Mobile Water Bottling Plant

Worldwide Safe Drinking Water

Armed Forces / Peace Keeping
Mobile & self sufficient Safe & Hygienic

Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid
Ecological Economical

The Complete Production Plant In One Container

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Preform feeder


Preform to bottle or Bottle production


Filling & closing


Handle applicator




Technical room

The smarter way to instant hygienic water bottling….anywhere!
The smart way… n On site production & distribution versus long distance transport & storage n Reduced operating, personnel, fuel and transportation costs n Safe & simple logistics = short & direct supply lines; less vulnerable to hostile activities n PET material easy to transport (light, durable PET preforms) n Ecological friendly: shred and recycle locally … anywhere… n Self sufficient container: onboard power supply and compressed air n Standard ISO 20 ft or 40 ft container for easy handling around the globe Hygienic water bottling… n Bottling plant designed to meet IBWA and FDA regulations n UV-treatment of water, bottles and caps n Over pressurized filling and capping area for germ free air (steri box) n Automated to eleminate contamination risks by human contact n Insulated and dust free container environment n Durable and easy to maintain Total cost traditional bottling plants vs Mobile Water Bottling Plant
Traditional water bottle production plants


Mobile Water Bottling Plant

Ecological Footprint

Operating Cost

Storage m2



Worldwide Safe Drinking Water
Technical data
Maximum daily output* Maximum bottle size - full automatic - semi automatic Maximum neck diameter - full automatic - semi automatic Labels maximum height ISO Container dimensions l x w x h ISO Container gross weight
* Depending on bottle and container size.

20 ft container 36.000 litres 0,2 to 5 litres 10 litres 48/40 Bericap 48/40 Bericap 100 mm 6096 x 2438 x 2591 mm t.b.a.

40 ft container 120.000 litres 10 litres 25 litres 48/40 Bericap 54/63 Bericap 150 mm 12192 x 2438 x 2591 mm t.b.a.

Optional equipment
n n n n n n n n n External/Internal water purification unit External/Internal desalination unit External accumulation table Strapper: to pack items for transport Schredder: to shred empty PET bottles into flakes Tent for shade/insulation Inflatable containers for storage of raw water Diesel generator Water quality set

n Preforms, caps, handles ....

Alternative products
Mobile Bottling Plant for:
n n Water in sachets/pouches Edible oils, carbonated water & soft drinks, gels, etc...

Full list of options, consumables and alternative products: see
Alterations possible without prior notice.


Industrieweg 8 B-2630 Aartselaar Belgium T. +32 3 288 44 00 F. +32 3 288 44 44 E. W.

Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid

Armed Forces / Peace Keeping

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