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Indian Textile Factories

Exhibit 1: Factories are large compounds containing several buildings.

Factory surrounded by extensive grounds

A group of three buildings within a factory compound

Factory offices (left) and goods loading bay (right)

Factory entrance with gates and a guard post

Exhibit 2: These factories operate 24 hours a day for 7 days a week producing fabric from yarn, with 4 main stages of production

(1) Winding the yarn thread onto the warp beam

(2) Drawing the warp beam ready for weaving

(3) Weaving the fabric on the weaving loom

(4) Quality checking and repair

Exhibit 3: Many parts of these factories were dirty and unsafe

Garbage outside the factory

Garbage inside a factory

Flammable garbage in a factory

Chemicals without any covering

Exhibit 4: The factory floors were disorganized

Instrument not removed after use, blocking hallway. Fire extinguisher 3 years past its service date

Old warp beam, chairs and a desk obstructing the factory floor

Dirty and poorly maintained machines

Tools left on the floor after use

Exhibit 5: The inventory rooms had months of excess yarn, often without any formal storage system or protection from damp

Yarn without labeling, order or damp protection Different types and colors of yarn lying mixed

Yarn piled up so high and deep that access to back sacks is almost impossible

Exhibit 6: The parts stores were also disorganized and dirty

Spares without any labeling or order

No protection to prevent damage and rust

Spares without any labeling or order

Shelves overfilled and disorganized

Exhibit 7: The path for materials flow was often obstructed

Unfinished rough path along which 6 heavy warp beams were taken on wheeled trolleys every day to the elevator, which led down to the looms.
This steep slope, rough surface and sharp angle meant workers often lost control of the trolleys. They crashed into the girder or wall, eventually breaking the trolleys. So now each beam is carried by 6 men.

A broken trolley (the wheel snapped off) At another factory both warp beam elevators had broken down due to poor maintenance. As a result teams of 7 men carried several warps beams down the stairs every day. This was slow and dangerous, with two serious accidents in our time at the factory.