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P.D. Ouspensky - Conscience

P.D. Ouspensky - Conscience

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Published by: Pentakosiomedimni on Jul 31, 2012
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other realizations besides; chiefly that there are ways to change if one applies the right
instrument at the right place and at the right time. One must have these instruments, and these
again are only given by work. It is very important to come to this realization. Without it one will
not do the right things; one will excuse oneself.
Question. I do not understand why one should excus" oneself.
Ouspensky. One does not want to give up the idea that one can 'do', so that even if one realizes
that things just happen, one finds excuses, such as, 'This is an accident but tomorrow it will be
different*. That is why we cannot realize this idea. All our lives we see how things happen but
we still explain them as accidents, as exceptions to the rule that we can 'do'. Either we forget, or
do not see, or do not pay enough attention. We always think that at every moment we can begin
to *do'. This is our ordinary way of thinking about it. If you see in your life a time when you
tried to do something and failed, that will be an example, because you will find that you
explained your failure as an accident, an exception. If things repeat themselves, again you think
you will be able to 'do', and if you see this again, again you will explain your failure as just an
accident. It is very useful to go through your life from this point of view. You intended one thing
and something different happened. If you are really sincere, then you will see; but if not, you will
persuade yourself that what happened was exactly what you wanted!
Ouspensky. You must start with some concrete idea. Try to find what really prevents you from
being active in work. It is necessary to be active in work; one can get nothing by being passive.
Now we forget the beginning, where and why we

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