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DEFINITION: rock is going from freezing solution silicate liquid, incandescent, which are known as magma.

Based on 3 main factors: 1.Genetik rock 2. The chemical compound 3. The order of mineral dikandungnya.

1. ekstrusion igeneous rock 2. Intrusion igeneous rock

Consists of all material issued to the surface of the earth, both in the land or under the sea surface. This material dg quickly freeze the liquid is thick and which is called lava

The relation between genetic intrution igeneous rock, gang and ekstrution igeneous rock (Katili, 1963)

Igeneous Rock : Frozen under the surface of the earth Include : Batholit form Exposed stock form Dyke form Lopolith form Laccolith form Sill form

The form of intrution igeneous rock (AWR potter & H. Robinson

The Block diagram that show the ideal form of lakolith

In geology, an intrusion is a rock that has been frozen into a crystal from the melt in the magma under the Earth surface. Magma is frozen below the ground before they reach the surface of the earth called pluton, the name of Pluto, the Roman god of the world underground. Rock of this type are also referred to as the frozen rock plutonik or frozen rock intrusif. He was opposed to the rock ekstrusif. Stone encircle the pluton called country rock.