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Mobile Imperatives

Mobile Imperatives

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Published by: Nitin Gaur on Aug 01, 2012
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WebSphere Lab Jam

Understanding Mobile Platform Imperatives

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 Mobile Platform Imperatives  Business Drivers and technical considerations  Navigating the Jargon  What is IBM Worklight?  Mobile Design Points and middleware landscape  Open Forum

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Why is Mobile Important!
 Over last year alone 3000% of WW mobile traffic ballooned. – Includes Voice

and data  This space is expected to grow 40X over next 5 years

 11% of the world owns a tablet ( now we have 89% of 6+ billion and growing)
 90% of the world has access to the mobile networks ( well this amazed me as 90% of world does not have access to clean water and food, but has access to mobile network)  2/3 of us get most of our news on mobile devices  76% take pictures and video on mobile devices  in past 2 years mobile ready sites have grown from 150,000 to 3 million  11 billion apps in 2010

 On commerce front – this year $6.2 billion purchase were made from Mobil device --- compare that to $54.2 billion black Friday sales
 If mobile users would be nation, it would be largest nation….. And I could go on…
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Mobile Platform Imperatives
 At a broader level guiding principles of mobile Strategy is broken into 4 Components: – Access and Content - B2C/B2E etc – Application Centricity - Application development practice • porting vs. new development project. – Device Management : What are Mobile device management requirement • App store/device wipe/push fix-notification etc. – Security - Application (Work light) vs. Plugging into enterprise security infrastructure (TEM)  Some Questions that drive the solution design process are:  1. What is the overall Enterprise Mobile strategy? – Is the access for employees ONLY or possibly visitors (e.g. visiting physicians/heath care professionals)? – Access & Security  2. Type of application Framework? – New app vs. porting, this includes the new acquisitions and moving all mobile apps to a common framework.  3. Type of application deployment ? – Again includes the new acquisitions and moving all mobile apps to a common deployment framework

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Business Drivers and technical considerations?
 New business models and paradigms  Social network! Obviously? – Everyone wants to be on Facebook/linkedin etc – Every solution is compared to scalability and availability like social networks – Capitalize on ‘perceived’ new markets on social network.  Emerging Channels of commerce – New breed of personal devices – Speed of commerce – Low tolerance for ‘slow’ experience – New lines of currency – Zynga, SMS for money transfer?  Proliferation of ‘smart’ phones (AND Data!) – Do everything but make phone calls (?) – Exponential growth of these phones ( 35% of US population as an example) – 128 million iPhones (about that many other phones) – Emerging markets ( India, China, Brazil, Russia etc)  Globalization!! – Single market for everything – Everything is linked  Brand/Image Exposure – How U interact with my business. Solution : Cloud Computing? MEAP? MCAP? Next Buzz Big thing?

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Navigating the Jargon
 Business  Technical

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What is IBM Worklight?
 An IBM Company – Since February 2012 Prior to Acquisition:

 Headquartered in New York, Israel R&D center
 Mobile app platform for smartphones, tablets and beyond  Serving large enterprise accounts and organizations  Enabling B2C, B2B and B2E mobile apps

 30+ partnerships in North America, Europe and Asia
 Proven leadership team from Amdocs, Microsoft, SAP, CA and many successful startups Post Acquisition:  Vision of enterprise integration capabilities

 Closer integration with enterprise application systems.
 Out of box capabilities and enhancements.  And more…

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IBM Worklight Components

© 2011 IBM Corporation

Worklight Overview

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Mapping Business requirements to Technology capabilities
Lotte - financial

Best Western - Hotel

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Mobile Design Points and middleware landscape
Enterprise Design Points:
 Deliberate and Intentional engagement  Exposing back end services and data  Data transfer and data growth considerations  Bandwidth and TCP Socket chatter

Technical Design Points:  1.Enterprise application integration (tools and libraries  2.Device integration and peripheral support  3. Application client runtime  4. Device/OS platform support  5. Packaged mobile  6. Hosting

 Enterprise Integration  Security – enterprise and endpoint security

 Device and Platform support
 Legal responsibilities – Application store, client data and resulting exposure

 7. Architectural flexibility
(Source: Gartner Research Note G00211688)

© 2011 IBM Corporation

What are these landscape changes driving?
Elasticity  Rapid provisioning (e.g. IWD Appliance,TPM, BladeLogic)  Configuration Automation (e.g. RAFW, etc)  Virtualization – HW (e.g. VMware/PowerVM) and Middleware (e.g. WVE) Scalability  eXtreme Caching – improving speed and scalability

 Data/cache partitioning and co-location
Data awareness and real time processing  Sense and response or even driven architectures (Fraud/Marketing/BI)  Reduced processing – or off loading to a efficient tier

 Moving data closest to application (relevant logic)
Achieve Elasticity and Scalability – Application Infrastructure (WebSphere enabled middleware) Data awareness and real time processing – require new architectures and design.
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How does IBM Worklight Fit in an Enterprise ?
DMZ Trusted Domain Elastic Data Grid


Web Server Tier

App Server Tier

DB Tier

Akamai Application Acceleration EdgePlatform
DataPower-AO in DMZ as Application Front-End DataPower XC10 for simple data oriented scenarios:
 HTTP Session Replication  Elastic Dynacache  Web Side Cache


XI50 w/ AO option

eXtreme Scale for maximum flexibility covering data and application oriented scenarios WAS/ND/VE
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Consumer Web Services

Thank You!

 Questions?
 I can be reached at : ngaur@us.ibm.com

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Anatomy of Cloud Computing

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