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This is a collection of posts from Badboy from Late 2008 - Early 2009 from the Direct Method forums. After taking a hiatus, Badboy returned to the forums with all new techniques and methods, culminating in the DNA (Direct Natural Attraction) program. I've tried cleaning up the grammatical and spelling errors for everyone here but there will no doubt be a few left :) Enjoy. - Lateralus.



Its a pleasure to be here. I was "away" from community for a while, in meantime I discovered lots of new things regarding game, and especially direct game. When I get free time, I will try to post here my new discoveries. For those who think I am not direct..LOL, Indeed, I am very direct when it comes to girls, and teaching as well. For guys who been on my seminars, they know that I don't bullshit around, and how straightforward am I, but still I am very flexible in using tools to get girl I want. As this is my first post here. I want to say to all you guys who read this, that I am not interested into flame wars, drama,etc.... so please do not poison my threads with stupid "community" comments and drama. I don't need negative energy in my life I come here in peace, and I am willing to share my knowledge with you, and even maybe learn something here from you guys. As I strongly believe, that if you can learn just 1 small thing from each person you meet, you will be very wise man. So if you want to learn from me, no problem, we will be friends, I will help you as much as I can. If you don't want to learn from me, stay away from my posts, threads, and we will be cool. There are many people on this planet, I do not agree with or I don't like what they do (politics, wars...etc) but I don't attack them, or molester them. Let they do whatever they want to do as long as its not affecting my personal life directly. Its stupid to waste your energy on negative shit like that. stay positive. be optimistic, be happy.

Actually, I will reply here. Ranko? I think he is OK guy, bad Businessman, but OK guy. Personally I have nothing against him. He said lots of funny things, but in the end I think he learned allot from it. I will sit down and hangout on coffee no problem. Mode One? I must say I was away for a while, so I don't know anything about this guy. I met almost all of guys in community, but I never met him as a speaker on conferences all over world, like Cliff List, Love systems, super conferences..etc So I cant tell anything about him. Is there something I should read/watch.. to get sense about him. David X



Met him few times, we had some interesting conversations in Montreal. I think he is within few of us who see the light. as he is older, and he doesn't date girls I am interested (18-25), I will recommend him for older guys going for mature woman. But still he's not on level where Zan is when we talk about Inner game, and attitude towards woman. Zan is way more powerful for that category.

Interesting. First, you have to understand that girls are Insecure creatures. In a history, they were never more insecure then today. Lots of competition, beauty..etc as they are insecure, to protect insecurity, they seek comfort from a group. Her friends. Their friends have shit load of influence on them. They are "Online" with each other all day long. They go to date, when they get home, she calls her friends and debriefs whole date into every possible detail. 45 min date, she will analyse 1 hour on phone with her friends. I've been listening my girlfriends for years. How many times I heard my girlfriend saying..."I don't think thats guy for you... you want guy who will XX" and they will actually tell them what do they want, and she will listen her. funny. Its a group decision. That's how do they operate. So If you read between lines here, you will understand what I want to say here. Yes if you want to reduce your flakes, you will have to talk with her friends. In last 4-5 years, I tried everything. From entertaining whole group, to not talking with her friends.. to isolating my target on opener away from group.. I found out that Even you go direct on your target, and focus 90% of your attention on her, Its very smart to talk with her friends as well. Its a flake prevention mechanism. When she goes home, or when you eject, her friends will say to her how cool are you, and how they support she goes on date with you. Don't confuse this with Indirect. You are still very direct, but you are smart Direct and you operate from Emotional Intelligence. If you collect 5 phone numbers and 3 are FLAKE... bro this is problem you HAVE! I had situations, where her friends BEGGED her to date me. They asked her each day "Did he called you?" "What's happening with that guy, you have to meet him again..." I am just saying, Instead of ignoring them, and this way creating ENEMY, someone who will work against you later on, you talk with them, have fun with them, and you will create ALLY who will help you penetrate Targets panties! I love this, because even later in relationship, when I am flying around planet (very often), she will go out, and she will have opportunity to have sex with other guys. Its totally normal. You don't fuck her for 10 days she will be horny. Some dog like me will "smell" that and approach her. As I am away, only one to stop her from doing it will be her friends. That's why you have to get them on



your side. Mother & Daughter I love doing those. That's one of my favourite sets, even I don't have that much success here, as mothers Hate me nowadays when I am bold, and with tattoo ^ scars.... They cant stand me. Years ago with longer hair, and when I looked more Nice, it was very easy. Here you have to be very socially Intelligent. Let me explain you what's going on. Just like her friends, her mother has lots of influence on what kind of guy she will choose. Of course daughter will hate guys mother will choose and vice versa. So you have to be both. You have to attract mother and daughter. You have to be Nice guy for mother, and bad boy for daughter. All that in one person. So, mother wants for daughter guy like this : Nice Charming Good person Goes to church Clean Smart Honest Predictable Shy Not dangerous On other side Daughter wants Dangerous Unpredictable Sexy Wild .... ... .... .... See problem? That's where I love to use Little niece opener on mother. As she thinks you exactly what's hitting her attraction switches. Charming Taking care of family Smart Good person ...



... ... ... And then while chatting you have to go DIRECT on daughter But you have to go through mother. ( it takes balls to do it) "blah blah blah.,.... I really like your daughter.(smile)... do I have your permission to get to know her?" She will say yes... Then talk with daughter ( key is to create rapport/ connection.... Stay there 10min, eject Be polite with mother. That's how you go direct on those sets. It is possible to open daughter directly, or both of them, but success rate goes down to 20% ( I tested it).... This way it gave me way more control over set. As you are able to calibrate.

LOL.... you ever been with me infield? Lets compare sharks I like you, I want to get to know you" Direct And my version " You are so FUCKING sexy and I am going to get to know you.... so tell me something about yourself. Which approach is more direct? That's only verbal... we are not even talking about BL or attitude

Wow. You are smart. Yes direct is way more then that. See I spent 4 years teaching guys how to do direct, and how to make seduction direct on all 5 levels 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Verbal Non Verbal (Body language) Intentions Energy Belief's

Bro you can bullshit whatever you want, or hate me as much as you would like, but those 2 approaches below are perfect EXAMPLE OF DIRECT METHOD APPROACH! HOW TO BE A MAN



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoNJi3LPXHg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObNf5rTKwac

I dunno details about Paul, but I tried doing that years ago. Flake ratio is high. You fuck 1 of 15 phone numbers you take. Here is what happened I would go out, get 13 phone numbers in a 30min. Text, 5 will answer/ be available 1 or 2 will show up on date Now problems started. Because I spent less then minute with her on club, I had to spend more time on 1st date, to compensate for 1minute in club. So to summarise, yes it works, but I didn't liked it, as I am more sniper shoot method. When I see girl I like.. I go for it, and I will do everything I can to get her. And sorry, but I don't see 20 9's during 1 night. You see one, or 2 super hot girl you like per night. And then you pull best game you can to get her. That's me!

New York (city) is not that hard, If you live outside, I am not sure.. but city itself I didn't fount that hard at all. Some cute girls in city. I will be in NYC end of May. My % right now? I am not big fan of collecting numbers ( I did it few times lots of them per night, but that's not me. Sometimes its smart to just do extreme to see where are your limits. Right now, I go out 2 x a month, and probably get 1 or 2 phone numbers per night. I stay long, very long in sets nowadays, as I started to enjoy their company. I don't see it as a war any more, Lets say 5 new phone numbers per month, I will close 2 girls. Ratio is big because I choose carefully my targets, I stay very long in sets, I have wings, I don't go for blow jobs...make outs. Numbers are low, because I play less and less club, and more and more social circle game. Less effort, more success.

No I wasn't always good with girls. we all had our learning stage. I was OK with girls, during university, I had relationships, but I wasn't in control



over them. As well, I had no skills to pull from club. So I started to work on my skills. Yes it took me a while. Breaking point was realisation that I get way more success by being jerk then being nice. I realised, that : the more Nice I am towards them, the more bitchy they were towards me So I asked myself why the fuck should I respect or be nice to someone for no reason? Just because she has skirt? I was amazed with what I can get away with.

Naled, If you want, to be able to seduce lots of different girls, (you want to be able to play on whole scale), you cant always be Hard core yourself (new yourself) In my game, I will be calibrating allot by the girl. Being Nice / Selfish / Jerk / Romantic / Dangerous, Each girl will need different amount of each thing. All of those things are ME. Lets say, girl get dumped by some guy hard core. For next guy she will search someone she can trust, more Nice version of me If I choose I want her, I will play on that week spot. I will be nice, play on lots of trust, but still be very direct.... but more " Nice direct" You cant always be on ONE MODE of yourself. That's me and game over. If you always play only one thing, you will always get just specific kind of girl. If you just go hard core direct, without calibration, your game will be Hit & Miss! There is no real game there. Just as I wrote above this, Its calibration. Some girls love hard core direct guys, some not. Depends by their stage of life. That why you will have to calibrate. I personally think its stupid to only relay on building attraction on opening. Then you are playing Hit / miss game Yes you can do it, I did it as well. But I feel more official, when I stay longer, and build attraction through what she wants. Yup, lots of calibration again, you have to tune it down. I would be more direct in conversation then on opening. Use table / sit on table Calibration = Emotional intelligence! Looks + Energy! Its very easy (at least for me) to separate one that look for long term boyfriend/soul mate from girls who look for fun/party There is no way you can learn this from posts/reading books! Its all about infield experience. There is cultural factor as well.



I think your problem is on different layers. This direct line, is all about delivery. you fuck up delivery, its not going to work. "you are sexy" Fuck bro, that's COMPLIMENT. How the fuck she is supposed to react besides " thank you" What I do, inside direct line, I set up hook, where she has to do something. "You are so fucking sexy, and I... (pause) ...... I am going to get to know you.. (pause)..... So tell me something about yourself...(pause)..What's your name?" Delivery has to be slow, confident, but still playful. Fuck, you have to see/hear the way I do it/say it. Its very powerful. Direct cannot come from Needy attitude like you do. Direct must fallow energy you feel for that girl ( attraction). So what you are saying, goes on both layers. energy & verbal! this message has to be congruent! That's why direct is not going to work on girls you don't like.( no energy/attraction). Plain words Trust me, they can feel Attraction you feel for her. they CAN FEEL IT. I know, because I can feel their attraction. It happened last few months. I am not sure how. I can feel attraction. I can feel when they started to like me. Its like a vibe, lots of positive energy directed to me from her. I don't need visual IOIs any more

I hate numbers. When you get her number, you are losing control over her. But fuck it, we have to take number, and play this silly game. I could probably write 2 books about SMS ^ phone game, so I will be short here. rule 1) Timing. Timing is everything in pick-up. The shorter I am in set, the sooner I will send first text. If I was there 5 min, as soon as I leave ( few minutes later) I will send her text "Fuck, I miss you so much already name" Goal, is to start texting asap, so there is no this moment when u send text next day,and u are not sure will she reply. So I will send text somewhere between first 5 minutes, and 24 hours. Depends on how much attraction / Rapport built on initial meeting. What do you text about? Here is secret I found. Do not invite her to meet with you ( date) in first 3/5 text's Instead, chat, talk, get to know her... Goal is to build Ping/Pong conversation, talk about topics, as you are with her. I use sms, to continue convo we talked on initial meeting...



