Yvonne Bullock, :Ph.D.

1.2041 Cholla Road
Fishers, IN 46037 l1otne: 317-585-8227
Cell: 3l7"797-5936

July 22, 2012 Mcl'herson & Jacobson, L.L.C. 7905 L Street, Suite 310 . Omaha, Nebraska 68127 Rl1:: Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Search Dear Search Committee: It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this letter of interest for the position of Superintendent of Duval County Public School District. I believe that I can make a long-term commitment to leadership and become part of a community that fosters high expectations for student achievement and promotes a sense of pride and belonging in a caring learning environment. have experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, district administrator, and superintendent in a small school district. The majority of my educational experiences have been in culturally diverse school districts. I believe that my administrative experiences will enable me to provide strong collaborative and instructional leadership for the district. As a K-12 superintendent, I have had the opportunity to facilitate the development of the District Strategic Plan, District Improvement Plan, Local School Improvement and Restructuring Plans, and the Response to Intervention (RTI) Plan. I have experience overseeing the operating budget, budget reductions to reduce the deficit, and making projections for the tax levy to determine needed revenue. Ihave experience with negotiations and developing collective bargaining agreements for certified and non-certified unions. Ihave worked with updating the Board Policy Manual and have keep abreast of new educational laws and regulations .. I have extensive experience with the management of Federal and State programs and have written numerous successful competitive grants. My training and research-based best practices will provide expertise in the areas of . curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and professional development that will build and sustain the capacity of teachers and administrators and close the achievement gap.

As the superintendent, I will work collaboratively with the Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community members to build consensus, maintain public trust, and involvement in the school district. I will provide instructional leadership that will enhance student achievement and provide opportunities for all students to become well rounded by developing their academic and creative talents. I will work diligently to enhance the use of technology and provide the 21 st century skills needed to prepare students for high school, college and the workplace. I am a visible and collaborative leader who is able to straightforwardly address all aspects of school leadership. I am resourceful, organized, and focused on high academic etudentachievement and continuing excellent programs and services for a school district that strives to maintain a tradition of excellence. I am very interested in further discussing with you how my skills and experiences will support the needs and goals of the school district.









Duval County Public Schools
ARplication Information Form

Jacksonville, Florida
Position: Superintendent

[29 Dr.



o Mrs.

o (other-p/ease
Home: Cell:



Home Address:

Yvonne Bullock
12041 Cholla Road

( (

) 317) --.79_7_-5_93_6

_ _

Fishers, IN

317) _5_8_5-8_2_2_7_~_

Zip Code:



Record of Professional


(in reverse chronology)

Graduation Date
1984 1981

Ed. Adm & Ldrshp.
Curri & lnst.


Ohio University
University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati

MEd. BSEd.

Elem. Education

Record of Professional

Experience (in reverse chronology) District South Bend Comm
Meridian CUSD 101 Hazelcrest

Executive Director of Cmricllillml!nst

2011 -2007

to to to

Directorfor TchJLmg. Asst to Dir of Schllmp. Principal




2012 -2010

~IL ~ IL

State IN

Enrollment' 21,000 700 1,400



Fort Wayne Comm Indianapolis Public

IN -~






Application Candidate:

Questions and Responses Dr. Yvonne Bullock

1. A leader who solicits, respects and values the input of stakeholders at all

levels of the organization


who has demonstrated


in utilizing

that input to create and sustain a culture of shared decision-making. I am a collaborative leader, one who seeks the input of others at all levels of the organization to sustain a culture of shared-decision-making. The central office cabinet administrators meet weekly with me to discuss the progress of the district, the areas that they manage, and upcoming board meeting agenda items. Leadership team meetings are held monthly for all administrators to provide feedback relative to organizational issues and management. Principals meet monthly to discuss building level concerns and best practice strategies to improve teaching and student learning. Monthly union executive board meetings are held to receive input and to discuss pertinent management issues and teacher or non-certified staff concerns.

