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CD6 Poll Memo: Roscoe Bartlett vs. John Delaney - Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

CD6 Poll Memo: Roscoe Bartlett vs. John Delaney - Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

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Published by David Moon

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Published by: David Moon on Jul 31, 2012
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July 31, 2012

Mary yland’s 6th Co s ongres ssional Distric ct
Status of the Contest for U.S. Congres s C f C ss
To: Interested Parties d

rg From: Greenber Quinlan Rosner Research
A new po 1 shows th 10-term Congressma Roscoe B oll hat C an Bartlett is vulnerable to d defeat in Maryland new 6th Congressiona District. In the survey Challenge John Delaney leads th d’s C al y, er he incumbent even befo Delaney is fully introd ore duced to vot ters. The ne partisan makeup of t ew the electorate here make this seat a strong pick opportu nity for Dem es kup mocrats this f fall. The distr is now distinctly more Democratic, with Pres ident Barack Obama ho rict e k olding a 9-po oint lead over Mitt Romne 51 – 42 percent. In the congres ey, p ssional head-to-head, Ba artlett receives support from just 42 percent of voters, comp f v pared to 44 p percent for D Delaney. Ind dependent Nickolaus Mueller is at 6 percent and 8 percent are unde t ecided. The extent of Bartlett weakness in this district is appare after sur ent t’s rvey respond dents are presente with positive descriptio of each candidate. I fact, once Delaney is fully introdu ed ons In e uced to voters, his lead ov Bartlett grows to 9 po ver g oints, 50 – 4 percent, w Mueller at 4 percent and 41 with t 5 percent undecided.


This surv was prep vey pared and sup pervised by Greenberg Qu inlan Rosner Research, In Calling too G nc. ok place July 23-25, 2012 These findi y 2. ings, based on a sample s o size of 400 reg gistered and likely Novemb ber 2012 vote are subjec to a sampli error of ±4 percentag points at a 95 percent c ers, ct ing 4.9 ge confidence lev vel.
WORL HEADQUARTERS LD S 10 G Street, NE, Suite 500 S 0 Washin ngton, DC 20002 EU UROPEAN HEADQU UARTERS 405 Carrington House 6 Hertford Street H London UK W1J 7SU U LATIN AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS N S Cabrera 6060, 7 D C1414 BHN Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina s

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Maryland CD-6: Status of the Contest o t


Table 1: Informed Congressional Vote e d

The 6th Congressiona District is ready for a new voice in Congress. With the ab C al n bility to communicate his sto and his agenda for Maryland’s m ory M middle class f families, Joh Delaney is hn well positioned to win the contes for U.S. Co n st ongress this fall. s

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July 2012 y

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