Jai Krishna

mindset ability to react to change

agile principles guide teams architecture engineering management tools .

agile principles individuals and interactions process and tools know your stuff work in pairs be nice “Be conservative in what you send. be liberal in what you receive” – Jon Postel .

agile principles working software comprehensive documentation every change is production quality software works as advertised .

agile principles customer collaboration contract negotiation deliver incrementally get frequent feedback .

agile principles responding to change following a plan be open to requirements react quickly to production issues .

agile teams self-managing small mutual trust high expertise / best practices .

deployed components are also easy to replace .agile architecture easy to replace parts* highly cohesive and loosely coupled good separation of concerns diagnosable * not only of software.

agile engineering can you ship with quality now? .

agile engineering good coding continuous integration .

agile engineering good coding attention to fundamentals coding standards write self-documenting code function per page (25 lines!) pairing and reviews .

ship what you test easy to automate. fix breakages immediately … benefit code you see is code that runs build is repeatable work is incremental validates harmony of multiple changes saves time for multiple builds a day test what you ship.agile engineering continuous integration practice maintain a single source repository automate the build commit (building) code everyday build and test every commit keep builds fast test in a clone of the production env make it easy to get the latest executable publish build status. diff debug etc. code is always potentially shippable .

agile management what works for you .

agile management .

agile management keep things flowing .

agile management kanban + scrum make progress visual + go the distance limit work in progress eliminate waste pull scheduling .

agile management .

ssh reviewboard . Git Maven Hudson triggering Hudson reporting Bugzilla.agile tools Tool area version control build automation build and test every commit publish status issue tracking kanban automation code reviews Subversion. Sticky Notes shell. Perl. JIRA Board.

html .com/agile references infoq.

q & a .

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