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TsunamiPlus10 - Summary

TsunamiPlus10 - Summary

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Published by Mike Rea

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Published by: Mike Rea on Jul 31, 2012
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The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004

Claimed 230,000

lives -- one of the 5 worst disasters in modern times

Unique among disasters its toll was global, taking from 14 nations, including the US.

In Aceh: 2

million displaced.

A sign of divine irony?

2 ravaged conflict zones found
unprecedented aid and eventual peace.

This seminal disaster spawned a record $13.4 aid, including $3.1 billion from the US.

billion in global

My organization handled $5M+ of that and helped thousands of donors with
personalized giving.

Now, I am going back.

Returning to communities to explore the long-term legacy of philanthropy almost 10 years later.

And returning to contributors, such as supermodel Petra Nemcova and actor Jet Li, whose lives, too, were transformed by disaster and giving. www.TsunamiPlus10.org; Mike Rea & Mayra Padilla First chapter: Sri Lanka, August 11-25, 2012

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