If we were talking about her cats, I will use sms to continue thread about her cats, then more into something else... Once I get some good rapport & attraction ( you can see that by length of her messages and by delay between your and her message. shorter it is, the more attracted she is to you.) With time, they play lots of games, I don't have time now to talk about this, but its very interesting topic... (you know when it takes them 2 hours to reply) I found solutions for that as well. Phone call. Once I build conversation over text, I will do first call, ( that's how I avoid her not picking up phone, flakes, voice mail..etc... this way I am 100% sure I will get her on phone). Situation few days ago. Wednesday late afternoon ( 7pm) I am texting with this new girl. After 10 texts back and forth (ping pong), I can see she likes me, and she has nothing to do besides to text me. Probably she is home I send " hey baby, I am going to take a shower now, and when I get back ,I will call you ( I want to hear your voice as well)". This works, because she knows she has 10/15min to prepare herself for a phone call, ( go to bedroom/get rid of her parents.. who fucking knows what she is going at that time.. she may be even masturbating). That's why, when you call her out of blue, you get decent amount of flakes (no battery/ cant talk..and all other bullshit)... On phone call, I do 10 minutes chat, going through topics I like, and then try to set up meeting (date) this routine works very well for me. Its smooth, there is no pressure. very casual, but still I am in control! So, this is my phone game. I tried everything. Only phone, text only.... I think this combination between text and phone is fine! There are lots of small things I do, but nothing huge that would be some fancy strategy. I try to make this transition to see her as smooth as possible. No real goals to seduce her or to get her to fuck me. Just to get her to coffee / date Here is general rule for you 1 minute phone close guys. The shorter initial meeting was, the longer it will take you go get her out of house to meet her. So if you talked with her 5 min, it will take you up to 2 weeks to get her out! YES! Its CHASE thing. Every girl wants to be chased / seduced.... that you work to get her, so she is not easy, you worked to seduce her. They will value this way. Now, if she missed chase on initial meeting in club. She will make you chase her over text / phone... and trust me, you don't want that. That sucks. She will not



reply her texts, calls... etc.. even she likes you... she wants to be with you... but still she must get feeling of chasing! That's why I am saying... stay LONG in set.... as Long as possible. Talk with her friends as well! Even Direct opening +1 min + phone will work, and will get you number.. problems will start later on. 2/3 weeks to get her out to meet you. sorry. I don't have 3 weeks to chase her.. I would rather spend 1 additional hour in club to give her that emotion she needs. Sorry for typos, this was fast post...must go now...

1) Kino on opener? Yes its more powerful and dominant. Without it its weak. 2) Indirect and direct.. Yes I use both... Sometimes I will open with something on spot, but then after few minutes transition to direct. "Actually I didn't approach you to ask you XY, (Pause)I approached you because you are so damn sexy.....so.... tell me something about yourself (smile) Calibration for girls so Fucking sexy (those high self esteem blonds) so damn Sexy (Lighter version of above ) so damn cute (Innocent insecure hot girls)

See, that's why you cannot have RULES in pick-up Because every situation, every set is different. That's why If-Then-Else methods cannot work. I personally think that night game is totally different then day game. There are some things in common, but very different. Lets say like regular soccer (EU :football), and Indoor soccer/football Now, In day game in theory best would be to move her to just one location (away from meeting location) to build more rapport/connection. Its proven that this move reduces % of flakes. Because she has feeling she knows you. Its instant date, but it doesn't have to be date. If you meet her in mall, move her for few minutes to one of stores. Now, as life is fucked, not every situation is like that. They may be in hurry, working, under pressure... who fucking knows... you have to pull best you can in that situation. Its very hard to prepare Perfect pick-up at home, and then execute it in field. This game doesn't work like that. I realised



that 5 years ago, and designed my seminars/workshops more on Improvisation/being spontaneous way, but still to keep "Direct mind-set" I have very good tip for working girls. As you know, she cant talk, because she has to work ( even she is attracted to you) and there is no way to buy that time. So we both know what's going on. Usually I will open with something indirect/environmental. Direct is too hard core for them on working place. I stay very short in that mode, then transition to direct. Before transition, I will move her to one of corners of her store ( for more privacy). Then transition to direct Build some rapport (5 min) and then go for phone number. I make them invest into number. Not just type into my cell phone. I tell them/whisper :" Listen, I totally understand you are not allowed to flirt with your customers, so what you going to do is, you will go back to your desk, take a pen and paper and write down you phone number and name, and I will call you somewhere in next few days, and we will go for cup of tea/coffee / ice cream" Whatever. Now, you cannot run this from indirect frame, its not going to work. You have to deliver this with power and dominance. This is command for her unconscious mind what to do. You can run this on any "girl working" environment. It takes 5/8 min still there is a chance it will be flake. There is no method to but time. That's how their brain is structured. Is she doesn't have 30min to get to know you... she doesn't knows you....fuck it.

Some girls are scared as shit when they go out, (first few times of going out),some girls are in bad mood during hight. If that's the case, I will go in with something light. Music/environment/Hi... whatever, it gives me more space to manoeuvre and to play with her emotions. If you go direct on that kind of girl, in MOST cases you fail. no DHV bullshit. As for mixed sets,sometimes I talk with guys, sometimes I just take girl away from set. It depends on lots of factors. How do I feel, how strong connection guy has with my target girl. If he's brother of course I am going to talk with him as well. On other side, is he is chump who is driving her / buying her drinks, I will help her to get rid of him (direct on her, and asap Isolation.) On mixed set I usually spend 45sec to 1min observing outside what's going on in set. That minute gives me lots of info how will I play whole thing.



If I see he's boyfriend there is no way I will go direct on her.. (sorry, but this cant work ) instead I will open him, and run my boyfriend destroyer game, to get rid of him

This thread is Hilarious. TD direct now? LOL Now that while ago, he was "Direct" Enemy number 1 I have spent days and days arguing with him over that stupid topic Direct Vs Indirect. That sell whatever Market wants to buy. They repackage it, and sell it. I know years ago, they were sending spy students to my ^ shark seminars to steal things about direct. Those guys were obvious. Knowledge that me, Zan, and few more direct guys have, we are years beyond their thing. Because they started with Natural game only 2 years ago, while we spent those 2 years upgrading, polishing our game and method. Now they are teaching what we were teaching years ago... This whole thing makes me want to puke. Why? please go on mASF, and search for TD posts about direct from years ago...

Bro, every group is different. Even I prefer, and I love doing direct on target in mixed group, I had cases where "befriending" brothers/friends in set helped me a lot. Last year, I had case, where brother was literally pushing me to take away her hot sister, because he was bored with her + because he wants to go home to watch football. (She had no one to go out that night) But really, Its hard to make a perfect method for groups. There are so many factors to play with 1) their mood 2)inner Relationships 3)Competition 4)Does any of girls have boyfriends? 5)who if guy in group ( if he exists) 6)who is Leader girl 7)does target girl has boyfriend 8)how big is group 9)how much her friends have influence on target Any many, many other stupid small details.

Eye contact?



hmmmm.... I am not paying attention at all to that thing. It has to be intensive, but I don't care is it left/ right. I think I do both equally

yes I speak German... I used to live in Stuttgart US and Euro? US chicks are easier, and direct works better on US chicks..

I am talking based on my experience when I am in US. but not only mine, several other guys, including Cortez, few of American guys...etc when US chicks fly to Europe they turn into biggest sluts on planet.... fucking 17 guys into 3 weeks, and she has a boyfriend she loves back into US?? But same thing happens with European girls flying to US. so game doesn't count on those, but locals.

Bro, you are projecting too much sexual neediness, AKA...too needy. Remember direct is expressing you want her, but not being needy! This very sexual approaches they may work in some cities like Las Vegas.. where girls come to be fucked, and this will work very well. But on normal places with normal girls, projecting too much of sexual energy on very beginning, it wont work! You have to "get to know her first"

Croatia is Pain in ass. They are excellent girlfriend material, but its big Religion & Family country. US has huge "Its OK to fuck for fun" culture. Those 3 months during summer its OK, as they are in "Party" mode. winter sucks. But most EU countries are like that. Austria, big part of Germany, France... You really have to work to get in her panties. Actually, you have to project you want to stay with her after sex. Again I am generalising allot here. There is always a girl in a club, that wants to fuck NOW.

This is part of my new training videos.... Just got trailer from my production company...



Check it out.. Cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NfjcKm1YqE

See, In school/ social circle environment, you don't need that powerful weapon (direct) as you need for clubbing You can easily destroy social circle with "Gaming" attitude there. Doing social circle, you have to be slow, do it step by step.. For boyfriends, you have to do BF destroyer.. (that takes a while, up to a week do destroy connection between 2 of them) and then you can operate...

hmmmm... I seen it, and based from my experience on shooting hidden cam pick-ups, I believe its fake. I can guarantee you girls have been paid this of other way. I am not saying its not possible to pull girl in 10 min, and fuck her.. it is.. there are many horny girls walking down the street any fucking minute, and fucking day. BUT remember, each that girl you fuck & shoot, you have to get her sign you WAVER ( press release form) so you can use this footage for publishing. Last summer me and Cortez, we were shooting hidden cam day game.. from 10 kiss closes, during 4 days, we got Permission/signature from 1 girl. I even have 1 hour Direct pick-up from club, pulled her to car, and fucked shit out of her, in front of club. My camera team, has everything on tape. Excellent video + audio. Do you think that 21 yo girl will give you permission/signature to post in on YouTube/Internet?? Of course you can avoid permission, but then you risk lawsuit. So even its possible to do this kind of think, my professionals view is that its 100% acted. Otherwise it will take you 2 years, to shoot spontaneous quality porn. Just take factors that can happen, and that you don't want on tape, when relaying on real situations : 1)she may have a Period 2) She may be virgin, it will hurt her, pain will be visible on her face 3)Her pussy may not be shaven. 4)some girls don't know how to fuck/give blow jobs. You don't want that on tape.



5)LMR can happen. You don't want that, its sucking down energy from whole team. ... .... ... ... There are so many things you don't control with real girls, so If you ask me, I would hire pro girls.

I think its good for specific type of girls ( party chicks who wants sex then and there). But I would never focus on this kind of game as my main game/main weapon. As well, I can see it working in some countries with liberal sex culture, but I cant see it working in most Europeans countries.

Very good question. That's something, I cant really explain. Its deep inside my mind/game, and I cant explain it at all. I exactly know which girl is a 9, and what's an emotional 8. Its just those girlfriends I had.. all over scale..6-10.so once I see new girl, I know exactly where to put her, how to describe her) based on my ex girls experience. So when I see a 9, I instantly recall those ex girls, and what they did liked/ behaviour I can expect. Its very interesting, because I never thought about this, until now, writing this post. So based on my experience, I know in 40%/50% I can expect similar behaviour from that girl. Because they are not always the same. Its 40/60% of same thing.

I have 5-10 blabla exercises to make guys talk spontaneous for hours. There is no way you can do that one alone. It requires me as a teacher with you in a room to do it.

Pussy. Every girl has a pussy. But bro, Its not about pussy any more I can get pussy. that's not problem. Now its more girl, I choose to spend time with. If I can choose ( and game gives me ability to choose), then I am going to choose good sex girl but with no emotional issues, drama thing. I have no tolerance on drama, crying, going crazy, and other things...



