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Search has found 8 number of AO Code records in KOTA Select Ward/Circle/ Range/ Commissioner ACIT, CIRCLE-1, KOTA ITO, WARD-2(1), KOTA ITO WARD-1(2), KOTA ITO, WARD-2(2), KOTA ITO, WARD-2(3), KOTA ITO WARD-1(1), KOTA ACIT, CIRCLE-2, KOTA DCIT, CENTRAL CIRCLE, KOTA Area Code RJN RJN RJN RJN RJN RJN RJN DLC AO Type C W W W W W C CC Range Code 770 780 770 780 780 770 780 66 AO Number 1 1 2 2 3 1 1 1

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