Strong Growth in Multiple Sources of Revenue

Millions $90

Other Brand Local



$60.1M $47.7M





$0 2009 2010 2011 1H 2011 1H 2012

Compelling Metrics

Cumulative Reviews
(in millions)

Unique Visitors
(in millions)

Paying Local Biz Accts1
(in thousands)

30.3M 54% y/y 51.6M 52% y/y

78.3M 113% y/y 31.7K



Q2 11

Q2 12

Q2 11

Q2 12

Q2 11

Q2 12

number of active local business accounts from which we recognized revenue during the 2st quarter of 2012

Investing Internationally
Q2 2012

Launched 6 international markets in second quarter 2012 39 international markets total to date ~$15mm expected to be spent on int’l growth in 2012

Revenue Adj. EBITDA

~$3mm investment in future growth with no revenue in Q2 2012 from international markets

See press release for a reconciliation of adjusted EBITDA to net income (loss).

Mobile Amplifies the Local Opportunity

of Yelp searches come from mobile devices


Used on an average of

mobile devices per month during Q2 2012



a consumer generates directions to or calls a local business from the Yelp app

Every second

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