Sorry, I make those girl AWAY from me ( read Strippers)

Bro, that's not game. All they did was few questions, fluff, and hard core escalation. In real situations, 85% of girls would freak out on that type of hard core escalation. Physical escalation has to be build slowly, over time. Unless they are horny as hell. So If you choose your target carefully, (one that are horny, and willing to fuck) this game would work, otherwise is hit/miss I have a natural friend who can say with 95% correctness girl that's horny in a club. Like, we would hang out, and he would say see this girl in that group... she wants to fuck badly. This guy has a gift. Its not something you can learn. He can feel them. Its amazing to watch...Its nothing to do with IOIs, or any other visual indicators.. Its pure emotions he fells from them..hard to describe. and all he does, is waiting for them to go to bathroom..once they go in , he follows them, and I can say he's successful in getting blow jobs, fro his club game. I never saw him doing day game

Here is post I wrote long time ago Most guys believe that 9's and 10's are super hard to get and that you need to have ultra strong game. Which is not true. The Game you play on those girls is just different. It’s not harder or easier, just different! It’s the same effort and it takes same time, but the style of game is very different. In some ways gaming 7's can be harder then 9.5's. Let me explain. 7's and 8's – don't want a total chump – nice guy, they want a guy who is kinda strong(Alpha), so they can rely on him(insecurity problem), BUT at same time, she wants some kind of emotional connection with him(Rapport). So your game needs to be calibrated so fucking good for those girls. You will need to calibrate how dominant you are to get good Attraction, and how much Rapport you need to pull her into bed. Every girl is going to be different. It's very personal how much Attraction\ Rapport she needs. There are so many factors that controls this ratio, and formula is complicated. Here are a few factors : -Parents ( who is more dominant in house ) - they always search for a father



role in future BF -First sexual experience \ First boyfriend (for example, if guy was cheating her she will search lots of rapport & trust in next guys who come, and less Attraction) -Last boyfriend (If guy was bad in sex, she will go for guys who are more dominant, sexual. -Her friends (her friends have lot of influence on her, and she will mirror their value) So probably now you understand why its not possible to tell how much attraction or rapport she may need before you start talking with a girl. It’s almost impossible to create prefect model that's going to wok in every case. That’s why those 7's and 8's require a shit load of calibration. Rule of thumb is that those girls need way more rapport then attraction. CA - LI - BR - ATE With very very beautiful & sexy girls, ( 9's and10's ) it’s a very different story. FIRST Lets take a look what's happening in their life : - Parents know how beautiful she is, and they treat her whole life as a Diamond. - In a High School she is a Princess, and guys starting to hit on her left and right. All guys want to have sex with her. - Every time she goes out, guys are licking her ass, and do everything she wants, as they think that's the way to get into her panties. - All guys are super, super insecure around her, and treat her super nice. -She finds rich Boyfriend (Sponsor) who buys her everything. He's fun for a while, after some time she dumps him. - When she asks for something she gets it! Now you can see a problem. Everyone wants to create rapport with her, and is super nice. So basically to be different, and to create attraction, you need to break every possible rapport with her. And don't want to connect with her at all. You need to be different then everyone else. You need to show that you are not affected with her beauty at all, and you don't think she is special at all. You need to be total selfish bastard. This is part of game I love to play. With those girls, there is no Rapport at all. She needs to create rapport with you. On first sign that you like her and you want to connect with her may be a turn off for her. She knows she can get everything she wants, and when she start getting it, it gets boring. So don't give her what she wants. Consciously or Unconsciously. 10: Can you hand me this glass? Me : You have arms and legs . 10 sms : „ I am helping my friend he has a problem with GF, she takes drugs..blabla... He needs my help“ Me : „ Give him a Blow job“



10 : I think I want to live somewhere else, maybe New York, Or.. I dunno.. Africa maybe as well Me : „ yea, go to Jungle, that's best for you. 10 : I like Xy Me : I hate Xy Its interesting. She will stay around you as long as you do this. I personally feel very stupid being around those girls, But as for playing this game I Love it. Be careful with their IOI's. From time to time they will throw something very personal, like a compliment.. but its only a test on the unconscious level. ”You are so special, I love to be around you, no one makes me feel so sexy... I like you, I cant stop thinking about you....“ Something like this will happen after you become very strong in her life, and you think the game is over. You think she is yours, you got her. BUT I made this mistake so many times. If you reply something like “I like you too.. I am thinking about you as well“ If you do this its game over. You lost her. You showed affection. You are just like all other guys. This is super sensitive game with them. You can make only one mistake. Its best if you just keep it rolling, and stay congruent with your original image. Its very hard, but you must be total non-emotional dick with them. Attitude to have is “She is just little kid that peed in her panties, and is crying for attention.“ An Opener I love to use on these girls is, “Are you a Man or a Woman“ with a totally serious face. Let the bitch qualify herself. 10's are not that hard at all when you are around them alone. The only problem with 10's is you cant find them in regular life, and there are not enough of them even at the best nightclubs.

Actually, on these DVDs I am showing several Kiss closes moves. for different settings. 1)If she is on a dance floor (Kiss close with no words) 2)date Kiss close (when you sit down with her, and talk... sofa.... 1 move kiss



close) 3)If she is against the wall (so many times you see girl in club leaning against wall. talking with no one.( last one on this clip with black hair girl) 4)shhhh Kiss close... when she talks too much, you shut her up, close her eyes, and kiss her... 5) My favourite one...( GIRL & Wall )..."Lets go get some drinks... and you lead her towards bar, and then spin her against the wall, and make out session. But there are so many crazy things on DVDs. how to stand her up from chair... doing2/3/4/5 sets in clubs... step by step explanation.. Table approaches (excellent technique for day game) How to walk like alpha (speed, examples...) and million on other little things..

You got it all wrong, here is step by step explanation : Being a player Its not only about going out and picking up hot girls. After a while you will get bored, sick of clubs. Thats a time to start thinking about developing good social circle and start getting laid through social circle. Its easier, its more fun then going to clubs. But, this is not a replacement method for going to clubs and picking them up, this is not a replacement for your fear of approaching. This is an Lifestyle upgrade after you develop good game. this is Next step you will do to get good with girls. Badboy :“ I don't go to clubs any more to get laid, my social circle can feed all my needs now.“ Social Circle Game As this game requires different mind set and attitudes then „Club game“ you will have to change and bend your beliefs, and behaviour to make it successful. Before you even start, you must get rid of that stupid PUA mind set *trying to fuck every girl in your life* That mind set is not compatible with Social Circle game. In social circle, there will be some hot girls, that you will not be allowed to touch. If you will be able control your desires, you will succeed. Rule 1# You must create female friends. I used to be a guy who would go to clubs and do everything to get those beautiful hot girls home and fuck them. Not any more Now I go to clubs and BEFRIEND that same hot girl that I used to pull home. Why? Because I know she has at least 5-7 hot friends. Nowadays I fuck those 5-7 friends, not that one girl.



MIND Shift. Every girl has a inner circle of 5 -7 girls. They are usually same looking as she is. If she is a 9' ( on scale of 1- 10) she will have friends who are in range on 8 – 10. Beautiful woman usually hang out with other beautiful woman. As they can relate to her problems, and her lifestyle. Be smart and penetrate into her social circle, STEP 1 Go out Go out, find some hot girl approach her, get her phone number. Here you still do same thing as in normal pick-up, build attraction, create wide and deep rapport and get her phone number. Do not Kiss her. Nothing sexual with her. Create lots of trust She is going to be your female friend .A bait to get other girls. Female friends you don't fuck Few days later, call her, take her on date, do everything normal as girls you usually date, have fun with her you can even pay for everything it doesn't matter as you do not want to have sex with her. Try not to. There is going to be a moment, where Kiss will be in air. Moment, where normally you would kiss her. Now, you will miss that moment. Let this sexual energy between two of you dies. Behave and act as she is your friend, and she will be. You can even tell her: „ you know what, we are going to be a friends, I feel so good with you... we can talk about everything“. Now you will be the one who is „ Lets Just Be Friends“ her Every hot girl dreams about having cool guy as a friend. Problem of hot girls is that every guy on this planet is trying to get into her panties. Every guy, besides you. You are different. Remember, you don't want her, you want her friends. It will be very hard to stay cool around perfect 10 and not think about sex. Very few guys on planet are able to do something like that. And those few guys are blessed with beauty they get. In first few dates you have to show that you do not want to date her, but you want to be friends. Have a evening coffee with her, You have to Lets Just Be Friends her. Once you are there 50% of job is done. RULE #2 You don't eat your Bait When you go fishing, if you eat your bait... how do you plan to get fish with?? The bigger bait you have, the bigger FISH you going to get!!! 9's will attract 9's, 10s will attract 10's You will have to spend some money on her. She will cost you. Take her out on dinner, movie. Spend some time and money on her. Treat her as you would treat good friend. Introduce her to your friends To gain more trust, organise some get together so she can meet your cool friends. Let she talks to her friends how you have cool guys they can meet. And then slowly start sucking her into your social life. Next Friday organise some get/together before going out to clubs. Girls usually meet for drinks 10/11 PM at



some bar, and then they go out. Let they meet at your place instead for glass of wine, and then all you can go to clubs. First few times they wont trust you so your Bait girl will come with only one or 2 friends. Bring some cool guy. Do not hit on your social circle, but neither to new girls in your life. Instead socialise with them. Let girls become relaxed in your house. Trust & comfort. Go to club with them, and give them FUN. Let they enjoy you First 'party' let it be small, few of girls, few of guys. Rule 2 60% - 40% Ratio Or a good atmosphere there must be 20-30% more girls in a room. Girls have to be in majority For best parties, best atmosphere, ration of girls vs guys should be 60 % to girls and 40% guys. Girls have to be in majority. This way they will feel relaxed, and safe to do whatever they want. Choose cool guys who you hang out. You don't want Pick-up artists in your social circle who will do „sets“ at your party. They will scare girls, and that will lead towards destruction of social circle. Girls will simply stop hanging out with you as they don't feel safe. Make sure you male friends know, 'do not hit on them rule' -- Educate your friends Do not hit on them at first few parties, play cool male friends game. Your Bait girl has to be and feel like a queen. Fulfil her needs. She will bring lots of hot girls to your house later on. What do you want is to make those 15-20 girls so relaxed in your house, that they know they can get drunk, and nothing is going to happen ( no one is going to fuck them) of course this trust is just an Illusion, as Harvest comes later. At first few weeks, you have to play it as a Gay friends towards them. Rule 3# Keep the fridge always full You want to drink my wine?? You want to get some of girls we cultivated? No problem. But make sure sooner or later you bring Bootle of wine to replace it. Make sure as well to bring new girl to replace one you took/! Fridge, must be always full, so everyone can feed themselves. That's rule of thumb. All of my Male friends know it. One thing I hate on parties, and that is those guys who come, and they think they can drink for free, girls that are in that room are for free.. etc Its note like that. When guy comes to party he doesn't come with any girl, but has there to feed himself, try to not invite him again. You don't need those kind of guys in your life. Those guys do not understand, that every girl I have in my life( inner circle girl) costed me few hundreds bucks. ( indirect cost, dinners, phone calls, coffee)... all those things that makes her stay in your life. Once you have good quality girls in your life, be careful with who do you share them. You have to share them, being selfish and keeping it all for yourself wont work as well. If you invite 15 girls at your party and its you alone there, it wont



work, girls will smell what's happening. So you have to share your circle with quality guys. If you have top-quality guys ( your friends) on parties, that girls can meet, they will love to come back to you, as they know place where they can meet excellent guys. Do not invite weirdos, community guys. You want socially-calibrated guys, who are successful in their private life. Even better, get guys who have developed their circle as well. This is long term plan, but fuck it, once you create this, there is enough girls for rest of your life. I am sure you already know what I am talking about here, as at least you know one person who is doing exactly this. The goal, is to get together with guys like that, and share and combine circles of groups. In the end you want to have gather 3 baits who are 9's or 10's and get their circle into your life. Each girl will get you 5 girls into your life. That means 3 X 5 = 15 hot girls. Your apartment/ house That is only place you control 100% It has to be clean, smell nice. Get some cool music. Print nice photos from your life, and put them in photo album, and leave it around. Girls love it. On bookshelf put some sex books. They will grab it sooner or later. You will control energy of your private party, by drink you give them to drink, and music you play. Buddha bar or cafe Del mar is perfect for those kind of events, but be flexible. Let girls play music they like. Let them feel and behave as they are at home. Get some good wine.2 bottles of red and 2 of white wine. Wine will keep energy low. Shoots will make them aggressive. Learn how to make cocktails. You only have to know how to make 2 or 3 of them. Putting it all together What I do every so and then, is I will call my baits ( female friends) to come at my place for drink before going out. Usually each of them brings one or 2 girlfriends. Some of them I met before some not. There are always some fresh girls coming into my life through circle. As Baits literally love me as a friend. I even one of them long time ago took to Paris on a business trip ( she paid 50% of expense). Even today she is talking about it. All her friends know how I took her to Paris, and didn’t tried to have sex with her. By doing it, now she is building indirectly lots of attraction for me. Her girlfriends feel attraction for me way before they even met me. When they come to my place, 50% of game is already done. They feel attraction, they trust me, as its social circle. I have to build some physical comfort and make it sexual. That’s it. I love this game! So they arrive to my place, and Bait 2 introduced me to her hot girlfriend from university. Yummy blond. I see she already heard all stories about me, and she



