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Weight Conversion Chart, Oven Temperatures, Weights and Measures

Weight Conversion Chart, Oven Temperatures, Weights and Measures

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Published by: johnpatel1234 on Aug 01, 2012
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Weight Conversion Chart, Oven Temperatures, Weights And Measures






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Recipes Home: Weights And Measures


Your handy conversion chart of weights and measures, for both dry and wet ingredients. Plus oven temperatures.
Weight Conversion Chart:

1oz. = 30 gm. = 1 fl. oz. = 30 ml. 1cup = 210 ml. = 7 fl. oz. = 16 tbsp. = 1/2 pint 1tbsp. = 5 ml. = 1/6 fl. oz. = 5 gm. 1 tsp. = 15 ml. = 1/2 fl. oz. = 3 tsp. = 15 gm.

Metric Conversion Chart: To Convert:

Quarts into litres, multiply the quarts by 0.94635. Litres into quarts, multiply the litres by 1.056688.

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Liquid ounces into millilitres, multiply the ounces by 29.573. Millilitres into ounces, multiply the millilitres by 0.0338. Weight ounces into grams, multiply the ounces by 28.3495. Grams into weight ounces, multiply the grams by 0.35274. Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32; multiply by 5 and divide by 9. Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32.

Oven Temperatures:

Farenhite 250' F 275' F 300' F

Centigrade 120 'C 140 'C 150 'C

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