August 01, 2012 To: Interested Parties Fr: Anzalone Liszt Research Re: Polling Results among Likely Voters in New York’s 21st

Congressional District Roughly three months before Election Day, Congressman Bill Owens is well positioned to win re-election in New York’s newly-configured 21st Congressional District. Owens currently leads Republican challenger Matt Doheny by twelve points and is earning 50% of the vote in a threeway race. Bill Owens leads Matt Doheny by double digits and is already taking 50% of the vote in a 3-way race.  Owens is currently earning 50% of the vote against Matt Doheny, and holds a 12-point margin in a 3-way race (50% Owens / 38% Doheny / 4% Hassig).  Even if Doheny were to win all undecided voters (8%), he would still trail Owens by four points. Owens is better-known, more popular, and has less negative baggage than Doheny.  Owens’ name-ID (81%) is 10 points higher than Doheny’s (71%).  Owens’ favorable-to-unfavorable popularity ratio is over 2:1 (41% Fav / 17% Unfav / 24% Neutral), while Doheny’s ratio is under 2:1 (27% Fav / 19% Unfav / 25% Neutral). Doheny’s unfavorable rating is higher than Owens’, even though Doheny’s name-ID is 10 points lower than the incumbent’s name-ID.

Anzalone Liszt Research conducted N=400 live telephone interviews with likely 2012 general election voters in New York’s 21st CD. Interviews were conducted between July 29-31, 2012. Respondents were selected at random, with interviews apportioned geographically based on past voter turnout. Expected margin of sampling error is 4.9% with a 95% confidence level.

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