likes me. She is my target for tonight I decided to take is slow with her. Just to create more trust and comfort with her and wait till end of night. We had some fun at my place, drank some wine, talked about XY, and went to club 12:30. I got us on guess list, so we didn’t waited in line.5 girls, 2 guys. Inside club, we partied, had fun, and I was building massive rapport with my target. 3 am, we are all going home, and I told to whole group that I will drive my target to her home. whole group is fine, as we are friends. When we got to car, I asked her does she wants to have one more drink at my place ( she already been there few hours ago, so its not a problem). We got home. Started kissing, had sex. No one knew. Breaking up. Breaking up with one of girls from circle like walking on a thin ice. If break up was to hard core, or you are cheating one of girls and your social circle finds out that, there is a big chance you will lose girl and whole circle. They wont trust you any more I did a mistake like this, and whole circle fall apart. So Be very careful how you end relationships. Best way is to “ Lets just be friends them”. Tell them, you think that you tried, but you feel this relationship wont work, or any other excuse. When breaking up use word FEEL a lot. “ I feel there is nothing between us” etc If whole circle falls apart, don’t panic. Go out and find new bait, and start from scratch. It takes you around ¾ weeks as to cultivate good social circle with 6/10 hot girls inside. In the moment I am writing this text, I am running 4th Generation.

Bro, that's next level. Personally, I hate going to clubs and picking up girls. I don't even do it myself. (every few months, I will get some girl from club), but mostly I feed myself through social circle. 1) Its easier 2) Its way more fun 3) It doesn't requires and pick-up whatsoever 4) I am full control over girl 5)girls in her social circle works for me.. not against me.. like in club

That's easy to answer. as I wrote in my ebook, most of girls, want RELATIONSHIP with a guy. Relationship means allot for them. girl in good quality relationship is high value in her social circle. Its like your friend with Carrera or Ferrari. you respect him, but still you are Jealous. Some girls will search only for sex (but its usually because of her ex boyfriend, who terrorised her(calling her 66 times a day) ,and now she wants freedom + sex). But that's just period in her life. Because of evolution, and the way their body is designed, they have to search



for that ONE, and a quality relationship. We are designed to search for MANY That's why when you don't approach you feel stupid, because you are working against your genes, your purpose on this planet. So when she says " you want nothing else besides sex", she is saying she wants relationship badly. See, now I know what she wants,I know where is the gap, I know how to GET HER!! In that moment, I will change my game from whatever I was playing to game for emotional type / searching for relationship...CALIBRATION. Less direct, deeper talking, lots of eye contact, slow down kino escalation.... talking about starts, soul mates, life.. This kind of thing ( game for relationship girls I teach on my workshops all the time... Its to long to post it here... sorry So, is it good or bad thing?? LOL.. Neither. it doesn't matter... Its like you are selling me a car, and I ask you does the car has music, because I like long distance driving, and enjoying music.... Is that good or bad for you?? How to prevent it?? WHAT??? Bro, They are programmed BY a fucking NATURE to search for a MAN who is going to STAY with them!!!!!! You cant prevent them searching for it? can you? Can you prevent ME from searching for blonds with big tits?? Its NATURE!! I am using that info against them. Once I know what they want, and she just said it, I know game I have to play to get what I want... SEX Last week I had that scenario. New girl, Family social circle (daughter of friend of my father) she is wow I bought her some book while I was in states. so I told her, she has to take me to cinema... It was premier of sex & city. Boring movie, so I started making out with her.. In one moment, she grabbed my dick... movie is not even on half yet. I know, I cant wait till end of movie, because it will dry out. I will loose horniness we have in that moment. I took her hand from dick, and walked her out of cinema room. so far Perfect. We are walking through mall, and she asks me... where are we going (she knew we are going to fuck, but its her logic bullshitting again) I said... " I am hungry" with a smile on my face.. she know what that means. we got on -2 where we parked her car, got in and started to go crazy. When I was about to take off her panties she stopped everything, and said :""enough for today... you will get rest of things next time"



LMR?? yes and no... I know its a issue of relationship, and anti slut defence. 3 days later, I saw her again, and we fucked, and then she told me " do you know why I stopped us in car??" "Because I wasn't sure will I see you again" LESSON Learned. Now, I implemented during first date talking how we going to do X Y next week, so every girl will get FEELING that we will see each other whatever happens on this DATE. Bro, this is exact way how I designed my game. Does this girl wants a relationship with me. Of course Do I want relationships with her? hmmmm Do I want to fuck her XY times?? YES I DO

1) Of course she is going to be hurt. Fuck it, I stopped caring any more. they were such a bitches towards me for years... 2) no its not only one. Big influence is part of their ovulation. There are few days of their circle /circus when they search only for best sex partner. I agree on video. There are so many things that are part of this game. genes, social programming, emotions, her friends you... boyfriend...million of things we cannot predict... like period..

Hahaha.. I love those little dirty girls. they are so much fun to play with. This is nothing about words and verbal communication. you cant fight with words. Its all about frames here. who has stronger frame. as soon as she gets you (you fall in her world) she loses interest. I don't meet those girls very often, but there was this one girl... platinum blond. guys were eating from her palm... that night I was her "NEXT Mission" she saw me with lots of girls, and she wanted me to show that I cant get her... so yea, sitting on lap is par of their "seduction process" They have too much self esteem for a girl . that's their problem So she started to flirt with me, she is sitting on my lap, I am ignoring her, I am talking with her best friends... She is asking for more and more attention ( playing with my cell phone, reading text messages from other girls) Me nothing. I am not even playing hard to get. I behave like a little sister is sitting on my lap. I know if I continue doing it, she will get bored, as she is not getting any



results...what they usually do is, they start playing with someone next to you to make you jealous. ( best friend usually) so I knew that's the time to do my moves. Move 1 " I am thirsty, lets go get some drinks" stand her up , take her by wrist, and started to walk towards Bar. Move 2 while walking towards bar, there was clear wall on my right. ( on people standing). so I spinned her against wall, her arms locked above her head, and started to make out with her). I spinned her brutally, BadBoy style. she was shocked. she didn't know what to do. Her game collapsed. frame destroyed. Move 3 Frame testing. we kissed for 2 min. Hard core making out. she was totally into it. I stopped, turn around, and went to bar ..ALONE.. she kept standing there. for a 20sec. still in shock. I am waiting for a bottle of water, and thinking... If she comes to me to bar , she wants me, its over. She falls under my frame, she is following me. so she DID! " where is my drink?" So I gave her glass, and filled 1/2 of water from bottle.. I took bottle.. took her my hand, and moved her to 2nd floor of club (to avoid her girlfriends) Lounge, make out more... dancing... from there, she behaved like any other normal girl. There was nothing different at all. The key is to break their frame,and to say I am IN CONTROL OF YOU!! That's where my spin Kiss close is BRILLIANT. FUCK I love it!!

Here is spin kiss close (on new trailer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NfjcKm1YqE The 2nd scene with blond Full slow motion step by step guide will be on 5th DVD of new DVD box. Bro, with girls you failed to fuck, there is no coming back..Or very very hard. Once they crossed you in their mind.... there in almost no chance they will do it with you ever again. Its interesting, but that's how they function. don't ask me to explain, its complicated.. We have saying here in Croatia...."Granny with cookies, walked away" Its way more easier to fuck new one. Whatever you try, you are stepping in shit deeper and deeper.




I don't do dance floor. Its AFC game.

Bro,. your beliefs are limited and stupid (no hard feelings) Really, nothing against you.. Lots of guys thin the way you do. I will explain you what I mean. First, Pain in relationships in not possible to avoid. It has to end someday. both of you will be hurt, and cry. that's normal. especially if you loved her. As for "lying". I never lie. I am always in back of mind searching for relationship. Searching for a girlfriend, that will be companionship, and great lover. I had few, right now, no. I have sex, and friends, but I don't have both in one girl. So, lets say I go out tomorrow. I see sexy, good looking blond. I want to have sex with her, because that's how she is dressed. Lets say she is EMO type, and searching for a boyfriend. for me girl has to be good in bed ( sex) to stay in my life. I have to be able to talk with her, and be intellectual turn on by her as well. If she is both...I have no problem leaving her in my life. If she is stupid/Or I smell she is drama queen, I will end it immediately. Will she cry?? Will it hurt her?? I don't want any more girls like that. Girls that bring STDs, drama, pain in my LIFE! The way I see sex is something we have to do to enter relationship. sex will show are we compatible or not. I wont stay with her if she is not that good, just because she may not be hurt. Its stupid. Lets look at problem from their perspective. She wants a guy for relationship. Sex is important part of relationship for every girl. So she wants OK sex as well. She meets guy X. After 2nd date, he takes her some. They have sex. Problem... he has small dick, she cant feel anything./ he cant pleasure her. She will probably flake him, delete his number.. ( not all girls, but some will) He will be HURT?? Pain?? yes Bro, I have nothing against them, I love them. But that's the game we have to play. until you find girl, that's reflection of your dreams, or 2 of them. For some you will realise that's not it, some will say nope... I don't like that guy..



Skills we have, we developed, gives us ability to ONLY knock on many doors. On some doors, no one is home, some will fuck you off, some will accept you, and you will like them. Some doors will look cool, but you wont like people living behind those doors. How many times, I wanted only to fuck girl once, and I end up in relationship up to 1/2 years....

OK bro, Situation is simple. You have to appear more Human. You have serious calibration problem. To solve this problem 1) during initial pick-up talk more about "Love" 2) Talk positively about ex-girlfriends. ( mention that you had few long term RL, and that you like being in a relationship, but as well you like to be single, and party around. And that you find this balance important. Yin/Yang 3)share stupid some Insecurities For example, you are afraid of spiders... They have to know few of those things, in order to connect with you... whole concept of pick-up is to be Alpha, but then show emotions, to connect with them. that's why pure direct is good ( showing alpha qualities), but it lacks that other side. Its contrary productive to be Perfect in seduction. you have to be human, with problems to get them. Don't hide problems.. show them 4) sex That's where you have most problems bro. that's where you lose your girls. you are just pure fucking them, that's why you never see them again. You have to introduce more love into fucking. - Long foreplay - sex with LOTS OF EYECONTACT (creates intimate connection) - Give her Orgasms. 1/2 per sex. INVEST your energy and time - CUDDLE / PILLOW TALK Very important,talk, cuddle, kiss during and after sex. This way you will create lots of connection, and they will start FEELING something towards you! Right now, you have sex only without emotions. You have to create emotions. lay in bed, and talk, watch starts,hug her, let she sleeps in your arms..give her warm feelings. Massage her before or after sex. If you do so ( 1-4 ) you will project towards them, you are Relationship material. Have fun & enjoy your life



I agree its very hard to separate LTR and party girls, because they all have moments, where they are opposite. Break up, revenge..etc So all we can talk is moment... In this moment as I am talking with you she is LTR... Even the semi-party chick after watching Titanic, will become emotional and LTR mind set for few hours maybe even a day. Depends on her frame. So all we have is that moment when you are talking with her. Thats what all matters. I cant really explain how do I recognise them, I just Feel them somehow. Experience I think As for sex. Oh yes, they will change her mind from 1ns to LTR after fuck... It happens a lot. Cortez is biggest example of that. They will believe more when you are naked in bed with her, then GAME you play in club ( are you LTR material) You can even play Party game, high energy lots of attraction, to get her home, and then switch to Love making for LTR... and actually you will get her in LTR But don't think how its granted for LTR. Still you have to send text tomorrow,and say you are still thinking about her, and with her good day. and try to set next meeting. Its even possible to do this. Totally party game, OK sex.. and then play Lets meet for coffee during weekend ( hang out) then manage to fuck again, and then in next 5 days again, and you will get her in LTR. Bro, you can do it with every chick, if you play it by rules, and you don't fuck up somewhere. You fuck her 3 X in 2 weeks, she will get used to seeing you, and being with you. that's a start to LTR. Cortez just told me what his GF1 (3 years LTR) thought after initial pick-up "what a idiot, I don't know why I gave him his number" and same thing it happened to me. Lets put it like this to make it simple for you You have to fit her criteria to fuck her that same night. But to actually establish LTR, 95% of work is sex & after sex game (text,phone calls , next meeting)

Bro, you are going wrong way, You cannot make her decide, give her choices.. they don't function that way. Their brain is physically structured very differently.



