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Soldier killed in landmine blast - A soldier died yesterday as New People's Army rebels exptoded a tandline near a school in Davao City. 3 troops killed by NPA rebels Three soldiers were killed during separate attacks by the communist New People's Army (NPA) in Compostela VaUey province and Davao City where the rebels exploded a Jandmine along the vicinities of a school sowing fear among civilians. NPA say it killed 'rabid' vigilante - Communist rebels took responsibility for the murder of a second tribal chieftain in the southern region of Mindanao. NPA bomb kills soldier in Davao City Communist insurgents ambushed on Wednesday a group of patrolling soldiers and killing one of them in Davao City, officials said. The New People's Army rebels detonated an improvised explosive as troops were passing a village in Paquibato district, the official said. Soldier dies in blast - A soldier was killed in a land mine explosion which occurred a few meters away from a public school yesterday morning. Kawai ng Anny, utas sa NPA - Namatayang isang miyembro ng Phifippine Army (PA) matapos tambangan ng mga hinihinakang miyembro ng New People's Army (NPA).

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Troops rescue 12 Malaysian off Maguindanao - Government security forces have rescued on Wednesday feast 12 Malaysians off the waters of the province Maguindanao, a military official said.

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Terror groups hampered by Phl-US cooperation Terrorist groups in the Philippines are being forced to resort to kidnapping or extortion as their ability to conduct terrorist by a strong PhI-US activities has been constrained counterterrorism cooperation, the US State Department said.


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US laud PH progress in fight against terror The US State Department on Wednesday lauded the Philippine government's progress in the fight against terrorism, saying that terrorist activities in the country "remained constrained."


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US: Mindanao terror safe haven due to weak gov't rule of law Terrorist groups thrive in the southern parts of Mindanao, making these parts of the country a safe haven for Jemaah Islamiya (JI) fugitives and the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), as a result of weak government control and poor rule of law, the Country Report on Terrorism issued by the US State Department yesterday stated.


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rescue hijacked crewmen The military says militiamen

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who were left floating on a raft after Indonesian pirates hijacked their vessels. Pirates attack 2 foreign vessels; 12 crewmen rescued off Maguindanao A combined team of the Marines and the Army's 38th Infantry Battalion rescued on Tuesday off Maguindanao 12 foreign crewmen of a Malaysian-flagged tugboat and barge, which pirates attacked while en route to Davao City from Indonesia. 12 victims of 'ndon pirates rescued off Maguindanao ~ Marines on Tuesday rescued six Indonesian, five Malaysian and a Myanmarese whose vessels were hijacked by Indonesian Pirates.


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12-13 Youth as pinars of global leadership (2) EJK victim's widower writes letter to President ••• Developil!9_ Mindanao Tameme rin si P-Noy, Senado at Kamara sa ibinulgar ng COA na P149 milyong groceries ng AFP dahil mga friend nila ang sasabit, bwisit! Manila Times p. A-4 Manila Times p. A-5 Peoples Tonight p. 4 BuIgarp.4


'End killings of activists' - international group "The rate at which human rights defenders are being killed in the Philippines is shocking." - CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation


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'Soldier killed in landmine blast
A SOLDIER died yesterday as New People's Army rebeIs exploded a landline near ,a school in Davao City. Troops from the 69th

Infantry Battalion were on

security patrol when the rebels detonated the landmine around 6:30 a.m. in

Pacquibato district. A firefight that lasted two minutes ensued, said Lt. CoL Lyndon Paniza, spokesman of the Army's 10th Infantry Division. Paniza asked the Human Rights Watch which has been accusing the

military of human rights abuses, to denounce the NPA attack. "The use of Iandmines has been recurring because (NPA) perpetrators are not condemned by the so-called human rights groups," he said. - Victor Reyes

.~troops killed by NPArebels
':"'~soldierswerekilledduring Panizasaid. .... ' . attacks bytbe communist In Compostela Valley province, New'PeopIe's Army (NPA) in two Army sergeants were killed' ComposteJa Valley province and during a clash with NPArebels .Davao City where the rebels' . Barangay Parasanon, Maragusan ~~lQ.ded a landmlne along the town at around 5 a.m, on Tuesday. ,lViciA~es of a school sowing fear Army spokesman Maj. Harold · among civilians. Cabunooidentified the slain soldiers • r Army 10thInfantry Division(ID) as Sgt. Zaldy Lechonelto and Sgt. spokesman Lt. Col. Lyndon Paniza Bonifacio Guerrero. said one' soldier from the 69th Oabunoc cited the heroism of ·;Infantry Battalion (IB) was killed Lechonclto who was killed While ·when NPA rebels exploded a attempting to rescue Guerrerof ?-~e alongBarangay Paquibato whom he saw grimacing inpairl after I"fi\ Davao City at around 6:30 a.m. being hit by enemy fire. ~)~J:day. • "While the other soldiers PfUliza refused to identify the providedcovering fires, Lechonehlto 'i ~~~manpendingnotification dashedfolWardtosavethewounded ri0fhis.famlly. soldier, bullets raining on him. He '. ,".. ~e Army official noted that the was able to carry Guerrero towards ;,;~losion happened less than a the rear but he too, sustained fatal ,.ttilometer away from a local and bullet wounds," said Cabunoc. ,,';alooga busy passageway of civilians. Lechoneito was rushed to a . Paniza said that the explosion hospital but was pronounced dead · was followed immediately by on arrival. sporadic gun fires betWeenthe Army Cabunoc said that the team of troops and the NPAband. . Lechoneito from the ArIuts 66th IB . . "Though we were saddened by was sent to the area to check on the incident but this will not wane the reported presence of armed NPA in our efforts in winning peace, II rebels. Mario J. Mallart







