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CGW Aug Newsletter

CGW Aug Newsletter

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Our Sabbat Newsletter
Our Sabbat Newsletter

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Published by: Lady HekateShadowMoonfire on Jul 31, 2012
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CGW Newsletter

Happy Anniversary CGW !!

Cauldron of The GrayWitch

Welcome to our Lughnasadh Issue

Lady Hekate Founder of Cauldron of the Gray Witch Aug 16th 2011

The wheel turns again, and again never ceasing, and always moving. It is here summer ends, and the last of the Harvests comes in. The heat, fire of summer begins to simmer down, as light begins to weaken, the darkness begins to grow. We here in the Cauldron are Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, of various paths, and ways. As such we celebrate the seasons, and Sabbats in various ways.

“Live in the Now, enjoy your season, Before you know it you season is done..”
• History of the Sabbat • Correspondences • In the Cauldron *Members Articles * What’s New

Cauldron of the Gray Witch http://hecatescauldronofcreations.blogspot.com/ © Aug, 2012

Hekate’s Creations

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History of The Sabbat

1 ST


"Once more the Wheel of the Year does turn the spirits and people now dance and yearn, to the sounds of nature’s music once more, celebrate now! I do implore." During this time, the people of Ireland joined together for the Celebration of the Harvest, during which Lugh was said to rain down a golden light upon the year's crops, blessing them for harvest. In honor, the Irish played many games and sports for Lugh and his well-received blessings; this acted as a way to send the participants' energies and wishes up to the Gods, as well as give themselves a well-needed break before the upcoming toil of harvesting and surviving the cold, harsh winter ahead. Essentially, this is the Thanksgiving of ancient Ireland. It is said that Lugh dedicated his Celebration of the Harvest to his mother Tailtiu, the last queen of the Fir Bolg, who had died in order to clear a forest for more crops in Ireland. According to legend, she asked the men at her deathbed to always host funeral games in her honor; thus naming the celebration "Lughnasadh," or "Funeral Games." Over time, Lughnasadh became known as Lammas, or Loaf-Mass by many other countries and NeoChristians of the time, and the act of placing freshbaked bread upon the altar became a popular thing to do. Currently, both games and bread are a part of the tradition each year, so this holiday may be called Lughnasadh or Lammas. Depending on what tradition you follow, Lugnasadh/Lammas is celebrated on any day between July 31 and August 5. Wiccans and most Pagans tend to celebrate this day on August 1; however, some covens/groups like to celebrate it on Old Lammas day which is the day when the sun reaches 15 degrees Leo.
Goddesses of Lughnasadh: All Grain Goddesses All Livestock Goddesses All Mother Goddesses Gods of Lughnasadh: All Father Gods All Grain Gods All Livestock Gods

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Symbolism: First harvest festival; aging of the Deities, honoring of Sun Gods Symbols: Corn dollies, cornucopia, grains, the Sun Foods: Breads, grains, potatoes, summer squash, cider, blackberry pies and jellies, berries, apples, roasted lamb, elderberry wine, meadowsweet tea Plants & herbs: Ash, camphor, caraway, fern, geranium, juniper, mandrake, marjoram, thyme, sunflowers, wheat Incense and oils: Allspice, carnation, rosemary, vanilla, sandalwood, aloe, rose Colors: Red, gold, yellow, orange Stones: Aventurine, citrine, peridot, sardonyx Animals and mythical beasts: Roosters, calves, the Phoenix, griffins, basilisk, centaurs Also Decorations: Corn, hay, gourds, corn dollies, shafts of grain, sun wheels Activities: games, country fairs, making corn dollies, baking bread, gathering fruits, visits to fields, orchards, lakes and wells. Spell/ritual work: Offering thanks, honoring fathers, prosperity, abundance, generosity, continued success, connectedness


In The Cauldron
Members Articles

Message from The Fae The Besom Lammas Poem Spotlight- Broomriders Spotlight – In The Dark

Lady Hekate)0( Lady Hekate)0( Gareth Alayna Sunkat/Delta

Message from the Fae

The Sage Author –Lady Hekate)0( We enter the waning year, the God ready again to sacrifice himself for continued harvests of the earth, He is the sage, as The Mother and now graying,becoming the Crone. This is also the Sage part of the year, to reflect on your lessons and harvests. Have you really learned anything over the year, and if so what. Journal, so you do not forget. The Sage is the wise Elder,listen to the elders round you, yes they are old, but they do have much to share from years of living and experiences. Also honor your Elders. In Japan it is custom to honring their elders, not just dead, but living. One day you just may become aged, do youwant to be a wise one, or a foolish one? Age does not always guarantee you will be wise, an elder, sage or crone. Some are just plain old.

