The pianist- a movie based on a true story of polish Jew restrictions under the Nazis.

The polish army is defeated by German army and the polish Jews were forced to live under restrictions and later on they were sent to the ghetto and then to camps. In this we have our protagonist Wladyslaw, a polish Jew who is a pianist. Wladyslaw always controlled his emotions though the situations were worse such that his family members should not get dejected. He always had hope that there might be a way or a solution to this problem. The people in the ghetto and camp were dejected and sad due to:   Personality- People have built in-tendency to experience moods and emotions. The Germans were not showing any respect to them and were treating them like dogs. Stress. Social activities- there were no job, no interaction, and no place to informal place.

He showed surface acting, hiding one’s inner emotions. Almost all of the people in the camp were following Affective Events Theory, where the environment affects the emotions of the people as the people due to the suppressing lost their hope. He showed positivity offset, where he had hope of getting out of the camp even though everywhere else was negative. He survived in amidst the hardship of the ghetto. The people around him showed negativity offset The protagonist showed high Emotional Intelligence as he was: - 1) self-aware of his emotions 2) he is able to detect emotions in others 3) manage emotional cues and information. He had an intuitive appeal as he can control his emotions and handle social interaction. He was a good pianist i.e. he was good at his job. The protagonist was good at selection as in the end he survived the war and the terror. He was creative, motivated and a decision maker. In the movie a German officer had found Wladyslaw in a deserted building but was impressed by his piano skills. The German officer gave him food and shelter. This shows that the German officer was good at selecting people and didn’t judge people emotionally. There is a scene when the family is shipped to death, when the father of the protagonist buys a candy with the last penny he has and the whole family eats it. This shows the emotional attachment of the family.

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