UFO case. David Jacobs Budd Hopkins-author "INTRUDERS" "UFO Abductions . One of the thinQs I wanted to have happen is happeninQ• That is that Medical people are coMinQ forward. I think that what has happened is that we have Made a treMendous progress with getting this issue out as soMething that can be seriousl~ studied b~ scientists.ave Moved onto a new plane of acceptance of this · craz~ business that we're looking into. b~ Medical people.

New Yor~ Cit~." I said. Sagan said. San Francisco. It looked like the figure she re"e"bered and bought the book.•sl~ to look ir. PA with Or. The next thing I want to "ention is a new develop"ent which is quite disturbing in the abduction pheno"ena. al"ost "erged with her and a couple inches taller.. her daughter of two ~ears tour "onths had been cr~ing and having these terrible night"ares that there was so"ebod~ in the roo" with big e~es that was sort of going through the wall. Seattle. The "other grabbed her daughter and said "Who is that with ':. a wo"an called "e fro" the New Haven area. I have been ver~ "oved to receive phone calls and letters and people co"ing over talking about so"ething which see"s to be happening to their two-and-a-half ~ear old. the "other. She has a child which is probabl~ now Just about three and she said during the su""er and tall the child would co"e tearing into her bedroo" screa"ing. She said." This went on and she then said that she awoke one "orning. the child saw the obJect and said. although we were not it for the sa"e subJect. We were both on a television progra" in Boston. out of the roo"' I ' ve forgotten the details. The "other woke up and felt an electrical current pass through her bod~ and was quite terrified. the child would sta~ not "ore than three feet awa~ fro" her and was terrified to be alone. Jacobs and his vast staff down there . She then said she went to sleep. Los Angeles . . "That's the thing the "an took . cr~ing that there was a "onster with big black e~es in the roo"• That he took her out one night. This is a bizarre i"age. He said to "e "I read ~our book and I found it ver~ intersting.. That is the co"ing to light of "an~ abductions involving children and even infants." I had a conversation recentl~ with Or. but ~ou've got to have better evidence. which were not too frequent. She sat up in bed. We have to take the proble" serio1. what sort of evidence to we need?" Or.1 l<. To give ~ou an e xa"ple. Subsequentl~ she took the child to the super"arket and saw the cover ot "~ book. Boston. a "onster. was an alien which was ~l"ost part of her. Sagar. a wo"an who lives about two or three "iles fro" Ed ' s house contacted the investigator's when I was down there. and so forth.e in. or their three ~ear old. She said the next da~ after each one of these incidents.Jou?" The child hadn ' t seen the figur e at . don't worr~ about it. we've got to investigate to get the e v idence." investigators and we have a whole ongoing networ~ in that area. "Well. The child began to cr~ and said "That ' s the "onster in "'=' roo"•" When the TV aired a progra" dealing with the UFO sighting. "et the "other and we did so"e h'::Jpnosis and so forth. The "other said it was a bad drea".. a piece of the UFO. I have a ps~chiatrist and a ps~chologist who are helping in investigations there. Carl Sagan. ver~ upset. the "other quite terrified staring at this and as the child ran into the roo" the figure stopped and began to "ore or less di s integrate. and said her child was running down the hall towards her.20 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL all. She insisted it was a drea" and told the child to cal" down. In the Gulf Breeze it." A ~riend who was with ~e asked. ~01. "Oh . Oirectl~ behind the child."I know when "~ child is reall~ deepl~ frightened and she has been terribl~ frightened. co"ing in and out of the closet. and so forth. but it's one that has occurred in other cases. put her into a little plane or so"ething like that. and there was a little figure standing there. Philadelphia. Toronto.. didn't know what was happening and · she said that she looked into the doorwa~ of the bedroo"' which led directl'::l into the kitchen. but it was so"ething like he took her up into the sk~. or whatever. "Dr.

we have all or this photographic evidence. unlocks a lot of ver~ strange kinds of behavior. we have the ground traces which are as ~et unexplained. ovarian difficulties. and don't want the" to happen again.- -·~~~ DreaMs are not Made to sl e ep. We know about scars .. didn't want theft. ~et there are soMe who are s~ anx iet~ ridden ov~r these inexplicable thoughts that the~ have great difficult~ functioning in a norMal . if we had a piece of the UFO then we wouldn't need to ir. bruises. genital disorders. PhD "Post Abduction S~ndrofte" What I want to talk about toda~ does ver~ neatl~ dovetail with what Budd was talking about and that is basicall~ how do people handle the abduction phenoMena. picked up again and again over decades. vaginal and navel discharges. In fact. and so forth. Ph~sicall~." And I said. Jacobs.f. we'll look into it.?)k '. what effect does it have on their lives. often as earl~ as age three or four.. Sagan.M ns a put us to soMetiMes.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL I said." Though conventional ps~chological theor~ cannot explain UFO abduction experiences. It see"s to fte that an ex~raordinar~ phenoftena deftands an extraordinar~ investigation. 21 David H. Or. wish the~ had never happened. "It seeMs to Me.>~-~. Now what happens in these cases is that certain kinds of feelings result. ftuscle pains.r. how do the~ fteasure up to it in a sense? What I'" going to do is to talk about a new phrase which I 'M calling Post-Abduction S~ndrofte. A large nuftber of people ' have what I aft calling' Post-Abduction S~ndrofte• This can be defined priftaril~ as a ftulticplicit~ of s~ftptofts ranging fro" Minor to debilitating ps~chological affects caused b~ unrecollected abduction experiences. Han~ people are aware that the~ act ~ •». When the person discovers he or she is an abductee all of a sudden all of this "agicall~ falls into place and has a perfect kind of e xplaination. What I would like to talk about toda~ is the ps~chological effects the abduction probleM has on people. that it's basicall~ not soMething people want. Gor. I waved at Or. alftost invariabl~ people who've had these experiences don't want theft . "Well. neurological problefts. of understanding one is an abductee. pregenc~ anoftolies. but t o awaken us. Thes• encounters in UFO abductees usuall~ begin in childhood. · Host people who have had experiences don't Just sort of sit around wishing that the~ would have theft again. UFO abduction experiences can explain unconventional ps~chological behavior in the abductee. Sagan who said. "E x traordinar~ claiMs deMand e l:tr aordinar~ evidence. and have no desire for recurrence.6~~"*''~. and fro" that tifte on the abductee is softething in the position of a tagged speciMen. '.?. The "skeleton ke~" in effect. if we have hundreds of ex traordinaril~ si~iliar reports in the abduction field where tin~ details repeat theMselves over and over again froM people who do not know the others accounts." He said. that there are ver~ severe e~e problefts that can cofte about. Ever~bod~ knows that if ~ou follow the abduction phenoftena and the work that's been done on it over the ~ears. Host victiMS of PAS can operate norftall~ in societ~. beca~o•se we would have the proof. The person later on has to deal with these feelings without understanding the ftechanisfts behind theft. "Let fte know when ~ou have a reall~ good case. The severit~ of PAS varies greatl~ fro" person to person. •• · As I was leaving.vestigate. the abduction experience can leave people with a wide range of effects. it seefts to fte that all of that consititutes an extraordinar~ phenoftena.

Waking up during the night thinking that soMething is going to happen.etiMes interpreted b~ the abductee as an out-of-bod~ experience. but because the~ are scared that "soMething will happen if the~ are alone. phobias Might be serious.. When the~ do tall asleep.. This is extreMe!~ iMportant. characteristicall~ have one or More of the PAS s~MptoMs and it is critical to investigate each case individual!~ to ascertain i t the person has indeed been an abduction victiMo · The Most cOMMon of all PAS probleMs are sleep disturbance probleMs. the sleep disturbances begin again. Riding on escalators or elevators Might provoke anxiet~. tear. The to~ lasts• about three-and-a-half seconds in the house before the~ get rid of it. partie disorder can plague the victiM• AniMals with large e~es Ma~ provoke great anxiet~ in theM. the~ have great difficult~ sta~ing asleep. and that can be tolerated. The~ find the~ Must be with soMeone at all tiMes. the~ find that · the~ can sleep sound!~. The pictures Might fill theM with horror. These dreaMs are so. SoMetiMes the fears that people develop as a result of this are anno~ances that don't have Much of an effect on peoples lives. Yet. Unaware abductees often have bleed-through "eMories of strange and unusual events happening to thef'l. Having one or More ot the s~MptoMs does not necessaril~ Mean that the person has been abducted. The~ know that in soMe M~sterious wa~ Manner. that we are aware of. Not because of lonliness.. Obsessions and phobias that relate to borderline science subJects are another coMMOn e x aMple ot PAS. even life changing probleMs. It's coMMon for theM to get a to~ and the to~ Might be a bug-e~ed l'lonster. A dreaM the~ "ight not have re"e"bered ~or · 20 or 30 ~ears "ight sudden!~ col'le rushing back to theM. It's iMportant to note that Man~ PAS also incur in people who have not had abductions. Fears and phobias are another frequent!~ seen condition. for instance.. the~ often have disturbing dreaMs. ~et the~ can't take their e~es off the." SoMe abductees suddenl~ develop fear of a strech of road. that the~ fought it and forced theMselves back down and it didn't happen. The~ will travel Miles around to avoid that spot. dread. Others suffer extreMe el'lotional reactions when the~ see pictures of aliens. Host of these victiMs know the~ are involved in irrational tears. when these persons return to their own beds. alien drawings in books. Han~ are seized with overwhelMing panic when the~ Must go to a routine exaMination or even visit a friend in the hospital. The~ desperate!~ need sleep.. Or that the~ all'lost had an OOBE... Bu~ when the anxiet~ becoMes acute. but cannot close their e~es because of soMe undefinable fear. A few of theM claiM that ~he~ e xperience astral travel. It has to be stressed that Man~ abductees are relative!~ unaffected b~ the l'l~riad ot ps~chological probleMs that abductions can cause. A sudden obsession in UFO's. What is significant is that Most abductees. The~ Might suddenl~ re"e"ber that the~ saw so. Abductees Ma~ be e x treMel~ afraid ot being alone. That the~ floated out of bed accoMpanied b~ sol'leone the~ "ight interpret as a deceased relative or an angel. That the~ soMehow left their bod~ during the ~ight. When the~ do sleep. Other tiMes these fears and .eone at the foot of their bed. fields.22 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Sudden!~ the~ don't want to go there ever. Sleep becoMes a tiMe of fear and distress. particular!~ at night. . open spaces. Hhen the~ go to another persons house. The~ begin to have a generalized anxiet~. places the~ have travell~d a thousand tiMes before.

They know that so"ething has happened s o"ewhere along the line that has given theM these abilities. Other fears of PAS can surface relating to a relationship to babies a nd young children. They want to prove to theMselves that their feelings and bleed-through MeMories are legitiMate. while soMe abductees friends sort of 'i!O along with the claiMs and huMor the abductee for the sake of friendship. Once.TrauMa t i c . Usually the person the abductee is confinin'll in thinks the abductee is Mentall~ unstable. intercourse to instruct her.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL they have e x perienced a dislocation in location. there are a whole new set of concerns. however. in an eleven-~ear-old. Still. The~ "ight conJure up pictures. and the sexual iMa'ller~ can be even More destructive for the victiM• These anoMalous dreaMs. They find that they don't like babies Much. they cannot freely discuss their experiences with Just anyone. taken on board. SoMe feel they were once pregnant. Just as surely as wo"en who are raped are victiMs. who was 'i!Oing throu~ih puberty. The concerns . or ~oldiers who are victiMs of Post. They feel that they can coMMunicate with other people by Mental telepathy. and it is there that they ha ve found s o"e sort of 23 structure. In the past the only available "env of e xplaination has been in the psychic and religious co""unities . or at least not to ridicule theM. after the abductee coMes to realize the truth. To lOMe way they know that there is a higher cosMic consciousness. experiences. That they are not Just fantasi:zin'll• The vast MaJority of professional therapists are not equipped to help theM. While this can be accepted by youn'ller children. Often their quest is priMarily for reinforce"ent that they are not Mentally ill. even though they do their best for theM. First probleM for the aware is isolation. of huMans having sexual intercourse or the~ Mililht flood her Mind with clinical iMages of the ph~sical details of. of the abductee are greatly alleviated durin'll the period of MeMory recover~. but the~ have this persistent · feelin'll of Molestation. The~ Ma~ not know who did it. These concerns are not necessarily part of PAS. but the~ are extreMely iMportant in and of theMselves. all abductees have one thing in co"Mon ••• the~ are victi"s. In less frequent scenarios the aliens Might even urge the girl. no Matter how tenuous. All this can be psychologically shattering. and the depression that they engender can lead the abductee into a lifelong search for the answers to the questions that they cannot even full~ forMulate. The abductee finds it ver~ hard to tell anyone about his or her experiences. all abductees Manage to co"e to terMs with these concerns and find a trusted friend or relative to believe theM. Ridicule and derision are coM"on tor all abductees. genitals "anipulated. In general. Standard therapy not grounded in the knowledge of what actually happened to the abductee rarely dissapates their anxiety and the proble" continues unabated. They feel that the~ can read people in a Minute. A young girl or boy May be abducted. it can be severely e"barrassin'll as boys and 'llirla approach puberty or are in their teenage years. or gave birth. every inch of their body touched. The entire birth process beco"es a repulsion to theM. No Matter how they handle the experience. to b~eed now that she can bear children. in which they can "ake sense of their lives. SoMe adults May feel that they were Molested as a child. The coMpetent research investigator can help the abductee to overcoMe "any of the fears and probleMS engendered by the abduction e x perience and by the consequences of recovering their MeMories.

in a sense. · the saMe ~outh. h~pnosis. and PAS. but without recognizing her. The~ "a~ have suffered Man~ profoundl~ affecting events that are stored up in their unconscious Minds. researchers "ust learn to recognize and deal with PAS s~"ptoMs and in conJunction with qualified therapists Make this an intregal part of the abduction investigation. CASSETTE TAPES OF THE FEATURED AT THE SYMPOSIUM. PRICES ARE S6. Re"ain sitting at ~our table and listen . But their trau"a is co"pounded because the~ are not allowed to reMeMber it. The world will freel~ otter itself to ~ou to be unMasked. Walter Lowenfels You do not need to leave ~our rooM. The~ are in pain. INCLUDING THE OPENING CEREMONY AND THE MINI-SPEA~ERS. the sa"e revelation. It is onl~ through the techniques of co"petent h~pnosis and therap~ that the proble" can be alleviated. Merwin As it is alwa~s the sa"e confession. please list the" b~ na"e• Toda~ is obsolete.s . OR $50.21 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Stress disorder. If ordering individual speakers. ARE AVAI~ABLE FOR PURCHACE. We are the echo of the future. si"pl~ wait.00 CNON-HEHBER> FOR THE ENTIRE PROCEEDINGS. ALL CHEC~S OR PLEASE HA~E HONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. Paltl Ell•ard There i s not enough of nothing it. BARRY DOWNING Four Questions for Theolog~ <Presented b~ Scott Colbtirn) WALTER N. the saMe caress.00 . WEBB Encounter at Buff ledge: A UFO Case Histor~ JAIME SHANDERA An Update on the HJ-12 Docu"'ertts WALTER ANDRUS The Gulf Breeze Case OR. Cri"es have been coMMitted against theM. Onl~ a few researchers have learned enough about the abduction pheno"ena. But is never the saMe woMan. <MEMBERS> AND S7. Franz t{aflc. The c a rds have said that I would Meet her in life. John Cage in RAYMOND W.a MARGE CHRISTIANSEN H~nek's ~Last Wish for UFOlog~ JEROME CLARK The Fall and Rise of the E~traterrestrial H~pothesis w. becoMe ver~ still and solitar~.00 <HEHBERS> AND S60. Do not even listen. it will roll in ectas~ at ~our feet. DAVID JACOBS Post Abduction S~ndroMe . BRUCE HACCABEE Anal~sis of the Gul( Breeze Photographs E:UOD HOPt<INS UFO Abductions-The Skeleton Ke~ OR. SPEA~ERS AUDIO Following is a list of the "ain speakers at the 1988 HUFON s~MposiuM available on audio cassette tape. BOECHE Public Reaction to Alien ContactS A Stud~ REV.00 <NON.HEHBERS> PER INDIVIDUAL SPEAKER. the saMe pure e~es. and are at the sa"e ti"e sensitive to the victiMs fears and concerns to be able to help theM• Other abduction . it has no choice. Do not even wait. the saMe ingeneous gesture of her ar"s about "~ neck.

Tt10SPNERIC DISTOI\llON lHC V£N\t!) I~ l &\l j THE 1'10RNIIfr.Alii AT OPHtll'teN tr"a"eaA lSTII. Look for Venus in the Morning near Taurus and GeMini. It will shine at Magnitude -2.8 at opposition SepteMber 29th. Venus and · so"e of our brighter stars and planets are so"etiMes confused as UFO sightings when the atMosphere interfers with their i"age. one can easil~ spot the nearb~ Trifid and Lagoon Nebulas. Jupiter will also be a Morning planet spending Most of it's ti"e between the bright star Aldebaran in Taurus. Most go unnoticed and so"e are Mistaken for UFO sightings.stell atior•s Sagittarius and Scorpius . Lets take a look at what's ahead for the ne~t 3 Months. astronoMical advisor Keeping an e~e on the sk~ can be both rewarding and exciting. Through a telescope ' the thin cresent of Venus should be visible in ~ul~.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL WATCH b~ Erik Hubl. Man~ different astronoMical events take place each ~ear. Sand storMs are Much More prevalent during Mars' closest approach to the Sun. catches up with it this fall. jt can be found near the c or. and b~ NoveMber Venus will be at gibbous phase.. An opposition occurs when a planet is in the opposite direction fro" the sun. with its faster inner orbit. . Mars' orbit is "ore elliptical than the Earths..2.~- Mars will appear as a bright red star low in the south this suM"er. its pale reddish color and Ma~be soMe whisp~ dark features on its surface. · . racing awa~ froM us until we're both on opposite sides of the Sun next April. Mars has been losing it's race around the Sun as the Earth. Saturn will also doMinate our su""er evening sk~· Low in the south and shining at Magnitude +0. Using binoculars. Sut the best part about it is that its free. SkY Venus is on a faster inner orbit than ours. gas and newborn star$• s•a Venus is our brightest planet. A view through a telescope should reveal Mars' southern ice cap. This ~ear. and the group of stars . 25 Must see to appreciate. These Nebulas are huge clouds of dust. however. change color and even wink out for several seconds. Look for Mars in the constellation Pisces. For a backdrop t~at ~ou f. Venus is low on the horizon and the air is dust~ or turbulent. the center of our Milk~ Wa~ stretches behind it.nowing about an event and watching it take place gives one a closer connection to the universe. geoMetr~ pla~s an interesting role in this "atter. Even the Moon appears larger and More orange when it's on the horizon. This causes Mars to be alMost twice as close to us than the far side opposition.5 • If . This is the best opposition in 17 ~ears and will be one of the · finest to view. shining at "agnitude -1. Venus can waver.

A little ·parallelograM of . High overhead. Magnitude is the astronoMical Measure or brightness. England ~ou are and subtract that nuMber froM UT. there thet· e . Find the three stars of the suMMer triangle and the~ will lead ~ou to three proMinent constellations of the SUMMer sl<. When ~ou get there. For a few nights before and after August 12th. Note also that the Sun will rise due East. NOTES: Universal TiMe <UT> is used around the world b~ astronoMers and others who need to avoid confusion between tiMe zones. deterMine what ti"e zone west of Greenwich. ~ou should see Man~ of the Persieds which peal<. add 21 hours. The~ are t~picall~ ~ellow and ver~ fast. a full Moon -12. The brightest star is +1 or o. Best viewing or Meteor showers is actual!~ in the Morning because then the position where ~ou are on the Earth is Moving forward through space and the Meteoroids are hitting us face on.~.stars hangs beside it. Deneb is the end star in C~gnus the Swan (also called the Northern Cross). Huch lil<. called should shines . will occur on SepteMber 22nd at 8:32 UT <universal tiMe). SoMe fireballs Ma~ be observed and the brightest "a~ leave trains lasting several seconds. Altair is the bright star in Aquila the Eagle.SUMMER This sUMMers Meteor showers should be splendid. The faintest star visible to the unaided e~e is +6 Magnitude. 22 08:32 UT the Pleiades. The Sun will be exactl~ above the Earth's equator and both heMispheres will receive 12 hours of sunlight. UPDATE Jul 8th Jul 29th Aug 12th Oct 8th SHOWER f'ER/HOUR 5-30 Capricornids Delta Aquarids 10-35 50-60 Perseids Draconids 15-25 This ~ear the AutuMn Equinox. Venus can be -4. Each star is actuall~ in its own constellation. or first da~ of Fall.2 Onl~ nearb~ Venus will be brighter. Vega. out at about 60 per hour on the night of the 12th at 7h UT. Today Most people are not awate that the~ occur. Historical!~ · the Equinox ' s and Solstice's were alwa~s celebrated. To find ~our local tiMe. Take a MOMent out of ~our bus~ schedule to recognize this n a tural phenoMena . and will set due West.26 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL AUTUMN EQUINOX SEPT.ness. This Means More fender benders on those East-West roads d uring rush hour traffic.e bugs hitting ~our w~ndshield while driving down the road. Earl~ risers spot Jupiter easil~ as it at Magnitude -1. Gertrude Stein an~ there isn't . If ~ou get a negative tiMe. and 12 hours of darl<. streached along the Hilk~ Wa~ are three bright stars that forM the SUMMer triangle. the bright blue-white one of the three is in L~ra the H~rp. and th~ sun -27th Magni tL•de.

OO~u per year. 2 JUL 1987 Special Report On Operation HJ-12 VOL II NO.ents Ha~ I See So. HE OIA Oocu. II NO.MEMBERSHIP (NEW) --MEMBERSHIP (RENEWAL) _ _ CONTRIBUTION $ .. 1 APR 1987 Bipedal Hu"anoids Fortean News Flashes Strange Harvest: An ~pdate Book Reviews At VOL I NO... You Ha~ Be On File The Ulti"ate Scarecrow DOE Releases UFO Docu. All proceeds and donations are tax deductible.. 3 OCT 1986 1947 FBI Docu"ent Air Force Blue Book Cancellation He"o Kirkland UFO Landin~ Docu"ent Bentwaters "Halt" He"o British Hinistr~ of Defense Bentwaters He"o ProJect Aquarius He"o Elsworth AFB UFO Attack Report HcGuire AFB Alien Shooting Report VOL I NO. Box 94627 LINCOLN. 1 DEC 1997 Weird Hater Wonders FBI Hissing Ti"e He"o FBI Hen-In-Black He"os. 1 DEC 1986 ProJect Hoon Dust Case File VOL I NO. 2 JUL 1986 In He"oriu.50 each. Please make all checks/money orders payable to: FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL SACK ISSUES: JOURNAL of FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER All back issues of the JOURNAL available at t3.. III NO.____ PHONE FUND $ ---Memberships are available at $1S. 1 APR 1986 Hinged Wonder Over Falls Cit~..e ID? Forteen News Fleshes And Guess Hhat Else Happened Bentwaters? VOL. NE 68509 USA .O.ents Released What ' s A Hilo Han? Where'• Steve HcOueen When You Need Hi"? Fortean News Flashes MEMBERSHIP/CONTRIBUTION NOTICE NAME ________________________________________________~-----------------------ADDRESS -------------------------------------------------------------------CITY ________________________________ STATE ________________ ZIP ____________ COUNTY ____~--------------------------COUNTRY ______________________________ . Replies UFO Cover Up Letter Fro" FBI Files CIA He"o-Covert UFO Investigations CIA He"o-Covert UFO Research VOL II NO. VOL. 1 HAY 1999 Bipedal Hu"anoid Update UFO Update Gulf Breeze UFO Incident the are VOL I NO. 3 OCT 1997 Verdict Still Open On HJ-12 Assorted Oddities Aeriel Goings-On Book Reviews Stran~e Deaths & Etc. • VOL II NO.

K. WA 98146 GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY London. IL 60454. al doing the best they can with the . CA 90035 snv P. NE 68.O. IL 60659 SPECTRA.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealng with the unexplained.O. and helping to support them both financially and In spirit. and your help In Joining these organizations.124 Los Angeles. W1..sources available to them. U. UUie Silver. INC. NJ 07739 ctnZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P.O. P. Chicago. Robertson Blvd. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. will be g~etlr appreciated. CT 06238 ' FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P.()205 UFO 1800 So.O. T)( 78155 FORTEAN nMES 9-12 St Annes Court UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 218 Coventry. Box 48404 Seattle..l355 P. MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin. ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. Box 241013 Omaha. Box 265 . Box 2213 Scotia. NEBRASKA 68509 A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA .O. They a..O.Box205 Oak Lawn. NY 12302 INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER 2457 West Peterson Ave.

~· ~~~c.-.ed him o tate Y . .1 bordere the determination that the •• e>re picked uP bY Air force Intel n to U •S • Air f c 1. i but no cd nn of ooY er .JOURNAL FORTEA of the . ~ --~ tamil~ .me out tc e '=' \. huge fj ~ =====~.VOLUME I I I NO. ..===-_::A~..e • e offic ._ N RESEAR I----. 1 ·ed s'"' 3 c -t :..e c4)r egan to th fatnc..r g the fiel< 1 Wb . lost in the forest whi<. ey described it as a round ball c :1d dog ad run to. 3 FALL 1988 CH CENTER p·- .~( Jr~ r ~ . :o the open field· p. As theY stoo< )Y start el? wherE ht ne){t · .e.t ...• :-.

cryptozoological mysteries..'7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P.00 per year. The purpose of the Fortean Research Center is to investigate alf aspects of unexplained phenomena.O. out-of-place animal sightings. •• . NE 68509 USA DIRECTOR SCOTT COLE:ORN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR DALE BACON SECRETARY ~aM ~{RAMER FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL TABLE OF CONTENTS FroM the Editor ••••• . a non-profit corporation.... geological and archeological anomalies. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. discounts on special publications of the Center. •• 4 Bill English StateMent •••••• • • 11 TREASURER LIN E:ACON ASSOCIATE DIRECTORt BUSINESS DAVID WHITE ASTRONOMICAL ADVISOR ERn{ HUE:L Sk~watch b~ Erik Hubl. and all other areas of study which may provide data useful to the resolution of these perplexing mysteries. including UFOs. Thank you for your support.. We serve as a source of accurate. The Journal of the Fortean Research Center is published quarterly by the Fortean Research Center.. and reduced fees to conferences sponsored by the Fortean Research Center. psychic phenomena.. • ••• • •• zo Back Issues •• •• • •••••••••••• • •23 Membership in the Fortean Research Center is $15. . . Membership fees include a subscription to this Journal. .. reliable information for the public at large..3 Mes~age froM the Director •••••• 3 John Lear StateMent ••• ....

let Me know. and a soMewhat related account of a conversation Lear had with ~ill English are being printed in their entiret~ so that ~ou. I would like to take this opportunit~ to send out a call to an~one interested in helping put our quartarl~ Journal together. we all hopeful!~ get a little closer to the "truth. e~ e xchanging jdeas and points · ot v iew . Thanks also tor the.theM. In the past Most of the work of this publication fell onto the shoulders of the director. The Fortean Research Center is going to print a coMMentar~ on the "Lear Papers" in our next Journal. and b~ notables such as Leonard Stringfield. an acknowledged expert in the subJect of crashed and retrieved UFO's and occupants. This publication · was ·soMewhat later getting out than we had hoped it would be. is based on keeping an open Mind to incoMing data so that b~ doing so a seeMingl~ trivial or even preposterous idea/h~pothesis is weighed. If ~ou would like to assist with the next or future editions. I would like to express "~ personal gratification to Scott Colborn and Ed RuMbaugh for the help the~ contributed in the production of this Journal. As our Center grows. a Ma~ evaluate and ponder . He will print a r a nge of opinions b~ ~ou. proofreaders. Thank ~ou to John Lear for perM ission to offer his stateMents to ~ou." or at least a gliMpse of it. B~ printing these papers we full~ expect a wide range of response froM ~ou ••••• and. scrutinized and evaluated. The Fortean Research Center takes no position pro 'or con regarding the "Lear Papers. we encourage ~our response." We are printing theM because we wish to stir the proverbial pot. He ha ve a special need for t~pists.letters of support and to the people locall~ who have given their tiMe and .ollection of data would therefore result in less filtering or "coloring" of the inquir~. we will be in need of More volunteers at all levels of the organization. the reader. I saw after the second issue how hard it is for one person. It is with this saMe· open-Mindedness that we invite ~ou to this Journal of the Fortean Research Center. DIRECTOR'S MESSAG~ Ufolog~. or the stud~ of unidentified fl~ing obJec~s. We have an edition we believe ~ou will enJo~. The "open Mind" approach to the c. I took it upon M~self to fill his Fortean footsteps . So let us know ~our COMMents ~o that ~our fellow and sister MeMbers and readers Ma~ have ~our perspective. Ra~ Boeche.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL~ FROM THE ED:X:TOR WelcoMe to the FA~L 1988 edition of the JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. Hhen Ra~ stepped down froM his position. and distributers. the ra· der. The following stateMent / h~pothesis b~ John Lear.

or scarves than can be worn! Another idea would be to give soMe of the Mutual UFO 1988 S~MposiuM tapes--~o u sure can't beat the price! You ' ll find inforMation elsewhere on theM••• I'd just like to sa~ that these tapes offer a wealth of data froM researchers who are on the cutting edge of Ufolog~. is growing in MeMbershiP and we'd like to think it is because ~ou share our vision and goals.41 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL . Hh~ not consider a MeMbership in the Fortean Research Center for ~our local librar~ or a school librar~? Several of our MeMbers have found this to be a good gift. We appreciate both ~our donation of tiMe and energ~. The second truth h~s gotten far More people killed tr~ing to state i t publicall~ than will ever be known. The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. A realignMent of social and trad- .:S John Lear on DeceMber 29 . the a-track stereo and founder Qf Lear Siegler Corportation .C. Additionall~. and three SMall aliens walking up to Wing CoMMander Gen.R. should ~ou run across an iteM in a local paper pertaining to unexplained phenoMena or hear an interesting star~ froM soMeone. The United States governMent has been in business with little gra~ extraterrestrials tor about 20 ~ears. Lear. Perfect for the arMchair enthusiast or the office debunker! Thank ~ou again for ~our support! ReMeMber. Gordon WilliaMs. It eventual!~ caused a MaJor upheaval in the church . Mr. The F. and ~our financial support. Lear has flo·wn Missions worldwide for the CIA and other governMent agencies.:Spes of aircraft in over 50 different countries. ~ualit~ Journal. A forMer Nevada State Senator candidate. 1987 and revised on Januar~ 11 and again in March. so with ~our help look for bigger and better in the future! And now lets get on with the good stuff. 11 August 25.R. This revision is dated ' August 25. ~ou Ma~ wish to consider a tax. The fact that the earth revolves around the sun was succ•ssfull~ suppressed b~ the church for over 200 ~ears. near London.C. Our Journal is a wa~ we can coMMUnicate with ~ou. he is the son of WilliaM p. belts. a MeMbership in our Center Might be the perfect gift for soMeone who alread~ has More ties. He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the onl~ pilot ever to hold ever~ airMan certificate issued b~ the Federal Aviation AdMinistration. Lear becaMe interested in UFO'S in the suMMer of 1986 after talking with United States Air Force personnel who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB. governMent and thought. look for the Journal of the Fortean Research Center to have a little different look in the future! We have been looking at wa~s of upgrading the la~out.exeMpt donation to the F. John Lear is a Lockheed L-1011 captain for a MaJor US airline and has flown over 160 different t". drop us a letter ••• we ' d sure appreciate it. print and photo reproduction in the hope of continuing to offer ~ou a consistent.JOHN energ~. 1988. to take advantage of ~our tax planning before ~ear end. STATEMENT LEAR The following stateMent is a Working h~pothesis" written b'. England. But the truth Must be told. 1988 THE UFO COVER-UP b~ John Lear The sun does not revolve around the earth. Speaking of gifts. After consulting with ~our tax advisor or after reviewing ~our financial planning. designer of the Lear Jet.

The post war era had brought econoMic prosperit~ and the future seeMep bright.. the Most proMinent of which was Defense Secretar~ JaMes v. Doolittle went to Sweden in 1946 to investigate reports of "ghost rockets" <UFO 's) 1000 of which had been sighted over a 7 Month period. The "horrible truth" the governMent has been hiding froM us for over 10 ~ears. GerM an~ Ma~ have recovered a fl~ing saucer in 1939. The~ had built Jet boMbers with intercontinental range that could carr~ weapons of enorMous destruction. about 30 Miles inside the Mexican border. In 1947 President TruMan established a group of 12 top Militar~ and scientific personnel of their tiMe• The~ were known as MJ-12. Sec~. As each MeMber passed awa~. b~ onl~ a ver~ few persons: the~ were indee~ ugl~ little creatures. Now iMagine what it was like for those saMe leaders all o~ whoM had witnessed the panic of Orson Welles radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" in 1938. The~ had built a Jet aircraft that had e x ceeded the speed of sound in flight. New Mexico. Although the group exists toda~. There is soMe speculation that the group known as MJ-12 e xpanded to at · least several More MeMbers. New Me x ico and one near Laredo. That was in the I 1800's Now. The~ proudl~ thought of theMselves as the Most powerful nation on earth having recentl~ produced the atoMic boMb. an achieveMent so stupendous that it would take Russia 4 ~ears to catch up and onl~ with the help ot traitors tb deMocrac~." • The cover-up was so successful itional values. Forrestal who JUMped to his death froM a 16th star~ hospital window. It is onl~ when ~ou full~ understand the overwhelMing helplessness the governMent was faced with in the late '40's can ~ou coMprehend their perceived need for a total. about 100 ~ears after the first truth was pronounced we Must again face the shocking facts. President TruMan quickl~ put a 1 id o·r. none of the original MeMbers are still alive. the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that fl~ing saucers are a Joke. General JaMes H. Consider if ~ou will the position of the United States governMent at that tiMe. one ~n Aztec. in 1984. Have I ever got a surprise for theM . Texas. The last one to die was Gordon Gra~. forMer Sec retar~ of the ArM~. Of the original group that were the first to learn "the horrible trl•th" several coMMitted suicide. IMagine their shock as the~ atteMpted to deterMine how these strange "saucers" were powered and could discover no part even reMotel~ siMilar to coMponents the~ were faMiliar with: no c~linders or Pistons. Thousands of AMericans panicked at the realisticall~ presented invasion of earth of beings froM a nother planet. And here is how it happened. the group itself appointed a new MeM- . de the use of "deadl~ force. There were several More saucer crashes in the late 1940's. no vacuuM tubes or turbines or h~­ draul ic actuators. reptillian skin and claw like fingers. In its effort to protect deMocrac~ our governMent sold us to the aliens. The "horrible truth" was 1. Unfortunate!~ 11 the horrible tr l•th" is far More horrible than the governMent ever iMagined. shaped like pra~ing Manitses and who were More advanced than us b~ perhaps a billion ~ears. Forrestals's Medical records are sealed to this da~. But before I begin I'd like to offer a word in the defense of those who bargained us awa~~ The~ had the best of i ntentions. one in Roswell. thorough and s weeping cover-up to inch. IMagine their horror as the~ actuall~ viewed the dead bodies of these frightening looking little creatures with enorMous e~es.~·uKTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ber to fill the position.nown .

slashing through forests. · specific tiMe period~ the actua~ion of which will occur within the next 2 to· S ~ears. out td tse! 1> Insertion of a 3MM spherical device through the nasal ·:c-av·it~ of the abductea t~to the brain. Al Hibbs would look at a video tape of an enorMous fl~ing saucer and state for the record. . and buzzed the White House. but that doesn't prove he is rtaked. GovernMent took place at HolloMan Air Force Base in New Mexico. 2> IMpleMentation of Po&~ h':$pnotic suggestion to carr':$ out a · specific activit':$ during. · The stories are legendar~ on transporting crasheq saucers over long distances. The device is ·used for the biological Monitering. on a periodic basis to MJ1Z and the National Saucrit':$ Council. ~961.s. In fact. origiri~1 MJ-lZ MeMber ~nd 6th Pr~~id~h~ o~ Johns Hopkins Universit~>. the purposes for th~ abductions t 'urned .c. 6) IMpregnation of huMan feMales and earl~ terMination of pregnancies to secure the crossbred infant. GovernMent. Does this sound incredible? An actual list of abductees sent to the National Sec- •.s. 3 saucers landed at a pre-arranged area and a Meeting was held between the aliens and intelligence officers of the u. soMe were stored at Air Force bases near the location of th@ cras_ sight.s. naMed b~ Detle~ Bronk. the Capitol boilding and the Pentagon. GovernMent was not initiall~ aware of the far reaching consequence of their "deal. It took all the iMagination and intiMidation the governMent could Muster to force that incident out of the MeMor~ of the public. Pasadena. The ·· EBE's assured MJ-12 that~he ab~ ductions (usuall':$ lasting about 2 hours> were Merel':$ the ·dngoing Monitering of developin~ civilizations. o." The~ were led to believe that the abducti~ns were essentiell~ ~enign and since the':$ figured the abductions would probabl~ go on an~wa':$ whether or not the':$ agreed. the tirst official cOMMunication between these aliens and the u. GovernMent Made a deal with these creatures called EBE's <extraterrestrial bi'o logical entities. tracking and control 'of the abductee. h One saucer was so enor~ous and the logistic probleMs in transportation so enorMous that it was buried at the crash sight and reMains there toda~. soMetiMes driving 2 and 3 lo-bo~s in dandeM with an extraterrestrial load a hundred feet in diaMeter. the':$ Merel~ insisted that a current list of abductees be subMitted. California. The "deal" was that in exchange to·r "technoloci~" that the':$ would · provide to us we agreed to "ignore" the abductions·· tHat were going on and suppress ·infO-rMatioh on the cattle Mutilations. SoMe were stored at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Hibbs was r-ooking at the naked eMperor ·and sa~ing "He certainl~ looks naked. blocking Major highwa~s." Dr.s.6 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL that as late as 1985 a senior scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laborator~. During the late 60's or earl~ ~D's MJ-12 representing \he u. Thousands of sightings occurred during the Korean war and several More saucers were retrieved b~ the Air Force. 3) TerMination of soMa people so that the':$ could function as living sourc~s for biological Material and substances." In Jul~ of 1952 a panicked governMent watched helplessl~ as squadrons of "fl~ing saucers" flew over Washington. 1) TerMination of individuals who represent a threat to the continuation of their activit':$• S> Effect genetic engineering experiMents. "I'M not going to assign an~thing to that <UFO> phenoMena without a lot More data. purchasing coMplete farMs. Or. On April ~5. Moving onl~ at night. The u.

· a process we are .t. During the period between 1979 and 1983 it becaMe increasing!~ obvious to MJ-12 tha.llapse.e d as enorMous with huge tiled walls that "go on forever. but soMe of the nations Missing children had been used f~r secretions and other ~arts required b~ the aliens. In Man~ of the Mutilations there was no blood found at all in the<? one of which is known to be near tne · sMall New Mexico town of .disk shaped" obJect at 0300 while on a search for Missle debris downrange. rectuMs cored out to the colon. The EBE'ss have a genetic disord.. because I have news for ~ou. was closed for a period of about 8 ~ear soMetiMe between 1972 and that their digestive e s~steM is atrophie~ and not functional. and a huge underground facilit~ constructed for and with the help of the EBE's. -Needless to sa~. one of this nations M~St secret test centers. His genitals had been reMoved.. not ~et capable of perfor. not all.." Witnesses ha_ve r~:tported hLige. Louette at the White Sands Missle Test . SoMe speculate that ~h~~ ~ere inv~lved in soMe t~pe of adcident or nuclear war. The Mutilations included genitals taken. · According to soMe. or possibl~ on the back side of an evolUtionar~ genetic ~urve. In order to sustain .f the evidence it. rectuM cored out in a surgicall~ precise "plug" up 7 to the colon.r.Ming in the field. tongue and throat all surgicall~ reMoved with extreMe prec1s1on. MJ-12 Must haye been . vats filled with an aMti·er li~uid wilh parts of huMan -bodies being stirred inside. theM~elves the~ use an en·z~Me or horMonal secretion obtained froM the tissue that · the~ extract froM huMans and aniMals• (Note: ~ows and huMans are genetical!~ SiMilar. an~Mal or huMan is still alive. is apparent that ·this surg~r~ . In soMe cases the incisions were Made b~ cutting between the cells.eefl desc·r ib. FroM soMe o. ~et there was no vascular collapse of the internal organs. I~ becaMe known that Man~ More people <in the thousands> were being abducted than were listed on the official abduction lists. the advanced technolog~ could not be used against the EBE's theMselves in case of need. bodies in the solution .> The secretions obtained are then Mixed with h~drogen peroxide and applied on the skin .t things werenot going as planned. Jonathon P. B~ 1983. In addition it b~caMe obvious that soMe. b~ spreading or dipping p~rts of their . there was an altercation between the u. GrooM Lake. The cattle Mutilations that were prevelent throughout the p~riod froM 1973 to 1983 and publicall~ noted through newspaper and Magazine stories including a docuMentar~ produced b~ Linda Howe for the Denver CBS affiliate acCOMPlished .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL urit~ Council? Read on. e~es. According to one source 66 of the soldiers were killed in the effort and our people were not freed. A special arMed forces unit was called in ~o tr~ and free a nuMber of our people trapped in the facilit~ who nad becoMe aware of what was reall~ going on. no vascutin co. e~es reMoved and all blood ~eMov~d with again.~ulce. This Jointl~ occupied <CIA-alien) facilit~ has b. "iiitar~ and the aliens at the Dulce laborator~. The bargained · for technolog~ ~as set i~ place but could onl~ be operated b~ the EBE's theMselves. in MOSt cas~s wriile ~he victiM. In the event of a national disa~ter cow heMogiobin can be used b~ huMans. The vari~us parts of the bod~ are t~kefi to various undergro0nd lab_ ora·tC:. This has been ·also noted in the huMan MUtilations. Range in 1956 who was found three da~s after an Air Force MaJor had witnessed his abduction b~ a . one Of the first ones of which was Sgt. were for the collection of these tissues b~ the aliens. The bod~ absorbs the solution then excretes the waste back through the skin.r . After the initial agreeMen.

3 ba·ing held in a facilit~ dasignat•d •• YY. who had allagedl~ broken t Las with the Air Force in the l•t• ·60's but who in raalit~ continued to b• their infor"ant in his cov•r capacit~ of Director of the Canter for UFO Studies> "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "E.II at Los Ala"os. fallal" is a ".n~ written. wanted to confess the whole scha"a and sha"ble~ it had beco"e to the public. Qer\erii "Law Allen to na"e a few "e~ber• of HJ-12.. which Mad now baco"a "ilitar~ top-heav~. " ' 'As these WOT'ds ar~ · and acqu. Bobb~ In"an. track. it was a factional fight of what to do now. HJ. · The officer also relates the fact that the EBE's clai" to have created Christ.~~~r~ of H~­ (2 alo~~ · ~i~h Dr. bag their forgiveness and ask for their support.s have a t~pa of recording device that has recorded all of earths' histor~ a . hopes and draa"s of HJ-12 into utter confusion and panic. The EBE.s in the WOrdS Of On& t II like • "an postiassad •" And wall h• would b• for The~ had subtl~ influenced <through Dr. Dr . Part of HJ-12. the "e"bers of HJ12.ic "istake"> to get the public used to "odd-looking" aliens that were co"passionata.isiti. video tapas were "ade.12 had.·f f'lbound Russian· nuclea" "issles. co"fortable sleeping and working quarters and i'ts own pri-· vata airstrip built b~ and exclusive!~ for .ace . Edward.t. New HaMico. In addition." <"now ad"itted b~ so"• "•"bars of HJ-12 to have bean a 10 drast. ~!~h ~ ~ ~-~­ ense t'tir . in affect.8 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the~ in stark terror at the "istake had "ada in dealing with ·the EBE's.:. 'The officer na"es na"as as previousl~ "entioned plus a few others: Harold Brown. was discovered and according ' to a "eticul ous plan of "etered release· of infor"ation to the pulliic·. The onl~ other facilit~ o'f thii'~~·· which is alactro"agnaticall~ secure.his workers and 'associi. The other part <and "aJorit~> of HJ-12 argued that there was no wa~ the~ could do that. daap •P. of a UFO with 'l alien bodies. Law Allan and tape of 2 naws"en interview'ing a "i fi tar~ officer associat·ii~ wi·~h · HJ-12. Teller. Theodore von Kar"an to na"e a few of the currant and past "a"bers of HJ-12. Willia" Moo~ •• a Burbank. that the situation was untenable and there was no use in exciting the public ' with the "horr ibla truth'' and tha. Vernon Walters. "father'~ of the H-bo"b ij · personal!~ in the nuclear ~••t tunnels of the Nevada Test' s. driVil')~ . a plan had been for"ulated in 1968 to "ake the public aware of the e x istence of aliens on earth over the next 20 ~ear$ to be cul"inated with several docu"entaires to be released during the 1985~1987 period of ti"•• These docu"antarias would explain the histor~ and intentions of the EBE's• The discover~ of the "Crand Deception" put the entire plans. · : several docu"entaries and . benevolent and · · ver~ "uch our "apace brothers". Kissi~~ef~ Ad"iral .on o'f articles in. In fact.T. California >. for"arl~ with the Blue Book proJect. has a v.t the best plan was to continue the develop"ant of a weapon or "plan of contain"ant" that could be used against the EBE's under the guise of "SDI" the so-called Strategic Defense Initiative which ~ad nothing whatever to d~ . JPL ' s or ·. This "ilitar~ officer answers questions relating t~ · iha histor~ of HJ-12 and the cover-up• the recover~ of a nu"ber o~ fl~ing saucers and the existence of live alien <one of 3 livih~ aliens captured and designated or na"ad EBE-:-1. H~nek. "sold" the EBE's to the public. Richard Hel"•• Gen.. the i~ai defini ti~n of purpose fat' SOI reads "Tba plotting. Cali'fornia baied UFn researcher who wrote ~The ~bsw~ll Incident" a book published in i980 that detailed the crash~ reco~·r~ and subsequent covar-up . Meeting at the "Countr~ Club. Bef~n·a the "Crand Ditceptitm . is at Edwards Air Force Bas e in MoJave.i d. _ . EBE-2 and EBE_. " a re"ote lodge with private golf ~oursa. and were now faced with the fact that quite the opposite was true .

. norMal and patriotic citizens going to be Justified? · Now ~ou ask. but it would be in keeping with the actions of a panicked organization who at this point in tiMe didn't know which wa~ to tul'n.:·tf'le Aquarius prograM was P. The enor~it~ of the probleM Must be driving f'IOre than a few "at the top" to drin"-· But what about the f'est of us? Host of those f'eporting sightings are being . Just before the recent stock Market crash several newsMen including Bill Moore had been invited to Washington. which. This ~roJect continues toda~ at that location. Va. buT' i ed at that · · location <for God knows whatevef'· f'ea~on> . of stef'eoscopic photogr~phs and video tape were taken between NoveMber of 1987 and Ma~ of: 198S. The cruxifiction -of Christ on the Mount of Olives has allegedl~ been put on fil~ to show the pubiic. there is also an NSA proJect b~ that naMe•" NSA's pr~Je~t Aquarius deals specificall~ with the.le i in~ent of the EBE's it Might ~e expedient for MJ-12 to adMit to the EBE's but conceal the infof'Mation on the MUtilations and ~ abductions of huf'lans and aniMals. in view of the "Grand Deception" could be an effort to disr~pt traditional values for undeter~ined reasons.:! of thi's?" Who do '.:IOU think ~ou would hear it froM? Dan Rather? ToM Bro~aw? SaM Donaldson? Wrong. Nevada and.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL and can displa~ it in the forM of a holograM. and taki~g into consideration the "Gf'and Deception" and obviousl'. the Gulf Bf'ee~e~ · Florida si~htings in which docuf'lentaf'~ evidence in the fOf'f'l.C. Wetzel wrote. This holograM can be fil~ed but because of the wa~ holograMs work does not corie out ver~ cl~ar on Mo~ie filM o~ video tape. dishonest tf'eatMent of totall~ s~ne. Since EBE's co~Mun~cate tel•pathicall~ an Air Force Colonel serves as an interpreter. "Apparentl~ there is or was an Air Force proJect b~ that naMe (Aquarius> which dealt with UFO's. IH thin.u c.viciousl~ f'idiculed b~ governMent sponsored "debunkers" ·such as Philip Klass. tne· Nevada Test Site.:iect "Snowbird" a proJect to test fl~ a recovered alien aircraft at GrooM Lake. In an~ case it certainl~ seeMs like an odd Method to inforM the public of extraterrestrials.~e~_rs .. during the second w~ek of · August 1988. NASA scientist JaMes Oberg and a host of othef'S• When the tf'uth does eMerge. "Wh~ haven't I heard aboL•t· an'. These people . sighting·s in October and NoveMber ·of 1987. forMer Avionics editof' for Aviation Week and Space lechnolog~. "coMMunications with alien's " <the EBE' s >. the Lake · Superior sightings of· 1999 and the sightings in and around Las V~gas. D. if it ever does. In the 9 words of an individual ~ho works at GrooM Lake "our pedple are MOcl"t bett~r . Nevada. to personall~ filM the EBE in a siMilar t~pe interview and distribute the fil~ to the public.ause of the ovef'whelf'ling c evidence · s .~t taking thinjs apart thari the~ are at putting theM ba~k together.h as the Hudson Valle~ sightings during the past 1 . · If the governMent felt the~ were being forced to acknowled~ th~ existencF of aliens on e•f'th be." · "nother saw a sa•Jcer being trucke~ into the N•va~a Test Site in Match of 198~ • .Still anoiher inforMant witnepsed a sau'c er being:. how is this shabb~. because of the Market crash. Coincidental!~.: thl'! W~theville. Moore is also in possession of More Aqual'iUs docuMents a few p~ge~ of which leaked out several ~ears ago and detailed the -supersecret" NSA proJect which had been den1ed b~ theM until Just recen~l~~ In a · letter to Senator John Glenn NSA's Director of Polic~ Julia a.rci. Another video tape allegedl~ in existence is an interview with an ESE. The EBE's clai~ to have created Christ. it was felt the tiMing was not propitious.J host. Apparentl~.

then he is coM.. It's hard to believe that ralativel~ intelli~ent astron.. Clarke? Wouldn't the~ have ~e.isses 11 fl~ing . AMe~icans believe that intelligent life on other planets is probable and that over 20 Million ·A. soMe ki~d of . EBE's have an atrophied. Puerto Rico operated b~ Cornell Universit~ with..r '4 d. What about Isacc Asi.ent dUMPS . But ~h• u. va. have appare.. sighting& dozens of vans with NASA lettered on the side failed to interest newsMan. BB% of Iall . that soMebod~ is out there.) · ·· · · Whatever the answer these facts are indisputable... cfitiaesti\.... It's not like Dan Rather· would go down to W~theville. Cattle "utilations <ov~r 11.. Brokaw? ToM wants Sa. Cornell Uni... The extent and nuMber of persons reported "issing ever~ ~ear ia a closel~ . The~ have ladies that call . w•ll then ~ou ask what ·about our scientists ••• what about Carl Sagan? Isacc AsiMov? ' Arthur c..000 children have bean reported Mis!Sing each ·~ttar: > . latest polls show that . Govern..a~be. "to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.eMberships in the Planetar~ Sociat~. ~ou see a ·fl~inQ saucer an~ are awed b~ its obvi~us displa~ _ of tachnolog~ and gor~eous li~hts of pure color: RUN LIKE HELL! The~ suffered · ~ither '"ut. nuclear holocaust or th~~ : M~~· b~ on the back side of a bell. .ers like Sagan could be so stupid. <Since 1980 at least 20.s outlined in "Int.s. ·The .eone else should risk their credibilit~ on this t~pe of stor~. ·ac..c·oun~ fol:' their atteMpts to cross~b~eed With us a. surel~ the Most prolific science fiction· writer of all ti. Not... ·froM the available evidence... One current h~pothesis is that. No one •• but no one is ~oing to risk their reputation on such outlandish ideas re~ardless of how Man~ peop)e report sightin~s of 900 foot obJects running theM off the road.o.·.. In the c~se of the W~the­ ville. Another charade into which the u.s. I~ ~~~~ case. a sign . Batter that To.000 since 1973> are regarded b~ the ~overnMant a.. over several ~ears produces " "croasi bread alien children ~ none of WHOM...ericans have sean what the~ believed to be a UFO... several aut"opsia·s ·a1• aliens that have leaked tt-i:.d evolutionar~ curve where~ in·~ essence the~ are "devo1\/in~ 11 instead of evolving.ov. think? The best advice I can give ~ou is ne><t ti.. The~ don't find she wanted to. GovernMent officiall~ dis.nown? If Carl Sagan knows.... . she was allowed to keep. according to .varsit~ is ostensibl~ searching for signals froM outer space..illions of dollars ever~ ~ear is the radiotelescope in Aracibo. Brokaw or so..ntl~ . To. it appears that the EBE's are tr~ing to regenerate their own species at our expense.. an In~ianapolis who"an who... s~steM and other ph~sicai · · · probleMS• This would .ous cover-up.·th..ber ar· 1987. and interview witnesses and verif~ stateMents on stories COMing over' the wire either AP ·or UPI. saucers" as a "hoa><.. guarded ~overnMant secret.. guess who.itting a great fraud through the solicitation of .ust be an enor.10 PdRTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Just read the news. Donaldson to risk his credibilit~. . shaP.•" What do ~ou . Virginian and di~ into wh~ there were 1000 reports of sightings in October and Nove.. Carl Sa~an.o a "hoa><~ "...e.e would have ~uessed b~ not that there . rs 11 • b~ e Budd Hopkins (a detaileq •tud~ o~ .. And those that asked questions were inforMed that NASA was doing a weather surve~.

