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038A Jaw im Architects039A Triad Architects040A Contedesign041A Gitutho Associat es042A Boma Consultants Architects043A Ebrahim Consultants044A Karago

& Associat es045A J. Dave Associates046A Mutiso Menezes International047A Mruttu Salmann & Associates048A Symbion International049A Beglin Woods050A Zastruga (K) Architects0 51A Planning & Design Associates052A Dr. E. May & Partners053A Mwacharo & Associ ates054A Chudha International Ltd.055A A. Hamid Architects056A Gitau Associates0 57A Cornerstone058A Plan Style059A Ngibuini & Associates060A Denis Lenferna Arch itects061A Africa Planning and Design Consultants062A Soli Shroff & Associates06 3A Satish Shah064A Thara Consultants065A Heritage Arch Studio Ltd.066A Arqes Afric a067A In-House Architects (merged with Adventis)068A Ngotho Architects069A Arpri m Consultants070A Lins Consult071A J. S. Kalsi & Associates072A Rambaldo Associa tes073A Giovanni Aldo Sardelli074A Tecta Consultants075A Wambugu Mathews & Assoc iates076A Mode Architects 077A Baseline Architects078A Rimba Planning Systems079A Aa i Consultants080A Tej Architects081A Archscan Associates082A Jami-Trident Associates083A Space Form S tudio084A Third Dimensions Concept085A PYE Architects086A Synthesis Architects08 7A Trzebins i, Gaal & Associates088A Mwendwa & Associates089A Siat Architects090 A P. V. Patel Architects091A Peter Thomas Architects092A Dice Concept093A Concise Architects094A Kenchuan Architects095A V.D. Chaniyara Architect096A Pan aj C. Pand ya097A Wesley Nyari i & Partners098A Arch-One Consultancy099A Space & Systems100 A Building Design Consortium Limited101A Achera & Partners102A Ramani Consultant s103A Pyramid Consultants104A Zed-Arch (K)105A Mucina Eze iel & Associates106A H abitech Consultants107A T.S. Brar & Associates108A Design Factory109A Lulu Assoc iates110A Mburu J.M. Architects111A K & M Archplans Architects112A Archiaze Arch itects113A Husseini Associates114A Amgahia Associats Archtects115A Marco Emidio Sardelli 116A Chani Lall Partnership Architects117A ARCAID Architects118A Gilbert Kibe & Partners119A A.D. Design Architects120A Clarion Architects121A Landplan Kenya122 A Shamla Fernandes Architect123A Axonometric Systems124A Bowman Associates125A S pace Creators Architects Planners126A Maya Plan127A Linear Systems128A Nature Ar chitects129A Laap Associates130A Otieno Adede Associates131A Alonzi & Associates13 2A Studio Infinity Architects133A Busuru R.M. & Partners134A E.D.G. & Atelier 13 5A Planners De Moderne 136A Kisonyo Odwori & Associates137A Archetype Architects and Designers138A Nyaundi Architects139A Two Designs Architects140A Boundless Archi tects & Interior Designers141A Dagliesh Marshall Johnson142A Architectural Resou rces (K)143A Promarc Consultancy144A Images Architects145A Technarch Consultants 146A Delta Space Architects147A Octa Architects & Interior Designers148A ARCH Co ncepts149A RAY PLAN Architects150A Scenario Architects151A AXIS Architects152A S patial Modular Consult153A Dreams Architects154A Adventis Ltd. (merged with Inho use) 155A Plence International156A U Design157A Genesis Architects158A Arlplan Archit ects159A Ma ro Consultancy APC160A Alliance Archforms161A Archgrid Systems162A I nter Architects163A Uto Creations Studio164A Design Solutions165A S air Associat es166A Lexicons Designs167A Ichangai Gichuhi & Associates168A Michie & Associate s169A Studio Partners170A Green Arch171A Architronic172A Peter Thomas Architects 173A Trioscape Planning Services174A Arch-Lin Consultants175A Morphosis Limited 176A Maestro Architects Ltd.177A Details 2 Detail Architects178A APT Building As sociates179A ImageOn Consultants180A Heritage Associates181A U Design182A Simarc h Kenya183A Archten Architects184A Metaphors Designs185A Delta Architects186A Ad ventis Inhouse Africa Ltd.187A Cadplan Architects Ltd.188A Wainda Consultants189 A Dimensions Architects & Interior Designs Ltd.190A Spatial Systems Architects19 1A Pharos Architects192A Mwathi Associates193A Strasa Architects 194A Fairplan Architects195A Scope Design Systems196A Inter-Arch Consultants197A APT Design Solutions198 A Designworth Architects199A Shelter Consult200A Comarc h Consortium201A Form Space Alliance Ltd.202A Datum Consultants203A Alpad Archit

ects204A Arch-Space Architects Consultancy205ATeam 2 Architects206AGreen Designs 207A Align Architects208ADecipher Technical Consult209ARadius Architects210AJoel E.D. Nyaseme & Associates211AI ibbi Architects212ACharles & Associates213A Abod e Designs214ADesign Solutions Ltd.215ABatiment Group Ltd216AIcon Systems217A AKA Studio Partnership218ATara ibu Miwa Designs Ltd. Architects219AInbred Architect s220A Alcazar Architects221A Arcs Africa222AEnvobuild Systems223ATectonics Inter national224A Archipoint Consulting Architects225AChireah Associates226A Motech S ystems227A Gem Archplans228A Sparch Architects229A FNDA Architecture (K) Ltd.230 A Archidraw Associates231A A tasis Consultants232A Wamwangi and Associates 233A Shelter Solutions Ltd.234A Otieno & Kungu Associates235A Kanja & Partners A rchitects236A Bloc Forty Five237A Ultimate Design Ltd.238A Spectrum Architects2 39A Arch-Views Consultants240A Otto Mruttu & Partners241A Design Artitude Limite d242A Bosha Consultants243A Symbion (Kenya) Ltd. 244A Linarch Consultants245A Diaz Design Consult Co. Ltd.246A Nzambu Mwendwa & A ss. Architects247A Metrosystems Architects248A Abbey Architects Ltd.249A Dama Se rvices250A Cosmoplan Consultants251A Domus Architects252A Portal Consultancy 253A Am an Consultants254A Image Architects255A Design Source Ltd256A Ace Design s 257A Atticspace 258A Space Lin Architects 259A Kioto Consultants 260A Capital Architects 261A Bric house Consultants 262A Jofro Building Consultants 263A Archspirations Architects 264A Blin Studio Ltd.