I have used focus groups, advisory councils, suggestion boxes, e-mail, and surveys to solicit input and feedback from stakeholders in the decision-making process. I have use focus groups with the development of a five-year strategic plan. Quarterly community/business task force meetings are held to receive input relative to the progress of the district's strategic plan action strategies. Monthly parent advisory council meetings give parents an opportunity to provide feedback and share ideas. My previous district had five townships and mayors. I have rotated monthly town hall meetings to discuss pertinent issues regarding the district as well as to give community members an opportunity to provide input and ask questions. 2. A leader who supports and empowers principals, teachers and staff to improve organizational and student performance outcomes. Principals are the instructional leaders of their buildings. Support is provided with the analysis of data for standardized and formative assessments to make instructional decisions at the building level. Building principals have leadership teams to assist with the school improvement planning process. The school improvement plans are aligned with the district improvement plan and district

strategic plan. Targets for student performance are set and aligned with the State requirements. Schoolleadership teams and bulldlng staff develop school improvement action plans to meet the targets and develop best practice strategies to meet the needs of all students in the content areas. Each building has a Response to Intervention Team (RTI) to address the academic and behavioral needs of students. The goal of the RTI Team is to reduce the number of students retained, reduce the number of students referred for discipline and to prevent unnecessary referrals to special education. Time is provided for teachers to work in professional learning cornmunities, grade level teams, cross-grade level teams, and content area teams to analyze data, review student work, and best-practice strategies to improve student achievement.

3. A proactive visionary, able to consider, plan and implement systemic change that increase the district's ability to recognize and respond to current and future challenges as they arise.
As a visionary leader, I have used the Common Core Standards, zi" Century skills, College and Career Readiness skills, and technology skills to drive systemic change to increase the district's ability to recognize and respond to current and future challenges. The strategic plan has goals and objectives to address the current and future needs of the district. Staff/Community tasks forces and focus groups meet monthly around the central goals and objectives of the plan to ensure that the strategic plan is a living and evolving document that drives systemic change. Business partners and college and university partners provide feedback and updates to keep abreast of current and future career and college readiness skills. Staffs participate in job-embedded professional development, local, state, and national conferences to keep plan is developed to abreast of research-based best practices. A technology needed for students to be academically competitive.

ensure that the district is able to provide up-to-date technology and skills

4. Someone with strong organizational and leadership skills, able to collaboratlvelv align and focus internal and external stakeholder's efforts to accelerate progress on achieving the district's goals for student and organizational performance.
As a strong organizational the day-to-day operations collaborative leader as well as a strong manager of of the district, the district has an organizational

structure that supports the needs of the district. The cabinet level administrators meet weekly with the superintendent to address district needs and to provide feedback relative to the areas that each member manages. The district leadership team, which is comprised of all district administrative staff meet monthly to review the goals, strategies and targets to ensure that the strategic plan is implemented effectively. Feedbackfrom task force and focus groups are reviewed and changes are made to the strategic plan to reflect the feedback to ensure district success. Annual quality improvement surveys from students, parents, community, business and other stakeholders are analyzed and reviewed. This feedback is used to modify and adjust the strategic plan to ensure district success. The annual "State of the District" report is another resource that is used to measure to progress of the district. All of the data collected from these resources are used to modify and adjust our planning to enhance the performance of the district.

5. A person of integrity who is trustworthy and whose relationships, with the board and across the district are predicated on honest and open
communication. I believe the only way to build trust if to be honest in your dealings with everyone. I am approachable and I have an open-door policy. When asked a question, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. If I do not know, I will tell the person that I will find the answer. I always keep my word and I do not make false or idle promises. I return all phone calls before the end of the workday. I return all e-rnall messagesdaily. I provide weekly administrative bulletins for district staff. I provide monthly newsletters for parents, business and community stakeholders. I provide an annual "State of the District" report for the entire district/school community. I provide weekly update packets for all board members to keep them abreast of what is occurring in the district. If there is a problem, major issue or crisis, I will contact all members of the board on the day of the matter to keep them abreast of how the matter is being handled. I work closely with the board to ensure that there is open communication. Board members may call, e-mail or come to the district office if they have a concern that they would like to address directly with me. I maintain a positive and professional demeanor with all staff, parents, community stakeholders and the board.

Do you have a Superintendent Endorsement for the state represented by the position listed on this Application Information Form? (If you have questions regarding the requirements to be a superintendent in the
State of Florida, contact the Florida Department of Education)



I certi

that the information

provided herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Iam aware that the Florida Sunshine Act will require that all applicant information is public and can be released to the media upon request. Applicant hereby waives his/her right to confidentiality with regard to his/her work record or criminal record and consents to and authorizes the release of information from current or former employers and/or law enforcement personnel upon inquiry under this application.