They don't function on Logic. our core is logic, their core are emotions. See in your case is very clear what she wants. I had girls like that. She wants to be TAKEN!! See, that's big part of my game. Part where I am strongest, and where I get lots of girls. I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN US (SEX) By reading her behaviour its obvious that she wants you, but she expect from you to do all of the work. Shorter : she wants to fuck you, but she is not going to do the work. I am not going to give you How-to details here, because that's what I teach on my workshops.

Yes I know.. I have a good friend whose whole game is exactly this. He's Better then anyone I met so far in PUA community, above Mystery, me, Zan.. TD.. you name it. All he does is bathroom pulls. But he can somehow smell it. not sure. I can say which girl is horny, Or I can guess it.. I don't know, but HE.. he can TELL. "See this girl in 5 set.... she didn't got laid for 5 months, she wants it badly..." He would wait till she goes to bathroom, and then follow her there. When she goes to pee, he will jump in, take his dick out... suck it.. after 5 seconds of shock screening, they do it.. |Amazing. RESPECT!! This guy never had problems with bouncers.. girls never called police or anything. He's playing on their fantasies. This is not bullshit, I saw him doing it few times in front of me. His target screening is PERFECT. That's something I will never be able to do. I wish I can get this element from him. With only 1 girl wrong and he will get problems. You will never get him to do sets...or approach. He made this thing work for him, and that's all he does. up to Perfection. Drink his beer, and wait till she goes to bathroom. His secret? His been working as club stuff for 15 years... He knows those girls...where they sit, when they are horny, what they do, what they drink.. He know everything. I am talking with him now, that he becomes one of my Instructor in BBL team. He has lots of stuff to share, but he's not Internet guy. He hates it. I am sure he is more qualified to answer your question... can you learn this skill. He learned it. I am sure he has a way to do it.



That's your style? Hypnotising them?? I don't like your style. What happens when she gets out of trance? she flakes?? Why I am against it? Because I feel weak, If I have to Hypnotise someone to like me. They will like me because who I AM. Even I know hypnosis, I am against it in PU.

That's a deeper issue, I cannot talk about here, as I dot see what's the problem. If I am in SET with you, and watch you there.... I guarantee, I could see what's the problem, and how to fix it. It can be literally anything... Simple one for example : EYECONTACT. I strongly suggest you get a trainer, and work with him 1x1.

Do you have friends?? What do you talk with your friends?? Those exactly things you talk with SOCIAL CIRCLE GIRLS. Things that you talk with your sister, brother, best friend!!!

You said you want to keep 1st girl? If you want to keep 1st girl, do not fuck her sister, because that will create too much drama and complete disaster to your life. I usually LTR older sister, and keep it flirty with younger sister. When I break up, I switch to younger sister. There was one family, I did older sister, mother, then younger sister At the end of my trip, father wanted to kill me Yes its possible to fuck them both at a time. But its one time deal. Once they find out, its game over( in most cases)

You just flirt with her when you see her For example, I went to my LTR house, her sister opened door.. she had some sexy tight pants, and g-strings visible. I whispered to her " hmmmm....I like your panties, and slapped her ass, and went to living room where LTR was waiting me. I did something like that 3-4 times. After that she started to masturbate thinking about me ( she told me months later) At one point she even asked LTR, was I good in bed...and LTR told her all dirty things I do. At this point she was very curious. and wanted to fuck me.



So its about building Attraction through older sister, and with flirting...(cute sexy jokes) do not hit on her! innocent sexual flirting. Still when you go out, build rapport with her. Talk, have fun... Switching cannot be done Hard core. You have to build it slowly. Do a picnic with LTR, invite her sister (not because you want to do her, but to build rapport, trust) In her mind you BF of her sister and that's OK for start, but later that mind set will start causing you trouble. Because you are "sisters Territory's" So, at one point, you will have to see start seeing her without LTR. Problem will happen, If you connect yourself 100% with her older sister. Its same scenario when you want to fuck your LTR social circle friend. Here is what you do see LTR every 2 days chat, flirt with sister every so and then (you will see her 1 x week probably) very light flirt at start. Do not use phone number you have, you will use it at 2nd stage be with LTR mostly. After 2/3 weeks do some event together. Picnic, party, club, museum, rafting, whatever. Outdoor preferred. make sure you can talk with whole group, and people separately. Invite few friends,and tell your LTR to bring her sister 5/7 people all together Talk with sister, Build Rapport. Have fun,flirt After meeting, back to normal... LTR, LTR 10 days later, do same thing ( picnic event or something like that) again, invite sister up to this point its almost a month with your LTR on this event, talk again with sister, and MAKE some PLANS to do something together following week. In my case, younger sister was into Jazz (LTR hated Jazz) so I made deal with younger sister to go together to this event. Without LTR Up to this point, I had attraction, Comfort, Trust, Connection + sexual energy with younger sister. Make out session. (LTR problem) If any resistance happens, tell her its not going good with her older sister, and you reconsidering to break up. Made a deal with her, that you not going to tell to LTR what happened...see each other behind LTRs back. End LTR, switch to younger sister. Bro, you own me a beer for this...

That's the way to go. I know exactly what's happening now.



She is about to fall in love. + 2 weeks you will be her GOD. Give her lots of sex, but friendship as well ( activities) and she will never cheat on you. They don't work the way we do. If she has is getting everything from you, she wont look around. As soon as you stop fucking her, or LTR gets bored, she will be searching around.

hmmm, Interesting thread. I have to say that I agree with Bridget here. Female input is always more then welcome. Its total TRUST issue! Its very simple to understand. During approach, and whole first meeting, she was driven by adventure thing. She felt excitement, adrenaline. They love to be around a confident and dominant man. I think you did very good first part, but you failed to build more trust (open yourself to her) share some secrets, things from your life. CONNECT with HER. That will give her excitement, and additional push/ desire to meet you next time. example, holding hands during dinner.(over table, long eye contact(soul gazing) you failed to build it. Mistake 1! After that meeting you were still a STRANGER who she met yesterday. Then you fucked it up with text big time. You went to pull her out of house on 1/2 text message. you RUSH baby... This is not Formula 1. give them time, be patient,text, flirt for a bit,seduce her again with text messages and you will be rewarded. Mistake 2. without enough rapport that day, you tried to get her out of house to meet you... and by doing it 2ce you became NEEDY. Neediness... Point with no return. LOL... Read between lines... Lets meet, kiss, and fuck.. Bro, girls do not work this way, they are not linear like we are... step1 step2 step3 step4. Because they are driven by emotions, they cannot continue on step 5 out of blue like we can. Cause she may come, be pissed off that day, hate life, world, and you on that world as well, and you are back on step1. I would say something like, " blahblshblah... I don't know why, I just love talking with you, lets meet one day over cop of coffee and Talk... is Tuesday OK with you?"



See the difference between my and your message? Lets sum : 1) after meeting girl, text her for few hours/days to build comfort /connection/trust, and then invite her out. Don't try to get her back, you lost this girl, stop terrorising her... find new victim

Keep texting with her during day, and Sunday. Whenever you set up a date +4 days in advance, and let it go, they forget, or they don't care, get some other plans, and when you call Monday, she will flake. Bridget may give us female perspective on this, and explain us why this happens. Text with her during day. ask her how her day is.... anything... COMMUNICATE with HER!!

Meeting a family, is a subtle way, of saying "now, we are boyfriend and girlfriend".Some girls are trying to do that forcefully, to put you in relationship mode. Like a girl I see now. we are booty call foe each other, (wild sex is only thing that connect us). Until last week. when It started...come Sunday to our family dinner....etc She is cool girl, but I don't want to lose freedom during summer, I don't want to be in relationship during summer (summer is for fun) So If you like your girl, and you are cool being her boyfriend, meet family, and make your relationship "official"

Yes they know what I do. But I do seminars for girls as well. (teaching them how to seduce, understand boys), find quality guy for relationship. So yes they are totally cool with that I do.

Actually, I visit site when I can. I was on Holidays, past few months As for your Ltr & other girls. Closing girls in front LTR is fastest way to losing LTR If you plan to fuck other girls there, why the fuck you bring your LTR there?? for social proof?? to make it easier?? It will be harder not easier.



Bro, I have a rule "Don't bring send to the beach" I did this type of things few times, where I was centre of attention of whole club, and my LTR was there. as she was supper attractive blond, it gave us even bigger social proof. But what I did, I let my wing run the show. I was pulling girls to table, having fun with them and my LTR, and then let my wing close them. I pulled aside, and let him be the star. then if I liked some of the girls, I would make him call them and invite them to one of my parties, when LTR wasn't there, so I can close them/her

This is something new that I use...came up with this technique summer. You all been in this situation...date , and everything is going perfect. but in the end when you go for fuck, she puts lots of resistance, and I kinda lose interest as well. Basically problem is not your game, as whole community thinks. Main problem is GIRL NEEDS TO PREPARE HERSELF FOR SEX. they are not like we guys are. stick out your dick any time in the day, and put in some mouth/pussy. they need to prepare body for sex. shave legs, shave bikini area.. and few other things.... So they will come on date 1 & 2 totally unprepared for sex to happen, even in back of the mind they want it. But most guys (97%) on this planet, will date them for months before sex will happen. So she thinks she has a time...Lots of time to prepare herself. And then trained guy comes, he knows how to escalate fast, how to make her horny. He does all those things in just few hours, things normal guy does over few months. When this happens to me, and it happens allot recently. I stopped pushing hardcore for sex same day. Its stupid. she is not comfortable in her body. Even if sex happens, it wont be so good. So what I will do is, I will escalate, and while making out start touching her pussy over jeans/whatever she is wearing. I will end there. I wont go above if I see problems will appear. sometimes, they wont let you hand in panties, but they will be OK you touching her over pants/jeans... I wont go beyond this point. I will end there. kiss more... have fun but I wont push it. I will wait next time "Plant the seed" So next time when she comes, she knows... she knows what's going to happen.



she will come ready, shaved, perfect smelling. Because with my actions I said what I will do next time. What I like about this method, is.... If she comes next time basically she agreed she wants to have sex with you. Otherwise she will never come. Her coming to Next date (In my case Date 2) is biggest IOI I can get. If she comes on date 2, I know she shaved pussy, and prepared everything to have sex with me. Guys, Try it.