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afso shot and seriously wounded by rebels. liThe NPA'spunishment of Causing Ogao was to give revolutionary justice for the victims of his bloody record as a leading counter·revolutionary fanatic in Marilog and Baguio Districts in Davao City, and some parts in Magpet and Arakan towns in North Cotabato province." "Masses trembled in abject fear in villages where Ogao and his gang of criminals operated; Ogao masterminded several cases of murder, banditry, theft of·· precious farm animals an~ extortion ofsmall businessmen/ Sandawa said in a statement sent


ZAMBOANGAITV:Communist C rebels took responsibility for the murder of a second tribal chieftain in the southern region of Mindanao. Ka Sandawa, spokesman for the New People's Army (NPA), said that rebels shot and killed Datu Causing Ogao after he, attempted to flee from a rebel checkpoint In Malilog district in Davao City on July 27. Sandawa said the slain tribal leader was a lira bid" vigilante leader feared by civilians and tribesmen because of his brutality. The 10th Infantry DivIsion accused the NPAof killing Ogao and his companion Rodolfo Latakin. Ogao's son, Keem, was

to The Manila Times. On Tuesday, the NPAalso owned up to the killing of tribal leader Libontos Ansabo, who was allegedly behind the spate of killings and banditry in North Cotabato'$ Arakan town. Isabel Santiago; spokesman for the NPA'sHerminio Alfonso Command, said that rebel fortes killed Ansabo, alias I(umander Ibon, on July 21 after rebels raided the village of Ganatan and captured him. . Ansabo's six companions, . Including a deputy, who were also captured, had been freed by rebels after they begged for their life. ALJACINTO



ZAMBOANGAITY: Communist insurgents ambushed on Wednesday a group of C patrolling soldiers and killing one of them in Davao City, officials said. The New People's Army rebels detonated an improvised explosive as troops were passing a village in Paquibato district, the official said. The attack sparked a firefight between the two groups, but it was not immediately known jfthere were casualties on the side of the NPA. It. Col.lyndon Paniza, spokesman for the 10th Infantry Division, saW the rebels planted the explosive on a road where civilians frequently use."Though we were saddened by the incident, this will not wane our efforts in winning peace in Davao," Panlza said. ALJACINTO

COMPOSTELA VALLEY"""': Namatay arig isang , miyembro ng Philippine Army (PA) rnatapos tambangan ng mga hinihinalang miyembro ng New People's Army . (NPA) sa Parasanon sa lalawigang ito karnakalawa, Hindi muna binanggit ng rnga awtoridad angpangalan , ng stmdalon~na~atay habang hindi pa naipagbibigayalam sa ~ya mto ang pagkamatay ng biktima. N~batJdnanagtamongmgatamangbalasaiba'tibang bahagi ng katawanang biktima.. . Nagpapatrulya umano ang tropa ngpamahalaan nang tambangan Ito ngmgarebelde. Tumakasangmgarebeldenangdumatingan<>ibapang tropa ng pamahalaan, <:>


Soldier dies 'in blast
A SOLDIER was killed in a landmine explosi~n which occurred a tew meters away t.rom a pu~hc school ycsterdaymorning inBgy, PaqwbatoDlstrict, DavaoCity. . This was confirmed by Lt. Col. Lyndon ~~m~a, spokesman of the 10th Infantry Division (ID) ofPhlhppme Ar.m~ . ·1 hl f --------------------------------------------------------~ The identity of the victim was not yet avai a e as 0 _ Email add: ,,_~_. h.. tilIt'ahoo.COJn- Tel press time. .. -_ ~1 . The incident occurred at around 6:30 a.m. m Bgy. Paquibato Proper. . . According to Paniza, the Peace and Development Te~m of the 69th Infantry Battalion was co~ductm% security patrol in the area when they hit a landmine believed to be planted by suspected members of New People's Army (NPA). . .. The blast was followed by sporadic gunfires that lasted for about two minutes until the enemy fled. Zaida delos Reyes·Palanca

