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Data Integration using GoldenGate

Data Integration using GoldenGate

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Published by: balajicn on Aug 01, 2012
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Data integration for Real Time BI using GoldenGate

David Yahalom
CTO Naya Technologies www.naya-tech.co.il davidy@naya-tech.co.il

‪.‫חברה טכנולוגית המתמחה בתחום ‪ .‬ ‫מעל 051 לקוחות בארץ ובחו"ל‬ ‫שותפים עסקיים: ‪Oracle Gold Partner. Microsoft Silver Learning Partner‬‬ .‬ ‫שירותי כוננות ותמיכה 427‪X‬‬ ‫מכללת נאיה – מסלולי הכשרות מקצועיות וקורסים למקצוענים בתחום בסיסי נתונים ובינה עסקית.‬ ‫צוות היועצים המוביל והגדול בישראל בעל ניסיון רב שנים בתחום.בינה עסקית בפלטפורמת ‪ Oracle‬ו. מיקור חוץ ופתרונות מקצה לקצה במסגרת פרויקטאלית.MS‬‬ ‫החברה מספקת שירותי סיוע וייעוץ.DATA Platform‬בסיסי נתונים.

Integration: the process of combining data from different sources to provide a unified view.Business challanges Oracle GoldenGate Oracle GoldenGate software enables real-time. continuous movement of transactional data across operational and analytical business systems. . Real-Time Access to Real-Time Information Real-Time Access Mission-Critical Systems Real-Time Information Availability: the degree to which information can be instantly accessed.

Real time data integration Database and applications. distributed systems. OLAP Real-time information Mission Critical Applications & Data. Business Intelligence. legacy. Partners & Employees Real-time Access . Reporting for Customers. OLTP. Mixed sources.

routing. transformation. and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous environments in real time Key Capabilities: Additional Differentiators: Performance Log-based capture moves thousands of transactions per second with low impact Real Time Moves with sub-second latency Heterogeneous Moves changed data across different databases and platforms Extensibility & Flexibility Meets variety of customer needs and data environments with open.GoldenGate benefits Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture. modular architecture Resilient against interruptions and failures Transactional Maintains transaction integrity Reliability .


Key solutions .

• Realtime data integration BI. • .Two BI examples: Realtime operational BI.

GoldenGate was the only solution that handled all three requirements with ease.Solution – Query Offloading • Cost Reduction • Improve Resource Utilization Find a solution that can transfer our data in real-time. keeping up with data volumes and meet future business needs.com . 1-800-Flowers.” – J Seelan. In actuality. DBA Manager.

• Improve performance: indexes. • Replicate parts of the database as required.. MViews.Query Offloading Improve Resource Utilization OLTP Transactions Read Only Users Benefit: • Offloads Queries .reduces load on transactional systems. • Reduce/Eliminate query load on transactional system GG Oracle Primary Database Oracle Physical Standby Database Non-Oracle or Legacy Platform .. • Leverage existing investment in physical standby database.

Sabre Holdings merchandises and retails travel products and provides distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry GoldenGate PROVIDES • Supports 1.Consumer case study COMPANY OVERVIEW A world leader in the travel marketplace. CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES • Optimize OLTP system performance – offload all query activity • Reduce TCO via platform changes and segment “lookers” from “bookers” • Handle growing data volumes and support heterogeneous systems over lifecycle of Air Travel Shopping Engine (ATSE) • Maintain data integrity across all systems RESULTS • 80% TCO Reduction – Millions $$ saved “Bookers vs Lookers” .6TB of data movement per day to read-only servers • Source– Oracle 10g | Target – MySQL • Current plans to migrate to Oracle 11g on both source and target.

Sam Peterson. SVP Technology.com . Overstock.Solution – Real-time Data Integration • • Operational Reporting Real-time Business Intelligence “Accessing the data in real time using GoldenGate we can immediately see if we’re profitable and if our business processes are working.” .

•Avoids the political challenges of running reports on transactional systems. •Removes impact from source systems. •Enables tactical reports quickly for decision making and business transparency. OGG Transactional Applications Operational Data Store .Real Time Data Integration Benefit: •Report on live data in transactional systems. •No additional load on source system – offload reporting to a database instance that is synchronized in real time.

.Real Time Data Integration Real-time Integration + Bulk Data Transformation Production Benefit: ODI OGG Enterprise Data Warehouse Oracle Database. Oracle Exadata Heterogeneous Sources • Populate an operational data store for operational BI with real-time data. • Eliminates load on source systems. • Run ELT from the ODS to load data warehouse with transformed data. • Reduces latencies and batch windows.

Source 1 EMP DEPT Oracle GoldenGate • Real time extracts from transactional systems • Non-invasive on sources Oracle Data Integrator EE • High Performance ‘E-LT’ on target data warehouse • Periodic mini-batches (15 min) • Transform in the Database • Never go back to sources • Continuous streaming load into ODS Schema of target • Latency in seconds ETL On-Disk Logs Oracle GoldenGate Source 2 EMP DEPT DIM FACT DIM Oracle GoldenGate On-Disk Logs EMP DEPT DIM DIM ODS Schema DW Schema 22 .

Another case study COMPANY OVERVIEW DIRECTV is a $17 billion provider of satellite-based television services. monitor satellites.000 customer calls p/day • GoldenGate moves 150-200 million records per day with 1. . support & field service • Significantly reduce data latency in central data warehouse for all queries & reports – edict for < 15 minutes! RESULTS • Significantly reduced churn by 25% • All business units have access to real-time business data. CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES • Maintain high quality customer service in competitive market – reduce churn! • Centralize customer information for a single view to support sales. and deliver service to about 17 million U. marketing. GoldenGate PROVIDES • Real-time data integration from Siebel CRM on Oracle to central Teradata Warehouse • 1. DIRECTV’s 7.S.500 service agents log 600.500 employees operate the company’s broadcast centers. and over 5 million Latin American customers.5 second latency.

One more case study… COMPANY OVERVIEW Overstock. jewelry. electronics and computers. apparel and designer accessories among other products at discount prices GoldenGate PROVIDES • Support for high availability & disaster tolerance across Oracle production sites • Zero-downtime system migration and upgrade • Enable active data warehouse roll-out in 90 days with real-time data feeds • Complements Oracle Data Integrator for data transforms on target CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES • Better understand customer purchasing behavior • Provide timely information to support marketing. including bed-and-bath goods. brand-name merchandise. kitchenware. merchandising and operational decisions • Improve shopping database reliability and uptime RESULTS • Customer analysis now done in minutes. home décor. rather than days • Dashboard reports using real-time data for P&L & customer profitability • Google Adwords adjusted based on realtime data reports • Ranked #4 in customer service by National Retail Federation . watches.com is an online “closeout” retailer offering high-quality. sporting goods.

encrypted for routing to targets.How GoldenGate works? Capture: Committed changes are captured (and can be filtered) as they occur by reading the transaction logs. Delivery: Applies data with transaction integrity. Capture Source Trail Network (TCP/IP) Target Trail Delivery Source Database(s) Target Database(s) . transforming the data as required. Route: Data is compressed. Trail files: Stages and queues data for routing.

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