I totally understand you.. I love to be in a relationship with one girl only as much as I love to be single and hunt!! It happened to me few times, that I digged myself out of shit after ending Long term relationship. I am not sure what happens, but its guarantee that 1year / 2 year relationship with one girl will destroy all your game, and confidence you worked on. "Pause" is possible on 1-6 months. after 6 months if you don't HUNT, you will start losing it. What I do is, I am with girl. But I still talk with other girls, have fun with my boys, wing them, help them. As I am sexually satisfied, I don't need to get girls, but I help them... this way I get motivated, and still practice my skills. And still be in happy relationship with that girl. You don't lose logical knowledge, but you will lose (dominance + male energy ) and Reaction time. Now, reaction time is very important. you know feeling when you are in zone, and words get out of mouth without thinking. that's what you lose that 1 second. In Tennis world Difference between top 5 and 100 is that 1 second. Seduction is same

Club hmmmm.... I can write book about club topic. Impossible to put this in one post. so I will write only few things. 1)If she is with her friends, talk with group before you choose your target. If you are trained by me or someone else, you can go direct on target, and take her away(Instant isolation).Otherwise, open a group, talk with group few min,



choose target, to target 10min, isolation, kiss. 2)good resonant Voice is important for clubs. if you have problem with voice work area that's not that loud. Let them Lean in towards you when you talk. 3) stay away from dance floor if you don't know how to dance. If she wants to go dance with you, do it even you don't know how to. ( its a signal that she wants to get physical with you) 4)you have to be smooth and slow on outside, but very fast and reactive inside. Club is very fast paced environment. there is no time for thinking. Think later 5)don't stand whole night at one position. move her around club. go to bar, get some drinks, move her outside, then inside, sit down....Keep her body and mind busy. few more things listen her body language more then what she is saying. in 70% of cases they don't have boyfriend. She is expecting from you to do everything. her job is to stand there. your job is to do everything else. Including taking her panties off. God Bless ones that are active in seduction. They are rare.

LOL, I never saw club like that, but to answer your question. Just like DonSuave wrote you...answer lies in his post. Every girl from dance floor will sooner or later get thirsty or tired. Dance floor looks like easiest place, but its hardest. As I said, I use dance floor in my Mid game, but I don't do initial pick-ups on dance floor. If all hot girls are on dance floor, you are on wrong club, and you wont be getting pussy that night. Choosing good club is more then 50% of pick-up

Discussing an open relationship with a girl so you can fuck other girls, is low status move. It means guy is not player. and very few girls will logically accept this. why? Lots of my relationships where at point when girl said "I don't care for other girls, as long as I am number 1" I found that almost every girl will accept you having other girls... as LONG you don't rub her nose against it.



"You can do whatever you want with other girls, but I don't want to know about it, neither my girlfriends." Its funny, when they see they cant change you, tame you, they give up, and accept you the way you are. Strong Inner game some would say. So if you have to negotiate with a woman your relationship, how ever its going to be, that's weak.

Ss for opening, go to YouTube, and search for badboylifestyle. That's how you do tables. 2)your opening is wrong. It wont work. too direct, but cheap direct. Indirect, then transition to direct after 3 min works better for day game. Field tested all over planet. Including Montreal 3)choose your target. If convo gets boring, keep it interesting(JUICY) with introducing sex topics/jokes.... every so and then.

Bro, since very beginning, I am against clubs. Whole stupid community got into whole club is the best. Most of clubs sucks for pick-up!!! I am big fan of day game. you don't get ONS, but its more consistent on getting pussy. More quality chicks. As for clubs. I have 2 clubs, that I love. and whenever I want some fun, I go there, I know I will get it. OK, lets talk about what you need in good club : 1) Space. It has to be big 2) high-energy / Low energy balance. dance floor, but still some places where it not so loud, and its low energy. 3) not so loud music 4)couches/ tables, places where you can sit. 5) 2 bars, or bar & cocktail bar 6)Patio 7)accessible with car (so you can park car in front of club) very important for ONS 8)good program on work days (Monday-Thursday) Friday/sat can be too youngish/ too party. 9) not too crowded Now, I am describing perfect club. It takes you years to find something like that. I grow up as a player in worst club environment ever. That's what makes me so good as well.



Summer : Beach/Parks/Lakes Rest of year : Malls Choose hi-class expensive malls if you have.. where girls do lots of windowshopping. If you don't have, normal malls are OK? How long? 2h max

muttley, Good one That's exactly how they think/behave when they love you. If they are getting what they want from you (attention, love, sex... etc) they don't care for other girls. My girls believe I get new girl each time I leave my house. which is not true. But still when they come to me, I hug them, give them love. I don't pick-up other girls in front of them ( unless they ask me to do it OR I want to make them Jealous/spice up our sex life.

There is no problem with being a player. Don't hide it. when they accuse you on it, just smile. and look her in eyes. When they say you are player, that means they think sexy about you. They don't see you as a friend, they see you as someone who turns them on/someone who can turn them on in future. They see you as a guy with DICK. Lots of guys are ashamed of it. Wrong Girl: you are a player I always say " I am just searching for my soul mate" As for rehearsed line problem. Its easy to solve. put more emotions in line. put more of yourself when saying it. say it with emotions. project you like her. It will improve your opening big time.

Dates : as my lifestyle is very interesting by itself ( lots of hobbies I do that are crazy, I just invite them to those things... Rollerblading/Yoga/Fire Poi/walking through park in evenings/Grill we do at my place....rafting... but I do lots of low energy cafes as well. different girl, different scenario.... Its more lifestyle based right now.




I been there several times, and I speak from my Experience. Its all about their Urge to cheat you... Its totally possible to control it. even in " open relationship, even in multiple girls situation. They are so predictable. They will start cheating you in 2 cases : 1)when you stop having sex with them, or quality of sex goes down. They will assume you have other girls, because she is used to lots of sex, and you are not interested into her pussy any more, so that means you fuck on other side. By not fucking her enough, you still trigger this thinking and she will start searching for sex. Its so simple. You don't fuck her, someone else will. Its a need they have, and your job is to fulfil that need. 2) In a relationship they have need to feel special as well. By fucking lots of girls, she wont feel special, and problems will start. If you don't actively work on it (her feeling special again, you will have problems (her fucking other guys). Its so predictable.

Not sure what I will do, that's why I am in silence with this product. I have it here on my desk, but there is big option, I will use this product, for new upcoming project I am doing ( totally outside badboylifestyle). Dunno, when I decide, I will tell you... I know I wont make that much money because of kazza/torrent.... so this other option sounds much better for me. We will see

I establish 1x1 connections, and then bring them to event. but not in all cases. girl brings 2 other girls I don't know to event. I will establish rapport then and there. As for malls, I don't rotate malls. I have 1 that's excellent. and I use that mall all the time. for myself, for training other guys. I am there 2x a month.

Overdrive, you were close, but I am not sure you are there(level of seeing it) to explain it in details. I will try. As Overdrive said, it is asexual communication that Leads to LJBF. but that's very surface view. Lets go deeper Man and female has energy. Very different energy. Man is strong, rough, dominant/confident energy. Female, we all know how it feels. Nice, charming, warm...sexy.



Now, not all girls have female energy. Neither all guys have male energy. How many times you meet guys with female energy? you know what I am talking about. Lots of girls in UK for example, walk, talk and behave like a Man, they have lots of male energy. Nothing against you UK guys. We all met girls with good Female energy. Those are best girlfriends. I enjoy being with them. You know how it feels to be around them. Now, how that applies to LJBF ? Simple. Girl to be happy needs strong Male energy. Its like Yin/Yang She is Yin, we are Yang Without male energy, she doesn't feels fulfilled. something is missing. So you start dating, you feel attraction is there. you can FEEL it. your energy and her energy connecting. BOND. she will feel great. you as well. you been there. Its usually first few dates. But if you don't take action, you wait, that energy will disappear. not exactly, but she will get used to your energy, and she wont feel that your Strong Male energy. and sexual chemistry will be gone. Only words will stay... Logical connection. Its like driving fast. when you speed up from 100.180. you feel speed, you feel adrenaline, but only for few minutes, then you get used to 180 and its normal. No attraction any more Its Plato problem as well. you cant stay on one point too long. If you wait too long to move from Kiss to tits you will fuck up If you wait to progress from tits to pussy to long, you will fuck up. If you wait too long from first sex to next meeting, you will fuck up. I hope this is clear. One last thing. why Alcatraz... once she start seeing you as a guy without dick, her girlfriend, and she has that strong opinion about you, its hard, hard to put dick back into picture.

hmmm... See, I never discussed those things with me girls. Yes my girls have guy friends, but I don't see them as a competition. This is simple. as long as she is happy with me, there is no chance any other guy will get her. Hardly. Simply because they have no need for other guys.



With current girl, we have full open Only sex relationship. I told her, "If you find someone else you like more then me, tell me we will end, and you are free to move on". that was all relationship talk we had in 4 months. few weeks ago, she started to wish to become my GF. (more serious relationship) My answer was very short. " I really like what we have right now. Freedom & Sex. If you don't want this any more, I understand, just say it....we will end....no problem" In real life, there is not that much of talking I do with them about relationship. for some reason, they are not making any problems to me. I never had those things happening. Probably I am doing something ( inner game wise) that I cant see/ I am not aware of

First, its not 80%, that's bullshit real number is around 30-40%. On 10 girls, 3 you cant make them cum. There is lots of reasons. Mental and Physical Lots of girls can get orgasm when they masturbate, but problem start around guys First, mental. Remember that their orgasm starts in their HEAD not in PUSSY. Lots of girls can orgasm just with thinking about something, without touching herself!!!! 1) Lots of girls are fucked up with new - in depended woman bullshit. " I don't need a man to be happy" when she has an orgasm its a surrender for her, saying man is controlling my mind/emotions/my body. Lots of girls love to be in such a control, but feminists....ughhh... 2) Trust. Because this is the most intimate thing woman can share with you, some of them need to feel LOTS LOTS of trust and connection. 3) Technique. Finally. When they start masturbating ( I assume around 14-15yo), they choose their technique. Pressure fingers yes/no.. palm, clit.. and they can only orgasm if you do exactly same thing. Let them teach you with your hand how to do it. Learn.



So, In most cases, Its nothing to do with us, its their mental fuck up problem.

Maybe, but I don't have problems with that at all. but yes, they use jealousy to see how much you care of them/ how much you love them. LTR : " I am going out tonight" Me : "Excellent! Have fun" LTR : " But I am going out with my girls " Me : " Good. say hi to gang" LTR : "we are going to party allot, maybe there will be some boys.." Me : "cool, you deserve to be social... I know you will have fun" LTR : " you are not Jealous ? " Me " why should I be" ??? LTR : " But maybe something happens..." Me : shocked..." what's gonna happen??" LTR : " I dunno.... girls, party.. alcohol..." Me : " aa... haahhaa.... that " happen" you mean..... no, I am not jealous.... I know nothing is going to happen. LTR " how do you know?" Me : " see, It took me 10 hours to seduce you, and get you in bed.... and I am PRO. and I am teaching those kind of boys you are going out with. Trust me, they have no chance with you...there is no reason for me to worry! Have fun. That was conversation with a 10 I was in LTR

So I agree you have to be Jealous in relationship to show them you like/love them. Because its not one of my instincts... I have to fake it. Like yesterday. Guy tried to get phone number from my girl when she was on University. she told me story. even I don't really care, I told her... "If he did it in front of me, I would kill him."

See Jealousy is all about losing her/ feeling who has more options... at least that's how I feel it. that's how its triggered in my body



When I was dating a model, 9.5... and she was all over place, dates, dinners, meetings.. and I was waiting her to get home. (that was long time ago) .. I felt jealous. I loved her, I felt I can lose her... as she could replace me... Today I still love them the way I used to love... but now, I am on meetings, trips, dates, dinners... and she is waiting home.. Can I be replaced?? by some other guy? Of course. we all are replaceable. After me, they always ( its a pattern) they choose Mr Nice guy. Its hilarious to track their life after break up. they choose guys who are : - Predictable - Always at home - That's easy to control - Does what she wants - Have a normal life - doesn't travel too much - someone who respects her I always keep track of what's going in her life after me (through my friends/ her girlfriends..).. I just love to do it, Its interesting to watch the way they progress. Usually they find that nice guy after me, and he's interesting for a while ( few months) and then they get bored of him... Makes them unhappy allot. they cant understand what exactly do they want. Its a pattern.