The Besom Author Lady Hekate )0( Witches for ages have been associated with the Broomstick. it is not called a broomstick but known and called a besom. The old belief of Witches flying on brooms actually came from European stories that were started during the Renaissance period. This was also the time of the Witch Panic or Burning Times because the time period of 1450 – 1750 is when great numbers of people were accused of being heretics against the Holy Catholic Church, the most powerful and influential church in Europe at the time. It was rumored some witches had developed a specific ointment that gave them special powers. It was said that the witch would rub the ointment in her skin and then jump around on a broom. The besom or broom was a popular tool of witches in the past because it was an every day item that couldn't be used as proof of a witch. It had many purposes other than simply a tool of cleansing.They would use the besom to direct energy during ritual, much like we use the wand today.The besom would be 'ridden' around the fields (much like a child riding a hobby horse) in order to bring a copious harvest to the farmers.This is also were we find evidence of sympathetic magick existing in the old days. The besom is a phallic symbol and was used by female witches in fertility rites, and it is from this that the idea of the Halloween witch riding around on a broomstick also may have materialized.

Creating Your Own Besom

Investing your energies into making one is a good idea as the more you put into your own magickal work the more powerful. The items that follow are for the mor traditional besom, you can use nearly any types of branches available to you. You'll need: A four-foot length of ash or oak for the handle Thin branches of birch for the bristle part (you can substitute a woody herb like mugwort or thyme for the bristles if you like Lengths of willow or heavy cord to bind everything together You'll also need scissors and a bucket of warm water. Whatever you'll be using for the bristles -- whether it's birch, willow, or some other wood -- should be soaked in the warm water overnight to make them pliable. Also do not forget to consecrate your new tool For a video and pictorial instructions see link below

Lammas Poem
Author : Gareth

(The Wheat Reaping): From our Festival of Y Fedel Wenith The golden Lord His reaper doth await, By fairest of all blooms betrayed, And the shadows of Bryn Kyfergyr The lance of death conceal. Spear of twelve-month seek thy prey, True be thy flight and swift the reaping!

May your Lammas observance bring a bountiful spiritual harvest in September.

Lady Hekate’s Creations

http://hecatescauldronofcreations.blogspot.com/ This is where I have some of my themes, and my writings, as well as some graphics


Once again, the look of Broomriders main page has changed. The header now has a small witch flying on a broom and the background is done in solid black for easy reading. But, don't get too used to it! One of my closest sisters, who has been going thru a difficult ordeal, has finally found some balance in her life and has been able to get back online...I so missed her and her postings, esp those on Hoodoo and Appalachian granny magick. I've included the badges of the sites I most admire and am also a member on, to the main page, and I do so with honor and respect for them.

Membership is growing, but slowly, as I prefer a drama free site....this typically gives me a chance to get a "feel" for members one at a time, without being bombarded with too many newbies all at once! I now have not one, but two administrators on Broomriders....the ever popular and highly in demand Valarie, and Lady Hecate, a dear (true) friend who has been most kind and supportive of me and Broomriders. Both of these ladies are ning site owners themselves, and rumor has it, that Val takes her computer to bed with her, often encrypting messages under the sheets, to the 1, 723 sites she belongs to ;) Several new groups have been added with my personal new favorite being the one dedicated to Stevie Nicks. That's it for this month... Stay wicked
Broomriders was founded on the basis that Witchcraft, being an Earthbased Practice, should be held with the same regard, the utmost respect, dignity, dedication and reverence that it did long ago. As Witches, we are dedicated servants to Mother Earth; our goal is to take care of her, nurturing her resources and working with the bounties that she so graciously provides. We work with the elements, spirit worlds, plant life, and natural resources. This honored position of Witch is not to be taken lightly. It holds no tolerance for silliness, trashing of others beliefs, pixie dust, or Witch Wars.
You can find Broomriders below in our Associated/Sister links

In the Dark

In The Dark is a social networking community filled with information for anyone questioning their path. We bring like minded people together to learn, discuss and just be. A gathering place for Pagans, Practitioners of the Craft, Star Seeds or those leading an alternative lifestyle. Proudly a drama-free adult site for sometimes darker driven subjects. *All Paths Welcome*

Some Of The Groups We Offer ~

~ Dark, Deadly & Erotic Expressions

Dark art, erotica, graphics, pictures, styles or anything you would like to share that's dark....

~ For The Love Of The Wolf A place where wolf lovers and activists can gather to appreciate and honor our friend the wolf.