The following is a SU MMar~ o f what Bill English reMeMbers froM what he read during that da~ in June. 61 Pr ospect St. In Box. sitt ing in the jungle. There was a final repor t . Disposition for M was standard white page cop~." FLtrther down was "Ana l~ se enclosed report under code red M~a sures. governMent captured a trio of aliens. son of an Arizona state legislator and forMer ca pta in in the Green Bere ts had been assigned to an RAF "listening post" nor th of London as an inforMation anal~st. English. Several ~ea r s ago. GovernMent was involved in the greatest deception in the histo r ~ of Mankind and that not onl~ did f l~ ing saucers exist but that the governMent had several in secret storage and had captured at least three live aliens. however. there was no daMage to the underside of the engine poJs. pouch was eas il~ accessed. 1977 of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK . English wa s.10606. Standard diploMatic couriers pouch Marked AMerican EMbass~ Couriers. In Viet NaM he was a MeMber of a Special Forces i n vestigative teaM that went in to retrieve a 8-52 that was fo r ced down b ~ a UFO and all the occupants killed. l ock had been opened. the U. Inside a publication with red tape which indicated code red sucurit~ precautions and an Air Force disposition forM . through contacts he st1ll Maintains has deterMined that the US governMent "Most definatel~" supports a "project dealing specifical l ~ with UFO 's and captr.t•UKTI!AN RESEARCH JOURNAL E=ILL ENGLISH STATEMENT A series of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK reports have been released over the ~ears in connection with the USAF's investigation into UFO's whi ch was supposed!~ terMinated with the release of the Condon report in the late 1960's. Onl~ the bottoM of the fuselage showed an~ da M age . Reports one through twelve of GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK were general!~ innocuous and contained no classified or trul~ sensitive Material . The~ we r e iso late d f or all intents and purposes for the rest of their live s" . COMMUnications had been r ecei ved froM the B-52 before it went down to the effect that it was " •• • under attack b~ a UFO ". contained pouch seria l nuMber Jl327 Delta. Bill Engl ish . Missing froM public view." According to what he has learned. 13. in the course of his duties . Although th e plane was coMplet e ! ~ intact the entire crew had been M •. t11 which was widel ~ circulated and about whi ch an entire book was wr itten: FLYING SAUCERS: AN ANALYSIS OF THE AIR FORCE PROJECT BLUE BOOK SPECIAL REPORT NO. He do1. 11 b~ Leon Davi dson: the fift h edition was published i n 1976 b~ Blue-Book Pub l ishers. Observe all code red 11 . English had been no stranger to the UFO phenoMenon. There was no swath indicative of a crash l anding . New York. diplo M atic pouch under lock and ke~ s~ste M. title was "Anal~sis Report. one of the beings was still alive in captivit~.•red aliens . was report t13.. s .•tilated.. English also clai Ms that "at one point in the earl~ 1950's until the Mi d 196 0's the Air Force Maintained relocati on and debriefi n g colonies for people who had experi enced close en counters of the third and fourth kind. and that as of Mid 1981. These audio cassettes were transcribed into hand-written notes b~ another person. give abstract breakdown a n d report on validit~. On hi s discharge froM his wor k at the "listening post" he returned to the United States and began to do a littl e UFO research on his own.rbts that these colonies are still in existance. REPORT NO. W hite Plains. English dictated t wo audio cassettes outlining wh at he reMeMbered fro M the GRUDGE 13 report . The inforMation contained therein indicated what had been suspected all along: that the U. asked to prepare an ana l~ sis of the elusive GRUDGE 13 rep ort. a "• •• large light • • •"• The plane was found inta ct . s.

chapt~r 1. It was "ada ver~ clear that these people whoM it was deterMined had genuine CE 3's were "oved in the Middle of the night b~ Air Force personnel and relocated to various sites in the ftidwest and northwest parts of the United States. Appendix continued on for about 5 pages." subtitle sightings and witnesses. Across the front was staMped in red ink "Top Secret Need To Know Onl~ Cr~pto Clearance 11 Required. "Continuation of Einsteins Theor~ of Relativit~ to final con- Anal~sis required i"'Mediatel~. "Close Encounters of the 2nd Kind. "Possible applications of Einsteinian theor~ o~ reLativit~ at conclusion .12 FORTEAN RESEARCHJ9UJiNAL elusion." Part 2. One case especiall~ n~ted and reMeMbered ver~ vividl~ was entitled "Darlington Fariot Case" out of Ohio. "On the design of ~enerators to acco"'plish strain free Molecular translation. " Part 3. Table of Contents. wi~e Measures. Part 1. classificaiion "Close Encounters of the . Col. It Measured approx iMate!~ 8" b~ 11" with gra~ cover." Inside front cover upper left hand corner were hand written notations in ink which were blacked out b~ bl~ck felt pen. "Hilitar~ Reports Concerning Si~htings on Radar and Electronic Surveillance of UFO's•" Subsection 2.. chapter 2 "Close Encounters ·of the 3rd Kind. United States and Canada.lite forMs witnessed and persqnal en. Chapter 3 Part 1.-orts of UFO encounters. S•. Hust stress at this point that the version seen was annotated. Case apparentl~ took place in October 19~3. Next page after that was an appendix with nuMerous notations Made in it. Notations dealt with inserts of what appeared to be photos and additional notes. J. There were also what was then classified Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. paper back st~le siMilar to technical Manuals. CoMplete list of appendi x not reMeMbered. Below that. 13".. "DesiQn criteria for a siMple generator and control s~steM referring to equation 17 appendix A. In upper left hand corner was the word "annotated.. It was dated 1953-(1963>. Across the center froM it read.· counters. \itl~~ "Hilitar~ Encounters with UFO's•" Part 2 Chapter 3. Inside cover sheet was basicall~ the saMe inforMation as the cover. .Jbtitle. II subtitled UFO encounters and e x traterrestrial . lower left hand corner were the initials WGB. t~t Kind. In "an~ cases these people experienced ph~sical ailMents fro" exposure to various t~pes of radiation." Part 2. "Grudge/Blue Book Report No. Anal~sis Report.. "colonie'S location therereof. Title. ~t. "The gen-. There were inserts that were added to this cop~ after it had been initiall~ printed.'·· title UFO sightings witnessed within close proxiMit~. Sections re"'eMbered ver~ vividl~ are the photographs and the reports concerning captive sights of various UFO's to include Mexico. open and folded. Sweden. SoMe notes on the practical applications of the Worst NeMo equations." · Case his-L-ories. Openin~ ~ubject page consi<Jted of a report of the finding'S as written b~ Lt. Han. Friend.. "On the generation of teMporar~ pseudo acceleration laces. Publ i cation was withdrawn froM pouch. eration of space tiMe discontinuuMs. Friend and his anal~sis. Part 1. In the lower right hand corner was AFSN 2216-3." sub. -Part 3. chapter ·2. Chapter 1." Part 3. chapter 1.hand corner to lower left hand corner was red tape indicatin~ code red securit~ Measures . At bottoM of third pa~e it read G/BV Page 1 of 621 pages. Heavil~ bound. chapter· 2. Title page was subJect letter. reP. Col. Part 2. Allen H~nek." · Underneath were r•- . Second page was title page. cl01led. " Part 1." Across the front upper right . a series of dashes then the letters NOF then another series of dashes.

into this huge fier~ looking object . The MaJor. Father i~~ediatel~ called Darlington police and the~ i~~ediatel~ caMe out to investiQate. had been bitten b~ a snake or SOMething ran over the crest of the dune and saw Sgt. to no avail. The report Mentioned a site located in the Utah-Nevada area. According to the report there were at least 1 reloca tion sites acros s the United States. Within 18 hours the Air Force Made the deterMination that the faMil~j was to be relocated and the Mother and father were picked up b~ Air Force Intelligence and all personal belonginQs and possessions were loaded into US Air Force trucks and Moved to a northwestern relocation site. Father a nd ~other got up and as the'j got up the son w•nt outside into the 'jard. the report indicated that there were e xtensive "edical facilities availa~le at these relocation sites to deal with 'all ~edical •~ergencies up to and · incl uding radiation poisoninQ. EE-6 b~ the na~e o+ Jonathon P. Depending upon which t~pe of encounter these people had.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL and 13 ~••r old son were sitting down at dinner table. As it took off the father fired several rounds at the obJect. its head was crushed but no sign of bo~ or an~ other footprints of the little ~en who apparentl~ carried hiM off. The~j found doQ. Father and ~other went out onto the porch . Most notabl~ was a c a se witnessed b~ Air Force personnel in which an Air Sorce Sgt. Lovette screaM in what was described ·as terror or agon~. Called his Mother and father to coMe look at the 1"u'nn~ light in the sk~j. Lovette wa's observed being taken captive aboard what appeared to be a UFO at the White Sands Mi s sle Test Range in New Mexico. Major Cunningha~ described what appeared to be a long snake-like . As ~other and father watched the light caMe down fro~ the sk~jo The~ described it as a round ball of fire and it began to hover over field where ba~j and dog had run to. Not sure whether this indicated Map grid coordinates or latitude longitude. but no indication of its purpose or what it was for. The official report read that the bo~ had run off and was lost in the forest which bordered the far~. Lovette went over the ridge Of a SMall sand dune and Was out of sight for a ti"e• MaJor cunninghaM heard Sgt. 13 ~ear old bo~ Qat up fro~ dinner table to see what was going on. When the father got to the field he saw his son being carried awa~ b~ what looked like little ~en. Report gave clear indication of reports of huMan ~utilations. Ba'j beQan chasing it out into the open . This abduction took place in March ot 19S6 at about 0300 local and was witnessed b~ MaJor Willia~ Cunningha~ of the United States Air Force Miss le Test · Co~Mand near Hollo~an Air Force Base. thinking the S~t. The MOther was in shock and had to go through a great deal of ps~chotherap~ and deprograMMing as did f. As the~ stood and watched.ath•r· One interesting aspect about this case was classification under the Air Force report which read it was a ~enuine· CE 3 and that for the ~ood of the national securit~ the ~othe~ and father had been relocated to relocation zones Z21-11. As the~ sat th•re the li~hts in the far~ house began to di~. Lovette were out in a field downrange froM the launch sites lookinQ tor debris froM a ~issle test when Sgt. Major Cunningha~ and Sgt. field. Lovette being dragged into what appeared to hiM and was described as being a s ilver~ disk-like object wh i ch hovered in the air appro x iMatel~j 1S to 20 feet . DoQs and ani~als raised rucus on outside. When the~j got out on the porch one of the doQs broke loose fro~ leash beside house and . ca~e ca~e running around front. the Mother and father heard the bo~ start screa~ing for help whereupon the father grabbed his s hotgun which was right next to the door and began to run out into the field with the ~other following.

An incision had been Hade Just under the tip of the chin and extended all the wa~ back to the esophagus and lar~nx ." English's father was an electronic engineer b~ profession and was fairl~ well versed on electronics engineering and design and on More than one occasion he was involved in teleMetr~ prograMMing of Hissles. A nuMber of photos in there dealt with a recover~ progra~ of soMe t~pe that took place in the southwestern part of the United States. There was no sign of blood within the s~steH. Most notabl~ recorded in publication was what the~ called Recover~ TeaM Alpha. It was reported that Alpha had been extreMal~ active in a nuMber of areas and on certain occasions had travelled outside of the continental United States·. HaJor CunninghaM got on the Jeep radio and reported reported the incident to Hissle Control whereupon Missle Control conf i rMed a radar sighting.) The report also indicated that there were a nuMber of recover~ teaMs that were activated spacificall~ for the purpose of recovering an~ and all evidence of UFO's and UFO sightings. Lovette . Also noted was that when the bod~ was found there were a nuMber of dead predator~ t~pe birds within the area who apparent!~ had died after tr~ing to partake of the sergeants bod~.ces. About Midwa~ through the report caMe a section which dealt specificall~ with photographs. He had been eMasculated and his e~es had been reMoved. The~ did not give a location naMe but obJect which was wrapped around the sergeants legs and was dragging hiM to the craft. The New Mex ico sun in the desert is ex treHel~ hot and dibilitating under norMal cirC\. Lovette was continued for 3 da~s at the end of which his nude bod~ was found approx iMate!~ 10 Hiles downrange. The bod~ had been Mutilated# the tongue had been reMoved froM lower portion of the Jaw . his anus had been reMoved and there were COMMents in the report on the apparent surgical skill of the reMoval of these iteMs including the genitalia. There were a nuMber of extreMal~ grisl~ black and white photos.11 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL two. FroM all indications the bod~ had been exposed to the eleMents for at least a da~ or . Further inforMation in the report consisted of such things as reported sightings and where Air Force planes had been destro~ed or had co"bat encounters or had been attacked b~ UFO ' s. The search for Sgt. Alpha was based out of WrightPatterson Air Force Base and was on the Hove constant!~. The initial autops~ report confirMed that the s~steH had bean coHpletel~ drained of blood and that there was no vascular collapse due to death b~ bleeding. Also there were autops~ reports of various huMan Mutilations. SubcoHHent was added that this was unusual because an~bod~ who dies or has coMplete loss of blood there is vascular collapse. MaJor CunninghaM adHittedl~ froze as the sergeant was dragged inside the disc and observed the disc going up into the sk~ ver~ quickl~.IMstar. The report cOMMented that the anus and genitalia had been reMoved "as though a plug" which in the case of the anus extended all the wa~ up to the colon. Search parties went out into the field looking for Sgt. Each photo was labeled and appendixed to certain reports. Englishs' father is current!~ a state legislator in Arizona. <English's father had told hiM private!~ that on More than one occasion he had personall~ tracked what the~ ter"ed •~ 11 f'oo fighters. MaJor CunninghaHs report was taken and he was adMitted to the White Sands Base Dispensar~ tor observation. Also. In this section of the report it also indi c ated that there were nuMerous occasions in which a UFO tracked alongside of a fired Hissle and on one occasion said Missle was observed being taken aboard a UFO while in flight. The speeds indicated were absolute!~ phenoMenal.

bod~ coMpletel~ heterous. receeding chin line. Bod~ appeared to be a little short of 1 feat. following standard procedure. dark bluish gra~. 5x7 . There were internal organs but these could not be identified. slits where nose would bet extreMel~ SMall Mouth. Color of the skin was bluish gra~. a head was reMoved froM bod~ and photographed and autops~ was perfor"ed on head. color. No accurate description of autops~ report or what was found within corpse accoMpan~ing photos. bod~ was right to left position (head on right. It also dealt with alien bodies and autops~ reports.FOR'IEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the~ did give grid coordinates for that area. e~es ware closed appear ed oriental-looking and alMond shaped.coMMittal but did however sign the report. Wrist was ver~ slender. one froM the other. ~. side view. H~nek was non. Inter•sting thing about photo was that there was a ridgebone or dividing parttion-t~pe bone running directl~ through canter of skull. fro" front to back. the waste products were excreted through skin. feet on left). but viewed photographs and accoMpan~ing reports froM autopsies. BxlO . This seeMed apparent froM the picture. looking at bod~ froM 15 degree elevation. left hand slightl~ longer than norMal. Indication that there was no stoMach or digestive track per se. This indicated that bod~ had been e xaMined before beginning autops~. The three fingers were direct extension froM the wrist. Photo was taken at angle. bod~ was slit froM crotch to Just under chin and green viscuous liquid was in evidence. head was rounded craniuM• slightl~ enlarged. Other photos dealt with a nuMber of bodies which were vivisactioned in various wa~•· At one point. Photos thereafter concerned spec- ific areas of internal organs of what appeared as SMall cluster of a Multi-valve heart or at least 2 hearts within the cadaver. Also indicated in report that he did not view bodies personall~ . A report b~ Dr. indicating bod~ was dead tor soMe tiM•• Bod~ fluid or blood had settled to base of bod~. left hand visible. high qualit~. One section of report did specif~ that cadavers were extreMal~ odorous. A palM was alMost non-existant. The skin was coMpletl~ . autops~ t~pe photographs. The craniu" was opened and brain Matter was photographed and evident. No clothing on bod~. but theor~ was that waste was excreted through pores of skin. The~ could onl~ theorize in report because there was no xenobiolog~. but this could be accounted for b~ either deterioration or a nuMber of things. The photos dealt with special teaMs that were called in to recover a crashed UFO. Allen H~nek was recalled vividl~ which indicated that he had also studied the inforMation provided b~ this particular case and that he felt that it was indeed a genuin• UFO capture and subsequentl~ th• alien was part of UFO. There is no clear indication to exactl~ where it was. holes where ears would be. Later anal~sis showed that fluid within bod~ was chloroph~l-based liquid which apparentl~ dealt with photos~nthesis or siMilar p~oce• • • The report theorized that nourishMen~ was taken in through Mouth. e~es alMond shaped. Table was about 7 foot. however since there is no digestive track or an~thing of this nature. Dr. no genitalia. wrist coMing down Just about 2 to 3 inches above the knees. At base of the bod~ there was a darker color. head was facing to left. There was no thuMb. Wrists appeared to be articulated in a fashion that allowed a double Joint with 3 digit fingers. Picture showed beginning stages of autops~. Photo nuMber 1 showed an alien being on an autops~ table which is a Metal table with runnels and traps underneath to trap fluid and feces. as though dividing two brains.

As I walked in the SMall airport lobb~ after a 3 hour drive froM RichMond I iMMediate!~ noticed 2 gentleMen who seeMed "out of place" for this locale. I have treMendous respect for Bill and what he has tried to do in getting this inforMation out to the public. I was to sit in the lobb~ with M~ black flight bag and for identification purposes I told Bill what I would be wearing. I asked for a chance to Meet hiM and discuss the Grudge 13 report. one was leaning up against an airline counter. This concluded Bill English stateMent which was transcribed froM 2 cassette tapes. Bill painstakingl~ drew Man~ sketches of the photos of different t~pes of tl~ing saucers. Of Bill's co"passion tor his father and his fathers feelings concerning Sill and the reasons tor their occasional disagreeMents. He explained that there had been several atteMpts on his life b~ persons unknown since he had Made the cassette tapes about 6 ~ears ago. ~eMoved froM cranial ~tructure and the ~k. No clear photo of e~e orbs as we know theM. I sat down and after a few Minutes was approached b~ a tall. At one point the skull was cut directl~ in half and photo showed under-developed esophagus and nasal cavaties. NuMerous photos of flesh of the being starting with cutaneous and subcutaneous Microphotographic plates. It has been at treMendous personal risk not to Mention the ridicule b~ sponsored agents such as Bill Hoare who has stated that the Grudge 13 papers are a fraud. how he happened to see it. H~ iMPression of Bill English was that he was totall~ honest. About 5 Minutes after we ordered and had started to talk. that he stood behind his stateMents and recollection of the Grudge 13 papers. What follows is additional inforMation about the Grudge 13 papers that I obtained fro" Sill during M~ visit. We drove in Bills' car into town to a local bar. Appeared to be cellular studies done under Microscope and electron Microscope t~pe photos. We walked During the next 2 da~s I sta~ad with Bill and his wife and Z children in a sMall trailer in the Middle of a field at his tar"• I asked hiM endless questions concerning the Grudge 13 docuMent. that he was a devoted husband and father to his wifes 2 children. bearded Man in Jeans and a heav~ Jacket. Just photos of coMPlete vivisection of skull itself. He asked if I wanted to have a drink. Both were wearing pin striped 3 piece suits. One was stationed inside the lobb~ door looking out at the parking lot. the equipMent obtained froM theM including a sketch of the football sized nuclear generator and sketches of the autops~ photos: 1> FroM M~ notes taken during our 2 da~ Meeting ••• Bill described a photo taken of 3 live aliens. In addition to the following. That Sill English was read~ to coMe forward and enter into an~ debate regarding the legitiMac~ of the docuMent and his recollections thereof. caMe into the bar and sat down. I obtained this handwritten MeMoranduM in August of 1987 froM Paul Bennewitz during M~ visit with hiM in AlbuquRrque. I had no telephone nuMber tor Bill. ExtreMe Magnification of tissue saMples. He said that this could be arranged but that the Meeting would have to be on his terMs tor securit~ reasons. In SepteMber of 1989 I received a call froM Sill English.16 FORTEAN RESEARCHJOURNAL out$ide and he introduced hi"sel~ as Bill English. what happened to hiM after he saw it and literal!~ thousands of ~ues­ tions about the content of the docuMent. One was a black gentleMan. We lett tor Bills house and never saw the "en again for the next 2 da~s. the Men I had seen at the airport. both had on dark glasses.ull was laid bare as Much as possible. We arranged a Meeting at a sMall airport in Virginia on SepterMber 16. .

1111 Holl~waad Blvd. En~lish recalls the date as the "id SO ' •• 13> The Report refers to fl~ing saucttr pragr. 8•••·· •·tr w•• .. THere was no indication at what t:hase predictions "'ight have bean..ent of the AlP.era we~• balng· ~e~t ·~ Wr.'t.s> in the report. l~akin~ in different di ract. Lavat~e. Intelligence Agenc~ far initial 2 "aatin~s. 8> Report told at sensitive "ilitar~ and industrial areas at ~hich personnel expar~anced "issing ti"•• 9> The Rep6ft told about "issing ti"e experienced with personnel associated with North A"erican X-1:5 racket plane proJect. 2> Report said ~hat aliens had cantac~ad a u.. issian ~·sting ground in Ntfvada.f •"pla~"ent in England was RAF Securit~ Services Ca""and...a · ~f ~he report ther• had bean 2 UFO incidents at Ft. l~aking confused •• if ·the~ had been 17 shaved. ana a~ Holla"an..ptad to leave the at .ittan as if the report was geared toward preparation at defenses.... .ariQin bad been t•st.. 1> MaJor Cunnin. 1988.rce Base in Flaridil • a 18> That at the ti~• of the report...F. 11> At the ti"e af ··tha ·r•PCIJ.s" <Alien Life rar.rre-~rial .t~a tn the wi·nd tunne..i.ha" was initiall~ accused at "urdaring Sgt.. The UFO blew up as 2 Air Farce pilots aboard atta. 11· alien cadav..s. 16) That 2 fl~ing saucer~ of extrat. ana at Ha"estead.inate patentialt~· dangerous ele.s. · 6) Entire Gr"'dge 1"3 report was wr. 12) The Report referred ~a ana UFO that was recovered and test flown. was · based at Randolph Air Farce Base. Light .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL v•r~ elear pha~a..f the report 1 dis·c baing s~Q·rad at HcDi·ll Air F. .) That Gen. 1 da. 10> The Report s~atad that there ware 17 different extraterrestrial species accounted far up to the ti"a of the report.ic Energ~ · ca. " and that a secret installation had been constructed in the "iddle of the Ata. 7> The Raper~ told of ul~ra­ sanic weapons found in Ger. :S> Bill English•' place a...-s Deal itt le had bean "entionad several ti. aliens standinq a~ainst white tile wall.. asphera... · 3> u..ha recover~ te·a. RAF Chicksands.ents to the national securit~"• 22.l Lanel•~• Va •.\erson Air ·r orC:.agad disc was ·~ Eigin Air Farce Base ln Fla~ida.. Air Farce ralaca~ian personnel (far persons inva~vad in close encounters> ware referred to in the report •• "Han in Bl .i :vil'ian and "ilitar~ persan~el who had baan · tar"inated "to in ·the report with the notationthat "his <Doalittles'> pr•d.L..... Jonathan P. 20> That at the ti"e ·ar the report a detach.. an October 7..t · ·a t the ti"'tt O.ians..ant containing the quatatidn "8~ Pt'esidential order certain aspects of• res•arch had bean undertaken". t1> Extratarres~rials ware referred to as ~~~. 17 > Tha. This report about Bill English and the Grudg• 13 papers was prepared b~ John L•ar. ·1s> Addtti·onal alien cadav·~·­ werti · being star•d at 1 to ··s· ather "edical institutions. 21 > The report discu•sed e. Ja. Charges were later at the and at WW2 that could shatter 1~' thick ar"aur. ictiohs "i·gh't be correct''.ck.... 19> That ilt the ti.a" as ProJect: "Red. 23> A short sag.... Kansas. Las Vag••• Nevada. Rile~..

On one such night. kidded one another and created their own kind of code language of faMiliar Jokes and one liners. But as the~ approached the spot where Curt had first noticed the slender ~an. " There was a "an back b~ the back door . "Weeelll ••• " Curt threw in. Brian bad coMe up froM the front of the warehouse. Curt first saw hiM. "Yeah. 11 . when the three of the" bad Just finished shouting out a bantering dialogue. In the darkened building the stereo cabinets." he said. But the three Men who worked the late shift at the warehouse. SoMeone out there is watching us. This is reprinted here with the perMission of the author. Instead. "That's M~ Man. "Wb~ would an~one carr~ a gun into a warebouse ir• the Middle of the night?" The three of theM Moved slowl~ back toward the read ot the warehouse." Curt s aid. powerful lights didn't help MUch. 11 We are not alone. TbenM Brian shot back. slender "an. He had turned awa~ froM the back door ·and bad lost sight of the "~sterious." be shouted." be said. electronic equipMent and other goods took on a kind of life of their own. SoMetbing ·told hi" that the "an would not have responded an~wa~. "There's soMeone. For so"e unknown reason. in the bu i 1ding." Curt had alread~ started to Move toward Brian ' s voice. What if he has a gun? . "There is soMeone in the building besides us." Curt whispered. slender and unassuMing Man stood in the shadows a good deal awa~ froM where Curt was working. Ted sbruQged it oft. He was not watchi~g Curt. Even throwing on the big. At first the Men Joked about it. "Hold on. " Ted was the kind of person who never hesitated about an~thing. "What ' s going on?" he said when be reached Curt. A stranger walking into the place Might believe the~ had entered a foreign world the wa~ of the three of theM spoke to one another. "Water cooler.." Ted shouted out. "He ~ s not there now. open rooM. "A Guide ta the Ghosts of Lincoln" 2nd ed. The nonsensical dialogue got theM all laughing. Curt did not sa~ an~thing to this "an." Brian whispered back. A tall. Working nights alone in the warehouse alread~ created a kind of odd workplace huMor. right. He pointed. "Let's go have a look. He had been working near the tin~ door at the back of the building.. loading trucks and unloading crates. Now Ted ca"e running. He grabbed at Ted's arM. No part of this stor~ Ma~ be reproduced without perMission of the author. although he seeMed quite aware of his presence. There was a growing edge of panic in Curt's voice." There was a pause of silence.. He was looking down and sligbtl~ in the distance. be called out to bis fellow workers. He~.1s FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL THE WAREHOUSE The following stor~ is reprinted · froM Alan Bo~e's book." Brian responded froM so. even Ted Moved slower. The place was still creep~. "He was over there. gentleMen.ewhere in the back of the huge.

We Just want ~ou out of here. a tall gu~. "0" Street was practical!~ deserted. Ted unbolted it and swung the door wide.." "Let ' s check the back door. he ' s not there now. No questions." Ted was nervous now. not that night and not the countless other nights over those f'lonths in 1986 when the three of the" worked together and the events began to "ulitpl~ like a plague. But even he was keeping his voice down. reflects off the e xpanse of walls and f'lagnifies. "I Just saw hif'l here. A few weeks later Ted had unpacked an e xpensive turntable.. Ted shrugged. As the~ "oved toward hi" 19 the~ tried to peer over the large crates to see the slender "an. Ted had started behind a stack of crates and then stopped. "All right. he caught a f'IOVef'lent fro" the shadows. in the darkness. "How did he get in?" Curt de"anded. "No. each tr~ing to lis ten past the beating of their own hearts. Slowl~ Curt and Brian "oved to Join Ted." he said fir"l~. John Wa~ne." "I tell ~ou." "Yo1." Ted said.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL "We have a genius af'long us. "Just "aka a lot of noise.. No one was there. But Ted was alread~ f'laking his wa~ behind the crates of unopened stereo speakers." The~ f'lanaged to stall the owner when he . since the~ were all responsible for ever~thing in the warehouse.1 first.. The engines of the cars threw out low hanging clouds of light blue Sf'IOke. no f'latter what its cause. "Right. especial!~ at three in the f'lorning. "No one here. The~ stepped outside ." Brian s a id. When he Jerked his head toward the Movef'lent. It was bolted frof'l the i nside.. Do ~ou understand? Just stand up so we can watch ~ou leave. That 1 s all we want . The creaking of a heav~ wooden crate as it settles can sound like the roar of a Jet engine." Ted said. Ted 's hand shot into the air. he caught a gli"pse of a tall figure i n a dark coat before it disappeared. Brian was working in a corner area and had cof'le around a post. This was a serious problef'l. A single car waited for the light to change at the intersection of 27th Street. Oncet a week after Curt had first seen the f' Just there. " all right . The~ went back inside the warehouse and bolted the door shut behind thef'l. "Ssshhh! !! " The~ fell silent. gentlef'len. but what each of thef'l heard. A scaf'lpering "ouse in the sudden stillness can sound like a horse.." Brian said. "Let's all spread out and walk through the building so sof'le gu~ who is hiding with a gun can find us easil~." Ted said. Let hi" know . pointing at a spot nearb~. He backed up a step. and the owner would not tolerate stories of e xpensive f'lerchandise that "Just d i sappeared.. He glanced over to his two co-workers. " Curt said. " Ted f'loved slowl~ toward the far end of the warehouse. "Let's spreoad out oand woalk through the building. Out of the corner of his e~e. was footsteps echoing near the rear of the building where Curt had first seen the slender f'lan. There is no such thing as a noiseless warehouse. "He . In the parking lot of the superf'l a rket acrosss the street two cop cars were parked side b~ side so that the drivers could speak to one another. "We'll find hif'l if we spread out and kind of walk together in a line. The slightest sound . Brian said nothing. had taken a coffee break and then returned to find the turntable f'lissing." No one was ever found in the warehouse. he doesn't have a gun. Just as it was supposed to be at this tif'le of night. The~ spun around." Brian said. he was standing right there Just a "inute ago. Together the~ f'loved to the back door.

Shadows MOved within shadows . Brian Just quit. and stared into his co~~••• Curt was fired not long after that. SKY b~ WATCH ERIK HUBL ASTRONOHZCAL ADVISOR Keeping an ·~e on the s~~ can be both rewarding and exciting. He said that he found another Job. Curt knew the owner suspected hiM• A short tiMe later the building changed hands and is no longer ~igure used as an electronic equipMent warehouse. Curt sta~ed on until 1987. during a cof~ee break. The owner eventuall~ hired an older Man to replace Ted. and Curt and Brien had to work twice as hard to Make up for the work he didn't do . Tensions grew between the torMerl~ friendl~ workers. Curt said nothing. Ted was the first to quit. He had been stacking eMpt~ boxes and had ~elt that soMeone was watching hiM• He had looked up to catch a gliMpse of a tall slender Man in a dark Jacket.20 ~FO~R~TEAN~==R=~=S=EAR==C=H==)O=URN===AL=============================== asked about it. You can use two a~ the four st~rs in the Great Square of Pegasus to Plot Mars' Journe~ ~long its retrograde loop. the three o~ theM worked in a growing cloud of dark and Murk~ silence. Instead. - l!to'!oT FACING SOUTH HIGH OVERHEAD W T . Han~ di~ferent astronoMical events take place each ~ear. One night.8 to Magnitude -. Brian ~ound it sitting in the Middle of the co~~·• rooM. which was true. More questions than answers arose. EquipMent was disappearing. It becaMe too Much like a sweat and toil Job and nothing but the too-sMall pa~check to Make it worthwhile. Those o~ ~au who have been watching Mars recentl~ have been t r eated to gradual changes in that planets brightness. one of the new workers said he had seen soMething he couldn't explain. Let ' s take a look at what's ahead tar the rest of the ~ear. The~ tried to out a wa~ to explain the Missing turntable. and although the owner didn't sa~ an~thing. Host go unnoticed and soMe are Mistaken tar UFO sightings. we'll ••• Hars decrease froM Magnitude b~ the ~ears end. He therefore spent MOst of his tiMe sitting in the coffee rooM sMoking cigarettes an~wa~. Voices were heard and strange footsteps as i~ soMeone was walking on the roof. He worked with the new eMplo~ees in a stone~ silence. but the best part about it is that its free. but the new Job paid less and it was clear out near the airport. The new Man didn't want to have en~thing to do with stories of haunted warehouses and of figures that appeared and then disappeared. when the~ were Just about to give the owner soMe star~ about the turntable never being delivered. Now the night was not broken with laughter and light talk. Now. Knowing about an event and watching it take place gives one a closer connection to the universe. Once. Draw a line-of-sight dawn along the E~st side o~ the square.

Jupiter is also in Retrograde and will keep ~oving west until nex t ~ear. Look for Venus all winter in the ~orning sk~. our nearest galactic neighbor.2 ~illion light ~ears awa~. but look several da~s prior to and after so ~ou'll see it build up and decrease in intensit~. Venus is still the ~ost striking to see. it will be 15° above the horizon. One could see 10-50 per hour radiating awa~ fro~ a point in Ge~ini. DATE SHOWER PER/HOUR NOV 17 LEONIDS 10-35 DEC 13 GEMINIDS 10-50 DEC 22 URSIDS 10-15 This ~ear the winter solstice. To the e~e it looks like a tin~ s"udge o1 light. It is eas~ to find and appears bright a~ongst stars. The sun will be at its lowest in the sk~ and will start cli"bing higher each da~ . Peak will be at 12 UT (6a~ CST> on the ~orning of Tuesda~. This is a stellar nursur~ where new star~ are baing born. Through binocculars it shows up as a haz~ blue patch of light surrounding a grouping of stars. At 1lf N latitude we recieve 9 hours of da~light and 15 hours of dark- Orion the Hunter is probabl~ one of the ~ore fa"ous constellellations. look for the constellation of Andro~eda. Binocculars ~ake it ver~ obvious. or first da~ of winter.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL If ~au are out in the countr~ and hav@ real dark skies. In other words. LOOKING EAST IN NOVEMBER SOUTHEAST BY DECEMBER Best viewing of ~eteor showers is actuall~ in the ~orning because then the position where ~ou are on the Earth is Moving forward through space and the ~eteoroids are hitting us face-on. Both of these constellations are close groupings of stars called open star clusters. will occur on Dece"ber 21st at 15:28 UT <9128a~ CST>. Much like bugs hitting ~our windshield while driving down a road . Its brilliance out- . Binocculars reveal hundreds of stars that are gravitational!~ bound together. Winter ~eteor showers are u suall~ pratt~ good. Dece~ber 13th. It will look _ prett~ this winter sitting between Pleiades and Taurus the bull. If it ' s nice around the 13th of Dece~ber. tr~ to watch the Ge~inids. This galax~ is 2. 21 shines all except the ~oon and sun. It will rise lower to the horizon each da~ and at the end of Dece"ber. Up fro~ the second star is H-31.2 ~illion ~ears ago. . The ~iddle "star" of the sword is actuall~ the Great Orion Nebula. Venus is sobright it can cast a noticible shadow on snow~ ground. Viewings should be good this ~ear since the ~oon will not be in the wa~. It's Just alwa~s too cold to want to watch. we're seeing the Andro~eda galax~ the wa~ it was 2.

ZZ 15:28 UT l9:2B CST> SUMMER MAKING ROUGH MEAfUREMENTS I~ ~~u should spot soMething in the sk~ and wish to calculate its apparent size <ver~ use~ul for investigators who can use trigonMetr~ and induce quantit•tive values>. Take a MoMent out o~ ~our bus~ schedule to recognize this natural phenoMena. an~ size arM will work.22 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL If ~au have an~ questions abovt watching the sk~. froM edge-to-edge of a fist is 11f and a ~orefinger is about 1 > Tes~ it out on the Square of Pegasus. SaMe of the stories that will be included •reS -EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ALAN BOYE. author of A GUIDE TO THE GHOSTS OF LINCOLN -the MARS RESEARCH PROJECT-an •rticle b~ Mr. Going on sale in J•nuar~! . HARRY JORDAN -COMMENTS on the JOHN LEAR STATEMENT b~ LEONARD STRINGFIELD -BLOOD FALLING FROM THE SKY IN NEW ENGLAND -SKYWATCH b~ ERIK HUBL ••••• AND MUCH MORE. Tad•~ Most people are not aware that the~ occur. FroM little finger to thuMb is roughl~ 20°. Hold ~our hand at arMs length. BOX 91627 LINCOLN.x l"f NEXT ISSUE Watch for the WINTER edition of the JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER. please write tot ERIK HUBL AstronoMical Avisor FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. the solstices and equinox's were alwa~s celebrated. Historic•ll~. It's roughl~ 1r. WINTER SOLSTICE DEC.O. NE 68509 ness.

Please send no cash. 1 APR 1986 Hinged Wonder Over Falls Cit~. 3 FALL 1988 John Lear StateMent Bill English Statef'lent the Warehouse. 1 HAY 1988 Bipedal HuManoid Update UFO Update Gulf Breeze UFO Incident VOL III NO. 2 JUL 1987 Special Report on Operation HJ-12 VOL II NO. Replies UFO Cover Up letter frof'l FBI Files CIA HeMe-Covert UFO Investigations CIA HoMo-Covert UFO R•s•arch VOL III NO. 3 OCT 1987 Weird Hater Wonders FBI Hissing TiMe HeMe FBI Hen-In-Black MeMos. I NO. 2 JUL 1986 In HeMoriuM You Ha~ Be On File The UltiMate Scarecrow DOE Releases UFO DocuMents Ha~ I See SoMe ID? Fortean News Flashes And Guess What Else Happened At Bentwaters? VOL I NO. Hake all checks and Mona~ order~ pa~able to the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER.b~ Alan Bo~e . 1 DEC 1986 Project Moon Oust Case File VOL II NO. NE DIA DocuMents Released What's a Hila Han? Hhere's Steve McQueen When You Need HiM? Fortean News Flashes VOL I NO.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL BACK BACK ISSUES: JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER all back issues of the JOURNAL are available at t3. 2 JUL 1988 Special Report: 1988 HUFON SYMPOSIUM in Lincoln VOL III NO. VOL.SO each. 3 OCT 1986 1917 FBI DocuMent Air Force Blue Book Cancellation HeMe Kirkland UFO landing DocuMent Bentwater5 "Halt" Hef'lo British Hinistr~ of Defense Bentwaters HeMe Ellsworth AFB UFO Attack Report McGuire AFB Alien Shooting Report ::J:SSUES 23 VOL I NO. 1 APR 1987 Bipedal Huf'lanoid5 Fortean News Flashes Strange Harve5t: An Update Book Reviews VOL II NO.

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50 I Blood falls from the sky in New England PLUS ••• Responses to the John Lear StateMent Interview with Alan Bo~e The Rainbow Declaration ••• And Much More! . ~ WINTER 1988 $3.JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER VOLUME III NO.

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are the opinions of those writers and do not necessaril~ reflect the opinions.rchers regarding the John a Lear StateMent. as well as Matters such as the MJ-12 docuMents. We apologize for the dela~. <For a list of soMe shows & topics covered. I wish to take the tiMe to thank the following coMpan~ for the excellent task of printing the JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN : RESEARCH CENTER.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL FROM THE ED:t:TOR DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE WelcoMe to the WINTER 1988 edition of the JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER.aper~ to send & include in our files. In this issue we have ' printed responses froM Man~ readers and rese. If this is of interest to ~ou. 115th st. featured interviews with authors & researchers. We hope to continue to cover a variet~ o<f phenoMena. It is our intention to Make these shows available ta the MeMbers of our Center as Material froM our librar~. We welcoMe articles froM ~ou on ~our area of interest & research. please consider MeMbership. the Mars research praJect & More.A. Because of the overwhelMing aMount of Material the Center has accuMulated for this issue . beliefs or purpose of the Fortean Research Center or its Board of Directors. A MeMber would indicate which shows ~ere of interest. ~entioned in the last Jou rnal.S. as well as clipping stories froM ~our local P. we are pleased to have ~ou as MeMbers & if this is ~our first reading of the Journal. · ~ou will be able to take a$ active a part in our Center as ~ou Ma~ wish.. NE 6815~-~~16 Greetings to our MeMbers & to readers of our Journal! It is with great anticipation that I look forward to \989. a ~ear that will be interesting for the Fortean Research Center .· With ~o~r sup~ort our . with hopefull~ soMe clarification of events that caMe · for~h in 1988. 0Mah~.. see elsewhere in this Journal.:side the Lincoln. & agree to pa~ postage both wa~s. has been postponed until the SPRING 1989 publication. Please reMeMber that an~ cOMMents Made b~ the various readers.> We are in the process of developing a · librar~ of shows that we have put on cassette tape. but proMise to present an even More in depth feature on the ProJect. So ." our weeki~ radio show. We have had reque~ts f ·roM MeMbers that 1 ive out. Graphics 10~1 No. T. the Lear h~pothesis..Unexplained PhenoMena. Nebraska area : for tapes of our radio shows that. The coMbination of "Exploring . Not onl~ will ~o u receive our Journal Mailed to ~our doorstep. watch for More details in the neKt issue of our Journal. & our Journal provides a wealth of inforMation that few others can Match. the Mars ProJect b~ Harr~ Jordan.

etc. This portion of the letter is all we have. & her identit~ is known to a Lincoln ps~chologist. if ~ot highl~ strange reeent events. An abductee who attended last June ' s conference received an unsigned letter fro~ so~eone who wrote that the~ had watched a local TV news bro a dcast in Lincoln that had in part Mentioned the UFO eonference & had shown an interview with an abductee. asst. We will call her "Bonnie". she had a late night phone call. Ma~ I speak to Bonnie ••• Bonnie: This is Bonnie. NE post~ark . as is indieated b~ the inv itation to "drop a note or give a Jingle". I felt that a support group would be beneficial to help the~ integrate their experiences into their lives. We can hope that this anon~~ous "1iource" will follow-up with another letter with ~ore details ••• or was this a kfnd of deliberate leak of sorts? Our Center will follow this up with FOIA requests on the proJects ~entioned. Should an~one "out there" have infor~ation on this. all three were top secret. The following is her written recolleetion of the phone call.1 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Center has reall~ grown in the last 12 ~onths! You ean help b~ telling a friend about us ••• and thanks again for ~our input to date! Our Center was the host group for the "UFON ' 88 S~~posiu~ last June in Lineoln. let us ~ove into so~e interesting. I began to co~e into contact with people that were wondering about possible contact with UFO ' s in their past. With this said. Coll i ns? <There was a lot ot stat~e . one other ~eMber of our loeal support group. So~e will be hard to prove since soMe records •••• ". All threw c aused UFO seares. As the nu~ber of people grew. It appears that the author of this letter believed that the~ knew the abductee. as the concluding sentence on a nex t page & the envelope were disposed of b~ the recipient. 1989. When the phone rang. Caller: This is Bob Collins. At so~e future ti~e I will publish so~e of their accounts. This particular case will be reviewed· in future · Journals. Another abduetee froM the Lincoln area has had what appears to be a series of encounters during the night. As her fa~il~ had had Me~bers who had reeentl~ died or had been ill. As we were getting read~ for that event. & we have been holding ~onthl~ ~eetings open onl~ to individuals with a eontact or abdu ction e x perience. & ~~self. B~ the tone of the narrative. These individuals den~ givin9 her phone nu~ber to an~one! Bonnie% Hello ••• <There was a slight pause & lin~ noise) Caller: Hello. director for "UFON in South Oakota ••• I want to ask ~ou so~e questions about ~our case. survivors. "an~ old stories of UFO crashes. ~our si~hting ••• and the beings. The rest of her faMil~ were asleep. She has an unlisted nu~ber. the autho~ f~lt that he/she had inforMation to pass along. plea s e contact ~our friendl~ Fortean Research Center! "ore on this as it warrants. Bonnie: Wh~ are ~ou callin9 ~•• Hr. HOVER & 8LACKBIRO-drop a note or give a Jingle. With this written the~ then said the following ••• "If so and ~ou are interested in such proJects as JAVTO. she had thoughts of it being a call froM relatives with news of a death or illness. At an~ rate. during the first week of Januar~. A group was founded last fall. This letter writer indicated that the~ believed the abductee shown on TV photographed in silhouette with their voice altered was the sa~e person as who the~ were writing. The letter was unsigned ~ · the recipient believes it bare a Lincoln. are true. on the line ••• > . Bonnie: "~ ease? Caller: Yes. she went to the phone with so~e degree of uneasiness.

I discussed the above phone call with theM & asked theM for their input.e? Bonnie: Mr." I had c alled Stanton both because of his link to the TV broadcast. Collins knows no one in Nebraska with a UFO abduction. I then called several researchers with whoM I converse with on a regular basis. "UFO Coverup. & has an interest in UFO research.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Caller: Have ~ou reMeMbered an~­ thing ~lse froM the incident in 1981? Bonnie: No ••• No ••• I don't think we should discuss . He would neither confirM or den~ it.this. but did sa~ that he knows a Bob Collins who was a forMer MeMber of the Air Force. In this light perhaps all that was being accoMplished through the late night call that "Bonnie" received was to siMPl~ listen to her tone of voice. let us bu~ into" the John Lear h~pothesis & exaMine the late night phone call Mentioned before. Bill called Me back & reported that he had been able to call the Sob Collins that he knew. I was told that· ruMor had it that "Condor" had relocated to the Midwest recentl~. Bill asked Me for the identit~ o~ the abductee. I ' d sure like to know the rules •••• ? Just for the sel<. I called Walt Andrus. Walt looked & told Me that no one b~ that naMe is a MeMber of MUFON." the disguised intelligence contact we were shown on the TV docuMentar~. I asked Walt if MUFON had an~one in their MeMbership files b~ the naMe of "Bob Collins.e of arguMent. & doesn't have an interest in UFO abduction research. Bonnie has told Me that she thought of Man~ thinc:~s that she wanted to ask & sa~ to "Bob Collins" after 11 5 . I then called Stanton FriedMan who told Me that he knew a Bob Collins who is a ph~sicist. issue t3 of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. director of the Mutual UFO Network. Caller: I ' ll call ~ou at another tiM&• When I was told of this. who "a~ be able to help ~ou ••• Caller: It's ~ou that I need to tall<. or an~where else. Stanton said he would not confirM or den~ whether the Bob Collins he knows is "Condor. & if there are lists of abductee ' s being turned over to our c:~overnMent as part or a "deal" having been Made . Collins. FurtherMore. Bonnie: I don't know what ~ou ' re talking about ••• I have to go now. I ' ll give ~ou a naMe of an investigator here. I spoke with Bill rfoore right before we went to pre~s with this issue. to. and was in the foreign technolog~ ~ranch during part or all of his service career. Mr. I told Bill about what M~ "ireforMed sources" were telling Me & he replied that he has now heard 1 or 5 h~potheses regarding the identit~ of "Condor". These "inforMed sources" said· that their contacts indicated that Bob Collins is "Condor. I declined as per M~ agreeMent wi~h said abductee for 3non~Mit~. Well ••• will the real Bob Collins step forward. and was going to call "his 11 Bob Collins to get a response. Caller: Did the scar disappear? You know the one.> If there are UFO abductions takinQ place. it would stand to reason that the powers-that-be would want to confirM soMe or all of the naMes on the lists. Bonnie. or soMeone with inforMation or · insight on the above? If the above is a gaMe. SonnieJ I don't know an~thing definite. but Stanton said the Bob Collins he knows has not shown a particular interest in abductions." in the state of South Dakota. t3. Live". Collins ha~n't placed an~ phone calls to people in Nebraska regarding UFO's. as well as what she said and didn't sa~. <For the John Lear stateMent. According to Bill. see Vol. Caller: Do ~ou know what the~ looked lil<. and because I respect his research. M~ nex t call took Me to WilliaM Moore.

Hope to see ~ou there! Thank ~ou again for ~our coMMents & interest ••• now lets get into our big~est Journal to date! FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER UPDATE The Fortean Research Center 1988-the ~ear in review This past ~ear has brought change to the Fortean Research Center. It was the Center ' s responsibilit~ to oversee space availabilit~ and housing for the speakers. Dale also stepped into the proverbial boots as Editor for the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. The Marks weren ' t caused b~ Mattress buttons or nightclothes. Boeche as Director. Other positions were balanced and counter-balanced.o re group recording the entire three-de~ event. ruMors being offered & refuted ••• or are we being fed a slow release of inforMation through these reports? As we hear More on FOIA requests. however. or coMMents b~ naMed researchers or "inforMed sources. Along with this responsiblit~. Not to be daunted. Ra~ was one of the original founders of the FRC (original!~ entitled the Nebraska Association for the Stud~ of the Unexplained) and all were saddened b~ his leaving. and Erik Hubl becaMe the first AstronoMical Advisor on the board. she has twice found one incision of 1 inch in length on the front of her hip. Associate Director Scott Colborn assuMed COMMand of the organization and Dale Bacon took Scott's place on the Board of Directors. The Center was the host organization for the 1988 Mutual UFO Network S~MposiuM held in Lincoln this past Jul~. The Center was the Main c. the Job of secretar~ went to KiM KraMer. Ph. The theMe or title isS "The UFO Cover-up: A GovernMent Conspirac~?"• Featured speakers include John Lear. TiMoth~ Good. She now hopes that he will call her back ••• More on this• perhap5 later? Bonnie has also had several 11 dreaMs•" the last occurring in late Januar~. who is chairperson of the s~MposiuM. Jul~ 1st & 2nd. Certainl~ one of the biggest changes the center experienced was the stepping down of Ra~Mond ~. The response was overwhelMing. and as such "ade available audio-cassette tapes of the s~MposiuM. · Upon awakening or taking her Morning shower. Donald Johnson.D. is there an~thing "to learr•" froM reports of late night phone calls. Please look us up at the conference ••• we would enjo~ Meeting ~ou ! The conference site is the Alladin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. WilliaM Hoore. Nanc~ Boeche relinquished her position as Treasurer to Lin Bacon. In closing I would like to Mention the next MUFON S~MPosiuM scheduled for June 30th. & Jennie ZeidMan.6 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL having hung up. Ph. John Brandenburg. As a result the . proMOtional advertising for the event. what are we to learn fro~ these accounts? Indeed. Stanton FriedMan." ~ou'll read about it in the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. Both of these people had dreaMs either UFO related or going soMewhere and/or being told soMething ••• So. the last on the right side toward her abdoMen. We will have More on this conference in our ne xt issue.D. according to this second person. and Maintaining an overall atMosphere of continuit~. Another person in the Lincoln area has had "dreaMs" & found upon awakening triangular Marks Just below her rib cage on the front of her person. Linda Houlton Howe.

Donations of books. This was ~n opportunit~ to expose that cit~ to soMe of the research and activities undertaken b~ the Lincoln-based organization. SoMe investigations conducted b~ researchers in 1988 ~ncluded: nuMerous UFO sightings CCE-1>. with inforMation concerning the particular area of expertise he or she is involved in. The librar~ was also given soMe original artwork done b~ friends of the Center. Following is a list of the guests who have appeared on the Saturda~ Morning prograM since the beginning of 1988. an ongoing investigation into soMe farMland north of Lincoln which appears to have More than Just soil in the dirt and countless hours of searching papers. A bibliograph~ is currentl~ being COMPiled for MeMbers' use. NE . . The beginning of a librar~ was also undertaken. The use of the Fortean PHONE FUND has allowed the hosts of the prograM. Mr. books and other sources looking for inforMation used in this journal and on the Exploring Unexplained PhenoMena radio broadcast. 1988 has been a ver~ e xciting ~ear for the Fortean Research Center's educational outletExploring Unexplained PhenoMena. 1988 saw contributions of over one-hundred paperback and hardbound books. HARRY JORDAN-JAN 16. an interesting case of blood falling on • house soM@where on the East Coast <see elsewhere in this Journal for More details>. a surprising nu"ber of CE-3 and 1 encounters. bipedal huManoids and anoMalistic phenoMena into the hoMes of thousands.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Center needed to. nuMerous out-of-print Magazines. The Center was represented at the 1988 SPECTRA EXPO in OMaha. Started in 1981. Magazines and even artwork are accepted an~tiMe . A special "thank ~ou" goes out to those MeMbers and/or non-MeMbers who hav~ assisted with investigations. to expand their sources of inforMation and go directl~ into the hoMes of soMe of the foreMost researchers of unexplained phenoMena of our tiMe. and did purchase duplicating equipMent to Meet the deMand for the tapes. and if there are an~ readers who would like to contribute to the Librar~ of the Fort@an Research Center. this weeki~ radio broadcast has brought the Most updated inforMation concerning the world of UFO's. Scott Colborn and Dale Bacon. EXPLORING UN-EXPLAINED PHENOMENA ·uJ=>·DATI=: 7 EXPLORING UNEXPLAINED PHENOM[NA-the radio pro~a" whi~h takes ~ou into the world of the unknown. Fortean and UFO clipping service collections and even soMe rare cassette recordings. <An~ equipMent purchased or donated is propert~ of the Fortean Research Center and us•d for @ducational diseMination of · inforMation> The forMation of a Speaker's Bureau of Fortean PhenoMena caMe just in tiMe and was put to good use in various speaking engageMents which included the Lincoln Ja~-C@e's and the Lincoln Credit Association. this Might be a good tiMe to consider doing so. Jordan is the head of the o~aha-based "Mars Project" and the discussion was on the alleged Artifacts on Mars.

One which sees a positive outcoMe with EBE contac~. PostAbduction S':Jndro"e was the the"e for this show. JEROME CLARK-HAY 11• Editor of FATE "a~azine and head of CUFOS. Clark explained his views on UFO abductions • · BUDD HOPKINS-HAY 21. BARRY DOWNING-HAY 28. The following is a transcript of the t. "To e xperience the Divine Revelation" was the topic of Susan's visit. The ~ad of HUFON spoke to the people df Lincoln about the Gulf Breeze. Author Hopkins prepared Lincoln tor his upcoMing discussion on the dan~erous side effects of the UFO encounter. Florida UFO flap." or so SB':fS one of AMericas foreMost pilots. THREE EAGLES-SEP 17. we asked an expert to help sort it all out. "The u. AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w i t h ALAN BOYE bt:~ Dale Bacon Following is an interview I had Alan Bo':fe..aped irrterview "ade on the 23rd of October. SUSAN SHUMSKY. Saek again with inrorMation on "A Course in Miracles. Carol has a practice in Lincoln workin~ with intuitive awareness and stopped -b':f to share soMe of her insi~ht with us. English teacher and author of the book-A Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln. Downing talked about the possibilit':f of UFO's bein~ encountered in biblical da':fS • Or. GovernMent sold ever':fone out to the aliens. FRC: I guess the Most obvious question would be. Once again showin~ the danger of a Close Encounter. Larr':f channels froM Colorado and states that while soMe of the EBE's are bad. Here. 3 in Lincoln and the surrounding coMMunities at 10:00 ever':f Saturda':f Morning. "RUSTY" WILLIAMS-JUL 16." MADAME AQUARIUS-APR 21. Prosperit~ coMes froM within. Ross spoke with us about her positive ener~':f workshops being conducted in the area. Explor i ng Unexplained Pheno"ena is heard on KZUM-FM 89 . Or. we discuss this often Misunderstood topic. Author and historian Bo':fe chose sightings of apparitions and haunts of Lincoln to be the topic of this livel':f progra"• TOM ADAMS-AUG 13. LEONARD STRINGFIELD-NOV 19. RUTH ROSS-AUG 27.s. A deli~httul lad':f who ~ave ~e listeners a taste of what ~he Occult science ot AstroloQS is all about. updates. The Rev. so it seeMed onl':f natural that he would choo•e it tor the location ot his book on haunts. LARRY KOSS-OEC 21. HARRY JORDAN/Or. JOHN BRANDENBERGOCT 22. Once again our friend Leonard spoke about the Crash and Retrievals 0 ~ UFO's b':f the A"erican ~overnMen~. and conversations with the listeners. Rev.OCT 29. IDA KANNENBERG-DEC 17. Or. The rest of the ':fear was given to special reports. DAVID JACOBS-JUN 18. Harr':f and John together again with updated intor~ation on the Mars ProJect-Mars Research prograMs. With so "uch written about Native AMerican spiritualisM. WALT ANDRUS-MAR 19. JOHN LEAR-DEC 10. Alan had been in the Lincoln area and appeared as a guest on the Exploring Unexplained Pheno. " ALAN BOYE-JUL 23. "an':f are not. apparitions and other ghosts. Ida told a different side to the UFO encounter.8 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL "RUSTY" WILLIAMS-FEB 27 • ·"Rust':f" is one ot the "e"bers of a local church who practices "A Course in Miracles.ena radio prograM• w ~ th Lincoln is Alan's hoMe town. Do cattle "utilations still continue? Is there a UFO connection? The head ot Project Sti~"ata tells it like it is. CAROL BEDIENT-DEC 3. how would ~ou describe ':fOUr indoctrination into the subJect of ghosts? .

