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United in Love

United in Love

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Published by Christopher Byrd
Written by Laura McAllister
Written by Laura McAllister

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Published by: Christopher Byrd on Aug 02, 2012
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The beginning and the end are One in the same Words of Silence Immanence of Our Heart and

Soul Illuminated in the Love that heals all wounds - all pain. Consumed in Fire, Love quenches all thirst All return to ONE. A noble soul, humans for of Our Earth Now Thine Spirit unites with Our Source Clothes in Light and Love, Thin Confusion and Pain Consummating earthly travels, Though becomes all things Cleansing all Souls from the Ignorance we Birth Transforming to Innocence, Curiosity Life’s First Acceptance of all occurrences without attachment or strain May Thine Transcendence unite in Love’s flame For Love dwells in Each Heart Illuminates Each Soul Our Life’s Journey, a tapestry with Each One we know Peace with Forgiveness to Ourselves and to you Creates Liberation our unification to grow And though the body essence may pass from our sight No fire can extinguish the Eternal Love from our Hearts. Infinite and Unlimited is the Expanse of our Power To Create Peace and Love in Life and Death’s Hour May each thought of Thee reflect Empowerment And Abolish negatives Dissolution their fate. By drawing on Thine attributes, we encourage Thee to soar, With Angels of Light Thine Love Overflows There is only Light as compared to Darkness We only Know Love and Joy contrasted to Pain.

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