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D’var MalcHus

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30-07-12 2:28 PM

cannot be said in the case of a
doubt. Rather] it is something
that will certainly be fulfilled,
“without any doubt or shadow of
a doubt at all” (Igeres HaKodesh
Ch. 11).

All of the above is in addition
to the concept of redemption as
it appears in the general parsha,
emphasized by the name of the
parsha, “VaEs’chanan,” which
refers to the prayer of Moshe
Rabbeinu to enter Eretz Yisroel,
the Holy Land. That is, it is

well known that “every single
person among the Jewish people
has within him the aspect of
Moshe Rabbeinu,” making an
impression upon each Jew. In
fact, this spiritual inheritance
[does not remain transcendent
and spiritual; it] also has an
impact on the realm of deed
[the person’s material life].
Thus, it is understood that the
prayer of Moshe to enter the
land (“VaEs’chanan”) is also the
prayer of every single Jew (in

virtue of the aspect of Moshe
within them) to enter the Holy
Land with the true and complete
The main thing is that all
the above, as it relates to the
redemption, should be realized
[in the physical world], in
accordance with the ruling of the
Torah that “action is the main

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30-07-12 2:28 PM



Rabbi Rachamim Refael Chikvashvili is the

spiritual leader of Georgian communities in Eretz

Yisroel as well as educational supervisor at the

Chabad elementary school in Gilo. He is very

successful in his work and connects many Jews

to Torah and Chassidus.

By Nosson Avrohom


Chikvashvili was born
in Kutaisi in Georgia
in 5726. His father,
Chacham Sholom, was the student
of Chacham Yaakov Dobrashvili
who learned Torah from the
mashpia Rabbi Shmuel Levitin.
“I remember many stories
that I heard as a child from R’
Dobrashvili about the Rebbe
Rashab and the Rebbe Rayatz
and Chassidim of earlier
generations, as well as Chassidic
practices. Kutaisi had a large
population of Jews and scholars,
and the presence of Lubavitcher
Chassidim was quite apparent.
There were rabbanim there who
had learned in Tomchei T’mimim
and kept Chabad customs.
“About five years ago, I went
to visit the Jewish communities in
Georgia, together with the gabbai
of our shul, Levi Bar Tikva. We
went to Kutaisi and although I

left when I was six years old, I
remembered a lot. I remembered
walking to shul at four in the
morning to say T’hillim on
Shabbos Mevarchim. Davening
began at six.”
The Chikvashvili family was
religious with strong traditions
and simple faith.
“When we made aliya in
5732/1972, my father said he
was sure he would be drafted
into the police force because he
thought that the job of the police
in Eretz Yisroel was to enforce
Halacha and shmiras Shabbos.
“At first we lived in Ashkelon,
but my father yearned for
Yerushalayim. Two years later,
he sold everything he owned
and bought an apartment in
Sanhedria HaMurchevet. There
were few Chassidim in this
neighborhood and I attended a
Chinuch Atzmai school.



elementary school, I went to Beis
HaTalmud, a yeshiva that was
near our home. I was familiar
with Chabad, since there was no
such thing as a Georgian who
hadn’t heard of Chabad, but I
did not know the significance of
being a Chassid and learning in
Chassidic schools.
“My inclination towards
Chabad intensified as I grew
older, specifically because of
the strong opposition in the
yeshiva to Chassidus. This was
the beginning of the 80’s when
anti-Chassidic sentiment was at a
peak. I remember when rabbanim
signed against the Lag B’Omer
parade that Chabad organized
in Tel Aviv. In my closet in the
dormitory I had a picture of the
Rebbe, and bachurim who heard
about it asked me to take it down.
I did not understand what all
the opposition was about, since
my father and grandfathers had
spoken with great respect of

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