There was a place I lived in near Lincoln where a ~anifestation happened of so~e nature. There are reall~ two classifications. a wo~an ca~e up to ~e after a reading once and told ~e the stor~ in the book that ' s called "The Sailor. letters until 'I had arouQd twent~ stories out of probabl~ the two-hundred or two-hundred fift~ stories I initiall~ had." about a ~an dressed in a sailor ' s unifor~ that visits this wo~an's . People write ~e th~ir stories and then · I would take whatever I got and sort of "sift" through theM. I'~ not certain that I would do Ver~ont. Ver~ont. I like the ~idwest and I think it is a good. I teac h English and Jo L•rnalis~ at a s~all colle. one of pri~ar~ and of seconder~ evidence. again it ' s onl~ in ~anuscript for~ at this point. Then ~ears later. So those together were the back~round. Those would be like the c. three. or so~eti~es ~ore people writing about one location or about one stor~. White building and poking around a nu~ber of ti~es . it ' s about 300-~00 pages. possibl~. I would get two. so sincere that their stor~ sent chills down ~~ spine. fro~ Lincoln to Chicago. that I wanted to tr~ another ~idwestern cit~. has been settled b~ Europeans <and Indians thousands of ~ears before the~> since the late 1600 ' s and consequentl~ there are a lot of nift~ old inns and such that are still standing with a lot of great tales behind the~. Then the other catagor~ is the stor~ tha t ~a~ onl~ have one person who saw so~ething or onl~ one person who has reported this. FRCt How do like this? ~ou go abou t so~ething FRC: Out of all the stories that people have sub~itted to ~ou. in that area it still doe~. but ~ou are also a teacher. I've finished a ~a·nuscr ipt on a collection of ghost stories s et in Chicago. Like ~an~ others I waa alwa~s fascinated b~ those "hidden spots" around a town or where those things that "went bu~p in the night•" Seconder~ to that I was living in Lincoln during the ti"e the c. I ' ~ sure that Ver~ont has a nu~ber of ver~ exciting stories. Is there an~thing that inspired ~ou to do this? AB: The Lincoln book was so successful . Interestingl~ e nough in Chicago. However.c.c. but their testi~on~ was so believable. which is a building in Lincoln. White Building. Whi~e building was still in e x istence and when that stor~ was quite dra~aticall~ in the news. FRC: Now ~ou live in Ver~ont. FRC: You write professionall~. rich area of research. not onl~ the nu~ber of books it sold. FRCS That was an interesting switch ~oo. I thought "Where to do a location?" and the obvious answer to ~e was Lincoln where I had grown up.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL ABI I suppose it initiall~ co~es fro~ ~~ childhood. So fro~ that I would do ~ore research and talk to ~ore people b~ phone and write ~ore . I wanted a larger cit~ to see what kind of response I would get. so I tackled Chicago and got a pheno~enal re~ponse . Nebraska that had quite a histor~ to it before it was torn down. I write as a profession. that I will include. as well as Lincoln. Have ~ou ever cons i dered the possibilit~ o f doing a book on the Ghosts of Ver"ont? AB: Oh. I got into going to the c. but in other responses. the idea struck ~e to do a collection of · ghost stories. AB: Yes. Those stories I would use. tn fact. That happened often in Chicago . Another location is the Willa Cather ho"e in Lincoln. I can think of a cotiple in Ver~ont. 9 AB: The wa~ I went about both books was that I put ads in newspapers.c. is there an~ particular thing which ~ade ~ou decide on these 20 stories to use in ~our book? AB: So~eti~es it ' s the ~ore e x citing ones. FRC: How length~ of a book is the Chicago title? AB: Probabl~. as ~ ou know.

That ' s sort of M~ standard response. the More the~ start their letters b~ sa~ing." FRC: Have ~ou had a lot of reports troM college areas? AB: The universit~ <UNL> has • nuMber of ghost Btories and it's real hard to sort theM out. will coMe up to Me and ask how db I Justif~ the ghost stories with what is said in the Bible. but probabl~ the greatest ghost stor~ is Jesus rising froM the dead. one at the universit~ here.' • a place. It struck Me one da~ that. White building. There doesn't seeM to be an~ one given categor~ except it's true that the older people get. as well. whether consciousl~ or house. Wesl~an. That's a fairl~ well known one where there have bean a nuMber of reported sightings. especiall~ aMong high school students." The ~ounger the peopl• are. of course. has seen the "gentleMan" and she was so sincere in telling Me that I used that one. One of theM is the classic one where a place is haunted b~ the violent death or soMeone who was there. People walk b~ on sunn~ da~s and hear it.c. I guess. but apparentl~ in 1957 I have a nuMber .10 PORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL of reports of a UFO sighting at the end of this road <Van Dorn st). the school that I teach at now. and I could not find an~ newspapers to back this up. In Chicago-and I don't know if people reMeMber the naMe of Richard Speck. Thera are a nuMber ot theories as to wh~ ghosts happen. I suppose there is no eas~ wa~ to classif~ theM except that the~ both seeM to be ver~ narrow-Minded. FRCS Have ~ou ever investigated a place that Just scared the "be-Jeepers" out of ~ou? ABS Thera are a nuMber of theM. Since that tiMe there have been a nuMber of people who have reported seeing a "glow" and it. actuall~. It's haunted with the voices of screaMing woMen and it's pratt~ well known in that area. and this is not intended to be sacreligious. One stor~ at Antelope Park that has a spot in a southern parking lot where ~ou can go an~tiMe night or da~ and sit a second or two. FRC: What's the stor~ of the grain elevator? AB: I've heard a nuMber of stories. "This is going to sound strange or sill~. FRC: What is it that will attract a ghost? AB: I don ' t think that there is an~ one thing. their theater is haunted ••• the~ ' ra all over the place. I'd sa~ 25X. FRC: How Man~ reports have ~ou received froM ~oung people? AB: Not ver~ Man~. There are a nuMber of wonderful places in lincoln ••• parks and such. There are "kooks" who believe in ghosts and there are "kooks" who don 't~ I ' ve coMe up on both . wit~ a ver~ strong religious feeling. but I saw a ghost. You will start feeling a little nervous. has the c. that one dares soMeone else to go sit on a l•te dark Frida~ night. Thera are four different dorMatories that are supposed to be haunted. at least that puts theM in a thinking pattern long enough so I can divert "~self to soMething else. Host stories go the spectruM froM age 1~ through 70. the Mora the~ Just start bg sa~ing "I saw a ghost. "kooks?" AB: There are "kooks" on both sides. There is the 11 ast. the Man who was accused of killing nine student nurses about 1967-that building is haunted.ral proJection" one where it's haunted ~uite often b~ a living person who proJects. are good for haunts. The~ don't last ver~ long. There are a nuMber of people who. FRCS Have ~ou coMe against an~. how shall I sa~. there are soMe grates over the ground in front of the stadiuM that are supposed to be haunted and Selleck Hall-about a ~ear ago a gentleMan had an incident that Made the newspaper. including her husband. A nuMber of people. But there are other explanations that are interesting. Theaters. Chicago has a haunted theater.

FRC: Would a case in point be the Blood~ Har~ stor~? AB% Yes. So therefore the collective i"agination of the culture creates on kind of an ••aura" of a follc. You can see if there was an~ historical event that took place in the location. I rt~MeMber Blood~ Har~" and the kids fro" the people I went to school with co"e up to Me and ask about Blood~ Har~. If ~ou would like to get in touch with Hr. but that certain events will re"ain on this filM for whatever reason and repeat the"selves. It's <the stor~> a living "bei~·· that continues to exist in the culture. Another wa~ would be to tr~ to locate previous owners and ask the" if the~ had an~thing strange happen while the~ were in the house. . The stor~ of Blood~ Ha~~ was at its peak over 20 ~ears ago. FRC~ The idea being that soMeone there will pick up on the proJected iMage. old cit~ directories.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL their own iMage into . ~ou Ma~ do so b~ writing to hiM in care ot: Saltillo Press 86 SuMMer st. So the stor~ goes on~ Alan and I concluded our conversation at that point. Johnsburg VT 05819 . St. If it exists as a folk stor~ then it h•• certain validit~ all of its own. How real was the incident to the people involved in it and how extensive was the incident. A creaking staircase Ma~ or Ma~ not "ean soMething. believes in ghosts. Nothing derogetor~. However. A lot of people coMe up to "e and sa~ "Oh ~eah.inca about. The wa~ the theor~ goes is at that "o"ent ~ou are indeed haunting the place ~ou were thinlc. for whatever reason. The best wa~ to think about that is to reflect on a place where ~ou have fond MeMories of and ~ou relive the" again. It ' s tiMe-consu"ing and a lot of tiMes it winds up at a dead end. it goes back to that idea of the collective i"agination. AB: Another that both skeptics and believers in ghosts can enjo~ is that ghosts are "anifestations of the subconscious of the culture and that the entire culture. b~ Alan Bo~e. a place. Which is not to sa~ it could not have originated in so"e sort of incident. in the collecti~n of stories entitled "A Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln.nd even if it didn't. Ulti"atel~ it co"es down to the strength of the stor~ ~ou hear about a place. . is recording events constant!~. 11 causes it to warp. You Micaht find the na"e of soMeone who lived there SO ~ears ago and trace theM through the newspaper index files.. Bo~e. There is another theor~ that there is a kind of "ps~chic fil"-loop" that exists and this "ps~chic fil"•" if ~ou will. Goinca through the count~ records. and a stor~ that Might have been repeated for a long tiMe talc. for those readers who would like to learn More about the legend of "Blood~ Har~" and Man~ More storiest ~ou can find the" . or old newspapers and tr~ to find out if there is an~thing about the house. So"etiMes indefinatel~ and so"eti"es the~ will fade.taie. but ghost stories are in the real" of folklore~ as well. FRC: How do ~ou go about finding a ghost? ABS First of all I would need to tr~ to figure out a histor~ of the house. old telephone directories. It Ma~ "ean the wood is getting old and the heat change unconsciou•l~.

This depart"ent was notified b~ B. and the sidewalk on the northside of the residence... who advised that the~ did not know where the blood Might be coMing fro"' Reportinq officer then contacted bloodt t~pe ~+. the reporting officer "ade contact with B. The researcher asked Me if our Center would be interested in following up on this. inforMed reporting officer of this incident and to investigate if it had an~­ thing to do with occult activit~. ENGLAND H.R. back porch screen door. R. Lt. This contact was a result of a telephone call about blood "~steriousl~ appearing on CriMe/incident: Unexplained PhenoMena. Reporting officer contacted Oet.plainants were advised to contact the Health Depart"ent to see if that agenc~ could deter. & P. F. I was given the naMe and phone nu"ber of this law enforceMent individual. The following is inforMation obtained froM telephone conversations with the police officer. . B. This inforMat~on is on file with the Fortean Research Center.. Detective assigned/reporting officer: H.A.. as per M~ agreeMent with the reporting officer..ent of Police Supple. sent th• saMple to the lab and found it ~0 be hu. that a neighbor's residence on 8lueberr~ St. The naMes and addr.. 8lueberr~ and collected a saMple after finding what appeared to be blood. to have the blbOd sa"ple anal~zed tor ani"al or huMan t~pe.ine if the liquid was blood or not. said that she first noticed the blood on the sidewalk soMetiMe around the end of _ Jvl~ while walking past the residence.. Hs.. at H.. Oepart. Reporting officer could not deter. s. of N. and froM copies of the police and lab reports. Occupants advised that the liquid fell fro" the sk~ with no apparent source.. & P. regarding what appeared to be blood splattered around the exterior of his residence on N. Reporting Officer: K.ent report dated 8/23/88 On 8/23/88 at approxi .H . ed..P.ine what the liquid was and it's origin. went to the residence on N. Scott H..B. Blueberr~ St.J.atel~ 1130 hrs. Blueberr~ St. Oepart.J. CheMist K. & O. of 8lueberr~ St. Blueberr~ St.R.1 2FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL t h e St<Y Part X The front cover of this edition of the Journal depicts the house Mentioned in this stor~. s. front screen door.. Responding to hi" in the affirMative.ent of Police Supple. Colborn In ~epieMber of 1988 I was contacted b~ • proMinent UFO researcher. Reporting officer then contacted PO cheMist K. Colborn several da~s and eaeh tiMe it appeared to be fresh bloodt she began to thirtk soMething was wrarrg and notified this departMent.sses of the individuals involved have been changed to afford anon~Mit~ to those involved. He advised Me of receiving~ phone call froM a lawenforceMent individual on the east coast concerning a case involving a aeries of reported falls of blood on a residence. After see1nQ • t . Reporting officer observed a red liquid on the front porch floor. covening dates of occurences fro" 7/2~/88-9/9/88. The co. Investigative Report dated 9/6/88.ent Report dated 8/7/88 On the reported date and tfMe contact was Made with W. Oet.R. . who caMe to PO tor an interview. it for . had what appeared to be blood on the sidewalk and on the porch. 8~ Sc~t BLOOD FALLS -rroM i n NEW .

A sa~ple was obtained of this ~ate r ial . <Ed.A.N. Prior t o the reporting officer leav i n9 the residence. S.A. 13 While the officer was obtaining a ~ounger white fe~ale ca~e fro~ the inside of the house and advised there was blood on the rear porch and back door. The reporting officer also observed what appeared to be blood splatters on the side of the residence as well as the adjacent building.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL the house . dates & tiMes. On Au gust lOth i t appeared at about 1315 hrs. a wh i te fe~ale DOS 1 / 75. L. Thi s officer obs erved several drops of a red co lo red l i quid on the porch. O. No saMPles taken. where fresh red liquid appearing to be blood wa s obser ved on the ~ront porch. People l i ving at the residence a r e O.A . The~ caMe to PO on 9/13/ 88 and g a ve a taped state~ent of the blood falling. CheMist K. There was a red liquid substance to the glass portion of the door.A. reported that the s blood has fallen on her while she wa s s itting on the front porch. On this date it was obs erved bY this officer and Oep~. Blueberr~ St. were there. were interviewed at thei r re sidenc e and infor~ed reporting officer that the blood was seen b~ t heM falling fro~ the sk~ and that nothing was a bov e the~ at the tiMe the~ saw it . It happened a9ain on the 5th & 6th a n d nothing on the 7 th. Che~ist K. Reporting officer contacted neighbors along the street and the~ were faMiliar with the incident b u t have never seen where it ca~e fro~. DepartMent of Police SuppleMent Report dated 9 / 17/ 88 On 9/6 / 88 reporting officer and Dept. D. white feM a le 008 9/81.J. The reporting officer and others fro~ the house went to the back area.> Through investigation reporting officer has found no e xplana tion as to where Qr wh~ the blood has ori9inated. The sa~ples were turned over to K. The l i q u id appea red to be blood. and it happened again on the 8th of Sept. white fe~ale 008 10 / 25. and her bo~friend who lives with her to COMe to PO to give a stateMent as to the occurence. The blood started falling on Jul~ 25th and continu ed for 12 da~s s tarting around dark till about 2300 hrs. white fe~ale OOB 1 / 58. to contact the fa~i l ~ that lived there after r e ports of the blood st a rting to oc cur aga i n. & Ms. and her ~other Ms. with what appeared to be s ali v a in it. There is no known Motives for an~one to be doing . After thi s it qu it and started again on SepteMber 1th a t appro x i~atel~ 2030 hrs .M. Ms. Photos of the blood were taken and another saMple was collected for anal~sis. Another saMple of blood was c ollected a gain for anal~ s is b~ CheMist K. The~ said that B. Reporting officer asked Ks . A. for a sa~ple. & P. J. The~ advised thi s officer t hat the blood on t he front porch had j u s t appeared wi th n o one around. returned to the residence and contacted ~s. we n t to N. M . the front door bell rang while the officer and all other parties were in the rear. note • • • see "StateMent of Witness" tor further details. that blood was on the porch and on the windows both in the front and rear of the residenc e.A. J. O.R. B. J . L. A sa~ple was o btained of this.A.R. w. L. No one was found in or around the front of the residence. At the ti~e of arrival the two ladies were in the area of the 1st floor front porch.A. This was the da~ tha~ Oet. Reporting Officer: S.J. The people living at the address were interv iewed and photos were taken of t he blood on the front and back por c h and on the front steps and si dewalk . M. also watc hed it falling froM the sk~ while sh i ning a flash light into the ai r . who said that this was the worst it had ever been. anal~ s i s . white M le 008 2 / 59. T. du ring da~light. On 9/9/ 88 reporting officer and Che~ist K. and L. che~ist for the Police Dept.

~his to the ta"il~ and i~ appeara to be !"possible tor an~one ~o be placing blood a~ the locations on the house during ~he ti"es 1~ appears with so"eone there a~ ~he house and watching . Blueberr~ St. 3J a L.AS D. it tell between the 10~h ot August. at 8%30 PM• It tell on the back porch & the trent porch. "That 1 & wha~ it looked like to Me". and Just a ver~ little bit on the paveMent. ot the Police· Depar~Ment.P: Where did ~ou live before thia? D.A: Yes H. and ~hen there was one spot on the tront porch. Then it quit tor a 25 da~ period.1 .J. a it looked like a blood substance with a white tea" ·in it. on her shirt. H. 1th. along side ot the house. A~ that ~iMe there was nothing on the back door ••• the~ were looking around. 30J W. It started again on Sept. H. It fell down her back. sidewalk.A. The~ looked on the root and there was no one. there was none ••• on the 8th it was on the front porch. looked back and it was there on the back door. on the back of her head.A% No H. 29J T.A: N. On the 7th.P. up to the concrete steps. On the 5th it happened around 8130 PM• It was on the back porch tirst.P: Who lives at this address? Give "• their tull na"• a age. Then. I went out and used a •~ringe to get so"• in a bottle to get it tested. I had coMe hoMe troM work one evening a "~ MOther said ~ha~ there had been blood that tell to ~he sidewalk a I Just looked at her a I said: "Are ~ou sure it was blood?" a she said. of N. H. D. back ot her legs.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL in the afternoon. Police Depart"en~. and exactl~ what ~ou saw a heard.P: Did ~ou ever have an~thing like this happen at that address? D.P. the windows. She said we thought Ma~be so"ebod~ had got hurt and was on the root.H. The people living there appear to be ot sound Mind and ~he~ agree to take a pol~graph exa" to Prove their veracl~~. but "~ Mother was hi~ with it. in the center ot the top step. a W. And then it Moved into ~he s~eps 1 and porch. The~ said that the~ are trightaned and tear the satet~ ot their children but the~ are not going to run awa~ froM it. ti"es. 13J B. She was hit in the face with it.Ps Have ~ou ever experienced an~thing like this before? D. I didn't.A: One ~ear. A: Never H. Ot Witness ot Police Dated Sep~e"ber 13. windowsills. at the front gate in the spouting.-. there ••• she was standing at the gate.A. it tell again a I wen~ ou~ after it fell ·~•in a looked at it. into the back porch. H~ Mother walked back to the alle~wa~.P: In reference to the unusual occurences that have been happening at N. the dates. in the alle~wa~. there in the alle~wa~. on the following night (27th). Blueberr~ St. The other people in this rooM are K. or soMething.H. the detectives drove up. H. Reporting Otticer: Det. Bird. tell Me ever~thing ~ou know.Pt How long have ~ou lived at this address? D. 62. On the 6~h. in the da~ti"e ••• it was about quar~er ot two Depar~Ment S~ate"ent . Hithin the twelve da~s. looking back the alle~w·~· It hit her directl~ in the face. the back porch and the back windows.P: Is ever~one related? D. At"'d. H.P: Did ~ou touch this substance which ~ou believe to be blood? O.A. H. The next night ca"e a nothing happened (Jul~ 26th>.H. So ~hen i~ s~ar~ed & wen~ on tor 12 da~s ••• it was all over ~he cars at first •• it was on the cars. When I was on the front porch. That was it. H. the street and sidewalk. D. and we haven't seen an~thing since the 9th through the 13th ot SepteMber.A: It started around Jul~ 25~h. bent down.R. D.A: No. 1988 H~ naMe is Det. it was at the alle~wa~.

also. So.A: You know. I was on the upstairs.Ht Because the ledge sticks o~t about that far.P! How high? W. H. on her hand.J: M. H. Yes. I saw it fall. I Just don't know how it got there.R.Ht she was in the alle~wa~. D. It would coMe. H. with that five inch ledge. & there's a spot. & the~ caMe over about five nights and nothing happened.P: How high was it when ~ou saw it? O. ~iddle bedrooM & that runs between the alle~wa~ and the apartMent house next door.A: No.P: Tell us who B. H. H. trees & ever~thing else the~ got there to keep the dogs froM getting into that alle~wa~. H. Nobod~ else. & that is when M. and run down ••• soMeone would have had to be there befor•. "It just hit H.P: Would it be eas~ for soM~one . It was about the s~ze of a golf ball when it caMe down.H: Yes. dividing our house froM the next. right up close to the top of the window. Then there is a six foot high fence dividing the two. 15 Y~u know.H: About si x inches deep.A: Just above the apartMent building next to Me. what was happening. she lives on Barr~ St.R.P.tse.H: North side of the house.P: How hi~h is it the whole wa~ around? W. to do that. back to the window and then. That's what brought M~ curiosit~ up and then when it fell in that baseMent window.Hf Four feet. H. "Did soMething Just fall?". We were friends & we had told theM. got hit with it. is that the onl~ tiMe ~ou ever saw it? O. I could see the substance fall. & we haven't seen or heard an~bod~. I asked S.H. the north side. I was looking up ••• the~ had flashlights. The alle. H. H. Yes". it was close to the top of the glass. She replied .A: S.P: Is there a fence there? W. She said. A: She ' s 19 • H. in the back & on the back of her leg.P: This alle~wa~ is on which side of ~our hot. when it was falling and when it hit. holding theM up in the air. I said. we were alwa~s there ••• looking.R. I had Just Met her during that tiMe. H. like in through the side of the porch.. we would have seen soMebod~.A: And the~ would have been seen or heard because there's garbage cans. It was just a little bit above the apartMent building next to us. on the sidewalk"• H. but there would be nothing there. You know. H. H. That's about all I k~ow.P: Is it possible soMeone could have been there? W. where it caMe ~roM other t1Mes ••• I have no ·idea. W. Oh. ~ou know. is. H.R. got Just a little bit one tiMe. right there in that apartMent building alle~ & .H: I don't see how. I don't reall~ know her real well.H. Did ~ou actuall~ see where this substance caMe froM? D.P: Does the fence go the whole wa~ around ~our propert~? W. ~ou know~ There were tiMes that it would be there and we ~idn't see an~thing. D.P: How old is she? D. where soMebod~ alMost had to be right ••• leaning right down there to get it. O. Her kids go to school with M~ daughter.P: How far is that? How far out? W.A: That's the onl~ tiMe I've ever seen it COMe froM the sk~. too.A: I have seen it fall.P: The night ~ou sa~ · this fall. three-quarters of the wa~ around.H: Yes. We don't know ••• we can't figure out what it is. hit her on the back of her shirt & down on the calf of her leg & ran straight down. east or west? W. K. It fell.H: About four feet high. is a neighbor of ~ours? D. but she's the one that had called the police & she said she knew soMebod~ up here that she could call & have theM coMe out and • •• • I don't know her real well.~ is onl~ about 1-5 feet wide.FORTEAN RESEAllCH JOURNAL T. be there. is a lad~ who lives down the street.

. We fiQured the More people around. J.M: At least a weak or two.At All of us have been there."s Well. 4 then there was the girl down the street. but it ~ou see an~one around M~ car.": Yes.PS Has an~one elsa actuall~ seen it fall froM the sk~? D.Jt Did an~thing unusual happen in ~our residence prior to the tiMe that the blood beQan to fall? Since it had never happened in the past? D.R . soMebod~ could coMe in the back gat• it theY wished .J: Did an~ unusual occurencas triQgar the beginning of the blood falling? D.A: Not for the first. but then when people realized.R. Jt Who would that be? D. K.A: He .Jt What I ' M talking about is in each specific instance. ~ou know. is there soMabod~ that .16 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL H. and said "I don ' t know what that is. 4 the bo~ took his finQer ••• he also touched it. K.At Yes .P: Has an~ona else aver parked there 4 it got on their vehicl•? w . H. there was no wa~ the~ could Qat in that ~ard 4 Qet back out without soMebod~ catching theM. ~ou let Me know". different nights.": I ' M not one to have a lot of people hanginQ around. well ••• D. w. ~ou know.At No ••• Just norMal things. A: And the~ quit parking there. when I caMe hoMe. K. we had a fire. You know. But. So. It was hitting the baseMent window 4 on the side of the house that night. he looked at us like. The~ wouldn ' t park there. She was looking down . she told "• that it was falling out of the sk~. W•"• got Upset because it kept adding. W.P: Where was ~our truck parked? w.. K. SMith's .At No. T. but is there one person that has been there each tiMe that the blood has fallen? D.At No. the More opportun i t~ we would have to c~tch so~ebod~. a nuMber of people .A: He Just about had a fit. H. has alwa~s been at the house? Not soMebod~ in ~our faMil~. At SoMa nights there was like 1~-20 people around ••• and soMa people across the street setting. The~ didn ' t coMe over but the~ were there watchinQ•••SOMebod~ would have seen soMething. D. Qo down 4 tell theM to Move their vehicles because thi s was Qetting on it..J: Is there soMebod~ that's bean at ~our house each 4 ever~ tiMe that the blood has fallen? D. Jerr~ •• • I don ' t know what his last naMe is. Just in the house. down the side. that there was SOMethinQ going on. •• people kept adding 4 adding."f RiQht in front of the house.. it was on M~ truck.At Yes . 4 put it on his hood. A: Yes.H: But thent when I •aw the" gettinQ upset 4 scared. P: Do ~ou know an~one else that's parked there? W. Those two spaces were eMpt~ for. O. I didn't reMeMber that." : The first night it happened. O. n•xt door • •• the Man said his car is stained.. H. "•~be six tiMes. H. 4 there ' s a couple of people that live in that buildin~. saw it the saMe night I dido She was standing down there with a big flashlight. he wrecked his truck ••• but I would never have thought an~thing like that would have trigQered an~thinQ . D. There was usuall~ soMeone • • • the~ ware alwa~s out there looking.Pt Was this all the saMe night that ~ou saw it tall? D. But we never seen or caught an~one. B. w. B. Then. or what? But it was on the top of the roof of his truck 4 on the side. I don ' t know it "'"' saw it coMing or not ••• she was looking down. have ~ou all lost ~our "inds . like Ma~be seven tiMes.A: You know it did.. o. It started to Qet in and out? w. He Moved his car right awa~. we had T. Luc~ s ••• D.AS Yes. The ver~ first night • • • I thought soMebod~ was just walking up the street 4 spit over it 4 the nex t Morning I scrubbed it off while I was at work. K. W.R.": Yes.R.

His side of the faMil~ are old . He said he e wou ld pra~ . K. what is going on here • • .R.R. And. out & called her all kinds of naMes & I told her she could not r un around with K. It worked on her tha~ when i t started hitting the doors & stuff. told T. T. She begged hiM to call the police when it hit the back door.R. She said.S. D. but when this started.:~ wouldn ' t have a reason.:~ Make her fall? D. that she had done devil worship. ha ve probleMs at s c hool? D. We were Just tr~inQ ever~thing.s. T.A: With K.R.R.:~ were fri ends . knew this was happening at ~. froM the beginning. We also called Father Grunaldi .S.S ' s s ister took theM one night to a friend ' s house. K. & the~ said soMeth i ng. started to cr~.P: Is there an~one that ~ou can think of that Might be doing this to ~ou to scare ~. not on M~ side of the faMil~. I told her she shouldn' t be scared of her. & there ~ere about 15 kids there . H. J: How did the~. R had Met K. didn ' t tell her because she hadn't spoke to her.:~ou have to do. bec ause thi s was before school had started that all of this had went on. it s tarte d that Sunda~ night and right awa~ T .A: T.:~our faMil~ who has probleMs with an~one that Might be pla~ing a Joke on theM or tr~ing to scare theM? D. P: Do ~ou k now how K. R sinc e then.A: Yes.A: She was reall~ scared that night .R said that all the~ had done was stare at her or soMething. "You better be doing so~ething • • • It i s all ov~r the back porch & all over the back door ••• It ' s through t he screen".A: No. & the~ were having seances or soMething..R. She said. R. . She got up s et & she thought that it was h er fault.S. K. T .R . There aren ' t kids other tha n ToMM~ ••• he is 7.H: Doesn ' t T . I can ' t listen to the~". K. K.:~our house? D. She said. R. said that it would start again . T. T. because we didn't know . wa s capable of th i s & I told her I didn ' t know if s he was••• r Just don't know that Mu~h about it. T. . said the girl d i dn ' t get bac k UP• K. D. because we bur ned tapes & s t uff . asked T. we didn ' t allow her to r u n around with K. was afraid of her • •• she Mi s sed one da~ of school. He never did coMe ••• he said he had M etings or soMething .:~thing is possible.R. I said. J: Wh~ don ' t ~ou tell us the star~ about K.S. W. Just what I ' ve heard or read in books. wh~ is i t being done.S. "Do what ~. thought ·K.that she ate crosses & stuff like that . a bout 3 · ~ears ago. for the record. she reall~ got upset.R. had s tarted back to school ••• K.R. "Don ' t let this girl scare ~ou". I thought .A: Yes. . K. I wouldn ' t •• • the~. I guess an~.H: I saw it a ll over that back doo r • • • D. D. Hhen we didn ' t see an~thing for 25 da~s we started to relax ••• when it caMe back it kind of scared L•s. w. because she c u ssed T. K. So.:~ looked ou t the window & saw soMe girl wal k ing down the street & the~ had Made this girl fall. hasn ' t said too MUch to T .s • • • the~.:~ou or is there an~one in ~.s ••• she had asked T. if there was a probleM at her house ••• was it s till going on.S. she was a little b i t scared . T. We had her ••• Made her take down posters l things that we thought were bad.S. said whatever was going on it Made her sick to her s toMach. Sh• sa ~ d the~. When we lived on 17 Birch Street . which it wasn ' t at that tiMe.:~ s tarted back to s c hool this ~ear.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL working on M~ n erves.M: I still think it caMe froM word of Mouth.A: All right . H.J: Start froM the ver~ beginreing .R. i f thi s had stopped. when the ~.S. So. I don ' t know • •• ! didn ' t think an~thing abou t it. W. "I think ~ou had better c all the police" .s. l T.J: You ' re referring to this being a supernatural •• . Well. K. with all the kids that were around. I have no idea.A. told her no .

Ha~be the kind ones are D. I'M b~ no Means condoning the suffering or taking of life for an~ reason.19 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL We have artifical organs and s~nthetic skin. whether it be Orthodox or New Age. There is Most likel~ Man~ kinds of life throughout the universe and be~ond. H. I don't have answers. be it b~ huMans or EBE's. Leaps and bounds are being Made in various areas within our own Medical and scientific COMMunit~. that can prolong life and repair bodies. Even if the~ have Ma~be the~ don't consider what the~ are doing unethical. Countless Millions of aniMals are used in lab experiMents dail~. People donate their bodies to Medical science. I don't find it surprising the~ wouldn't have inforMed us about this. On the other hand. If we step back and take an honest look at ourselves it is obvious we do the saMe things to beings we consider less advanced. There is lots of inforMation available about "space brothers and sisters" and the coMing of the New Age. If these beings need help it seeMs alot More intellectual and alMost too logical that the~ could ask for it. etc. at least intellectuall~. we should take a look at the "log" in our own. I Must sa~ I found it ver~ unnerving to consider these ideas as real occurences. I think the truth is soMewhere between the two extre"es. It has alwa~s been true the governMents of the world tell us onl~ wh•t the~ want us to know. it would seeM the~ could have developed wa~s to solve their ph~sical probleMs without having to travel to other planets for the answers and take lives to do so. onl~ More questions. Even if ~ou are not disturbed b~ that. who wisk people awa~ in the dark of night and steal their vital organs? Can both be correct? How? If these beings are reall~ More advanced. I also think it is soMething we should know and if it is true start figuring out what to do about it. include or even account for beings with that Much control. it is still the taking of lifet often for tsoMething as sill~ as "iMproving" cleaning products and cosMetics. SoMe are probabl~ kind with good intentions. The~ are Mutilated and even bred tor these purposes. It is an exteMel~ wonderful idea to think that soMewhere out there could be other life forMs and beings who want universal peace and harMon~ as "an~ on our planet do. which is not a sound pre"ise. Ma~be the~ would donate the" to help other beings also. We have been raised to believe we have God-given free will and even that we create our own realit~. As ~ou can see.S. We exploit living beings for our own use. stor~. But can religion and spiritualit~. FreedoM is our highest ideal. I a" assuMing that along with intellectual develop"ent these beings have Morall~ advanced also.A: Wellt it could be ••• I don't know. This ends part one of this The second section will be printed in the SPRING '99 edition of the ~ournal of the Fortean Research Center. First. while others •re not. READERS RESPOND t o ~OHN LEAR STATEMENT I would like to Make the following coMMents on the Lear StateMent.A: K. . is about 13 or 14.P: How old is she? D. All I aM sa~ing is before we conde" the" tor have' a "stick in their e~e" so to speak.

. Does this analog~ have soMe cred~nce? I . For so. Our "Star Wars" endeavor strongl~ suggest that we are atte. but I suspect that their endeavors par a llel ours in the survival of the inhabitants of ou r ph~sical world. w. Surel~ our govern"ent is involved--directl~ of the Journal of the Fortean or indirectl~.. Hr. Nebraska In ~our Volu"e III No. Ha~be the~ are concerned about ph~sical e ~ istance on a grander scale.p.....FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL just sMart enough not to deal with the governMent ! Last I would lik~ to Make a suggestion to the•~ beings.. not prepared to diagnose the North-South trends. The sa"e can be said of Hitler durin~ II . If ~ou want to crossbreed with the hu"an race all ~ou reall~ need to do is run an add in a " UFO-Space Cadet" .S. M~ interpretation........ Napoleon was winning until he invaded Russ ia to th~ East.ight be e x pected.bating the Westward ""ove. 3. Just Ma~be this applies to our ph~sical existance: 1 . With our ~ov~rn..s..ent's apparent increas~d activities in indoctrinating the public to the r~alit~ of ET ' s and UFO ' s. The~ lost ""ilitaril~ in II.. Then to AMerica and ulti..• reason I get the iMpression that the UFO-ET phenoMenon has not been subJected to sound scientific procedures. ' s as our shepherds of the universe... Fro.. I don ' t know about the e~ tent of ~our interests at the Research Center.w .P.T..paign against Russia to the East. It was basicall~ involved in an East-West conflict and the West to develop a defense against UFO'• and not against co...'s. 7. 4.. I find it interesting that our citizens are beginning to be introduced to the realit~ of E. R. Perhaps the following "odest observations "ight be of soMe interest. and I ...agazine. The AMerican Indians were co. ~ou presented an article b~ John Lear. Ar~ we not e""bark~d on a proJect to a defense Mechanis"" directed against UFO'•• With kind regards.ilar results. It is interesting to co.. Don ' t confuse ~our thinking about our Civil War. .T. not a historian.T. Lear e ~ pounded in great length about the ""utilations b~ E..p. Our political conflicts have e xperienced si. 3 issue Research Center. et al? I bel i eve that their activities "a~ differ in purpose..'s and UFO's through o ur "edia.. I s uspect we are now accepting E.w. The~ surel~ ""ust have a capabilit~ that far e~ceeds our technical understanding.s .. 5. Don't the ET ' s strongl~ rese.unis.. Will histor~ repeat itself in the future? 8. It had gone full circle.ent of the white s ettlers to the West.ated during his East•rn ca. Shouldn't we co"pare their Mutilations with our own on livestock. z. The h~pothesis is then an effort to establish the h~poth~sis. a federal agenc~.. There are alot of people who would volunteer to have ~our ET babies! 19 L... There is an old sa~ing that East is least and West is best ...s. His ""ilitar~ capabilit~ was deci.par~ ""odern industrial trends with the above observations and what . Now.. FroM there it tra velled into the Mediterranean region and then up through Europe.. To w.o. Recorded science originated in China and "igrated into India.... 6. Japan attacked the A""ericans froM the East.. p.. At this ti"e I would predict that a South to North activit~ will predoMinate. Missouri p. The Indians lost.ble clones and are wearing soMe forM of protection covering as well as a sight protection? P. it would appear to Me that ~our Center could obtain a grant fro.atel~ to Japan.

However. If we are seeing the past in out present tiMe.s.2oFO~TEAN M~ RESEARCH JOURNAL e xperiMent? Could t he c~cle of our existence be a noMinal e xpRriMent? As for ou r UFO phenoMena. Perhaps Venus is undergoing a conversion to a planet with a hospitable environMent for life as we know it-if our superior powers have not selected anot her planet in a s~steM outside of our solar s~steM which is entirel~ possible. "Esse~ Bee" knowledge onl~ rRports of encounters have been discussed. I suspect our doMinate governMents are greatl~ concerned about the fact that UFO's and ET ' s Might becoMe More aggressive in the future. Wh~? We know what we ' re supposed to know. Finall~.c: I believe that there is soMe truth to John Lear ' s stateMent.2 Million ~ears ago> is it possible to see our future in our present tiMe? · The e x aMples could be within our exist~nce.E. but cannot keep the evidence. This decree puts soMe credibilit~ on the divine conception theor~ that we have. " Such a claiM would also explain one of the M~steries of the Book of Revelations in the New TestaMent. I find soMe of his suggestions questionable •• • A holograM device that has recorded all of the Earth's histor~. have proof. various orQanisMs were transplanted froM another planet that could survive. Such a claiM would Most likel~ be accepted b~ those outside the Christian faith and I aM sure Man~ so-called Christians would accept that claiM in the face of such a convincing docuMentar~ showing the "actual crucifi x tion of Christ. This forM of existence has a superior diMensional capabilit~ .R. the UFO sequence is our phenoMena . No one I have heard can e x plain wh~ the MaJorit~ of Mankind will fail to accept Jesus . <for exaMple seeing the AndroMeda galax~ as it was 2.S. R. specificall~ the ~lien claiM of having "cre•ted Chris~. Think about it ••• Sincerel~. but can be reproduced b~ soMe genetic Manipulation. Ha~be the "Yeti" and "bigfoot" were earlier transplants that still exist toda~. Earthlings. in M~ opinion. H~ M~in interest focused on the Militar~ officer answering questions rel~ting to the histor~ of HJ-12 and the cover-up. Missouri Missouri •s Dear F. When our planet had a More hostile environMent." That one claiM would certainl~ explain the extraordinar~ ef~orta Made in den~ing the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence so superior to our own. Let us consider that the ET ' s that we basicall~ encounter are soMe t~pe of clone that are unable to reproduce theMselves. I can assure ~our readers that if this "claiM" is Made p u blic through a credible Media source that it would iMMediate!~ be labeled as Satanic b~ the entire Christian CDMMunit~. but we fear what we know. E. But until we truthfull~ understand and accept things as the~ are. could this be a clue to our e x istence? In the beginning could we have been placed where we becaMe the I was Most iMPressed b~ the "Lear Papers" published in the FALL 1988 issue of ~our Journal. ' s created Christ. I wonder. I think that we. I consider that Nature we know it represents a ph~sical existence on a ~render scale than ours through the e x istence of UFO's and ET'&• I was ver~ interested in the recent annou nceMent b~ the Church of England that God was a Man. We know things without explanations. The last to arrive were the huManoids as we know theM toda~.

I for one will look forward to hearing ftUch ~ore fro~ Hr. accelerated. " what is that thing " and after watching it Maintain the safte speed as ours I said. I looked and ~etched ever~ tift& I flew and I have seen softe strange things in the air and in COftbat in Viet Na~.000 hours in the air and ' I have never seen another one. I would also like to hear tro~ ~ou on •n~ furthur inforftation ~ou get when ~ou anal~ze all the letters ~ou are sure to receive in response to the Fortean publication . H~ father was in the back seat and was the first to notice what I learned later was a so-called "too fighter" fl~ir•g in forftation with us about 300 feet to our right. " what hanger?" and I said ' •ithat one" as I pointed out the 'o ne I was asking about . Lear would expla i n how that degree of ftind control could be acheived b~ such an advanced intell i gence. 21 logged ~ore than 10. Lear and his associates in the near future. I also believe the~ will do that in "1989 but certainl~ not later than the end of 1993. I recall one tiMe when I was waiting for a high ranking dignitar~ I had flown fro~ Washington to Wright-P~tte~son AFB and I asked one ot the locals ·there what was in a certain hanger across the field. I wou ld like to see the videb t•pe that Bill Moore has if ~ou know of an~ wa~ I can get . the da~ after it had been deftolished b~ a tornado. then at least his h~pothesis would lend itself to the basis for a great ~ovie. Missouri . Missouri An open letter to John Lear <reprinted b~ per~ission of author> I aft sending along a cop~ of "~ response to ~our "Papers" published in the Fortean Journal . B.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL Christ as their Savior in view of all the Judgeftents that will cofte against theft in the seven ~ears of tribulations. I hope ~ou are successful in convincing SoMeone in the · believable ftedia that these things are real and it is past tifte the public was educated in deali~g with that tact. but I have never been in a position to investigate or anal~ze the~ . Before I could co~ ­ plete the turn it reversed course. aMong others. He asked fte. Sincere!~. The h~pothesis proposed b~ Hr. I aft one of those who have seen a UFO and not reported it. Whether or not the~ are revealed I believe ~hat the~ will Make their presence known in MUCh greater nuftb~r~ than the~ have in the past. was the best I have read. Since that one sighting I have flown all over the world and w •••• B. "I don ' t know" and began a skid turn toward it. If not. Believe fte. to the little town of Ho . the ~ost recent being "Above Top Secret" which.K . I have read ftOSt of the books published on aerial pheno~ena over the ~ears.K. In the Spring of 1953 I was fl~ing a J3 Cub fro~ M•••• Ho. He looked to· where I was pointing and said "there is r•o hanger there " with a sMile on his face that indicated it would do no good to ask further. Your h~pothesis is the best atteftpt I have sean in putting together a scenario gi v ing a reason for all the ev~nts that have taken place over the ~ears that I have followed these reports.T. He answered. but never soMething I couldn ' t e x plain. I thought . even greater than E. ~ cop~ of it. There ha~ e been a few tiftes when I was in a position to receive such reports. and disappeared over the horizon.

he is not alone. perhaps to test public reaction or tor a More urgent reason. with soMe qualMs or reluctance. FroM this collective data. like starting a crash prograM to Melt down the ice-packed coverup. I believe. and froM different sources than Lear ' s. He goes to the source no Matter how far and has the gift of being able to cut through rhetorical fat to get to the factual Meat. Apparentl~. Then. the huMan equivalent which. agree. Lear does it! While I do not know all of Lear's sources--nor does he know all of Mine--he has willingl~ shared soMe b~ naMe and other Means of identification. we Ma~ not be able to fathoM the alien "ind . in due respect. liMitedl~. at this tiMe of writing. Knowing Lear personal!~. ~ou're daMned if ~ou do and daMned if ~ou don't. Han~ others. As a reMinder. but. after thinking the Matter over and wondering about the reasons tor such a Massive coverup. Host researchers would not dare be so bold. It largel~ depends on one ' s Mindset or sources. but we can penetrate. In Man~ instances he has offered addresses and phone nuMbers. when he finds that two and. Yes. I agree. So succinct!~ griM is Lear ' s paper that Most readers. indeed. But. or personal experience~. I believe once the~ get over the shock. that dealing with sensitive sources. Lear hiMself. that Ma~be he hit the nail on the head. he is not a tiMe-waster. of course. there are others who go along with the whole scenario. he will sa~ four and evinc~ no fear for either his position in histor~ or toda~'s critics. I sh~ awa~ froM precipitous conclusions. a caotion that steMs froM M~ own experience~ in dealing with clever tricksters in the Mis/disinforMation business. I prefer not to Make a firM JudgMent of Lear's adMittedl~ ' 'h~pothetical" conclusions. one Ma~ deduce. Lear takes it a step further and believes that the alien is hostile--and. I have been getting the saMe kind of griM input for More than a ~ear. Lear ' s hands Ma~ be tied and lips . as the sa~ing goes. the~ do e x ist and the~ do seeM credible . will be at the Mere~ of the usual predator~ skeptics who will gloa~ as the~ gnaw at his Juglar vein. that "the~ would scare the feathers ott the head of a cigarstore Indian" and. AdMittedl~. In a sense. As HoMo sapiens. unfairl~. however. an updated paper released b~ John Lear in late 1988. In M~ case. Right ott. I was advised b~ a reliable Several strong reactive thoughts Ma~ COM& to Mind for one who ponders the text in The UFO Coverup.22 FORTEAN RESEAllCH JOURNAL to RESPONSE 8~ JOHN LEAR STATEMENT Leonard Stringfield sealed. that we should like to know More about his sources. Ma~ Mean that he. in the BUMMer of 1998. And. Such is the nature of UFO research. to tell a scar~ stor~. As the~ are presented. So. would deMand to know More specificall~ where he got the facts to put his scenario together. with the~r own sources. Shocked Most. is the notion that Lear has been "used" in a crude atteMpt b~ the disinforMists to Mudd~ the waters of research. MiQht be a covert agent of sorts. Personall~. would be soMe eleMents of contactees who think that the aliens are space brothers and that their purpose for coMing here is to save us froM o urselves. the~ do not want public recognition and usuall~ request anon~Mit~ . two add up to total . also agree. like "~self. It also. I also know+ froM firsthand experience in M~ research. this notion quickl~ fades into another that suggests that he. four. has provided us through the ~ears enough circuMstantial evidence to suggest that the alien intent is not benevolent.

is onl~ putting his 2 + 2 a 1's on the line. these are not the loosel~ loquacious t~pes who share s tate or Militar~ secre~s but as realists the~ won ' t den~ it's raining when. UFO Crash/Retrievals: Is th! Cove~up Lid Lifting? Status Report v.. it is. 2. 1982. Inside Saucer Post 3~0 Blue. Perhaps the gri~"est recitation of events in the Lear paper · concerns the alien "gra~s who see~ hell-bent on a venture to subdue "ankind to the indignit~ of abuses for their own selfish purposes. b~ International Hone~ Order or Or af't on u. u. Available froM a uthor's addre•s• Pr ic e $6.00 . 1989. 1985 Xeroxed trbM paper ~resented at MUFON S~MPOsiuM. evading all specific questions. 1. publi s hed 1951-57 ~ SoMe issues dupl icated b Y Xerox . add s. 1977. Ti~e w:ill tell.. Available froM author's add~ess. So~e naMes were ~entioned. When I asked one of M~ well-inforMaed sources a~out the alleged alien underground activities. Of the latter. . Stringfield DeceMber 26. Bank.3 Availabilit~ of Literature b~ Author 1 with hu"an beings being used in geneti c e xperiMentations conducted in well . S itu ation Red! The UFO Seige. funds. All foreign. in-depth inforMants. St. 1988 . Available frot'l a·uthdr ' s address. 3 . Price $7. Stringfield 1112 Grove Avenue Cincinnati. Hailing5 to Canada . Louis. Lea r stresses the ~ a"pac~ of abduc tions .so for each ite~ ordered. 6. that "the situation is serious. Accepting these outrages as fa c t. In M~ new Status Report v. separatel~. I have published new inforMation fro" new and reliable sources that I have reason to believe are telling it like it was.s . although criticized for his rash conclusions. And . HO. he thinks the public should know about it . Also foreign publi s her s.fat a l Encounter at Ft~ Di x-McGuire : A Case Stud~ .FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL infor~ant to be watchful for planted inforMation in the ~onth s ahead. he feel s --and understandabl~ so--that it is one of the reasons for opti"uM coverup. Leonard H.s. c attle "util~tions and "acabre stories of a tie.00. Price $" author's address.oo.00 5. Set of 36 Monthl~ Issues. Ohio 1S227 Tel: <513) 271-1218 Leonard H. Having treated the sensitive subJect of UFO crash/retrievals since the late 70 's I aM aware of a Massive international coverup. indeed. Hardcover publi s hed b~ O o ubleda~ & Co. UFO Crash/ Retrievals: Is the Coverup Lid Lifting?. 1978. P a perback edition published b~ Fa wc ett. he responded siMPl~. as a Monograph for distribu t i on fro" M~ hoMe address. Lear. Available f. Not ava ilable. SoMe provide backup testiMon~ for cases previousl~ published in M~ papers: others are confidential. to be released initiall~ in the Januar~ 1989 issue of the HUFON UFO Journal and later. The . pa~able . privatel~ published in · 1957. UFO Crash / Retrieval~: AMassing the Evidence. Price $7. Status Repdr~ III. Here . Price t1t. Orbi t newsletter. Status Report IV." 11 2.secured undergroud laboratories.

and the~ are persons. the~ were also telling Me "inside .z. All Hasters are scientists and do not. as well as strange · beings frol"l other planets and existences frof'l interdif'lensional worlds.) . Obviousl~ the EBE's are not their own f'lasters. now a blazing red ball. a flaMing obJect cof'le over the horizon like a full f'lOon. and the~ said. I had never heard of a UFO. It is becof'lin~ recognized that the~ are se"i-prograf'lf'led to carr~ on the work the~ do. each with its own dut~ to perforM. <Once their tongue slipped. The~e are hundreds of factions. but slaves. It was not until the h~pnosis session . Eart. the~ do not all coMe with the saMe purpose. ever cof'le to Earth. The overall Plan is enorMous. Then it sidled out at ground level. When I was eight. it Makes sense. are those given the task of biological intervention with our own people. iMplants were l"lade that allow thef'l to "see through M~ e~es and hear through M~ ears." And also to control the COMPlete f'lUSCUlar S~SteMo In 1968 Mental telepath~ started.TEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL B~ RESPONSE TO Ida Kannenbe~g JOHN LEAR STATEMENT Who ARE These EBE's? Perhaps a brief sketch of M~ personal interaction with the people of the UFO's would Make More clear wh~ I sa~ what I say..I have taken down thousands of words of dication. The little gu~s are their workers. I encountered two Men who asked Me Mundane questions about M~ faMil~ and school . The driver pulled to the side.. In NoveMber 1977 the~ began again but in a wa~ that did not terrif~ Me• I have had constant contact with ·the voices for eleven ~ears. I was led to what I thought was a round cabin. Work harder at ~our spelling. <Later that night we saw a quarter f'loon in the saf'le sk~!> We lost sight of the obJect as we turned behind a hill.~ head 11 1 "Learn to write well. The MaJor things the Masters told file about theMselves are: Their own nuf'lbers are cofllparativel~ few . who have been thef'lselves geneticall~ altered. The voices ceased. not workers. The~ stress one facto~: Not all of the UFO people cof'le frof'l one planet. encof'lpassing f'lan~ worids and Mar•~ kinds of worlds • .teract with us in tn• saf'le Manner. but it is coheren~. Stud~ graf'lMar." In 1910 while travelling with M~ husband and two other f'len in California between Desert Center and Bl~the we saw.. I was assisted on board.. Sof'leda~ when ~ou are Much older ~ou will write about wonderful things. and all do not ir. shortl~ before f'lidnight.of 1980 that I learned I had been lured frof'l the car b~ two f'len who said there had been an accident and I was urgentl~ needed. Each faction "ust learn us. These pe~sons. In the past I had a brief telepathic ~ontact with those who are the Masters. The three Men went down the road to talk. Han~ of the facti~ns are as alien to each other as the~ are to us. f'lade several good friends and sof'le enef'lies aMong these contacto~s all of who" claiM to be connected with the UFO phenoMenon. undergone a long and sol"letiMes disturbing series of initiator~ events. Han~ ~ears later I went under h~pnosis and learned that while the~ spoke to Me in the usual Manner.. theMselves. organizations and bro~herhoods •re included. ''Who altered FOB. and who sent THEM for the pur~ose of biological intervention with us?" I can onl'!f offer what I have been told b~ M~ contacts. . Isn't it til"le to as~. the Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entities. and it answers the questions. I was so terrified of these strange voices "in .~ head" that I signed M~self into a hospital. just as we tr~ to learn and understand thef'lo The faction "ost in the public interest at present are the EBE's.h. not all are the saMe kind of being.

He/ she obviausl~ does not reMeMber this The~ 25 at the tiMe of the abduction. "Who WOULD have the Moral right to Make such an agreeMent?" The onl~ possible person would be the cont. The Masters and the people of the Earth HAVE THE SAME ROOTS. part of their dileMMa." Would it not be coMMon sens• for our researchers and h~pnot. The~ have bee n geneticall~ altered. the EBE's want to regain soMe seMb.lance of Earth huManit~. foals and "~stie s. To be told he/ she could heip save a d~ing race would be a coMPrehensible incentive to agreeMent. or he / she would not be so terrified anq horrified.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL do indeed live an another planet. but their enthusias M and will to live dies aut .ists to regress a tew abductees to th• tiMe of pubert. because we don't want the" around us and we don ' t dare throw the" out." ~ohn Steinbeck The Winter of Our Discontent . He/she would then be int. Further . The EBE ' s al s o originated an· Earth froM an original and ancient race of dwarves. In other words ~e are. Once one of M~ contact$ sa i dt ''Earth people think about UFO ' s with ever~thing e xcept.ensel~ c urious and curiousl~ intense about such subJects. He/ she would have not or little. WY 82070 ~ ~ "I guess we ' re all.ur~ science which denied e xistence to an~thing it could not Measure or e xplain. FroM tiMe to tiMe the~ are ph~sicall~ reJuvenated. The~ are siMPl~ doing a Jab the~ have been prograMMed far. It Must have been Made at a previous ti"e• The stage of life when a person would be Mast vulnerable to Making s uch a coMMitMent would have been at the onset of or in ea~t~ pubert~. the~ were huMan though dwarf.ed theM. We did nat see what we couldn ' t e xplain. These are the reasons for the biological intervention with Earth abductees.ost of us. not all in the saMe fashion. and s i nce the Masters and we are "of the saMe roots" the~ align us with the Masters not with theMselves. SeeMingl~ cold and indifferent handling of abductees b~ the EBE ' s steMs froM several reasons. 19th st.actee hiMself <herself>. such biological intervention HAS NEVER BEEN PART OF ANY AGREEMENT! So we Might continue our inq u ir~ b~ asking. The~ go into depression and Mental stupor. to interbreed wi th other. The~ are nat without resentMent towards the Masters whose ancestors alter .. and Meanwhile a great part of the world was abandoned to children.eent hcent. to Make theM s ubservient. SoMe were cloned . who were Mare interest ed in what is than in wh~ it is. or . le•• huMan space forMs. the wards of that ninet. insane people. So Man~ old a nd lavel~ things are stared in the world's attic. He/~he would be at the ~ost idealis tic tiMe o~ his/ her life.. to theM. urider s tanding or ~x perience to gauge what such a COMMitMent would actuall~ entail . I aM told that while there has been agreeMents Made with the United States and ather governMents.~ to discover if an agreeMent of that nature had occurred but had subsequent!~ been wiped aut of MeMor~? Ida Kannenberg 307 So. The things we couldn't e xplain went right an but surel~ not with our blessing. but "A great Mistake was recognized" and none will be cloned in the future. ver~ long tiMe. The Masters want to re-enliven their workers. to breed' new on~s. and to live a v~r~. The~ env~ and want to regain for their race such huMan capacities a~ aliMentation and reproduction . cOMMon sense. LaraM i e. and becaMe useless . M~ iMMediate and constant contacts have added Mare inforMation.

