Pastoral Prayer – Pentecost By Sharon Nearhoof May O God of grace….

what a mystery your church is… You have called us into being as your hands, your eyes, your voice, your heart. You have entrusted the hope of the world to our fickle compassion. You have chosen to relieve hunger, pain, and suffering of our world not by a wave of a magic wand, but by giving us arms to build and embrace, hands to teach and to heal, voices to fight injustice, feet to carry the good news, and hearts to redeem in the power of your love. Our God of glory…what a wonder is your church… A community of sinners learning to be saints, a community of wounded healers, scarred, often broken, some places persecuted, yet triumphant. You have chosen to reveal the grace and power of forgiveness in our lives, the glory of love even in the brokenness of our relationships. Our God of hope…what a community your church is… A community where no one should be lonely, where no one should be hopeless, where no one should be left alone to walk their path without the prayers and support of others. In our community, there are those we walk with today who need our prayers and presence…. There are those with joy in their hearts who need us to share in their thanksgiving… God of Love, help us to be all the things you created us to be. Help us be people of your mystery who share your love and life through our hands, our voices, our hearts, our minds. Help us be people captivated by your wonder, people reaching to live in your grace and forgiveness and love despite all of the pain, the mistakes, the brokenness in our lives and relationships. Help us be people in true community, sharing one anothers’ burdens, walking with each other down every road we must travel. We pray that you will create us anew in this hour and every hour of our lives, God. We pray that you will help us learn what it means to be church, to be the saints, to be the community of hope, love, mystery, and glory for You, for the World, for always. Amen.

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