Yes, When u get LJBF-ed ...withdraw for few weeks, even months (few days are not enough to destroy rapport you built). And then try again.. as you said, make her feel something strong, and then push it till end. Haha, I had problems with my feelings as well. See, when I started getting some results with this knowledge, I would fall in love with almost every girl I would have sex. It was insane. Some I would really love, some I would just feel something strong. I think this happens to lots of guys. This happened with every girl above 8. So, I know I had to play with my brain. so I made it very hard for my brain/ body. I started to date 4/6 girls simultaneous... just to see what my brain will do. will it be able to fall in love with all 4 in same time?? Nope. I think I disconnected that autopilot by doing this, and how, I feel something



just with very special girls. I think I am very emotionally balanced now.

Yup, balance is the key. again, I wouldn't say I am Jerk to girls.. ( girls will say it) but the way I see it, I am just respecting myself. she is not going to behave to me, like she behaves to some idiot. I reward good behaviour / punish bad behaviour. (we already talked about this here) As for staying friends with exs, with most of them yes I do. But Its easier to say it, then to do it.(emotions on both sides), bad breakups... and other issues

Yes you will get good very good. But how much will affect your cold approach skills?hmmmm What you are learning now, is emotional and social intelligence (what lots of guys(geeks) never cultivate). that's essential skill for seduction/ pick-up Now university game and cold approach in club are totally 2 different disciplines like Running 100meters, and running marathon. You don't have to be Best at both. Be good, be decent. In last few months, I got 1 girl from club ( cold approach), 1 girl from social circle, few girls from facebook, 1 girl I met in supermarket.... Have plenty of leads! So those girls you have now, keep them as a friends, do not try to fuck them * if they push first, then do it, Otherwise you will fuck up circle), and you will have to start from scratch. Harder as circles are already developed as you can see. Don't force them to be 100% around you. Let them sit next to other girls, talk with other people, that's how your circle will get bigger Hot girls, attract other hot girls. Do a party, let them invite their girlfriends, and then HARVEST STARTS. Its nice to see that actually someone is using my Uni method. Its a pure gold!

Yes...I just wanted to say, that he's very different then other Puas in community, more like me, not typical ,mechanical player. more as guy who enjoys ~female company and energy. He was in Croatia visiting me few months ago (July) so we spend lots of hours talking about advanced stuff that's way beyond community.

Bro, this is risky game. Its impossible to avoid drama with juggling multiple



girls. eventually, you get good at handling it. You fucked yourself up with not taking photo.... ( projecting hiding something) I said million of times with 9's and 10's little mistakes like this and its game over. They have low or zero tolerance. They been hurt lots of times. I have a date with super hot girl in 30minutes, so I am in the mood for 'no mistakes game'.. so killing some time online. Problem NO2. she is probably searching for BF. not fuck buddy! that's where you ruined your chances. Everything you say May / WILL be used against you When I smell she is searching for BF, my answer will be shaped, so she can see opportunity to be with you. Do you have a GF? "I still haven't found my Soul/Mate" "I am still searching for my soul/mate" You I didn't said I have or don't have GF. but answer is good enough to CLOSE that painful topic! First 2 things you said will be verbal fight/argue. NO 3 is best solution. But again, make it look like you are with your LTR, but there is nothing between 2 of you...so she sees chance to take her spot.

hmmm, Its a part of being a player. Emotional wussy cannot be a player. see If you don't dump them, they will dump you... you will feel that emotions either way. Being a player is being a selfish sometimes. people may not like it, but if it hurts you too much, this game is not for you. You cannot break up with her without her feeling bad afterward. That's how they are designed....by nature. They search for one, and build emotional connection with one, we search for many. I know emotion what you feel, and to answer your deeper questions Yes, she will be ok without you. Yes she will survive this break up.



Yes she will recover sooner then you think and find new guy sooner then you can imagine. Yes she is able to continue life without you. and she will be just fine in few months. See woman go through break up stage much faster then we guys do. Their side is more intensive and filled with more emotions, but its shorter.

Look, our reality and motive are far different then woman reality and motives. I disagree that you have to LIE on every question.... that's stupid. But there are some situations where you have to say what she wants to hear otherwise she will freak out : But its not what she wants to hear, its what's socially acceptable to say : example 1) girl : why do you have tinted windows on your car? truth : so I can park anywhere and get my blow job/sex... now, can I say that in a very first date? no... so I said : I have AC in my car, this way its not that hot...blah blah...keeps sun from going in... now, is this answer she wanted to hear?? hell no... Its just some socially acceptable bullshit that she can swallow. example 2 : why do you want to meet my Lesbian girlfriend? Truth : we all know truth here! My answer : "Because she has a different views on life and love, and I would love to see how does that affects her life.... I like to meet different kind of people.....blahblahblah" Is that what she wanted to hear? dunno... but If I told her I wanted 3 some with her and her lesbian friend......I would never had a chance to meet her L girl

HI. This is very common situation. You are trying to invite her to "done deal" as they say. Basically, she is interested into you, but she doesn't want just to bring her pussy to you, and fuck.(even she actually wants that, but she cant do that thx. to social programming).She wants seduction, chasing, the whole thing. so even she wants it, she will feel easy if she just comes over. So what you have to do is : Invite her to some social gathering. Coffee, then date 2 Cinema...



Make sure you kiss her during/after coffee ( date 1)

You can do that only when you are in position of Ultimate power over person/group. Like rock star / superstar. I managed to do this several times, but only when I had 10-15 girls in room wanted to fuck me, then as a being in position of ultimate power, I was able to say whatever I wanted, and still get away with it. In regular situation, you gain power over her once you fuck her several times

haha, no its not a test. Because its I know it used to happen to me all the time till one point, and then it stopped forever. I dunno what point it is, but I know what are you doing wrong. Last minute flakes are always related with sex expectations....you are doing something wrong, that she thinks sex will happen when you meet/you are pushing too high pressure on her. Its like she wants to meet you, but at same time she is afraid / not ready / its too fast. And when she said "Thx. Ben" She said "thx for understanding my flake..." because you just got sucked under her frame & Control.

Yes, that can be a problem. If you fail to build trust/comfort/connection, you wont see/smell/taste her pussy. Even pulling girls home SNL (same night lays is possible without Rapport, pure attraction with leading with tons of sexual qualification, I don't recommend this. That's for very advanced guys, who want fast results (there are no guys here on that level, so I wont write about it) Lets focus on your problem. as I wrote above rapport is made of 3 things. 1 Trust. 2 Physical comfort 3 Connection/Conversation Trust If you ask me its the most important element in today's scared female world. They been never more insecure in a history then today. you will never get her out of venue if she doesn't trust you, she will never take her panties off if she doesn't trust you. How to build trust? In most cases trust is built with a time, but as in seduction time is against us, we have to be fast. Opening yourself up with stories, funny things that happened to you, share some



secrets with her, she will tell you her secrets! Vulnerability ; I think that;s what you lack. You are trying to play Mr Perfect, and that;s not what they want. You have to show you are human, you have emotions, that you are not perfect. By showing her your weaknesses you are displaying you don't care about her and outcome, which will create deeper attraction, and her willing to bond with you. Leading ; on other side by leading you are displaying your power. Making decisions instead of her, will show her she can relay on you. Very important for trust building. Spending time ; the more she gets to know you the more she will relax and trust you. Physical Comfort. Its part of rapport, because the more she is comfortable with your touch, the more she will open up, let her guards down and connect with you. so, first you have to start touching on hands/palm (1), then with a time your touch has to progress up on shoulders (2), so you have arm around her while you sit with her. 1 & 2 can be under a 3/4minutes 3, is a kiss close, once you have arm around her, its a perfect position to kiss. 4.kissing her will give you access to kissing neck, tits. neck is 4. 5. playing with tits,going down 6. belly 7.pussy notice how escalation first goes up the arm to mouth, and once you kiss her, BTW, mouth is breaking pint to start going down (neck/tits/pussy). You cannot play with her titties if you didn't kissed her..... guys who are needy, and GREEN will try do do all 7 in a place where they meet her, club/bar for example. that's so stupid!! Pro player will wait....so do not go further down then mouth(kiss) in a club. wait till for execution 5-7 until you are in a venue where she will be comfortable naked ( venue where sex is possible). Club is so not for it!! and finally Conversation : point I think you have most problems ( I think) you have to go through several topics to create that connection with her. Hobbies Music Sports Relationships Childhood Vacation Food



You will have to go deep into the topic ( 3-4mins per topic) the key is to ask as less questions as possible while talking with her. do not try to build conversation with zillions of questions. instead tell stores. after each story to tell she will have urge to tell her story about same thing. AND THAT'S STORY EXCHANGE, THAT'S HOW YOU BUILD CONNECTION WITH A PEOPLE! your story/her story, your story/her story, structure : Open a topic with question ask sub question to get more details about topic Tell a story she will reply with her story in 80% of cases example : what kind of music you listen? lkjlkj so I assume your favourite bend is xy then? isn't it? no, its xxxx really?? because my favourite band is.....blah blah blah, and several years ago I been to this concerts.. blahblahblah Keep story long, and juicy with details, and she will want to tell you her side of story. Now, I gave you enough things to make it work, but If not enough, you will have to sit down with me, and let me run you through several exercises to fix your rapport once forever, because I cannot write things I would do if you are here. One little detail like not holding intensive eye contact can be a core of whole your problem with rapport. DETAIL. we have to find that detail and fix it. you wont fix it by reading stupid forums!

Soon, soon, there will be this DVD set out and my new book. I am working on several projects outside pick-up and that's taking most of my time, February, march we will release it.

Nope, Chemistry is their word for Attraction. Little bit of push-pull, ignoring, let her chase you... and that's it. Logic is very simple : they make decision will she be with you or not WITH EMOTIONS, if there are no emotions towards you (butterfly's/chemistry), she wont choose you.



By being, nice, charming... you wont create attraction.

Hehe that's what kind of girl we like. answer is a cocktail of lots of things So once they find Alpha guy, that gives them all they need : Power, stability, good sex, Confidence, they will keep their mouth shut to keep you in life. They are afraid if they bullshit too much, they know they will lose you. I said many times that every girl in your harem should know she is 1) Special 2) Replaceable If your frame is strong enough, and you actually sucked her into you life (some guys live in woman frame, they visit her home for sex, etc) where her rules apply. So if you have strong dominant frame, she has to accept everything, and once she sees that's who you are, she wont try to change you, because she cant. Problem happens for all those weak guys out there, that they will shape, twist, and do all kind of bullshit with them. and guys will eat all of it. Get them used to sharing! Single kids are very possessive with their toys, If a kid had brother /sister he learned to share things with others. This is what you can do : to each new girl you bring into life, tell her her have a GF, but its long relationship, and you may breakup, but you not sure... blahblah (playing, taken but available in same time) she has to see that if she is good, you will get rid of GF, and put in in position1# This is mind trick actually. Because Gf doesn't exist at all but she gets used to sharing you ( in her mind with other girls) hint, hint! Keep her for a month, and she will be OK with other girls in your life. then break up with your girl # , and explain her she is the new 1# she will be so happy in new position, that she want care for 2#, 3#, 4#... Harem frame set-up

oh yes.. you entered into ----> Lets Just Be friends. But don't blame her... you created it!!! Badboy rule NO 1# "If you don't fuck her in 4 dates/meetings, probably you won't ever!! On first few meetings, by creating some attraction & good Wide & Deep Rapport, she felt Intimacy with you! she created once or 2 times a opportunity where you should kiss her. Now do not expect she will do it, that move is OUR JOB! You didn't kissed her, even she



wanted it, and by doing so, you sent a message " You want to be friends". Its all about creating Lots of Rapport/Connection, : talking about stuff, problems, hobbies, sex..etc, but you do not build sexual/physical attraction this way. again do not blame her. Once you are friends, you are friends! no way out. Once she start seeing you as a guy without dick, ( non sexual) Its very hard to put dick back into picture! bro, Inside friends zone, she sees you as a her Girlfriend, she can talk about her problems, and have coffee! NOT A MAN!!!! You had opportunity to escalate, to kiss her, you missed it, and you still pushed more and more meetings, with each meeting you were deeper and deeper into shit! Do you remember first or second meeting, where you felt some energy between two of you? There was something between 2 of you. That was a moment, to do something about it/ Kiss her/ Fuck her. You didn't acted based on that emotion you felt, and both of you got comfortable with that emotion. That sexual emotion disappeared, and you become friends! Question what to do now?? What you did was good. Best move. MOVE ON. Forget her, there are million of fishes in a sea! Bro, you have to learn how to escalate, how to go for the Kill, otherwise this will be happening whole your life.

