By: Ahmad Yazdankhah CS 147 Fall 2008 Prof: Dr.

Sin-Min Lee

         Assumptions Review: Bus Concept Review: CPU Building Block The Simplest Computer Building Blocks What’s ALU? Typical Schematic Symbol of an ALU Let’s Build a 1-Bit ALU Useful Links References .

Floating Point concept 4. Sub. Program Counter. . Instruction Register. Registers in CPU (Accumulator. …) .) 3. . 2s comp. Arithmetic operations (Add. Number representations (1s complement. .) 2.You are familiar with: 1.


ACC)  Control Unit (CU)  Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) . Registers (IR. PC.

Instruction Register (IR) Program Counter (PC) 0 1 Control Unit (CU) ALU 2 3 4 5 Status Register (FLAG) Accumulator (ACC) . CPU RAM .

. NOT) operations.1. ALU stands for: Arithmetic Logic Unit ALU is a digital circuit that performs Arithmetic (Add. John Von Neumann proposed the ALU in 1945 when he was working on EDVAC. OR. . . 3. Sub. . 2.) and Logical (AND.

•division-by-zero •And . .Typical Schematic Symbol of an ALU A and B: the inputs to the ALU (aka operands) R: Output or Result F: Code or Instruction from the Control Unit (aka as op-code) D: Output status. . . it indicates cases such as: •carry-in •carry-out. •overflow.

. Result = a AND b when operation = 0 Result = a OR b when operation = 1 The operation line is the input of a MUX.This is an one-bit ALU which can do Logical AND and Logical OR operation.

Adding a full adder to our ALU .

By paralleling the one-bit ALUs and some other modification on the logical circuits. we can create bigger ALUs. .

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