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User Type: Company

RA Name: MSETCL NAGPUR ZONE - Registration Auth

Certificate Enrollment Form for Request Number - 2228209

Certificate Class Certificate Type Cryptographic Service Provider Type CLASS2 Signing Certificate Datakey RSA CSP

Contents of your Digital Certificate Request Name Organization Organization Unit E-mail Address State Postal Code PAN Serial Number Country Key Strength Subject Alternative Name MANGRULKAR PRAJAKTA Mrs COPYPRO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD 1211 Maharashtra 440010 45805b3b1e61e374f3857eec6838743cdc851242e06c39081d09df23262fd31d IN 2048

Important: 1.Print this Enrollment Form by clicking [Print] button. 3. The printed copy should be physically signed by the Subscriber and the Authorizing person and sent to Registration Authority.

TCS-CA Certificate
Letter of Authority
I, ______________________________________________________, in the capacity of the _________________________________ of COPYPRO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, authorize MANGRULKAR PRAJAKTA Mrs, whose signature is attested below to carry out all the necessary formalities on behalf of COPYPRO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD for the application of a CLASS2 Digital Signature Certificate with the validity period of ___ year.

______________________________ Signature and Designation of Authorizing Person __________________________ Signature and Designation of the Subscriber

__________________________ Signature and Designation of the Authorizing Person