~ Celtic Journey Come take a mystical journey with the legendary Celts.....From folklore to legends..

~ Hippies...Flower Children And Those With Free Spirits

~ Dark Passion Embracing the Dark and entering Darkness as a Source of Life

Newest Groups - In Search Of Self Love - Cinema Méchant - Practicing Magic Some Current Discussions "Elizabethan Superstitions" "Karma" "Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument" "Artist Anne Bachelier Capturer of Dreams"

A special thank you to Lady Hekate for generously supporting our community. We are proud to be members and friends of Cauldron Of The Gray Witch! If You Are Afraid Of Darkness You Are Afraid Of Your Own Soul~ *In The Dark is owned and operated by SunKat & DeltaWolves*

Next Message From Founder of CGW


Message from the Founder of Cauldron of the Gray Witch We are One We are all connected and inter-connected like it or not. We are all sacred, for the Divine, the sacred resides in all. We each have our own paths to walk; one path does not fit all, as one size we know does not fit all. I hate that LOLS. This is why some of us gather, and network, and are not afraid to display sister sites, encourage one another, help one another. We do not compete. We rejoice and welcome each other’s new members. This is foundation to CGW’s Witches Councilthe Administration of the Cauldron of the Gray Witch. We are a Team. It is not easy growing a site, for in growing a site you also encourage growing within the people. I have learned over several years, no, I am not perfect, the Cauldron is not either, but a successful site is more than one person. It is individuals that make or break a site. In public service I learned, without the customer you have no business. I did whatever I had to make the customer happy. No you cannot please everyone. However everyone should know that you are sincere, and that you care, and that they are valued. Communication. there is hardly a day our Admins do not communicate, and yes we laugh together, support and we work to deal with issues, as well as of ways to improve our Cauldron I love my Admin team and I know I am also blessed. I love each of my members as each bring a flavor to the Cauldron. I hope each will know they can always come to me, I may not jump immediately but will respond always, I try to LOLS. I hear of sites competing with other sites, this is sad. Unless you’re a business, or it is holiday competition, some creators may have design competitions lols. Yet I know many too and see others work hard to bring harmony, unity in the Pagan community. Remember people are not your enemies. Keep in mind I did not say in perfect agreement, perfect trust, as those things take time, agreement, we will not always agree, if so I’d ask hmmm why is my ass being kissed so hard. Yes I said ass. Also point blank we just will not like everyone and news, not everyone on a site will like us either. However we can still co-exist,

focus on the positive things. For what you feed does grow, what you starve does die. What to you is success? Only you can answer that. How you impact those around you may give an answer. We all have our own sphere of influence, ask what is yours, and how am I using my influence? I never presume to tell someone what they must do, but know you do have some type of influence. I do hope to continue again with newsletters, so we can share from the Cauldron of the Gray Witch. Why the Name? I wanted something that would stand out a bit, and yet I knew there is a site called the Cauldron, but not on Ning. I also wanted to emphasize the path of the Gray Witch, and bring together both dark and light paths as one. I am also a Gray Witch, and walk a path which embraces both, without going to extreme on either. I also wanted to encourage others who walk a similar path who yet did not know where they fit, and those seeking, a place to find.

The Cauldron of The Gray Witch

New Things
 Aradia’s Fire- Birthed midAugust. An eclectic Wiccan coven with Georgian and Alexandrian influences. Led by Elder HPS Lady Tegwedd ShadowDancer, and HPS Lady Hekate Shadow Moonfire, Hecate’s Sanctum moves back to Mother site in the Cauldron. Moon Light Study Group- not a coven. For beginners, seekers, and experienced in the Craft to gather. Newest Groups- Create your own Ning Themes, CGW Brew of Laughs

Our Events
 Topical Chats- Every Saturday Night in Aug  Coven Memberships closed- First degree begins in Araidia’s Fire  Open chats continue day and night through the week.

 

 

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Sister sites
Rev MoonChild’s Shophttp://www.metaphysion.com/images/smalllogo2.jpg? width=400 Willow Witch’s Pagan Supplies http://stores.ebay.com/Willow-Witchs-Pagan-Supplies _______________________ BroomRiders- Owned by Alayna http://broomriders.ning.com/ In the Dark Owned by Sunkat and Delta http://darknessclosesin.ning.com/ Pagan Underworld- Owned by Persephone http://pathsofpaganunderworld.com/ Precious Friends- Owned by Valarie http://ladyab.ning.com/

PaganSpace.Net- Owned by Starrfyre http://www.paganspace.net/

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