Its just a business. I am searching for a partner in Poland, and we will see how they will do the job. As for direct and NLP, I think I am using lots of NLP in my game, but on unconscious level.... best think I use is famous : Badboy signature/stamp Anchor. Every girl I get to bed, I anchor peak of orgasm to the hips bone. do it 3X in a row, and she will remember it for years... Next time I see them..just touch that cute place... hehehe I love it.. I been doing that to all of my girls for 5 years now. It works, and its brilliant! So I guess, yes there is NLP in my life.. heheeh Enjoy.

Don't be like a girl....... " I feel this, so I can do that" that's how girls operate. Making life decisions based on feelings ONLY. You are a Man!



Bro if you want something, go and do it. Life is the way you make it. You will have as many girls in your life as many you bring in your cave. I don't feel any Adrenaline on 2 7's in a club that I am working for a 3some... but I know once they are in my bedroom I will feel lots of happiness....

Fuck phone.. do SMS/Text game 1) start texting day after meeting. ( phone close) 2) after 5-7 sms exchanges try to set up a meeting ( day 2) 3) after you make a deal, still continue texting...2/5 texts a day 4) Kiss her on 2nd half of the day2. go through a 2 venues with her ...2X45min (total 1.5/2 hours) 5) work out logistics, so your home/car is close and its logistically OK for you to fuck her. some girls will be easier ( read first date to have sex, some date 2/3) Calibrate by girl. 6) If she pulls home, set up day 3, and go for kill with better logistics. enjoy.

Bro, the reason why I asked that is because I played that game long time ago... Brutal honest. that's why I asked you..... forget the theory you wrote... on paper lots of things sound cool. Its all about can you make that work, and how long can you keep your girls in that world. You are young, and still very inexperienced, IMHO you have to go through 3-5 Ltrs over year, and then get back to game, to truly understand some deeper things, and get clear picture of what's happening. I had lots of concepts like that, LOTS, and yes some worked, some not, some worked, but it wasn't good model for LTR. or Multiple handling multiple girls. The main problem I had with things you are trying now was I was loosing way too many girls in first 45minutes. If they accepted frame, that was OK... But bro, besides their emotions, LOGIC is still in the game big time... I will tell you from 10+ years of experience in this game that there is market for this, and yes it works on some girls..... but you wont fuck allot.... Remember one thing.... Player never talks that he's player... no need for bragging. Talking about it makes you lose value. You have to BE a player, not talk about it.



If your progress is too slow, or you are stuck with results you have find someone to help you with it/work with you. That is fastest way I know to get good very fast. There is certain number of mistakes you have to make with girls till you start getting good results. Not only mistakes, but find solutions for those problems/mistakes as well. IMHO best way is to learn on your own, like I did. go out and keep trying, analysing mistakes, each time trying to preform better and better. I did this way because I had no one to learn from back then. on other side, nowadays its stupid to spend so much time discovering everything alone, as things are already discovered by me, and other guys. Its like you are trying to teach yourself tennis, ALONE! As for experience, that comes with mastery, with doing it, being active... My experience is priceless, as I've been living with 2 BI girls for year together, dated lots of girls, being in all kind of relationships / monogamous/open/Multiple/Harem....I tasted & tried everything that exist. That's where my experience comes from! Same you have to build. But Its useless if you cant get the girl. Find someone who will put you on road of seduction, show you quick and useful tips & tricks, so you can start building your life experience and live fully. Carpe diem bro.

I am very smooth during day.... Minimise my mistakes (talking/walking/touching//escalation). My calibration is perfect. how long does it take.. there is no pattern...anything between 10 to hour. with some girls, I really enjoy talking, so I may get a coffee with her stay longer...on other side sometimes I just get a number, and start texting with her even she is still in mall....

If she doesn't reply.. Its a sign of not enough attraction/rapport.. ( Problem with Initial approach). That's why game/seduction is so interesting. Things that happen in first few minutes can cause problems weeks/months later. Its all about frame setting. Her not replying your messages she is actually saying = " I don't want to talk to you/ I am not interested into talking with you! " bro, ask yourself why doesn't she likes you??? (here lies problem, and answer to your question) Once you reach sms/phone chasing, and she goes silence....there is not much you can do...any new try you will be more and more needy ( I know you can feel that)!!



You are asking me.. what to do after you crash your car.... I would focus in new girl...

No no no ... 2nd date is easy...but progression to 2nd date has to be smooth. so you don't feel needy... I usually start talking during 1st date,how we should go to cinema next time, as this new movie came out.. blahblahblah..... In most cases, they will agree, say its good idea, and its been long time since she been last time in cinema...If you did OK job so far(1st date), and she likes you, she will accept cinema 100% ... Agreeing to cinema, she is actually agreeing to continue seeing you ( dating) If she starts bullshitting, Problem is with your date1, either you are boring, she cannot see herself with you, she wants to end it then and there. If so date2 will never happen! I totally understand them. Its like a fat girl coming to your date1, and trying to arrange date2 with you... "sorry, I am busy" hehe then during date 1, stop talking about it, change topic, leave it in "air"... and on the very end, before you leave her.... "you know, this was fun, I enjoyed your company... so are we doing cinema on Friday? (give her 3/4 days from date1 to date2(cinema) Trying to arrange date2 to your/her place directly may freak them out as its obvious sex. Transition is not smooth, and you will lose some girls in that transition. This game is all about being smooth... the more smooth you are,(it makes them relaxed) the more relaxed they are to have sex with you..

Actually, I don't need to see him with girls at all. Just by talking with guy I can smell how good with girls he is. I think its because I can see him through my " girls eyes".. I can see him the way girls are seeing him. 7 years of teaching guys I see through you..

Nope, you cuddle, watch movie together.....listen music.. have fun.. downplay sex, and show you didn't wanted to have sex only....Have fun with her..and then proceed date2 as per normal.





This year we are presenting it as a ultimate DIRECT Training course EVER. Trust me, this is beyond any training you ever been/ read/ saw. Location : Croatian coast / Island Pag ( famous Party place) Pag is becoming a new Ibiza. Best DJs go there, its well known place is Europe now for Party. Amount of quality chicks ion one place is amazing. You have whole Eastern European block going there. Croatian chicks, Russians, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Italian, German,Austria, and every so and then I bump into some Sweden pussy. Hottest girls on planet go there.... with only one thing in their mind.... to HAVE FUN Training will take place 7 days and 7 nights.. But don't count you will sleep a lot. Actually, you wouldn't be allowed to sleep more then 2-3 hours a day. Training schedule will be extreme, super extreme. Its going to be 20 hours of training/sarging per day. you will be pushed into sets all day long, you will be given an envelope with your mission for each day THAT you will have to accomplish. Missions like Instant date/One night stand/ 5 kiss closes in a row/ get 3 blow jobs..etc and You will have 24 hours to accomplish your Missions... and Probably that sounds too much for your skills right now, but remember, Its a summer, girls go wild, they are there to Party, to have fun, to meet summer love, to have sex...... so It really shouldn't be THAT hard. each day there will be : morning coffee/ session of training, where we will have debriefing from last day/night... what worked/what didn't, things to do... then from 11AM-2pm we will hit - day game (street/ Beach/coffee's, stores) Lunch 3pm-7pm on the beach there is huge After Beach party ( see Video), we will be doing that each day. Here you will be trained to sarge one of loudest clubs in Europe. If you ever had a problem with loud clubs, after this you wont ever! Zrce Beach, has 4 big clubs, no fees no lines/Q's so you can move from one to another in seconds. Evening seminar + dinner 8pm-12pm and then back to Clubbing 12-7am you will be able to sleep 7am-9am Because 9am we start with Morning seminar.... and that's how it will look alike for next 7 days The moment you get there, you will be given local sim card for your phone, and that's how you will communicate while in Croatia. You will needed for calling girls from night you meet before, hooking up with them on beach day after, etc.



Each person will have assigned Wing-man, so you will work in couples in most of the time. When there is no Instructor/trainer next to you, your wing will be monitoring you and reporting your progress to trainer. same thing you will be doing for him. WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO CLIP : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGipseZUcCM#lq This will be something you will remember for rest of your life. Just imagine sarging for 48 hours, without any sleep.... set to set.... Usually what happens, your brain goes to zombie mode, like an autopilot, and you stop thinking while picking up girls, you just do it.... Its beautiful. after this training, you will never ever feel any approach anxiety in your rest of your life. You will be really pushed to limits of Seduction. I know that I am known for Extreme approaches in seduction Community! But community still haven't saw what's really EXTREME!! Each person will have to do minimum 25/30 approaches per day....25/30 x 7 days = 210 approaches in 7 days.... but I expect from each person to do between 250- 500 approaches in those 7 days. We will teach you DNA - all models of DNA, but we will focus allot on Aggressive, because that is designed for that kind of party places.

We still don't know how many people per group will we take, probably not a lot, due to logistical problems. There will be 5-6 trainers 24hours a day available with a group. Me (Badboy), Cortez, Marius, and new guys I will introduce soon. This is not like a regular workshop, where you have seminar then infield, this training goes 24 hours per day. when I will be sleeping for 2-3 hours, Cortez and other instructors will be working with you/students...there will be always someone around you.. We plan to do only 2 of those training, because I really don't want to kill myself... 14days in a row without sleep... If you decide to sign up, and participate this crazy training, BBL team, will help you will bookings your flights/accommodation/transportation, and all other things you may need, you will be fully able to relay on us. After 7 days, you will be master of : Beach approaches Street game (stopping girls) Instant dates Club game Loud clubs One night stands.



Kiss closes Cafe approaches Restaurants This training is not about collecting phone numbers, this is about having sex with girls ASAP. no phone numbers. you dot want to DATE those girls, you just want to use them for sex, and move on... find new one!! you will probably takeover 10-20 girls, and you will fuck between 4-6 girls.... But that's totally up to you. Those numbers really shouldn't be a problem to accomplish. that's why we do it 24/7 ACCOMODATION Its not included into price, and you will be staying in apartments by 2. apartment cost is 200eu per person for 7 days. Transportation Island Pag doesn't not have an Airport. Book your Flight to Split or Zagreb. Once you land, you have to get to Bus station and get a bus to Island Pag ( town Novalja) Buses go regularly every 30min, and you don't have to buy ticket in advance. Bus takes 4 hours to Island Pag. Once you get there, you will call us, and we will pick you up. Dates : 2 summer camps July 24 -July 31 July 31 - August 7 http://www.badboyplayers.com/secret-techniques