No aliert shall take a people's Genetic Code for an~ use. great and sMall. except there shall be negotiated a treat~ granting teMporar~ lease. and all agreeMents MUst be ratified b~ the Securit~ ~Council to be in force. We call upon all huManit~ to treat one another with kindness. except under reciprocal scientific exchange. and our ey'. We recognize the planet Earth as our Planet of Genesis. and perManent authorit~ over the space containing these bodies. which s~Mbolizes the proMises of God to huManit~. or Make an. and Judge of all the CosMos. Brandenburg. We call uPOn all huManit~ to work together to ease the effects of hunger. In cases of dispute. and let ~uManit~ seek to ~reserve the whole faMil~ of living things on the Earth.i ties.26 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL THE B~ RAINBOW DECLARATION The right of Possession of their hoMeworld. do Make this soleMn Rainbow Declaration. We pledge to uphold these rights and principles in all retations with all peoples we shall John E. their Planet of Genesis. To our fellow peoples in the COMMUnit~ of the COSMOS. We pledge to ~eep and preserve the Earth for all huManit~ for all generations. when these rights shall be endangered.D. The right of FreedoM of Peaceful Navigation of Space shall be enjo~ed b~ all peoples except where it conflicts with the Sanctit~ of Planet of Genesis~ The right of peoples to Assert and Defend the aforeMentioned rights and the right to give and receive aid consistent with these rights. Ph. We. for it is the b~rden of the strong and advanced to help preserve the rights of the weak •nd less advanced. the unit~ within diversit~ that is huManit~ and the beaut~ of the Earth which is huMar. The right to PerManent Occupation of all bodies orbiting their Planet of Genesis or the sun of their Planet. therefore. This decl~ration takes its naMe froM the Rainbow. The right of Sanctit~ of Planet of Genesis froM alien intrusi~n or interference. the burden of proof-of-innocence shall fall on those who are alien. God. Let there be no More killing of the whales. No alien bases Ma~ be established per"anentl~ on bodies or stations orbiting a Planet or Star of Genesis. this is the PriMe Directive for all spacefaring peoples. or assltMe close orbit.&T'lasting treasure. as the sole representative of huManit~ in all dealings with extra-terrestrials. we extend greetings. the people of Earth. that all peoples are created equal and are endowed b~ the Creator with certain inalienable riqhts: . except open!~ and b~ consent of global authorit~. No alien visitation shall oc~ur until the people shall realize their Unit~ and achieve space travel o~ their own. justice and peace. on all Matters concerning extraterrestrial peoples we shall be as One. In true Unit~ · there is strength and general benefit. We acknowledge our coMMon childhood before the Creator.~ landing. All relation9 and agreeMents will be open and public. both visible and invisible. our hoMe. acting with the advice and consent of the Securit~ Council. The right of Possession of Genetic Code. Please give careful consideration to our declaration• that it Might serve as a basis for our good relations. but Must be evacuated upon landing b~ the people of this Planet or Star. which is their Star of Genesis. No alien spacecraft shall Make close approach. negotiated openl~ b~ global authorit~. we recognize ~ou a~ fellow children of the Creator of the CosMos. disease~ and overpopulation. We hold these truths to be self-evident. No one shall take an~ portion of their world froM theM. We recognize the office of the Secretar~ General of the United Nations.

whether we be aliens or the~ in these encounters.2. I hi~l ~ recoMMend this book. t o spar k an interest in celes tial eve nts. Now it . I n re a l i t ~.2. however.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL encounter. which al ~ o brings out CIA c orruptio~ s a nd suppression of UFO inforMat i on. 1988. Brandenburg Ph. will start slowl~ Mov i ng ea s tward against the backdrop of stars. No longer is Mars the do"inate bright red obJect it was last fall. Andrews Llewll~n Publications St. On March 12th.Terrestrials AMong Us seeMs to a lMost touch on ev er~ conc eiva ble aspect of UFOlog ~ . Jupiter. He declare that all peoples should seek to treat all other peoples as the~ theMselves would desire to be treated. In reading this book. an art as old as Mankind. on the other hand. It shines at Magnitude . Authored b~ John E. Morri s Jessup is highlighted in a s ection on M~ s terious deaths. Extra . Let ' s take a look at what ' s ahead for the nex t three Months. Toda~. M~ s ter~ helicopters and the ET c onnection based on M ter i al froM StigMata and Wolvera ton. June 22. h a rdl~ l eav i n g a s tone untu r ned. is still ver~ br i ght having Just coMe out of retrograde on Jan. Thi s coluMn is intended to refaMiliarize ~ ou with the night tiMe sk~. too. Extra-Terrestrials AMong Us Meti culous!~ covers the UFO scene froM the depths of antiquit ~ t o a broad spectruM of c urrent p~enoMena. Andrews does an outstanding job covering aniMal Mutilations. 2Qth. Andrew s suggests Ex tra-Terre s tials AMong Us picks up whe re Clear Intent leaves off . that Mankind can not ignore UFO ' s or the environMent and e xpect to survive. We have a wonderfu l wi ndow to the universe. Our ancestors constantl~ watched the star s .D. The wax ing cre s ent Moon will also add itsel~ to the s cene Making for a nice triple celesti a l coMbination. Mars will align itsel~ (froM our point of view ) with Jupiter. But Mars has in store for us one ~ore sPectacular event before it fades in bri9htness and ' continues its Journe~ arourtd the sk~. one Ma~ oc c asionall~ perceive a sense of paranoia which I believe is projected through th~ a uthor ' s urgent Message . We declare that it is our deepest desire that huManit~ Might take its place as an honored and valuable MeMber of the coMMunit~ of peoples of the CosMos.M a inl~ due to large cities and an u nfor t u nate thing called 1 ight pollL•tion. bu t focuse s More on the entities whi c h pilot these str a nge crafts. Much of this general knowledge has been lost . The~ learned to ~~cogn i ze the faMiliar patterns ~ear after ~ear. . B~ 27 SKY B~ WATCH Er i k Hubl Peering into \he heave~s. Paul . George Andrews pur s ued UFO data for a decade which culMina ted in the wr iting of this book. and that all peoples of the CosMos should seek peaceful and Mutuall~ beneficial relations with each other.TERRE STRIALS AMONG US b~ George c. CoMpare it to Mars at Magn i tude +1. and it won ' t be that bright again until 2 003. BOO•< REVIEW Kirk Fenster EXTRA.ha nd. Both planets will look quite nice being onl~ ~apart froM each other . MN 1 986 paperback 3 00 pa g es After e xp e rienc ing a UFO s ighting fir s t .1 on March 12th as Mars races in front and past Jupiter.

.. it alwa~s catches ones attention.. . it's actuall~ quite coMMOn to see 10-15 per night. Note also that the sun will rise due East . we can see it go thrbugh phases Just like our Moon goes throu9h• SpringtiMe constellations are probsbl~ the faintest of the whole sk~... Being an inner planet. especial!~ if' the~ have soMe peculiar qualities.. I j r-1 . Being our brightest planet... Look in the East for a backward question Mark with three stars forMing a triangle nearb~._wasT ••turn 0 • O ma 8CDRPIUS 8AQITT#1Riu. Venus is an interesting planet to view in a telescope.9.. \ During Januar~. () milD ~ -- "-.selves • This is M -~ ~ the Beehive star cluster.. Near the apex of the "Y" is a "fuzz~ cloudlike" spot visible to the unaided e~e f'roM a count'('~ si t ·e ... ) \__. and will set due West.. It shines at Magnitude +0.ED THE L.... Use ~our binoculars to view this "fuzz~ spot" and hund.. Its Magnitude is -3. having spent the last Month behind the sun..1 . The Sun will be exactl~ above the Earth ' s equator and both ·heMispheres will receive 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness.. This ~ear the Vernal Equinox will occur on March 20th at 15tt8 universal tiMe <9:28 aM CST>.. It's a pleasant sight after a long and cold winter. ..__Ut E$ .000 pieces of space hardware in orbit. " I UIADfj a o. SoMewhat shaped like an upsid' down "Y" it is the faintest of all the Zodiac constellations. SoMe are derelict.IDN OIIIOH :r'UPJTER ._/ --~ -~ ._ \.. To the wes t of Leo is the constellation Cancer the C~ab •. It will slowl~ sink behind the sun and becoMe an "evening star" b~ Ha~..6. has now coMe into view in the Morning sk~· As with last Fall. CANCER THE CRAB _..... Saturn can still be seen near the constellation Sagittarius since it takes 28 Earth ~ears to circle the sk~.J ) • •• 4 l1ARS t. SUMMER WINTER I FALL know that ~ou can see satellites froM the Earth? A lot of tiMes these are confused with UFO's.. Venus will accoMpan~ Saturn in the Morning sk~..AN RESEARCH JOURNAL f) MU • ..\ _.. Leo the Lion heralds the return of springtiMe and warMth.INQ.000 are operating..reds of stars will reveal theM.. For Me.28FORTE. With over 6. but there is alwa~s one that I look forward to seeing each ~ear.. WI . $.. abandoned or even spent rocket Did actuall~ ~ou . Not all 6. Sprin9 has finall~ arrived.. 1 Saturn...

The colo r ation is caused Mainl~ b ~ s unl ight passing through the Ea rth 's atMosphere a nd ref lect i n g off the Moon.lor.4. Satellites a ppear like a star t h at is Moving . Probabl ~ the tuMbling ones are the Most s pectacul ar because t h e~ fade out a nd then get bright. It can per~anen~l~ daMage ~our e~es . Worldw ide there will be 2 lun ar and 2 partial Solar e c l ipses. BecoMing availab le in the Spring! . Venus can be . the event could be rathe r incred ible si n ce a full Moon on the ho r i zon looks en l a rged due to all the a tMo sp her e we view it thr ough . the Moon will trave l 1/2 of i ts orbit and be l ined up for this ~ears first p ar t ial So lar eclipse o n Mar ch 7th. The ec li pse will begin at 16:17 UT (10 :1 7 a M CST>. The ecli p se will begin at 12:30 UT c ~: 3 o aM PST> a nd will e nd a t 18:~1 UT (1 0 :41 a M PST>. Magnitude is the astr onoMical Measure of brightness. England ~ou are a nd subtract that nuMber froM UT. The brightest star is +1 or 0. the M oon will set when in totalit~ a t the MOMent of sun rise. SoMe ca n get as bright as the brighte st s tar a nd a lso Move q u i te fast. Perhap s the best wa~ to view it is to use 2 piec es of whi te card board. 1989 s hould be a good ~ear for celestial events es p ecia l!~ in the eclipse categor~. 29 NEXT ISSUE Watch for the SPR ING 1989 edition of the Jou r nal of the F ortean Research Center . The faintest star vis ible to the unaided e~e i s + 6 M agn itude . After the Februar~ 2 0th lunar eclip s e. ~ou should see the M oon t u rn a rudd~ red in co lor .Blood Falls fro M the Sk~ in New Eng l and ••• Part II •••••• AND MUCH MORE.•t of it. To find ~our local tiMe. please write to: Erik Hl•bl Ast ronoMi cal Advisor Fortean Research Center F' • 0 • E:O)·( 9't627 Lin co ln. As the Moon enter s the PenuMbra (the outer s hadow o f the Earth>.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL stages . An~bod~ We st of Denver. NE 68509 Keep a n e~e on the s k~. add 2~ hour s. You can be certain that it's not a plane if t h ere are no bli nking <strobe lights > or co l ored lights and i f it ~ ad es and disappears as it enter s the Earth's shadow. 20% of thR Sun will be covered so the pin-hole iM age will look like a disk with a bite:! ot. Do be careful abo u t viewing the Sun.1 2 and the Sun -27th Magnitude . However . M ake a pins i zed ho l e in one. If ~ou get a neg ati ve tiMe. and allow the s u nlight to sh ine through the hole and o n to the other card board. If ~ou have a n~ questions about watching the UFO Cases . Unfortunate!~. fade out and so on. These are all l ow orbit satellites ~et it's hard to te l l which countr~ the~ belong to. MaxiMUM eclipse will be at 18:08 UT <12:08 PM CST> and the eclipse will end at 19:58 UT <1:58PM CST). Occa si onal!~ ~ou' l l see on e that is tuMbling and as it does t it gives off flashes of light. Midd le and West ern United St ates shoul d be able t o witness thi s event. Western United States can watch part of a total Lunar eclip se in the Morning hours of Februar~ 2 0th. deterMine what tiMe zone We st of Greenwich. in thi s case the date will be on the da~ before the UT date given. a ful l M oon . ~ou never know what ~ou Might see . SoMe of the articles that will be included are: -The M ars ProJect b~ Harr ~ Jordan -The Cash-landruM UFO Incident b~ John Schl•Jssler . At M axiMUM eclipse. NOT ES : Universal TiMe CUT> is used around the worl d b~ ast ronoMers and others who need to avoid confusion between tiMe zones. Co l orado shoul d see part of this eclipse take p lace.

. NE 68509 USA - . The Ex p loration of the unknown continues FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P... into the FIJTURE .30 FORTEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL FroM the r-=-AST ... BOX 94627 LINCOLN.O.

2 JUL 1986 I n MeMoriuM You Ma~ Be On File The UltiMate Scarecrow DOE Releases UFO DocuMents Ma~ I See SoMe ID? Fortean News Flashes An d Guess What Else Happened At Bentwaters? VOL I NO. VOL II NO. Replies UFO Cover Up Letter froM FBI Fi l es CIA MeMo-Covert UFO Investigations CIA MoMo-Covert UFO Research VOL III NO. 1 DEC 1986 ProJect Moon Dust Case File VOL II NO.FORTEAN RESEARCH JOU RNAL ISSUES ISSUES JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER All current and back issues of the JOURNAL are available at S3. BAC ~{ 31 VOL. Please include S. 1 WINTER 1988-89 Responses to the Lear StateMent Interview with Alan Bo~e Blood Fall in New England 1988 in Review . 1 MAY 1988 Bipedal HuManoid Update UFO Update Gulf Breeze UFO Incident VOL III NO. Never send cash in the Mail. 3 FALL 1988 John lear StateMent Bill English StateMent the Warehouse-star~ b~ Al an Bo~e VOL III NO. 3 OCT 1986 1917 FBI DocuMent Air Force Blue Book Cancellation MeMo Kirkland UFO Landing DocuMent Bentwaters "Halt " MeMo British M inistr~ of Defense Bentwaters MI~Mo Ellswort h AFB UFO Attack Report M cGuire AFB Alien Shooting Re port VOL I NO. Please Make all checks or Mane~ orders pa~able to the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER.s. & etc. 3 OCT 1987 Verdict Still Open on MJ. 1 APR 1987 Bipedal HuManoids Fortean News Flashes Strange Harvest: An Update Book Reviews VOL II NO. 1 DEC 1987 Weird Water Wonders FBI Missing TiMe MeMo FBI Men-In-Black MeMos. 2 JUL 1988 Special Report: 1988 MUFON SYMPOSIUM in lincol n VOL III NO.12 Strange Deaths. I NO.50 u. 1 APR 1986 Winged Wonder Over Falls Cit~.65 for postage and handling for each order of one or More Jour n als. NE DIA DocuMents Released What's a Milo Man? Where's Steve McQueen When You Need HiM? Fortean News Flashes VO L I NO. 2 JU L 1987 Special Report on Operation MJ-12 VOL II NO. per ~ssue.

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1 SPRING 1989 $3.JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER VOLUME IV NO.50 Evidence of Martian Life? Also in this issue: The Mars Enigma on Earth Cash-Landrum UFO Enco~nter Blobd Falls from the Sky in New England .


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"Bonnie" and had used his name. As of this pri nting "Bonnie" has had no further calls. Thanks goes to Bill Moore for his help in putting the "real" Bob Collins and "Bonnie" in contact. So, will the "fake" Bob Collins please come forward? Also mentioned in our last Journal was the reference to the archived radio interviews that Dale and I have done with many researchers on the weekly radio show "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" airing in Lincoln, NE. Dale and I frequently call people all over the United States to interview on the air, and we have been organizing the taped interviews into a sort of library. Should you, as a member of our Center, be interested in checking an archived interview out from our library, please send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we will send you a listing of interviews and details on shipping, etc. This library of material is restricted to members only, please! I am attempting to collect my thoughts and pull data together for a future report on the landing(s) of one or more UFO's outside the perimeters of RAF Bentwater and RAF Woodbridge in what is called Rendlesham forest, in Britian in December of 1980. Contrary to a well known British researcher's recent statements that she is not convinced that it was a UFO event, the interviews I took part in with two former servicemen who were direct participants tend to convince me otherwise. With regard to preparing a report for future publication on this alleged case, should anyone in our membership or among our readers have information on the above described landing(s), please contact me. Your sources will remain anonymous and your information shared will be credited to you, if you so desire. I regard this case as being one of the most important modern day UFO-related incidents and worthy

P'roll the DIRECTOR

In the last issue of the Journal of the Portean Research Center I reported on the mysterious late night phone call that "Bonnie", a UFO abductee from the Lincoln, Nebraska area, had received from someone calling himself "Bob Collins". I received a phone call from Bill Moore, noted author and current researcher of the MJ-12 material, right after we went to print. Bill asked me if "Bonnie" would like to talk with the "Bob Collins" that Bill knew. I spoke with "Bonnie", and she agreed. She was interested to see if there was a voice similarity with the previous caller who had called her late one might ("Bonnie" has an unlisted telephone number) and asked her questions regarding her UFO related experiences. With agreement from all parties Bill and I set up a phone call from a neutral number in Lincoln to a number believed to be a California pay phone. After some difficulty "Bonnie" was able to place a call and speak with Bill Moore's aquaintance, Bob Collins. "Bonnie" reports that the person she spoke with was not the same individual that had called her previously. She told me that her talk with Bob Collins went well, and that Bob Collins has an interest in UFO research in general, and a partial interest in UFO abduction research. She did pass along something interesting that Bob Collins told her. Apparently, Bob Collins believes that the mysterious late night call "Bonnie" received was a message that "They" (read UFO entities here) knew about him, and were familiar with him. The inference from Bob was that a UFO-related entity had called

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of our collective attention! For a free copy of the document signed by then deputy base commander Charles Halt titled "Unexplained Lights" which the above material refers to, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Center . The following is a calendar of events for upcoming conferences. I recommend attending one or more if your schedule allows: June 29, 30 & July l ••• loth Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, University of Wyoming at Laramie ($45, Info from Conferences & Institutes, P.O. Box 3972, University Station, Laramie, Wy 82071-3972, Info on lodging at 1-800-423-5809). June 30, July 1 & 2 ••• MUFON International UFO Symposium at the Alladin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada ($35, send to John Lear, 1414 Hollywood Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89110. Contact the Alladin Hotel for rooms, rates, etc). Additionally, John Lear, Bill Cooper & Don Ecker will be speaking at the Alladin Hotel Sunday, July 2 at 7:30 am on the history of the UFO cover-up and current situation, including presel}tations by Cooper on u.s.. Navy ~nvolvement and Ecker speaking on the aspect of human mutilations. The Sunday morning presentation is separate from the MUFON conference ..• admission is $5. July 14-16 ••• Fifth London International UFO Congress, London Business School, Regents Park, London, England. September 15-17 ••• 26th Annual National UFO Conference, Phoenix Arizona. November 11 & l2 ••• The UFO experience, Ramada Inn, North Haven, Connecticut. Additionally, mark your calendars for another Fortean Research Center potluck dinner Saturday, July 15th. Contact us for the location and time. This brings to mind that should you have travel plans that take you

through the area, drop us a note and we would like to see you. our library of books, journals and taped radio shows is growing, and these valuable sources of information are for your interest and usage as a member. , B7cause we have had many ~nqu1res as to how people can assist or help through volunteer~ng their services, here are some ~deas for you • • . "So you want to volunteer & help"· 1) Do archival research at the. local library, your local papers' files, and the local historical society. This is really fun ..• not to mention the wealth of information on the unexplained that exist right under our noses! 2) Write an article based on your research and submit it for consideration for publication in the Journal. You will receive full credit for your work .•. all articles not used will be returned to you. 3) Write a book review. What is your particular interest? What do you read in the area of unexplained phenomena? Write up a review and submit it for consideration! 4) Clip articles from your local paper and send to us. Many times a local account doesn 't make it to the national wire services. Help keep the Fortean Research Center informed! 5) Tell us about someone you fee~ would make an interesting, art~culate quest on "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena", our weekly radio show. 6) Local volunteers can hel p arrange meetings, assist with the l~yout of th7 Journal, and help w~th catalog1ng our library. Also should you have interest in field research, sign up for a class to be taught on "interviewing the witness". These are just a few of the ways you can assist us. we thank you for your financial support and for your other volunteer c ontributions. With all said I will wrap up this month's

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directors message. I'll be in Las Vegas for the MUFON con~erence, and Dale will be in Laramie. Look us up and say hello!

special Response to the John Lear Stateaent After a great deal of thought I realize that there are a few things that I must say regarding the statements made by John Lear; which appeared in the Fall '88 issue of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. I respect Mr. Lear's reputation and admire his straightforwardness concerning the subjects of UFO's, the retrieval of crashed UFO's, abductions of human beings by occupants of said UFO's, and the government's attempts to conceal everything about our extraterrestrial visitors while they (the government) try to negotiate with the entities ~or advanced technology. or whatever it is they want. It is quite obvious that John Lear has either done very careful and extensive research (evidence of which I would like to see), or he dabbles in speculation on a grand scale. If even half of what he claims is true then there are many people who have every reason to be scared to death. From those directly involved with MJ-12, to anyone who has ever had even the slightest contact with any of our "visitors." I've pledged allegiance to our flag and grew up believing that this country that I love and cherish was the safest place to be in the whole world. I was under the impression that we were protected by our government and our military from outside intrusion. How can it be that those we have put our trust in

could betray us by witholding truths which we have a right to know, and by using us as c ommodities? Hundreds, maybe thousands of people hav e reported being taken against their will; manipulated, probed, implanted, and even impregnated for who knows what purpose. Citizens of our country and others have seemingly suffered rashes, burns, incisions, and humil iati ng and frightening helplessness at the hands (or claws) of sometimes terrifying creatures. And the government we trust has chosen to look the other way while the lives of innocent people are altered by an alien intelligence? I was taken in the night from the warmth and safety (?) of my home, and pulled upwards by a powerful light into a strange environment . My heart pounded with fear as my own body lay numb and immobilized. I screamed and c ried inside, but in fact was unable to make a sound. Their pale smooth hands touched my face and neck, with the express purpose of placing images (symbols) in my mind. Symbols that I would see in my sleep and would haunt my waking hours for months after. Another occurence, a few years ago, left me with over thirty hours of "missing time"; time which still remains unaccounted for. These "visitors" have in reality caused me both physical and psychological difficulty. I did not invite them into my life, nor did I agree to participate in their monitoring of humanity. They took me . I have asked and pleaded to be left alone. They have made it known through thought and action that they are not finished with me yet, and that they have a "right" to do what they have to. Although I haven't sustained any permenant physical damage, I cannot call these beings "benevolent space brothers . " When I am cooperative they are benign. They have said that they will not burt me, and that they do not

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kill. Perhaps they are a moral species who knows nothing of our government's dealings. I pray that this be true. The fact that they do exist and can manipulate us however they want is so unthinkable and unacceptable to the vast majority and even the scientific community; they must think of this as fantasy, or mass hallucination or delusion. Perhaps, if the cover-up is as extensive as John Lear has implied, the government probably encourages that way of thinking. How much longer will they be able to fool •most of the people"? I know that I•m not crazy; but what is happening is crazy. I have a lot of questions; where do I go for the answers? one last question for MJ-12 and the National Security Council-am I on the list? B. Lincoln, NE A Most Wonderful Visitor by Scott H. Colborn


There have been many reports worldwide of UFO sightings over the years. Fewer reports are avai~able regarding alleged UFO crashes. Leonard Stringfield has done most of the research work regarding modern-day UFO crashes, and has my respect and thanks for his efforts! The followinq reports offer a historical view for our consideration and examination, as what you are about to read was originally printed in the Daily State Journal at Lincoln, in 18841 I recently spent an enjoyable morning at the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska, researching this highly strange story. Without further comment, lets begin this story of an alleged UFO crash, with this brief announcement found on page 13 of the Daily State Journal at Lincoln, June 8th, 1884: "A story is told in our dispatches this morning of the fall of a most wonderful visitor, apparently from some other planet, on the prairie near Benkelman, in Dundy county, this state. It appears incredible, but we have no hesitancy in vouching for the intelligence of the writer, who is a man that generally knows what he is talking about. The details are given with a fullness and particularity that almost command belief. Unless the alleged facts are greatly magnified or distorted, this unusual object of wonder must be an air vessel belonging originally to some other planet which sailed too far from its orb and after wandering in space has at last been caught by the attraction of the earth and drawn to it. Further investigations will be hastily pursued and awaited with the liveliest interest." We then turn to page #5 of the same paper and date, and find the

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following: "A CELESTIAL VISITOR ... A Startling and CUrious Story from the Ranges of Cundy County. A Blazing Aerolite Falls to the Astounded Earth. It is Evidently a Machine of Human Manufacture. All Particulars that are Yet Learned." "Benkelman, June 7 - A most remarkable phenomenon occured about one o'clock yesterday afternoon at a point 35 miles northwest of this place. John w. Ellis, a well known ranchman, was going out to his herd in company with 3 of his herders and several other cowboys engaged in the annual roundup. While riding along a draw they heard a terrific rushing, roaring noise overhead, and looking up, saw what appeared to be a blazing meteor of immense size falling at an angle to the earth. A moment later it struck the ground out of sight over the bank. Scrambling up the steep hill they saw the object bounding along half a mile away and disappear in another draw. Galloping towards it with all their speed, they were astounded to see several fragments of cog-wheels and other pieces of machinery lying on the ground, scattered in the path made by the aerial visitor, glowing with heat so intense as to scorch the grass for a long distance around each fragment and make it impossible for one to approach it. Coming to the edge of the deep ravine into which the strange obj ect had fallen, they undertook to see what it was. But the heat was so great that the air about it was fairly ablaze and i t emmitted a light so dazzling that the eye could not rest upon it more than a moment. An idea of the heat may be gained from the fact that one of the party, a cowboy named Alf Williamson, stood with his head incautiously exposed over the bank, and in less than half a minute be fell senseless. His face was desperately blistered and his hair singed to a crisp. His condition is said to be dangerous.

The distance from the aerolite or whatever it is, was nearly 2oo' feet. The burned man was taken to Mr. Ellis ' house, cared for as well as circumstances would al1ow and a doctor sent for. His brother, who lives in Denver, has just been telegraphed for." "Finding it impossible to approach the mysterious visitor the party turned back on its ' trail. Where it first touched the earth , the ground was sandy and bare of grass. The sand was fused to a n unknown depth over a space about 20 feet wide by 80 feet long, and the melted stuff was still bubbling and hissing. Between this and the final resting place there were several other like spots where it had come in contact with the fround, but none so well marked." "Finding it impossible to do any investigating, Mr. Ellis returned to his house and sent out messengers to neighboring ranches. When night came the light from the wonderful object beamed almost like the sun, and the visitors who went out to see it were entirely powerless to bear the glow." "This morning another visit was made to the spot. In the party was E. W. Rawlins, brand inspector for this district, who came into Benkelman tonight, and from whom a full verification of particulars is obtained. The smaller portions of the scattered machinery had cooled so that they could be approached, but not handled. One piece that looked like the blade of a propeller screw, of a metal in appearance like brass, about 16 i nches wide, 3 inches thick and 3 and 1/2 feet long, was picked up on a spade. It would not weigh more than 5 lbs, but appeared as strong and compact as any known metal. A fragment of a wheel with a milled rim, apparently having had a diameter of 7 or 8 feet, was also picked up. It seemed to be of the same material and had the same remarkable lightness." "The aerolite, or whatever it is, seems to be about 50 or 60

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feet long, cylindrical, and about 10 or 12 feet in diameter. Great excitement exists in the vicinity and the round-up is suspended while the cowboys wait for the wonderful find to cool off so thev can examine it." "Mr. Ellis is here and will take the first train to the land office with the intention of securing the land on which the strange thing lies, so that his claim to it cannot be disputed." "A party left here for the scene an hour ago, and will travel all night. The country in the vicinity is rather wild and rough, and the roads are hardly more than trails. Will telegraph all particulars as fast as obtained." A follow-up to the above story appeared in the Daily state Journal published on June 10, 1884: "The Magical Meteor." "It Dissolves Like a Drop of Dew Before the Morning sun." The Most Mysterious Element of the strange Phenomenon." "Special to the State Journal, Benkelman, June 9, 1884": "Your correspondent has just returned from the spot where the aerial visitor fell last Friday. It is gone, dissolved into air. A tremendous rain storm fell yesterday afternoon, beginning about 2 o'clock. As it approached in reqular blizzard style, most of those assembled to watch the mysterious visitor fled to shelter. A dozen or more, among whom was your correspondent, waited to see the effect of the rain upon the glowing mass of metal . The storm came down from the north, on its crest a sheet of flying spray and a torrent of rain. It was impossible to see more than a rod through the driving, blinding mass. It lasted for half an hour, and when it slackened so that the aerolite should have been visible it was no longer there. The draw was running three feet deep in water and supposing it had floated off the strange vessel the party

crossed over at the risk of their lives." "They were astounded to find that the queer object had melted, dissolved by the water like a spoonful of salt. Scarcely a vestige of it remained. Small, jelly-like pools stood here and there on the qround, but under the eyes of the observers these grew thinner and thinner till they were but muddy water joining the rills that led to the current a few feet away. The air was filled with a faint sweetish smell." The whole affair is bewildering in the highest degree, and will no doubt forever remain a mystery." "Alf Williamson, the injured cowboy, left yesterday for Denver, accompainied by his brother. It is feared he will never recover his eyesight, but otherwise he does not appear to be seriously injured." There has been a continued stream of investigators here for the past two days, among them a number of members of the press. The Denver Tribune representative was among the witnesses to the vanishment of the wonderful visitor. There are a thousand theories afloat as to how it came and what it was, but they are all now unfortunately incapable of solution." A final mention is found in a column titled "Topics of the Times", in the Journal dated June 11, 1884: "It is believed the aerial visitor that recently descended from the sky in Dundy county was the democratic candidate for president the bourbons have been looking for. Its dissolution by contact with water would appear to support the theory." I noted the reference to the Denver Tribune representative in the above account, so I placed a call to the Colorado Historical Society and spoke with Jim Parker at the Colorado History MUseum in Denver. Briefing Jim as to the particulars of this story, I engaged his services in an

================== Fortean Research Journal ==================
archival search of the nenyer Tribune for the month of June, 1884. Jim was to look for a mention of this story and report to the Portean Research Center. Several days later I received a call from Jim explaining that he had looked at the entire month and not found a mention of the Benkelman incident. So at this point we are left with the above accounts to draw from and form our conclusions. was there a UFO crash in the summer of 1.884 in Benkelman, Nebraska? Was the incident a manufactured account ••• an attempt at gauging our qullability? Was the report a play on the political sensibilities of the times, as might be inferred by the last account? There are precedents of articles that appeared in the late 1800's and early 1900's that were partly based on fact and purposely exaggerated as an audience builder for the paper, so one must exercise caution in judging a report of this nature. It should be noted that in the first account the writer is describing the initial report and says: "The details are given with a fullness and particularity that almost command belief". Note that the"details almost" command us to believe. The particular writing style of the times aside, we are admonished to almost believe, as if the writer is issuing warning as to the possibility that the story just might be contrived. It should also be noted for the record that the writer of this intitial piece does preface the above remarks by saying: "It appears incredible, but we have no hesitancy in vouching for the intelligence of the writer, who is a man that generally knows what he is talking about". This should be considered as a defense to the claim that the articles aren't "tom-foolery" and are based in fact, although the writer referred to above "generally knows" as opposed to being thoroughly

trustworthy. Was there a crash of a UFO in Benkelman, Nebraska in 1884? we will leave the readers of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center with the story at this point unresolved . A friend of mine has relatives living in the Benkelman area and I have asked him to make inquires for us. Perhaps a member of the Fortean Research Center living in the Denver area could search later Denver Tribunes and report their findings. Should additional information surface in the future as to the veracity or rejection of this account, you'll read about it in this Journal ••.. and we aren't kidding!

Unusual Mars Surface Features on July 20, 1976 two unmanned spacecraft-Viking Orbiters 1 and 2-were in orbit around the planet Mars. The objectives of these craft were to present the Earth with unprecedented photographs of the surface from an orbital survey. on the 35th pass, the Orbiter 1. cruised a thousand miles over a barren region called "Cydonia," 41 degrees above Mars' equator in the northern hemisphere. During this pass a photograph (frame 35A72) was taken which has become very famous.

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Toby owen, a member of NASA's Deep Space Network imaging team noticed an oddly-shaped mesa. The mesa had characteristics which made it look like a human face. Those who noticed the unusual feature noted the oddity, but filed the frame along with the hundreds of others the Orbiter had sent to Earth. During a press conference giving informational updates on the Viking mission, Gary Soffen, the Viking project scientist, displayed the frame to a roomfull of reporters stating, "Isn't it peculiar what tricks of lighting and shadow can do. When we took the picture a few hours later it all went away; it was just a trick, just the way the light fell on it." (Hoagland 1987) Vincent DiPietro, an electrical engineer with fourteen years experience in digital electronics and image processing, came across the photo of the "face" in a magazine. He had dismissed the magazine article as ficticious at the time, but two and a half years later he saw the photo in the archived material of the National Space Science Data Center at Goddard Spaceflight Center. The idea that NASA had archived the photo as "Head" caused him to look at it more seriously. DiPietro, along with his friend and colleague Gregory Molenaar-a computer scientist-enlarged the mile-wide facial feature using digital computer techniques. The first images were very gray with poor resolution, but the team continued to develop the best possible means of photo enhancement. DiPietro and Molenaar developed a technique which they called S.P.I.T., or starburst Pixel Interleaving Technique. A pixel is the smallest dot in a computer-reconstructed image. This technique sharpened the sawtooth edges and other pixel errors. In an effort to check the technique for distortion error, 10 the process was used on known Earth features, such as Dulles Airport in Virginia and the Pentagon building in Washington D.c. The photo details were remarkably clear. At this point t~e imaging team went back to the Viking files to see if they could find any more photos of the "face". 35 days after the first Orbiter took frame 35A72, it had taken a ~econd photo (70A13) of t~e same area. The same curious mesa was visible. Interestingly enough, frame 70A13 also showed what appears to be a monstrous rectanqualr pyramid with four sides which go to the surface as sharp angles. This image gives the appearance that the "pyramid" is l:>uttressed, as opposed to naturally formed. on May 1, 1980 DiPietro and Molenaar broke their discoveries to the world. While initially poor, the interest began to mount. Other scientists and interested parties became involved in the mystery of the Martian land features, including Dr. John Brandenberg-who will be a featured speaker at the 1989 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mr. Harry A. Jordan of Omaha, Nebraska. The photograph used on the cover of this issue of the journal depicts the "Analog Model of Cydonia" Mr. Jordan and associates constructed in 1987. A publication of interest to those who wish to learn more about the works of DiPietro and Molenaar is entitled, unusual Martian Land Features 4th edition and is available through Mars Research in Glenn Dale, Maryland. notes: The Monuments of Ma;s, Richard c. Hoagland. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.

================== Fort:ean Research Journal
The Mars Bnicpaa on Earth
by Barry A. Jordan

While Mars made its closest approach to earth in 17 years certain individuals recently initiated efforts to 'block' some honest scientific knowledge and discoveries from the mind of the public. This current public naivete' regarding new Mars data is due to 'flawed' reporting by uninformed news "personalities" and lack if well educated and "properly briefed news media" on knowing when, what, and where to ask intelligent questions (for once). As if their 'cosmetic cosmology' weren't enough we are now subjected to coJIIlllents from supposedly noted authors, and 'news media' scientists who are offended by "alleged" Monuments on Mars that continue to cry 'fraud.' I for one, am tired of seeing and hearing about the "Face" on Mars from people who are obviously not qualified to comment on some very real, serious, and timely research. They should not only be considered malicious and detrimental to the education of the public, but fast approaching a line of decorum and respect . Those skeptics are obviously person's when they've lost sight of their own goals appear to re-double their efforts against someone elses. In October Mr. Isacc Asimov stated on national television that if anyone who believed the "Face" on Mars was anything other than a curious trick of light had to be an "idiot." I lost all respect for his work and he as a person. In November of 1987 Mr. David Letterman threw Richard Hoagland& book "Tba Monuments of Kars" into a trash can on national television, and a second time when he had his "parking valet" dressed to poke fun at NASA Viking pictures, one in which "line losses" from the binary print-outs were de11

Harry A.

.J oraan

picted as tracks from an alien land rover, one must wonder why all their flap about "Monuments on Mars" as a hoax, why all the attention? Obviously the "truth" is indeed stranger than the recent 'fiction' that skeptics can generate to sell to the masses. It's time to tell the real "truth" about Mars. Photocopies of 'scientifically scaled models' (one containing the "Face" amonq other things) were recently supplied to USGS in Flagstaff, Ariz. currently under contract with NASA to map regions on Mars for future landings o~ robotic and manned missions. The large model of 'Cydonia' completed in Omaha, Nebr. in 1987 displays many other enigmatic surface features sculpted directly over enlarged photo-prints from Viking. During construction o~ the model and since, consultation with many 'scientists' (not reporters or writers) who've worked for NASA·, and review of the Cydonia data with former astronauts has been ongoing from Washington D.C. to California. Many 'credible people' within professional scientific communities find the data fascinating. It took two years, three months, and fourtee.n days to combine the hard-work of less than a dozen people who, in my opinion, are "Heroes• and not the "alleged hurters" the 'hyper-spaced media' would have people believe. Those "news" and "media" per-

===========Fortean Researchjournal ============
sonalities apparantly feel that if they've not "scooped" a subject first then it never happened, or worse yet if their "offical experts" didn't know anything then it must not be true. Have I got news for them. The "idiots• of which Mr. Asimov and Mr. Letterman speak are : Dr. c. Wes Churchman, Nobel Laurette' and Professor Emeritis of the Center for Peace and conflicts-University of California at Berkeley, Dr. John Brandenburg, Dr. Mark carlotto, Mr. Vince Di Pietro, and Greg Molenaar of Mars Research, Washington D.C, Dr. Randy Pozos, and Richard Hoagland of The Mars Project in California, and myself with The Mars Project in omaha. Thousands of hours of personal time and expertise unselfishly shared without regard to monetary gain or publicity speaks of a noble human trait, a quest for true knowledge, not 'fabricated falsehoods. ' Dr. Brian O'Leary, astronaut, currently Chairman of the Presidents Commission on Space is one ot the original principle members of "The Independent Mars Investigation." For the record: 1. In 1976, Mr. Gerald Soffen and Dr~ Tobia owen while viewing digital printouts at JPL from Viking spacecraft saw the "Face" first. In all fairness to NASA not making an "official" overture one must consider over 66,000, 5"x5" binary print-outs which one or even two people just don't interpret overnite. 2. Mr. Vince DiPietro and Greg Molenaar, imaging experts with NASA (who developed the 'StarBurst Interleaving Pixel Technique') rediscovered the same "Face" in the archives of the National Space Science Data Center. Frames 35A72 and 70Al3 showed the face. 3. DiPietro and Molenaar subsequently approached Dr. Randy Pozos, Anthropoloqist, Mr. Thomas Raughtenburg, a social systems analyst from. Berkeley and subsequent contact with M~. Richard Hoagland, f ormer science advisor to Walter Cronkite, was engaged to generate political pressure for funds for a return mission to Mars to confirm the findings. "The Monuments of Mars" was lat~ub­ lished by North Atlantic Books and authored by Richard c. Hoagland. 4. Dr. Mark Carlotta, of 'TAScu, The Analytical Sciences Corporation in Reading, Mass. later developed the 'Shape from Shading Algorithm' which effectively cc:mfirmed, clarified, and further refined results of the old EDR tapes. Then the WORLD news, among other tabloids, printed Carlotta's processed data of the "Face" without his permission. They also printed it "backwards" the first time. Later 'tabloids' at least got the picture oriented properly this past September. In answer to those who would call my colleagues with "The Mars Project", and "Mars Research", "idiots" here is a free lesson for them and finally some honest answers tor the American people. A second fac·e has been discovered in the Utopia region by Dr. John Brandenburg with 'Mars Research' in Washington, D.C. It looks just like the "Face" at Cydonia. A Fourth Edition of "Unusual Martian Surface Features" was just published with the finding authored by Dr. Brandenburg, Mr. Vince DiPietro, including Dr. Mark carlotta's results. Work by 'The Mars Project in omaha' has also published findings which reveal: 1. Cydonia has two distinct tholoses' (cone uplifts) one is accompanied by two domes spaced equal to the diameter of the larger tholos and separated by a ditch equal to its radius. A "cam" artifact bears at a perfect 45 degree angle, relative to the tholes. These forms also appear on earth. Let the 'media experts' tell us where ••• 2. Northeast of the "Face" at Cydonia, eight kilometers distant


Ten circular uplifts. The crater also has a domed uplift on a 45 degree bearing off true north considering the obliquity for Mars soo." Copyright 1988 Mr. Yet. The Mastaba has a fracture in its western apothem which is NOT a product of exotic crystalline growth affected by low-gravity but of an object which is hollow inside. Bart Jordan. a musician with Godgiven gifts extraordinary in scope. This home away from home in ruins. ancient man failed. but not reinhabit.000 years ago. the sound of the tuning fork in proportions of the planets. A recent manuscript by that now middle-aged young man entitled "Time Origin of Foot and Decimeter" presents the following. Mr. (particularly those less informed) to presume upon the innovation of a genius by rape of 'his' calculations. Let the 'Asi-morphs' elaborate for the public ••• The "Face" on Mars just scratches the surface of what has been discovered and not shared with the public. The author. nor that of years ago. Albert Einstein when he was teaching at Princeton first discovered the existence of the "Jupiter Pyramid" decades before Viking even got off the ground. the color. Jordan's arithmetical analysis and conversion factors as applied in planetarian terms assert that "time is the measure of all things". threehundred meters in diameter. much less a media more intent on "hype" through tax-funded commercial satellites whose imploded transmissions upon an unwary public is more intent on "fictional noise" than "solice in true knowledge" that would dare to teach mankind something about himself. perhaps revisit. and the artifacts at Cydonia "is a consequence of man. more planetarian then humanitarian. philosopher. divided into five equal pairs. at a range of 8. Mr. Man from the greenwood is gone. spaced exactly 3. Let the 'media experts' define the meaning ••• 3. "Ares' fearsome and terrifying moonsteeds" chase their "nightmare" shadows across unwitnessed skies. Why? Martian surface features say that he readily integrated the lesser with the greater. Let it rest. At a bearing of 153 degreesrelative. one final lesson for the skeptics: At age ten a young man who once worked with Dr.====================== Fortean Research Journal ===================== is a very large "Mastaba" which has two distinct holes placed symetrically upon an upper 'perfectly squared'platform. exist in the open lowland region of Cydonia which was part of an ancient sea once existing in the area over 500. Mars is a place to remember.6 kilometers distance from one another. the numbers. the ordinary with the extraordinary. not coincidence of nature. Bart Jordan addresses literally the "music of the spheres". "Despite his profound science which honored nature on a scale unrivaled by moderns. that is for him alone to tell the world. His genius is so amplified by the binding of all of 13 ." It is not my place. When I showed this particular data to several pilots from SAC they contributed some interesting and serious comments. Bart Jordan is a world renowned classical guitarist who studied with Sigovia.6 kilometers from the "Cliff" artifact at Cydonia there exists a crater which has four equally spaced smaller craters each equal in diameter. mathematician. scientist. A forest frog hopping about an atomically sequenced site? Why not? Man's sense of the sacred was pervasively universal. Let the 'media 1 cannonized doctorate-elect' research for themselves ••• 4. He found his answers among ancient sumerian glyphs and architectural calculations whlch the ancients converted into ••palindromic" form (one reading equally rrom the left to right or right to left).

The sounds were likened to harsh dots.================== Fortean Research Journal ================== man's arts it would bring tears to the eyes of any mathematician fortunate enough to have shared thq. but they could not be interpreted as any known code. 1988 (NOTE) Readers interested in honest answers and acquisition of objective research material's from 'serious investigators' of the u. the second is printed as it first appeared. London. The TV late-night 'talk show host's. In the months to come many will discuss enigmas of Mars. The attempt was made on a twenty-four tube set erected on a hill at DUlwich. "what happened on Mars thousands of years ago was very sad." Mars offers the "Architectural Rosetta" that can save us from ourselves and the earth from us. wireless operator at the Government station at Point Grey." declared c. 28. "It is absolutely distinctive and cannot be attributed to any known instrument.O." In my own words. Maryland 20769 or Harry Jordan through the same address. Box 34025 omaha.' and 'news personalities' to this point who've had their own personal 'experts' comment on Mars have not done their homework. NE 68134 October 14. The noises continued on and off for three minutes in groups of four and five dots. If you are interested in reading either article in the original form. critique the United States Space program unjustly for failures caused by the very politics and greed of skeptics who'd discredit something they 'honestly' know nothing about. The source of the noises could not be ascertained by the experts. sounds were heard which could not be identified as coming from any earthly station. 23 and Aug. 1924 editions of the New York Times. "man's ignorance and greed is a trait that destroys planets.w. space probes to Mars can contact: Mars Research P. 23 (Associated Press) An attempt by British wireless experts to 11 listen in" on Mars resulted in strange noises being heard at 1 o'clock this morning. Tuning in started at 12:30 am and at 1 am on a 30. In the words of Dr. "The signal has been noticed at the same hour practically every day for four weeks or more.000-meter radius. Box 284 Glenn Dale. It is quite obvious their credibility has begun to rust as the Martian pyramids surface in the public conciousness.s. Aug. Mellish. please contact the Fortean Research Center or visit your local library. or . Brandenburg. These two newspaper stories originally appeared in the Aug. RADIO HEARS THINGS AS MARS NEARS US A 24-TUbe Set in England Picks Up Strong Signals Made in Harsh Dots. The first story has been edited. At Washington the Translator of McLean Telegrams Stands by to Decode Any Message. Representatives of the Marconi Company and of London universities were present. "The Mars Project in Omaha" P.O. "Special Report•-1924 This is a special report presented as an interesting post-script to the Unusual Martian Land Features.

As the object neared. c. Francis Jenkins of Washington. That situation didn't last very long. . It was enormous. while Mars was closest to the earth. the UFO . Vickie Landrum (57) and Vickie's grandson Colby (7) were driving home to Dayton. The first indication of something unusual was the presence of a very intense light several miles ahead just above the pine trees. Francis Jenkins. which he calls the "radio photo message continuous transmission machine. the light qrew brighter and brighter until it was actually blocking: the road in front of the car. inventor of the device. ed. has deepened the mystery of the dots and dashes reported heard at the same time by widely separated operators of powerful stations. Todd Will study Photograph of Mysterious Dots and Dashes Recently Recorded Washington. issued instructions to twenty of the navy's highest-powered stations to keep close watch for anything out of the ordinary. or what appears to be a man's face. to take the record. Rear Admiral Edward w. "Quite likely the sounds recorded are the result of heterodyning or interference of radio siqnals. "I don't think the results have anything to do with Mars." (Point Grey was situated in Vancouver. Betty Cash (51). Vickie said: "It was like a diamond of fire.m. thirty feet long and six inches wide. Jenkins. 27-The development of a photographic film record of radio siqnals during a period of about twenty-nine hours. David Todd. c. set up a machine desiqned to receive on a moving film any message that might come smashing through the ether. It was about 9:00 p. The film shows a repetition.. but on the other side at almost evenly spaced intervals are curiously jumbled qroups each takinq the form of a crudely drawn face." says 15 Mr.==================. discloses in black on white a fairly reqular arrangement of dots and dashes along one side. Texas on the Cleveland-Huffman road just north of Lake Houston when the incident occurred. The film. at intervals of about a half hour. and the road was deserted. Eberle.C. Mellish stated. Mr." In addition to lighting the whole area like daytime." cash-Landrum UFO Encounter by John Schuessler Three Texans encountered a UFO on December 29. who has been a prominent experimenter in the field of transmitting photographs by radio. Chief of Naval Operations.) The sounds had not been considered seriously by the operators until the last day or two. in 1924. 1980 and suffered severe medical consequences. professor emeritus of astronomy of Amherst and orqanizer of the international "listening-in" for signals from Mars. SEEKS SIGN FROM MARS IN 30-FOOT RADIO FILM Dr. B. Betty remarked about the unusual brightness. Aug. was induced by Dr. but temporarily lost sight of the light due to the many trees growing along the roadway. It's a freak which we can-'t explain.Fortean Research Journal =================== to static or to leaking transformers in Vancouver.

Finally. but their eyes were permanently damaged. Throughout the sighting a "beep-beep" could be heard. Later she would develop cancer. the glow of the UFO burned their skin and eyes. Schuessler Dec. Although safe from the threat 16 of the object. but it is being withheld without regard for their welfare. Betty stood momentarily by the driver's door and then walked forward to the front of the car. Betty was directly exposed to the heat radiating from the UFO for 5 to 10 minutes. Something should be done . Fearing they would be burned alive Betty stopped the 1980 Oldsmobile CUtlass in the middle of the two-laned road. belching flames downward every few minutes. They were harmed and their lives changed forever. 1980. As Vickie left the car in Dayton she said "My heaq hurts and I am sick. Others saw the UFO and the helicopters. Vickie and Colby had similar problems. Vickie 3 to 5 minutes and Colby only a minute or so. Finally. 1988 During the 1950-1960 era UFO investigators continually found fault with Air Force investigators because of their nonsense answers for UFO sightings. They could feel the heat flooding the car and opened their doors to escape. She spent the better part of the month in the hospital where she lost patches of skin and most of her hair. no one would help. Something happened to three solid God-fearing Americans near Huffman.•••••• WISHFUL THINKING AS AN EXPLANATION FOR UFO'S by John F. By this time the object had been in sight climbing into the night sky for another 5 minutes. The mo$t frequent joke of the time was to tell eyewitnesses they had observed the planet Venus whether . this time to avoid nearing the dangerous object. the huge diamondshaped UFO continued to block the highway. red blotches became huge water blisters and she was weak from nausea and diarrhea. nauseated and very uncomfortable. About five minutes later she turned on to a larger highway and found the UFO and a large many helicopters just ahead. 20. Betty had plans to open a new restaurant the next week.=================== Fortean Research Journal ================== periodically belched flames downward. some of them with twin rotors on top. An unusually ~nergetic woman. Her eyes were swollen shut. the threesome had a new problem. When the flames would stop the object would drop slightly. she stopped the car." Again. the flames stopped and the object rose and flew over the trees. Outside. even the military denied flying their helicopters that night. Colby was terrified and his screaming convinced Vickie to get back in the car to hold and protect him." Betty had a similar problem. At that point they counted more than twenty helicopters. All three witnesses could see helicopters flying around and above the UFO as it flew away. Information is available that could help them and others like them. That plan was doomed. They were hot. She said "The sky was full of helicopters. When Betty tried to re-enter the car she found the door handle so hot she had to use her leather coat as a hotpad to protect her hand while opening the door. For tne next four days her health decjraq~d. after several weeks the diarrhea and stomach pains began to recede. Texas on December 29. Betty started the car and raced ahead through the dark woods. As the UFO moved away they sped on their way back to Dayton. The reports were consistent-the UFO was glowing intensely and the helicopters were of the type flown by the military services. Nevertheless. Meanwhile.

============== Fortean Research Journal ============
or not Venus was actually visible at the time. The press always accepted that answer, as did many UFO investigators. Persistent researchers, however, continued their quest for truth and exposed these fake answers. Unfortunately, their audience was small and the results of their hard work fell on deaf ears. Now we are in the era of the 1980's. The Air Force no longer investigates UFO's, hence UFO investigators no longer need to play the "truth squad" role with their answers. Unfortunately, other groups now come up with explanations tor UFO's based on wishful thinking rather than facts. On December 29, 1980 Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum encountered a large diamond-shaped UFO near the city of Houston, Texas. Since that time claims have been made that the object was a secret u.s. nuclear aircraft, a nuclear powerplant gone out of control, an alien spacecraft piloted by u.s. military pilots, and a number of other strange thinqs. There is no evidence that any of these explanations are true. In fact, most are stranger than if we were to accept the UFO explanation. The Contactee Experience as an Initiation by Ida M. Kannenberg For the past three years I have been studying the contactee experience as a process of init~ation. That pr~cess, no matter ~n what time per~od, or in what part of the word follows the same basic pattern. 1. First, the one to be initiated is somehow cut ott from his communal companions. In very primitive countries this means seizing the young initiand, usually at puberty, and keeping him {or her) for a period of time often a year or more, in a ' s eparate place. xn the UFO experience we read that the person contacted is frequently alone at night, often driving a car on'some lonely unfrequented road. Later as he tries to tell his family 0 ~ friends about his experience, sighting or contact, he is so ridiculed that he withdraws more and more into himself, and in this fashion completes the element of separation. 2. Secondly, the place where the primitive initiand is kept is round, a hut or cave, a compound. The round element is representative of the womb from which after a gestation period, he will emerge, "born again" as a ·more highly developed spiritual and cultural person. In the UFO experience the person had a sighting from his car, which is reasonably rounded, or he ma~ be taken, sooner or later, ~nto a round or oval room, or a squarish one with the corners rounded off, or a v~ulted room. Or he may have had h~s sighting while standing in a field irrigated in the circular fashion, or in a racetrack, or a ball park rounded by the bleachers. 3. The third element is that the initiand, or contactee, is shown or given certain things that have symbolic meaning, or the events he passes through are themselves symbolic, as are certain rituals.


