Type CDAG Combined Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay

0 2. refer to the CAG 17 publication. l Phase fault units Typical impedance/current curves for the various types of phase fault units are given in the CDG 11. Operating time l Phase fault units 0 .3 sec. depending on the characteristic selected.2000% Earth fault units 20 .0 CDG 11 low burden 0. Types CDAG 51. refer to CDG 11. l l Types CDAG 31. at 10 times the current setting. CDG 13 CDG 14 Overcurrent element VA burden at current setting on lowest tap VA burden at current setting on highest tap l CDG 11 standard 2.3 3. 0 .Type CDAG Combined Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay Features l Identical time/current characteristics on all taps for overcurrent units. Highset unit: 250% . at 5 times the current setting. 0 .1.200% . 0 . Comprehensive range of auxiliary and highset unit ratings for phase faults.40% adjustable in seven equal steps. .. Settings l Phase fault units IDMT element: 50 .0 sec.5 Earth fault units 0. Continuously variable external stabilising resistors of 200 ohms and 50 ohms are supplied as standard for 1A and 5A relays respectively. Burden l Description Type CDAG is a triple pole relay and comprises two induction disc units (type CDG 11.0VA at current setting on highest tap. Instantaneous sensitive earth fault protection.0. 33 and 34 are type CDAG relays having inverse. ac machines. very inverse and extremely inverse time overcurrent units respectively and an instantaneous earth fault unit. For a general description of the highset instantaneous unit.9VA at current setting on lowest tap. 1. 13 and 14 publications. High stability on external earth faults for restricted earth fault protection. 53 and 54 are types CDAG 31. l Technical data Current ratings 1A or 5A l l Earth fault units 0.025 sec.75 1.5 3.0 0. 13.1. 13 or 14) for phase fault protection and an instantaneous attracted armature unit (type CAG 14) for restricted earth fault protection. 14 and type CAG 14 relays are described in the relevant publications.adjustable in seven steps. Types CDG 11.5 sec. 33 and 34 relays having highset instantaneous units on the two overcurrent elements.80% or 10 . Application Phase and earth fault protection of transformers. For time/current characteristics. resetting times and overshoot of phase fault units. feeders etc..3. 13 and 14 publications. A highset instantaneous overcurrent unit can be fitted on the two overcurrent elements to provide instantaneous protection under maximum short circuit conditions and to improve discrimination on time graded protective systems. Stabilising resistors with other ohmic values are also available.. The relay provides inverse time phase fault protection and instantaneous restricted earth fault protection. type CAG 14.6 sec.5 1. Dust tight drawout case and tropicalised finish.

Voltage operated auxilary unit Type CDAG 51. Accuracy l Auxiliary units and operation indicators l Phase fault units Auxiliary unit with two pairs of self reset contacts to reinforce the disc contact and a hand reset operation indicator provided. 7500VA with maxima of 30A and 660V ac or dc.2 Contact ratings l Phase fault unit Disc contact Make and carry for 0.5 s . l Case 3D vertical case or horizontal suitable for flush and finished eggshell black and tropicalised. 3VA version is self powered. 110 or 220V dc refer relevant publication for burden details.5 s.5 s. self reset ‘make’ contacts and a hand reset operation indicator provided.0 as per BS142.2/2 amp.3 7 5. l Earth fault unit Continuous: (for 60°C rise in coil temperature) Operating coil tap Multiples of current setting Short time: 1 8.7 3 6. 20 x setting current for 3 sec. 2500VA with maxima of 10A and 660V ac or dc. Series auxiliary unit is used in series with breaker trip coil or tripping relay and has two current taps selected by screw connection. on any setting.2 4 2. Temperature error Under reference conditions of +45°C to –5°C.9 4 6.0 sec relay : –3% and +4% CDG 11 1.5 as per BS 142 7. CDG 11 3.5 s .5 s. on any tap. Suitable trip isolating switch and CT shorting switches are provided on the cradle assembly/case.2A tap 92A for 0. voltage operated auxiliary unit: 30.5 2 7. (two taps) minimum operating current. 20 x setting current for 3 sec.Thermal ratings l l Current rating 22A for 0.3 sec relay: –4% and +4% CDG 13: –1% and +1% CDG 14: –3% and +5% l l Current operated auxilary unit 0.5 2 3. Insultation The relay meets the requirements of IS3231/IEC 255-5 series C .0. Phase fault units Continuous: (for 60°C rise in coil temperature) l Operating coil tap Multiples of current setting Short time: 1 4.0A tap Earth fault unit Two pairs. 7500VA with maxima of 30A and 660V ac or dc.7 3 3.6 6 2. Phase fault units Error class index E 7. Earth fault units Error class index E 5.4 5 5. For other models.7 5 2.7 6 5.0 l Earth fault unit Make and carry for 0. .0 as per IS 3231.5 as per IS 3231 Frequency error Timing error less than 8% for a frequency variation of 2 Hz.4 7 2.2. Auxiliary unit contact Make and carry for 0.2 KV for one minute. Auxiliary unit may be series connected (current operated) or shunt connected (voltage operated). 5.

3 sec. 33 or 34 CDAG 51. 53 or 54 Stabilising resistor 3D Hor. 3 4 T1 T2 T1 T2 Information required with order T1 T2 CT shorting contacts 1. 2.5 20 41 mm diameter x 273 mm long * Add 76 mm for maximum length of terminal studs. 8. 4. 29 mm for terminal screws. Trip circuit current (for series sealing units of phase fault elements). 53 or 54. 6. The relays comply fully with the requirements of IS 3231 and are suitable for use in normal tropical environments. Current setting range (earth fault units). (d) Maximum and minimum fault levels. For CAG 14 earth fault unit (a) Application (restricted earth fault/sensitive earth fault) (b) Current transformer and secondary winding resistance (c) Lead resistance from CTs to the relay. mounting appendages and terminal details. CDAG 31. Case. Figure 1: Typical external and internal connections for type CDAG relay with shunt reinforcing units on phase fault element and type CAG 14 earth fault unit. alternatively. Characteristic (0 . Burden (3VA or 1VA when CDG 11 phase fault elements are required). 5. 7. The other overcurrent element will be similarly connected.3. . Type of relay CDAG 31. Current transformer secondary rating. Alarm and trip contacts are paralleled. 3. or 0 . The approximate gross weights given above are inclusive of cartons. 3D Vert. 5o/c 6 7E/F 8 9 o/c 10 12 Note: One overcurrent element is shown. 9.A B C Stabilising resistor Alarm Trip + 1 2 ISOL SW. Dimensions and weights Maximum overall dimensions Relay Case size Height mm Width mm Depth* mm Approximate gross weight Kg. Auxiliary voltage (for shunt auxiliary units of phase fault elements). 233 524 454 170 203 203 15. 33 or 34. at 10 times current setting.0 sec.1. when CDG 11 phase fault elements are required). CDAG 51.

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