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Troops rescue 12 Malaysians off Maguindanao
COTABATO CITY: Government security forces have rescued on Wednesday at least 12 Malaysians off the waters of the province of Maguindanao, a military official said, Col. Prudencio Asto, Army's 6th Infantry Division Public Affairs chief said the victims were rescued by elements of 51st Marine Company floating near the coastal village of Purain Datu Blah town, Asto said the Malaysians, aboard Woodman 38 and Woodman 39 vessels from the Port of Mid Sarawak, Malaysia, were heading to Indonesia when they were stopped and taken as hostage by pirates. . .. "They were taken as hostage for several days based on their accounts and the pirates took all theirbe!ongings. When their captors learnt that Malaysian authorities are looking for them, they were ordered to jump off the boats, Asto said. "Local residents, who saw them floating, immediatelyinformed our troops, • he added. . Asto said they brought the

Malaysians to the hospital in Datu Odin town for medical checkup,


Terror groups hampered by Phi-US cooperation
By JOSE KATIGBAK _ WASHINGTON - Terrorist groups in STAR Washington Bureau the Philippines are being forced to resort to kidnapping or extortion as their ability criminal activities designed to generate such as to conduct terrotist activities has been revenue for self-sustainment, constrained by a strong PhI-US coun- kidnapping or extortion, terterrorism cooperation, the US State Department said. illits Country Reports on Terrorism 2011, the State Department said there was a shift in general in terrorist incidents in East Asia and the Pacific from large-scale attacks to attacks on domestic targets and crimes of opportunity such as kidnapping for ransom. In the Philippines, the ability of terrorist groups, including the Abu Sayya£ Group, the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and the Communist Party of the Philippines I New People's Army, to conduct internal·· terrorist activities remained constrained, the report said. Their acts were generally limited to

In Zamboanga on July 25,·two US citizens were kidnapped and subsequently held for ransom by the Abu Sayyaf. One was released on Oct. 3 and the other escaped on Dec. 10.

(:}1. August 2012

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US lauds PH progress in fight against terror

HE US State Department on Wednesday lauded the Philippine government'sprogress in the fight against terrorism, saying that terrorist activities inthe country "remained constrained."
, The 2011 Philippines Country Report published by the State Department cited the contributions of the Aquino administration's 20112016 Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) to the progress in the fight against terrorism. The US State Department also highlighted in the report, which was released on Wednesday, the important partnership between Manila and Washington "The Philippines remained a critical partner nation in the Department of State's Anti-terrorism Assistance program, which provided tac-

tical and investigative training to support the transition in the southern Philippines from military to civilian counter terrorism authority in Mindanao," the report said. "The Philippines maintained its strong counter terrorism cooperation with the United States." The report also said that the conduct of terrorist activities inside the Philippines by groups such as the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and Iemaah lslamiya (1) have "remained constrained." The IPSP, on the other hand, was lauded for adopting a "whole of nation" approach to achieve lasting peace, security, and economic development, including the transfer of internal security functions from the

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)to the Philippine National Police (PNP). The report said that the shift from military to civilian forces in maintaininginternal security in conflict areas will allow the APP "to focus on enhancing its capabilities in maritime security and territorial defense capabilities." The creation of the Philippine Coast Watch System-which pro-. tects the country's "maritime boundary against the transit of violent extremists" -was cited as an enhancement of the country's antiterrorism efforts. The Philippine Coast Watch Sys[ tem is also seen as a way to protect the country's territorial boundaries,

which are being challenged by China's nine-dash claim over the whole West Philippine Sea. In addition, the Philippines' support of the establishment of an Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus Experts' Working Group to facilitate counter terrorism cooperation "contributed to regional endeavors against terrorism." . The continuation of the counterradicalization program Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan in Mindanao was cited as an accomplishment of the government's anti-terrorism program. The program aim to develop the conflict-tom areas of Mindanao towards a lasting peace process, as well

as improve the lives of the affected residents. The US State Department also highlighted institutional improvements directed toward addressing terrorism such as the creation of joint military and police task forces and interagency operations cells in the province of Zamboanga, Sulu, and Basilan and the formation of anti-kidnapping-far-ransom group in MarawiCity with military and police participation. The report also cited the establishment of the Philippine National Police's national Crisis Action Force that combined ground, air and maritime units into a unified terrorist/crisis first response unit.