========================= Fortean Researc h
4. Fourth, he finds himself given a tutor or mentor , or teach~rs, or guides. This mentor will stick to him come hell or high water (or 30 degrees bel ow zero) . We f~nd an example today in the Kachi nas of the Hopi Indians . In the 1950 era several contactees reported meeting a personage wno wore a mask or half- mask . All of these represent t he myth ical ancestors who gave t hat community its earliest arts and sciences and rules of conduct, and who return periodically to teach and guide in the present. 5. In addition t o the teachings the init iand , or contactee , finds he must undergo certain discipl ines. Some of these may seem quite inane, as Whitley Streiber was told not to eat c hocolate, and he had a terrible struggle trying to follow this injunction . The one being initiated will undergo actual ordeals, which get tougher and tougher. He will be required to make certain vows , usually to serve God and to help his fellow man . 6. He must l earn the traditions of his community . In the case of the contactee he wi l l find himself studying ancient civilizations and basic religions of the world. 7. In addition to all this he will be given certain tasks. Some of these will seem quite pointless, other t i mes they will be most valuable. In my first task I was told to go to Virginia Beach and study a l l I could in the Edgar cayce writings about Atlantis, and next to go to the Smithsonian and study the Sumerian civilization. The tasks will become more and more difficult, which gives a feeling of climbing, of advancing, or of ascension. 8. After a very long time, perhaps years i n the contactee experience, a peak of ascension or a topping off point will be reached. At this time certain revelations will be given. I n very primitive societies the initiand actually climbs a tall pole or a tree

Jour n a l


truD~~ At the top he is made to pelieve he hears the voice of God. 9. A further result ls that the now initiated one finds himself capable of special abilities. We hear o f contactees who have become quite psychic and much more aware of special events taking place arounc.t them . lO. Flnally the initiate becomes aware t hat he has attained a more responsible place in his community . He has been "elevated." In some societies, as Amerindian he might be permitted to continu~ his study to become shaman. As I have indicated the progress through the pattern of initiation is precisely the same in all communities, from the Australian bushman to the priest in our modern churcp . The process is the same, only the outer dressing corresponds to the time and place of the initiate . As ~ontactees we may ask, "Into what pJ:e we being initiated?" Good question. My mentors answered thus, " Into a world wide organization dedicate to the purpose of helping peace and justice return again to the world." I asked, "Again? Has there ever been such peace and harmony in THIS world? " They said, " Yes. But so long ago history has forgotten. It SHALL come again. It has been so destined! " Ida M. Kannenberg 307 So. 19th St. Laramie, WY 82070

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UFO in Rural Nebraska by Dale Bacon

SIGHTING On the morning of Tuesday, July 15th, 1986, a twenty-six year old machine operator living in a small town north of Lincoln, Nebraska was fully awakened for no apparent reason. The clock near his bed indicated the time to be exactly 3:30 am. Allen (not his real name, this is on file in the Fortean Research Center) climbed from bed and was going to enter the bathroom when he changed his mind. Instead he walked into the bedroom of his son. Allen's wife and infant son were visiting relatives at the time leaving him alone in the double-wide trailer situated on the outskirts of this small farming community. At the time of the incident Allen did not think his actions unusual, but upon recall he wondered why he had entered the son's room. There had been no real reason to qo there, but he did so anyway. Once in the bedroom Allen walked to the southwest window which overlooked the backyard of his home. To his amazement and surprise Allen said he observed a bright yellow object hovering approximately 50 feet above the ground, just a few feet over the tree line of his yard. Allen claims to have watched the circular object for 10-15 minutes from the bedroom window, during this time the object appeared to pulsate. Desiring to get a better view of the object, Allen re-entered his bedroom and quickly pulled on a pair of pants. The weather conditions for July 21, 1986 (according to the National Weather Service) was mostly clear skies, visibility of 12 miles. Winds were out of the south at 10 mph, with thin ice clouds at 20,000 feet. Once outside Allen noticed that the object appeared to be moving up and down very slowly, as well as gently movinq back and forth. He reported it to resemble a "slow 19

Artistic depiction of the sighting based on eyewitness description rocking boat." His first thought was that the swaying of the trees might be causing tho object to appear to move. He looked at other trees in the area and did not notice any movement. Allen considered phoning a neighbor to see if he was the only one who could see this, but did not. Instead he walked towatd the tree line, getting closer to the yellow object. As he moved to the southwest he consciously made an attempt to "telepathically" communicate with the object. His report stated, "I tried to talk to · the object with brain waves and thinking friendly thoughts and ones of letting me know more about them or it." As Allen began to "think" to the object, he claims it started to pulsate in color from bright to dark yellow. He was reminded of "a flashing yellow traffic light, but much slower, like someone breathing." Allen claims to have not removed his gaze from the object at any time after it beg~n to pulsate. After what seemed to be only a few minutes, the object stopped pulsating and began to slowly move to the northwest until it could not be seen. He climbed a pile of wooden pallets stacked about 8 feet in height, but still could not see the object. Allen quickly returned to his house with the idea to get dressed and follow the object on his motorcycle. Upon entering the

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trailer he saw that one hour and ten minutes had passed from the time he first went outside to view the object. Knowing he had to be at work in less than a half-hour Allen did not pursue the object. Instead, he came into Lincoln and reported what he had seen to an investigator of the Fortean Research center. INITIAL INVESTIGATION My initial contact with Allen showed the man to be highly excited and "pumped up" with adrenalin. Approximately 3:00 pm I went to ,Allen's home and made mv preliminary study, consisting of a taped interview, making drawings of the area and taking HIU&llr!i"-'!l!t~t;s of the yard, including the tree line. A visit to the area where the alleged object had been stationary revealed nothing out of the ordinary. When interviewed, neighbors in the area reported nothing unusual that they had been aware of during the night. One neighbor who owns some horses very near the location of the object reported no activity from the animals during the incident. Allen reported that at least one dog down the street had been "barking as if in pain" at the time of the sighting. PHONE CALLS Telephone calls to various operational services which may have had some activity in the air that night revealed the following: Lincoln Control Tower: The tower had shut down at ten o'clock, with no information available. omaha Radar A~proach Control: The area-of the s gohtlng was being monitored by Minnesota Radar control at IFR level. Unless deliberate contact is made with the tower ORAC does not follow air traffic in the Lincoln area . Air National Guard: There were no flight operations in this area at the time noted. Army Nationa l Guard: The earliest air operations begin at nine o'clock. No operations in the area . National Weather Services: Weather balloons are sent a l oft twice daily, at 5 : 30 am and 5:3o pm. Flight Services: There had been an air taxi arriving at Lincoln Airport at 3:09 am, departing at 3:18 am southeast to Kansas City, MO. At 3:06 am there had been radio contact with a plane in the area, but there was no indication of the location of the craft. FINDINGS Measuring the distance from where Allen had been standing to where he claimed the object was s i tuated gave us a figure of 150 ft. The approximate height of the trees over which the object was seen was 20-25 ft. Allen had said the object was about the size of a basketball when comparing a handheld coin at arms length. Based on this information and using the Pythagorum Theorum, it has been estimated that the object could have been between 53-67 feet wide and between 16-20 feet in height . There were no related reports found anywhere in the area for that night, so it would seem that the only known eyewitness was the reportee. Allen has a limited knowledge of astronomy, consisting of wellknown constellations, stars and planets, yet he has no trouble identifying man-made satellites. SUMMARY/ FOLLOW-UP On November 27, 1988 Allen appeared as a telephone quest on the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio broadcast to relate his sighting to listeners of the pr ogr am. During the broadcast Allen stated that a few months earlier his four-year-old son had asked him about the yellow light seen through the childs' bedroom window. According to Allen, he had never mentioned the i nci dent to his son and to the

========== Fort:ean Research Journal ===========
best of his knowledge neither had his wife. At the time of the initial report Allen had compared the incident to the birth of his son. It had filled him with wonder and made him teel like a new person. Allen does not seem to be the sort of person who would deliberately make up a story of this type. He says he has always had an interest in unknown phenomena, but prefers to work on automobile engines in his spare time rather than chase lights in the sky. back sunday, we were playing bingo & right away she called us & said "Mom, this has started". We ' didn't know what to expect ••• we thought it was going to be a lot worse than what was there ..••

Why did you think it was going to be worse? .Q.:.!_: Well, we had heard that it was 7 times stronger when it would come back. T.R. had started crying again because K.S. had told her that. When mom was away on Saturday night, I was at the front window. We had come back & I was in the front room looking out the front window, and it came on the porch ••• it looked like it came from a side angle. There was nobody that walked by ••• there was no traffic that went by at that time. W.M. was sitting in the front room watching TV. That was the first I had ever seen it actually come in & fall. This was in July.


Blood Falls froa the Sky in Rev England pt.XX by Scott B. Colborn

(In the Winter 1988 edition of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center, Scott H. Colborn began a lengthy article discussing a mysterious phenomena taking place on the East Coast. Here then is Part II of the story, Blood Falls from the Sky in New England. ed.) Getting back to your family, has there been one particular person in your family who has been at home each & every time that the blood has fallen? D.A: Not each 5 every time. It's usually mom & T.R. that has been there but we've also been there maybe 3 times. When it started

It was back in July? Yes, when it was falling all 12 days in a row, or nights in a row. I said to W.M, "My God it just fell on the porch". T.R. came to the window, leaned down on her knees & said it looked like it came from a straight angle. There were spots right at the steps & it hit the mailbox & dripped right off the mailbox. I never thought that it was anyone from the family.

Has this person B.R. been present everytime this has happened? ~ Not for about the first 6 nights it happened. She was walking a dog & she had stopped & that's when Mom was out trying to wash off the porch. I'm sure people thought there was a knock-down drag-out fight out there with this blood around. While mom was out there washing it off, it was like it had just come from the roof & come down her back . Mom said "T. R. get the flashlight •.• it's coming out of the porch roof". We looked &


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there was no blood, no drips or anything. w.Mz No way it could come through tHe porch roof. lLJl: That's when W.M. started realizing that this isn't right. You know, nothing can be dripping down a person's back when they're bent over like that. We were trying to get it cleaned up & it was down her back, all over her shirt ••• down her legs. Have you ever heard anything when the blood falls? ~: We have heard it splat on the concrete. On the porch, T. R. & I were both standing right there & didn't hear anything. We turned around & there it was • ••
~: ~:


You have air conditioning in your house? D.A: Yes Has this ever appeared inside the house? R,;A: No

Ji.i: Has there ever been anything unusual inside your home? 12.:.,!: No

Does anyone that lives With have any kind of medical problem? Ever had dental work or do they have sores or anything like this? .n.:.A: No, nothing • ••






No unusual noise at all? No, I was out in the back yard & I did notice when they went out the front door, the back door vibrated.


I wanted to ask you about

You said something about T.R ••• a nervous habit of biting her lip? JL.A: We checked her lip when we went home & she had a blister back here on the tongue ••• like, she was chewing her gum & had done it. She does chew her lip, but not that you could get blood or anything.

We were on the back porch & were on the front porch, seeing if we could see anything. We stayed in the back instead of the front and I told s. then, "Look at that door vibrating". That's why that vibrated, when they went out the front door. so, that may have been why that door vibrated, when they went out the front.






Has she ever made it bleed? Yes, there's been times that bled.



Is it possible when you were looking at the blood on the back porch, that somebody may have gone in the front door? You said earlier that there was blood that appeared on the front porch at one time. You went in through the house, into the kitchen where the back door is, and the back door vibrated. When you opened it, there was blood on the door. Is it possible that somebody might have come into the front door at that time & pulled it closed? Not that night, people were in the front room ••• B.R. was on the phone.

Do you know what blood type she has? D. A: I thought it was A. She said she was tested in school & told she had B type blood, so I'm not sure now. But, it seemed to me she had A and I tried to get a copy of her blood type made. The doctor said they don't usually do that unless it's a request that they put it down on the form .


Do you have a Birth certificate for T.R. with her blood type on it? ~: It doesn't have it on there. I looked ••• ! was going to take her & have her blood tested. I said, "It sounds like to me, T.R, that they might think that you're spitting this blood". She said, "Are they crazy? •• • They can come right down now & take it if they want to".

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W.M: I don't believe it's her. I really don't. D.A: She was kind of upset over ~ She said, "I can't believe they think I would be able to spit all that". H. P: Do you know your mother's blood type? JLA: It's "A". W.M, B.M, & I have type "A" also. ~: Do you know anyone in your family who has ever experienced any kind of phenomenon like this happening? ~: Just my brother's father, & he was born with a veil over his face. He could stop fever, stop chills ••• he could blow fire ••• you know, I was told. ~: Have you actually seen him do any of these? D.A: No. My mother has ••• she said she's seen him stop nose bleeds ••• she said he would put his hand over a head & say some words you couldn't hear & she said it would stop. ~: Your mother was married to him? ~: Yes, for about 11 years. They were divorced for about 30 years & then he passed away ••• the middle of June. He would have been 77 in July ••• I didn't see any problem between them ••• never have seen anything that would make me think ••• we were just trying to put two & two toqether, thinking maybe this had something to do with this, but we don't know. H.P: Are you or anyone at your house in fear of their life? D.A: No, I'm not ••• I do get upset. It does worry me. T. R. seems to think that it's her that would be in jeopardy ••• you know, things that K.S. said to her. It seems like it would be for the kids more than anything. I do worry about them ••• I try to keep them close. ~: I've heard stories about sacrifice & stuff like that. No one can come along & take my kids for some kind of worship, or something like that. .B.:..f: Has anyone made any threats? .a.,A: No.

In your opinion, do you think this will continue? ~: I don't know •• . W.M: We thought it would quit ~er the first time. ~: Yes, thi~gs were starting to ease up, when ~t was the 25th day that we didn't see anything & then, you know, that was the first that we had been out of the house. We thought we would go out & then we get the call and had to come home because it started again. You know, we were scared to go anywhere. H.P: If it continues, do you have any plans to deal with it? ~: Just keep looking for answers. Maybe moving. W.M: I want to move & start Soiiiewhere else. ~: Do you have any feelings about the occurences which have been happening at your house? D.A: I know it's not normal ••• ! dOn't think it's right. I don't think it's somebody doing it. I just don't know what it is. ~: Do you feel unusual when it happens? D.A: I get a weird feeling in my stomach. !.:J!: I think when everybody started telling us a bunch of stuff that it could be, they got a lot more scared. ~: It could be what? Supernatural? ~: Right, supernatural or demons or whatever. I really don't want to accept that, myself. But the way it looks, that's about what it is. ~: When you say ••• I think you said you were a strong disbeliever until what happened? W.M: Until I saw that, up underneath that window ledge at the basement where it looked like somebody almost had to be up on top of it to do it. D. A: we were sitting in the back yard one evening ••• it wasn't quite dark yet. We were looking to see if it could be bats or anything out through the alleyway. T.R. walked out ' said "It's done on that front porch already". w.M .

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jumped up off that chair ••• he knew then that there was something, because there was no one that walked by. ~: BUt somebody could have come from the south side, which would have been your blind side. Right? J2.a.A: Yes, but it didn't look like it came in that way ••• looked like it came in from the north. !d!: It came across the spoutinq & all. ~: Yes, it caught the spouting, the railing right across there & W.M. kind of stood there & looked funny. That was the night that we called the police because they had hit the basement window, the back door & went through the screen, & it was on the door. W.M. never actually saw it drop where, you know, we have. W.M: The other time it scared me Wa'S when those two were standing there in front of that window & I just looked up at them before they stood there, & there wasn't anything on that window & when they moved, there it was, running down the side • •• & there was no way it could get between them. It was almost right behind them. J2.:.A.: We would have seen something, we had to. I had the screen door open, standing in the doorway, T.R. & I, & she was standing right down & I was standing in the door, the screen door, & she was standing right beside me on the porch. We both looked around & there it was. We didn't hear anything or see anything. I couldn't understand where that came from at all. It was just right there on that windowsill, in the front. K.J: What time does the blood that's what it was". I said, "Go look then". She looked out & said "Oh, it's on the porch. It's on the porch". When I said "What?" she responded, "That stuff, it's' all over the porch". We didn't hear anybody on the porch ••• you just don't know what to think of it. .!.:.,l: Does anybody in your house perform any type of unusual rituals or any type of seances ••. ? .!?..:A= No, we wouldn't even know how. ~: I was raised in the Church. I wouldn't allow anything like that. H. P: When you moved to your hOUse, did you notice anything unusual? Anything strange or unusual? ~: It's one of the best places we have had. ~: Have you always lived with your mother & the people living with you now? D.A: Yes, except for mom. She's lived with us for about the last 3 years. We asked her to quit work & watch our kids while we work. !!.:..f.: Is there a.n ything else you can think of to tell us? .Q.:.!.: Nothing. Department of Police On 9/4/88 at approximately 10 p.m. this writer was contacted at home by B. R, a neighbor of the people living at N. Blueberry. B.R. briefly explained the events occuring at the residence & stated that the blood was again falling on the residence as we were speaking on the phone. This writer immediately went to the above stated address to investigate. Upon arrival, this writer found blood spatter on the front porch, front sidewalk, a vehicle parked directly in front of the residence, & on the side walk leading from the front to the back of the house (north side). No blood was falling or did fall in the presence of this writer. A field test for blood was performed on the fallen liquid, & resulted in a positive finding for


fiOm 9 to 11, somewhere around

Well, in July it was usually

there. But then, it fell in the daytime. K.J: BUt only on one time. ~: Only on one occasion ••• we were all in the front room. T.R. said, "I just saw something". I said, "What do you mean?". That was probably a shadow from the traffic. She said, "I don't think

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the presence of blood. A brief interview with the occupants of the residence was conducted. All occupants stated the blood mysteriously appeared from nowhere, & nobody was seen around the residence who may have been responsible for throwing the blood, or placing the blood on the residence. on 9/9/88 this writer & Det.H.P. returned to the residence after being informed that the blood appeared at it's worst. Photos &: blood samples were taken from both the front & back porch. The blood samples were taken to the Crime laboratory for further testing. The blood stopped falling after this date. No further action taken. To date, no explanation is available for the appearance of the blood on this residence. Reporting Officer: R.J. CONCWSION The Fortean Research Center has received a copy of the lab report done by a forensic chemist for the police department. Submitted to the chemist was the following: Item 11 Piece of gauze with apparent blood labeled "front". Item t2 Piece of gauze with apparent blood labeled "back". Item f3 Glass vial containing apparent liquid blood. Results Of Examination: Items 1 & 2: The stains were identified as being human blood. The H substance was detected in these stains utilizing the AbsorbtionElution Method. However, this result could not be confirmed by reverse typing (Lattes Method) • Item 3 : The liqUid blood was identified as being human. The A antigen & H substance was detected in the liquid blood using the slide method. The sample was too lyzed to utilize reverse typing for confirmation.

The Fortean Research Center called Det. H.P, the primary officer involved in this case, on 1/28/89 as we went to print with this Journal. He told the Center that an individual who was a medical doctor (name not known by the F.R.C.) had made contact With the family involved in this case &: had agreed to perform some sort of an exorcism in the families home. This was done last fall. Well, this particular doctor lives in a two story house, with his office on the first floor & his residence on the second floor. The doctor had been out on an errand or call around last Christmas and upon returning home had found blood on an outside door on the second floor. Apparently there is an outside staircase to this door. The police detective speculated that if an injured party had not found the doctor in his office & had climbed the stairway in the hopes of finding him at home, the injured person would have left traces of blood on the railing, staircase, & stoop or landing. None was found. A sample was taken & is being analyzed now. I got the impression that this officer feels the 2 cases are connected. Well, what about some theories? L.A's deceased ex-husband was born with a veil over his face. In some occult circles this suggests that this person will have extranormal abilities or powers. This man apparently died just before the blood began falling. So, a man who could make a cut or scrap stop bleeding while he lived ••• stop nose bleeds .. . could there be a connection? He could stop bleeding while he lived ••• he died & blood began to fall. Or should we put more weight on the connection with T.R. & K.S? K.S.introduced an element of black magic in this story that can't be overlooked. Can a group of people stare out a window at someone walking down the street and make that person fall by the focused gaze of the group~ or how about when K.S. asked T.R. if there was a problem at her

================== Fortean Research Journal ================== house, & that "it will start & offer you any further data. I again". The incidents indeed then have offered any assistance that r started. Whether or not there is can give to Det. H.P. Perhaps in a ~ie-in is hard to say at this the future we can converse point. In an earlier conversation directly with the family & print with the police detective he told their responses. At any rate, I me the family went to a local feel that this case is still open, "psychic" last fall and were told and time will tell. Indeed, time to spread salt around the house, & will tell . to lay a Bible by the front door on the porch. A member of the family later that day looked out a front window & saw the pages of the Bible turning yet reported that there was no breeze to have blown the pages to make them Letters to the Editor appear as if they were turning. I asked Det. H.P. if there was a hospital nearby that could have possibly burnt some waste products In the last quarter of '88 I in an incinerator, & then on wind reviewed the George Andrews book currents fallen on the house & Extra-terrestrials Amon~ Us. Upon immediate area. Det. H.P. said further review, I feel 1t's my that a hospital was located responsibility to caution the nearby; however he felt after reader that Andrews touches on, following this up that this was and speculates in, some very not the answer. Additionally, controversial areas which include consider that some of the blood drugs, various religions and the was found on the top surface of a occult, which is unfortunate recessed basement window, as if it considering the outstanding work had moved in a lateral sense to he has done, outlined in my strike the window. initial review. Could 1 or more members of the Kirk Fenster family be involved in a hoax? One could theorize this, but for what gain? They don't appear to be interested in a screen play, a In response to the Lear movie script, or widespread statement and some of those who notoriety. Indeed we have wrote responses-! can't believe some of you are so gullible that promised the reporting officer you could possibly believe the that their names would not be E.B.E.'s claim of creating Jesus used. To subject themselves to Christ. If you have studied scrutiny •• • for what sake? And the abduction cases at all, one thing family felt that if an outside is clear: E.B.E.'s lie to and party was literally slinging blood at their home that they would have deceive their victims. The E.B.E. been seen by themselves or a who was responsible for this claim neighbor. was in captivity, which is all the Charles Fort collected reports more reason to feed us full of of falls of objects including disinformation. The E.B.E.'s blood from the sky so there is a effort to deceive man about the precedent for this facinating truth concerning Jesus Christ is by far their worst atrocity case. We offer this report with against mankind. no particular weight being given F.K. to any one theory. My own Lincoln , NE personal conviction is that this experience will probably draw the family a lot closer together. We will stay in touch with Det. H.P.

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were on Americas best seller lists. Both books dealt exclusively with UFO abduction reports. TV and radio talk shows nationwide were interviewing people claiming to have been clinically examined, probed and sexually violated by creatures from other galaxies. Some, as in the case of Kathie Davis, even being artificially impregnated by the alien captors. Philip J. Klass, author and world's leading skeptical authority of Unidentified Flying Objects, presents what he refers to as the "truth" behind the abduction experience. Mr. Klass firmly believes the public has been "hoodwinked and brainwashed" by the largely pro-UFO media hype. UFO Abductions-A Dangerous Game is his latest contribution in print presenting information pertaininq to the more popular abduction reports. Information which was either overlooked, iqnored or simply not reported in the popular press. Author Klass touches on various aspects of the abduction scenario such as the use of hypnosis when ' seeking information ·about an . alleged incident, including the danger of unconscious contamination by poorly trained or amateur hypnotists. The writing style is very straightforward and the 222 pages can be quickly read. An individual who staunchly believes in the UFO abduction reports without question will not find Mr. Klass' book enjoyable, if he or she reads it at all. However UFO Abductions-A Dangerous Game ' deserves to be read by everyone who honestly tries to look at both sides of any claim dealing with UFO's. I recommend this book. reviewed by Dale Bacon Editor, Journal of the Fortean Research Center

pFO Abductions-A Dangerous Game updated edition Philip J. Klass Prometheus Books 1989 In 1966 a married couple in New Hampshire claimed they had been taken, against their will, aboard an extraterrestrial space craft. on board the vehicle the two were. allegedly subjected to painful physical examinations by the alien occupants. The Betty and Barney Hill story was presented in the october issue of~ magazine, written into a book and eventually made into a popular motion picture. Thus the UFO abduction scenario seems to have been born. Shortly thereafter other men and women began coming forward making similar claims. By the late 1980's the abduction stories were media-wide attention qrabbers. Two books, ,Intruders by Budd Hopkins and cgmmunion by Whitley Streiber,


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Mr. Klass' latest effort, UFO Abductions-A Danairous Game, iiiiY b8 danqerous t o e reader unless you desire lessons in discreditinq others, which seems to be the common thread runninq throuqh this book. When you consider the aud-slinqinq between some UPOloqists, Mr. Klass' book fits riqht in. I feel it would be wise to look beyond this type of thinkinq. our emphasis should be on the "somethinq" that's qoinq on out there which we have labelled UFO abduction, but do not c~early understand. Perhaps, God-willinq, someday the critics will lay down their pencils and help in findinq some real answers to this perplexinq phenomena. review by K.F. production of the Journal itself and have ~ccess to computer equipment we need ~ndividuals with IBM compatible software, hardware, and a willingness to help. My purpose with this request is so that others .w ill be able to input ~rticles, stories and various typed ~nformation used in the Journal. In the past only a handfull of diligent devotees to the cause of Fortean research have done all the work in publishinq the maqazine you hold in your hand. We are all volunteers donatinq our time, mostly out of love. It can sometimes be overwhelminq. As the center qrows so does the workload. ' As to the specifics of our current setup, the system we are usinq is a TRS 1000, with compatibility to both types of disks. The proqram being used is the DeskMate II. For this issue we have obtained the use of a Hewett-Packard LaserJet printer. Anyone who knows the price of computer equipment knows that this type of printer retails for thousands of dollars. Many dollars more than a non-profit orqanization is likely to have. As the Center is based in Nebraska, we would like to keep as much of the actual work done on a local level as we can. I do not say this out of Nebraska-based eqoic pride (Go Biq Red), but rather because it is easier to drive across town to check on a print error than it is to mail the disks across the country. Any contribution you can make to brinq the Journal of the Fortean Research Center up to the best possible quality research maqazine is appreciated and welcomed. Thank you and now ••• on with the qood stuff.





Bditorial •••• from paqe f2 more asked questions we have heard lately has been ••• "How can I help?" In the Director's Messaqe of this issue Scott Colborn, director of the center, has offered a number of workable suqqestions. In addition to these, I would like to add one more. If you would like to assist in the

an art as old as mankind. Saturn will shine at 0. This planet travels quickly around the Sun. After 12 years of travel Voyager II will send back close-up images from this distant world . the God of war. much of this general knowledge has been lost. Mercury will be visible in the morning sky on June 18th. This column is intended to re-familiarize you with the night-time sky. however. . The reason is. but only 10 degrees above the horizon. On June 18th it will shine at 0. During the month of June Venus will emerge in the west at sunset.. Voyager II will leave the Solar system. After that. will meet apart. It will slowly climb eastward against the backdrop of stars. it should be easy to find. Today. Let's take a look at what's ahead for the next three months. Mercury is actually a very easy object to locate. On June 24th Neptune will make a close conjunction with the ringed planet. Look about an hour before sunrise or after sunset to spot this elusive planet. to spark an interest in celestial events. but from the Earth it won't seem to get very high in the sky. Mercury never gets very far from the Sun so it can only be seen after sunset or before sunrise. mar•eevenue 29 Saturn will rule the summer sky. Look in the west after sunset near Leo the Lion.1 magnitude while Neptune will be only 7. They learned to recognize the familiar patterns year after year. Our ancestors constantly watched the stars. Look for a bluish star. Low in the south and still near the constellation Sagittarius.3 degrees apart. just wait until August 25th. Through binoculars or a small telescope you might be able to see image just above Saturn. It takes only 88 days to complete one orbit. If you can't find it.9 mag.5 magnitude. Mars will shine at 1. On July 12th Venus. The two will be only 0. The two will be. the Goddess of love. We have a wonderful window to the universe. An emmisary from a tiny planet-the third from the Sun. well below naked eye visibility (see notes). but many people never realize it. mainly due to large cities and an unfortunate thing called light pollution.==================== Fortean Research Journal =================== by Erik Bubl Sky Watch Peering into the heavens. On August 29th it will be a little better placed for viewing in the evening sky.9 mag. and will be about 100 above to horizon.8 magnituda while Venus will dominate at -3.

Follow the curve of the Dippers' handle to a bright yellow star. look for Hercules. TE R A1though most people know that they can use the Big Dipper to point to the North Star. Missouri 30 FACE SOUTH AND HOLD THIS CHART OVERHEAD TO FIND THESE CONSTELLATIONS This year the Summer Solstice. HE R CULES Most of North America will be able to see a total eclipse of the Moon on the night of August 16th. An example: I can see satellites from Earth ••. The Moon should turn a dark red in color. (ie. FROM THE MAIL ROOM: Dear Erik. Now I know things that I have been wondering about. NOTES: Magnitude is the astronomical measure of brightness.================== Fort:ean Research Journal ================== SUMMEI'~ -0~ I FALL ~~ WO . Lights seen on/above or crossing highways . If not it would explode. More on this in the next issue. Nearby is a horseshoe-shaped constellation called Corona Borealis. At 40° N latitude we will recieve 15 hours of daylight and 9 hours of darkness. It looks somewhat like an elongated 'H'. but faint stars and city lights make it hard to find. Lights were seen in many states. . What I have been wondering is I have heard that everything that has entered or has left the Earth has to be at a certain time and degree. This is Arcturus in the constellation Bootes. will occur on Wednesday JUne 21st at 09:44 UT (4:44am COT).B. . and the sun -27th magnitude. This is the longest day of the year and the sun will reach its highest point in the sky. S. For those with keen sight. a full Moon -12th mag. particularly the moons' color. The faintest star visible to the unaided eye is +6th magnitude. I would be interested in hearing about your observations. the Northern Crown. I read "Sky Watch" and I think that it is very interesting. The eclipse will begin at 8:20 pm. or first day of summer. The brightest star is +1 or o. the middle at 10:08 pm and it will end by 11:55 pm (all COT). Venus can be -4th mag. How long would this explosion last and what would be the effect of its explosion? Example "the Russian satellite explosion" in 1987. was it dark red or bright red or were there grey shadows?). Thus the term "blood on the Moon". few know that it can also be used to find some other objects in the Summer sky. This will be an excellent eclipse and will be watched by many people. I saw about 6 of them in 30 minutes time in 1986.

the spacecraft will end up in a very elliptical orbit and not the desired circular orbit.·= ========= Fortean Research Journal ================== Dear S. chances of one hitting someone are about a trillion to one! Thanks for the letter. re~ter the atmosphere.•. Several pieces might even break apart.he s~e applies for reentry. When rockets are launched from the Earth it is true that they must be launched during a certain time and at a certain angle.000 mph and would easily be seen over many states.. But dont worry. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. Different metals would burn in different colors and a flame and smoke trail might be discerned. it will certainly burn up • . please write to: ERIK HUBL Astronomical Advisor FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. the craft will not be able to escape the Earths' gravity and will plunge back to the ground. T.O. If the angle is too shallow. The object would most likely burn up completely or. as in the case of the Soviet satellite. but if it's too steep. When _ol~ ~~~elli~~~ . The satellite would be travelling at well over 20. but they would keep moving in the same trajectory. A launch window refers to a time span that the spacecraft can be launched in order to rendezvous with something or be correctly positioned in orbit. The sight would be incredible. Some of the articles that will be included are: -MUFON 1989 Symposium -Rocky Mountain UFO Conference -Skywatch -Bookreviews .B. they burn up rapidly. If the angle is too shallow the spacecraft will skip off the Eartha' atmosphere. The sound itself would not last long. but it could be loud enough to shatter windows. AND MUCH MORE. the more solid pieces would impact into the Earth. If you have any questions about watching the sky. and keep looking up-you never know what you might see.. Any explosion effect would be from the object breaking apart or most likely from sonic booms. The angle is equally important for if it is too steep. Going on sale in the summer! 31 .NE 68509 NEXT ISSUE watch for the SUMMER 1989 edition of the Journal of the Fortean Research center.


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What do we really know right now? The answer is. and answer questions . "Oh come on. ". and. I just don't think we know enough to jump on anyone's band wagon. It appears to me that what we have are two basic camps: 1) Hate the alien. if you believe that you've got it fi~red out. A point of view was expressed that tear's material was too strange to allow MUFON to associate with him.. T. Well..~. you are leaving yourself open for knowing at a future time . By saying that you "don't know". The above·. "Star Man". I ask y0u. "Not enough to jump to conclusions". . for reasons not known. Indeed. And there are those who. And in the process not dismiss an idea because it is too wierd. "Hurry up". Not that I was (or am) a "believer" in his research ••• just that I hoped that by Lear providing additional information. and scores of magazine and journal articles to numerous to l ist here on the subject of human/alien involvement.. "menin-black"/abductee reports. we might understand him better. "Alf". I really laugh when I hear a UFO researcher disparage a point of view or a line of inquiry. but to make ·the attempt at understanding. Not to mention books.•• you're right! It is my belief that we are witness to some tremendous struggles within our government and military as to whether or not the American people can handle the "truth" regarding UFO's.•. Let me restate that. "We havn't got much time left". In all fairness to Lear. I feel the question should have been not who his sources are.information is not new.. want to let the 4 American people know. _ O c:ourse I'ye _ f reduced what very well might be a complex. some of it not . On the other hand. Perhaps not agree. a typical reaction ~s to dismiss new information if it doesn't fit your particular slant. and "Close Encounters". "Mork & Mindy". I attempted to ·argue that it was precisely because of the strangeness of ·Lear's research that we should give . 1) a whole bunch. "E. At the recent MUFON conference (June 1989 in Las Vegas) I ate breakfast with some researchers and the discussion got spirited when we discussed John Lear being "dis-invited" to speak. . In addition to the previously published papers in this Journal. can't he make up his mind?". sort of. The pot calling the kettle black . arid I didn't learn much. Television programs and films like "Alien Nation". The Fortean Research Center will continue to discuss a whole host of controversial topics. "Cocoon".. B¥ keeping an open mind. ~he _ali~n. many armchair enthusiasts and some veteran Ufologists are making pronouncements of fact and asking you to "buy into" their belief system. I know what you might be thinking here. even symbiotic relationship to an either/or duality . Well guess what .him time at a microphone to present ~aterial. well. we all m~ght learn something. what is a guy or gal (or alien) supposed to think? Or. anything new. Or perhaps we could simply say. In fact I'm counseling a "don't know" attitude. "My Favorite Martian". 2) not very much. John Lear spoke "unofficially" at the conference. I would like to ask you a question . "War of the Worlds". but the effect is pretty much the same. they might say. but would he and his sources agree to testify at a . Some of it ~ntentional. Colborn Underground alien bases •• secret governmental/alien treaties .======================= Fortean Research Journal From the Director Loving/Hating the Alien by scott H. I didn't hear what I wanted to hear .. both in print and during our weekly radio show. and~ 2) LoY. are we supposed to think? Over the last five years I've had a growing suspicion that there is a lot of disinformation going on regardin~ alien/human contact. There are those who would just as soon continue the 40+ year cover-up ..

And so it goes.. . Moore would like to comment further I will gladly give him space in my column. Linda Moulton Howe. describing her recent experience with people who make the claim of having been abducted by aliens. Bill Moore's disclosure at the Las Vegas MUFON conference that he aided intelligence agents in a dis-information program aimed at Paul Benewitz has raised questions with a lot of people. As a last comment. and a good time was had by all . This focused on the alleged underground UFO base supposedly located in Dulce. New Mexico. Use discretion. cont. I would ask of you patience and the will for understanding what the UFO subject brings us. Director Scott Colborn and I both had the opportunity to give public presentations at the omacon IX convention in Omaha. co-editor of UFO magazine. Are his actions an example of the end justifying the means? I enjoyed meeting Timothy Good at the MUFON conference. Wyoming. ghost. There were 30 of us in attendance and the conversations were as wide-ranging as the diversity of the members themselves. The Fortean Research Center had its pot-luckfvideojmeeting on July 15. discussing her current research. Bill said that he was offered information in exchange as part of a deal. with immunit¥ and protection offered to anyone ~n the military or other sensitive government positions. but not so open that your brains fall out"! 5 Editorial . and Dr. congressional hearings are probably the only way we'll be able to afford these "sources" the level of protection they need. as I mentioned. Timothy seems to have a grasp of the complex nature of the UFO phenomena. More recently the RAF Bentwaters sighting was addressed to a group of 40+ men and women at the Unity Church of Today in omaha . I also attended the 1989 Conference for UFO Investigators in Laramie. just do what the author Andrew Neher advises : "Keep an open mind. I think . and don't jump on what might look to be a comfortable "band wagon".================= Fortean Research Journal ================== congressional hearing. Nebraska. The conference centered on women in UFO research and I was able to hear a number of very good s~eakers. In addition to the summer vacation activites any family man participates in.. I'm not asking you to love or hate the alien . and poltergeist phenomena. the evening would have been story-book perfect. along with Vallee's Dimensions: Casebook of Alien Contact. a noted authority on cattle mutilations . The Center was asked to give a presentation on November 5th which lasted over three hours. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the rest of the Journal. Vallee said that as a researcher he wants to talk to the individual involved. a busy one. Nebraska this summer. Good's book Above Top Secret is one of the best books I've read in the last couple of years. and I hope we hear more of his counsel. You'll hear more on this idea from me in the future! Some recollections from the June MUFON conference of this year . There is a subtle message involved here. If Mr . . Scott spoke about the RAF Bentwaters alleged UFO landing in 1980 and I gave a talk on the apparition. author of Encounters. I especially liked and agreed with what Jacques Vallee said about not wanting to talk with the person who knows the person who has talked to the person that claims to have seen a UFO. The audience was quite receptive and inquisitive. Edith Fiore. If it had not been for Scott's jeep losing a muffler as we entered the city. Perhaps a small qu~stion ~an be raised here regard~ng eth~cs or the lack of such.. from page 3 This summer was. There are a lot of "want-to-believers" out there whose belief system flucuates with every book read or talk heard. explaining her viewpoints of "The Ultimate UFO Secret".. Among the speakers were V~ckie Cooper..

. known as 'the most haunted house in England . " . was for many years. ' " or so believed author and parapsychologist Harry Price in 1940 . a dark and rambling old house that stood in the village of Barley on the border between Essex and Suffolk. " (Strange 1988) A storyline from a 1987 copy of the Lincoln. most major media reported a spectacular poltergeist. The Milwaukee SENTINEL and Milwaukee STATE JOURNAL both ran newspaper articles stating that. "Le9"end or not. Nebraska JOURNAL declared.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== Into the Unknown by Dale Bacon "Barley Rectory. ghost no fun for one Llncolnite.type haunting in Horicon..' " (O'Hanlon 1987) 6 . Wisconsin.

does the fact that her sons death in combat. where r 1ncluded three often-used organism. In this sense the "natural" refers to the so-called logical explanation. and the super-natural refers to matters which science has not yet proven. which has somehow survived in the physical world after the death of that organism. Parapsychologists J. The "phenomena center" quite often tends to be a young person (male or female) in their late adolescense. This theory still uses the original German translation of a "noisy spirit. Roll have given this phenomena the term RSPK. The natural. are these "logical explanations" valid in every reported (and often unreported) experience? Is the mother who unexpectedly and suddenly awakens from a sound sleep to see the image of her military-based son standing at the foot of her bed suffering from an over-active imagination? How then. 'Ihis is the most commonly thought-of image Americans exposed to TV and motion pictures have of a ghost. as was the case of the Lincolnite in 1987? 7 Does haliucination offer justice to the damage often reported by what are referred to as poltergeist activity? Earlier I had mentioned there are two very different lines of explanation for the ghost ~henomena. A "ghost" is a catch-all word used to describe many different phenomena. However. usually a youn9 person) for a brief period of t1rne." (Underwood 1986). are witness to apparitions. ghosts . enter into the picture? Can afterimage explain the sudden appearance of a young woman in a dormitory room which has been cleared of photographs and wall hangings." A poltergeist. is thought to be a psychokinetic disturbance caused by an uncontrollable energy within a particular living organism.================== Fort:ean Research Journal =================== Haunted houses. smelled or the presense is merely "felt. British spirit tracker ·Peter Underwood states that one should "Always look most carefully and sympathetically for a normal explanation before considering the possibility of a supernormal one. Consider the apparition.. poltergeists. and the super-natural. which coincides with the time of the vision.. or other once. Afterimage. They are sometimes seen. disrupts the individuals life and then leaves of its own accord. In this writers' opinion. smells and sounds of this phenomena have emerged over the years. words which one might expect to hear when gathered around a campfire in the out-of-doors or perhaps while watchin9 some late-night televis1on creature-feature. poltergeists or some other form of the ghost phenomena. It is attracted to an individual (again. An apparition is considered to be the non-living (as we understand "life") part of the personality of a human. those of the natural and the super-natural. Gaither Pratt and William G.. . however. super-natural refers to an event transpiring which seems to be corning from outside what is considered natural by presently existing beliefs. Certainly not every creak or moan heard in the dark 1ndicates an other-worldly presense and it is very easy to produce an afterimage (just stare at an object for a few minutes. this writer would be the first to admit that some of these prosaic explanations are well-founded." A "haunt" is the location or object which individuals. the image of the object will still appear before your eyes). Two very different lines of thought exist when this discussion arises.. A second theory of the poltergeist is that the disturbances are caused by another etheric entity. then look up . hallucination and the ever-popular "overactive imagination'' are but three of the explanations given for the many ghost reports one hears and reads about each year. or Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinesis in an effort to escape the "noisy spirit" connection. Granted. Many explanations for the sights. and sometimes groups.

"Why did I see whatever I saw?" 8 . Investigatons are conducted professionally. might best be considered "marginal" in _answering the question. Nebraska. References: O'Hanlon. Research into this phenomena has come a long way since the days of the spiritualist seance and table-rapping . and abductions). out-of-place animal si9htings. UFO's (CE-1. polterge~sts. Some scientific hypothesis' of an event. has been in the business of investigating the unexplained for seven years to date .986 The Fortean Research Center. Javelin Books. 3. all directions need to be travelled. . keeping the involved individuals foremost in concern. this research is far from being done . 1988 Underwood. The Ghost Hunter's Guide. Rockville. due to the lack of cooperative apparitions and haunts. 2. · digging into the history of a location and yes. however . However. and reports of "b~g-foot" like beasts in and around Nebraska. Kevin. MD. Much of the investigators work is done in the field. home based in Lincoln. Peter. 20th Centur¥ technology has made the aud~o recordings mare clear. 3. If answers are to be found to questions concerning psychic phenomena. video-taping is available and the faked photograph of a ghost is not easily goin~ to slip by expert photoanalys~s. ~n the past and present. Over the course of years the center has been called in to investi9ate cases of haunts. as well as many other as~ects of unexplained events wh~ch occur world-wide. worked in schools and private facilities to establish laboratories for the controlled study of these phenomena. 1987 Strange Magazine.· ========== Fort:ean Research Journal ========== = Organizations like the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). NE STAR Jul. 22 . Lincoln. Man¥ of the accurances do have log~cal and very natural explanations . No. the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and the Paraps¥chological Association have. Talking to witnesses. even spending some sleepless nights in old dark houses.

. Was there a pet upstairs? Roger and Betty replied that if you heard someone walking on the floor above rou ~reviously. I asked them if either of them felt like going upstairs and checkin9 out the footsteps. 1983. passing them in the process. there was 9 an electric tension in their voices. Wanting to find out more. The young man. I would've had to have said that they sounded as though they were tellin9 the truth ••• that they were 1ndeed hearing something.================== Fortean Research Journal ==================:::: Things That Co Bump In the Night by scott H. I asked them if they felt there was another explanation for what they were describing to me as footsteps. you would recogn1ze 1t when you heard it again. who I shall call Roger. Betty. Roger sa1d he would not go upstairs. Thanking Roger for calling. what they were hearing were footsteps on the floor above. Quickly we worked out a plan that she would walk up the stairs to the second floor while Roger stayed on the telephone with me and relayed Betty's comments. said that he and his fiance. Roger was working hard to control his excitement as he described the footsteps as something like a circular pacing originating directly overhead in Betty's parent's bedroom. Betty and her parents lived in a small town within an hour's drive from Lincoln. A young man explained that he had called the Lincoln papers and had been referred to me. the foot~teps . I asked him why he was calling. as they were speaking to me. events were apparently already escalating! That same day of the lOth I had worked in my office on real estate matters from the previous weekend~ As a licensed real estate broker. believed that her house was haunted. As a result of a story in the Lincoln Journal & Star papers in 1982. Betty (real names on file). Perhaps there was a tree limb rubbing against the house. we ended our conversation. No. As I was soon to find out. I made many calls during the early evening. Roger briefly outlined a series of events that had allegedly occurred in Betty's home. and it wasn't concerning real estate! Roger and his fiance.. Betty preceded to walk up the stairs. or simply the floor creaking with temperature changes from the January weather outside. He wanted to know if I had any interest in ghosts. but Betty responded that she would. . she exclaimed that she had hit or encountered a very cold area on the stairs. if one can be any judge of accuracy or even truthfulness based soley on hearing two people's voices. they said. When I responded that my schedyule wouldn't permit a trip that evening. working with home buyers and sellers. At that precise instant. Roger and Betty explained that Betty's parents were gone for the evening. As they described hearing the footsteps. I asked them if there was any possible way that someone could have 9ained access to this bedroom w1thout being seen by Roger and Betty. and that they were the only ones home that night. and to see the physical site. Colborn One of the benefits of a newspaper taking interest in your work and doing a story is the resulting exposure and publicity that is generated.. wanted to know if I could drive immediately to Betty's home. I received a phone call on January 10. I set an appointment the following weekend to meet with them. Indeed. They answered in the negative.. they said that they could hear footsteps of someone or something walking around on the second floor. When she was about halfway up. one of the strangest calls ever . Whoever it was would have had to enter the house and walk up the stairway to the second floor. The evening of the lOth while working I received a second phone call from Roger .

They described the footstpes as "not heavy or stomping . and we a~reed that a meeting and investigat1on was warranted.. who often were not at home when the footsteps were . In July of 1982 Roger and Betty met. with lulls and quiet periods. and Roger and Betty said that the voices sounded like conversation. and they expressed an interest in being part of the investigative team. and her mother claimed that she hadn't. but to no avail. College Edition defines the word poltergeist as this: Polterjuproar + geistja spirit. Betty was more than a little curious.. (That weekend we looked carefully at that portion of the stairs to determine whether a draft of cold air from a window or open door could have caused the "cold spot". These voices were heard primarily upstairs. Betty and Roger ruled out Betty's parents. and no tracks were found under the window and no explanation uncovered for this voyeur. One night her dog. psychological social workers. One night between 1 and 2am. Both Roger and Betty reported hearin~ female voices. The local police were called. I then spoke with Gregory Case and Stacy Vornbrock. The whistling was heard by both Bett¥ and Roger. The voices were described as "very feminine". I made a half-hearted effort to get back to wo rk.. In other words. Betty was 22. 1983. Betty told me that it wasn't a brand that she or her mother used. In August or September of 1982 1 Betty began to hear windows being rattled and door knobs moved at various times of the day and night. As previously alluded to. and had moved to this small farming town six or seven years previously. having originally been born on the east coast. and yet upon going down the hall to the shower stall.=========================== F ortean Research Journal -========================== stopped . Betty and I confirmed our plans to meet January 15. I called then-director Ray Boeche and gave him an outline of the case. With plans made for our trip. Ro9er was raised in the Lutheran fa1th while Betty was brought up in the Catholic Church. with no sign of water. Upon investigation. Roger. which was kept on a chain in the rear yard. Upon investigation we determined that the chances of the cold spot having been created by an open door or window were slight. starting in July of 1982 and continuing through mid-January of 1983. like someone pacing or walking around in an upstairs bedroom". "a ghost supposed to be responsible for table rappings and other mysterious noisy disturbances". Betty's father was hard of hearing and wore a hearing aid. It was approximately during this same month in 1982 that events of a highly strange nature began in Betty's home. She told me that she could hear water striking the sides and floor of the metal shower stall. Betty awoke to the sound of water running in a shower stall down the hall from her bedroom on second floor. not just random notes". Betty said that she looked out a window of the living room on first floor towards the dog and saw someone looking in the window at her.) To say my curiosity was aroused would have been an understatement. the definition aptly fits the alleged incidents. In the fall of 1982 Betty said that she began to occasionally notice an odor of perfume in the house. and seemed to confine 1tself to the kitchen area. she said that she found it dry and dusty. Betty found no one on the second floor of her home. began to bark extremely loud. Webster's New World Dict'ionary. Roger was then 17 and was born and raised in Nebraska. Betty asked her parents whether they had heard these voices. As the shower stall hadn't worked for about one year because of leaking through the downstairs 10 ceiling. No specific location was given. The whistling was reported to sound "like a tune being carried . and whistl1ng. As we shall see from the following chronological list of reported events by Roger and Betty.. Roger was employed in the printing trade and Betty worked as a nurses aid in an area hospital. on first floor. Betty and Roger both spoke about hearing footsteps overhead while they were in the first floor living roon.

. Arrivin~ later that morning. Neither were able to see any facial features. Betty then descri bed see1ng a similiar figure wearing what looked to be a hooded black robe. unlike past occurances . standing over him. One night Roger had accepted an invitation to spend the night in a guest bedroom . . The mist began to move around the room. Glancing at the clock. ) Betty felt her feet being tickled and said she felt like someone was touching and grabbing at her arm. Mr. Betty's mother walked into the . Roger turned over in his bed and saw a dark hooded figure. and then returned to the kitchen where he found the door standing open again. and reported drifting off to sleep approximately 7:00am. January 12. they knew it wasn't him . her parent's door was closed. Betty returned to her room. on the morning of January 15 f 1983 . 1983 found Bett¥. Ap~arently nothing was visible at th1s time as Betty arose and went into the second floor hall with the intention of waking her parents. Vornbrock also couldn't detect any reason why a story of this type would have been concocted. Stacy 11 Vornbrock and I were to drive to this property and began our investigation . Betty reported hearing footsteps on the stairs from first to second floor . and that the black robe was "cult-like" and had more of a peak at the back of the hood. Somehow feeling different. seemingly masculine. They reported hearing doors slamming and dresser drawers being opened and closed l oudly upstairs . Returning home. and then Betty felt her hair pulled hard. Early that morning Betty was sleeping and was awakened by footsteps. While we were in the home. After having retired for the evening to their respective bedrooms. and believed in what they were telling us . Vornbrock later told me that they felt that Roger and Betty were telling the truth. Roger found the kitchen door unlocked. I was unable to cause to pages to move at all . However. Hearing that Betty was in the bath. She had left the Bible open to the 23rd Psalm. While Betty's father owned a brown hooded robe. Sometimes at night when her family was sleeping. as if the act of waking and walking was he l ping restore her confidence. Betty locked the doors and took a bath in the first floor bathroom.) She felt her bed sheets and blankets being pulled as if she were in a tug-of-war. (Later that same day I investigated whether the air movement from the furnace vent could somehow cause the pages to stand up. so when Betty and Roger heard footsteps upstairs. she saw it was 4:20am . Later that day. He heard the footsteps go to Bett¥'s room. two feet across" between her bed and the bedroom door. Roger spoke through the door to her. Betty's father wasn't home. She reported to me that she had gone to sleep with a "globe light" on. This particular night his room "went pitch black" during the visitation by the unknown individual. and occasionally in the hallway on second floor . but Roger told me that a street lamp would normally illuminate his guest room at night. Roger and Betty's mother watch1ng television. She then described seeing "a grayish mist . Both Mr. locking the door behind him. New years eve day Roger and Betty heard heavy footsteps upstairs.=================== Fort:ean Research Journal =================== heard. and this light had been on during the entire night. so Betty didn't awaken them. our invest1gation team initially spoke with Roger and Betty together. He entered. With few exceptions their recitations were the same. Betty said it didn't match the color of the black robe worn by their visitor. with no one else in the home. Case and Ms. and then took each into separate rooms and questioned them. Bett¥'s mother claimed that she d1dn't hear anything . Roger did what many of us would probably do--he hid under the covers. Gregory Case. (Once previously Betty said that she was touched by "someone" as she descended the stairs from second to first floor. Betty saw her open Bible's pages standing straight up in the air . Looking across the room to her desk. Case and Ms. Roger and then Betty were awakened by footsteps .

The¥ occurred . We asked to see the book and then verified that the contents were indeed what she had described. While Betty's mother had never directly acknowledged any of the previously described events. So we must ask ourselves if this was all a hoax? I personally have a gut feeling that Roger and Betty were truthfully describing events that they had experienced . and Betty replied that nothing had been said to the priest locally. Please feel free to write to us with your impressions of the above account. We asked if the Catholic Church had been informed of these events. the reader. We asked Betty and Roger about their depth of knowledge in the occult. or perhaps you'd like to tell the readers of this Journal of your own encounter with a ghost or poltergeist! I know one thing for sure . she was reported to have said to Betty at some prior time that "we can ' t sell the house if these things continue". consider some answers to the above questions . Betty told us that she had a book of spells and incantations. we took the book with us. . the reported incidents ceased after our arrival in January of 1983 .. why did it stop? We will leave the story at this point. Betty didn't know or wouldn'[t venture an opinion whether the reading of the book of spells and the alleged incidents in her home were related. and had read from this book for some time prior to the start of the initial activity. Betty's parents are well and at last report show no desire to move. and Betty understood 12 her mother to have been referring to the former alleged activity that had been reported. Betty told us that when the Monsignor of the local parish visited occasionally. with no unusual incidents or activity having occurred in their new surroundings.. and his last visit had been several months prior to our January 1983 investigation. Betty did mention that her mother had made a comment to her regarding the house. Betty's parents continue to live in the~r home. he '' couldn't wait to leave". At any rate. . At a ny rate he had not been iformed. and let you. if we are to bel~eve the reports of Roger and Betty . In conclusion. Betty. and Betty told me that she was unaware of any further activity or unusual incidents in her ~arents' home since our investigat~on team had been there... Our team had no other contact with Betty's parents. or perhaps questions of your own . I have no reason to doubt their accounts. that this disturbs your father " . We ask that you consider the possibility of "things that go bump in the night". Prior to the writing of this article I called Roger and Betty to verify my notes and to ask a few questions . I'll never forget that phone call that evening in my office! .=================== F o rtean R esear ch Journa l ================~ living room and said something like: "You know . They had relocated since our last conversation to another s t ate. it appears that a series of bizarre and strange occurances did take place in this small Nebraska farming community. We suggested that the book be removed from the premises and when she agreed. Her mother told Betty that she had not wanted to stay alone in the house previously. Was the activity somehow linked t o the use of the book of spells? Was there indeed poltergeist activity that Roger and Betty experienced? If so. We did not notice any unusal activity during our visit that day.

F. Of course. " This is what I call the Long Island U. and usually quite a few more.================== Fortean Research Journal ================= The Long Island UFO Experience by Bill Knell It hap~ens all the time! It might be 1n a barber shop. I'll be talking to my £amily.F.'s and. coast between Connecticut and New Jersey . and could I hel p them to verify it? Others ask about the supposed U. are ignorant of the high level of U.O. and the efforts of a few. "It's funny you should say that! You know. investigation and research community. I get letters from Ufologists the world over tel l ing me about this or that person they met who had a Long Island U.O. . or friends. state and federal authorities . Although it ' s rare to hear or read much about Long Island within the U. as I've already indicated . Hotline (718-380-8644}. maybe he has to because he. a photocopy store or even a supermarket. F.'s seem to have made Long Island a regular transit route and rest stop. It's only because of the many stories. Long Island is part of New York State.F. when no one else would. you must admit that it . the strange lights and disturbed ground reported. O. years before white men walked this land. near the Site of the supposed Amityville Horror house by native Indians. It's not just the stories that people tell! It's the bizarre legends. many Long Islanders.F . I had this experience a while back.S. themselves.O. he's fair and objective where others might be rude and condescending. With all the U. F . stories in every conceivable circumstance. the Mount Misery sight1ngs of discs and strange animals.O Phenomenon. that word has gotten out at all! One of the few who have spent years bringing those hushed stories to the surface.O . like Project Saucer.O. the word does get out . despite the fact that I never get less than four 13 calls a week over my U. Not that he's a pushover! I've done his Show and he can ask the hard questions. that seem to intermingle with the U. I have found myself listening to U.F. I won't deny that I'm a bit of a catalyst! After all. debunked by Vanderbilt Planetarium and belittled by local. brave media people. I've been investigating U. for those of you who do not know where it is. despite such rude indifference. . O. Still. told in hushed tones. the possible U. someone will speak up and say.'s on Long Island. Even in Church! Now. nowhere have the wheels of cover-up spun a better turn than here. stories! Of course.O. But. Anywhere on Long Island where people gather your bound to hear their U. the next thing you know. and in other parts of New York State.F. activity here due to the absence of sound press and media reporting on the Phenomenon. base that has been rumored to exist under the Island.O. at it ' s widest po1nt and sits just off the U. has several interesting Long island U. F.F. the Phenomenon is handily ignored by the Press. Still. himself.F. stories.O.O. off it's coasts or in one of it's several large lakes.O. for years. F. crash off Colle9e Point.F. No matter whether you are pro or con in opinion about that program. the legends and. about U. experience . And yet. a portion of it is a part of New York city (Manhattan Island is connected by bridges and tunnels} and it lives up to it's name! It's a long island.O. being about 100 miles long and twenty miles wide.O. F. U. F. story to tell. is Viacom cabl e television show host JOEL MARTIN . stories to tell! The syndicated television special UFO COVER-UP LIVE! also helped.

he lives just over the bridge.O. activity here. others wrote letters to me. one or more of the major. monthly Newsletter that I call THE NEW YORK U. we're still left with the Phenomenon itself. Of course you can always check with Budd Hopkins on that. it had the effect of bringing many U. Phenomenon into more U. national U. government activity and cover-ups and even crashes! Even with this commitment of time and funds. Phenomenon manifests itself in this area! In the last eight months alone . investigated eight 14 ========================~ cases of possible U. 11365 (718) 380. and knows.-related animal mutilations and personally photographed a nocturnal light which.O.F. 1f you have a U. haunted by a lack of operational funds and general inexperience when it comes to practical U. knowledge and investigative technique. has sent shivers u~ even the most skeptical of sp1nes! I won't even tell you how many abductions I think have taken place in this area. that interest almost never translates into action and I can understand why.o. only too well. it's not like I ' m alone either. though aware of the level of U. I still marvel at how often the U.O.F. This kind of thinking has translated into low membership numbers for most of the national organizations in this a rea . that what I say is true! This is all part of the Long Island U.F . investigative experience. Now. F. In addition. abductions. O. organizations takes a small interest in this area. and still are now..O.F.F. experience! I share the information I gather through a free. they are overwhelmed with the high level of activity and unable to commit enough time. waiting. just drop m~ a line and request 1t. households than anything that anyone else has done in years! For me. the problem is still bound to overtake me! But.F. effort and finance to cover the situation. they usually do not last too long.O. Beyond all this.O. when seen in the form of a 5x7 photo. But.F.8644 . small local groups who attempt to organize some sort of investigative effort. story to tell. Some called my Hotline.Y. in New York City on Manhattan Island. There have also been.D . like me sometimes.S. many Long Islanders. I spend about three nights a week trying to deal with the constant flow of reports that involve sightings. BILL KNELL. Like many.O. N. U. watching and investigating. landing circles. I have found what I feel to be at least six genuine U.F.O. Even after almost twenty years of U. But. don't hesitate to call! I'll be here. would still prefer to ignore it and hope it goes away. From time to time. And.F. I still feel like the leader of the band on the Titanic! I know that no matter how much I pour into the effort. After all.=========================== Fortean Research Journal brought the U. witnesses out of the closet and to my attention.FO. If you would like to receive it. REPORT.F. a few. landing circles in various locations.F.O Investigator 164-22 77th Road Flushing.

