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Her heart is filled with hunger, with a need that will not die Shell strip you of your very soul, and never question why She sold her soul for fools gold, so very long ago Its haunted her forever, its all shes come to know She was robbed of her own innocence, bled of all that made her real When she strips you of your very soul, nothing will she feel In her empty desolation, where she knows not what to do Her broken disillusion, is what she offers you Shell break you till she owns you, and forever shall it be Her empty self-deception, shell never let you see On the lonely plain of solitude, where youll almost go insane Shell hold you in her twisted web, your life shell come to claim Youll be the one shell cling to, until the day you die Shell betray you with her Judas kiss, and know not even why When youve lost all sense of meaning, when you dont know what to do Shell mercilessly drain your life, and youll not believe its true In the world of self-deception, where youve come to make your home Shell curse you and condemn you, as if you were her own Theres always the chance that you will see, what it is that makes you real Before your lifeless crucifixion, where your fate youll come to seal

James G. Espinosa Sr. 2012