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O?-·August 2012
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US:Mindanao .terror '~sare . haven due to,. weak gov't,

the countrYa safuruwen for Jemaah Islatniya (JI) fugitives and the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), as a result of weak government control and poor rule oflaw, the Couhtry Report on Terrorism issued by the US State Department yesterday stated. In the chapter on

~~~;'~~~e~~ .


Safe Havens," the report s aid terrorist operatives have sought :. I safe haven in areas of the southern' Philippines, specifically in the Sulu archipelago and Mindanao and t~at Philippine government control and the rule of law in this area are weak due to rugged '.terrain, poverty, and local Muslim mind,rity resentment of central governmental policies. It also said that aside from the SG and the JI, the New People's Army (N ~) also maintained its presence in the trou led partsafMindanao. The ASG has been carrying out h gh- . profile kidnap for ransom operati ns despite the armed forces and the government dismissing the group as a greup of bandits which has no more than ~OO members. The group, however, seem~ to heighten its activities when the government Turn fa pag" 2


; -----...<~-

needed to secure military support from the United States and during said. elections seasons. Another was the abduction on The report, nonetheless, said that July 12 of that year of US citizen the government had maintained its , Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann, her US strongcounterterrorism cooperation i citizen son, and a Filipino nephew with the United States. . by more than a dozen armed men "The ability of terrorist groups, who raided 'I'lgtabon Island, including the ASG, JI, and the Zamboanga City where the the Communist People's Party/New involvement by the ASG was People'sArnly (CPP jNPA), to conduct suspected terrorist activities inside the Yeatts Lunsmann was freed on Philippines remained constrained. Oct. 3, artd both her nephew and son Terrorist groups' acts were generally supposedly escaped later on. limited to criminalactivities designed It also cited the CPP/NPA to generate revenue for selfattacks on October 3, 2011 where sustainment, such as kidnapping or 200 rebels attacked three mines in extortion," according to the report. Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, and It added, however,that members destroyed trucks, heavy equipment, of these groups were suspected to barges, and offices. have carried out bombings against The CPP/NPA's political arm, the. government, public, and private National Democratic Front (NDF), facilities, primarily in the central and asserted that the attacks were aimed western areas of Mindanao while at milling companies that did not others were linked to extortion adequately protect the environment operations in other parts of the and workers. country. The Chamber of Mines of the It noted that last January, the, p"" ~~, . ~';f'~",-:, the NDF Of using Aquino administration began ellV uonmental concern as an excuse implementation of its 2011·2016 Internal Peace and Security Plan to extort money from largescale (IPSP) which provides a "whole of mining operations in the 'co.untry, nation" approach, including according to the report. "~ increasingly transferring internal The report also cited t4.~~el security functions from the Armed of Filipino witnesses to the;,ijnij.ed Forces of the Philippines CAFP) to States to provide testirpo»i, in the Philippine National Police (PNP) support of UScharges relat{\~to'the in achieving lasting peace, security, 2009 ASG-supported bom9i,nK at and economic development. Kagay, Jolo, which resulted'i,n'~he "The increasingmle ofthe police death of two USservicemen and one in maintaining internal security in Filipino Marine. .. . conflictraffectedareas will permit the Last Sept. 11, Aquino signeii 'an AFP to shift its focus to enhancing executive order creating tMeoast the country's marftime security and WatchSystem to coordinate~e territorial defense capabilities,"· it security operations and help~'the added. country protect its maritime Among the more sensational boundary against transit by violent terrorist incidents in 2011 mentioned extremists, the report-noted. .' in the' report was the bombing It said that last Nov."29,' the incident on January 25, 2011 where PNP's Special Action For?, group five passengers were killed and a arrested Hussein Ahaddin, ~~.R-ect dozen injured when a bomb in the bombing three days etlr'rte~of detonated inside a commuter bus on a hotel in Zamboanga Citythat klHed a major highway in Makiti, the three people and il\iured 27. :.' business center of Manila.

Nogroup claimed responsibility and no suspects were arrested although President Aquinoannounced a reward of PI million, the report


OfFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBlIC AFFAIRS - Email - Tel "In 2009, Ahaddin ha'd"'bl:!en arrested for his alleged inv'otfl'lmenl in a 2002 bombing that kiltettiv[JE Special Forces counterteltroo!isrr advisor and two Filipino civilians,bur he was later released. Ahaddinwru implicated by the being.a member of th~~A§fi,' according to the report. .'trl 1.." '!'he extradition case cw.!imte( agamst Abdul Baser Latip;~.t~fK leader wanted in the Unitea State! to stand trial 'on criminal '~~st~e" taking charges inthe 1900kidniinE of US national Charles Walton' , .if now awaiting a decision';~. he Regional Trial Court in Mari1l.11.. The report also notell-':t!he current laws against terror~ds were inaduquate stating tl:mi:',1.he Financial Intelligence Unit bf the Anti-Money Laundering Council must obtain a court order to"frl'lJ}ze assets, Including those ofterrorists and terrorist organizations placed on the United Nations Security Council lists. The report said the Asia-PaCific Group on Money Laundering (APG), a Financial Action Task Force-style regional body has noted that the requirement was inconsistent with international standards,·which call for the preventive freezing of terrorist assets without delay from the time of designation. n '7/r~~. } The report also noted Al-Qaeda affiliates pose a rising, tll; exploiting poverty and upha~ in the world's most vu1nerable~ekions even as the core network is,.o.q~he decline. ,. ','. ~ The US State Departni~t_£~lso branded Iran "the world's'!iil'l11lng sponsor of terrorist activUyH 'providing funds and suppoft> "for terrorist and militant 'g¥ailps throughout the Middle Easel Hailing the killing of AI-Qaeda leader Osama bin a US commando raid in his Pakistani compound in May 2011, th~,reJflrt noted he had ·remained,~,eply involved in directing (the gr~lJj's) operations and setting its s~~a.~~." "Ihe loss of bin Laden and these other key operatives PUt¥,.•the network on a path of decllije jhat . will be difficult to reverWr~~e annual report to Congress~a? But, while the core grout)'Or AJ· Qaedamay have been weakened over the past year, "we have seen-the rise of affiliat.~d j;(rOUDS around'jhe AlRS- Email world.n -,,~ • ~AFP

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Mlltttamen rescue hijacked crewmen
THE MILITARY says militiamen have rescued 12 Asian crewmen who were left floating on a raft after Indonesian pirates hijacked thelr vessels. Marine brigade commander Col. Alexander Balutan said Wednesday that the pirates seized the Malaysian barge and tugboat off Borneo Island on Friday. The crewmen had been heading to Indonesia to pick up some ore to deliver to Davao City. Balutan said the pirates sailed to Celebes Sea between Borneo and the Philippines and abandoned the crewmen orrMonday. He said government-armed


militiamen manning an outpojt overlooking the sea rescued tlte men in waters off Mindanao late Tuesday ~ He said the men suffered onty minor injuries and dehydration, Six were Indonesian, fiVe Malaysian and the 12th wlts from Burma (Myanmar), ~

Pirates attackz foreign vessels; 12 crewmen rescued off Maguindanao

COTABATO CITY - A combined team of the Marines and the Army's 38th Infantry Battalion rescued on Tuesday off Maguindanao 12 foreign crewmen of a Malaysian-flagged tugboat and barge, which pirates attacked while en route to Davao City from Indonesia. . Maj. Chute Adecer, executive officer of the Marine Battalion Landing Team I, said the 12 seamen - six Malaysians, five Indonesians and one Myanmar national - are now being documented for their subsequent turnover to the proper government agencies. Benito Ramos, executive director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, said they have alerted the Department of Foreign Affairs about the rescue so the concerned embassies could be informed. Fishermen and barangay officials in Datu Blah

Sinsuat town spotted the distressed crewmen and asked the Marines and Army-led militiamen to tow their rafts to the shores of Barangay Pura using pump boats, All the 12 seamen can hardly communicate in . English, Col. Alexander Balutan, chief of the 1st Marine Brigade, said the crewmen of Woodman 38 and Woodman 39 left the Port of Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia on July 24 for Indonesia where they picked up merchandise for transport to Davao City, The 12 rescued crewmen recounted that the pirates, who spoke Bahasa Indonesia, seized their vessels on JuIy 27, ordered them to jump overboard at gunpoint, threw two inflatable rafts at them, and sailed away. - With Alexis Romero, Evelyn Macairan


····OFFiCEOFTHEARMVCHIEFPtJBUCAFFAlRS ...Emaiadd:.hpa@Yah6d.C()Ot ... ...






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rite; Ifatlortal NslltSpa(l!r


lj- L{

12 victims of Indon pirates rescued off Maguindanao
MARINESon Tuesday rescued six Indonesian, five Malaysian, and a Myanmarese whose vessels were hijacked by Indonesian pirates last Friday. The 12 crewmembers of the Woodman 38 and Woodman 39 have been turned over to the Bureau of Immigration for processing, said CoL Alexander Balutan, commander of the 1st Marine Brigade based in Cotabaro City. Balutan said the 12'were spotted by his men about three

miles from their command post in Magumdanao, They were rescued about 3:40 p.m. Tuesday in Datu Blah Sinsuat, «They were dehydrated but okay. They were treated for minor injuries before their turnover to the Bureau of Immigration," he said.

Balutan said the vessels were hijacked by Indonesian pirates around 2: 15 a.rn. last Friday while on the way to Indonesia where the crew was to pick up are for delivery to Davao City. At around 2 a.m. Monday, Balutan said the pirates told the crewmen "to abandon ship, put them into a life raft and thrown to the Celebes sea." - Victor R~es


add:.·oacpa_h~.Cc,rn·-TeI.rro.(02).892·1693,·LOcaJ:5187~.5295•.•.••...•.••. ~..


()L August 2012


Youth as pillars of global leadership (2)