Yes. good and evil. evil. although those things are happening. helpful and good . analyzed us in differing lights. The world is changin9 rapidly. HIS OWN QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES. and compassionate have been more clearly told truths about us. Not the change of J?Olit1cal revolution or phys1cal catastrophes.================= Fort:ean Research J ournal =================== Why Are They Here? by Ida M. We concur that research into the government cover. the core and the circumference. your three helpers-The Hidden One. but not enough to reveal who and what we really are. THIS IS THE BASIC REASON FOR OUR INTERFERENCE! We do not come so much to save Earthian's from themselves. asked to dictate something for me to read to the group . Amorto. You have d i scussed with us that Lindberg's flight across the Atlantic alerted us to the Earth people's development of flight. and I . damned or blessed. Now tell the world with your talks and writings. we are moralistic. or those close at hand. so we come to you. Do you not see that this is why we have played hide-and-seek with you. Kannenberg (All capital lettering in this article is suggested by the author. Hweig (pronounced WHY-J) dictated thus : "We are here. As your own soul envisions us. That is the cr ux and the nexus. mentor and comrade. or from where we actually come? Those of the Earth who are in their own soul benevolent and kind. You shall know more about us presently. not for your OWN sake. NOW DO YOU BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND? PUT IT ALL TOGETHER FROM THAT PERSPECTIVE! We are levelling with you. disgusti ng . angels or demons. My long time commun1cator. and from there to lead you out int o what you might become. Those who are arrogant and self-centered have been tormented with many tricks and trials. and that before a generation had passed flight int o outer space would follow. and there are those who call us benevolent. but more vital. friendly.) Recently I was asked to speak at the local UFO organization's meetin9. SAVE GOD'S CHILDREN FROM THE POLLUTION AND CONTAMINATION OF EARTH! Does that not solve the riddle of the severe and not so pleasant things we have done? Does it not explain why each of those whom we have contacted has seen us in different ways. generous. contaminate. and degrade as quickly as possible. helpful or destructive ones? EACH RECEIVES US ACCORDING TO HIS OWN INNER BEING. HIS OWN LIGHT. helpful. Is that bad? What we seek to change are yourselves so as to render your contamination impotent tc 1mpinge on the lives of others . into hide~us representations of . WE TRY TO PLAY BACK INTO YOUR FACE WHAT YOU YOURSELF ARE . Art . those far. but for the sake of the rest of God's creatures. to change Man's thinking from the current dissolution of all that is good and true and beautiful.up would be beneficial. music. the change in Man's thinking. but to SAVE OTHERS FROM YOUR POLLUTION. which too many of you seem willing to destroy. We knew that the conquering of space would mean carrying EARTH'S CONTAMINATIONS to other planets and peoples . and remain hidden except for momentary glimpses just enough to let you know we are here. but we three have joined together at this time to guide and steer you on another project. far away. but there are those who call us hideous. ed. 15 we will not mention names. dancing and painting have turned from the creation of soul-enhancing beauty.

Dr. And the most sublime of the arts-Love-has been debased to jungle lust. watch. how to become GOOD "Cosmic Citizens. Plato." . Leo Sprinkle (Laramie. endangering the lives of others. We knew He would eventual!¥ extend His capabilities into a flJ. Jesus) that we should now watch him wallow in the basest forms of self expression? It is time for the pendulum to swing back toward self-respect and selfdiscipline.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== the most base and worst in Man. the Guardians. Ghandi. We do what we can. Wyoming) has been talking and writin9 about us becoming "Cosmic CJ. R. what the sacred laws of the universe permit. reverting to the level of all that is most gross and lewd in his being. be kind. WILL ALLOW THIS CANKER CALLED "EARTH CIVILIZATION" TO SPREAD INTO THE SWEET SANCTUARIES OF THE UNIVERSE? How many eons have we toiled to bring Man from his dirt-encrusted beginnin9s to the finest sensitiv1ties of his soul (witness OaVinci. That is what we are here to help regain. they are trying to teach us. We." According to this dictation. For the past ten years or longer." End of Hweig's dictation. traverse freely between your home planet and others which are to become known. be decent.ght to the stars. Get yourself together. Do you think WE. through many other persons and experiences. Michelangelo. not too long away. Before the UFO people want us cluttering up space and their communities with our destructive and polluting ways. Will His conscience allow Him to litter the pure. THE GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE. We have watched the development of flight on Earth and have become concerned with Man's development of Himself and His civilization.tizens. untouched planets with more garbage? Will His contact with other civilizations beyond His solar system bring them the diseases of body and soul with which He is afflicted? God forbid. so that wholesome commerce and communication may some day. Already He has littered space with thousands of pieces of castoff debris. he 16 is exactly right. To change the direction of Man's thinking.

Veteren researchers Scott Colborn and Dale Bacon were kind enough to invite me. Stephen Johnson-member of the Fortean Research Center. along with them on an interview with a Lincoln. Does it make sense? If there are ghosts. 17 .day people that they are trespassing on property or territory once owned by the soul. or a soul whose love for its life kept it from 9oing away? Maybe its haunting 1s a way of telling present. NE family to discuss their claim of a ghost. Here we have just such a story." although my children think of Halloween as a night for candycollecting only. Are ghosts proof of life after death? Are messages from spirits enough evidence to persuade people into becoming believers? That is. October 31st is the night celebrating the " lost soul. This is the perfect t i me of year to raise questions about ghosts. then could there be life after death? Could it be that the haunt inside of a house is a lost soul. It is also a great time of year to hear new stories of haunts. a believer in ghosts.=========== Forte an Rese arch Journa l =================== Wbo ~ors Utbrrr? at ~bt ~aunting a i[irualn ~amt by Stephen Johnson Life after death.

Both of my sons were home sleeping at the time and I ran to my son's room screarnin9." There was no reply. threw open the door and saw no one there. "Just go back to sleep and don't be so silly. to 7:00 a. I had noticed that our two dogs would appear to follow someone from the basement steps to the upper stairs of the foyer. As I lay asleep. Robert' the ghost got 1nto bed with me!" "Robert" jumped up and we both ran through the house like idiots trying. Needless to say this didn't happen. I was half-awake and assumed it was my husband who often came home during the middle of the night with migrane headaches. I leaped out of bed.m. from "Mr. Sometimes it seemed to be a flash just out of the corner of my eye.m. Later we mentioned the very strange reaction of the dogs. "Oh noth1ng. A smoke-like cloud appeared in the living room." I repeated." he said. At this point I knew it wasn't the cat. so I just lay in bed to scared to move. of course) present. this time. mainly just joking around. "Scot. too. He agreed that he had seen the same. '' 'Judy' are you awake? 11 Also. Yet I was tired. but a9ain it wasn't a serious dlscussion. They would wag their tails as if there was a friendly person (invisible. the bedroom door opened and banged against the bed. I thought this night was unusual because as he sat on the bed to remove his shoes he didn't say. Finally whatever "it" was sat back up on the bed. Clarke" had had a major heart attack and could no longer maintain upkeep on the house and yard. The chandelier over the d1ning . Aga1n. after he removed his shoes he didn't stand to remove his pants. walked over to the. so I thought. though. Beginning of Transcript 1979. I had gone to bed about 11:30 p. before I noticed what sounded like footsteps going up the stairs and footsteps on the upper floor. though." We bought the house in Sept. "'Robert. Daylight or dark would make no difference. then other times it was a cloud-like thing. each family member thought it was merely trapped smoke with car lights reflecting on it from the west window." I said. I d1dn't want to believe I was awake. as if to put "its" shoes back on.=========== Fort:ean Research Journal ==================:: Following is an edited reprint of a transcript provided graciously by "Judy. At the time his work shift was from 11:00 p. Still no response. I slid my hand over "Scot's" side of the bed . of course. "Scot.m. I knew there was something wrong. "Mr. The first {ghost) si9hting began right after we moved 1n. though I think each of us walked away feeling uneasy. or my husband. It wasn~ long. you're just imagining this stuff!" Now the body was laying on the bed beside me and still made no sound. all names used are pseudonyms invented by myself. and we half-heartedly joked about it being a ghost. We never associated the smoke cloud with the dogs odd behavior for some time. "What's wron9?" He replied. We (my husband and I) were sitting at the north end of the living room watching television. I then described what I'd been seeing. We still would joke about our haunted house on occasion. Since we all s-moked cigarettes. Clarke.•• and felt no bod¥! At this point I was scared. had seen these things. Then one night during the work week. when I saw my husband staring oddly at the south end. An old house has all kinds of creaking so at first we didn't 18 notice any pattern. Finally I whispered. our son entered into the conversation saying that he. with two dogs and one cat these noises weren't unusual. "What did you think you saw? "I don't know." To protect those involved. and Mrs. mainl~ in the northwest bedroom. It seemed to be in the south end of the room and move towards either the foyer or down stairs to the veranda. to catch the ghost. One night in particular we had several of my son's friends over playin9 poker. bedroom door and shut it . I said. During this time period the ghost was very active walking up and down the stairs.

One night I was sittin~ on the couch watching televis1on with "Connie". his girlfriend. "Listen. She would be huddled on the couch when I'd come in. She'd say. so I began to relax. or thing. " 'Judy' it's walking up and down the stairs again. then I said. At first I thought. They had been here most of the day and night and were staying in the master bedroom. what he had seen. This night the chandelier started shaking and we could hear the footsteps. you can live here just don't scare me. "Dave". After a lot of coaxing he finally said a woman had appeared at the upstairs window and called his name." when it disappeared. by his saying this I became frightened. who's upstairs?" "Scot" and I looked at each other and said the old house just makes noises. Even today 1f "Scot" is asked he won't talk about the experience. too terr1fied to even call "Dave's" name for help. The only verified sighting was on the night "Scot" said he saw something and had told "Connie". or whatever it was. The ghost. someone said. refusing to come out until "Dave" went up to coax him out. my daughter-in-law.========================== Fortean Research Journal room always shook when someone was upstairs walking in the master bedroom. saying. He made her swear not to tell me. look over by the door. " 'Scot'. The weird thing about this was that he thought it sounded liked his grandmother's voice who had died some twenty years earlier. "Linda". "Oh God! It's our ghost!" About this time the woman turned to look at me and somehow I got the impression that she was leaving. So the rest of us sat and talked. started whining and dived under the bed. or thing. He yelled at me. waiting for me to get off work." Several weeks passed and nothing had happened . I was about to say. "No. was on the inside of the door. I told him. seemed to enjoy scaring my (at the time) future daughter-in-law when she would come after school. "Why do you ask?" He said "Linda" was sitting on the bed afraid to open the door. The kids were counting heads and looking under the table for the animals. shut the door. Of course. It appeared that she was transparent. although not actually seein~ anything. Then "Yates". "'Connie'. don't scare me. "Oh. sorneone's here at the front door. why?" He then refused to talk about it. About half an hour later "Dave" said he'd better go up and check on "Linda" 19 and "Yates". which I believe was done to scare peo~le. my nephew. I said. "OK. the next truly weird exper1ence was when my husband was working on the car." He looked shocked and asked if I was upstairs in the bedroom. I knew he was be1n~ serious. the kids didn't believe it for a minute." I'd go to the stairway and yell. I saw a little old woman with what appeared to be a shawl pulled over her head. After it was apparent that all were accounted for. came down and said "Linda". She had gotten up to go to the bathroom and when she opened the door she felt like someone was standing there. He came back down with an odd expression on his face· and asked if had we ever considered that our house could be haunted? "Scot" and I looked at each other. Because he seldom admitted seeing or hearing anything until now. Of course. So for days I kept walk1n~ into the house thinking someth1ng would ~ump out at me. Another incident that sticks out in my mind is when my nephew came to stay with his girlfriend and his dog . Needless to say they left the next morning. who was sitting in a chair about eight feet from me. I . and I glanced at the front door. had decided to go to bed. I saw him looking at the upstairs window. "Knock it off and I mean it!" The noise would cease. By this time we had accepted the ghost. I thought. the dog. In addition to other ghostly footsteps. the dog. I became so parano1d that even if no one was in the house when I got horne I would enter and say in a loud voice. "What do you want 'Judy'?" When I looked out to see where he was. He said that in this way if I would see what he had seen it could at least be verified for us. I don't want anything." But as I continued to look I realized the person.

"At the front door ! I'll draw it for you and you te ll me if I'm right. " Where? " and I said. During the night I heard footste~s and could see through the transit window that they had a light on all night . I said. Since the last true sighting of her at the front door. "Oh. " 'Judy. she later contacted the woman across the street who. As I explained to "Joanne. ' Well. Upon answering the door I found this very agitated individual. "Didn't you hear the footsteps up and down the stairs all night long?" I said. I think I just saw what 'Scot' saw!" "Connie" said. He said." said "You're telling me!" She said. and the fact that no other occurrences had happened. to say the least. "Why didn't you say something so I could have seen it?" I said it had all happened s o fast that I was s ort of shocked myself. He continued by stating that his wife had said "Mrs. but I'm sure only seconds passed. He said it was a "Mrs . our neighbor said "Mrs. but about 15 minutes later he was back at my door ringing the bell. of course . I said neither did I. indeed. I said that we had experienced some "odd'_ stuff . or something. and that she had lived in my house when his wife was a child. you guys sure d1dn ' t get too much sleep last night. Kennedy" dearly loved the house and cried at having to leave it. They lived here until "Mr. . wanted to know what was going on. Kennedy". This mans' wife's parents lived next door until their father died and the mother had to go to a nursing home. 11 ' Connie'. They stayed at our house over night . Kennedy " . Irregardless.' I know who your ghost is. " I was surprised. Whereupon his death in a Lincoln hospital their daughter moved "Mrs." My sister. but wanted to know why I asked.================== F ortean R esearch Journ al ================== seemed to stare for a long time. Kennedy" to Iowa where she resided in a nursing home until her death. Other than that . The man just laughed and said he didn't believe in shosts. I thought the¥ just could not sleep and were go1ng down to the kitchen for coffee or something. He told me that his wife had called her sister. Since that time I have more or less researched the name and found that the "Kennedys" bought my house on March 3. " I felt really bad about this. 1920. I just assumed it was over. By this time " Scot" was having a fit because I had told anyone about who agreed it was indeed "Mrs. " I was so sure t hat the ghost was leaving the night I saw her. About a month later the neighbor one house down from us to the east came by collectin~ for the cancer drive. The next mornin~ I said. I told the gentleman that we had. "Boy. because with all my previous experiences with the ghost walking up and down the stairs I should have known that was what had happened. but not recently. in turn. until we moved here! He left. She laughed and said no. He asked what she looked like and I described the little old woman with the shawl or shroud she had worn. The next day I contacted "Mrs . She said. both "Joanne" and "Owen" were so scared neither would leave their room. I thou~ht it was just you guys not be1ng able to sleep . since then we've had sporatic instances of guests saying they thought someone. "Joanne. He asked 1f we'd seen any more of our ghost. Clarke" and asked if at any time she had ever felt that this house was haunted. " I drew a sketch which "Connie" was shocked by and confirmed my suspicions. Kennedy " to stop ! Needless to say they won't stay at my house ever and her husband carne to visit from Tennessee. was in the upstairs hallway and overnight guests have mentioned hearing the walking off and on. I told them they should have just yelled at me and I would have told "Mrs. I asked "How did you know?" He said the woman across the street had told him about it . Kennedy's" death in 1940. I haven't truly seen or heard anything in quite some time. the onl¥ thing that has happened since lS when my sister. believing they would think we were seen a ghost . Kennedy" wore a shawl around her 20 head and neck.

The Cattle Mutilation Phenomena in France -Bigfoot sighting in Florida -Worldwide UFO Sightings -An Alien Harvest .================== Fortean Research Journal =================== A woman who lived two houses to the west stopped and ask if we had seen our ghost lately? She claimed to have had the ghost at her house at one time.. . I wanted dearly to hold it.. The skull has embedded prisms which cause the eyes to reflect images projected from underneath. If this is significant we do not know. This skull is anatomically correct (the others aren't) and is modeled after a young woman . was the feeling of cold air at the top of the stairway. even on hot nights. We at the Fortean Research Center thank them for their courage to come forward . Other than this. we do not think she (Mrs. I had heard only a little about this amazing piece. Going on sale soon! 21 I had a ''coincidental" meeting with the Crystal Skull in Arizona a few years ago. One would be the animal interest and involvement. . Cold air has been felt. Passing by the glass. End of Transcript There are a few points that need to be examined. Some of the articles that will be i ncluded are: Book Reviews The Message of the Crystal Skull: From Atlantis to the New Age by Alice Bryant and Phyllis Galde 1989 .. It seemed to be important to the family to get this point across . NEXT ISSUE Watch for the next edition of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center. Kennedy) is in the house anymore. This story might confirm that. sculpted crystal. . The Crystal Skull is a most fascinating archaelogical find. unless she just stays non-active until something triggers her off. Although this story does not provide any physical evidence of life after death. which was not pointed out in the transcript. This would help confirm the feeling of the fanrnily. the Crystal Skull is one of three ancient crystal-sculpted human skulls in the world . Something that was said to us during the tape-recorded interview. Found in 1924 at an ancient Mayan ruin in Central America. Just reading The Message of the Crystal Skull confirms my desire to touch it once. She stated that other people have had experiences with weird happenings in the neighborhood..encased. it does involve a lot of people speaking out about confirming facts.. It has been said many times that animals might posess senses that we humans don't. and we found the family to be open and thoughtful about their experiences. AND MUCH MORE. and pointed out b¥ people in the house who were not 1nformed of the ghost . The hauntings have almost come to a stop in concurrance with a remodeling of the house.

=========== Fortean Research Journal ===========: While all of this is fairly academic. but at least I'll understand my yearning. You may never read another book like it . In his travels. or as we know it dinosaur. Roy Mackal's expedition may not be as sensationalistic as "Raiders". I suggest you pick thi s one up. Nebraska 68503. he was inv1ted to read the scrolls and copied out the verses with the help of a translator. I had not heard of Ladak until a few years ago when my father returned from a trip to India and Nepal with stories and slides of his visit to the monastery in Leh. The ultimate question is whether a dinosaur could still exist in 55. The next time I see the Crystal Skull I will still want to hold it. Here we encounter a smattering of archeology. but it's a true story in the vein of paleontology and archaeology which takes you on a journey to the Congo region of Africa in search of the Mokele-Mbembe as the natives call it. If you are one who is fascinated by the story of Jesus and like adventure combined with schola~shi~. A Living D1nosaur 1s a good place to start. If you want to read a true adventure. Forcucci has done is collect in one slim volume the essential writings of the nineteenth century Russian explorer Nicolas Noatovitch. 320 North 26 St. It is available through Kubicek and Associates. Noatovitch visited the famous Buddhist monastery of Himis in Leh situated in the little country of Ladak in the Kashmir region of Northern India. the kind of stuff I~diana J?nes is made of. Mackal E. But it makes for some fun reading and leaves you asking for more. Bri ll Leiden. Wynhauser . I th1nk it's very possible. unanswered questions. Particularly interesting is the story of the find itself. of religious philosophy. A Living Dinosaur Roy P. (Jesus) Notovitch had been told of the scrolls while visiting the region but did not plan to ask about them lest he arouse the suspicions of the locals. What are its messages? This book does not attempt to find the answers. compiled by James F. 1) a brief history of the people of Israel from Moses to the thirteenth year of Jesus.000 s9uare miles of no man's land. While recoverin~ at the monastery.. Box 30269. New York 1987 If you are looking for an adventure. Fenster 22 Reviewed by John M. Did the Mayan civilization create the skull? How did it acquire such anatomical correctness? Why does a forensic recreation of the face appear oriental? The Crystal Skull has had several ~sychic experiences associated w1th it.J. Then he broke his leg. Forcucci is a gem. Reviewed by Kirk D. Among the most valued possessions of the monastery are a collection of scrolls telling of the life of Saint Issa. the story of the Crystal Skull is a mosaic of thought-provoking. of Bible scholarship. Lincoln. The translation of the scrolls is divided into three parts. and a perspective on the life and death of Jesus that has some parallels with the Biblical Jesus and some differences . the capital of Ladak. In other words it means monstrous animal. you may find The Forgotten P1lgr1mage of Jesus both enlightening and entertaining. of history. 2) the life of Jesus from age 14 to 29. What James F. reviewed by Debbie Koon Stephens Crystal Clear Productions Copyright 1989 The Forgotten Pilgrimage of Jesus The Forgotten Pilgrimage of Jesus. The natives have identified it through pictures. 3) the life of Jesus during his public ministry in Israel.

Venus shines at magnitude . • .2.5. It shines at magnitude . Located nearby the north star makes it possible to see all year around. ~I-31 as it is commonly called is a scant 2. C•ncer I i \ . It is very well placed to watc9 its appearant motion over the course of several months. ·-· ~ / • "-. One. The thousands of stars that can be seen on crisp clear evening grab at something ancient and deep within the soul . From dark country skies our closest galactic neighbor can be seen with the unaided eye.000.9 (see notes) and will move through Scorpius into Sagittarius where it will be near the much fainter planet Saturn..==================== F o rtean Research Journal ==================== Sky Watch by Erik Hubl nov. Gemini " ' . . Look for a small cloudy patch near the constellation Andromeda. we forget to look up. The second reason is to create a format for inducing interest and excitement about the sky above us. There is a longing for understanding and an absolute amazement at the sheer imensity of it all.. This happens more than one m1ght think. And when you particular any that might be confused as UFO sightin9s. 23 Jupiter i s the other bright planet that many people see. Sky Watch was created with two purposes in mind . Venus is low in the southwest after sunset and shines so bright that many pass it off as an airplanes landing lights or sometimes a UFO . to be a source of astronomical events .2 million light years distant. 1\. I hope that you will find this information interesting and that you'll want to go out and see it all for yourself. I Teurue Cassiopeia is a pretty constellation that resides in one of the near parts of the Milky Way galaxy.. so does it! But watching it longer will reveal that it slowly sinks toward the horizon.1 The sky offers a source of beauty for all who seek it. It ~oints to nearby Andromeda wh1ch is the location of the great Andromeda Galaxy. it lies in the middle of Gemini the Twins and is slowly moving westward .000 miles.4. Look for Jupiter in the East after 9:00 and high overhead by sunrise. And binoculars clearly show its prescence.913. That's about ••••••. It can even appear to 'follow' you if you're driving down the road. Uranus and Neptune are also located in this same region but a telescope is necessary to see them.000. It rises about 9:00 PM. It is shaped somewhat like a 'W' or 'M' depending on how you look at it. Two bright planets will catch your attention this fall. 12.000..VENUB nov. Right now.000. ' ~. Far too often in this day of television and fast city life. jupiter . "-.

The Winter Solstice or first day of winter will occur on December 21st at 3:22 CST. Keep an eye on the sky. •t. BOX 94627 LINCOLN.. Columns of colored light shot up almost to the zenith. this is the farthest object you can see with just your eyes. Hhich goes through a 22 BUMMEAqyWONTEA I FALL NOTES: Magnitude is the astronomical measure of brightness. I wonder how ancient cultures reacted to 'unexplained events ' like the blood-red moon.. If you have any questions about watching the sky. will be at a maximum sunspot period creating the opportunit¥ for more northern lights to be v1sible around the globe. Around 1990-91 =~r s~n. The Bacon family and my own witnessed this event from their house high on a hill in Lincoln. The middle of the eclipse occured at 10:08 with the moon looking very orange but through the telescope many surface features could be seen. On October 20th a large solar flare erupted from the surface of the sun and unleashed millions of charged particles which slammed into the earth's magnetosphere.000 particles per cubic centimeter was measured compared to a normal 2 or 3 particles per cubic centimeter. you never know what you might see. a full Moon -12th mag.~dromeda ·-~·~/ • A . g•l••vo P•a••u• . The eclipse had already started and the moon appeared to have a 'bite' taken out of it. At 40 North latitude we will recieve 9 hours of daylight and 15 hours of darkness. Normally a full moon is so bright that it washes out any detail one might be able to see. (the hi9hest point in the sky) and dr1fted away to have yet another do the same . Those of you who were favored with clear skies on August 16th most likely saw part of the Lunar Eclipse take place. Streamers of red. NE 68509 24 . The brightest star is +1 or o mag. Venus can be -4th mag. We saw the lar9e orb rise on the eastern hor1zon at about 8:35 CST. NE. Much of North America could see this amazing display of northern lights which could be just a precurser of things to come.O. year sunspot cycle. pink and white light drifted slowly across the northern horizon. A proton burst of 2. and the Sun -27th magnitude.•. please write to: ERIK HUBL Astronomical Advisor FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. On earth the result was spectacular. This is the shortest day of the year and the sun will reach its lowest point in the sky. The sun will begin a 6 month climb to reach the highest point in the sky. The flare produced such strong x-rays that satellites used to measure them were overwhelmed. The faintest star visible to the unaided eye is +6th magnitude.================== Fortean Research Journal ======================== Without a doubt.

. NE 68509 USA - .. BOX 94627 LINCOLN.. into the FUTURE .O.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== FroM the r-=-AST ... The Ex ploration of the unkn own cont inues FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P.

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. ..TV in Las Vegas..• . . .. Kathryn Colborn Contributor Erik Hubl Frank Drier Stephen Johnson Director Fortean Resarch Center Scott H. but subject to editing. I viewed the film footage of the Meier case. but I really did not have much of an idea as to the contents of it .Fact or Fiction? by Scott H. Colborn • ••. . •• . Box 94627 Lincoln.. .. ... ..• •.. NE 68509 ... .. . Contibutions may be deducted from your Federal Income Tax... Make all checks/money ordered to: Fortean Researc h Center P. 7 An Alien Harvest.. • 24 UFOs -.•. 30 Back Issues . . if deemed necessary.•. the cont. I had briefly heard something about this video on our radio program t h e day before.. •. Subscription to this publication is $15. Colborn . . . . loaned me a video to watch while he was putting to9ether his Director ' s Message for th1s issue . Any portion of this publication may be reprinted with credit given to the individual author and the Journal of the Fortean Research Center.... Adams .••. .. 14 The Enigma Continues by Carol Werkmeister .. . .Edtiorial Editor The last few days have been filled with a sense of wonder. . NE 68508 The Journal of the Fortean Research Center is presented four times annually..... ... 1 6 Book Reviews ... on page 29 Featuring This Issue Editoria l ... ... .00 (USA).. ... Thank you for your support! The Fortean Research Center is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. I saw what I thought was going to be just anot her UFO report.. . 3 FALL/ WINTER 1989 Submitted articles by various writers present the opinions of those authors and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the editor. .O. Scott Colborn . • . staff or membership of the Fortean Research Center... • .. Last night the director of the Center.•• • . 12 Degrees of Evi dence by Stephen Johnson . ... Dale Bacon Layout/Paste up Lin A. . .... excerpt by Linda Moul t on Howe • .. which was a mini-series news report from KLAS. 1 Stigmat a by Thomas R.. . • .•. ... .. .. 20 Any "Mutes" in France by Michel Granger ... As I began t o watch the program. 4 Mystery Helicopt ers & Related Reports by Scott H. . 27 Sky Watch by Erik Hubl. Colborn Publication Information VOLUME I V NO .. . Bacon Photography Ed Rumbaugh Mailing/ Distribution From the Director •. . •....• . Submissions are encouraged... Printing By A to Z Printing 815 " M" st Lincoln .

Lazaar is reputed to be a government scientist who worked in Area 51...•• seemingly beyond human capabil~ties" are to be found in Area 51. Lazaar said: "I got to look inside and it had really small chairs. located in a corner of the Nevada Test Site. and that he is talking about this material in order to protect himself. I called Mr. Channel 8 ~n Las Vegas. and George Knapp was the anchor person and producer. MUFON State Director for Michigan for allowing me to excerpt transcribed material from their monthly newsletter. One of the polygraph examiners believes that the difficulty in testing Lazaar results from the fear Lazaar has experienced. What's going on up there (Area 51. And. The furniture inside one of the disks convinced Lazaar that the origin of the craft was from somewhere else. Two other examiners looked at the tests and decided that until more specific tests are done.. specifically in a hanger area known as S-4. period. another intelligenc~.. Two examiners ~ave Lazaar separate tests. I know what the current state-of-the-art is in physics and it can't be done. but it is there and I saw it.. taken from the Channel 8 Las Vegas broadcasts. thanks to Shirley Coyne. anti-matter reactors. And.. I'm convinced that what I saw is absolute proof of that.. they're keeping it secret .) could be the most important event in history. Knapp 1 . physical contact and proof from another planet. anything that goes with it. The f~rst examiner found Lazaar to be truthful on one test. Nevada.. Robert Lazaar wants people to know that he is telling the truth. This is just a little advance that a group of scientists had formed •. What he says is explosive! " . and the results were inconclusive. they don't report to anyone. He said. I've tried to prove that. the power supplies. it's real and it's there." Lazaar apparently agreed to undergo a polygraph exam for •. they would not issue a final statement on truthfulness. according to Lazaar. " •. You're talking about contact. There is no way we could have made the disks. The inference was that there had been an accident and explosion that had killed some of the technicians..• yeah.• I am telling the truth. here is the newest material (you may wish to insert "rumor") that is being talked about. whether it really is the Navy or they just say that. Fear that Lazaar says was instilled in him by his superiors. I think that was the first confirmation I had." Lazaar goes on to say that there are at least 9 craft that we mi~ht call flying saucers that are be~ng tested. I was personally impressed by the quality and background information found in the news segments that KLAS-tv and George Knapp did. Flying saucers. apparently these people have executive power ••. Perhaps contributing to his disenchantment was that Lazaar said that he was a replacement for a scientist that was killed in an accident at the facility..• What is he saying? •. we could have built a big disk like that . And I had an extremely small part in it. another system. These segments were aired during November of 1989." He says that he became frustrated with the excessive caution. That was just a shocking thing because every time before that I was able to label it. and other working examples of technolo~ . and can we trust him .=========== Fortean Research Journal FroiD the Director Who is Robert Lazaar? . So who is Robert Lazaar? . intensive secrecy and plodding pace of the program. I know it is hard to believe. but wh¥ does it have little furniture ins1. ? Thanks to Brian Williams of Lincoln for giving me a video tape of a series of news se~ents done by KLAS-TV. and deceitful on the second. 11 Lazaar also said that "the group that runs this project. so. The second examiner tested Lazaar and said there were no attempts to deceive.. In fact it may be one of the best locally produced se~ents on UFO's that I've seen in qu~te a while. That's got to be the biggest event in history. "This stuff came from somewhere else.

entitled "The UFO Eni<J!lla". Colorado in October. unbidden "mergings" wi th a ~owerful intelligence different i n k~nd from ours". their extraordinary experiences "the budding limbs and or9ans of our future nature" (Mlchael Murphy)? " If you are interested in learning more.. I would ask of anyone who reads this to do as much research as possible in the process of making up your mind regarding this material. For more information from Kess on future projects.A. so I was unable to attend. Alas. I received an invitation less than 1 week prior to the start. and not a summary. Elliot. And. With ¥our own interests and precautions ~n mind. his research in preparation for producing a paperback on UFO encounters. tell your Representative of your UFO interest in the process. George said that other individuals had come forward and offered information which appeared to support Lazaar ' s revelations. 2 For a free U. Box 11542. our weekly radio show. has a very good newsletter that in part talks about her abduction experiences. but I felt that ¥ou. the reader . Perhaps Lazaar is indeed a concerned citizen who is blowing the whistle on secret programs t hat allegedly infer alien/U . and has information on a variety of UFO interest s . P. CA. Should anyone "out there" want to comment on this material. 1989 . George Knapp . you may contact them at The New Being Project. Mr .C. Elliot said that he has produced " Personal Perspectives". (The Choice to Acknowledge Extraterrestrial Contact).=================== For~ean Research Journal =========================== as we were going to print. At any rate . ask your Congressional Representative for the Congressional Research Service Report No . should know of h~s project . Also received in the mail was a flyer from The New Being Project. Berkeley. these " rewirings" occur during intermittent. and we will keep you posted. you may want to write him at 4002 Stearns Hill Road. I don ' t personally know Mr . Or. Box 4272. write to him in care of C. a recent phone guest on "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena". I am presenting t his material for your interest. 94701-2542. Kiehn and Pursglove ask " could these people be in transition. the producer and anchor person at KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.O. To shift public attention from one area to another. and apparently believes what Robert Lazaar is talking about . in which Co-directors saundra Kiehn and David Pursglove announce their interest in t alkin9 with people who have exper ienced ~n part " powerful vibratory physical experiences in which they sense themselves being " rewired" . Specify that you would l1ke the complete 143 page report. 02154. Perhaps Lazaar is part of a planned release of UFO information to slowly educate the public that the aliens are here.. He wants to hear from you if you've had an experience. Contact . government report and overview of the UFO phenomena. The Fortean Research Center will follow up on this story.205SPR. a TV show with guests such as Betty Hill and members of MUFON . So. Give he or her a copy of this Journal! Thomas M Elliot wrote me about . Waltham MA. government involvement. Christa Tilton . including Robert Lazaar. perhaps Lazaar is knowingly or unwitting l y part of a dis-information program to dupe the public and UFO researchers . A recent issue includes a well written report of the alleged shoot-down of a UFO over South Africa earlier this year. I will ~rint comments and opinions ~n our next issue.E. With my last Director' s message in mind. and I asked him if there had been any other information to surface that seemed to support what Robert Lazaar is saying. Kess recently ~reduced a Close Encounter Forum 1n Aspen. somet imes neurologically. for an unknown purpose . And. P. 81612. S .S. the Lazaar material raises as many questions as it provides answers and theories for. alien technol o9Y.O. Lazaar coul d be outright ly~ng . 83. for the past 5 years. spent several months getting to know Lazaar a little closer. Stay tuned right here for further developments! Lawrence N. Aspen Colorado. can we trust Robert Lazaar? We can look at this materia~ from many different angles . The ultimat e cold war weapon • •.

~nvest~gators. and our book reviewers Kirk Fenster. Salt Lake City. Utah. a letter of inquiry to the above address has gone unanswered. Laibow has announced the "Second Conference on Treatment and Research on Experienced Anomalous Trauma". The address for more information is P. As of press time. The announcement said that the proceedings of the conference will be published. and Guardian Action International is the publisher. and Peggy Jo Marshall.•. short for the Intruders Foundation. Michel Granger. " . on February 1-4. Box 30233. 84127. Your planet is in imminent danger of catacl¥smio upheavals because of the d~sruption in the magnetic field surrounding your earth ••• caused by the tremendous negative vibrations you have been transmitting to one another •. John Wynhausen. Apparently this message is from the "Ashtar Command".. Budd Hopkins has proposed a newsletter entitled "IF". 80306-1975. is the Executive Editor. Bill Knell. Ida Kannenberg. Leonard Stringfield. Anne. I haven't seen a copy yet. and thanks to the support staff who work with Dale and I in producing our weekly radio show "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" and assists with the publication of the Journal: Ed Rumbaugh. and clinicians will "gather to address the scientific basis and clinical management of psychophysiologic trauma of unexplained origin". Tom Adams. a multidisci~l inar¥ group of scientists. N. thought to be in the Southwest somewhere. and I want to acknowledge your contribution towards resolving aspects of unexplained phenomena. 75461. Strieber's wife. Paris Texas. Box 471. The invitation goes on to say that "the purpose of Treat II is to f~ster the emergence of a 3 firm scientific and conceptual basis for further investigation and appropriate clinical intervention". and welcome aboard! It ~remises to be an interesting year ~ndeed. For more information. Harry Jordan. and I've found them to be informative and well-written. John Lear. you may contact Dr. Dr. Christa's abduction accounts include her being taken to an underground base. Carol Werkmeister. Budd has my res~ect for h~s work in the UFO abduct~on field. and will be closed to the press. and Webster Robbins. New York. but you may want to write him at P. and Dora Ruffner is the Editor. And. Boulder Colorado. for those of you who have considered sending a paper or material from ¥our files . Debbie Koon stephens. Steve Johnson. for a Journal that continues to get better and better.Y~ 10011.O. . 10522.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== Christa at P. those of us who qual1fy will be delivered by literally being beamed up to waiting ships. Or is it a question of vibration? Dr. New York. John Schuessler. Laibow at 13 Summit Terrace. or "Treat II" for short. For more information write to "The Communion Letter". let us know of your interest •. research scientists and clinicians". In conclusion I would like to thank those of you who have offered ~apers and material for publication ~n this Journal: Linda Moulton Howe. A dire warning of upcoming earth ohan~es is the main gist of a publ~cation entitled "People of Earth". Frank Dreier. The event is open solely for "bonafide researchers.O.. Rima E. Lin Bacon. Dobbs Ferry. 1990. Perhaps you'll have better luck. If you are a first-time reader or new member. Kathryn Colborn.O. John Brandenburg. Special thanks to our Editor. Your material represents an investment of your time in our Center. Box 27725. Dale Bacon. I believe we can read "UFO encounter/abduction" conference here. Brian Williams. Alan Boye. and if earth's axis moves be¥ond its norm.• " The publication goes on to say that if humans raise their personal vibrations. Box 1975. Wade Erickson. Whitley Strieber•s "Communion Letter" is out. ! would like to rem~nd you that we will honor anonymity for individuals who request it. Erik Hubl..

Of course.different. and the following article is based on material in issues 21 and 16. livestock do die natural deaths on the range and in pastures. In the ensuing decade " classic" or true animal mutilations occurred in over thirty states (including every state west of the Mississippi River) and in several Canadian ~rovinces. Minnesota. tracks and ground markings were altogether absent. These remains are inevitably going to be consumed at least partially . but i t was in that year that the phenomenon began to make its presence known in earnest. on parts of the carcass away from the mutilation-wounds. even though ground conditions should have called for the presence of tracks. Stigmata.coyotes and the like . natural predators . the victim animal would annoyingly turn out to be the owner 's best predatory and scavenging animals. but occasional words and phrases have been changed to preserve clarity in this condensed form. not the weak or sickly animals. Sometimes animals would be seen alive and well the previous evening. Contrary . In fact. to allow the jury to remain out on the relevance of the "international mutes". Mr. minus selected parts. True or "classic" mutilations involve livestock (a lmost alwa¥s) which have died or have been k1lled and from which parts have been removed through the a~parent utilization of sharp 1nstruments 4 andjor high technology. graphic and revelatory. or the animal would be alive and well in the morning and dead and mutilated that afternoon. Watergate and the first big energy scare or "fuel shortage". The words are essentially his.largely ignored the mutilated carcasses. For the most part.but why would it take so long? Some carcasses were never fed upon by predacious animals.========================::=: Fort:ean Research Journal =========================== Stig1nata by Thomas R. to the acute astonishment of veteran livestock people. But a few years back farmers and ranchers began to report that they were finding carcasses of their livestock that were . only to be found dead and mutilated the next morning. These factors (and more) suggested to the livestockowner that something out-of-theordinary had occurred. Farm dogs would be skittish and would refuse to approach mutilated carcasses. Each act or incident of mutilation leaves us with decidedly solid evidence in the form of a livestock carcass. We have amassed cons1derable information about similar events in other countries. 1973 was also the year of the last big or generallyrecognized UFO flap. The difference between the two would be obvious. As many readers will recall. There are enough differences. and in a manner incons1stent with that practiced by predators and scavengers. predators would feed upon a mutilated animal. The Classic Mutilation There were a handful of mutilation reports before 1973. Kansas. Voila! The "classic" mutilations. all dead) and maybe even mammalian predators after a while . Perhaps eventuall¥ maggots and birds would move 1n (or a carcass would be found covered with flies. And there were other crises coming to a head in 1973: the Middle East. And it be~an in the heartland of the Un1ted States . TX who's Project Sti~ata has been investigating mut1lations since 1970. Adams Mr . On isolated occasions. There appeared to be little or no evidence of blood or bleeding from the wounds. Iowa. Adams was kind enough to send us a number of issues of his newsletter. The carcass would lay untouched. Adams is a researcher based in Paris. In many cases.Nebraska. Adams The Project Stigmata report on the Continu1ng Investigation Into the Occurrence of Animal Mutilations by Thomas R. The carcass would just lay there to deteriorate on its own at an abnormal ly slow rate or at an unusually rapid pace . however. It appeared that ~arts had been removed with ~rec1sion.

They know that. The speculation has been that there is "something" about such carcasses that "lower" animals can detect but humans cannot. Carcasses have been found with absolutely no bleeding from the wounds.and those that decompose too rapidly in cool or cold weather. as though the wound were cell was disrupted in the mutilator's cut. not a laser burn . along the cell walls.000. One school of thought suggests that the victim animals are taken away. the same body parts are not taken in each case (although certain parts do predominate). more slowly that would be expected. The rate of decom~osition of the mutilated carcasses ~s another 5 oddity related to this phenomenon. Some . In many cases. There is a natural cohesion between cells and any ordinary cut . We reported in STIGMATA f5 that laboratory rats seem to be able to detect or "smell" x-rays. this finding needs to be repeated. bleeding occurs. The examiner discovered that the "incision" was not a "cut" at all. there is no evidence of searing or burning. Texas in 1977 a mutilated carcass exhibited both smooth and serrated cuts.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== to a frequent misconception. mutilated and then returned. but rarely the bleeding that would be expected. But if the animals are taken and mutilated elsewhere.the "pinking shears" effect (see photos in Donovan and Wolverton's MYSTERY STALKS THE PRAIRIE). One of the most consistent features of the mutilation phenomenon is the lack of blood or bleeding from the wounds . microscopic examination of hide from a mutilated calf revealed findings of the greatest potential importance. All this has fueled speculation that the mutilators are using lasers. Some incisions may be smooth yet uneven. And in a case in Colorado.even in animals mutilated before or shortly after death. On some occasions. The separation occurred between the cells . an evenly serrated edge is noted . In Johnson county. The meat which humans would consume is almost always left untouched . We may have knowledge of 5 per cent of the true total or 95 per cent (though the real figure likely lies somewhere in between). although one will hear estimates elsewhere of 2 to 3 times that number. however. There are reports of carcasses not deteriorating properly when left out in warm weather . since so many go unreported. Mass Hysteria? Were these farmers and ranchers caught up in an epidemic of mass hysteria or "collective delusion"? There are those who would suggest that these livestock people only imagined that there was anything unusual about these events. We do not know how many mutilations have occurred. regardless how many we find or where we find them there appears to be nothing we can do about it. yet when investigators cut into other areas of the carcass. Sometimes there will be a small amount of blood. Many of the most graphic mutilations feature amazingly smooth incisions where parts are removed . There is some evidence to support that contention. It might be that the mutilators don't concern themselves with where they leave the results of their hand~work.a tragic waste of prime with a knife -would cut through the cells at cell was destroyed . others. On some cuts there is the appearance of searing or burnin9.that is. There is also a peculiar reaction on the part of other animals when confronted with a mutilated carcass. Some remains seem to deteriorate rapidly. To realize its potential as revelatory evidence. why bring them back? Why not drop the carcass in some remote canyon or arroyo or otherwise dispose of the rema~ns? It may not necessarily be that the mutilated carcasses fare purposely placed. There is no attempt to conceal mutilated carcasses. however.sometimes without even cutting hair. as though exhibiting hesitation cut-marks. a conservative estimate for the number of mutilations since (and including) 1973 (once hoaxes and misinterpretations are eliminated) would be 5. As of 1984.

predation. could it be that predators were still responsible? They've always been around. even traumatic . for the one would have difficulty tossing a cow chip) between the mutes-are-real folks and the ain't-no-way's. and there has to be .nterpretations. And we would contend that most of the mutilation victims (the owners. Those who would scoff and detract from the reality of "classic mutilations" . One problem with these diagnoses has been pointed out by Dr.c mutilations. do occur in the course of Life-On-Earth.=================== Fortean Research Journal ================= opine that socio-psychologica~ pressures and psycho-cultural trauma amassed in the American (including Canadian) collective unconscious and was being vented due to the stress of uncertain and uncomfortable world and national events . Most such people have never seen a mutilated carcass. But there often seems to be a ¥awning conceptual gap (across wh1. etc . Could these farmers and ranchers have known what they were talking about? Were they qualified observers? If these carcasses looked so different. a logical explanation. "scavengers". uncontrollable livestock mutilations in their world-view. predators do not read Emily Post)? Had the farmers and ranchers reporting mutilations been around long enough to be familiar with the effects of natural predation and to know the difference? In a study conducted by anthropologist Dr. If eve~one had a classically cont . after all. "mass hysteria" or even "lone nut" . This may be due to a sort of psychic defense mechanism.experienced livestock people who had been at it for a while. or maybe that's even the way it should be. that is.yes ("altogether now. Then there are those of us for whom the data ~roclaims the reality of the class1. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. There are also a number of diagnosticians who. class").over the years we've heard of many a sleepless night. But Dr. director of the diagnostic laboratory at Colorado State University: an autopsy or necropsy or an examination of blood or tissue from a carcass must be done very shortly after death to be meaningful. They may never get the hang of it .S. Some veterinarians and laboratory diagnosticians have claimed publicly that "classic" mutilations are actually the work of natural predators and scavengers. have proclaimed that at least some mutilations have not been the work of natural predators -but that the parts have been removed with a surgical precision and often amazing methodology. Even those who have seen an occasional mutilation refuse (however consciously or subconsciously) to allow it to register on them that they have seen anything other than some misinterpreted mundane event.a collectively ailing Zeitgeist. shall we say. The farmers and ranchers. Did they adopt the use of fine implements or graduate a class in high-tech scavenging? could predatory table manners have become that fastidious (As Ed Sanders has written. To such ~eople. unconv~nced . althou~h we are not forgetting that misl.on". "~redators" "misinterpretatl. unstoppable. death-by-natural-causes. on page 29 . the classic mutilations s1. and Canada have been anything but greenhorns. Some peo~le remain . Nancy Owen. were merely misinterpreting the natural deaths of their livestoc k and the removal of parts by scavenging animals.these individuals are not necessarily acting out their roles in concert in some insidious conspiracy. not the animals) across the U. Rue Jensen. then of the University of Arkansas. "del~sion". Owen found that most of the farmers reporting mutilations were in fact oldtimers .mply can not be. according to this thinking. so it may be that some peo~le are in fact "not ready" for the ~nclusion of unexplained. because the "acceptance" of the reality of mutilations can be disturbing to some . it was first suspected that the victimfarmers in mutilation-plagued northwestern Arkansas were lar~ely young and inexperienced and fa~rly new to the area.whose click-words and catch phrases include "natural causes". We contend that beyond 6 a certain point a lot of guesswork.

as farmers were ready to people were observing helicopters. Additionally. " •. We do not know rustlin9s. from the files of veteran This helicopterjmutilation researcher Tom Adams. were occurring. not sightings ceased. burgeoning into many nature of the "myster'¥ helicopter".=========== Fortean Research Journal ============ Mystery Helicopters by Scott H. there was considerable the Federal Aviation Administration public uproar and. andjor of the mutilation phenomena as a animal mutilation reports. in several areas in the were taking depositions from the states mentioned. In many of the areas ranchlands of Eastern Colorado in where rustling was a problem. In some of these furor rose to such a crescendo that areas. We previously lights. spotlighting cattle. concurrence has continued and reports from material of the throughout the past decade. as well}. But were still being seen.. Colborn This article's focus is on the areas. When one incidents have featured as many as examines reports from that period 5 to 7 helicopters at once. 1975 . in the opinion announced that it was launching its of many. we will of unknown origin connected with be much closer to an understanding UFO sightings. previously un-muted and unWe will discuss mater~al primarily choppered areas. Nebraska. abductions . There was near-pan1c in the Illinois. being virtually without exhaust or Some of these helicopter rotor noise. a number harassing livestock. the helicopters were own probe into the mystery somehow allied with the rustlers . and some begun in earnest in 1973. Iowa . A National Guard livestock mutilations were helicopter was sent to the Clayton. As the results of the FAA mutilat~on reports ex~loded across investigations. Kansas. We have considered the chasing 9round observers and even recent mutilation wave to have landing 1n pastures. In northeastern New at from an unidentified Mexico in late 1975 the public helicopter. as they have since the Midwest and West 1n 1975. Paris Texas. even a couple of accounts of legitimate missions were grounded witnesses on the ground being shot temporarily. These whole. There are of helicopters on routine. the mystery helicopter areas where mutilations . published by Tom Adams. For that reason. beginning to supplant the rustling ·New Mexico airport to give chase at reports. altogether too many reports of helicopters that harass herds of livestock. We have on f i le well over alleged craft are generally 200 accounts of myster¥ helicopters described as being dark in color. This have concentrated much of our article is introductory in nature attention on the "mystery and is intended to hopefully whet helicopters " because we suspect your interest for in-depth research that if we can acquire some of your own. People {and from 1974. exter1or insignia or published a special report and identification. Let's begin our study sightings are mere flyovers-and with the following information some innocent coincidence may well taken from a publication titled be involved. helicopters and that FAA personnel Then. Unidentified helicopters the next chopper sighting. Missouri. concrete answers illuminating the Many reports mention helicopters role of these helicopters. accounts of public . shoot down anything resembling a flying low over pastures and even chopper . But there are Stigmat a . but they were now being reported in the while the Guard chopper was in the area. We Fortean Research Center. near or at or in the v1cinity of and may or ma¥ not display running mutilation sites. catalog of these events (The some of the craft are described as Choppers • • • And The Chop pers ). the denied having any knowledge or number of "mystery helicopter" reports also increased in many 7 information about it-. Deputies have epidemic of livestock rustling pulled into pastures to watch unlit throughout the Midwest--in parts of choppers rise and 9Uickly fly away.Perhaps they . it is have been paced and chased down noted that first there was an country roads.

Assuming that the helicopters weren't refueling in-air or from a truck on a lonely road somewhere. see the references section immediately following this article. and draw a circle around the position on a map where a sightin9 of a helicopter took place. basic needs to keep a helicopter in the air. 4) The helicopters originate with the United States government and the¥ are as curious about the mut1lations as are the rest of us. The government may be attempting to J?ersuade mutilation invest1gators and the populace as a whole that perhaps the military might be behind at least some mutilations." our thanks again to Tom Adams for allowing us to excerpt from his J?ublication Stigmata. 5) They know much more than "civilians" do. in the1r various verbal effluvia. w1th the outer edge of the circle representing the maximum flight range. hangers or storage facilities for helicopters not in service ••• these are intrinsic. there are five primary hypotheses for the origin and purpose of the helicopters: 1) The helicopters originate from the same source as (at least some) UFO's and likely are. The helicopters are of military origin. They are occasionally present near mutilation sites to monitor the activities of the "real" mutilators. Or perhaps the real picture isn't even presented here. Interestingly enough. 3) The helicopters originate with the government of the United States (perhaps in collusion with Canada or other nations). l?aramilitary organizat1on or an international cabal of industrialists. maintenance crews. Regarding the relationship between the mystery choppers and animal mutilations. you could quickly determine whether or not the source of the helicopters was . You could then make inquires of airports. a diversion awar from the real truth. disguised as terrestrial craft. public and private landing fields. operated by an endlessly financed "cult". and they know little more than we "civilians" do. 1984). Fuel.=================== Fortean Research Journal ===================found a reason not to announce their findings. though the remainder cannot be ignored. But the unidentified copters are an important and inherent part of the mutilation puzzle. and assuming that your inquires were answered truthfully. oil. governmental or military support systems. it would seem a simple task to identify the flight range of a helicopter. who is flying them and why (Adams. Many detractors of the realit¥ of "classic" mutilations. They are directly involved in the mutilation "mission". For more 1nformation from Adams. There 1s imJ?lied a prior knowledge wh1ch enable the helicopters to arrive around the time of a 8 mutilation. We need to know where they are coming from. lets consider for a moment the support systems required to keep a helicopter in the air. The military intelli9ence community is conduct1ng its own investigation. take the easy way out by simply ignoring the mystery helicopters. and military bases. Keeping the above five hypotheses in mind. UFO's themselves. Our present inclination is to suspect that the truth lies in some combination of (4) and (5). secret society. The government of the United States possesses a very substantial amount of knowledge about the mutilators. housing for flight crews and support personal. 2) The helicopters are "private". in fact. likely as J?art of a massive chemical-b1ological warfare (CBW) experiment. some of the unidentified helicopter sightings have occurred shortly after a mutilation event. their means and motives. "civilian" or "corporate". suggesting that this postulated ability to anticipate mutilations may be far from perfected. energy czars or similar nanipulators. replacement parts. If we first consider either civilian.

