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Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski

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Published by: americanbridge on Aug 01, 2012
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Jackie Walorski cares more about fighting partisan battles than representing her constituents. Instead of focusing on issues that matter to Americans, she claims that she is part of an “ideological war” with Democrats, and said her “number one priority” was to “take on” Nancy Pelosi. Walorski is bad for women’s rights, fighting against the right to choose by trying to classify abortions as hate crimes. She also supports regressive flat taxes and wants to privatize Social Security.

Extreme Partisanship
Walorski “Ready to Take on Pelosi”, In an “Ideological War”. According to Kokomo Tribune, “Second District candidate Jackie Walorski received the most vocal reaction from those in attendance, stating she battled Pat Bauer in the Indiana House for six years and was going to send U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi back to California. ‘I put Pat Bauer in the box, and I’m ready to take on Pelosi,’ she said. ‘We’re in an ideological war, and the other side is winning.’” [Kokomo Tribune, 3/17/10] • Walorski Said Her Number One Priority is to Take On Nancy Pelosi. According to Kokomo Tribune, “‘This is going to be a national race,’ she said of the 2nd District contest. ‘Kokomo and Elkhart will be in the national spotlight. My number one priority is to take on [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi.’” [Kokomo Tribune, 3/19/10] Walorski Said that as a Woman, Her Challenge to Pelosi Had a Different Dynamic. According to Roll Call, “But since she publicly started to consider a bid last fall, she said her interaction with the committee and GOP Members has been minimal. She was also stunned by the low number of Republican female candidates in top races, given that she believes this is a perfect environment for women in the GOP to run for office. ‘When you say that as a woman, that I want to take [Speaker Nancy Pelosi] on and win, I think that opens up a different dynamic,’ Walorski said.” [Roll Call, 3/11/10] Walorski Promised to Send Pelosi Back to San Francisco. According to South Bend Tribune, “One of Walorski’s lines that she regularly delivers at campaign events is that she will send Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi back to California. ‘I’m running to make sure Nancy Pelosi goes back to San Francisco and loses her speaker’s seat,’ Walorski said Saturday. ‘I promise I will send her there.’ Jordan said Walorski has no control over whether Pelosi is reelected in her California congressional district. ‘Never promise things to your constituency you can’t deliver,’ he said. Walorski clarified. She explained that she won’t vote for Pelosi to remain speaker, and she hopes Republicans win a majority of House seats so a Democrat won’t be speaker anymore.” [South Bend Tribune, 4/18/10]

Washington Post: Walorski Represented Conservative Issue Positions 100 Percent of the Time. According to Washington Post Candidate Profile, “Walorski was rated as representing conservative issue positions 100 percent of the time and received an A or A+ rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) between 2007 and 2010.” [Washington Post Candidate Profile, Accessed 7/17/12]

Abortion Extremist
Walorski Favored a Bill Requiring Physicians to Notify Pregnant Women Seeking Abortion that the Fetus May Feel Pain During Procedure. According to Washington Post Candidate Profile, “Walorski is a Christian missionary with a record

of legislative and political action against abortion rights, and pro-abortion rights organizations such as Planned Parenthood. She vowed to defund abortion-provider organizations and favored a bill requiring physicians to notify pregnant women seeking an abortion that the fetus may feel pain during an abortion procedure. The same bill denied insurance coverage for abortions. In a speech presenting her anti-abortion rights positions, Walorski said: ‘I don’t care at what level it is, I don’t think taxpayers should pay for abortion in this state or in this nation’.” [Washington Post Candidate Profile, Accessed 7/17/12] Walorski Introduced an Amendment to the Hate Crimes Legislation to Add Fetuses, Stalled Legislation. According to a Huffington Post Op-Ed, “For the past two sessions, she has pushed an amendment to the hate crimes legislation that would add fetuses to the list of protected classes. Hence, if you perform an abortion, you’ve committed a hate crime. Nice little trick, isn’t it? It’s called a ‘poison pill’ amendment. While it really has nothing to do with the original legislation, it’s attached by an opponent who knows the bill’s supporters can’t vote against the amendment without looking pro-abortion.” [Huffington Post Op-Ed, 1/13/09] • Huffington Post Op-Ed: Walorski is a Bible-Thumping Anti-Abortion Nut Who Uses the Issue to Advance her Personal Beliefs Over Her Constituent’s Lives .According to Huffington Post Op-Ed, “Democrats should pounce on this opportunity to nail Walorski to the wall by revealing her for what she is: a Bible-thumping antiabortion nut who uses the issue to advance her personal beliefs over her constituents’ lives.” [Huffington Post OpEd, 1/13/09]

Bad For Working Americans
Walorski Supported Fair Tax, 23 Percent Sales Tax. According to Kokomo Tribune, “An issue in the contentious race for the 2nd District seat in U.S. Congress has revolved around the ‘fair tax’ proposal being advocated by Republican Jackie Walorski. Walorski is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly, and in the past, she has expressed support for the fair tax. The tax has been estimated to amount to a 23 percent sales tax.” [Kokomo Tribune, 10/30/10] Walorski Supported Privatizing Social Security. According to WSBT.Com, “Another question posed to Walorski asked if she supports privatizing Social Security, as Donnelly charges in several of his campaign ads. ‘I absolutely support Social Security,’ she said. ‘I think it’s been a great program in this country. It’s served seniors well.’ She added that today’s seniors deserve to receive ‘every dime due them,’ but leaders from both parties need to have an honest discussion about how to keep the program solvent for younger generations. Citing statements Walorski made in March during a Tea Party Talk IN radio interview, Donnelly said she ‘has clearly stated she wants to privatize Social Security.’ He said privatization would have been disastrous for seniors when the stock market lost more than half of its value during the recession. He said 401(k) plans and IRAs are great vehicles for private investment in the stock market, but Social Security should remain what he called ‘a guaranteed investment.’” [WBST.Com, 10/26/10]

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