1" AST Thursday, July 19, I was Linvited to speak at the Business Lecture-CEO Forum of .Southville International School and Colleges in Las Pifias on the theme, "The Youth as Pillars of Global Leadership and Development." Since I am not really a businessman, in the traditional sense of the word, Italked about my business as a retired military officer or what I call, the business of saving lives and upholding the nation's security. Below is the second part of my speech. The third part will come out next Thursday. When I was young, my greatest enemy was poverty. Times were hard then. We were not dirt-poor, but money was always tight. My parents, the respected teachers that they were in our barrio, rightfully reared us up in a life of discipline: we should never waste any time. .. During weekends, my siblings and I were all assigned chores - cleaning the yard, gathering firewood, and so on. And unlike other children, we were not free to just play around. We lived around 200 meters away from the sea, and yet we .were not allowed to swim. And by a certain time of the day, we all had to be home. My father would often tell me that success isyourown making, Nights are not for sleep.' ing but for planning for the next day. Although I know he was exaggerating, that advie helped me to make the most of my life. A lot of times, we despise hard work thinking that our parents, teachers, or superiors want to make us suffer. Yet,I couldn't think of any
sorts of needs and problems, such as their families, finances, etc. On top of that, you have to deal with their different attitudes and skills. To survive, one really had to be creative. As a junior military officer, I also came face to face with the stark realities in the battlefield. This is where I realized the irnportance of our difficult and highly regimented training at the Philippine Military Academy. At PMA, we were trained to lead the charge in simulated battles. But in the mountains, we trained our men as best as we could in less-than-ideal situations. Ultimately, we had to deal firmly with their shortcomings as soldiers. We needed to make sure that they were all combat-ready and capable of surviving in rough conditions. We couldn't afford to have slackers once the firing started or else, the lives of the entire unit would be placed at risk. This is how the military differs from the business world. No one expects you to die for a corporation but that reality becomes certain every time a soldier moves closer to actual combat. In business, you only lose pesos. But in the military operations, you lose lives. Profit is the goal in business. The nation's security is the ultimate objective of the military. While the standard axiom is that mission takes precedence over the welfare of the men, this is perhaps the most diffkult balancing act that a military officer must come to, grips with. There are some missions that might entail the probability that lives would need to be sacrificed - and no commander relishes the prospect of losing any of his men. That's when the qualitYof preparation becomes critical. And the competence of a leader becomes a moral responsibility. There is no other profession that demands a degree of loyalty where everyone down the line stands ready to sacrifice his life. This is even more difficult when I heid positions of high command such as the Commanding General of the Philippine Army and Chief . of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The saying, "itisloncly at the top" is true. At no time does'a leader feel lonelier than when having to make a critical, high-level decision dealingwith life and death, success or failure, victory or defeat Generals are very much human and are subject to the strains and stresses of the mind just like any other else. But their mistakes are counted in deaths and destruction; a responsibility that no sane person takes lightly. It did not help that subordinatessornetimes criticized you, but you would just understand them 'bedluse you knew that they won't dobetter if placed at a similar level of responsibility. Some may even become impatient when they receive a late or an unclear de. asian. At times, your competent and very professional staffs have opposing views and you cannot just take them lightly. To be concluded

other way that would suitably prepare me for the crucial periods in my leadership than my humble background. My family and the values they have taught me always take me back to the right perspective whenever I feel like giving up. This has become my pillar, my foundation, especially in many dif-· ficultleadership situations Iwas into; . which leads me to my second point.

4# 2: Be a pillar proven
Part of knowing who you are is knowing what you believe in and stand for. Eve1yday,we are presented with choices. Should I give in to the demands of my friend? Or should I follow what my parents say? And generally, our choice reflects the kind of person that we are. My experience in the military allowed me to make important decisions- usually, with lives on the line. At 22, I was given command of a platoon of 20 men, some of whom were much older than me. Unlike nowadays, military officers back then had to worry about where to get food. We had to look after the morale and welfare of soldiers with all

to withstand the pressures of life



August 2012