Lehman told me that this was the second mutilation to occur on his property. Lehman if he had noticed any unusual helicopter activity before. the hide and all were taken. at least based on his visual inspection. The cuts were clean and in the case of the entire front quarter. Ne.. Mr. Lets turn now to a report of an animal mutilation near Norfolk. He went on to relate an account of a neighbor living 3-4 miles northwest of his property.=================== Fortean Research Journal =================== civilian. Jim Lehman of rural Norfolk. Jim found the dead calf. could so successfully cover itself that no clue was left as to the identity of the agency. on December 2nd. No autopsy was ordered because Mr. As Mr. This report provides anecdotal material linking animal mutilations and mystery helicopters. It seems that this neighbor was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud.. weight approximately 500 lbs. and that there was an incision 8-9 inches long of a half moon shape on the side or flank of the animal. with the first incident having occurred about seven years previously (1975). after having read an article in the Journal~ Star ·newspaper dated 12/16/82. he replied that he didn't know. As there was more pressing work to catch up on. no mechanical breakdowns that force the copter down in a farmers field. Mr. governmental or military. Both ears were missing from the carcass. I asked Jim if this was correct. but as we continued. His tone was curt and abrupt. Ne. No crews letting slip their involvement during conversation off-duty. The calf was found laying on its left side in approximately two foot high native grass. Additionally. When I asked Jim for his opinion on how the calf could have been mutilated without the surrounding area being disturbed. or after this current mutilation. He thought this initial date was around 11/25/82.m.. As the article in the paper mentioned very little blood having been seen near the animal. the flight or support crew would have to have a perfect record . I gave him my credentials and explained that I was calling to see if Mr. with one tag found on top of the haunch. roaring sound. He ran 9 . Mr. and in th~s regard I offer some following material and data for your consideration. This same deputy sheriff didn't dust the ear tags for finger prints. on December 22. He said the right front quarter was taken cleanly. No sex organs were taken. Jim said he had tagged both ears for identification purposes. Lehman could expand upon the newspaper article. but not rude or hostile. and no evidence of any tamper1ng with the fence. during. and no blood in the animal. During our phone conversation. I asked Mr. which he estimated had been in the last ten days. and otherwise the carcass was untampered with. 1982. at approximately 9:00 a. So from December 2nd to about December 12th there had been no visible predator or animal activity around the carcass. He was more explicit and said there was no blood around the animal. His wife answered and then I spoke with Mr. I telephoned Mr. Lehman had brought the cattle in for the winter and had noticed that he was missing a seven month old calf. Lehman began to describe the mutilation. No tracks were visible around the carcass. there is the question of whether an organization. The calf was found next to the fence separating his land from US Highway 81. It had been mutilated. there was no matting of the native 9rass. it was m¥ opinion that he was waver1ng on this position. Lehman. he couldn't immediately look for the calf. Lehman was told by a deputy sheriff that he didn't think it was necessary. 1982. Of course this is not to say that secrets can't be kept •. and the other was about one foot away in the native grass. public or private. I ~ersonally have a great deal of diff~culty assigning all mystery helico~ters to non UFO sources. Lehman said the carcass was still in the field. he stated that he felt this mutilation was an attempt to butcher the animal for meat purposes. and was really undecided. secrets are kept every day. He replied "that happened about one year ago". He remarked that the carcass wasn't bloated and hadn't deteriorated until predators had started working on the carcass. Secondly.

which had continued to be very audible. unmarked helicopter with no lights visible. 1982 near Nebraska City. . A mystery helicopter also figured in an interesting UFO sighting December 11. At any rate. completely silent flash of white light" . pseudonym for the central figure of Budd Hopkin's book Intruders. . the young woman was driving north out of Norfolk. The sheriff was called. he got out a hand held spotlight and pointed it up towards the "noise". For further information on this particular report. hovering over his feed yard. This was regarding harassment of UFO researcher George Coyne and his wife. Bett~ Cash. The noise was directly overhead and apparently was either following her or traveling in the same direction. Dan Wright wrote a piece entitled "Under the Watchful Choppers" in the same magazine . accompanied by an engine sound" . Ne. The helicopter then flew away . and Vick~e's grandson Colby saw a diamond shaped UFO belching fire and surrounded by helicopters on a Texas road December 29. In wanting to check on the veracity of Jim Lehman. 1989). All three people suffered apparent severe physical effects which they believe are related to witnessing the UFO. About 10 40 minutes later there was a second UFO sighting that involved 5 law enforcement officers. by helicopters . Ne. then told me of an account she had heard concerning a young woman on her way home from work late one evening. Lehman didn't know how long his neighbor had the unmarked copter in sight. Her destination was her parents farmstead. on US Highway 81. This second UFO presented itself apparently in 3 different forms. and that the flash of light consisted of two "diagonal arms of light which radiated from the point-oforigin. and the noise faded and stopped. There was an initial UFO sighting that involved 3 civilian witnesses and 2 instances of animal effects. but Mr. The young woman told Dianne that when the sheriff arrived. She then started u~ her car and continued driving. The copter then flew away. was also mentioned as being harassed by dark copters in this article by Wright lYZQ. The second was "a flashing white light accompanied by the enginejrotor sounds of a helicopter". who is herself both a researcher and abductee. D~anne thought the time period was 1977 or 1978. The first was a silent. Ne. I mentioned his report to a person I worked with who is from Norfolk. aJ?pearing "about halfway UJ? the hor~zon". That same night. ran inside and told her father that something had followed her home. I was unable to obtain more information from Dianne concerning the identity of the young woman or her family. umarked helicopter. the other upward". In the beam of the spotlight was a black or dark colored. Vickie Landrum. This anecdote is offered merely as another piece of data with its authentic ity yet in question. approximately 12:15 a. Acting Sheriff R~ch Tilson of Nebraska City said that the flash of light was of such intensity that it cast "distinct shadows". one downward toward the ground. the reader is urged to read the complete account in the May. In this article Cooper reports that UFO abductee Betty Luca (formerly Betty Andreassen) and her husband Bob have been harassed by persistent black helicopters . drivin~ from Norfolk to Madison. Ne. John Schuessler authored a report in this Journal recently entitled "Cash. It seems she heard a roaring noise coming from the exterior of her car. unlit.m. This woman. there was a "brilliant. Kathie Davis. and the third form had the UFO changing into the "configuration of a biplane.. and it was summertime.Landrum UFO Encounter". 1983 MUFON UPO JOURNAL (Boeche( 1983). flashing white light. 1980. He called the sheriff and turned on some outside lights. Lehman said nothing came of it.========== For~ean Research Journal ========== outdoors and saw a dark. The terrified young woman arrived at her home. Vick~ Cooper wrote an excellent article recently in YlQ magazine entitled "Black Helicopters Dog UFO Witnesses". who I will call Dianne. Shirley . w1th the noise coming back and "following her" the rest of the journey to her parents home. She stopped in the middle of the highway.

There have been numerous discoveries of dead animals in Madison and Knox counties and there are indications that predators got several of them. For address see back cover of this Journal. 3-5. pg. I would like to hear from you. UFO. pgs.O . My own personal bias leans towards both the UFO and the military explanations as sources for the copters. Box 1094 Par1s. Vicki. the reader of this Journal. Should you. The story often never gets picked up by a wire service or larger paper. For more information on this and other publications send a SASE to: Sti9IData.=================== Fortean Research Journal ================== The witnesses report counting over 20 helicopters at one point. 4. See the references section immediately following for a good place to start. #21. P. we need to hear from you! References Adams. 15.1989. 1989). So it might also be said for the elusive mystery helicopter . Nevertheless. so researchers never hear about it. 2225. Howe. pgs. some with twin rotors. no one would help. 75461 Boeche. stigmata. pgs. Lincoln. In closing I would like to offer this guote from page 15 of Howe's An Al1en Harvest . Linda Moulton. You. May 1983. 10-12. can help so much by clipping an article and sending it to us. #1. Tom. There seems to be much data to indicate that many people have reported m¥stery helico~ters. Linda Moulton Howe lists many references in her excellent new book "An Alien Harvest" regarding helicopters sometimes associated with animal mutilations. MUFON UFO JOURNAL. Wright. 1989). John. Schuessler. 15-16. Dan. For address see back cover of this Journal. Vol:-4. #183. UFO activity and harassment of individuals. even the military denied flying their helicopters that night" (Schuessler. Vol. Cooper. have a report of mystery helicopters in your area. 1989. Lincoln Journal ~ star. The research continues . Lehman. 1989. Vol. Cases of m1staken ident1fication? Well-financed cults or private interest groups? Military copters? . 1984. The reports were consistent-the UFO was glowing intensely and the helicopters were of the type flown by the military services. 4. We are not convinced it is a person who is doing this. Jim. the reader. UFO. An Alien Harvest. 26- 11 . We will share all information received with Tom Adams and Linda Moulton Howe.•• an important aspect of the mutilation puzzle. #1. 68508. pgs. This is an excerpt from a statement made by Robert Mavis. #1. Indeed. See elsewhere in this Journal for information regarding this book. 12/16/82 926 "P" St. I'm not convinced "it is a person who is doing this".• • UFO's? It is my hope that this article has raised your interest in this material. 29. Remember! many smaller newspapers will occas1onally print a story on both mysterious helicopter sightings and animal mutilations. an investigator for the criminal division of the State Patrol in 1974 who said: "There are a lot of trains of thought. Texas. Perhaps with more data we will learn about the ap~arent connection between the s1ghtings of helicop~e~s and animal mutilations. John writes: "Others saw the UFO and the helicopters.. Journal of the Portean Research center.. Ne. We haven't even found tracks in most cases" (Howe. See elsewhere in this Journal for more from Howe's research. Ray. pgs .

deep smooth circle . note 1). but who had seen and taken tissue there was no obvious sign of what samples from mutilated Lady in had killed the cows.=========Forcean Research Jour nal ============ An Alien Harvest. Their conclusion was and I called Dr . ed. Arkansas (see photographs and left the farm. something . " said Jim Williamson. tissue from the belly and eye There was a large. Arkansas and Hempstead County straight line in one of his Sheriff Don Worthy went to the pastures near an old abandoned mutilation site . March 10 miles. It has not been explained its legs drawn up "as if it had why the men chose to work in the been running and was zapped by dark. He are reprinted here with permission watched it for three minutes above of the author. Wyatt contacted the concerned about the case. James Powell of find the cows laid out in a Hope. to get a new straight razor . As this book went to print. Wyatt on his property after Juanita Stripling took her in Hempstead County. There was also no the tissues for microscope dampness on the ground of water or examination. Dr. Following this rectal areas "were distended and it article are the photo9raphs which seemed as if the¥ had been bored accompanied the text 1n her book bn around in approx1mately a 1/4 inch Alien Harvest. Wyatt was amazed to veterinarian Dr." Four other cows were laid out in We wish to thank Linda for a straight line.C. Altshuler instructed Jim That same day around 6 p. excerpt by Linda Moulton Howe (Following is an exerpt from Linda evening. March 9. " As Juanita Stripling and Little If you would like to obtain a River News Editor Jim Williamson took photographs of the dead cows. Little River News and two deputies were dispatched to Editor Jim Williamson contacted me the farm. Dr. analysis. round curt out excisions and sent them in 10% area with t he calf lying just formaldehyde solution by Federal Express to us in Denver for outside the cow and still in the embryo sac. One the rest of the sample . that some kind of instrument was the pathologist and hematologist involved in the excisions. Altshuler Wyatt ' s farm to take black a nd asked Jim Williamson to cut a white photographs. large belly excision.m. I was at Dr . John Altshuler. 1967. please order Jim remembered that on Thursday 12 it through the following address: . He noticed a Moulton Howe's 1989 publication of "golden glow" light similar to ones An Alien Harvest . Hempstead County Sheriff Department However. copy of Linda ' s book. In Little River News Associate Editor the hide of the cow that had the Juanita Stripling went to Mr .) the REA (Rural Electric Association) substation. local veterinar1an who was Mr. He had seen them to see. he had photographed in 1988. body fluids. Dr. Powell cut open some of al~ve and well two days before with the cows and took stomach and organ the rest of his herd. Using flashlights lo9ging road . 1989. The distance between the light and The 19B 0 1 s where the heifers were found the next morning is about fifty aerial Early Friday morning. One cow had samples. Jim cut cow was lying on her right side. five pregnant cows were found A few hours later in the dark dead by L. all but one with allowing us to reprint her words in their legs straight out. neither man was cooperating with Editor of the Little River News in the Little River News nor another Ashdown. precise and approximately 1 3/4 to Altshuler ' s lab when he prepared 2 inches deep. Pages 94-99. rectangle of cowhide that would "The first look at the scene include the mutilator's cut in one gave the impression the cows were corner with normal cow tissue in dropped dead in their tracks. The our journal. The cut area was neat. Mr.

bloodless "cookie cutter" ovals. There was no anmiotic fluid or blood on the cow.C. Arkansas. 1989. Ashdown. Ashdown. Little R1ver News. Three had rectum t1ssue exc1sed 1n clean. March 10. Arkansas. Close-up of cow's bloodless.C. Arkansas. Linda also wishes to mention that she welcomes all inquiries and information from readers at the same address. Associate Editor. calf or ground. 3. Little River News. Arkansas. 5. Arkansas. Wyatt farm near Hope. One of the five pregnant heifers found dead on the L. March 10. Pregnant heifer found dead with its legs in a "running" position on the L. Editor. found dead and laying in a straight line on the L. Ashdown. Assoc1ate Ed1tor. 1989 after L. 1~89 . 2. Wyatt farm near Hope.00. 13 . Box 3130 Littleton. Little River News.C. Arkansas. Four of five pregnant heifers . 1989. Ashdown. co 80161-3130 Cost for the hardbound copy of An Alien Harvest is $60. Another had an 18-inch by 22-inch section of its belly removed. The belly had been cut in an 18-inch by 22-inch hole with a hot instrument. 4. Arkansas. cut belly the morning of March 11.O. Photograph by J1m Williamson. Wyatt farm near Hope.================== Fortean Research Journal ================== Linda Moulton Howe P. Arkansas. Photograph by Juanita Striplin~. plus sjh. Photo~raph b¥ Juanita stri~ling. Ashdown. Wyatt farm near Hope. Photo~raph br Juanita stripling. Little River News. Assoc1ate Ed1tor. Ma~ch 10. 1. Wyatt dragged the animals away from where they wer~ found March 10. "Cookie cutter" exc1s1on of rectum tissue on one of the five heifers found dead and mutilated on the L. 1989. One had an eye removed. March 11.C. Arkansas. The unborn calf was inside the unbroken embryo sac which was lying partly outside the cow's belly. Little R1ver News. Photograph by Jim Williamson. .C. Editor.

." He also said his biggest normally have several hundred dilemma was that he could not tell pounds of difficult-to-move whether something hap~ened before evidence staring us in the face.. All of the above mentioned are I spoke with Sheriff George considered "classic" cases . when in fact there were.ght eyeball removed and cow in its mutilated stage.n some farmers field in the middle and after a couple days of exposure of the night. and DMV tongue surgically removed. It's not like this is a said 1. lips gone. Ron Bartels was caring for some Nebraska. of hide taken off of the underbelly The veterinarian." His comments were stealthy. Also. underhanded creature logical and well said. ears and that "the old cow was in poor missing. but at Schmidt was sure the cow died of least to my knowledge nobody bas natural causes and said that he. 1989 Ron evident by looking at the Bartels discovered a 15 year old photographs . A in a six square mile area. But the infamous very strange" or "we have no quote was made. He her .but still by a coyote. "It looked explanation for what happened. who was called on to completely missing. A large very strange is going on? Over two patch of hide was taken from her dozen reported cases in Idaho in underbelly exposing the abdomen. rear legs . pinpoint an exact cause of death. Chyianina cow in Franklin county. 6 miles southwest of cows belonging to a couple from out Campbe~l l~ing on her left side of state at the time he found the with the r1. In some cases the cow shape". one in Colorado and under the tail where the rectum Kansas. investigate the incident. This is On November 26th. When I asked him about the looks like it bled profusely yet cut on the throat he told me it was there was very little.================== Fortean Research Journal ===================- De1rees of Evidence by Stephen Johnson What is it going to take to from her throat were 18 inches of convince people that something trachea and esophagus. render it senseless the skin stretched smooth to give and perform intricate surgery on it the appearance of being cut. It makes me me there were no organs missing. 23 were found Yet the abdomen was untouched. or after (the mutilat1. ' 1 Backbones exposed or removed. on the rear muscular area of the cows in particular." strange. if any.on)." We have heard that And still nobody bas been before! caught. The udder was gone and more across the country. I am some predatory action was evident writing about animal mutilations. who performed a and sexual organs cut off. He thought something very odd had a 6 inch slit in her throat that was blood-soaked. a well demarcated cut and was blood found on the surrounding impossible to tell what bad caused area. rectum Carl Guthrie. two in smooth circular hole was evident Washington. Sure.not spilling blood.: Guthrie. been caught with an eye or tongue " . He was Officials. A patch postmortem examination on the cow. and many used to be.t was "A very smooth circular mystery with no evidence. the last two months. had exposing the abdomen and in most said. but thought it strange that the happening: gaping holes on the cow wind pipe was missing. Dr. Then to also said the neck was chewed open do it time and again . shudder just to think about it. "It was impossible to cases the abdomen is untouched. just the opposite is it. The Sheriff had told remain undiscovered. We lesion. He stated 9etting ready to ambush a large cow that the eye was picked at by birds 1. As to where yet not a drop of blood had spilled the e¥e was removed Dr. Efforts to happened! Ron has been raising uncover evidence of blood on the livestock for nearly thirty years ground went unsatisfied. two in Nebraska. Missing 14 and has seen his share of them die . professionals and normal suspicious of predatory action on citizens say that it "sure looks the bind end. Guthrie out. felt sorry for the poor old bag in hand! It's hard to imagine a of eye Schmidt. there are plenty of on the other hand Sheriff theories and speculations.

I hope I have expressed those views correctly from the kind people involved. What we are looking at is not circumstantial. Alien involvement using the parts for sustenance? Or genetic engineering? Did you know a cows DNA is similar to humans? 15 So we need to ask ourselves: What degree of evidence is it going to take to prove to us that something strange is going on? Remember as Ron Bartels said to roe. . but there are very firm and stable cases all across the country with a great collection of evidence piling up in file cabinets. I feel that they love the attention surrounding their activities. But what do I know? I do not have the same tastes as a coyote ! It does not make sense that so much of the cow went untouched by the coyotes. it is real. they don ' t need to steal from the people. It seems to me that if the coyotes who were feeding on this animal went to the trouble of tearing the hide off the underbelly. Why would they just pick at the hind end of a perfectly edible and succulent animal? I know of no coyotes who have the surgical skills to remove 18 inches of windpipe through a 6 inch slit! This incident does have a few questions about how it happened and contradictory views. especially at this time of year when the weather is cold and food is scarce. But when you look at a "classic" mutilation you can tell they have been tampered with.================== For tean Research Journal naturally. because an answer is attainable. We are ~rateful for his cooperation in help1ng the Fortean Research Center by supplying us with these photographs and information on this case. Psycho farm boys? I doubt it! Random government testing? No! The government has enough test farms of its own. "Things do happen!" The following photographs are printed here by permission. (as compared with classic mutilat i ons) but I have seen pictures and read comments by Linda Moulton Howe (An Alien Harvest) and there is a big difference. It steals life from livestock and income from farmers to this day! So who is doing it? Satanic cults? No! They always leave the ir mark behind. The photographs seen in this article were all taken by Ron. Although I do not have much experience in what a cow looks like after coyotes have had their way with it. they should have devoured the soft abdomen as well. Now is the time to keep an open mind and ask questions.

" a For instance. presager que le fleau mutilatoire du style de celui que vous subissez se soit propage dans notre Hexagone. was checking his herd at the Moulin Blanc (White Mill) pasture when he noticed strange behavior in the cattle: the herd was "strangely flocked at about 50 meters from the fence. elles. in the famous cattle breeding region of Charolais. paru chez Vertiges. one among many other similar examples: on the morning of August 13. me demande-t-on? Je remercie tres sincerement Dale Bacon de me donner l'opportunite ici de repondre collectivement:.carrere en 1986. It is even worse! What is going on in France looks like the antithesis of what's happening in the USA. agriculteur de La Grande-Verriere .. souvent on m'interroge depuis Outre Atlantique: "Y a-t-il des mutilations suspectes en France''. de pres ou de loin. non loin de chez moi dans la region d'elevage reputee du Charolais. Et je dispose done de nombreux exemples qui donnent a penser . relevent de la plus pure absurdite. (such as a sharp raise of prices at the French butcher's. en France.."OUI et NON la fois •. 1988. Pire m~me! Ce qui se passe ici. certes il y a de vilaines exactions perpetr~es sur nos b~tes." barrif~re"..================== Fort:ean Research Journal =================== Any ••Mutes'' in France? by Michel Granger En tant qu'auteur d'un livre documentaire sur les myst€rieuses mutilations de betail en Am~rique du Nord-titre: Le Grand Carnage. I have many examples showin~ that this is not the case.. very good. qu'il n'en est rien. I am asked from overseas: "Are there any suspected mutilations in France?" I am sincerely thankful to Dale Bacon to give me the opportunity to answer you collectively: "YES and NO at the same time ••• " Since I have been studying the Fortean phenomena of the Mutes which could remotely or closely foretell if the mutilation plague rampaging your country (USA) has extended to our Hexagon (France). ~and il eut !'attention attir~e par un etrange comportement de ses bovins: ceuxci etaient 11 curieusement rassembles a une cinquantaine de metres de la (English translation by Jacques DuPont) a As the author of a documentary book on the mysterious cattle mutilations in North America entitled "The Great Carnage" published by Vertiges. Certainly there are villainous exactions perpetrated on our cattle. but these acts seem to be motivated by much more practical considerations. M. not far from where I live. but very dear indeed) other than the mere absurdity which applies to the incomprehensible "classical mutes. vous pensez bien que je suis a l'affut de tout incident qui pourrait. very often. And so. Mr. mail elles semblent relever de considerations beaucoup plus prosaiques (flambee du prix de la viande l'etal des bouchers fran9ais tres bons mais tres chers) que les incomprehensibles "classiques mutes" qui. Perrodin. Perrodin. Prenons un exemple. a farmer of the Grande-Verriere. semble relever de l'antithese de ce qui se passe labas chez vous aux Etats Unis. visitait vers 7h30 du matin son troupeau (seize vaches.carrere in 1986. 11 Depuis que je m'interesse au phenomene fort~en des "mutes" {et cela fait plus de 10 ans~. 16 . parmi bien d'autres similaires: le 13 aodt 1988 au matin. seize veaux et un taureau) dans un champ dit du "Moulin Blanc". En clair.

gifted with such a morbid and perverse taste. LA. les poumons et les tripes" (sic). and the French mutilators had left behind items are generally missing from the remains of your us bovines. ayant opere le depe9age sur place. en son centre: "ce qui reste d'un de ses veaux savoir pas grand chose en realite: la t~te. quand il y a "vol sans traces ni residus" d'accuser des "professionnels" qui disposeraient d'endroits surs pour conditionner la viande a l'abri des regards indiscrets . Perrodin "ce n'etait pas un travail de 17 Then what does Mr. Tandis que pour le depecage sur place. les b~tes ont "disparu". the rule is not always respected. belly. a 350 kg (700 lb) calf couldn't be found back in its fenced pasture at Perrecy-lesForges. 12 out of 38 head of cattle disappeared." But let me reassure you. Perrodin's statement. and at Toulon-sur-Arroux on the 25th of December. JUstement ce qu1 "man<JUe" sur les milliers de bovins americains. C'est du moins sur cette piste de voleurs de betail. le coeur. ' . Ce n'est malheuresement pas toujours le cas. a s in the USA. comme en temoignent deux autres exemples recents signales A"' ' d ans 1 a meme reg1on: a perrecyles-Forges ou un veau de 350 kilos n'a pas ete retrouve dans le champ ou il etait enferme le 12 juin 87 et a Toulon-sur-Arroux ou 12 bovins ont ete port~s manquants sur un troupeau de 38 t~tes. Ainsi. right in the middle of the meadow? A veritable pond of blood around which the animals are gathered. Et. indeed not much. ils disposaient de quelques indices: des traces de pneus devant l'entree du champ et des "pieces a conviction" negligees par les mutilateurs fran~ais et qui font les delices de "vos" mutilateurs puisqu'elles sont g~neralement portees manquantes sur les carcasses de vos bovins. when the meat is cut in the fields. 1988. So. car. le queue. "It was not a professional's work. ce qui "reste" le l'animal francais mutile. as shown by these two following events which took place lately in the same area: On the 12th of June. "were remains of a calf. In both cases the animals merely "vanished. At saint-Andeol..========================= For1:ean Research Journal ========================== Or. In the middle of it. tout simplement. that is the head. heart. tail. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Perrodin discover. que d ecouvre M Per odin au . bien entendu. who consume precisely what our nocturnal butchers leave behind on the ground." When there is theft without any trace one has a tendency to accuse "professionals" who have at their disposal a hideout and conveniently could hide the meat without being noticed. le 25 decembre 88. c'est . beau mi liew de pre? Une ve r i table mare de sang auteur de laquelle les b~tes se sent agglutinees. according to Mr. On the contrary. lungs and guts" (sic). 1987." the animal had been slaughtered with a sharp tool in an ugly and sloppy way. You may legitimately wonder about the identity of these "mutilators". what is left from the mutilated French animal is precisely what is missing from the thousands of American bovines. In France some amateurs looking for prime ribs. Vous pouvez legitimement vous interroger sur l'identit~ de vos "mutilateurs" aux gouts morbides et pervers qui consomment preciesment ce que not "bouchers nocturnes" laissent sur le terrain . pour une fois. selon les dires de~M. in the USA professionals taking the "low cuts. que s'etaient lances les gendarmes de la brigade locale qui avaient ~te alertes.. (chez vous). This particular remark points out the difference between what is happening here (in France) and there (USA). alors. Cette remarque me para~t particulierement r~velatrice de la difference entre ce qui se passe ici (chez moi) et la-bas. At least this time there were some hints: tire tracks at the gate of the pasture. in the Rhone department. la panse. professionals a . On a tendance.

A mon avis. Le sang des bovins fran~ais. toute !'attention. est.while US carcass are "exsangues" without any sign of blood around. ceux pr~ses par vos "mutilateurs" etant abandonnes comme quantites negligeables par les notres. Our soil must be no less permeable to cattle blood than yours. 18 . on l'a vu. Rassurez-vous. l'animal ayant et~ Des "amateurs" en France pour s'approvisionner en viande de premiere categorie.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== professionnel". pas les memes. the ones craved on by your mutilators are disregarded by ours. Notre sol ne doit pas 3tre plus impermeable au sang de bovins que le votre! De plus. de facon symotomatiques. Et la parution de mon livre n'a pas fait apparaitre des cas qui seraient pass~s "inaperyus" accreditant !'hypothese de la rumeur pour arguer de !'hallucination collective pour / ' . a surgical precision to empty the rectum of a cow in its prime and here in France an amateurish job to cut off roast beef meat. des "professionnels" en Amerique pour prelever les "bas morceaux". resoudre le probleme qu~ vous est pose la-bas. the answer is somewhere else. So we know. quand m~me. Moreover. ici. tout comme chez vous la "r~gle" n'est pas toujours ici non plus respectee: en juillet 1987 Saint-Ande~l. And the publication of my book has not brought up any unnoticed cases which would have substantiated the theory of the rumor causing collective hallucination as a possible solution to your problem. the peculiar opposition between American and French extractions deserve our very close attention. were actually accused (suspected) but never caught in the case of two magnificent "charolaises" heads which had four legs cut off. sur notre territoire! Non. ce. ce sont bien des "professionnels" qui furent accuses-mais jamais confondus-au sujet de deux magnifiques "charolaises". les mutilations classiques americaines que vous constatez dans votre Middle West n'ont rien a voir avec les activit~s neanmoins criminelles de nos bouchers franyais clandestins que nous observons ici. ne sont . there is "selection" on the mutilated organs on both sides. Mais la curieuse opposition entre les exactions americaines et fran~aises m~rite. a a ~ However. generalement repandu sur le sol-et il n'a pas tendance l'impregneralors que vos carcasses sont dites "exsangues" avec aucune trace sanguine autour. dans le departement du Rhone. the blood of the French bovines is generally spilled on the ground but does not absorb in . but in a symptomatic way . a No. dans VOS prairies. And above all. le rectum d'une de vos genisses et un travail d ' amateur pour debiter de la viande rosbif. une precision dite "chirurgicale" pour evider. These are not the same. Et. . il y a une "selection" des organes mutiles des deux cotes mais. de surcro1t. let we tell you that the classic American mutilations you criminal deeds of our French clandestine butchers. c'est bien ail leurs qu'il faut chercher la solution. In my opinion. je vous le dis. amputees nuitamment de leur quatre membres.

les animaux ~tant generalement affam~s et d~vorant en partie leur proie (cas dans le Jura le 18 juin 1986 sur une genisse de 2 ans). Whatever. mais d'habitude il s'attaque a des proies plus petites. let's be vigilant and better inform the French public about this curse affecting you. like US officials say. some men with rather morbid and perverse taste who do not exist in France. --or. Et.•. (One 2 year old cow in the Jura in June 18. croyez bien que nos eleveurs sent souvent confrontes A du b~tail tue par des chiens errants et le spectacle n'est pas beau a voir. Cette question. The starving dogs usually eat part of their prey. why don't they attack ours? Why isn't France in their fields of experimentation yet? The population density is such here in France that it'd be hard for them to operate unnoticed. John Prytz. r try my best towards this goal. comes from my good Australian friend. il faut rester vigilant. m~me dans la region rurale que j'habite. n'y a-t-il pas de ces m~mes esp~ces de pr~dateurs susceptibles de telles actions sur des bovins et de chevaux"? En tout cas. A lynx maybe. -Soit sant-ee les extraterrestres qui d~ciment vas troupeaux? Alors pour~oi ne s'en prennent-ils pas aux notres? La France n'est-elle pas encore dans leur champ d'exp~rimentation? Pour quelle raison? Il y a ici une telle densite de population qu'ils auraient bien du mal oeuvrer incognito. a --or. and most of them are vegetarians. la plupart du temps. "peut-atre. Elle r~sume bien a man avis ce qu'on peut en dire. In this case "maybe in France. 1986). one might ask why in France there are no "classic mutilations". there is a proliferation of sects and cults of all kinds in rural areas. but only deeds of vandalism as a means of cheap fresh meat supply. des hommes aux go~ts plutSt pervers et morbides qui n'existent pas en France. I doubt it for I know that in France. Jamais en tout cas. French ranches have cattle killed by wandering dogs and believe me. Quai qu'il en soit. ou alors des adeptes de cultes rituels sans doute non represent~s ici? cette hypothese me para1t douteuse car. je l'ai pos'e a bon nombre de personnes et la meilleure r~ponse. I believe. ~ man sens. Et mieux informer le public fran9ais du fleau qui vous afflige. where I live. American "mutilations" are natural acts of predators. In many cases.======================= F ort:ean Research Journal ========================== Reste a se demander pourguoi. Or they are a part of some cults not present i n France. il y a proliferation de cultes et sectes de toutes sortes. en France. Dans ce cas. I have asked this question to many people and the best answer. On parla bien d'un lynx. on ne les a accuse de s'en prendre aux animaux. semble 'maner de man bon ami Australien John Prytz. they have been accused of attacking animals. human beings are responsible for US mutes. a 19 . -Soit ce sent les humains les responsables de vas "mutes". en actes de vandalisme visant a se procurer de la viande fraiche ~ bon marche. la voici. il sent vegetariens . we do not have the same species of predators able to do such things to cows and horses? Anyway. Je m'emploie de However. it is not a pleasant sight. but usually they attack smaller prey. sauf pour se nourrir. commetendent l'affirmer les officiels de votre pays. -Soit les "mutilations" americaines sent des actes naturels de predation. are they aliens from space who decimate your cattle herds in America? If so. It sums up everything one can say on the matter. usually for food.

the project didn ' t work out and the majority of the French public remains unaware of the "Great Carnage." unlike the few thousands of my readers. Telle avait ete. Perhaps that is why I have spent much of the past 15 years studying the phenomena . such as cattle weighing from about 400 to 1. Je ne voudrais pas rater nouveau le cache s'il se represente. etc . la mise en garde re~ue de leur bureau de New York. so they can do the1r grisly work? These are but a few of the questions I asked upon learning about mutilations. unnecessary.avec un manque de bonnes photographies propres aux agrandissements. added to the fact that where the pictures were improper for enlargement. en plus. Anyone who has been around domesticated livestock for a number of years has usually seen damage done to a carcass by wild animals . j'ai echoue dans mon projet d'jun grand reportage photographique dans le plus cel~bre hebdomadaire fran~ais. notamrnent. Some claim predators . and destructive act that perturbs me greatly . the fourle9ged kind. many of them can be discarded by one or two facts which make then untenable . testicles. Paris Match (tirage 6 millions d'exemplaires l'inaterview a ete faite mais non diffusee) pour la raison invoquee qu'"ils ne voulaient pas publier sur quelque chose de d~passe". 20 Many theories have surfaced over the years . pour apporter un dementi cet argument fallacieux.================== F o rtean Research Journal dans mon action. at least the warning issue by the New York office and lacking current proofs at the time (Summer '86) to deny this fallacious argument. Par vous qui ates sur place. I would not like to miss a second chance if it happens again. an udder. From you who are on the spot: I ' ve got to know about the most recent cases of mutes in order to enable me to answer any solicitation questions from the French media. There is a great difference 1n the wounds . Such was. preuves "actuelles" l'epoque (ete 86). The p r edator eats into the flesh. a part les quelques milliers des mes lecteurs. En particulier. such as the coyote or wild do9. Et faute d ' assez de . tout au mains. However. !'affaire a capote et la majorite du public franyais est rest~e dans !'ignorance du "Grand Carnage". Th1s is a useless. such as skunk and opossum as well as larger ones. make the wounds on the an1mals. This act committed against animals is disconcerting to me. The muti lato r s leave not so much as a scratch on the flesh under neath when they remove a patch of hide. Michel GRANGER May 9. ceci allie. =================== a a a a a But my action needs support . The damage done by small animals. I ' ve failed in my attempt of a big photographic reports for the most famous French weekly magazine-Paris Match (6 million issues). Et je compte sur vous. For instance. 1989 Michel GRANGER 9 mai 89 The Enigma Continues by Carol Werkmeister What are mutilations? Who are the mutilators? Why do they do this to animals? How do the mutilators incapacitate large animals. il me faut connaftre tout prix les cas r'cents de "mutes" pour pouvoir r~pondre toute sollicitation impromtue des medias franyais. When . and I rely upon you.200 pounds (and even bulls weighin9 up to a ton). I love animals and anl mistreatment is upsetting. The interview was made but never published for the main reason that they didn't want to publsh something outdated .

Of the cases I have studied over the years . Are the victims of mutilation alive or dead when the actual mutilation takes place? There are mixed theories to that question as well. it is hard to tell. in some cases. Testicles have been removed leaving a round. large ball. Heavy leg bones. Teeth have been pulled and sometimes broken off or cut out. eyes. Flesh from around the jawbone is sometimes removed. Eyes seem to be removed by merely plucking them from the socket.. with no vis~ble marks on the bones. etc. one can see the stringing of flesh . When they have. Occasionally entire heads are skinned very neatly to the bone. Once the h~de is out of the way they eat a bowl-shaped area from the carcass. Sometimes the penis is removed through this same cavity. or. planning to come back for another meal. It looked rather like a Y connected P. which was found mutilated. with no cutting along the sheath. it is easy to see that someone or something else tampered with the carcass. Without cutting the skin covering. small predators can make a strange-lookin~ wound. circular cuts. or extremely fast." These have the "usual" parts missing . as with our own cow. even without a microscope. Horns driven into the ground or broken off. If there are many predators feeding they may devour much of the carcass overnight . There have also been broken bones in some cases. which would result from sawing. Cases of very slow. Animal predators rarely dine on the carcass of a mutilated animal. andjor testicles. Predatory animals will often leave evidence of scratch marks or punctures caused by the claws when pushing against the carcass while pulling flesh free. going to the navel. Some feel that the animal was already dead . according to those who have tried to du~licate it.========================= F ortean Research Journal ========================= predators tear a patch of hide from a carcass they are t~ing to get at the meat. tongue. In more rare cases only the tip is taken. as well as the testicles. perfectly unblemished cavity in the body. In checking brands. 21 very little blood is left in the carcass. This is nearly impossible to do. In others. witchcraft signs. ears. Ears are usually cut cleanly off at the base. decomposition. They are cut away with what appears to be "surgical precision". this sheath is untouched. Tails have been severed and the cut surface shows not so much as bone dust or minute scratches . lips. It is unusual to f1nd tracks of any kind around the animal. from some kind of spring-loaded gun? If the animal is alive and well it would be difficult to walk up on it and get close enough to hit it on the head. Yet when the animal is found to be missing the penis. or any sign of struggle. we could find nothing similar. but upon close examinat~on. most have fit the pattern of "classic mutilations. the edges unblemished by the strings found when the wound is made by a carnivore ' s teeth. intestines laid in a neat pile not far from the carcass. udder. Was this done by hitting it with a heavy hand-held object? Or by shooting some heavy. Skulls have been crushed . Hip and shoulder joints have been dislocated or broken. tail. exposed bone. In some cases which have been checked very thoroughly. In some cases it seems that the animal must have been alive through the mutilation process and died as a result of the mutilation. The mutilation of animals of all kinds is widespread over many . A lone coyote will eat his fill. (including some veterinarians). In many cases the udder has been removed With such skill that the flesh beneath has been untouched by knife cuts or teeth marks. anus. just half the tongue. nose. leaving clean. teats. the penis cannot easily be pulled out. vagina. Only a perfectly smooth surface of bone remains with the stub. It looked to have been done with three fingers and began at the center of the rib cage. looking through books on the occult. made perhaps of steel. Seldom is any blood found near the wounds or on the ground . spine and pelvic bones have been found broken or crushed. Someone had smeared a mark on her with a gray clay-like substance. Smooth. Tongues have been removed from deep in the throat.

I believe that almost every species of animal has been victim to mutilations at some time in history. it does not come free when pulling hard . Th is could be what caused it to burst. was cut around where the testicles had been. Any eating by the birds was minimal. Even after the hide is out of the way and ~art of the penis is cut free g1ving a place to hold on. We found no other wounds . The sheath had no cut. I have been told this is 22 possible to do . several times . As far as we could determine. It was estimated to have been dead about 4 to 5 days. supplied by the author. This made investigation more difficult than if it had been found fresh-dead. is the mule . strong calf would not have been easy to catch or subdue. perhaps some day we may find the answers. except in rare cases. Weighing about 600 pounds. We found the calf lying on its left side . One thing puzzled most of us who viewed the animal. Though not of major proportions as they were in the 1970's. The herd is kept at a rather remote farm. If you would like to get in touch with Carol Werkmeister and her work with cattle mutilat ions. They are bein~ r~printed here with perm1ss1on . The calf was found in a cornstalk field where the herd had been grazing since harvest. The rest of the herd kept returning. she can be reached at: study on Animal Mutilation Carol Werkmeister Route 2 Box 67 Madison. along with the pressure build-up. many veterinarians do not know how. He investigated and found it to be gone. my husband. These had been blown by the wind around a nd under the edges of the carcass. However . sexually sterile? When hearing of no cases of mutilations locally. there were no other signs of predators touching the carcass . The wound. The hole had been stretched by bloating. I received a call from a neighbor telling me they had found one of thei r bull calves mutilated. a circular hole estimated to have been about 10 inches in diameter . even though it had been dead for several days and the decomposition odor was strong. As baffling as ever and deserving of on-going investigation. to the carcass. Following is a series of photographs.================== Fortean Research Journal states and countries. they do go on . What brought the herd continually to the dead calf? Is this normal behavior? Could it have been some odor left by the muti l ator{s). I went along with the owner. The summer finds them grazing the pasture and. after harvest they are turned onto the land. ¥et I ponder over. An animal that I do not have 1nformation on. many people tend to think the¥ are no longer occurring. Such 1s not the case. at t he site of the carcass or approaching it. no predator had eaten from the carcass. An account of one case follows: On November lOth. and a local veterinarian to investigate. They had milled around it so much that the cornstalks and leaves around the animal had been taken off and only bare ground remained in a circle around the calf. Is 1t because they are. rather bloated due to the warm weather we had been having. of some investigations she has been involved on. Recently there were two cases in my area. again and again. NE 68748 SAM . There were a number of blackbirds and crows in the area and it is possible one of these pecked at the wound. The herd was observed. the healthy. originally. As the veterinarian examined the animal I asked if the penis was missing. Such as musk? Could the mutilator(s) have used a musk pre~aration to lure the calf to be 1ncapacitated? Did some of this odor stay on the calf? Most of the dead animals here are quickly hauled away by the rendering truck. We have tried to pull it out when seemed to have just been pulled out.

NE Heifer-4i months old. tongue taken out. Head skinned from below eyes. not crushing blow. No tracks or markings. Attending veterinarian said incision around udder appeared to him to have been done with very sharp knife. 1975-Bever Crossing. Necropsy showed fractured skull. not in area where it would cause death. KS 4-yr-old Hereford/Angus cow. Nebr. 1975-Fowler. NO BLOOD AT THE SCENE! 23 .===================== Fortean Research Journal 1983-Harrison. Cow would then have bled to death with heart pumping until it stopped . Bruise on head. Removing udder would sever milk veins. Cow pregnant nursing 350# calf. Lab Skin covering udder and proximal medial thigh gone. Only one very small blood spot. as if from knife.• f\ . Necropsy-W. Skin showed smooth cut. Udder & vagina removed. •J . upper lip and end of tongue gone. NE Hereford cow-pregnant.

Some documents and reports are only a few months old. Throughout her book she shares revealing details of her numerous interviews with farmers.12 briefing documents for then President. The evidence linkin9 animal . The victim ' s blood is completely drained. a variety of interest~ng newspaper articles . the Mi l ton William Cooper statements about classified government projects concer nin9 aliens.elect Eisenhower . which provide valuabl e reference reading for the avid Ufol ogist. ranchers. but no solid evi dence has surfaced so far. some of wh~ch ap~ear to have been mutilated while st~ll alive! When reading her book one can clearly discern a patt~rn in the "modus operandi" of the mutilators.going m¥stery of horse and cattle mut~lations which have plagued rural communities across the nation for over two decades. pertinent documents released by the government under the Freedom Of Information Act . Abductees and other witnesses are hypnotized to recall details of their observations. and a most revealing Request For An Executive Order to former President Ronald Rea9an by an underground group of act1ve and retired military personnel known only as "Justice for Military Personnel " demanding 24 Book RevieW'S An Alien Harvest by Linda Moulton Howe Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations And Human Abductions To Alien Life Forms An Alien Harvest by Linda Moulton Howe is an outstanding new book for any serious UFO researcher. rectum. with no vascular collapse. Howe ' s fascinating book contains seventeen append ices . lips.================== Fortean Research Journal ================== extensive analytical studies of the tissue samples removed fro~ the animal victims. the author covers the strange behavior of mi l itary i ntelligence officials. mutilations to alien l~fe forms 1s investigated carefully and seems to be conclusive from the results of her studies. Ms. lower jaw. In virtually every case the sex organs . her book explains t he . and others investigating the on. ears . veterinarians. Her book contains sketches . In addition. The frightening but very r eal possibility of human mutilations is discussed. law enforcement officers. Included are the Majest ic. and recorded transcripts c~early describing extraterrestrials (or some kind of non-human life form) observed in the act of mutilating animals and performing some kind of "testing" or "analysis" on t h e removed tissues and organs. I n addition. then later r efuse to share any information with her . Her book is abundant with color photographs showin9 e~licit deta i ls of the mut1lat~ons . drawings. and eyes are removed from the animal with sur9ical precision by some type of las1ng instrument or device. a detailed f l ow chart of the secret power structure at the White House dealing with UFOs and alien life forms. The author presents her readers with the latest information available on animal mutilations and the alien connection to those disturbing events. who at first appear to cooperate with her investigations.

For if there is one truth that humans have a right to share. 4. mere scientific observation is not enough. In other words. To be fair. Humanity deserves the truth. The same is true of crystals and their power -. as a scientist he doesn't review any work bein~ done in the area of crystal energ1es by Marcel Vogel (who is equally scientific) or Ra Bonewitz. Jerome The Ultimate "By moonlight I read a historic marker . which said that in 1877 hunters brought more than a million buffalo hides to a trading post ." As a serious UFO investigator. Jeromes's book is scientific. The consistent patterns observed with animal mutilations indicates an ever present need for human life forms by these alien life forms for some reason or purpose as yet unknown. Crystals. The us government is intentionally covering up what it knows in the interest of "national security" with a comprehensive cam~aign of evasion. The funniest parts are his admissions of publishing the book primarily for fame and financial reward.000 years. The research and documentation in Linda Moulton Howe's unique and fascinating book tend to support her conclusions that: 1. One must allow the experience of feeling crystal power. The book is humorous. the unquiet spirits of a million buffalo were abroad in the windy night. (Four distinct categories of alien life form are described throughout the book.. The author closes her final chapter with these thoughts. though . He labels channels and crystal believers as mentally ill. Extraterrestrials have been experimenting with human DNA for 25. and mis~nformation. The public has a right to be informed of the whole truth.. All crystal power is summed up as a "placebo effect". that is. And his personal bias aga~nst parapsychological events borders on psychotic fear. "History teaches us that often the common good is better served if state secrets are opened to public consideration.================== Fort:ean Research Journal =================== that the truth be revealed. At least it tries to appear that way. crystals have understand crystals. The crude. In " Crystal Power: The Ultimate Placebo Effect n-the dismissal of feelings and intuition is carried to an extreme. One or more alien intelligences are affecting this planet. 5.) 2. given a thorough and thoughtful review. it is that something is tampering with this planet ph¥sically. I wholeheartedly recommend An Alien Harvest to all wishing to explore a most serious and perplexing mystery. Reviewed by Brian Grant Williams crystal Power: Placebo Effect by Lawrence E. and sp~ritually. no matter how unpleasant. people have power. however. Unfortunately. (nearby). Alien life forms are not new to this planet. The placebo effect --itself a great scientific wonder -." -Ian Frazier excerpt from "Great Plains" Frazier's comments make us observe the scientific fact of a million animal hides. My advice to Jerome: -Experience meditation -Work to feel ¥our own energy -Exercise intu~tion -Work with people who work with crystals 25 3. are secondary to the process. or shocking that truth might be. The author never considers that he mar be confusing the ~lacebo effect w~th actual work1ng of crystal energy. often hokey experiments he conducts don't really prove his ~oint. When I lay down again. the crystals have little use themselves except to enhance a person's own perception of personal power. we must feel the spirit of the buffalo . deception . psychologically. But to understand his experience. especially if that truth requires a revolutiona~ new perspective about our h1story and our future.

namely readability. Jerome should consider that life may be incomplete without ever feel1ng the buffalo roam. This book is highly recommended reading and is guaranteed to provide background information for a phenomena that continues to the present time. From the opening author's forward. The content of Howe's work forces the reader to alter on's habit of free evening reading time because of the nature of it's content which is unsettling to say the least . and some researchers as well. the reader is at once surprised at the oversized book and the general lay-out of the material to be presented. Cheyenne Hardcover The much awaited and anticipated publication of Linda Moulton Howe's research into the phenomena of animal mutilation is finally available to the reading public in the form of her bood entitled An Alien Harvest. The reader might well be advised that Howe's book is lengthy in it's presentation of the known facts concernin9 the mutilation phenomena and conta1ns graphic illustrations in it's evidence. Colorado. Unlike most published works of research. that a mystery exists that requires explanat1on. plus the record1ng of physical evidence. that would examine reports of animal mutilations that were much in evidence during the decade of the 1970's. As a result of this assignment and the investi9ative substance of rthe mutilat1on phenomena. to the lengthy appendices. and sets the stage for theory construction and further investigation of the phenomena. this published work is most welcome. For the viewingpublic that was first introduced to the myriad reports of animal mutilation in Howe's award winning documentary A Strange Harvest in May of 1980. acupuncture was dismissed as a form of "voodoo. per se. This work traces Howe's initial research assignment in 1979 as Director of S~ecial Projects for the CBS affil1ate in Denver. For the reading public. Howe's efforts might become tedious reading due to the volume of information she presents on a chapter by chapter basis that takes the reader outside the evidence of animal mutilations. One wonders what the decade of the 1990's holds in store as the r~sult of this phenomena? Stay tuned. reviewed by Webster An Alien Harvest by Linda Moulton Howe Pioneer Printing. Howe leads the reader through the decade of the 1970's and proceeds to chronicle the phenomena into the ensuing decade of the 1980's where she completes her story with an epilogue that raises yet more guestions worthy of further 1nvestigation. Howe's investigative research has resulted in a compendium of reported mutilations that she has structured in chronological sequence with the year 1967 as the beginning point for her book. From 26 s.========= Fortean Research Journal =========================== Don't forget that two decades ago. the book's attraction to readreship lies in it's unique format." Today it is accepted and taught in major medical universities. Howe begins to gather information from a variety of sources. How'es book is a welcome addition in chronicle form to the continuing study of the various aspects of Ufology as well as those whose primary interests lie in the pursuit of Forteana. Robbins . reviewed by Debbie Koon Stephens Crystal Clear Productions 1989 this frame of reference.

Immediately thereafter. the above two meters high. They then turned to ful l an aircraft might have crashed or c ircles. Beta. Halt. Enter Senator James depressions 1 1/2" deep and 7" in Exon from Nebraska. green and blue lights. Aside from th1s. and myself. and triangular in shape. The on-duty flight visible for two or three hours and chief responded and allowed three beamed down a stream of light from ~atrolmen to proceed on foot. as being metall1c in appearance Charles I.C. three starExon.. Later in the night a red from a UFO. with radiation. This is a bank(s) of blue lights undern NATO base staffed by American eath. The object was briefly the file. After contacting the sun. The was t o question whether or not the objects moved rapidly in sharp events as outlined in the now 27 . refused to discuss this case 2.================~ Fort:ean Research Journal UFO's ~ ============= Fact or Fiction! by Scott H. Numerous 1ndividuals reported seeing a individuals. RAF pulsing red light on top and a Bentwaters. Lt. The Senator greeted us like objects were noticed in the sky. diameter were found where the Ray Boeche and I had made countless phone calls and done lots object had been sighted on the of digging on this case. The objects to the north been forced down.05. two objects to the north and cordially. Based on ground.07) readings claimed that there was direct on the side of the tree toward the contact during one of the UFO depressions.1 milliroetgens were reco his ~osit ion on the Armed Services rded with peak readings in the comm1ttee and necessary contacts three depressions and near the with the military. and when we outlined the one to the south. At one point it appeared to was arranged in the Senator's throw off glowing particles and then broke into five separate white Lincoln office February 15. events between the Base Commander of RAF Bentwaters and an entity 3. including the strange glowing object in the undersigned. could assist us center of the triangle formed by in unraveling this complex case . two red. Thinking lens. It illuminated quotes are from a memorandum the entire forest with a white prepared by then Deputy Base light. A nearby three case so bizarre that one eyewitness had moderate (. his initial response about 10 off the horizon. Present were Ray Boeche. D.gamma readings of 0. It moved about and Washington. The time to time.. Col. Senator objects and then disappeared. all of which were case for light was seen through Senator's offices in Lincoln and the trees.. it has claimed that the above true maneuvered through the trees and co~y of the document is the only disappeared. A the depressions. The next day. a private meeting pulsed. Early in the morning of 27 angular movements a nd displayed DEC 80 (ap~roximately 0300L). The object to the south was to investigate. we felt that Senator James Exon. USAF Deputy Base Commander approximately two to three meters Reading like something out of a across the base and approximately science fiction book. witnessed the forest. Halt. England. the¥ called for remained in the sky for an hour or permission to go outs1de the gate more . As the patrolmen liaison personnel. The object was hovering or servicemen with a few British as on legs. three officially. The USAF secur1ty police patrolmen saw objects to the north appeared to bE! unusual lights outside the back elliptical through an 8-12 power gate at RAF Woodbridge. At this time the th1ng generated by these events. The Air Force approached the object. The following night (29 DEC 80) the area was checked for information we bad uncovered. 1985. The ob~ect was described activities in paragraphs 2 and 3. the sighted approximately an hour Air Force has steadfastedly later near the back gate. animals on a nearby farm went into and that there is nothin9 else in a frenzy. Colborn 1. The object itself had a commander Charles I.

we had spoken with two of the witnesses. which details a 40+ more time on our reguest for year cover-up of the UFO situation information and ass1stance. However . he would be unable to comment. The the book Clear Intent by Fawcett Senator also said that he had spent and Greenwood. but more on this later. he still hasn't answered An audio tape made by then Deputy the question originally asked of Base Commander Halt was a l so given him . The Senator told us by in contact with. but if the event was of national security status. the investigation outside the perimeter of RAF continues . written by Jenny senator as "doing all the work Randles. the Senator said to contact him should we have any place. Dot Street and Brenda himself. this light of Exon ' s request for any reaction would change dramatically other information. and as we left 28 ================== F o r t ean . substantial effort on his part to make inquiries through offici al Ray and I informed the Senator that channels. we gave the Senator occurrences at RAF Bentwaters. Wel l.. Mild dis.Resear ch Journal famous "Halt document" even took his office.O.interest would describe the Senator ' s reaction. "Senator. as described in photo copy of the Charles I. addressed. eyewitnesses to these UFO events at at Halt's new duty assignment. In As we were soon to see. Halt paragraphs 2 and 3 in the Hal t document . further information for him. that there were a total of 18 the former Deputy Base Commander. Of the desk.•. Ray Boeche . We thanked the Senator for his assistance. what happened at to Senator Exon. NE 68509 "Senator. and not allowing any Butler. Box 94627 asked the "big" question: Lincoln. and we said indeed that would be enough for us. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) . RAF Bentwaters who had come Halt had told Ray that he (Halt) forward to recount what will could verify for the Senator that probably go down in UFO research photos and soil samples were taken. 8 were rankin9 interest" was replaced by a officers and rest were serv1cemen . This same aide described the Sky Crash . What we informed me that he (Ray) had presented to the Senator was this : tracked down Charles Halt. This is an excellent book written by the whatever was learned by Senator English research team that we were James Exon has remained with James Exon. was presented to the assistance by staff aides " in the Senator's inquiries . Of course Ray and I agreed. Halt told Ray that he had a soil sample right there at his documented UFO close encounter cases of recent history . these witnesses. The book describes in detail the events letter that he is convinced t hat leading up to and including the RAF there is no official cover-up Bentwaters UFO events. taking place regarding UFO Additionally. Senator for his study.. annals as being one of the most Indeed. This audio tape RAF Bentwaters in December of describes Halt and a detachment of 1980?" men taking samples and readings ••. The Senator's "mild diseyewitnesses. and told the Senator the An Exon aide told Ray that gist of our conversations with Senator Exon called Halt two times . than on based on the governments own any other sin9le issue since documents released through the becoming a Un1ted States Senator. stamped envelope (SASE) As both the witnesses and the to: Halt tape speak of photos and the taking of various lab samples of the terrain. what happened at RAF Bentwaters in December of 1980?" The Senator said he would make some inquiries. we made the Senator The Fortean Research Center aware of this aspect. please send a selfdocument. and then we P. Should you want a Bentwaters .

and believe nothing". examining all of the evidence with as few preconce~tions and as much objectiv1ty as he or she can muster . Texas 75460 U. it seems to speak to relatively few of us (at least upfront. That is all yet to surface. the USAF "secured" over 89. I heard interviews with Walt Andrus. confident (and perhaps arrogant) organization. there are not UFO's. from Cover Roswell Incident. send a SASE to: PROJECT STIGMATA P. But when it speaks. a lot of the same information told again. What I found amazing. Bluebook. from page 6 mutilated carcass or perhaps even a series of them deposited on their front. the Above TopSecret MJ-12 and I listened to reports from abductees. the ET's are good. though.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== cont.must conclude as we have: that classic animal mutilations have indeed occurred. cont. I wondered? A new alleged "eyewitness" to the going's on at Groom Lake in Nevada has surfaced. In essence. however.000 acres of land surrounding the test site i n 1984. The congressman asked what authority was above the laws of the United States and the response was little more than "We can't tell you. it would be the biggest th1ng since our kind went from bands of hunting nomads to civilized and thinking humans . though.we have reached few conclusions. The Director's Message has more detailed information as to what the gentleman was disclosing. that it will never be that way. Box 1094 Paris. we listen. Whatever is happening.lawn or back porch or garden or ma1lbox or bucket seat. drawing conclusions only where clearly warranted by the data. was the absolute top-secretiveness of it all . I hope that by the time we f i nd out what covert secret events are t r anspiring in the Nevada desert it will not be too late." Apparently it is a secret. That seems to be the catch-all statement I hear the most. CRUX. One suspects. There is no telling what is actually going on there. But there could be many changes at the installation between now and then. they are evil. Phillip Klass and everyone's local law-enforcement official. but they are the product of a sophisticated. For information on the availability of current and past issues of STIGMATA and its sister publication. I suppose. not knowing what effect this is having on the deepest levels of the collective unconscious). we would have quite a different situation. The SR-71 and Stealth bombers were worked on at this location. We don't necessaril¥ understand -yet. This outraged a c ongressman. Granted. was not so much the UFO related activities at Groom Lake. The land was seized illegally and the justification used at the inquiry was that the USAF was answering to orders which were appear to be above the law. we will eventually find out the secrets of Dreamland. the way it so often does. But we're listen1ng. Throughout our investigation through a determined but often frustrating assimilation and analysis of data .S. So what is going on? How far can the military and the government extend its power? If history repeats itself. There are UFO's. Condon Report and on and on. incredibly-efficient.O. We "examine and consider everything . so I will not echo it . 29 . which led to an inquiry. Was there going to be something new. We are convinced that an unbiased (to whatever extent possible) investigator. if any of what the man says is true. National security. According to the news report. They are not only anomalous and un-natural. What did get my attention about the place. gentle reader. And I would venture to guess that we just might not find out. I assure you. and can be ~roven. His statements are pretty incredible. Stanton Friedman.A. And we're trying. This is where the U-2 spy planes were tested.

a shining beacon of light. Jupiter is near the point where the sun will be on June 21st.==================== Fortean Research Joumal =================== Sky Watch by Erik Hubl The sky offers a source of beauty for all who seek it. Far too often in this day of television. Using this chart. you should be able to find all the constellations surrounding the giant planet. I hope that you will f ind this information interesting and useful and that you'll want to go out and see it all for yourself. and the planets all follow this same path. is neatly ~laced among some of the most beaut~ful stars in the winter sky. we forget to look particular any that might be confused as UFO sightin~s. There is a long~ng for understanding and an absolute amazement at the sheer immensity of it all. Its large size reflects much of the sun 's light back to the earth. The thousands of stars that can be seen on a crisp clear evening grab at something ancient and dee~ within the soul. Sky Watch was created with two purposes in mind. The ecl~ptic is the path the sun traces across the sky during a years time. or the first da~ of summer. For the same reason this makes for very good observing of Jupiter. The second reason is to create a format for inducing interest and excitement about the sky above us. Jupiter. This happens more than one m~ght think . That is why the sun ~s so high in the sky on that date. Jupiter appears so dramatic for several reasons. It was at opposition (closest to the earth) on Dec. to be a source of astronomical events . Even through binoculars you can see several of the Galilean 30 . 27th and is currently near the hi~hest point on the ecliptic . Nintendo and fast city life. One.

