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Published by: Kijana Mpole on Aug 01, 2012
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CAPACITORS These are components, which have characteristics of storing chargers.

They don’t allows passage of current through them. They are used for wave generation, filtering, blocking and by pass application in the electronic circuits.

They are constructed of two conductor plots separated by insulators (dielectric material). Its main function is to concentrate the electric field across the dielectric hence accumulating and storing charges from the voltage. Source and can also discharge the stored energy . TYPES OF CAPACITY Variable capacitors Fixed capacitors Electrolytic capacitors Mica capacitors Paper capacitors Variable Capacitors These consists of one set of fixed plate and another morable plate . They are mostly used in radio turning network in transmitters and receivers.

Fixed capacitors In such kind of capacitors, all the plates refixed and has no moving parts.

Electolytic capacitors They consists of aluminium fulls one with and oxide fuin and the other without . they are electrically formed where aluminium oxide is used as the electrolytic. These capacitors have high voltage as

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