tacitly in agreement with these military terror tactics? After two years of inaction on your part, the families of the victims of the killings and disappearSIR, look us straight in the eye. Your much-acclaimed State of . ances are now drawing that conclusion, In her 2006 SaNA, then the Nation Address, "Report Kay President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Boss, last July 13 was a big disdeclared this sentiment when she appointment. On your third publicly praised General Iovito SONA, you never even menPalparan. a notorious human tioned the white elephant in the rights violator, Right after your last room - the human rights situaSaNA, you did a similar thing tion in the Philippines. you designated the Morong 43 torHuman rights violation data turer Col. Aurelio Balabad to a di(Karapatan) show that during the vision command post Iam guess. Arroyo administration; there were ing that you are indeed encourag1,205 extra-judicial killings and ing these terror tactics, 206 enforced disappearances.The Or does this also mean that you . data also show that in the two are so afraid of the military that years of your administration, there you dare not mention their dark were an additional documented deeds? You talked tough against 99 extra-judicial killings and 11 COITuptpolice officials coddled by . enforced disappearances. illegal loggers, but you were meek These cases do not include the as a mouse about the bloody acts countless number of victims of arising from the military's Oplans threats, political vilification, Bantay Laya and Bayanihan. Iam evacuations, torture, rape, and ilguessing that you do not truly belegal detention. International lieve that the people are your human rights bodies have simi"bosses" because, as I see it, you larly documented these violahave higher bosses. tions. And there was not a word As one of the families of the of mention of those in your advictims of extra-judicial killings, dress. What does this mean, Mr. and on the anniversary of the killPresident? Does this mean that ing of my wife, I challenge you to the concerns of the families of "look (us) in the eye" and tell us these victims of human rights viathat my guesses are wrong. lations are not important enough to merit attention? Does this-not fit your scenario of "where a dtiCHANDU CLAVER zen is oppressed, he will find Husband of Alice Claver (you) an ally"? From your speech, Extra-judicial Killing Victim I am guessing that it does not.. (July 31, 1006) Does this mean that you are now chandu_claver@yahoo,com

EJKvictim's widower writes letter to President

for Filipino soldiers killed tiy terrorists in Basilan on July 26
, (Editor's note: As if to add weight to our editorial ''All-out injustice for our soldiers" published Wednesday August I, a government official formerly with the Defense Department and the AFP sent us for publication the following old poem, which he dedicates "to the brave Filipino soldiers who died in Bruilal1 while fighting terrorists on July 26, 2012." He explains that the poem was found in a hospital in tire Philippines by a nurse during World War II and wrumade into a song by John Gorka.) Let Them in, Peter Let them in, Peter They are very tired Give them couches. where the angels sleep And light those fires Let them wake whole again To brand new dawns Fired with the sun, not wartime's Bloody guns May their peace be deep Remember where the broken bodies lie God knows how young they were To have to die Give them things they like Let them make some noise Give roadhouse bands, not golden harps To these our boys And let them love, Peter 'Cause they've had no time They should have trees and bird songs And hills to climb The taste of summer in a ripened pear And girls sweet as meadow wind With flowing hair And tell them how they are missed And say not to fear It's gonna be all right With us down here


To the 18C: S_pirit
that giveth fife not letter that killeth should prevail
iRE Constitution clearly intended the elected Congress to have a say in the unelected Judicial &. Bar Council on who will be justices. The spirit that giveth life, not the letter that killeth, should prevail. In the US 100 senators "advise and consent" vis-a-vis presidential nominees. Democratic, in a republic. Choices, excellent. -11Our Congress cannot be represented by a congressman from a relatively. small district. Rep, Niel Tupas can no doubt represent the House but certainly not the nationally elected Senate. With all due respect, the Su- ---, preme Court must reconsid~r or else the JBC must go out III a . new Constitution. Congress and the people are entitled to full, not half, representation. The JBC sadly does not believe in the presumption of innocence, either. RENE A,V. SAGUISAG


D.J1' August


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ez, August 2012

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daan" na, he-he-he.

, .... mame rin BI p-Nov.Senado at Kamara •• lbinulgarngCOAna 9'149 milyong.groceries nu AFP dabll mga . friend nila ang Basabit. buwisit!

. fense Sec.Voltaire Gazmin, AFP

sabit sa isyung ito tulad nina De-

Matapos ibulgar ng Commission on Audit (COA) angP8.2 million .PAGCOR bottled water scam ni Chairman Bong Naguiat, P4.5 . rnillionbonus nggrupo ni PCSO . Chairman Margie Juico at CCT (conditional cash transfer) scam ni DSWD Sec .. Dinky Soliman tuladngdoubleentriesnamgapa. ngalan atdaan-daang libong hindi kuwalipikadong benepisyruyona nakikinabang sa ccr fund atunJiqujdatedcashadvance, ibinulgar narinngCOAangmaanomalyang pagbili ng Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP)ngmganoodIe, toyo, suka, catsup, juice, sabonat ibapangpangangailanganngmga sundalo na nagkakabalaga ng mahigit P149 milyon sa sikat na supermarket ni Lucio Co, Dahil mgaka-KK(Kabarilan at Kaibigan) ni Noynoy ang sa-

Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie DeUosa at Lucio Co, tahinUk na tabimik na naman ang gobyemong Noynoy sa isyung ito, buwisit!


. ***

