Meet the Teacher on Friday, August 24th from 11:301:00!

3 boxes of Kleenex 1 backpack without wheels 1 box crayons (24) 1 box colored pencils (24) 2 bottles liquid glue (no glitter glue) 5-1 subject spiral notebooks (wide-ruled): red, purple, yellow, blue, green 3 pkg of presharpened pencils (“Write Dudes” or Ticonderoga) 1 pkg pencil top erasers 5 pocket folders with brads: red, green, blue, purple, yellow 6 glue sticks (not HEB) 1 Box washable markers 1 –3-ring binder (2 inch) 1 package dividers 1 or more reams white copy paper 1 bottle hand sanitizer Boys: 1 box quart-size plastic bags Girls: 1 container Clorox-type wipes (not baby wipes)
$35 for Weekly Reader and Supplies OPTIONAL: Clear Packing Tape

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