Signature of Applicant:


Date: July 23, 2012 MONDAY, JULY 23,2012

Printed name of APplicantU'_Y_v_o_nn_e_B_U_I_IO_Ck~ _ This application must be COMPLETED and RETURNED by:

Duval County Public Schools McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C. Executive Recruitment and Development 7905 L St., Suite 310 Omaha, Nebraska 68127 Phone: (402) 991-7031/(888) 375·4814 E-mail: apps@macnjake.com Fax: (402) 991-7168

ANEEO Employer


Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL

Closing date July .23, .2012



12041 Cholla Road Fishers, IN 46037 Home: Cell: 317-585-8227 317-797-5936

To serve as a superintendent in a diverse school district. To provide collaborative leadership that will enhance the implementation of district goals and objectives. To provide instructional leadership to ensure the alignment of system-wide curriculum and instruction programs with the standards. To provide leadership and supervision of administrative staff to enhance teaching, learning and academic achievement for all students. To provide professional development that will build and sustain the effectiveness and capacity of staff. To provide sound fiscal leadership that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the district within a balanced budget.

• 30 Years of Experience in Education • Visionary/Strategic Planner • Collaborative/Transformative Leader • Comprehensive School Reform Programs • Systemic School Improvement Planning • Assessment, Analysis of Data, and Evaluation • Curriculum Development! Alignment • Budget Development and Management Skills • Effective Oral/Written Communication Skills • Presenter/Facilitator/Trainer Skills • Response to InterventionIPBIS Development • Grant Writing and Development Expertise • Federal/State Program Implementation • NCLB Implementation and A YP Guidelines • Scientific Research Based Instruction • Liaison for Community and Business Partnerships • Human Resources Skills Including Interviewing, Hiring, Supervision, and Evaluation of Staff • Computer Literate, Use of Data Warehouse, and Integration of Technology to Enhance Instruction

Improved reading and math achievement scores from 2007 to 2010. Results: District overall performance improved on ISAT Reading from 41 % to 60% and ISAT Math from 63% to 75%. PSAE scores improved in Reading from 8% to 27% and in Math from 10% to 20%. ACT composite scores improved from 15.3% to 20.6%. The elementary/middle school has improved reading performance and had the highest math scores compared to the past six years as measured by ISAT. Students in the primary grades were performing on grade level as measured by DIBELS, SRI and SPI results. Written and awarded the School Improvement Grant for the Elementary/Middle School (150,000) and the High School (142,000) for three reoccurring years from the Illinois State Board of Education. Results: Hired reading and math coaches. Improved literacy instruction based on the five essential elements of reading. Enhanced math instruction. Enhanced instructional delivery, student engagement, and classroom management. Provided supplemental classroom materials, provided classroom computers and interactive whiteboards to support instruction, and additional professional development focused on scientific-based research and best practices for effective intervention and remediation of student deficiencies. Provided job-embedded professional development in all content areas during Teacher Institute Days, School Improvement Days, August Professional Development Week, and Professional Learning Communities. Results: More cohesive professional staff development. Enhanced collaboration of grade level, cross grade level and content area teams. Enhanced instructional delivery with the use of best practices in the classroom, and implemented comprehensive school improvement and restructuring plans. Schools now have scientificbased strategies to address the needs of every subgroup based on "No Child Left Behind" to close the achievement gap.



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EXEUTIVE DIRECTOR OF INSTRUTION 2011-2012 South Bend Community School Corporation, South Bend, IN Aligned the curriculum with Common Core and State Standards. Analyzed data from formative, benchmark and standardized assessments to make instructional decisions. Managed department of 18 staff members including directors, curriculum facilitators and specialists, and clerical staff. Managed Title II budget and coordinated professional development opportunities for staff to enhance teaching, student achievement, use of technology and data to support instruction, and administrative leadership through coaching and classroom walk-throughs using 1Pads. Coordinated professional development for district instructional staff to enhance instructional delivery and close the achievement gap. SUPERINTENDENT 2007 - 2010 Meridian Community Unit School District 101, Mounds, IL Facilitated the development of the strategic plan, Board retreats, Response to Intervention, Standards Based Aligned Classrooms, quarterly benchmark assessments, and professional learning communities. Facilitated collective bargaining and negotiations, management of daily operations, budgets and levy projections, and district-wide improvement planning. Managed Federal & State grant funds and human resources. DIRECTOR FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING 2005 - 2007 Hazel Crest School District 152.5, Hazel Crest, XL Provided curriculum development, mapping, and alignment with State Standards. Analyzed standardized test results and local quarterly benchmark assessments. Facilitated workshops, curriculum committees, textbook adoptions, and grant writing. Assisted with the development of the district's Restructuring Plan. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT SYSTEMS 2003 - 2005 Fort Wayne Community School District, Fort Wayne, IN Analyzed test data and calculated Adequate Yearly Progress for 53 schools. Facilitated workshops for principals and teachers, and provided research-based strategies for closing the achievement gap. PRINCIPAL 1995 - 2003 Indianapolis Public Schools City District, Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati Public Schools District, Cincinnati, OR. Managed decentralized budgets, provided Instructional leadership, supervised students and evaluated staff. Written school improvement and professional development plans. Written grants provide resources and technology to enhance instruction and student achievement.


ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 1989-1995 Cincinnati Public Schools City District, Cincinnati, OR. Assisted with the day-to-day operations, supervision of students and evaluation of staff. Facilitated workshops, curriculum committees and textbook adoptions. Developed a College Preparatory Magnet program. TEACHER 1981 -1987 Cincinnati Public Schools City District, Cincinnati, OH. Served as a Lead Teacher, conducted hands-on mathematics and science workshops for teachers, and developed Graded Courses of Study, Scope and Sequences, and Correlation of Skills for Reading and Mathematics.


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Ph.D.) Educational Administration and Leadership) Ohio University, Athens, OH. 1991 M.Ed.,Curriculum & Instruction, Supervision & Evaluation, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OR. 1984 BSEd. Elementary Education, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. 1981

Superintendent General Administrative Type 75 Superintendent Elementary Administration Administrative Administrative Standard Professional February 28, 2007-July 1,2016, illinois March 27, 1998-1uly 1, 2016, Illinois September 06,2010-2015) Indiana August 06) 2010-2020, Indiana


EJJhancing Student Achievement, 2004 Framework for Understanding Poverty, 2004 Building Leadership Capacity, 2004 Multiple Intelligences, 2004 Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap, 2004 Balanced Literacy, 2003 Good to Great, 2003 Reading First, 2003-2005 Model Schools Conference, 2002, 2001 Indiana Dept. of Education Summer Institute, 2002 Leading in a Culture of Change, 2002 School-wide Planning Process, 2002 Differentiated Instruction, 2001, 2005 Indiana Urban Education Conference, 2001 National Urban Alliance Reading Initiative, 2000 Improving Instruction in the School, 1999 Legal Issues, Supervising School Personnel, 1998 Evaluation of Certified Staff, 1996-97 Effective Schools/School Improvement, 1996 Instructional Alignment, 1995 Total Quality Management) 1995 Developmentally Appropriate Practices, 1994 Elements of Instruction. 1994 Alternatives to Violence) 1993 Cooperative Discipline/Learning, 1993 Principal Leadership Development; 1993 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) 1993 Student Creative Response to Conflict, 1993 Cultural Awareness & Diversity Training, 1992-93

Pat Davenport 8-Step Training) 2011 Coaching for Results, 2011 Classroom Walkthroughs, 2010 Collective Bargaining and Negotiations, 2009, 2007 Using Data from All Stakeholders, 2009 Technology Integration, 2009 Professional Learning Communities 2009, 2008 Hope FoundationIFailure is Not an Option, 2008 Regional Office #2 Conference, 2007, 2008 IDEA,2007 Response to Intervention, 2007, 2008, 2009 Illinois School Finance, 2007 Superintendent's Conference-Demographics, 2007 Assessments Aligned w/State Standards, 2006 Administrative Uses for Handheld Computers) 2006 Time Management for Busy Administrators, 2005 Superintendents' Regional Conference, 2005 Building the Reading Brain, 2005 Curriculum Mapping, 2005 Effective Group Facilitation, 2005 Effective Instructional Strategies, 2005 Managing Effective Teaching and Learning, 2005 Reading First and Beyond, 2005 Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Prof. Practice, 2005 Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through, 2005 Understanding by Design, 2005 Whole-Faculty Study Groups, 2005 Classroom Instruction That Works, 2004 Closing the Achievement Gap, 2004

Assoc. for Supervision & Curriculum Development American Association of. School Administrators Indiana Association for School Administrators National Association of Black School Educators ,

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