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Thunderbird - Secure Email Client

Thunderbird - Secure Email Client

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Published by: Hossam el-Hamalawy on Aug 02, 2012
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Follow the steps below if you want to create an additional key pair for one of your other email accounts. It is good
practice to have a separate key pair for each email account.

Step 1. Select OpenPGP > Key Management

Step 2. Select Generate > New Key Pair from the Key Management screen as follows:

Figure 54: Generating a new key pair using Enigmail

Step 3. Select the Account / User ID you want to use, create a strong password to protect your private key and
then type it into the Passphrase text fields in the Generate OpenPGP Key screen as follows:

Step 4. Click the Generate key button to activate the following screen:

Thunderbird - secure email client

06/03/2009 01:31


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Figure 55: The Generate OpenPGP Key screen

Step 5. Your key will be created, after which you will be prompted to generate a revocation certificate by following
the same procedure as before.

4.3 How to Exchange Public Keys

Before you can begin sending encrypted email messages to one another, you and your email contacts must
exchange public keys. You must also confirm the validity of any key you accept by confirming that it really belongs
to its purported sender.

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