Ma. Cecilia B. Bucasas BsChem4 Who am I? What is the meaning of my life?

One of the most difficult things to discern in life is your purpose in the divine nature of things. Man’s career is based on a system designed by the academe and government were technology control and imposition makes life more complicated through a process of educational and a licensure system. Going to the treadmills were mandatory certification is required. This grueling characteristics places man in a dilemma in order to eat. A lot of courses were designed to be subjugating and manipulative. This type of scheme places man in a vulnerable spot. An industrial format in life, places mans’ mind in a competitive state rather than being creative. We are being lead into a technology control system vis-a-vis freedom from technological control. Given these assumptions it would be difficult for man to know his role in the nature of things. It would be important to address these issues before proceeding to our calling in life. We should bear in mind that whatever skill or source of livelihood we develop in life, it should be towards creating a sustainable ecological biological sphere preserving life, improving its quality and not destroying it., making existence better for the next generation. This being an initial objective or purpose would be a noble. Applying these principles to our path is another issue. Take for example my course as a chemist, how could I be of service to life and not view my profession as a source of blackmail to the less fortunate or accepting that contributing to the development of mankind is best rather than imposing too much. We as aspiring professional should stop the notions of believing that the educated minority or capital could influence and imposed on the uneducated majority. It is about time that people should devote more time, effort, energy and resources to contribute to the following generation as a form of mission statement to our people. This should be done through love, peace and unity. There should be focus on the spiritual well being of our tribe, for us to be transcended from a country that is the worst in Asia to a new emerging power in terms of sustainability and free from all forms of technological blackmail being implemented by those who designed such technological systems. Finally, it is important for every citizen to be more aware, discerning and prudent in understanding life and the proper order of things. It’s our duty to be a more responsible for our people than being bogged down on how to improve our self. This I think would be more productive mindset, in terms of the use of our resources, skill and most specially our time for a better tomorrow.