.(Senado at Kamara), wala ba kayong gagawing imbestigasyon sa anomalyang ito kung dumaan ba ito sa bidding (nasa batas na kapaghigitP500,OOOangtransakKo~angimbestigasyondito, siyongpapasukinngisangsangay' Kamak;illan ay sinampahan ng pamahalaan tulad ng AFP,· ng kaso ng NBI angrngasangkot dapat ito ay idinadaan sa bidding) sa missing 1,900 container vans, at kung bakit sa supennarket pa perokataka-takanglusotsakasong napag-aarinil.ucioConamiliang itosinaLllcio Co,Boy valenzuela, AFP, gayungpuwedenaman itong Belmonte at Gatchalian. rumektasamga kumpanyao supMay kinaIaman ba ang pegplierng rnga produktong ito para sinaya ni Noynoy sa supermar'ket ni Lucio CD sa World Trade mas makamura at tax free pa? lyan mga kababayan ang ipi- Center sa Pasay City noong nagmamalaking "tuwid na daan" Mayo 2012, kaya"pader"ngayon , ito sa gobyernong Noynoy? ni Noynoy.,.nanagil'lg"tuwadna


nagbabayaditonRbuwis)niLt).cio Co ang imbestigasyon ng Kon-: greso nang ibulgar noongAgosto 15,2011 ninocosNorteRep,Rodolfo Farinas na samgasupennarket nito ibinagsak. ng ismaglerna siBoy Val~angilangballagi ng missing,l,900 container vans . (may katumbas na P3 bilyon buwis na dapat bayaran sa pama.sot kina Manila International Container. Port (MICP) District Collector Boysie Belmonte at Port of Manila (POM) District CoUectorRogeI Gatchalian, eh, sa isang iglap, biglang itinigil ng
haIaan) na mis1:eryosong nakalu-

BAKIT HINDI I8INAMA SA MGA KINASUHAN NG NBI SINA LUCIO CO, BOY, VALENZUELA, BOYSIE . BELMONTE AT ROGEL GATCHALIAN? ~ Patungona sanasamga itinitindang produkto (kung ruga ismagel ba itoatkung



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'End killings of activists' - international group
"The rate at which human rights defenders are being killed in the Philippines is shocking." CMCUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation By RONALYNV. OLEA MANILA - A global civil society network has joined the local human rights group Karapatan in urging the Aquino administration to end extrajudicialldllings.
In a statement, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and Karapatan called on

the government to carry out fair and independent investigations into all cases of extrajudicial killings and disappearances. Since President Benigno Aquino III assumed office, Karapatan documented 99 victims of extrajudicial killings and 11 cases of enforced disappearances. Majority of the victims are farmers. indigenous peoples and activists advocating for land rights and environmental protection. The group also reported that at least 385 political prisoners continue to languish in prisons as "a result of exercising the key civil society freedoms - freedom of expression, association and assembly." "The rate at which human rights defenders are being killed in the Philippines is shocking," says Mandeep Tlwana, policy and advocacy Manager at CIVICUS. "If the government is serious about its stated commitment to end rights violations, then it must withdraw the state of impunity that exists for military officials and members of government sponsored militias." The group said that even as Aquino has promised to resolve cases of extrajudicial executions and other violations of human rights, "genuine reform to ensure the protection of civil society members continues to he lacking." They noted that the Aquino administration continues to implement Executive Order 546, which allows the use of paramilitary forces and private militias for its counterinsurgency program Oplan Bay-anihan. The groups expressed alarm over the killing of two prominent civil society activists and the detention of an advocate for indigenous peoples' rights. On July 3, Willem Geertman,

executive director of CSO Alay Bayan-Luzon Ine., a citizen's disaster response group in Central Luzon, was murdered in his office compound.
was gunned down

Days earlier, on June 30, Romualdo

Palispis, chair of the human rights organization Justice and Peace Action Group in Aurora,

in front of his home. The groups noted that both men were leaders in the
of Aurora Province as a designated economic zone. On July was She is actively involved in campaigns against 60 victims of frustrated killings, 67

campaign against corporate mining and logging and were actively engaged in mobilizing opposition to the development 4, Agnes Mesina, a volunteer for the Rural Missionaries of the PhiIippines-Cagayan,

arrested during a meeting with a congressman.
large-scale mining.

In its second quarter report, Karapatan also documented

victims of torture, 93 victims of physical assault and injury perpetrated by suspected state

security forces.
Almost 30,000 forcibly evacuated from their homes due to intense military operations. Karapatan also reported that in several villages, the military uses schools, religious and other public places as detachments. CIVICUS and Karapatan urged the Philippines government under the International independent disappearances; Disappearance; investigation and fair prosecution to uphold its commitments

Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by ensuring a thorough and of cases of extrajudicial

killings and enforced
as a distinct sponsored

enacting legislation criminalizing involuntary


crime and ratifying the UN Convention for the Protection of All Persons against Enforced and issuing executive orders to security forces and government militia groups to allow safe exercise of the freedoms of association, expression and assembly

by citizens.
The Philippine government has neither ratified the UN Convention for the Protection of All nor passed the pending legislation in Congress

Persons against Enforced Disappearance

seeking to criminalize enforced disappearances.