The red spot. Galileo. NE 68509 31 Telescope view of . There is one exception to this case when the planet can be seen. Keep an eye on tbe sky.•. Equinox means equal dayequal night. absolutely free. you never know what you might see. w1ll occur at 3:19 pm est on March 20. Astronomers have been startled to find that during the last 6 months one of Jupiter's dark-colored equatorial cloud bands has lost virtually all of its color and is almost invisible. the red spot is best visible for about 3 to 4 hours. Check with a local astronomer or Sky ~ Telescope magazine for times and dates of the red spots• appearance. NOTES: Magnitude is the astronomical measure of brightness. Venus passed 9Uite rapidly from evening to morn1ng because it was at inferior conjunction with the Earth. do not damage your eyes. The brightest star is +1 or 0 mag. inner planet.6. and Earth line up in a row (in that order). If you were standing on the equator at noon. BUMMER WINTER • ~· • • This year the Sprin9 equinox. Try to visit an observatory or ask a friend with a good telescope to help you look for these changes. Since the planet makes one rotation in about 10 hours. Only the inner planets (Mercury and Venus) can ever be at inferior conjunction. the shadow of your body would be directly at your feet.=========================== Fortean Research Journal ==================== moons. (like a hurricane). The sun will cross over the earth's equator and continue northward until it is at its highest point in summer .O . and the Sun -27th magnitude. This star chart looks like a stretch of sky extending over the field of your vision. in 1620. This simply . a full Moon -12th mag. will be a 'morning star' for the next 10 months. Venus can be -4th mag. has existed for over 300 years and probably longer. which is actually a giant low pressure system. Can you guess what that exception may be? Well. made a very rapid descent towards the setting sun in January. Just as quickl¥ it has ~opped out on the morning s1de of th1n9s. or first day of spring. It also appears that the great 'Red Spot' is becoming much more prominent than it has been for the last 10 years. please write to: ERIK HUBL Astronomical Advisor FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. here's a hint . March 20th. means that the Sun. Now our brightest planet. which was the very bright object in the west after sunset. No one knows why. If you have any questions about watching the sky. The faintest star visible to the unaided eye is +6th magnitude. wh1ch shines at magnitude -4. was the first to see it with his telescope.Jupiter Venus. The red spot is so lar9e that two Earths could easily f1t into it. a copy of the star chart I created for the Fortean Research Center. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. Obviously we can never view the planet at that point because the glare of our Sun is in the way. The first ten readers who 9Uess the correct answer to th1s question will receive.

. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. NE 68509 USA .l The exploration of the unknown continues.===================== Fort:ean Research Journal ==================== From the ~~ rnto the J-uJ:U.O.Yl. FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P.

4 DEC 1986 Initiation Project Moon Dust case File Local UFO Investigations VOL II NO . 4 WINTER 198. per issue). 2 JUL 1987 Back issues for the JOURNAL of the Special Report on Operation MJ-12 FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER VOL II NO. 2 JUL 1988 In Memorium Special Report: You May Be On File 1988 MUFON SYMPOSIUM in Lincoln The Ultimate Scarecrow VOL III NO . 1 APR 1986 FBI Men-In-Black Memos. 3 OCT 1986 Interview with Alan Boye 1947 FBI Document Blood Falls in New England Pt . NE UFO cover Up Letter from FBI Files DIA Documents Released CIA Memo-Covert UFO Investigations What's a Milo Man? VOL III NO. 1 MAY 1988 Where's Steve McQueen When You Need Bipedal Humanoid Update Him? UFO Update Fortean News Flashes Gulf Breeze UFO Incident VOL I NO. 3 OCT 1987 All back issues of the JOURNAL are Verdict Still Open on MJ-12 available at $3 . . Make all checks and money orders payable to the FORTEAN VOL II NO. Replies Winged Wonder Over Falls City. & etc. 3 FALL 1988 DOE Releases UFO Documents John Lear Statement Fortean News Flashes Bill English Statement And Guess What Else Happened At The Warehouse-story by Alan Boye Bentwaters? VOL III NO. 4 DEC 1987 RESEARCH CENTER. 2 JUL 1986 VOL III NO. 50 each (plus . I Kirkland UFO Landing Document 1988 in Review Bentwaters "Halt" Memo VOL IV N0.Deaths. 1 APR 1987 VOL IV N0.========================== F ortean Research Journal ===================== BACK ISSUES VOL. FBI Missing Time Memo . I NO.89 8 Responses to the Lear Statement VOL I NO.65 P/ H s trange . Who Goes There? strange Harvest: An Update Loving/Hating the Aliens Book Reviews VOL II NO. Please send no Weird Water Wonders cash .2 SUMMER/ FALL 1989 Bipedal Humanoids Into The Unknown Fortean News Flashes Hey.1 SPRING 1989 British Ministry of Defense Unusual Mars Surface Features Ellsworth AFB UFO Attack Report Cash-Landrum UFO Encounter M cGuire AFB Alien Shooting Report the Contactee Experience as an VOL I NO.

. PA 15601 GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY P. By becoming a member to these organizations. Greensburg. CT 06238 PASU 6 OakhiiJ Ave.O. Robertson Blvd. P. Chicago. NE 68506 (402) 483-7284 FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER P. Box 37851 Omaha. INC. 48th Street Lincoln . 288th #304 Federal Way. Box 355 Los Angeles.================== Fortean Research Journal =================== HELP OUR FRIENDS There are many other organizations dealing with the unexplained.3 941 "0 " St. the following businesses carry this publication: The Pegasus Book Store 6059 Maple Street Omaha. Box 205 Oak Lawn . IL 60454-0205 SPECTRA.O. Box 241013 Omaha. NE 68104 (402) 556-6034 The Way Home Records and Books 4203 So. CA 90035 3001 s.0. your contributions w ill support them f inancially and spiritually with many thanks of gratitude. Seguin. WA 98003 KZUM-FM 89.O. GA 30083-0023 NEBRASKAN' S FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SPACE DEVELOPMENT P. Box 218 Conventry. TX 78155 UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL If you need additional copies of the Journal ot the Fortean Research Center and can't wait for the mall. Suite B-2 Lincoln. IL 60659 UFO 1800 S. NE 68137 CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY P.O. NE 68509 A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION FOR THE STUDY OF UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA . Box 831383 Stone Mountain.O. NE 68124 INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER 2457 West Peterson Ave. BOX 94627 LINCOLN. NE 68508 MUTUAL UFO NETWORK 103 Oldtowne Rd. ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE P. They are all doing the best they can with the resources available to t hem .

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena JOURNAL of the FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER VOL. 4 $ 3. IV . NO.50 On the Trail of Bigfoot Picture shown not drawn to actual size .

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research and papers on all aspects of the unexplained . Stephen Johnson. Gary Nelson. Please print or type so that we can read your comments. you must sign your name and supply a return address. get those pencils. and to bring forth conjecture in the appropriate place . Our bottom line: We are trying to produce the highest quality Journal possible for a non-profit research center run by volunteers. 1. in which case we'll give you a pseudonym. Future Journals will have more graphics and visuals as I learn more about my system. and are the property of the Fortean Research Center. Box 94627 Lincoln. as a regular or irregular feature of this Journal. and part one of a series on unknown and/or strange creature sightings from Nebraska. Well. Again. " Your patience has been greatly appreciated and I hope that some of the changes in this and future Journals will meet with your approval. Perhaps you've been wanting to speak your mind regarding a particular area of your own interest. Starting with the next Journal. All letters or correspondence sent to our Center are subject to editing and grammar correction. books are reviewed in this issue by Jerry Douglass. Richard Seifried. however. We are constantly striving to bring you a quality Journal with articles. And. No. Please address comments on articles found in our Journal. you may elect to request that your name not be published. or on unexplained phenomena in general. and me. please print or type your comments. contributed a piece about his initial UFO experience and the need for scientists (and perhaps all of us) to take a fresh look at the UFO phenomena. Bob Nelson. readers may refer to Vol . our new Assistant Director. and 2) I purchased an IBM compatible computer with WordPerfect 5.) In a somewhat similar area of interest. etc. NE 68509 All letters must be signed. (For more information on Bipedal Humanoid reports. will determine its contents through your contributions. If you find that your comments run longer than a letter. we've included a paper on Black Panthers in Nebraska by John Eis. and John Wynhausen. with articles written or submitted by Chris Bader. Again. pens and word processors fired up! Please note: To allow your contribution to be published in this "unconfirmed" column. the reader. 1 of this Journal. to: "Letters" c/o The Fortean Research Center P. Donald Ware. unsigned letters will not be published. we will have a "Letters" column as a regular feature . Thanks for waiting . I believe that this column will allow us to speculate. and then proceeded to get "up to speed. 1 Its good to be back! I think you'll find this "Bigfoot" Journal interesting.O. Alan Boye. points of view. We will monitor and evaluate this column as time goes by. if necessary. I r ecently did two things that caused our readers to wait a longer period of time than normal for this particular issue: 1) I took over as interim editor. you'll be interested to know that we will be starting a new column with a working title of "Thinking Out Loud" or something close to this. theorize. Faithful readers of this Journal have seen quite a few changes in the layout and design of our Journal in the last two years . 2.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER FROM THE DIRECTOR along with us--1 hope you'll agree that it's been worth it. You.

JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER We are pleased to announce that planning is now underway for an "Unexplained Phenomena" conference in Lincoln.S. and we're excited about the prospect. For more information contact Jim at 9047 Aero Drive. readers are encouraged to write to Dr. October 20th. so that you may schedule your travel plans accordingly. NE. Celestial Teachings. and Dr. Congratulations go to George Knapp of KLAS-TV. in Lincoln. that are just being released. Our Center has staged conferences of this kind in 1982 and 1983. next spring. George! Jim Dallmeier has announced a limited number of UFO art prints. Gourmet coffee and tea. The UFO Report 1990. Our friend and member Timothy Good. We meet the first Sunday of the month at The Mill. at the Antelope Park Shelter. CA 90660. From "A" street. and many other accounts. More on details. George recently received the prestigious Donald Keyhoe award from the Fund for UFO Research for his eff~rts in producing the news series and documentary. Deardorff apparently based his research on an ancient Araaaic document discovered in 1963.95 each postpaid. for $30. We feel that the topics will represent many aspects of phenomena research. in Las Vegas. If you are in the area of Lincoln. and then take the first left turn. It is recommended that any member of the Center who hasn't read Above Top Secret by Good should read it cover to cover. Interested members of the Center may request their copy of The UFO Report 1990 by writing to the following address: Timothy Good 247 High St. from 2-4 pm. NE. and as in the past will be well balanced. Timothy asks that you use an international money order drawn on U. Pico Rivera. please feel free to attend a regular coffee and tea discussion group that is open to the public.. 8th & "P" Streets. Starting time is 6 pm. James Deardorff and his charming wife. The call for papers is announced elsewhere in this Journal. The shelter is fully enclosed and heated. Recently I met Dr. His book features many new UFO cases. and great discussion make for an interesting and enjoyable Sunday afternoon! The next potluck dinner of the Fortean Research Center will be Saturday. Period. "UFO's: The Best 2 Evidence. Deardorff at Wild Flower Press.95 and $17. Of course. etc. The Talmud of Jmmanuel and its companion. to anyone in the U. . We will keep you posted as to developments. Deardorff told me about two books of his. which he believes is the true origin of the gospels of Matthew and Mark. and we served as a host committee for the 1988 MUFON Symposium in Lincoln. Dr.K. Sterling. Many people have told us that we have one of the best conference sites in the country in Lincoln. go south on Park Drive. with the first art pri nt featuring Kenneth Arnold's multiple UFO sighting in 1947. dates. aembers of the Center will receive a discount on the overall admission fees of the conference. one of Britain's leading UFO authorities. and we hope to have a surprise video to show you . At $15. has announced that he will air mai l copies of his latest book. channel 8. in the next issue." which many of you have seen. Keep up the good work. new information on the Rendlesham Forest case of 1980. dates etc. NE. information on the mysterious crop circles that have a lot of us intrigued. Beckenham Kent BR3 lAB England Thank you Timothy for all the long hours you put in! I count Timothy as a friend and I respect the work that he does.

1 also had the good fortune of· attending this year's 11th Rocky Mo~ntain Conference on UFO Investigation hosted by Drs. Jerry Smith has written to inform our readers of plans to open a UFO museum in Reno." Sorry.arized in our next Journal. Arkansas. We'll also have an update from our Assistant Director. people saw at least 141 UFO's in the Canadian skies. Linda and Terry. Palm Springs.. "The Unseen and the Unknown" airs in Lincoln on Cable channel 5." . This last note is taken from the AP news wires. and readers and members are encouraged to send material & information on the UFO subject to her at the following address: Sharon Sandusky WPA. 1991. is now airing a program called "How to Watch a UFO. Both conferences will be su-. A local member of our Center has informed me of a legend of sorts in western Nebraska. Research Chief of WPA. The story said that last year. This conference focuses on the "contactee" experience from the sympathetic position. not a tourist trap. June Parnell. but I can ' t give you any more than this." Perhaps someone froa the "great white north" can fill this sketchy story out a bit for us. Oregon 97224. Inc.. Leo Sprinkle. Your director went this year and was impressed by the caliber of speakers and the whole effort put forth by Lucius. Illinois 60201 I ask that you support Sharon in her work. #693. member of our Center. and also airs in Omaha on Cox Cable on a different channel and time schedule. P. 1 believe the conference is usually held toward the first of April. on the downtown UNL caapus. T. Evanston." Rick has asked anyone who has access to information on the UFO and/or alien subject to contact him at UFO Spotlight. Sharon is a aember of our Center. R. 225 N. and friends." E. "according to what's being touted as Canada's first national survey of UFO sightings.. regarding the wellattended MUFON conferenc~ in Pensacola. 604 Davis St.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER Box 230893. El Cielo Rd. Lucius and friends host the annual Ozark UFO conference 3 in Eureka Springs. Nevada in April. Networks or independents broadcasting this program were not known as of this printing. Your director was privileged to appear on the debut program. Box 20593. Tigard. CA 92262. Thanks go to Lucius Farish for a job well done. People around the Gering. Stephen Johnson. Sharon Sandusky. Florida in July of this year. Smith emphasizes that it will be a tourist attraction." hosted by Linda Perrin from Omaha and produced by Terry Mahlman. has announced the start of a quarterly UFO news magazine in video format. I hope we can get an update on this for our next Journal. Sun Valley. Clearinghouse spokesperson Rick Edwards has announced a weekly news and documentary TV program called "UFO Spotlight. Members and friends of the Center may write to Smith at The National UFO Museum. Airport Park Plaza. The Lincoln Star newspaper ran a short article on UFO sightings in Canada.O. Don't forget the locally produced TV program. we'll keep you posted on the availability of her quarterly news magazine. keep up your good efforts! The Ralph Mueller Planetarium. and Saturdays at 3:30pm. and Stephen will have a full report for us. NV 89433. "The Unseen and the Unknown. Nebraska area apparently have some knowledge about a "phantom pony express rider. Asking the question "Who are they and why are they here?. And. Inc. Thursdays at 8:30 pm. Our friend Donald Ware and his associates did a fine job in putting on the conference.

All three horses panicked. The thing. nor even one satisfactory photograph • . If you want ideas for research. They rode around a logjam and saw a female bigfoot on a watercourse ahead of them. welcome aboard! Feel free to contribute a letter. please enclose a S. How much weight do plaster casts of alleged footprints of Bigfoot have? What about other physical elements such as fecal droppings or hair? Or is the ''smoking gun" of Bigfoot research the Roger Patterson film. California. 1970). shiny black hair (Cohen. she Has a female. On the afternoon of October 20. Our front cover this issue is a drawing by Dale Bacon. Despite the eagerness of their pursuers over many years and several continents. E. with the pack . nor hair nor hide of one. there is no Bigfoot or Yeti body. 1967. To our many new members." The operative word here is ''undisputed. '' Apparently Patterson and Gimlin were both riding horses in an area called Bluff Creek in northern California. and trailing a pack horse behind them. our latest Journal." Patterson exclaimed. it seems to me that there are two basic questions we should ask of ourselves: 1) What is "proof. "Gosh darn it ••. or article for publication. Roger Patterson and Bob Gialin reported the following: '~sort of man-creature • • • about seven feet tall.•. As always." and was covered with ''short. had "big droopy breasts. taken in a wilderness area northeast of Eureka. At this point the Bigfoot began to walk away. write to ae or Stephen and we'll send you some areas that we are interested in researching." and 2) How much proof is required or how much proof do we need. whatever it was. which purported to capture on film a female Bigfoot. opinion. 42). What do we make of reports by witnesses--the same witness that can 4 give testimony in a court of law.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER Thanks again for your patience in waiting for this Journal. It's based on a photo of a plaster cast made by Roger Patterson of an alleged Bigfoot track--Thanks Dale! Thanks also to the contributors for this. And for pity's sakes. with said testimony acceoted by the court. " walking through the woods about a hundred yards from them. 1983) offer a suitable starting point for this issue of the Journal of the Fortean Research Center: ''The closest parallel between Bigfoot and phenomena such as UFOs is that nowhere in the world have any of them yet yielded a single undisputed physical proof of their actual existence. Director John Mitchell & Robert Rickard in their book Living Wonders (Mitchel & Rickard." And yet while the above may or may not be true depending upon which approach you take to research.A. Cryptozoologists of the flesh-andblood school are in much the same position as the nuts-and-bolts ufologists~-with no physical relics for their faith (pg.S . On with the show! WHAT IS ••p:aooF•• REGARDING BIGFOOT? by Scott H. Colborn.

Gimlin dismounted. while Patterson wasn ' t so lucky. but whether it is all that it is cracked up to be is another aatter altogether ••• there aust be soaething (that) leaves man-like footprints (pg. 1973) made these points after repeated viewi ng of the Patterson film: 1) The walk of the creature was 2) 6) ••• ''The upper half of the body bears some resemblance to an ape and the lower half is typically human. 90-91). The cone-shaped top of the skull is non-human and consistent with adult male gorillas and male orangutans. where they broke camp and drove to Eureka to mail the film to a relative (Byrne. 205). "a 95% chance of being genuine and the subject of the footage a 95% chance of being a real living creature (pg. which was all that was left of that roll.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER horse breaking free and leaving the area. and this footage was not made here (pg. pinning Patterson to the ground. The cadence of the walk was "grossly exaggerated" or ''selfconscious. 1975. and then left for their base camp." Napier said that although the evidence at hand in favor of the reality of Bigfoot is not hard evidence. Running after the creature." Peter Byrne. he was "convinced that the Sasquatch exists. Patterson shot 28 feet of film. 205). The apparent physical structure of the creature suggests a center of gravity of the body different from man. without success." 3) 4) 5) consistent with the walk of modern man. " Byrne disputes Napier's findings and says if the creature in the Patterson film is real and is new to science. " In spite of the breasts observed the style of walking was that of a human male. 133) ." Byrne was able to get the following comment on the Patterson film from a chief technician at Disney Studios in California after an exaaination by the technician in 1973: "If it is a fake then it is a masterpiece and as far as we are concerned the only place in the world where a simulation of that quality could be created would be here. and Patterson freed himself from his horse. After his horse reared. pg. At this point. they returned to the scene and attempted to track the creature. One half of the animal must be artificial. which had continued to walk away rapidly. it can look and have a physical description different than what we aight think it should have. in his book The Search for Bigfoot gives the Patterson fit. yet an analysis of the walk itself suggest the center of gravity of the creature is precisely as it is in man. 5 In spite of the overall tone of his analysis of the Patterson fila.137-138). . at Disney Studios. it can only be the upper half (pg. it fell over sideways. Finding the horses. John Napier. In view of the walk. His horse then regained its footing. Indeed. "nevertheless it is evidence and cannot be ignored (pg. It is alaost impossible to conceive that such structural hybrids could exist in nature. Patterson and Gimlin then went after two of the horses that had bolted and left the area. Returning again to the site. with the Bigfoot having left the vicinity. they made plaster casts of the footprints left in the sandy soil. Napier said that in general. author of Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality ( Napier. 150).

and his major interest is in the area of human evolution. 9) They make considerable use of water. He says that "the bottom line is that the anatomical characteristics I could reconstruct were things that no faker could ever come up with ( pg." Eberhart has this to say regarding Bigfoot tracks: "Contrary to most people's belief." In the beginning of the chapter on ''Humanoids in North America.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER movement of the toes and heel. but nothing that rese•bles speech. zigzagging) are very typical for a wild animal {pg. pg. The 6 1) The creatures have never thrown anything overhand or in a straight line.500 entries titled Monsters (Eberhart. 5) The resemblance to a human is less from the shoulders up. 1983. and what Bigfoot is not? I'd like to quote from Eberhart's wonderful book again. The only way you could fit a seven-foot-tall man into that suit is to break his ar•s. and Other Irregular Animals. 151) o II Grover Krantz is an associate professor at Washington State University. 2) They •ake various sounds and screaes. the tracks that have been found (over 600 to date) would be incredibly difficult to fake. Including Bigfoot. '' George Eberhart has compiled a massive creature bibliography of 4. The following is a list of attributes of Bigfoot. 3) They are covered with hair like an animal. If he sticks his elbows straight out to fill the shoulders. Many Water Monsters. It's absolutely impossible for a human being to have that shape (Wyatt. 4) The proportions of their limbs are more humanlike than apelike. And here is comp iled by reported in taken again a list of attributes Green that haven't been the Bigfoot literature. Krantz has also seen the Patterson film and this is what he had to say in an interview in the August 1990 edition of Backpacker magazine: "You couldn't fit a 11an into a monkey suit with that size and shape. . 64). 7} They are pri•arily nocturnal. 6) They are omnivorous. and the movements indicated by the tracks (meandering. not partially like a human. from Eberhart's book: Byrne says that "scientists in this country should be talking less about fakery and working more toward some solution of the enormous question that this unique strip of film poses ( pg. 152): 1) The creatures are 11ucb larger than humans. and in 1970 saw his first Bigfoot tracks. Tracks have been found in areas which would be very unlikely for a hoax to be perpetrated." What general description does the Bigfoot literature give us in terms of what Bigfoot is. the depth of the tracks in wet sand and other firm material. compiled by researcher John Green (as cited in Eberhart. 152). 8) They are not active in cold weather. 2) They are solitary. If you get a man tall enough--almost seven feet tall--his shoulders are much too narrow." Krantz has been researching Bigfoot accounts since 1969. 1990). and their continuity over considerable distances in very rough country are nearly impossible to reproduce. then they're much too wide. 1983) which is subtitled "A Guide to Information on Unaccounted For Creatures. both in height and bulk.

or lots of folks are lying or hallucinating. this list covers reports that may "border on the phantasmal'' (Eberhart. the most frequent of them a low growl or a high-pitched screech which may remind percipients of a baby crying or a woman screaming. a witness to this filming. 154): 1) In many of the incidents the creature's eyes are self-luminous. As Eberhart pointed out. 152). or even six-toed. then what is Bigfoot? Is Bigfoot a 100%-ofthe-time physical creature? Or does Bigfoot have the ability. I believe the witness testiaony is the clincher for me. four-toed. to give a strong indication that a boainoid of Sasquatch's descriptions exists in North America (pg. Either you believe . In fact. Another list of characteristics of Bigfoot is found in Creatures of the Outer Edge (Clark. I would have to say that after reviewing just a sampling of the vast material that exists in Bigfoot literature in preparation for this Journal. or sewage. the still and motion picture film. The color of this light is most often red. 134). pg. and reports by reputable reliable observers. Either lots of folks are telling the truth to the best of their abilities. the plaster casts of footprints.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER 3) They do not use fire. often compared to decaying meat. although sometimes destructive to livestock and wildlife. 5) They apparently have no permanent shelters. If we accept the eye-witness reports. and sometimes green or yellow. Even prints which have the same number of toes may have dramatically different shapes in different cases (Clark. et al. and other related "soft evidence" as constituting proof as to the existence of Bigfoot. unidentifiable hair and fecal material. 106). rotting garbage. I share the above conclusion of Wasson. to materialize and 7 de-materialize? Is Bigfoot froa this or another dimension? Is Bigfoot a "controlled being" or "worker" connected or related to the UFO phenomena. 2) It usually emits a foul odor.. 4) They do not use tools and rarely carry anything that could not be considered food. pg. you must decide. 5) It makes a variety of sounds. You have to evaluate what evidence you have. selfdirected or not. if it is profuse. perhaps showing evidence of intelligence? Barbara Wasson. et al. such tracks may be: two-toed. 6) They have no fear of humans or guns (pg. again from her book Sasquatch Apparitions: "There is a point at which you no longer can investigate. I'll close with this sound advice fro• Barbara Wasson. or even a genetic experiment? Is this creature part of our own ancestry. movie fil•. in her excellent book Sasquatch Apparitions (Wasson. 6) It usually does not leave tracks. You bave turned over every stone." While there will probably never be enough proof for soae people. 1979). a link if you will with our evolution? Do we "create" this creature from our own consciousness in particular or froa the collective unconscious in general? Or is Bigfoot the last remnant of a separately evolved race of beings. three-toed. five-toed.. If it is sufficient. makes this conclusion: "There appears to be sufficient preliminary physical evidence: tracks. 3) It is usually retiring in its behavior. 1978). When it does.

Contact: Maury L. CO 80524 . VA. from the bush to the populace to the courtroom. R. NE. 1990. You must be the one. If it is that you believe. A Modern Look at Monsters. White. Box 367. Please enclose a S. New York: Garland Publishing. Jackson Hole.O. "The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone. P. College. J. CO. 8 . (1973). CT 06410 . send details on conferences to The Fortean Research Center. October 1314. Contact: INFO/Chair. CT . NE 68509. P. They are all alike. North Haven." --Albert CaJDus .S. IFNS. Clark.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER or you do not. (1990). Box 94627. (1978) . if you are to be active and effective. 62-65. The UFO Experience. Box 2051. New York: Warner . Fortfest 1990. 1990 Annual Scientific Meeting of The Allerican College of Orgonoay. forever. September 16-21. St. Cheshire. Charles. NJ 08542. 1990. New York: E. G. (1983). New York: Dodd. P. You must.B. D. Wyatt. Cohen. Creatures of the Outer Edge. Albertson . Contact: Omega Communications. (1983). & Rickard. L. Mead & Co.A. WY 83001 . then you must behave as such. 1991. Louis. You must go ahead with the search (pg. M. J. Napier. 1304 S. October 13. Dutton. October 7. Spring. They all lead to a point of departure. Box 9030. Contact: Together: Foundation for Global Unity. Wasson.C. P. J. " --Antonio Porchia. and guide your future accordingly. The Search for Bigfoot. Box 490. Sasquatch Apparitions.O. MO 63131. B. Living Wonders. CONFERENCES Creating Unity In Our World. Eberhart. St. when you write for information. "Set out from any point. Contact: The UFO Study Group of Greater St. Collins. MO. New York: Thames & Hudson Inc. Contact: American College of Orgonomy. McLean. Colorado State University. Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality. Lincoln. The Show-Me UFO Conference II. Contact: The Fortean Research Center. International Forua on New Science. Princeton. August.11. 80). You must postpone the other things in life. Open to the public. Exploring Unexplained Phenoaena. P. forego. NJ . Ft. & Coleman. Jackson." --E. Michell. P." The End References Byrne. 1990. VA 22210-0367 . Lincoln. Bend.O.: Acropolis Books LTD. (1970). (1975). for you can never disprove that a Sasquatch exists. Princeton.O. Inc. Box 31544. Monsters. Ft. "Be obscure clearly. 1990. November 10. J. decide. D. 1990.E. September 20-23.O. and only seek. P. Collins. 1990. P. Arlington. And. The Bigfoot. Oregon: The Author. Louis. Washington. Backpacker.O. (1979). WY.

The eyes were set under a prominent brow ridge that shaded the eyes. dark old tree. " During the second encounter. A small patch of brown hair separated the white blaze from the white beard on his chin. The creature was standing about ten feet away from him and the two were separated only by a small bush. tracks and sightings of a creature in Walton County.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER BIGFOOT By Charles Jones* This is a report of evidence. ears. palms of his hands. I had a discussion with the parents in December 1987 and later with the boy and his parents in January 1988. The skin was black in color . The boy said it was surprising how the animal could look like a large. The nose. One afternoon the lad was walking along a clay road looking for deer tracks when he caught sight of the creature out of the corner of his eye . The boy said the eyes were brown "like a hamster's eyes. Florida between July and October 1987. The nose was very human . brown hair except for a white hairy streak that ran from the base of his throat narrowing as it neared the groin. The forehead was sloped back . The parents and their son have seen this document and agree with the details of the two encounters described herein. the youth got a very detailed description of the creature . with the top beginning in a pair of dark eye brows." This was explained to mean the eyes were slightly bulging and the entire eyeball was the same dark brown color. saw the animal about 30 yards into the woods. The boy stopped and "heard the animal going down through the woods . standing in a clay road. upper cheeks.'' were aade by a 13-year-old boy . and bottom of his feet were not covered with this long hair . Tbe boy and the animal both saw each other and started to leave the scene at the same time. On one occasion the lad. When he froze. The boy froze in fright and the animal also froze in a standing position presenting the boy his right profile. presumed to be a "Bigfoot. The sightings of a large animal of unknown origin. for several minutes the animal did not move anything except his eyes and ever so slightly turning his head in it's attempts to see the youth. The creature walked on two feet as a human would. Almost the entire body was covered with long reddish- Drawing #1 by 13-year-old boy. The lad said the animal was about nine feet tall with his crotch 9 about five and one-half feet or so above the ground. long and narrow.

JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER to a pointed skull. The animal was not facing him but occasionally cut his eyes and slightly turned his head toward the boy. The boy noted the hair on the animal's cheeks moved out and up as if the animal smiled before it turned and disappeared into the woods. turned and walked off into the forest. The parents showed me about . He also added that well developed stoaach muscles were visible even though they too were covered with the long hair. it turned and looked back toward the youth. The lad started to tremble with fear and dropped the walking stick he had in his hand. he indicated male because it had a chest (pectoral auscles) like a body builder. He also added that the body hair was so long that when the animal walked the hair swung away from the body then flopped back against the body with each step. The boy watched the animal walk about 50 yards up a small hill into the forest . The black leathery skin on the palms of his hands. The animal had two large hair-covered buttocks separated by a definite "crack. The creature had a strong scent like a skunk. When asked if the animal was a male or female . he replied no. weight of the animal to be at least 800 pounds and probably aore. the creature turned ~is head to face the boy. each step could be heard as the feet struck the earth. " The buttocks shook as the animal strode away. When it walked it swung it's arms and the boy could see the muscles in it's legs flex and the buttocks move. The hair was so long that no mouth was visible. The boy thinks he was face-to-face with the creature for maybe five minutes. then returned them to the forward looking position. When the aniaal reached a point about 50 yards away. On leaves or other ground cover the steps were silent. gave a little growl. No fingers or fingernails were visible from the back of the hands. When the animal was walking on sand. He guessed the \ l I' l II I \ 1 ' ' Drawing 12 by 13-year-old boy. Finally. Human-shaped ears with ear lobes were clearly visible on each side of the head. When asked if this could have been someone in a costume. The youth noted the aniaal had tremendous biceps. fingers and bottoas of his f~et was clearlr visible.ten 10 ' . because he could see the muscles in the animal's legs flexing when it walked.

In one footprint the animal pivoted on the ball of the right foot and changed direction veering to the left. The heel and ball impression was abut 1 to 1-1/2 inches deep. This photo was taken before a plaster cast was made from it and before I saw the prints.. This report was given to the Fortean Research Center by Donald M. The tracks I saw were not as fresh as those in the photographs so the two smallest toes did not have the same sharp definition. During the latest interview the lad drew the attached sketch of the creature in profile and full face. They indicated these were of two separate animals. During the discussion with the parents the mother was surprised when I told of my readings where Bigfoot was reported to have twisted off small trees. when I saw it. the 11 footprint did not have the same definition as the attached photo. 1988 letter. In one step the ball pressed the soil backward as it exerted force to push the creature's weight forward. etc. The track was about 15 to 16 inches long and about 8 inches wide across the ball of the foot. Gore. the fifth or smallest toe was separated more than the others and set off slightly to the side of the right foot. he is known to Donald Ware. all indications tend to support the presence of a creature similar to those previously identified as "Bigfoot. The mother said she had seen a couple of trees in their woods that appeared to have been twisted off and could possibly have been done in this manner. But the tracks were definitely similar in structure and size. During a later interview. at 210 pounds. ball and instep. Ware. however. heel. This incident also occurred within the July to October 1987 time frame. The object or animal was not in the line of sight of the mother. first the right. Ware sent th~ Center a copy of a letter he had written to Jeffrey A. On one. The mother also related a story of an incident where something was seen rising from a nearby lake and frightening her young daughter. In a related attachment to the above report.'' The End *. The mother and daughter were canoeing on the lake when something raising up from under the water was seen by the daughter. Nongame Wildlife Biologist for the Northwest Region of Florida. one of the footprints was about 17 1/2 inches long and the other about 16 inches long. I. This distance was later measured to be approximately 84 inches. MUFON Regional Director from Florida. The young girl had not been able to explain what she saw but it was nothing she has ever seen before or since. The tracks were of both feet. I was given a picture of the first footprint I was shown . In the February 28. I stepped off the stride which was two of my fully extended strides. then the left. "Charles Jones" is not the real name of the author of this paper.. Each footprint was distinctly humanoid with easily distinguishable toes. This explains why. I followed the tracks for about eight steps through the woods before the tracks were lost in a bed of leaves and pine needles." age 17: . These photographs were very similar to the eight tracks I saw in those same woods on 10 October 1987. Although the creature can not be positively identified. Ware refers to a 5 December 1987 sighting by "TMB. stood next to the tracks and did not dent the clay and sandy soil.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER photographs of foot prints they had taken in the woods near their home. I could see where the animal transferred it's weight from the heel to the ball of the foot .

Walton Beach. which protects Bigfoot from hunters. and fflJEREAS. In fact. She had six parrots in a cage on her porch. It was about 7:00 pm. FL 32548 THE BIGFOOT MAN OF COUNTY by Chris Bader SKAMANIA I am an undergraduate researcher at the Evergreen State College in Olympia. Should the interested reader have any comments or questions.) and I interviewed Dawn Smith (real name on file with Donald Ware-ed. Ware at the following address: Donald M Ware . as if starting to cross. They survived. there is evidence to indicate the possible existence in Ska11ania County of a nocturnal primate mammal variously described as an ape-like creature or a sub-species of Homo sapien. would not allow an interview •. " "One witness who told the father of the 13 year old boy of seeing a Bigfoot creature while walking in the woods. The Pioneer. suggest the same creature described in Charles (Jones'-ed. however.5-9 foot shaggy brown creature standing fairly straight about five feet from the edge of State Road 280. and as TMB slowed from 55 mph to about 45 mph. During the winter quarter of 1989 I was required to conduct ethnographic fieldwork and I chose to study Bigfoot activity in Washington State. Florida ••. He rounded a curve to the right ••• and it was on the right side. " "On 6 Jan 88 Chuck (Charles Jones-ed. Bigfoot sightings were so prevalent in Skamania County during the 1960s that the local paper. but we were unable to obtain any••• There were no tracks found. Three were found alive with what appeared to be a cut across the back and the tails pulled off.) of DeFUniak Springs. One was found dead with the wings pulled off. He observed an 8.. I decided to visit Skamania County in the south-central portion of Washington. Also during the same period the county passed ordinance #69-01.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER ''This 5 December sighting by TMB occurred about seven siles east of the focus of the Jul-Oct activity. The quarter inch wire •esh cage bad been mashed and the doors pushed in (they normally open out). The creature started to turn and walk back into the woods. TMB's drawing does. The birds were out. The other two were not found. 662 Fairway Avenue Ft. Ware for the above report. " Editors note ••• The Fortean Research Center thanks Donald M. Some reddish-brown hair was found on the cage. both legend and 12 . he only got a 3-second look at it in his car lights. part of which reads: ''lfHEREAS. When she returned ho•e on 1 Oct 87 at about 9:00 pa. many feathers were scattered. Washington. published an "all-Bigfoot" issue. they may reach Mr.) 17 Jan 88 report. as the area has long been connected with Bigfoot activity. and we see no connection between this incident and the Bigfoot sigbtings other than the general ti11e and location.

I found varying degrees of belief.000 and the jail term at one year. Meanwhile. be has become quite notorious for his strong belief in Bigfoot. people i n town told me that be was the only person who still talked about Bigfoot. the Skamania County seat." David claims over a dozen 13 . As I got out of my car. David lives in a small town a few miles away from Stevenson. Everyone knows him. was agreed in one respect ••• that I aust see a man named David*. homemade pants held together by duct tape. Skamania County's Prosecutor who signed the 1969 ordinance. Everyone I talked to. I arrived at his farm early one morning in February." and the ordinance had been passed as a joke. Cars in all states of repair were scattered about the yard. leathery hands. and a green jacket with a patch that said "Bigfoot Country . Fences which caae out of nowhere and confined nothing in particular ran into the distance. wilful and wanton slaying of any such creature shall be dee•ed a felony punishable by a fine not to exceed Ten Thousand Dollars. while dogs tied to posts howled. " and . He wore what I found to be his customary garb. "Bigfoot". and WYEREAS. When I arrived in Stevenson. Bob Lieck. the County Sheriff was gruff. David appeared and extended his hand to greet me. and in the time he has lived in Skamania County. " His wrinkled face was framed by a pure white beard and his skinny arms were topped by enormous. I tracked down several people having to do with the ordinance.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER purported recent sightings and spoor support this possibility. or "Giant Hairy Ape. the County Commissioner. Hundreds of chickens ran about the farm." He has brought what he claims are Bigfoot droppings and hair to the newspaper and sheriff's offices. said that the entire Bigfoot issue was one of "comic relief. Ed McClarney. saying that he had been on many "wild goose chases. The fine for killing a Bigfoot now stands at $1. as I wanted to find out if it had been passed seriously or as a publicity stunt. but said that he could never be sure that there was a Bigfoot unless he saw one himself. David seems to enjoy and encourage his reputation and asserts his role as the local "Bigfoot authority. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that any pre•editated. the absence of specific laws covering the taking of specimens encourages laxity in the use of firearms and other deadly devices and poses a clear and present threat to the safety and well-being of persons living or traveling within the boundaries of Skamania County as well as the creatures the•selves. however. In fact. mentioned sighting some Bigfoot tracks himself. "Yeti". or a five-year jail sentence. All in all. all of which reinforce the town's opinion of him as a "Bigfoot nut. •. this creature is generally and commonly known as ''Sasquatch". The sheriff sent out a 35-man search team looking for the body fearing it might be human .•• ~EREAS. but never found anything. a "safari" hat. and/or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed Five (5} years.'' On one occasion a hunter brought in a very unclear picture of what he said was a Bigfoot body." (Skamania County Ordinance #69-01) The ordinance was revised in 1984 when it was found that the county could not impose so large a fine. David is about eighty years old. he seems to be the fabric that holds the belief together. disbelief and even disdain about the Bigfoot legend.

." Although Bigfoot is often described as being taller than five feet. On one occasi on. and has been reported in a variety of colors. and appeared to be set upon is shoulders without a neck. In fact. David has his own ideas about Bigfoot's physical appearance and called every single purported Bigfoot photograph that I showed him a hoax. has a severely pointed head. but with his "unorthodox" claims about Bigfoot's appearance. to own it as his own. in a local newspaper article abut him. It is covered with dark." At the end of a letter concerning Bigfoot. " David seems to reinforce his "ownership" of Bigfoot by actually attempting to step inside the creatures psyche. One Bigfoot witness. Throw 111e a fish. written to the Skamania County Pioneer. David wrote the following: " • • • deceiving people is not 111y game. Among the assorted articles were some of David's pastel sketches of Bigfoot. "life size" (says David) aodel of Bigfoot. he thinks for Bigfoot. For example. gave a very common description of it: "The creature • •. disproportionately broad and square at the foreshoulders. and never. David. He is already separated fro• mainstream society because of his talk of Bigfoot. ever smells. I am real . the above is a good "average" description. has widely different opinions about Bigfoot than most "mainstream" circles. however." I immediately found it interesting that David aakes such wild claims.C. quoted in Janet and Colin Bord's Alien Animals. In his barn is a 9 1/2 foot tall. black hair and has a triangular head. and that Bigfoot's smell may arise from the creature "passing gas.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER sightings of the creature. all of which had writing on thea. with arms of great length ••• The head was small compared to the rest of the creature. He was a 14 . I want truth and I want everyone to have it. he was paddling down a "river in B. It was obvious to ae at this point that Bigfoot was more than a mystery animal to David. Only the truth will •ake us FREE (sic}". Don't pi ck on •e little man. He seemed to have a need to have a personal stake in the Bigfoot phenomenon. He vehemently claims that Bigfoot only has black fur. or Bigfoot wearing an animal skin coat. These wri t ings were always statements which were supposed to be from the creature itself. I was able to look through his notebook at some length. David is quoted as saying that he wears his hair long and has a beard to "identify with the creature. In his living room he has a large tablet filled with Bigfoot clippings and drawings. On my second trip to visit David.. Other reported hair colors are either cases of mistaken identity. The whole was covered with dark brown and cinnamon colored hair . on a drawing of Bigfoot's head are the following phrases: "I was here first ••. He has seen the creatures' tracks many times. 144). stood fully five feet high •. he even separates himself from mainstream Bigfoot circles where he might find acceptance. and often hears it's screams. David has a wide assortment of Bigfoot material at his fara.•• (pg. There are several other sketches in which David appears to be identifying with and becoming the sketch.." when he saw a Bigfoot on the riverbank which he was able to observe for twenty minutes.

destructive society. the noble savage lives off the land and yet he does not destroy. he can dictate its thoughts. He is then able to utilize his ownership and project his fears about the downfall of civilization onto a creature that may or may not be real.. he lives in harmony with his surroundings. excluding the possibility of David "mind-melding" with Bigfoot. Most of all. I make no judgments about the reality of his Bigfoot sightings as he was extremely sincere and I have no reasons to doubt his veracity. It goes without saying that. more environmentally conscious and aware than humans. Chris writes a weekly column about strange events in Washington State for a local paper. Please write to me at the following address: Chris Bader 2323 Burbank Ave. that truth being a nine-foot tall. often discussed in conjunction with Bigfoot phenomena. I have continued to spend time with David and he is a friendly and fascinating individual. so far as David is concerned. He also said that Bigfoot hates guns and avoids people who carry them. devoid of civilization. THE END *. I began to receive hints as to the role Bigfoot plays in his psyche. I can get them in contact with him. standing on a mountain yelling at everyone to co~e to the "truth". David spoke of a being who is closer to nature. He explained in the finest detail how to make a smokeless stove. he began to discuss "social cycles. drawing a chart and describing it's inner workings. The noble savage . If any readers have a sincere interest in talking to David. unorthodox way. On my third trip to visit David. however. a commentary on our greedy. for it has inextricably shaped his beliefs and behavior. I found that David's connections with Bigfoot ran even deeper. Chris Bader has long been interested in all aspects of Fortean phenomena and in addition to his undergraduate studies. neither does Bigfoot. hairy monster . Then came the clincher ••• Bigfoot. the "real" existence of the creature is probably a moot point anyway. David does not like guns. NW. But. Since he "owns" Bigfoot. He has no way of knowing if Bigfoot is even capable of such thoughts." According to David. 15 . David is not his real name. I saw Bigfoot as David's noble savage. has been a figure in art and folk tales for many hundreds of years. David attempted to ''own" the creature by describing it in his own. he said. The creature seems to have become an outside projection of David's values . WA 98502 Editor's note ••. #17-B Olympia. a noble savage. he has no way of knowing what the creature thinks abut environmentally aware people. He takes what be needs and is never greedy .JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER zealot of sorts. Described as a man who lives in the wilds. for after he finished discussing wood stoves. humans are living in a social cycle which is ultimately self-destructive for our greed and exploitation of the environment will bring our ruin . After I arrived at his farm. David ushered me inside and immediately began talking about the environment and how people must respect it. knows when campers are being ecologically aware and likes such people. and calling all others hoaxes. When explaining Bigfoot's way of life..

I had seen the apparition. fringe mysteries keep appearing in cases. My next encounter with a mysterious creature took place on a Saturday of July in 1977. However. smelled quite that bad. I have refrained from including UFO cases that have Bigfoot material in them. What had begun twenty-three years ago had reached a visual climax. I was hiking up the rugged slopes of Steen Mountain. They neither boast of their experiences nor accept the shallow explanations of their white neighbors. however offensive. I am very comfortable presenting this information because I know what I have experienced. It was still there. anyone who has been in the investigative business for long knows that no matter how one tries. Some of the people are ·v ery sincere. and sometimes badly frightened witnesses. I submit this to your for your critical. As for myself. a powerful 16 . Perhaps not. The Native Americans in the document do not have this problem. At a time in the history of UFO studies when we find ourselves going back and reassessing formerly rejected material. analytical evaluation. Immediately the intense forest shadows enveloped the creature in a blanket of seclusion. had really been from a bear. While hiking in the rain forest of Olympic National Park. I hurried on. Washington.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER SHADOW OF ANOTHER WORLD By Richard D. I immediately put the experience out of my mind. intelligent. a small segment of their environment. The trail led out onto a very steep meadow. overwhelming odors of soured meat. garbage. and offal had assailed my nostrils. It reported that a giant ape-like creature had been seen on the outskirts of Hoquim. after we moved away. My quest for the truth began in the spring of 1964. for example. The witnesses in the article are all very reputable. Below. but others have. Idaho . not only am I fairly well educated but I am also a well trained woodsman. apparently from within an island of firs. The so-called Bigfoot is one of them. in the Salmon National Forest. Thoughts. the Bigfoot legend is a part of their heritage. yet illusive. the specter seemed to glide rapidly across the roadway. Instinctively I assumed that a bear was above me. For the first time I wondered if the smells. I received a newspaper clipping . Seifried The following article does not deal with UFO's. In fact I have never investigated such a case. To them. is not easily confused with a Grizzly Bear's paw print. A Bigfoot spoor. • •• Disbelief overwhelmed me and I brushed my fingers before my eyes. The putrid stench emanated from a cave entrance a half-dozen feet above my head. Most are shy in revealing such bizarre experiences. I am somewhat of an expert on this point. memories. and images from the past rushed at me. Inexperience had prevented me from realizing that no bear. That wasn't very far from the rain forest. Dark. clearly visible. trying to regain reality. so extremely disagreeable. Months later.

around 2: 30 am. and his companion caught the horrible scent I had described. Troy ran to the front of the truck and saw nothing . My mind conjured up the image of Gargantua. not even a male grizzly. laughed when I told my story. A slight breeze wafted upslope. I was told that the patch of hair was sent to a university 17 . chesty roar . his companion. By then my curiosity bad been greatly aroused about the crazy stories of a gigantic creature living in the vastness of the northern Western States. but obscure. There is no animal that I am aware of that can duplicate what I heard.000 feet above the road. Over the years I became friends with several of the Blackfeet who were employed by the National Park Service. they bumped and rumbled down the mountain road. watching them. An animal of soae sort was running back and forth along the nearby ridge top. except my two supervisors. The two men had confronted the animal at the mouth of the same canyo·n where I had heard the roaring sounds. He gave the fur to the District Ranger. Bob becaae extremely irritated and said that such stories were & lot of nonsense. As Troy. he did hear the crashing of underbrush as a huge animal made it's way back into the forest. stood outside in the snow. The location was a mere three miles from the place where I heard the roaring sounds. However. The local Deputy Sheriff was called. One morning. They believed that the creature existed. Naturally everyone. they steered their pickup off the side of the road at Waggonhammar Springs . I went into detail about the odors I had experienced thirteen years before . I was able to interview one worker. During the summer seasons of the early and mid-1980s . assailing my ears. Fearing that the driver would fall asleep. the two men scrambled into the cab of the pickup. suddenly screamed in terror. located on the eastern side of Glacier National Park. 3. Frightened . rolled up the windows and locked the doors. whatever it was. I worked in Glacier National Park as a Ranger Naturalist.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER roaring sound welled upslope. As it moved the animal emitted bonechilling screams. the famous circus gorilla of the 1940s. Never before or since have I experienced such a powerful . Hurriedly. The spreader was towed behind the truck. away from the terrible smell. who was already walking toward the spring. the man I interviewed . They told me that one winter. Earl. citizens of the tiny community of Babb. snagged on a barb of a wire fence. The next morning he found huge. By the time he arrived the sounds had stopped. Two days later I told my boss about the sound. Montana. with one worker manning the machinery. At the end of the winter of 1977-78. one of my supervisors and another employee were scattering grass seed upon a snow-covered slope of a mountain. listening. Idaho. pr ints in the snow and a large patch of wooly fur . the two men were driving home from a visit to the town of Salmon. His young companion was in shock. He informed me that the previous April two United States Forest Service employees had experienced a frightening encounter. my summer boss. Having read about a "Bigfoot" sighting at Logan Pass in Glacier Park I asked the District Ranger about the incident. stepped out of the truck that morning. When Troy got him calmed down the youth explained that there had been a gigantic ape-like creature sitting on a boulder. A cold drink of water would awaken them.

Although it was in violation of Federal law. Since we shared a love for the Northern Rockies we began talking about the area. he announced that in the morning he was going to hunt the animal that was making the screaming noises. "Do? Why. One night. "That's right. Their companion had not returned. Of course." I echoed. My 18 . my wife. strange. it's barrel bent into a "U" shape. Somehow it had been 11 lost. My daughter. the remaining crew members spent the day surveying. Try as I would to avoid it. A gentleman who is now an official of a local community sat next to me. l took it to be from a female. Next morning he was still absent. It was lying alongside the trail. was a perfect footprint. I was in the lead. Nothing. In wonder I paused and marveled at the spoor. the year escapes me . Not knowing what else to do or which way the man had gone. the topi c kept coming up in conversations not initiated by me. The others protested his disregard for the law. high-pitched cries alerted them t hat a large." In July of 1985. The Blackfeet didn't believe the report. They found the rifle first. The length was greater that my heavily booted feet . Next to the trail the land plunged into a deep canyon. At the base of the cliff they saw the lifeless form of their companion. for grizzly frequented the trail. Without my mentioning the subject of the mystery creature. he had been employed by the United States Forest Servi ce. youngest daughter and I were hi king along a heavily fo r ested trail in Glacier National Park. One winter. One step down and out of the forest onto the middle of the trail and the next footfall must have been on the downhill slope. Most amazing was the fact that there was but one print. for some reason. they brought the body out. Whatever made the impression had a moat unusually long stride. delicate arch. At dawn he was gone . well-proportioned heel--all were clearly evident. Five toes. He was a trained Civil Engineer and had been part of a s mall crew surveying an area far back i n t he Jim Bridger Wilderness Area of Wyoming. my fam i ly and I attended a spaghetti dinner at my children's elementary school. When I heard that story I realized that the mystery had greatly aroused my curiosity. indicating it had been grizzly bear fur. Again the phantom entered my life. That evening they returned to caap." I asked. But that morning some precipitation had fallen. crosswise in the trail. "What did the Forest Service do? . Montana. It appeared to be of human origin . Because of the slender gracefulness of the iaprint. No one else had been on the trail since it had rained the previous night. unknown animal was also on the mountain. would not look at it. 11 A report was issued . they did nothing.JOURNAL OF THE FORTEAN RESEARCH CENTER laboratory in Bozeman. This was in Ohio where 1 now reside. There. He took the weapon from his pack and put it together . The season had been very hot and dry. Ignoring them. the friend began telling me about his experience. '' "Nothing?. well beyond the trail itself. one of the men had packed in a disassembl ed 22-caliber rifle. Moisture had settled the thick trail dust. so they began searching for him. as the crew members sat around their campfire. The area was closed off to all travel for the remainder of the season. before me in the moist earth . Years before.

Vic Affolter and Marion Jack. Still. not in the evening or at night. they detected an overwhelmingly powerful odor. What did it eat? What exactly was I trying to identify? In May of 1987 I stopped in Chouteau. this is an often reported characteristic of Sasquatch. there would have always been doubt without some verification. 1976. The Chief Naturalist. Wade reported " ••• seeing a Sasquatch. They were at the Pacific Crest Trail junction with the West Road of Crater Lake National Park. she comments that it must have· been something else. the color and shape were difficult to describe. The two Rangers heard " ••• something large crashing through the forest. observed a ''Bigfoot" walking upright across the road in the southern part of the park. Contrary to aost Bigfoot reports. The first recorded sighting occurred on June 8th or 9th. large footprints were found. had a strange experience during the summer of 1978. Unexplainable odors. turned away. on that beautifully calm night in August. Only rumors indicated that this had happened. Laughing at the prospect of doing so. Continually I asked myself how it could remain virtually unseen. Crater Lake National Park. The exaggerated swing of the elbow seemed peculiar. Roger Wade's was probably the best. the unseen animal threw a pine cone in their direction. Montana. Although somewhat indistinct. be sure to make a cast of the imprint. ''Why?" "Because. It's fur was a light brown or cinnamon." Although I didn't take his advice seriously I d