Opera Training

Guest In house Front Desk + Guest In house Alt + FI You can search for the In house guest by room or name etc. To see checked out guest go to Advance and select checked out. Arrivals Front Desk + Arrivals Alt +FA You can see arrivals for the day not checked in Telephone book Shift F7 You can search for all the telephone and fax numbers Telephone operator Ctrl F7 You can create locator for the rooms Reports Miscellaneous + Reports Alt +MR Quickest way to print an in house / Arrival / Departure Alt + MR + Type AMD + Tab +Type G + Alt O + Type ANAN + Alt R + Ctrl P +Enter Alt + MR + Type AMD + Tab +Type Ar + Alt O + Type ANAN +Alt R + Ctrl P +Enter Alt + MR + Type AMD + Tab +Type De + Alt O + Type ANAN+ Alt R + Ctrl P +Enter

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